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What Guys Like and What They Don’t? – A List of 65+ Traits

What Guys Like and What They Don’t? – A List of 65+ Traits

Updated on Sep 20, 2023

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

What Guys Like and What They Don’t – A List of 65+ Traits

So, you’re wondering: What Guys like?

I may know why.

You’re either have just entered into a relationship and want to move mountains to be “the ONE” for her… or you’re badly crushing on someone and want to catch his eye.

Whatever may be the reason, if you want to know all about what guys like (and don’t like!) you’re just at the right place…

Let’s dive right in, buddy!

What guys like and what they don’t – A list of 65+ Traits
What guys like and what they don’t – A list of 65+ Traits

What guys like in a girl?

While all these qualities are going to give you a vivid description of features that guys find interesting, it is not necessary to possess these features for falling in love.

To fall in love, men and women don’t have to rank their significant others based on these traits. Falling in love is a very organic process.

You don’t have to be harsh with yourself and forcefully build these qualities… just to impress a man.

However, if you already possess these qualities, take a moment and be proud of yourself… because it already makes you a lot more attractive than most other girls out there.

At the same time, if you are missing some, it never matters honey. He still has a lot to like and appreciate about you!

But, hey, there’s no harm in building some qualities if you really want to.

1. Smile

The oldest yet the most charming way to impress a guy is to smile. Not a creepy one… I’m talking about a genuine and elegant smile.

A sweet Lil smile is enough to grab his affection. Besides making you look beautiful; it is going to make the guy feel more comfortable around you.

2. Cooking skills

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” You might have heard that, and it’s absolutely true in most cases… except if the guy is a fitness freak.

So, great cooking skills are enough to attract a man and steal his heart.

3. Playfulness

Men love girls who are cheerful and lively. Don’t be the snobbish, formal, stay-away-from-me kinda person.

He feels more interested in you when you maintain your distance, and yet show him that you’re full of fun.

He is always going to fall for that not-so-sexual tease and a playful attitude.

4. Long Hair

Guys absolutely LOVE girls with long hair. As long hair is often connected to your femininity, youth, and health… Boys are often more attracted to girls with long hair than those with short hair.

So, girlie, tie it up as a ponytail or keep it open and let the air glide through it… he will be tempted to gently slide the hair on your face and tuck it behind your ear.

And that’s your moment to look him deep in the eye and let your eyes do the talking! 😉

5. Caring nature

A girl with a caring nature… and killing attitude – well, who doesn’t like that?

Guys like girls who can offer them comfort when they’re most vulnerable… girls who can make them feel secure during dark days… and girls who can reaffirm them that there’s no such thing as “Boys can’t cry!”.

6. Authenticity

Most guys are found to have an intense liking for women who are realistic and don’t pretend to act like someone else.

The more natural you are, the more confident you feel. Confident and real girls are more attractive to men.

So, girl the next time you meet him… just be yourself – that’s your greatest strength!

7. Curved hips

Girls with big hips are found most appealing to men. It reflects their femininity and makes them look more powerful and magnetic.

It’s not always about the size but if you wear clothes that intensifies your hip area, I’m sure he will not be able to stop gawking!

8. Kindness

Men like women who are compassionate and tender-hearted so that they can be assured of a shoulder that will be there for them to lean on… when they’re going through hard times.

They know that they can find pretty faces everywhere, but a girl who is sensitive and thoughtful to his needs is rare.

9. Ambition

Girls determined towards their own goals and dreams are definitely a turn-on. Girls who feel fulfilled in themselves and are not dependent on anyone else for their happiness are just so GORG!

This way, the guy knows he will never have to bear the burden of keeping you happy… you both can find happiness with each other

10. Impactful voice

Girls having a high-pitched yet polite voice are often found alluring by most men. Their high-toned voice makes them seem younger.

A confident, sound, and sweet voice can attract men to you… like bees to honey, trust me.

11. Sense of adjustment

Girls who are always ready to compromise, and don’t argue needlessly in order to prove themselves right, are a sure winner of a guy’s heart.

