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How Do I Tell If He Loves Me? 45+ Signs He Loves & 45+ Signs He Doesn’t

How Do I Tell If He Loves Me? 45+ Signs He Loves & 45+ Signs He Doesn’t

Updated on Sep 05, 2022

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

How Do I Tell If He Loves Me -45+ Signs He Loves & 45+ Signs He Doesn’t

How do I tell if he loves me?

Are you asking this question to yourself daily?

Perhaps a man caught your eye and you’re feeling the connection but don’t know if it’s real?

Maybe he’s treating you differently from the others… and you’re not quite sure if you’re catching on to the right signals or it’s all in your head.

Well, love does make a fool out of us, and sometimes it makes us a coward.

And trust me, I understand how you feel, that’s why I’ve prepared…

How Do I Tell If He Loves Me  - 45+ Signs He Loves & 45+ Signs He Doesn’t
How Do I Tell If He Loves Me – 45+ Signs He Loves & 45+ Signs He Doesn’t

45 Signs He Loves You

A man can confuse you and make you question, “Are we together… or Are we just friends… or are we nothing at all?”

Perhaps he’s taking his sweet time preparing for that proposal but staying in the dark annoys you so you’re looking for hints.

Here are some signs to know if he’s really into you or not…

1. He’d rather forget this world for you

If he makes time for you despite his crazy schedule, you know something’s on. You’re always on top of his mind, no matter what.

He might not be aware or conscious about his feelings and actions, but this signifies you’re someone special to him. True love makes no excuse when their lover is in distress or just needs them by their side.

2. He treats you like a knight treats a princess

A loving relationship without respect is like an empty nut. Nobody can stand a disrespectful person claiming to love them.

If he respects your actions, wishes, and overall you as a human being, this guy loves you. Check if he tries to understand your opinions and explain them respectfully.

If you’re not sure if your guy respects you, try complicating some decisions and notice how he resolves the situation.

3. He can’t stand anything bothering you

A man who loves his woman always cares for her. If he calls you the next moment he knows something’s bothering you, know that he loves you deeply.

Perhaps it’s that time of the month and he starts giving you belly rubs, chocolates, and a hot bag.

Or, when you had a bad day at work or a fight with your parents, he takes you out for a drive and brings along your favorite chocolates.

4. He’d rather get hurt himself in your stead

Loving men want to make their women feel safe. No matter how small a situation, he’ll try protecting you all the time.

While walking on a crowded road, he might hold your hand to keep you from parting. Or, he might put an arm around you to prevent you from falling from others’ push.

If your guy tries protecting you in every situation at hand, he loves you.

5. He never loses opportunities to accompany you

Perhaps not always, but mostly he likes spending time with you more than his bros. Wondering how to know if that’s the truth?

Bring up a topic about visiting somewhere new and notice if he wants to tag along.

If he loves spending time with you and can’t have enough, he’ll come along. But try to pick a day when he doesn’t have prior plans.

6. He’s quite straightforward around you

If your boyfriend loves you, he’ll never lie to you because honestly, love never lies. If he is hiding things from you, then my girl, it’s a red flag.

Remember, true love doesn’t need deception. He will show you the monochromatic reality and let you decide what you want instead of showing a colorful lie.

7. When in trouble, he makes you the judge

If he asks your opinion before making important decisions, then you’re a valuable person in his life. He feels at ease after discussing any matter with you because he trusts you more than himself.

If he values your opinion then it’s one of the greatest signs that he loves you. It’s hard to find love, and harder to find someone valuing your opinion, – go for it, girl!

8. He will turn the world upside-down to please you

No man will spell out that he wants to please you, but his actions will.

He might go the extra mile to grab that limited edition book from your favorite author. Or, he might complete your chores on busy days because you’re sick.

If he challenges his limits for you, he’s deeply in love with you – so girl, never let go of his hand.

9. He gives you surprises (a lot of it!)

If he loves you, he’ll do anything to see you smile. So, he tries to arrange sweet surprises for you and even involves your friends and family in it.

He might arrange a birthday party for you with all of your loved ones. If he invests his energy, time, and resources for your happiness, he is looking at a long-term relationship… and not a short-lived fling.

You’ll rarely find men who actually know what their women want.

10. He has all the quick fixes to your problems

Instead of understanding a woman’s problem, men usually dismiss them for “overreacting” – which is a red flag.

If your man not only listens to your problems but also makes an effort to solve them, you’re one lucky woman. He loves you immensely and is ready to help you all the time.

Women lead complicated lives and men who dare to solve their complications speak a lot about their romantic intentions.

11. He keeps his promises like a pledge to the Queen

If he respects all of his promises and tries his best to keep all of them, no doubt he loves you. For him, these promises mean as much as your happiness.

When a man continues to keep all of his promises to you, he’s also ready to make wedding vows

If you’re doubtful, make him promise you a few things and see if he tries to keep them at any cost.

