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High Value Woman – 20 Traits to Reckon

High Value Woman – 20 Traits to Reckon

Updated on Aug 05, 2022

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

High Value Woman - 20 Traits to Reckon - ThePleasantRelationship

In Contemporary lifestyles, femininity is not defined by good looks, sexuality, tan skin, less fat, and a toned and attractive body. Rather it is much more than this.

Today’s men like high value women; who they feel are a woman of beauty with brains.  Men commit to women they perceive as worthy of dignity and self respect.

Have you ever felt it difficult to maintain long lasting relationships? Did your relationships fall apart after a few initial dates? Not to sulk because you are not the only one in the pitfall. 

You may find yourself at crossroads, confused and bewildered to develop those intangible qualities that can position you at a high esteem in a man’s eyes.

So let’s find out the traits that can make you unique, charismatic, and a woman of substance.

High Value Woman Infographic

5 Traits of a High Value Woman
5 Traits of a High Value Woman

High value woman meaning

They are exuberant, confident, stylish, and compassionate. She knows herself better than anybody else.

High value women possess immense self-respect and dignity. Being a flamboyant and attractive lady with adorable feminine qualities may be hard to accomplish at times, but not impossible. 

To become a high value woman, you need to change your mindset. It’s all about how you perceive yourself as an individual. Your body language and the way you treat yourself is equally important and notable.

A high value woman knows her priorities and boundaries. She is well aware of her needs and desires and the ways to fulfill them. Even, she can move to any limits to overcome and achieve things she has cherished for.

As she is self-confident and self-reliant, she doesn’t need a man to validate her worth in our so called man dominated society.

She knows her worth and emanates positive vibes, wherever she goes. She attracts others like bees to flowers; but she is aware of her limitations as well.

A high value woman can live her dream life without the help of others. She possesses grace, elegance, and feminine qualities that exude confidence and self-esteem. 

People admire her not because of her physical appearance but for her positive mindset, understanding nature, and sophisticated outlook.

Thus, a high value woman can always acknowledge her worth. She is strong, independent, and carries a deep sense of respect and self accomplishment. She is able to handle emotions and lives her life prudently.

20 High value woman traits

Now you must be wondering how to become a high value woman? What qualities you would need to consider worthy and impress ‘the man’ in your life?

The trick lies with you. You just need to feed yourself well with awareness and confidence; to unleash the secret weapon to win over your dream love life. 

So, let us identify the key traits of a high value woman.

1. Embrace your womanhood

Embrace your womanhood
Embrace your womanhood

A high value woman is well aware of her strengths and weaknesses. She has self-respect and high regard for her dreams and goals.

As a woman, she is confident and has a healthy self-worth. It means she will not tolerate abuse and bad behavior of men. No one can take her for granted. 

Her inner worth is strong enough to make her adorable in a man’s eyes. Embracing womanhood means that whatever happens, a high value woman never trades off her dignity for love and companionship.

She likes to be with guys who respect her more than loving her.

2. Happiness is her strength

You are enough positive and happy with your personal life and professional pursuits. Loving yourself is your strength and you do not want men to adore, pamper, and spoil you.

Happiness brings self fulfillment and so you are strong and free-willed in your thoughts and feelings. 

You do not need others to make you happy. Men like you because you are vibrant, joyful, and know-how to remain happy on your own.

Example – Marilyn is always happy and wears a beautiful smile wherever she goes. She wins over a man’s heart with her amiable personality.

3. High value woman never likes chasing men

High value women are self satisfied and happy. You never chase men, rather your confidence, charisma makes you a sought after woman.

A high value man likes and loves your company. They see you as a dream lady; ought considering for a loving and everlasting relationship.

You are elegant and irresistible to men. Men know that you are worth pursuing and try their best to win over you.

4. High value woman possesses a ‘value’ mindset

If you want to become a woman of worth, you need to value yourself. Valuing oneself comes from self acceptance and self-realization of one’s abilities and shortcomings.

If you value yourself, men will also start respecting and valuing you. It gives you a positive outlook, confidence, and emotional wellbeing.

