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How to Get Revenge on Your Ex? 40 Subtle Ways

How to Get Revenge on Your Ex? 40 Subtle Ways

Updated on Nov 03, 2023

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

How to Get Revenge on Your Ex - 40 Subtle Ways

So, your ex hurt you deeply and you want to know how to get revenge on your ex… you’re so angry that you can’t let bygones be bygones?

Well, you reached the right place online… because this think-piece will show you exactly how to make that ba$t*%d regret their actions!

Whether you’re softhearted or believe in impulsive and cruel revenge, we’ve all the ways you can make them feel the same hurt.

How to get revenge on your ex? – 40 Ways

You might be wanting to make your ex’s life a living hell, or you might believe that self-improvisation is the best revenge.

I know that people have all kinds of whims and impulses. So, whatever your definition of revenge is, don’t be shy and explore this list…

1. Accidentally post their embarrassing pictures online

While you were together, you probably shot your ex’s some funny and unflattering clicks during your relationship. It can be while they pick their nose, scratch their rear, or do anything that doesn’t go with their social image.

Either post one such picture online on your own social media profile or ask a friend to do it. This will put off their friends in the mutual circle.

However, never post their nudes or underdressed pictures. Don’t post embarrassing shots repeatedly as that gives away your “intentional, not-so-intentional” story. You might get into a legal situation in both cases.

2. Text the wrong chat

Did you ever send a text to your crush and say “oops! Wrong chat!” to grab their attention and leave? You can use the same strategy to get sweet revenge.

Send your ex a flirty text accidentally which was actually meant for your date. It can be something like “Hey, I loved hanging out with you last night… hope to meet you again”. And after a minute or two, send “oops, ignore, wrong chat!”

Let your ex think that you’re over them and move on. They’ll regret losing you and get jealous of the new person.

3. Warn their new partner

So, how to get revenge on your ex who dumped you for another person?

Create a fake profile on social networks and reach out to their current partner. Tell them that they cheated on you as they started dating them while you were around.

Make sure you don’t misbehave with the new partner as they might be innocent and unaware. Moreover, if you lose your cool, it’ll help them get closer and stronger.

You can also send an anonymous text like “I heard you’re dating XYZ. Just so you know and stay alert, they dated you while they were in a serious relationship with ABC. “

4. Hide something important while moving out

If you lived together, you have a great option to quench your desires for revenge on your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend.

While you pack up your things, find out one of their important belongings and hide it in an unimaginable position.

It might be a video game or the controller, luxury makeup items, a piece of a puzzle they’re working on, or even their AC remote. If it’s an important item, they’ll definitely lose their mind over it.

Don’t take the item away as that’s cheating. Make sure you hide the object somewhere safe and that he’ll eventually come across it.

Don’t let the object get damaged from moisture, heat, or anything similar, and don’t put it somewhere nobody will check like the AC vent.

5. Brag about your happy life (without them!)

After a bad break up you want to sob in your pillow day in and out… but it will help if you seek your friends and family for emotional support. So, take this chance to hang out or enjoy a vacation with them. Try out all the thrilling or soothing activities you ever wanted.

Click flattering pictures of yourself enjoying life and then post it online. Let your ex know that their choices had zero impact on your life.

Show them that you’re happy to be out of the toxic relationship… this will crumble their confidence in themselves.

6. Let karma eff them up

If you don’t want to waste time seeking revenge on your ex, allow the universe to take the course of action.

You might feel it’s unfair to not do anything at all because they’ll get away with their actions. But everyone will eventually know about things.

Trust me on this one, people will know if they cheated on you or hurt you. If they begin a new relationship with your ill wishes, it’ll eventually bite them back because trust issues will arise. Their reputation will go down the drain when it’s time.

7. Share your gratitude journal online

Right after a breakup, you might not notice the positive aspects of your life easily. So, make a gratitude journal and note 5 good things that happen to you every day.

By the time you get in the habit of filling your gratitude journal, you’ll truly notice that life gave you much more than it took away. When you notice this fact, share it with your friends and family online.

For instance, post something like, “I’m ecstatic to show my skills to my workplace as the new General Manager and contribute for everyone’s benefit.”

8. Get flirty with others around your ex

Nobody wants to see or spend time around their ex after their breakup but if you’re in the same high school, college, or workplace, you’re bound to bump into each other.

So, whenever you see them, flirt with the people of your desired gender. Compliment others, lean in to whisper in their ear, or slightly stroke their hand to make your ex boil with jealousy.

Don’t jump into a new relationship right away… as that’s unfair to the new person. The person you’ll flirt with might have feelings for you, so inform them about your intentions too.