12. You are his QUEEN!

If he always treats you with immense respect, love, and care, and is always faithful even if you’re not around, he’s head over heels for you.

You might hear from his friend that he was missing you at a party you weren’t present at. Or, he might call you in the middle of his workday just to check on you.

If that’s the case, trust me, you’ve hit a jackpot.

13. No plan matters more than you

Men immensely value their bro-time, as they hardly get enough time to socialize with their best friends.

If a man cancels his plans like a vacation or clubbing with his friends, your position in his heart is way above anything else.

He’ll notice your problems and leave all plans for later. Why? Because he can’t afford to leave you alone during your crisis or allow someone else to comfort you.

14. He’s ready to spoil at his own expense

Nothing is an inconvenience to real love.

If your boyfriend loves you, he’ll go out of his way for you even if he’s busy and has no time for himself.

Many men sweet-talk to women but when the time comes, they don’t act. So, if this guy is doing his best for you, hold him tight.

If he invites problems for himself just to keep you happy, he’s in it for REAL.

15. He amazes you with flowers or food

If he wants to get you all the happiness in this world and tries to win your heart with a bunch of your favorite flowers or a dinner date night, he’s hooked.

Perhaps, he doesn’t have enough money yet, but he settles for a single flower or your favorite snacks instead.

He loves you and his life goals include pampering you with everything he can afford. 

16. Your achievements are his celebrations

Whether it’s a promotion, a business plan, or if you got yourself a great job – he values all of your achievements.

Men forget small dates like birthdays and anniversaries, but if your man not only remembers them but also knows what’s precious in your life, that’s a good sign.

He definitely thinks you’re the love of his life.

17. His friends and family know you (even if you don’t)

Men are usually sneaky and keep it low when they’re not seriously pursuing women. So, a man might be cheating if he stalls introducing you to others.

Once men fall in love, they become insecure. They want everyone to know that you’re his, including his family and friends.

Some introduce women to silently ask for family’s approval or to flaunt her divine beauty. If you met his loved ones, he loves you!

18. He becomes childish around you

Some men try to flaunt their money, status, and popularity to get women, but they only get opportunists.

If your man doesn’t pull off such tricks and shows you his real self, these are great signs that he loves you.

He wants you to accept him for what he is, which already means that he is seeing a future with you.

19. In his eyes, you’re the most beautiful

The world is full of attractive things and some men cheat with excuses like “Yolo”. Petty excuses to cheat behind an unsuspecting woman don’t last long.

If he is loyal to you even behind your back, that’s one of the best signs your boyfriend loves you.

To make sure, ask a friend to ask him out on a date, or create a fake account and flirt with the fake ID… and then see his response.

I’m sure he will tell you how is taken by the most beautiful girl on Earth and has no plans to seek any other woman.

20. Your happiness makes him happy

How do you think he feels around you? Does he seem happy? When you’re together does he insist on doing things you like or does he prioritize his preferences?

Perhaps he wants to concentrate on your happiness and finds his own in the process, or smile absentmindedly when you’re satisfied with something.

If your partner gets happy just at the sight of your smile, he has already made you an irreplaceable part of his life.

21. He spreads the word about your intelligence

Some men pay attention to every detail in their partner’s life but don’t praise them. Instead, they boast about their partner’s good points in front of their friends or family.

Or, he might defend your mistakes behind your back and fight with his family for your honor.

If you know his loved ones, ask them what he told them about you. Don’t worry, you’ll understand if they’re making things up.

22. He sweats bullets when you’re sick

If he gets even a hint of the fact that something has happened to you, he starts worrying about you, it’s a sign that he loves you.

The words “I love you” might not slip his lips easily, but he’s the first to panic when you don’t do well.

Why so? Of course, because you mean a lot more than his life to him. He will make sure he’s around you all the time.

23. He becomes your mentor during troubles

A man won’t care about your life decisions if you don’t mean much to him. Though, if this man pays attention to your make-or-break decisions, then your welfare interests him.

Moreover, if your future matters to him and he constantly guides you through the maze of life, he really loves you.

He’s not only looking out for you but also ensuring a secure future with such gestures and guidance.

24. He becomes green-eyed over you

If he wants to monopolize you and get all of your attention, he gets jealous when you talk or hang around with other men. Jealousy is a more common emotion in men than women.

If he sees you with other friends, he gets a little sad because he isn’t getting attention.

Of course, if he’s OVER protective and tries to stop you from socializing that’s a red flag, so don’t confuse the two.

25. You’re too precious to ignore for him

After a bad fight, instead of ignoring you or giving you the cold shoulder, if he tries to make up with you, that’s one of the most prominent signs of love.

Many men run away saying “she’s crazy” but not him. Instead, he tries to calm you down and discuss the matter at peace.

26. He randomly checks you out

If you’re in public and his eyes subconsciously follow you through the crowd, he definitely feels something about you.