You will never allow high-quality men to dictate your worth and individuality. They are emotionally intelligent and not needy of love and affection. 

Example – Stories of women are there, where the initial spark in the relationship seemed okay for a few months but later regular fights and misunderstandings started and partners fell apart from each other.

The relationship slowly became toxic and miserable because the man started undermining your worth and planted negativity in you. It all happened because you allowed him to do so.

5. You are simple and graceful

A high value woman loves simplicity. They shine in their own light because they are confident, elegant, and empowering.

A vibrant and positive attitude makes them graceful and is attractive in a man’s eyes. She doesn’t overdo things. Enjoys little joys of life wholeheartedly. 

She carries a fashion statement that is stylish yet simple and without flashiness. Example – Anna is adorned with a dark complexion, curly black hair with blonde streaks.

She is not the typical ‘guy’ type but yet men find her attractive and alluring because she is intelligent, witty, simple, kind, and honest.

6. High value woman has good manners

You are well mannered and possess positive character traits like honesty, humility, politeness, and compassion. She knows how to keep herself and her family happy. You are respectful of the people around you. 

She has a class of her own that forces men to like her. Has good social skills, well-read, and knows how to initiate and maintain quality conversations with others. You are passionate and behave in a way that makes you valuable.

7. High value woman is a mystery that man wants to explore

You create a domain of feminine mystery that men want to explore. As you are confident, relaxed, and powerful you depict ‘awe’ and want people to spend time with you to know you better. 

You unravel your authentic self; only if you are sure of the intentions of the guy around you. A high value woman takes enough time to know people, before revealing more about her.

Being mysterious is about setting healthy boundaries. Men need to work on you to know you. You hardly share personal details with people you just met.

Example: Elizabeth avoids sharing too much about herself in her first few dates till she is satisfied with the authenticity of the guy she is with. 

Is a safety wall that keeps her safe; so that there are no regrets and back-stabbing tendencies. Her relationships do not backfire because she is cautious.

High value women are mysterious and do not open up in one go. This makes them interesting and worth pursuing.

8. Takes care of her appearance

Takes care of her appearance
Takes care of her appearance

High value women are conscious of her looks and physicality. They are aware of how they look in social gatherings and official meets. When you care about yourself, you get to know yourself well. It is a sign of quality. 

Men want women who look pleasant and know the nitty-gritty of grooming and personal appearance. From a dating perspective, this sends a strong message to men that these ladies are valuable and takes pride in ‘who they are’?

Appearance and looks, even if mediocre needs to be carried well with appositive perception. Example: Martha takes care of her physical grooming in the form of:

  • Maintaining a toned body that gives an erect posture
  • Perfect lips that are attractive 
  • Clothing suits are body shape
  • Does regular exercise and avoids putting extra kilos

Overall Martha looks stunning and men love to chase her. She maintains an aura of her own with attraction and dignity.

9. High value woman cares about their partner

High quality woman wins over trustworthy and loving relationships. They are caring for their partner’s needs and aspirations.

You are supportive, loving, and caring toward the person you live with. Empathy and compassion is her strength and this message goes clearly to men she lives by.

They are not self-centered and men see them as a supportive friend and caring spouse.

10. High value women are feminine

Attractiveness and femininity are not the same. A woman can be feminine even if she is not attractive. You need to work on yourself to look feminine. It helps you to stand out in the crowd. 

Example: Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie. You know your exact moves, with perfect body language and expressions.

Each move of yours carries a touch of coyness, poise, and self-consciousness. You are modest, courageous and emotionally stable. Men cannot use you the way they want. There is mental strength and resilience that men look for in their partners.

11. Emotionally stable

You know the good ways to validate your feelings. With no extreme mood swings and angry outbursts, you become the ‘yes’ type female in a man’s eyes. High value woman is passionate, secure and beholds public drama.

They are not worrywarts, rather know the best ways to deal with anxiety and low feelings. She has less self-doubt and more self-control. Usually, she doesn’t blow up; even in extreme situations.