9. Invest in your personal growth

Though your ex chose to be the antagonist in your life, don’t clog your heart with dark thoughts. While being heart-broken, your desire for revenge is normal. But, don’t let it plague your senses 24/7.

Instead, do things that support your personal growth. Take the trip your ex refused to accompany you on, pick up hobbies you loved but your ex forbade you.

During your relationship, you tried to become a different person for your ex… but that no longer makes sense. So, connect with your true desires and do everything that makes you feel good and grow as a person.

10. Get a makeover

You’re a wonderful person and are pretty/handsome as you are. However, when we get too comfortable in our relationship, we don’t put much effort into our appearances… After all, we believe true love is all about the heart. So, your ex probably forgot how amazing you are.

From now on, whenever you step out of home, don your best outfit and groom yourself. Pamper your skin and glow from within. Post your gorgeous looks online and make your ex regret it.

However, never add tacky captions to your pictures like “If you don’t like me at my ___, you don’t deserve me at my ___” as they make you look like an attention seeker.

11. Don’t mention your ex

Since you hate your ex’s guts for dumping you, you want to spread all the bad words about them. Though that’s normal, don’t overdo it. If you mention them all the time, everyone will think you’re obsessed with them and that’s why they left you.

Instead, stop mentioning them all at once. Show everyone that you don’t care and through your mutual friends, word will reach your ex and they’ll hate that they don’t have much effect on you.

However, it’s not easy to keep mum, so confide in one trusted friend or your journal.

12. Broadcast everything online

You’re no crazy ex but if that’s what they want, fulfill their desires at least once. Post your relationship issues and how they hurt you throughout your relationship online.

Keep your post public so that anyone can look it up on social networks. Let everyone know their true colors. Moreover, if they’re dating someone new, they’ll doubt them and back off.

Even if their love interest isn’t connected to you, your posts will spread like wildfire and reach them. However, write everything but also keep things concise so everyone can easily get the gist.

13. Become an account hacker

If you were in a relationship long enough, you might have an idea of their password, so try to guess and hack their social media account. It’s even better if you guys shared account passwords.

To embarrass them publicly, send crude messages to others or share weird posts about sex from their profile. To do it subtly, join awkward groups and pages like feet fetish or necrophilia and even send enticing replies to the people that reach out for sex chat.

Their phone will be flooded with notifications and might even feel forced to deactivate their account.

14. Put his contact on shady dating sites

Wondering how to get revenge on your ex anonymously? I have the perfect revenge tactics right here.

Create their fake profile on a shady dating website where creeps ask for strange requests… yup it’s not on Tinder or Bumble! Put up your ex’s picture, add a bio full of strange fetish, and the cherry to your cake: add their contact number and email address.

If they really hurt you in major ways, add their workplace address to it. You may also add their home address, but if they live with their family or other flatmates, you might bother the innocent ones.

15. Bomb them frequently!

Visit their favorite places frequently with a not-so-pleasant face. No makeup, no grooming, unkempt hair, tear-stained face, and shabby clothes will help you gain others’ sympathy.

When you see your ex, bawl your eyes out and ask how they did everything to you… verbally mention their actions aloud to let everyone know. If your ex tries to retort, the public will save you.

They might even get banned from their favorite place… and if they’re with their new date, you’ll hit two targets with one arrow! Make a scene everywhere they hang out to ruin their life.

16. Try the spam subscription route

If you shared your devices, you have a good chance they logged into their account in your laptop/tab and forgot to sign out. Take this chance to subscribe to everything uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Subscribe to everything crass and illogical you can find online or be a bit more specific about their insecurity. For instance, if your ex-boyfriend didn’t last long in bed, let his emails fill with multiple ads for erectile dysfunction medicines.

And if it was your ex-girlfriend and she hated her large breasts or wanted bigger butt cheeks, subscribe to plastic surgery, breast reduction, or butt augmentation websites.

17. Wreck his car

Before you jump into this, remember this is illegal and you might get arrested if you’re not cautious. So, execute this plan when their car is parked in a dark place without surveillance. Wear an outfit so that nobody can recognize you even if you get recorded.

Scratch their car with a sharp object and write what you think they’re. It might be “cheater”, “pedophile”, “w#0r3”, or any other concise phrase so you don’t waste too much time on it.

Avoid hitting the car with anything as it’ll make a noise and alert everyone in the neighborhood. If your body frame is easy to recognize, like you’re exceptionally thin, thick, tall, or short, have someone else do your dirty work.