Perhaps, you’re on his mind for a long time but he’s hesitating and waiting for some signal from your side? You two might be in the same boat, waiting for each other’s first move.

27. Your instincts say he’s the one

Female instincts are usually correct, so if you feel he loves you, or he can make you happy, then that’s your answer. He’s falling in love with you and your subconscious mind can sense it.

Also, if you two complete each other’s shortcomings then you guys are made for each other

It’s time to give this thought a rest because he’ll eventually work up the courage to confess sooner or later.

28. He never misses the beat to appreciate you

If he praises you and encourages you for literally everything in life, he wants to be the one – He wants you to notice him.

Perhaps, you just woke up and look messy but he’ll shower you with compliments anyway until you blush

On bad days, he’ll praise you for bearing the day rather than focussing on the negatives. He finds something positive even when you’re in a foul mood.

29. He makes excuses to stay with you for long hours

Men make foolish decisions to keep their lovers nearby. He will rather act out something silly than admit this fondness or admiration.

If he wants to hang out late, he’ll take the longer route before dropping you home… he’s craving a little more quality time with you.

Your man might take you to movie dates and suddenly plan a dinner date to keep you around longer.

30. He wants what you want

Men in love plan far more than women can imagine.

If he plans mini-trips to the home furnishing shop with only you two, perhaps he has solid plans for the future… like marriage.

He might ask you about your choice of furniture or curtains or insist you choose a lampshade.

That’s a sign he’s planning to decorate your future home from scratch with you… for you.

31. He’s an obsessed fool around you

If he behaves like a little boy with a new candy or a teen in his first love, that’s a vivid sign. Love can make men behave childishly and it’s valid for all men around the world.

He might feel and claim that you are the best person in the world and embarrass you with his antics. But deep inside you feel good about such claims and want more.

32. He’s suddenly ignoring you

Sometimes when men fall in love or sense their friendly feelings turning into those of love, there’s a good chance he’ll put some distance in between.

To evaluate the authenticity of his feelings, he’ll take some time away and figure out his heart’s needs.

You might feel he lost interest in you during such phases but that’s not the case.

Wait until he returns to his senses because love doesn’t come so easy.

33. Your personality attracts him

Everybody knows physical beauty is not constant, it’ll fade away at some point. So, if a man prioritizes intellectual beauty and personality over flawless skin, you’ll surely fall for him.

But if he fancies your personality and intelligence, there’s a good chance he means to confess sooner than you think.

A man shows interest in a woman’s views and perceptions about everything because he wants to know her better.

34. He hugs you tight for long… like a bear

If this man hugs you longer than other friends, then your smell subconsciously soothes this person. He feels comfortable in your embrace and wants to get closer.

When human beings touch each other, the oxytocin hormone secretes and it makes people feel good.

He probably hugs you longer because he feels good in your arms… plus, it also gives him reassurance that you’re not going anywhere.

35. He replies quickly to your texts

The male race is so lazy at texting that they forget to text or reply hours later.

If you notice your crush texting you real fast, you piqued his interest.

Also, men mostly keep their replies very short, so if his text includes more than one word or sentence and a few emojis, that’s a pretty good sign.

Men don’t invest time for women they don’t care about. So, your crush/boyfriend already likes you a lot.

36. He accompanies you in anything and everything

Most (not all) men like action movies, but if yours is ready to watch a romance movie with you, he’s already putting you before him and trying to spend more time with you.

Understanding your likes and emotions is also on his checklist.

If he’s trying to tag along even though it makes him cringe, he’s a lovesick boy with rose-tinted glasses and definitely not going away anytime soon.

37. He motivates you during bad times

When men are emotionally unavailable, they don’t care if you feel down or hurt.

But if a man really loves you, he will try to get your spirits back with a pep talk. He’ll keep showing the optimistic side to every incident in your life.

Recognizing the small good things in you even when the world turns its back at you – that’s how a man who’s in love seems to be.

38. He knows even before you say it

If he lends a helping hand even before you utter a word, that’s some other-worldly connection between you two.

A man really loves you if he tends to your needs silently, without holding a placard of doing favors.

One moment he’ll notice you tired from the day’s work and rub your feet the next. It’s the little everyday things that matter and he’s already playing a husband’s role.

39. He’s an open book… but ONLY for you

Men don’t like sharing personal info and keeping their lives to themselves. If a man tries to share important details of his life, he probably got a future planned with you.

So, if he really loves you, he’ll keep you updated about his daily life while giving you the chance to share along. He’s not only opening his heart to you but also urging you to do the same.

40. You’re the first and last thing on his mind

If he’s madly in love with you, his first and last thoughts of the day are about you.

Perhaps, he stays on call until you fall asleep, or sends you good morning texts every day without fail.

Men might text multiple people at one go, but it’s not possible to multitask with calls. So, try hogging his time with more calls to see if he really means it.