Guys don’t like unnecessary drama in their lives, they tend to stay away from girls who have a big ego… and are never ready to find a middle ground.

12. Motherly impulse

The motherly impulse in girls can take over guys’ hearts. After all, there’s a reason why “All boys are Mamma’s boys!”.

There’s a reason why they look for their mother in their prospective partner.

13. Red lips

Who can say not to those buttery, red lips? The sexy red lips are enough to awaken the deep sensual desires of these men.

Tip: don’t forget your red lipstick when you visit him next! 😉

14. Sense of humor

A woman who not only laughs at the guy’s jokes but is also able to make him laugh is so rare to find… but an absolute winner!

Most men like spending time with women who have a great sense of humor. Their high spirits generate a positive aura, and this makes the guy feel more comfortable and joyful around them.

15. Simplicity

It may seem absurd but the ease with which you deal with your daily life… is often a very tempting quality for men.

This is because most guys are messy in nature and want girls who will be able to bring calmness to their lives.

And it can only happen when the girl knows what she is doing in her life… and what she wants to do next.

Remember, no guy likes to spend time with a girl who is nagging… all the time!

16. Tan marks

While you are trying your best with home remedies and cosmetic packs to treat your tan marks, it might surprise you that men actually like to see in your raw self.

It shows off your confidence and often also triggers their fantasies… then why hide it, princess! 😉

17. Confidence

A woman can look the most tempting when she walks like a diva and talks like a queen. Quite, literally!

You can ask any man sitting in the room, and I bet more than half will choose a confident woman over a pretty one.

A man gets attracted to a woman who shows bubbling confidence in her decisions and actions.

It just ensures them that the woman is capable of doing her chores, and taking care of herself and those around her.

18. Chirpy talks

Yes, guys also want to hear some thrilling threads of gossip and stories.

Doesn’t matter if they make fun of you for being a talkative person… In their heart, they like it when you share the exciting incidents that happened throughout the day.

It makes them feel more special and valued in your life.

19. Listening skills

There is nothing wrong with being chirpy and talkative. It’s not that men hate your tittle tattles, they love it.

But they also want you to listen. Although very few women have this golden trait, it’s extremely valued.

So, if you’ve often heard from your friends that you’re a bad listener, it’s time to work on it!

20. Patience

It’s not just about men, everyone loves to be with people who are patient.

It’s a comforting feeling when you know that the person is not going to get mad at you just because he was late on the date.

21. Understanding

Most women react very fast. Sometimes we don’t even spare a complete second of thought before reacting. But the question is whether or not this trait is acceptable. Of course not!

Just like women do not like judgemental men, guys don’t like rigid women.

22. Independence

Do you think a guy is going to truly like a girl who depends on others for her happiness and her requirements? No way!

Guys like girls who are self-sufficient and don’t seek dependence or reliability on others. Always seeking help or a shoulder to cry on portrays a woman as a weak and needy person.

Let me tell you, they might be one of your supporting shoulders or helping hands, but guys don’t like that if it’s a day-to-day scenario.  

23. Sensual appeal

If you have got a natural seductive appeal, you are naturally going to make a lot of heads’ turn.

Remember, being attractive is one thing and being sexually attractive is another. Guys can get enchanted to the sensual appeal in your voice, body language, and touch.

24. Grace

You must have heard guys complimenting women for their unmatchable grace… that’s because it’s absolutely irresistible for them.

Grace is hard to explain, it can’t be learned, it’s something that some girls possess naturally.

Basically, when your actions reflect some sort of femininity, it gradually makes them more attracted towards you.

25. Acceptance

While there are people who accept situations as they are, there are so many others who have a hard time accepting the reality of a matter.

Men like it when a girl accepts a couple of harmless flaws instead of making amends in their personality.

They appreciate when girls have the ability to accept whatever situation they are facing, instead of complaining, acting impulsively, or being ignorant about it.