18. Leave him a heavenly smell when you pick your stuff

Tell them that you left a few things while you guys dated and want to retrieve those. While you do, leave raw fish under their mattress, AC vents, between the folds of their couch, and behind any heavy appliance.

Within a few days, their place will stink so bad that they’ll be forced to run out of their house.

The cleaning will cost them a fortune or their own life (if they do it themselves). Their mattress and couch might even get moldy and infested with mites and bacteria.

19. Date their close friend

If you’re a bit more daring and open, date one of their best friends. Show off your passion for their friend to make them jealous.

You can also keep a close eye on your ex’s actions… if they plan to ruin your life further. Meanwhile, express what happened to you during the relationship to make your date bitter for their friend.

Nothing will hurt worse than losing a dear friend. But, to turn up the jealousy, even more, join your date when your ex is around. Care for your date and act intimately in front of your ex.

20. Get into a serious and happy relationship and flaunt it

Your life can’t revolve around your ex forever. When you don’t crave them in your life anymore, don’t hope for a future with them, and learn to live happily by yourself, give another shot to dating.

This idea is a long-term method, but it’s so wholesome and worth it. Find someone trustworthy and lovable, live a fairytale life with them, and post pictures with romantic and meaningful captions which can also sting your ex.

For instance, if your ex body shamed you, use “For you, I learned to accept that all bodies are beautiful”. Attach a romantic picture of you guys together.

21. Ruin their reputation in their new neighborhood

Did your ex move into a new neighborhood where people don’t know much about them?

Make multiple posters or pamphlets with their picture, name, door number, and a list of their immoral actions. Make up random things like they’re an arsonist, pedophile, stalker, and other nasty things.

Next, leave a pamphlet on every door in their neighborhood or stick it on the walls or lamp posts. Depending on their neighbors’ reaction, they might need to move out soon.

But make sure you cover yourself up well to not get caught or identified under the surveillance camera.

22. Be a pro turd artist

This one is pretty dirty and disgusting so proceed with caution. Wrap your, a baby’s, or a pet’s poop in toilet paper and soak it in gasoline.

Put it in a box and drive up to their place. Put it at their doorstep, light it up, ring the doorbell, and make a dash to your car.

Remember a car or a motorbike is a necessity as if you get caught, you might face arson charges.

When your ex comes out and sees something burning, they’ll try to put it out with their shoes or a blanket. And then they’ll also clean the mess and who knows… lose a pair of good shoes or a blanket.

23. Tell their folks you’re pregnant

If you’re a woman and your ex-boyfriend is from a conservative family, this is the best prank ever! This will work even better if you have a clean and loyal track record in the relationship.

Ask a female pregnant friend for their early pregnancy reports, and manipulate the dates as you deem fit. Make two copies of the report and send one to him and his parents. Make it extra emotional with a congratulatory card about being a grandparent or a father.

His family will force him to dump his new girl and woo you. Play with him as long as your heart desires and when you’re bored, tell him you had another test and the results came negative.

24. Live their dreams with someone else

If you know your ex’s bucket list, target them. Invest your resources to check the top bucket list activities alone, with friends, or with a rebound partner.

Take fabulous pictures and post them online. Let them sizzle with jealousy while you have the time of your life with their bucket list.

Your poor ex will regret doing this to you and might even want you back. If they reply to your stories about the activities, reply in a cheerful note. But if they try to make amends, tell them you’re happy.

25. Snitch on them for shoplifting

If you guys shop around the same area, when you see your ex shopping, alert the security about their made-up shoplifting habits. Tell the security that you saw them behaving abusively before to someone else that reported them, so you don’t want to make an appearance.

Get your stuff and leave the shop ASAP. Let your ex answer some interrogations and enjoy a special cup of coffee with the security people.

He might even get banned from the shop… so make sure it’s the shop he often visits.

26. Show them you were close to an affair

If your ex cheated on you, you can use the same theme to hurt their feelings. You can’t cheat on them once they’re your ex, so brew up rumors that someone tried to woo you while you were together.

Or, pass the words through your mutual friends that you had a one-night stand and your ex’s techniques didn’t hold a candle to this casual partner.

Though this will make them think they did a good job cheating on you, it’ll also hurt their pride.

27. Shop on their forgotten card

If you guys lived together and their stuff is still around, rummage through to find their credit card. Make major transactions on their card and buy yourself everything you’ve ever wanted.  

Though it’s not easy to forget the fresh pain, this revenge will doom them for some time. Even if they move out from your place, they’ll have a long time to pay back the debt and become financially stable.

They might need to crash in internet cafés or adjust on a friend’s couch for nights.