41. PDA and him goes hand in hand

A man falling in love will face a hard time keeping his hands to himself. But is he only doing that in private or is he the same in public?

If he shows a bit of PDA then he’s marking his territory and silently declaring his claim on you to other men.

When he’s passionate about you and not ashamed to let the world know, you’re made for each other!

42. He doesn’t mind you teasing him on hectic days

If anyone is facing a tough day, the last thing they need is more responsibilities or disturbances in their life. But if this guy loves you, he won’t mind even if you add up to his stress.

Paying attention to you is one of his responsibilities because you’re his soulmate.

He’s serious about his life goals but he still handles all your tantrums… because, let’s admit it, he loves you more than anything else!

43. He’s all ears when it’s you

You can never fix some issues, it’s just the way they are… and such situations call for a good listener. No advice, no judging, just an ear for listening and a shoulder to lean on.

A man in love will be there for you in any form you desire and if he’s ready to listen to you crying and letting your heart out even at 2 a.m., he’s too precious.

44. He looks more dashing these days

When men hang out with their friends, they hardly try to groom themselves. So, a man grooming himself only implies special occasions or a special person.

If he dresses up and grooms himself even when it’s just the two of you without any celebration, that special person is you.

You might notice a drastic change in his fashion sense, or a well-kept beard, or maybe a healthy-fit body. His lengthy efforts express his love.

45. He’s ready to lose for you

The male race is competitive and losing hurts their pride.

But, both in humankind and the animal kingdom, when the male wants to impress the female, they let go of their pride and let the prospective partner win.

This man possibly wants to see your happy face and is ready to give up anything for that… even the PlayStation.

So, these were some lifestyle signs that are usually observed by experts or common people at large… so it definitely can’t have “science” validity to it.

Unless you scroll through the next list.

10 Science-Backed Signs a Man is in Love with You

For people looking for “factual” signs, here are some with psychologists’ backing…

1. He’s brimming with positivity since he has met you

If your presence made him notice the optimistic side to life, then you’re making him happy without him noticing.

Happiness leads to feel-good hormones and if your presence induces it, he’ll want to stay with you longer.

In a roundabout way, he’ll crave your presence in his life leading to a loving relationship. If he feels happy and optimistic around you, he is not going anywhere.

2. He uses more we and us instead of me and *your name*

When this man uses “we” or “us” when talking about himself and you, it implies he thinks of you two as a unit.

It might be in a conversation with a third party but never talks about you as you, instead refers to the situation as us. So, pay attention whenever he brings up anything about you two collectively.

Also, lately, he might show interest in common future goals with you because he wants you around later.

3. He spends most of his free time with you

Men are practical beings – though it sounds mean, they don’t spend time with anyone without a cause.

If he’s into you, you’ll get a fair share of his time (but don’t expect him to give up socializing or professional time).

A man giving you enough time indicates he already thinks of you as a valuable person in his life. So, lately, if he’s spending a lot of time with you, he’s hooked.

4. He is A LOT MORE generous with you

Most men can’t handle drama – they won’t die from it, but it bores them because they can’t find the logic behind it.

Suppose this man lends you his ear about your argument with your friend, though he knows you’ll soon get back together – that’s him being generous.

Well, I’m sure a man that loves his woman will show exclusive leniency towards her, so notice how he behaves in third-person discussions.

5. He’s slowly opening up to you

The male race is sensitive because of society’s expectations from them, but it’s not always possible to take on that “superhuman masculine” role. Human beings make mistakes and men aren’t any exceptions.

When a man opens up about himself, his dark or “shameful” past, he trusts that you won’t judge him.

Faith itself is the first step in healthy relationships. Thus, indicating he’s emotionally dependent on you which may later turn into love.

6. He got too comfortable around you

Dating a guy initially seems pretty because they try to show their best selves. But in old relationships, men stop bothering and become lazy to the point of being annoying.

He might forget to get his laundry, or he forgets to put the toilet seat down in the morning – all of these are signs of being too comfortable and also indicates an intimacy in the relationship.

Girl, this may seem troublesome but trust me, it’s a blessing!

7.  Your wish is his command

If a man always prioritizes your choices and offers to put you before himself in life, then that’s “compassionate love” – a term psychologists used. 

It’s a male’s concern towards his companion and the more concerned he is about you, the more he’ll be attached to you.

Emotional attachment increases the possibility of romance between two people than in other situations, so sooner or later two people with such relations might fall in love deeply. 

8. He loses himself in your eyes

When a man loves a woman and wants to make her an important part of his life, he subconsciously looks deep into her eyes.

Call this a romantic attraction towards each other, because he can’t help gazing into your eyes.

Whereas, if it’s just a lusty attraction, men’s eyes focus more on body parts, like lips or neck, so check where this man’s eyes go. Is he romantic or not?