12. Possess a growth mindset

A high value open has a growth mindset. It means you are open to new learning and improve your skills. You learn from criticisms and enjoy challenging tasks. This makes you attractive for men who want a dynamic woman with a positive attitude.

You are knowledgeable and well read. A ‘can do attitude’ is seen in your personality. You can be a game changer because you know how to speak your mind in front of others.

13. High value woman has a mature outlook

High value women are mature and remain accountable for the things they do. She never engages in behaviors that go beyond her ethics and moral principles.

Playing games such as pretending to be busy, not replying to her partner’s messages, showing off what she is not. 

She is genuine and does not do anything to make her feel extra special. Partners are in complete freedom with her. They may leave her gracefully; if they do not want to continue the relationship.

Example: Arianna is mature and gives enough space to her boyfriend to decide on their relationship. She doesn’t compromise with her needs and get things done, even if the partner does not like it. She expresses herself clearly through her feelings and actions.

14. Embracing your vulnerability

You accept as you are. Being weak, depressed, frustrated at times is normal and you know that.

A high value woman is emotionally brave and doesn’t use hurt disappointments, and tricky feelings to achieve love and intimacy from men. She embraces her weak side by being transparent towards her feelings.

15. High value women are rational and open-minded

A high value woman is not driven by emotions. They are practical, rational, and open-minded. She knows the way to pull her out of emotional turmoil.

You can think, feel, and act with clear judgments and decision making. Her hallmark is that she maintains an open-minded attitude towards people around her. She respects the individuality of her partner.

16. Never equates sex with her worth

High value women are class apart. She is beautiful and elegant. You are attractive and sexy to men because you carry yourself with confidence and positivity. 

Her worth is not judged by men; only for physical intimacy. Men allure her because she commands her sex life.

As she decides her worth and purpose in life, she never equates it with sex. She transforms sexuality into love, intimacy, and self-expression. 

A high value woman never allows men to consider her body as a commodity. She wants men to respect and protect her body and soul with pure love, grace, and soothing touch. For her, sexuality is all about mutual trust, respect, and personal space.

17. High value woman knows ways to step into his romantic side

When you know what he likes; your tendency will be to blend your wishes with his. You may try to please him, if he is genuinely good and authentic. She loves his romance but not at the cost of her self-worth.

Example: Susan is caring, loving and tries to satisfy her partner’s needs but surely not beyond a specific boundary. She is adjustable but to a certain degree. She never allows him to override and take advantage of her.

18. Good command over English language

Men value women who possess good communication skills. So if you wish to become a high value woman, look into your language skills. Women who can speak and write good English are often liked and most sought after.

They are considered smart, expressive, fearless, and confident. Men like such women because language driven women can build better social contacts.

19. Good social skills

High value women have good social skills. She can make new friends. You can make new conversations interesting. She is humble, polite, and easy-going in social setups.

People love to be with her because she is well read and shares good information with others.

Moreover, she can make tense social situations appear light and less chaotic. She loves peace and can become a good mediator.

20. High value women set strict boundaries

High value women set strict boundaries
High value women set strict boundaries

You are pleasant, adjustable, caring, and welcoming but only to a certain degree. She knows her boundary and never allows men to push over the wall.

As she is straight forward, she lets men know about her dreams and goals. She is very much clear about what she expects from her partner. 

Example: If her partner is not serious about the relationship, she lets him know it clearly. At times, if her boss is overly dominant and tries to undermine her worth; she can tell this to him upright, without considering the fate of her job.

For her, respect and dignity comes first. High value women do not crave for attention and her dating standards are high to keep her safe and secure.

15 Habits of a High value woman

A high value woman thinks, feels, and acts differently. She is firm yet polite. Possesses a class apart and stands out in the crowd. Few habits of such women are:

  1. You value your needs, wants, and desires.
  2. She appears healthy, vibrant, and full of life
  3. Happy from within and doesn’t look needy
  4. Emotionally stable and confident
  5. She practices positive self-talk and gives worth to herself
  6. High value woman is supportive and caring
  7. She is straight forward and seldom backbites
  8. You possess an authentic self with a dynamic personality
  9. She can make her presence felt in social gatherings
  10. You are grateful and self-sufficient. There is no craving to achieve more than what is needed
  11. She is independent but asks for help when needed.
  12. A high value woman seldom reacts to situations. She responds peacefully
  13. She doesn’t compromise with her values
  14. You can walk away from a relationship if it doesn’t meet your standards
  15. She knows the importance of self-love

How to be a high value woman?