28. Get closer to their family

If you had an amicable relationship with your ex’s family, take this opportunity to grow closer to them. They’ll believe that it’s their child’s loss and lack of insight that led to the breakup.

Even if your ex finds a new partner, their family will always favor you and make the new partner uncomfortable. They’ll get reprimanded for ditching you and even feel anxious that you’ll share something they don’t want their family to know.

However, if their family tries to patch you up again, refuse them. Remember that you deserve much better and this is just a game of revenge.

29. Post their gifts and memoirs back to them

If they already have a partner, this will burn them into ashes. Take out every single item you got as a gift in the relationship and detox your closet. Even if it’s a used piece of lingerie or diamond earrings, box them up and mail them.

This will help you remember your ex less and jeopardize their new relationship if they have one. Otherwise, if they share their place with someone, the contents will definitely embarrass them.

Moreover, it will leave them wondering how you got over them so fast and feel betrayed.

30. Play hot and cold with them

Just as you can’t forget your ex instantly, you’re still a fresh memory in their mind. Especially, if they didn’t get someone new yet, bet everything on confusing them.

One day, send them 30 text messages about how much you want them back, the next day block their number.

Leave their favorite food on their doorstep once, and don’t care about them even when they’re sick. Elevate their expectations only to drop them from the heights. Give them all the mixed signals possible and make them go crazy for your attention.

31. Make them fall in love with someone fake

Create a fake social media profile but invest lots of energy to make the account look genuine. Send a connection request to your ex through it and flirt with them exactly as they like.

If they insult you for any superficial flaws, make sure the fake persona is everything that they desire in a partner. Wait until they fall in love so much that they can’t wait to meet you in person.

Of course, let them soak in the pain of being stood up by the most desirable and compatible partner of their dreams. To add salt to their burn, insult them later (through the fake account) about how their face/aesthetics was a turn-off.

32. Donate and take help from the zoo webcam

Donate some money to name a cockroach in the zoo after your ex. In the US, they have this special service where they feed your named cockroach to another animal. This activity gained high popularity in the States.

Get your personal webcam video of that bug getting eaten alive by birds, primates, meerkats, or a lizard. This is satisfying and you can even share the video for fun.

If you want, send the video directly to your ex and watch them boil in anger about it.

33. Sign them up for weird cruise trips

You’ll find many of these like swingers’ cruise, sugar baby cruise, stripper’s cruise, and more such weird ones online. Just search them up and the list is endless.

Sign up on as many cruises as possible with your ex’s phone number in those and let them enjoy themselves.

The businesses won’t stop calling them until they avail their services. Their promotional calls might force your ex to change their contact. If you want to double the trouble, find out their new partner’s number and sign up with that too.

34. Cut off all the buttons on their clothes

If you two lived together and they’ll move out after the breakup, get a pair of scissors and partially cut off all the threads of the buttons on their shirts. Make sure you don’t cut them off completely.

They won’t notice initially whether anything is wrong with their clothes even if they wear them. It will come off only after they wear it outside and roam about. It will lead to an epic wardrobe malfunction.

If you want something more, add superglue to their dress/trouser glue. It’s pure evil… but I’m sure you won’t do this unless they deserve it.

35. Write a book about them

Since your partner sent you through hell and back and you want the world to know about it, take your time writing it all down. No, I’m not talking about journaling your feelings.

Instead, write everything from how they tortured and manipulated you into staying in the toxic relationship. Don’t directly mention their name in the book to avoid legal complications.

Mention how much of a jerk they were to you and definitely create a sassy title to the book. Send your ex a copy and let them burn to ashes out of anger.

36. Be a classy critic if they also publish a book

Some people just can’t admit defeat, so they try to grab on to all the straws before they drown for real. After your book publication, your ex might feel they MUST return you the favor.

In this situation, learn how to get revenge on your ex legally. Compile a classy review of the book and the situations your ex highlights referring to you.

They’ll try to paint you as the psycho, so give reason to every reaction mentioned in their published books. Don’t let it get under your skin and take your time with this one.

37. Or, you can create revenge music

If writing books isn’t your strong point, but you can compose songs, go on! Take your time creating the perfect song that describes their behavior in the relationship and your late realization.

Pour in all the pain about your relationship in songwriting. Add a splash of insults to get that rage out of your system. Upload it on YouTube, and share the link to family, friends, and especially mutual friends.

Wait until the song blows up and you can make a YouTube music career. Trust in yourself and you’ll definitely make this the best revenge.

38. Make the money they wanted

If your ex left you because you’re broke or you can’t afford to charter a cruise for their friends at their birthday party… earn that money and enjoy it all by yourself.