9. Your laugh makes him blush

Nowadays, men know that humor can catch a lady’s interest better than money or status, so men often try to show their hilarious side to their romantic interest.

However, if he laughs along with you, he’s totally head over heels.

If you and he find similar things funny, have a similar sense of humor, or he just can’t help laughing along, then you guys make a great pair. Touchwood!

10. He’s keen on your future plans

If he asked you about your career goals, family plans, and everything about settling down, well it’s not that he wants to start dating or get married right away.

Perhaps he finds you interesting and is trying to know you better.

When men love a woman, they check for compatibility, and here he’s looking for common goals between you two so that you can be together later without a hitch.

If you’re still left confused and want to know the other side of the story. Here are a few…

45 Signs He Doesn’t Love You

Sometimes he might not return your feelings, even if you show him, love, it’ll all be in vain.

Or, you might get suspicious that he is not your man anymore.

To validate the fact, check for these signs.

1. He can’t miss that night-out for you

If he sticks to his plans (even the trivial ones) irrespective of your grim situation and doesn’t care about your situation, that’s a bad sign.

Perhaps you asked him to postpone his plans when you were troubled, but he refused or gave petty excuses to avoid you.

That implies he doesn’t want any responsibilities, not now, not ever.

In such cases, leave him rather than wasting your time and emotions.

2. He always blames you for bad situations

A small apology says a lot… So, if a man never apologizes, no matter what, implies his disinterest.

If a man doesn’t feel sorry about his mistakes to his companion, he probably doesn’t value you as much. In fact, in some situations, he might just come back at you blaming you for the whole situation.

Such behaviors imply that even if you’re in a relationship, he doesn’t love you anymore.

3. He never says “I love you”

A man that loves you will let you know either verbally or with his body language.

If he’s smitten, there’s no way he can hide it from the world. A man in love subconsciously exhibits certain hidden expressions.

Suppose your partner doesn’t say he loves you, nor does he try to convey his feelings across you, then it’s a warning sign. He’s possibly falling out of love or never loving you.

4. Getting you in bed is more important to him

Many men only see women as an object for living their desires. Healthy sex life is a part of romantic relationships, but that’s not ALL.

If he only cares about you under the sheets, he doesn’t really love you – rather he lusts for your body.

At some point, everyone will age and you’ll lose appetite for sex, so find someone worthy of tending both your heart and body.

5. He disappoints you with broken promises

If a man doesn’t care about the promises he made to you, it’s obvious he doesn’t love you.

He neither values you nor the promises. Moreover, if he won’t feel sorry about it doing so, that makes it more clear.

Also, he might overreact if you bring up any conversation about broken promises. In such a case, don’t expect too much from him.

Move on, he isn’t a worthy friend either.

6. He overreacts during disagreements

Love stands on faith and mutual respect – when either one in a romantic relationship disrespects the other, it’s going downhill.

During arguments, if he treats you disrespectfully instead of understanding the situation or blames everything on you, he possibly never loved you.

If your situation seems similar, take relationship advice from a trustworthy person, or just leave him altogether because you don’t deserve such treatment.

7. He never acknowledged you

At this age, everyone’s busy, so amidst this busy schedule making efforts for others is a big deal. Nobody does so for someone they don’t love.

If a man doesn’t recognize your efforts or never appreciates your hard work, you don’t interest him romantically.

No point sticking to a relationship where he keeps taking you for granted and you feel miserable. There’s a new love waiting for you somewhere else.

8. He changes the topic when you talk about you two and the future

If he avoids talking about you two, your relationship, or about your future, that’s pretty much it.

He doesn’t want you to harbor such feelings for the future and finds an escape from such conversations.

He’s clearly not paying attention to your dreams and that expresses your position in his life. Take this hint and leave his side, don’t look back as it’ll only hurt you.

9. His future is a mystery to you

Human beings are ambitious creatures and men consider future planning an important part.

But, when a man says he loves you but never talks about his future, chances are he doesn’t consider you as an important part of his life.

He has no future plans with you.

Take my advice, and don’t be stuck in this rut of one-sided love. You’ll only hurt yourself with it.

10. He’s keeping your relationship on the low

Men try to show off their partner to their friends and family but the ones who don’t are certainly fishy.

If he’s not putting you and his loved ones in the same room, are you even one of them? Absolutely NO.

Well, the answer you’re looking for is, he’s trying to hide the relationship because he isn’t sure.

If he ever feels like dumping you, he’ll do it in a second and nobody will know of your existence ever

11. He can’t afford to be seen with you

If a man loves you, there’s no chance he’ll miss accompanying you. Even if it’s a trip to the supermarket, he’ll lend you a hand when he’s sincere.

However, a man’s reluctance at accompanying you in these matters expresses he doesn’t want others to see you together.

He doesn’t want others knowing your relationship or he doesn’t want to make things public – Both of these resemble his lack of love.

12. You’re nowhere on his priority list

Men have their priorities set straight and when in love, their partner becomes one of their priorities.