26. Radiant skin

Doesn’t matter what complexion you possess, guys’ are not after the color of your skin, and if they are… that’s a red flag, honey… step back right away!

But the boys absolutely love the glow on girls’ faces… the radiant skin makes them weak in the knees.  

27. Fresh breath

The majority of the population, including both boys and girls, ignore their oral health. But it matters honey!

So, if your mouth stinks, no matter what you do, he will bid you goodbye at an arm’s distance.

Guys like to talk to a girl who has an odorless or a fresh breath. It gives them a green signal to stay close and comfortable with you.

28. Talking eyes

Eyes can talk… a lot more than words ever will.

And men love to watch the bright shining eyes of girls with dilated pupils and active expressions. He can very well tell what’s going in your head, by just looking at these beautiful talkative eyes.

29. Optimism

Not just men, everyone enjoys being around a positive person. It not only re-energizes your body, but also rejuvenates your mind.

Guys stay at hand’s distance with women who emanate negative vibes and pessimistic attitude.

30. Visible collar bones

Men will be men!

They absolutely lure over visible collar bones that make them skip a beat.

The cuts put them in a “spot” and they start imagining your figure…and it is one of the prominent X-factors to trigger them down there! 😉

31. Upright shoulders

Drooped shoulders kind of give him a wrong signal that you aren’t smart or confident enough.

In contrast to this, boys like girls with upright and lifted shoulders with a raised chest position.

It is symbolic of your confidence and welcoming nature. Plus, this looks physically pleasing as well.

32. Fuller chest

The naughty hearts always nod in “yes” for a fuller chest. This particular sexual feature stimulates them and it becomes harder for them to control their hormones.  

33. Flexible waist

Whether you are a zero figure or you are XXL, what matters is not the size but the flexibility.

Guys just can’t stop staring at your elastic-like waist… just try doing some waist movements during Gym-time, if you don’t believe me.

34. Hair Locks

How can we miss the sexy pair of hair locks when we are talking about things that guys like in girls!

Of course, they like these flirty flings tangling down your cheeks… it’s so tempting for them, that it’s hard to explain.

35. Classy behavior

He likes when you have ladylike manners that brag about the class in you. Small classy gestures that convey you belong to a family of high-class ethics and morality is what all men love.

A classy body language, a lady-like dressing style, the rich yet humble way of talking… it all becomes absolutely irresistible.

36. High heels

When we are talking about so many other things that guys like, we have got another hot item on the list… the high heels!

This just adds the “edge” to your burning hotness and you’ll find the guys hovering around you as soon as you walk in the room.

Having said that, it never means that flat heels are going to make you look boring. It’s all about how you carry your whole look together.

The guy is not ALL about your heels. High heels are tempting but there are so many more things to invite him in.

37. Blushing cheeks

Why just guys, don’t we girls totally love this about ourselves?

Whether it’s naturally blushing pink cheeks (- which is only a dream for us 😂), or you have popped on some makeup, they love it… one way or the other.

They can’t help but keep gawking at a pretty face with the blushing warmth and a rose-tinted cheek.

38. Passion

This is an inner trait that draws men towards you. Men are always in awe of passionate girls.

It can be a hobby that you are passionate about or your profession… It seems definitely better against not having a passion at all.

If you do something that makes you feel extremely positive, lively, and content, guys will like you more than most other girls.

It is also proof of the fact that you will be a passionate lover… and they will be one of your passionate interests.

39. Biting lips

Men’s hearts start racing like a mad horse when a girl is biting or chewing her lips. This action triggers them sexually and tickles them in a sensual manner.

Try this act for once and you’ll make it hard for him to gain control of all the sensations spiraling within. 😉

40. Heartfelt laughter

While most girls feel shy to laugh out loud in front of boys, you must know that guys instead like that fearless laughter.

This just removes the so-called wall of “elegance” between you and him… and he of course loves the fun that surrounds you both.  

41. Stretching

The next time you feel embarrassed just because you were stretching and he was staring at you all the way, don’t regret it.

He was staring because he likes you stretching in front of him.