To become a high value woman gets easy when you start recognizing your worth. You should never allow others to dictate your decisions.

A high value woman is independent and does not need a man to validate her thoughts and feelings. She wants to be valued as an individual and not as a feminine commodity.

Men want a high value woman as a life partner because she is confident and gets along flawlessly. Now, how can you be like her?

Have you ever tried to become alluring and attract smart men?

Few tips on how to become a high value woman are discussed below.

Let’s get started and see what difference this brings to you.

1. Demand respect

Never try to accept things that guys say or do; without evaluating the pros and cons of it. Society demands that a woman should be perfect; be it respect, love, sex or commitment in relationship. 

Likewise, you should also demand respect and say ‘no’ to things that undermine your value.

If someone doesn’t respect your views or opinions, better not be with them. It gets more toxic with time if you allow others to use you.

2. Always want what you deserve

Do not try to settle for less, if you are worthy of getting more. This improves your position in front of a guy. If somebody is bad with you and you think you deserve something better, leave that person outright and walk away.

Relationships are not a cakewalk and it requires commitment from both ends. Thus, do not commit to people who undermine your value and dignity.

If the man cannot give you due respect and tries to use you in any form that is unethical, leave him without hesitation.

3. Make him know your standards early

You really need to let him know your standards and emotional boundaries. If he doesn’t meet your standards, avoid his company. It is important to let him know your expectations from the relationship.

Then only, people will truly value your worth. He should love and respect your individuality.

4. Be soft, yet firm and powerful

Your soft side is your strength. It adorns you with femininity and attraction. When you start demanding respect from your partner in a subtle way, you hold power.

He feels happy and blessed to be known to you. This allows you to be soft, yet firm and powerful from within. Your message goes across to him clearly.

5. Say ‘No’ to things if you do not like

Do not agree to things always. Learn to say no. It is better not to behave like a people pleaser and accommodate your wishes for satisfying his vested interests.

If you do not wish to go for a movie or a romantic dinner, let him know this clearly. 

If you are not comfortable with the kind of physical intimacy one wants, say ‘no’ and stick to it. Saying no gives you the courage to voice your feelings. It creates respect and makes you valuable and worth pursuing.

6. Become naughty at times, not always

Try to be classy and naughty at the same time. Your partner will love it. A high value woman can do this seamlessly. Flirting, texting, showing interest in mutual activities is also important.

Give him time showing that you also care for him. Men like caring women, who flaunt her naughty side as well. You can crack jokes, enjoy movies or outings with him. This matters a lot in developing healthy relationships.

7. Do not make yourself available all the time

Make yourself clear that you cannot be available all the time. Try not to cancel your personal work, only because he wants it. Be clear about your priorities and make him understand that you have your own life.

Let him learn and value your time. If you are busy, tell him to wait till you get back. This is what ‘value’ is.

8. Enjoy life on your own

You need to learn ways to be happy and enjoy life on your own. Happiness is a personal domain. Always remember that you should not need others to remain happy and enjoy your life.

Find out things that make you feel joyous. You can start a hobby or pursue a passion that feels relaxing and empowering. This improves your self-worth.

Dating standards of a high value woman

A high value woman sets high standards, when it comes to dating and courtship. She is the one who never compromises with her values and never settles for less.

Her boundary for dating relationships is stringent yet men try to pursue her. Why?

It’s time to learn more about her dating standards.