However, if a man never puts his partner’s needs on his list, it’s the beginning of a toxic relationship. If you continue such relationships, he’ll dominate you with his needs and forget about yours.

You won’t find happiness in this loveless relationship, so it’s better to the part when you still have time.

13. He turns a deaf ear towards you

True love believes in listening to each other’s happiness, sorrows, and even anger. No matter what, a good man always lends his ear, even if he’s miles away.

Perhaps this man doesn’t have any ears left for you, and you’re always left to tend to yourself alone – then this is one of the warning signs of a dooming relationship.

If he loves you enough, he’ll always listen to you.

14. He says things like, “You JUST caught a cold”

Only people who actually love you will worry about your health conditions. And if he’s carefree about your bad health or dismisses your health condition easily, he’s NOT the one for you.

People become most vulnerable during sickness, and his nonchalant behavior about your health expresses your worth to him.

No way a man can stay calm when his loved one is bedridden, bet he won’t behave the same for the family.

15. Confiding his secrets in you is not his cup of tea

If a man isn’t comfortable sharing his secrets with you, how will he lead a life with you? Or perhaps, it never crossed his mind at all?

This attitude is pretty common in men who have commitment issues.

But that’s not it. He instead tries to know everything about you while he keeps everything about himself hidden. Maybe he is wanting to use a sensitive issue against you.  

16. You suspect there’s someone else in his life

Human instincts are usually on point, but more so for women. If you feel there’s someone other than you, speak to him.

Know what he really wants, it may hurt you but suck it girl, and find your way out of this toxic relationship.

Even if you catch him cheating, get evidence, expose him, and leave like a boss. Such men don’t deserve you, so get over it soon and enjoy this beautiful life.

17. Your feelings don’t matter to him

People might lose their cool and hurt their love unintentionally, but if you notice a pattern in his hurtful words… time for a change.

Romantic relationships are sensitive, and when he doesn’t put in enough effort for your well-being… How will he ever put any effort into a lifelong relationship?

He possibly doesn’t consider staying with you for long, so break up sooner rather than regretting later.

18. Making up after fights is your responsibility

When you two fight, who gives up first? Is it him, you, or a combination?

If you notice yourself apologizing on a streak after every argument, then most probably he doesn’t care if you both makeup at all

How spoiled can a man be that he can’t give up his pride for once and apologize first? A loving man will instead fear losing you over these arguments and try to make amends ASAP.

19. Your emergencies don’t agitate him

When you have an emergency, you might call him first… does he try to get back to you ASAP, or does he react calmly and brushes off the situation?

Actions in love speak louder than the words “I love you”. 

If he’s not trying to stay beside you during crisis times, he doesn’t care much. He’s a total waste of time and emotions.

20. His phone is always busy

Communication is another relationship pillar, and without it, any relationship crumbles. “He’s probably busy working!”, that’s how you’re consoling yourself, but for how long?

He can send a text about talking later or ring you back after he’s done with work. His behavior implies that talking to you is the last thing on his mind.

Show up at his workplace with lunch and give him a call, leave him if he’s lying.

21. Birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, nothing about you excites him

Life is full of tests and struggles, and humans celebrate their victory in each phase. Does he appreciate and celebrate your victories with you or does he make excuses to bail out?

If it’s the latter, you know he’s fine missing the important times of your life. It’s only you who wants to share the happiness with him… but not the other way round.

22. He’s a no-show when it’s about your loved ones

If you ever tried to introduce him to your friends and family, how did he react? Did he stall it for later, ignore your request, or leave you unattended after promising to meet somewhere?

All of these are traits of a toxic relationship, he doesn’t want to show his face to your loved ones… he wants to portray that he doesn’t exist.

Someday, he might disappear from your world and deny even being with you.

23. You’re catching up to his lies

If a man loves you, he won’t lie to you unnecessarily. Of course, his lies to hide a surprise for you are different, but lies to cover where he’s been, who accompanies him, or what he was doing is suspicious.

Why must he hide certain details about his whereabouts… unless he’s guilty about something?

Talk to him, don’t waste time if he denies it. Otherwise, take time to think through.

24. He never flinches even when you’re hurt

If he repeatedly hurts you and doesn’t care about you, it’s fishy. When men fall in love, they avoid hurting their partner’s feelings.

Continuing to compromise with his attitude towards you will only feed to his sadistic ego.

He’ll think you’ve nowhere to go besides him which may give him the freedom to torture you (mentally or worse, physically)

Don’t love a man who doesn’t care for your feelings. You’re too precious to give away your happiness like this.

25. You initiate hugs every time

Hugs are essential to all kinds of personal relationships – you can hug when you’re excited, depressed, to make up, or just for warmth and comfort.

If he never initiates hugs, then he doesn’t feel any joy from it – his feelings are different from yours. Perhaps you two are growing apart and this is a sign he’s falling out of love.