When you stretch, it allows him an enhanced view of your physical features and he just can’t have enough of the visual treat. So, nothing to hide your face baby!

42. Cute and adorable faces

It actually makes him fall in love with you even more when you tease him with cute and adorable faces. Staring at him with puppy eyes or teasing him with your tongue… it all works.

43. Economical

While you love to see the dramatic extravagant lads spending money recklessly in the movies, that’s not what guys prefer doing in reality.

This is just another habit that fascinates him towards you. While all of us work day in and day out to earn money, so does he. And no guy can ever dismiss a girl who spends money cautiously.

Trust me, it’s so rare that if you are one of them, men can fall for you as soon as they lay their eyes on you.

44. Smartness

No, smartness has nothing to do with city life and its modernization.

In fact, it’s a combination of a couple of important traits in human personality such as understanding, self-awareness, vigor, rationality, and acumen.

45. Moles and marks

You must have seen them spotting your moles and other birthmarks on your exposed body. That itself tells the story of their keen observation and interest in your body.

46. Dressing sense

Nope, it’s not important to dress in a sparkly knee-cut skirt and neck-deep top… all he wants is a girl with good dressing sense. You must know how to dress appropriately in all situations, events, or occasions.

For instance, if you wear high heels to a funeral or a coat to a birthday party… that’s an absolute bummer in the head.

47. Intelligence

Guys like intelligent girls because it again gives them mental security that the girls are capable of handling their own issues.

They don’t want to spoon-feed you or make your decisions… Thus, if you are wise enough to do all that yourself, it must attract the guys a lot more than you can imagine.

48. Dainty jewels

Unlike popular belief, men like dainty pieces of jewelry in contrast to heavy ornaments.

It can be a very sleek necklace emphasizing your sexy neckline, or a tiny pair of ear studs that makes you look sexier.

So, avoid overloading yourself with piles of jewelry… it makes you appear extremely unpleasant and overdone.

However, these tiny jewels make you look classy thereby enhancing your features.

49. Groomed Nails

Groomed nails refer to well-shaped filed nails. Guys are really fond of clean, polished, and manicured nails… it’s more of a sexual trait.

It makes them imagine all the naughty sensations in bed when you just can’t keep your nails off them.

Probably he likes to imagine you wild in bed… scratch his back with the nails.

50. Pure intentions

You might not be the best-looking girl. You can be full of flaws and imperfections. Still, it cannot stop him from liking you if you have got a pure heart.

Having a good heart is all about being a good human who does not harm others intentionally. It may seem like a cliché, but trust me nothing beats that… no matter how old it gets!

Now that you know about what men find attractive, it’s time to scroll through the other side of the story.

There are a couple of things that men don’t like about women and are an absolute turn-off.

If you want to know what I’m talking about, then keep reading…

What guys don’t like in a girl?

If you really care about the likings of your guy friends, then you must also know about their dislikings.

There are certain habits or traits that make your guy friends very uneasy or uncomfortable. For example, they don’t like arrogant or stubborn girls.

But let me tell you, this has nothing to do with a serious personality transformation. It’s just about the likes and dislikes of guys.

So, let’s get going…

1. Arrogance

Confident girls are super-tempting… but being a narcissistic and self-absorbed person makes you look arrogant. And let me tell you, no one finds arrogance appealing… No one.  

Men especially avoid women who are arrogant because they don’t feel cherished and comfortable around them.

2. Bitchy-type qualities

Bitchy girls are liked by none. Girls who judge every person in the room and don’t consider anyone “equal” to them are an absolute no-no for men.

Guys like to stay away from drama… and don’t want girls who maybe bitching about him behind his back.

3. Carelessness

Guys don’t like careless girls. Period.

Guys want to be taken care of… and so, they girls with motherly impulses and not the ones who are incapable of taking care of themselves.

A careless girl won’t be able to help him through his dark times and cater to his emotional needs.

4. Needy

Long gone are the days when guys wanted girls to be dependent on them.