1. A ‘must have’ checklist

She sticks to a few specific attributes that she is looking for in a guy and never compromises on it. These are must haves and non negotiable. Few examples of these must haves are

  • Wants a loving and caring guy who is naughty and sexy, yet knows his limitations
  • She desires help and protection from him
  • Likes men who are confident, career-oriented, set long term goals, and financially stable
  • He should treat her with respect
  • Wants  a generous and compassionate guy
  • Should be cultured and smart
  • She loves reliable and consistent men

2. Rules out a few types of men

A high value woman loves consistency and commitment. Since her dating standards are high and non-negotiable, few types of men find it difficult to get along with her.

Such are:

  • Inconsistent men who are unreliable, say lies quite often and disrespectful
  • She doesn’t like men who are overly sexy and forgets their limitations
  • Manner less men who are haughty, showy, and dishonest
  • Men who lack ambitions and goals
  • Unorthodox demands for sex and physical intimacy
  • Men who are violent, abusive, and aggressive
  • She avoids men who prefer online dating

3. Goes to ‘dates’ only when humbly asked for

You agree to a date only when asked politely and humbly. She is stylish and demands respect to agree to the offer. These ladies are not readily agreeable types and do not make themselves available at one go.

4. Refuses wifely privileges to men

A high value woman never gives easy access to her cooking and laundering skills. She refuses readymade help to her boyfriend. Even sex on demand is a ‘big no’ for her.

5. High value woman never makes the first move

When it comes to the first date, a high value woman never makes the first move. She waits for the man to offer her a classy, romantic dream date. She enjoys being chased.

6. Feelings and intentions are not revealed easily

She remains superficial in the first few dates; till she is sure that the guy is reliable and trustworthy. She reveals things slowly.

7. Too much validation is avoided

she is polite, nice, and pleasant to the guy but doesn’t give him too much importance. She avoids flattering and complimenting for not much reason.

The link tells you about the dating standards of a high value woman

dating styles of a high value woman

Pros and Cons of being a high value woman

The pros of being a high value woman are:

  • She is confident, smart, and attractive in social setups.
  • Man adores her as she is a lady with beauty and brains
  • The man will never get bored as she can initiate interesting conversations.
  • She is a source of inspiration for many other women, who wish to be like her
  • Being a high value woman is good for a man because they are caring, lovable and make better wives.

The cons of being a high value woman are

  • Some men may think you are snobbish and unapproachable.
  • A high-quality man may find you less affectionate and haughty at times
  • You may appear bossy and unkind to a few of them
  • Many dominant and quality men will never chase you as they cannot adjust to your high dating standards.

5 high value woman quotes

These motivational quotes and inspirational quotes are words of wisdom for many women who feel weak and unworthy of their life.

1. “Start over; my darling. Be brave enough to find the life you want and courageous enough to chase it. Then start over and love yourself the way you were always meant to.”

Madelyn Beck
“Start over; my darling. Be brave enough to find the life you want and courageous enough to chase it. Then start over and love yourself the way you were always meant to.” – Madelyn Beck

2. “Strong women are often perceived as cold and mean simply because they refuse to be disrespectful, mistreated or taken for granted.”

“Strong women are often perceived as cold and mean simply because they refuse to be disrespectful, mistreated or taken for granted.” – Anonymous

3. “The woman who does not require validation from anywhere is the most feared individual on the planet.”

Mohadesa Najumi
“The woman who does not require validation from anywhere is the most feared individual on the planet.” – Mohadesa Najumi

4. High value women don’t waste their precious time trying to explain to men how they should be treated.”

“High value women don’t waste their precious time trying to explain to men how they should be treated.” – Anonymousv

5. “A strong woman will automatically stop trying if she feels unwanted. She won’t fix or beg, she’ll just walk away.”

“A strong woman will automatically stop trying if she feels unwanted. She won’t fix or beg, she’ll just walk away.” – Anonymous

The link shows the ways to become a high value woman

How to be a high value woman

Parting words

Have you ever noticed that when men perceive you as high value, how do they behave?

They become more active in impressing you. Right? They push themselves hard to fit into a framework, as set by you.

You suddenly feel iconic and most sought after. Feeling good and alluring. Isn’t it?

Thus, a ‘high value woman’ has a high mate value that comes from a solid sense of dignity and self-worth. Her amazing qualities make her endeared and exemplary.