Tell him your concerns and leave if he doesn’t respond.

26. He doesn’t partake in solving your problems

When you reach out to him about any matter, how does he react? Does he try to find some solution or leave you alone with your troubles?

People in love want to be a part of their lover’s life no matter what it is. But if he’s not paying much heed to your issue, that’s a sign that you need to walk out.

In his mind, he’s already out of this relationship and probably doesn’t love you anymore. You deserve more than such apathy.

27. He forces you to dress up his way

If a man insults your dressing sense, because you’re either covering too little or showing too much skin, he doesn’t love you.

He behaves as he owns you. If this relationship continues, he’ll command you like you’re his property.

If he’s ashamed to introduce the real you to the world, why are you tolerating such a self-centered person? Don’t take his toxicity lightly, else you won’t find a way out of this mess.

28. He compares you with others’ partners

Cherishing our partners, making them feel precious and unique – this is how we behave when we’re in love with our partners. 

But if a man tries to prove you’re inferior to others, is he even in his right mind? He’s in a relationship with you but obsessing over someone else’s characteristics – does that even make sense?

He might not cheat today but there’s no guarantee he won’t in the future. Leave behind this miserable person.

29. He belittles your accomplishments

No matter how small, every achievement is equally respectful.

If you’re with someone who doesn’t respect your small accomplishments or sours your mood when you feel proud of yourself, he’s provoking you.

He indirectly wants you to leave and gets on your nerves so that he can find his easy way out without feeling guilty.

He’s too twisted, so don’t bother looking back while leaving.

30. He doesn’t check up on your safety

After a late-night, men usually drop women to assure their safety.

When a man repeatedly ignores your safety after late night dates, lets you ride a cab to your home alone, or doesn’t ask you to let him know when you get home safe… RED FLAG!

He’s only around for a good time and leaves as soon as he’s done. Stop wasting time on such worthless trash.

31. He checks out others in your presence

Some men can’t ignore a passing beauty, and even if that’s disrespectful few women compromise staying with them for a lifetime.

When a man shamelessly admires another in front of you, he’s no good.

He doesn’t feel guilty ogling at others today, tomorrow he’ll seduce another woman because he can’t control it, and the day after you’ll just feel pathetic.

He’s ignoring gold for bronze, you’re too good for such a weirdo.

32. He’s always a green-eyed monster

If he doesn’t let you socialize at all, keeps a tab about all of your friends, keeps a tab on you, don’t misinterpret it as love.

Rather than love, it’s his psychotic jealousy acting out. Don’t entertain such behavior, else he’ll restrain your life in the worst ways possible

If he shows extreme signs of insecurity even when you repeatedly reassure him, it might be a mental ailment, not love.

33. He has a cheating history

If a man despite being in a romantic relationship has cheated repeatedly in the past even after you caught him once – he’s not only shameless, he has no knowledge of right or wrong.

Now, if he shows signs of regretting the past, that’s a different story. But when he shows there’s no symbol of regret or he doesn’t try to correct himself, his heart no longer belongs to you.

34. He never spent a single penny for you

Perhaps his finances are shaky and he can’t afford anything expensive or fancy, that’s fine because love doesn’t depend on money. But if he doesn’t want to get you anything at all, that’s a bad sign.

A person in love always wants to buy gifts for their loved one, even if it’s just a rose.  

But when someone doesn’t intend to spend it at all, it expresses their emotional detachment and lack of love.

35. He accuses you of cheating

Many people find a man doubting a woman’s loyalty or showing signs of insecurity, cute. But is it really cute, when he doubts you frequently?

At some point, you’ll run out of breath proving and conveying your innocence. You’ll fear communicating with others because he doubts everyone around you.

Love depends on trust, faith, loyalty, communication, and if he’s having a hard time investing in either – then it’s time to move on.

36. He’s forgetful about your choices

If you’re allergic to any food item and you avoided it a couple of times when he’s around, yet he can’t remember…!?

How? He’s probably absentminded and hardly pays much attention to you. Even if you just started dating, forgetting what your partner is allergic to is quite extreme.

He’s your partner and not knowing it speaks volumes. Don’t date such a guy, he’s too immature and isn’t emotionally invested.

37. He brings up old tales during fights

Romantic relationships aren’t always flowers and chocolates. There are fights, misunderstandings, and sorrows too.

You’re human and might’ve made a couple of mistakes in your life. Reflecting on past mistakes is a good way to develop yourself.

If he brings up your past mistakes during irrelevant arguments to make you feel guilty, know that he isn’t the one.

He’ll attack you until you shatter, so step back before something like that happens.

38. He finds faults in whatever you do

Nobody is perfect, nor can everyone know everything. In a loving relationship, one completes the other and together they overcome all hurdles.

If your man instead of teaching you the right way, insult you for not knowing something – he’s plain toxic.