This is the best revenge if you were with a materialistic person. Study hard and do everything necessary to reach the heights of life.

When you’ll have enough money and materialistic possessions, they’ll try to return to your life. Refuse them right away or make them beg for your money for a while. Humiliate them publicly if a gold digger tries to get you back.

39. Send them something embarrassing at their work

This one needs a bit more investment than the other ones. Send something embarrassing like a sex toy or virility medicines in a not-so-suspicious container at their workplace,

For instance, buy a fleshlight or dildo, pack it in a lunchbox, and send it to them under the name of their parent or partner.

They might call up their folks to make sure about the package. But most of the time, people check surprises without thinking through them. They’ll open the box and embrace a neon-colored sex toy.

Send a note congratulating them about the breakup and a reason in big fonts so everyone can see… especially before their boss and coworkers

40. Sleep with their partner’s ex

If you know the person your partner cheated on you with, find out about their history. It’s time to join forces if they also cheated on someone or left someone ruthlessly for your partner… after all, birds of a feather flock together.

Remember, your foe’s foe is your close friend. So, reach out to that person and brew a revenge plan together. Start dating them and spread everything negative about them together.

Even if you just pretend to date one another, let others know that you both support one another to deal with similar kinds of pain.

While you’re fixated on taking revenge, we really hope you don’t commit any mistakes, so let’s check this here…

Why do you get revenge on your ex?

In relationships, misunderstandings are common… so in broken relationships, it’s even more pronounced. In the heat of the moment, you assume that your ex is the worst.

Since exes hardly communicate, you might do something wrong and even ruin innocent lives (including yours) based on assumptions. So, let’s get rid of this trouble here…

1. Consider their actions in the relationship

Think hard about whether your ex really did something wrong in the relationship or if it’s all just a reaction from your damaged ego.  

Until and unless your ex betrayed, cheated, lied to you, or hurt your close ones, they don’t deserve to be a target of revenge. But if they truly wronged you, your feelings are natural.

However, if it’s because you feel you’re much better than them and they must not have the audacity to break up with you, your revenge plan is wrong.

Know that anyone has the right to break up from a relationship… So a mere breakup doesn’t make them a bad person.

2. Think about your expectations from them

In relationships, partners will always have expectations regarding one another’s behavior but nobody is perfect… so your partner won’t mostly act like a puppet out of fairytales.

If your partner didn’t meet your expectations in the relationship, you naturally felt upset. However, were your expectations reasonable?

Say, do you feel they cheated on you because they had too many friends of the opposite gender? Did you want them to make friends only with the ones you wanted?

If your expectations restrict your partner’s life, revenge isn’t justifiable. However, if you have solid proof of something against their friend but your partner won’t listen, that shows it wasn’t just about your expectations.

3. Find out if they did something on purpose

Suppose, you found through other sources that your partner met their ex. But that’s all… even if they didn’t inform you about the meeting, you can’t assume it was a vicious plan to cheat on you… and not a friendly and random meeting.

Perhaps they didn’t mean to hurt you at all and it’s not what you imagine. Think again, did they explain things but you didn’t listen or trust them?

Perhaps they tried to apologize because you found out about it that way, but you weren’t ready to forgive them?

If you’re 100% sure they deliberately did something, only then move forward with your revenge plan.

4. Identify how revenge can help you

Suppose your ex is guilty and you’re ready to drag them to hell. But, think about how it’ll help you. Will you feel good after hurting them?

Do you want your revenge plan to bring them back into your life? If yes, what if they hurt you the same way? Or, if you don’t plan to bring them back into your life, will you leave them alone after an act of one-time revenge?

Despite how you feel, the hurt you feel right now can’t compare to the pain your revenge will cause them. So, you might get stuck in a cruel cycle of revenge and never find true happiness.

5. Look out for the consequences of your choices

Which way of revenge did you choose? Is it completely safe? Will your ex find out that you were behind it? If they do, is it a punishable crime by law?

If it might get you arrested, how will you execute this plan? Do you think this person is at all worth such risks? If revenge ruins your life, then what’s the point?

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you like the idea of ruthless revenge, remember that you can’t overdo it… or you’ll be convicted for bullying or harassment. I won’t discourage you from seeking revenge, but don’t make it the highlight of your life, and always prioritize your safety.

Revenge will only give you a few minutes’ satisfaction… but if you want eternal peace, consider seeking a therapist. They can help you deal with the aftereffects of a bad relationship much better.

Soothe your broken heart with an ice cream tub and a sleepover with your buddies. Try to move on with your life, don’t give a fudge, and let them regret… that’s always the best revenge!