It’s a generation where dependency instead makes you unattractive. It’s the 21st century and they expect you to be able to meet your own needs, atleast.

5. Dishonesty

No one likes a dishonest person. Whether it’s a woman or a man.

Women who tend to lie about every little thing will be despised by all guys, no matter what. They want a life partner who can be trustworthy and loyal.

And let me tell you, the more honest the girl is, the more confident he feels to be with her.

6. Laziness

Laziness is actually the least attractive trait one could have. By lazy girls here, we are not referring to the ones who sit at home, watch Netflix all day, and avoid hanging out.

Lazy girls here mean girls who don’t have any passion to accomplish and the ones who don’t make any efforts to better themselves. In today’s time, this is a major turn-off for guys.

7. Tons of makeup

Most may disagree, but it’s true. Too much makeup seems displeasing to most guys.

Girls who try to hide their original face with foundation, eyeliner, blush, and the list goes one… instead look “doll-like” to guys. And no, they don’t want dolls to play with; they want girls to love!

Remember, when the topic is makeup: less is always more. Guys tend to prefer girls who put up a naturally polished look.

8. Pessimism

They hate it!

No one wants to have a gloomy person in their life, and men are no aliens. They don’t want to be in the company of a downbeat.

Being pessimistic is a major turn-off for guys, even if you look good. Girls who have a positive mindset and positive aura are naturally more attractive.  

9. Over demanding

Guys think that girls who have higher expectations than normal or have a greater requirement for attention are extremely challenging to deal with. Most guys avoid such women.

The problem here is not the girl but it’s her high maintenance and the demands that she puts up.

She is usually never satisfied. So, guys don’t connect with such girls on a deeper level.

10.  Attention seeking

If you take my honest opinion, guys hate attention seekers. Guys are mostly raw, rough, and natural in their approach. They do not like pretentious activities just to gain some attention.

All the dramas and unnecessary attitude time and again seem useless to them. This is because men who’re in it for the long haul will want some calmness and serenity in their life.

11. Lack of ambition

Answer me honestly: Would you like to be with a man who does not have a set of goals or an ambition to work upon? Maybe yes, but mostly no.

Girls just can’t seem to imagine a future with an aimless man. Similarly, guys do not like women who lack ambition.

The ambition may not necessarily be about your profession. It can just be an ambition of growing your children in a healthy environment and giving them the best education.

But if you’re absolutely clueless, it’s time to find a direction, girl!

12. Selfishness

A guy will never like to be with a girl who is self-centered, or obsessed with herself.

Guys expect girls to be motherly figures… one who gives without a second thought and if you focus on fulfilling your own needs, then he is naturally going to feel detached.

13. Pretension

Faking is another way to turn down a man almost instantly.

If they find you being pretentious, they will naturally assume that you are not confident in your own skin which is why you had to pull up this act.

Pretending to be someone that you are not is a part of being dishonest… and like I said, guys absolutely despise dishonesty.

14. Stubbornness

Stubborn girls are a big NO for guys. If a girl remains stubborn in her manners and choices and does not consider the opinions of the man standing beside her… how can you even expect him to like you?

The inflexibility makes him feel that it’s “only” you in the relationship… and so, he drives away to find his ground.

15. Keeping shabby or unclean

Whatever shape or color you are, it never matters. Expensive dress, expensive makeup… nothing matters if you don’t keep yourself clean.

A girl who is ignorant about her hygiene and presentation is never liked by any man. No matter how much you dress up, you’ll never be able to make an impression unless you decide to change the core.

These were some absolute turn-offs for men, and I think all of them seem pretty justified.

…and now that you are aware of them, you have fewer chances of turning guys down.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

While likes and dislikes are more about personal choices and individual personalities… There are a few things that don’t change.

For instance, I personally know guys who hate red lips, but then most guys like it… and that’s why it is here on the list.

Well, ladies, the truth is, real men don’t care a lot about your external appearance if you are a good person at heart.

And being a good person at heart doesn’t ask you to amend anything. I hope you got the hint! 😉

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