He probably thinks too highly of himself and feels he deserves better. Leave him to find a better partner, don’t entertain this toxic jerk anymore.

39. He trash talks behind your back

Do you know his friend circle? Ask them what he talks about you. If any of them are kind-hearted, they’ll let you in – if they try to cover for him, you’ll detect some contradicting information about you.

Once you get hints about him talking bad about you to others, don’t wait for his insults. You caught a rotten fish, dump that because there’s plenty more in the sea.

40. He won’t ever give in to pamper you

Whether you want him to rub your shoulders, or accompany you for your favorite rom-com, he either denies it heads-on or finds some excuses to dodge it.

This is because he finds you boring. As harsh it may sound, it is true.

If you find him boring now, he definitely doesn’t want a life with you. Let’s rephrase that, he isn’t in love with you anymore and you’re most certainly wasting your time here.  

41. He finds you unattractive

Human beings come in all sizes, and some can’t change their figure even after leading a healthy lifestyle. It’s quite hard to find confidence despite the regular judgmental eyes.

People expect their partner to understand their helpless condition and support them through it.

If your man is body-shaming you despite your struggles and making fun of you, he can’t love you. Leave him and make yourself a priority. Learn to love yourself.

42. He asks you to undergo cosmetic surgery

Everyone is pretty in their own skin and natural beauty is the most attractive.

However, if a man asks you to go under a knife to suit his style, you don’t need him. These are personal choices and only if you want to undergo certain changes, go ahead.

If you’re doing it to please him, even turning into a plastic doll won’t suffice. Take my advice, girl, just turn your back and RUN!

43. He’s always on his phone

When you two are together, does he pay complete attention to you or does he fidget on his phone? If you asked what was so interesting on his phone, did he ever show you?

Perhaps he’s not texting anybody else but gaming on his phone? Either way, whenever he’s with you, it’s only for show.

If he can’t give his undivided attention to you, he’s not in love with you.

44. His phone is off-limits for you

If you can’t answer his phone when he’s not around, or aren’t allowed to take selfies on his phone, something’s definitely brewing.

Either he is texting someone behind your back and is hiding it from you, or he just doesn’t want any evidence of you in his phone.

Talk to him about the issue and seek some answers – even though it’s quite clear.

45. He demands access to your social accounts

If insecurity crawls through his veins, he won’t allow you even a little bit of privacy. Snooping through your social accounts, blocking other men, checking your texts, there’s no end to his privacy violation.

You may want to compromise right now but his stalker-like attitude might soon get on your nerves.

Consult doctors if you feel it’s mendable, but his little love game might endanger your life someday.

If many signs matched from this list, you might ask…

He doesn’t love me – what should I do?

If he doesn’t love you, leave him. If you were in a relationship, seek closure; if not, forget him. Seek friends or therapy to deal with this phase.

After reading through the signs, if you feel he doesn’t love you… I’ll say it’s sad but fortunate. Though his feelings have changed, he isn’t honest about it.

He led you on even though he fell out of love, how mean!

After finding out you no longer hold his heart, talk to him for one last time and give up for good. Also, even if it hurts, don’t react in front of him… either way, he doesn’t care and you’ll feel worse.

Seek your closure, call your best friends, and share your sorrows with them. CRY! But don’t forget to stand up once again. Seek medical help if it feels unbearable.

Take time for yourself, give yourself everything you’ve always wanted – because, in the end, you’re your own hero.

Honestly, you don’t need a man to be happy. But if you find someone worthy, don’t fear to take a lap of faith.

But then what if you found that he instead loves you…

He loves me – what should I do?

If you think he’s showing signs of loving you, talk to common friends to ensure it, or talk to him directly. If he denies, play cool and let go.

If you found many signs of him loving you, it’s time to get to work!

You might talk to him directly to know his opinion about the situation. If he feels the same, give it a shot, else give it some more time. If you can’t talk to him about it in person, text him.

Even if you misunderstood his intentions, it’s good to steer clear of all sorts of confusion and if you were picking on wrong hints, move past it.

If talking to him is not an option, talk to your common friends, they might know some secrets about his feelings.

Your first priority must be to check if you both are on the same page. If you get a positive reaction, go on girl, a beautiful fairy-tale awaits you.  

A little tip: If he denies such feelings, tell him you’re joking and make fun out of it. You definitely don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of you for picking on the wrong cues.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

It’s hard to find love but harder to understand your lover’s mind.

Romantic relationships are sensitive, so think carefully before you act. Sometimes, a few actions can hint at something entirely opposite to what they intended to show.

When you’re angry everything about him may seem shady. And when you’re infatuated, everything might make you think you bewitched him.

Identifying the signs wrongly might result in embarrassing situations or lame misunderstandings.

So, asking him directly is always the best way to solve these dilemmas.

On top of that, these signs are quite general, so if your man is rather unique – some signs might not imply that he doesn’t really love you but just expresses it differently.