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40+ Signs He Knows He Hurt You and Feels Guilty About it

40+ Signs He Knows He Hurt You and Feels Guilty About it

Updated on Nov 03, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

40+ Signs He Knows He Hurt You and Feels Guilty About it

Wondering what could be the signs he knows he hurt you

We strive for the feeling of being loved or admired, but having a perfect relationship can be difficult. Most of the time what happens is we make mistakes and later only regret them. 

It’s ok sometimes but problems begin when we do not realize that our actions have hurt someone. 

However, some of us are courageous enough to come forward and ask for forgiveness, but not everyone has the audacity to do so and things become confusing for the people related to them. 

They don’t actually like to openly express their feelings. Instead, they inhibit their guilt and regret through some action.  

Even if a guy knows he hurt you, he may not be honest about it right away because he needs time to process his emotions.

It’s difficult to tell whether he is truly regretting and realizing his mistake. In this article, I will show you how to quickly identify whether or not your partner has realized his mistakes. 

40+ Signs He Knows He Hurt You and Feels Guilty About it
40+ Signs He Knows He Hurt You and Feels Guilty About it

Signs He Knows He Hurt You

If he hurts you and he feels bad about it, he may feel like he owes you. In that case, you’ll probably notice him going out of his way to make you happy more often until the pain has diminished.

He might walk on eggshells, or try to keep you pleased in other ways. He won’t want to bring up what he did because he hopes you will forget about it.

On the other hand, if he’s done something bad and now he feels uncomfortable around you because of his guilt trip, he may lash out in other ways. 

He might have said something mean or hurtful, but it doesn’t mean you don’t care about him. 

He’s been not showing his best side lately, he picks more fights just to make you hate him a little bit so they can convince themselves that they’re a “bad” partner too.

Let’s take a look at the subtle signs the guy feels guilty for hurting you, whether you know it or not. 

1. He is looking for different ways to talk to you

Your partner is not a big talker. He is normally a quiet person, but now he is constantly trying to talk to you by telling you things that don’t make sense or are just plain facts. 

He’s wandering around you, waiting for you to ask him a question so he can talk to you. 

His immediate response to your calls and messages indicates that he wishes to speak with you and feel remorse and regret for what he has done. 

He’s also thinking about how to broaden the conversation by asking you a lot of questions and showing a lot of interest in your answers.

2. He is unexpectedly buying you gifts

Who doesn’t like gifts? Of course, we all enjoy receiving them. Most of us look forward to the special gift brought by our partner because gifts from special people are also treasured by us. 

We keep them safe as a symbol of love and the best memories of the time we spent together. Some men do it out of a sense of commitment to their partners, but yours is not one of them. 

He is not the type of person who remembers special occasions. He even forgot to give you a gift last time, but now he is keen about knowing your likes and dislikes. 

It could be because he wants to give you the perfect gift to make up for hurting you and he has been feeling guilty for hurting you. 

Therefore, he is planning something to surprise you and showers you with gifts in order to make you happy and forget about previous recent ugly scenarios. 

If he starts giving you gifts without explanation, it could be a sign that he wants to make amends for what he did earlier. 

3. He is being extra careful with his words during a conversation

Normally he talks about whatever he is thinking. He is a pretty chill dude, but now you are noticing that he is showing extra respect to you by not using any word which you do not like. 

Or he is only talking about things which you are interested in. 

Watch out for this sudden behavior change because he may want to play safe by not hurting you again and does not want to say anything that will make you hurt again.

4. He is ignoring the breakup topic while talking

Every relationship has disagreements and fights. But things are going really bad between you and your partner and you are thinking about quitting this relationship. 

Whenever you are trying to talk to him about ending the relationship, you notice that he has been ignoring the topic or just trying to distract you from it. 

That is a sign he does not want to lose you and wants you to be with him forever. That is why he is constantly trying to divert your communication.

5. He is avoiding any possible chances of having an argument with you

He is speaking to you in the most calm manner possible. He is even ignoring things he normally dislikes and had previously made a big deal about. 

He is now showing you the utmost patience and compassion. He is undoubtedly attempting to eliminate any possibility of arguing with you about his past wrongdoings. 

Maybe he doesn’t want to get to the point where everything goes wrong.

6. He is showing an extra interest in the activities you like the most

Most guys like to play video games and outdoor games to the extent where girls feel frustrated and ignored. Your man enjoys it as well. 

On the contrary, you enjoy long drives and walks, whereas he is uninterested. 

Every person has his or her own nature, and he or she acts accordingly. But he’s been acting strangely since the fight. He’s taking you on drives and out to eat, and he’s spending more time with you. 

Just to give you the impression that he cares about you. And he enjoys everything you enjoy. It is a clear sign that he is making up for mistakes and wants to make your heart happy again.

Signs He Feels Guilty for Hurting You

If he is feeling bad for hurting you, he might start doing things like sending you texts or calling you on your birthday. 

If you find yourself passing by the coffee shop you used to frequent as a couple and see him sitting there alone, it might be a sign that the man regrets breaking up with you.

One of the most identifiable symptoms of someone who is experiencing guilt is to change their behavior and start checking in, bringing up the past, or apologizing profusely. 

Is someone doing any of those things around you? It can be hard to figure out how a guy is feeling when they only stay silent. 

Whilst people may try to hide their emotions outwardly, it is very difficult to disguise the feelings of guilt internally. Therefore, these signs help to identify whether he knows he hurt you or not.

7. He keeps checking on you like what you do

He’ll probably be concerned about your welfare and contact you regularly. He won’t want to let the break-up get us down, so he’ll try his best to look after you.

In the beginning, he doesn’t ask you anything but maybe asks your mutual friends for more info.

It would seem like he cared too much but then broke up with you. That’s why these things confuse you.

He regretted the pain he caused you and may also regret his actions. He wanted to make sure that the matter was being dealt with appropriately.

The term regretful is defined as one who feels sorry for something they have done or failed to do. Regret is an emotion that we have all experienced at some point in our lives. 

The definition of regret also implies feelings of sorrow, anger, and disappointment.

It sounds like he knows he messed up and is trying to keep his contact with you consistent even when it’s hard.

He might be using excuses to do this because he doesn’t want to admit that he was wrong.

8. He is calmer and quieter than before 

It is natural that there is less contact between the two parties after a breakup, but you will find he’ll start talking to other people again.

Men are excellent at hiding their emotions and are usually pretty good at pretending to be happy in public. 

But if you look closely, you will see that the smile on his face isn’t genuine and the laughter he is sharing with others isn’t real.

He may be remorseful and regretful, which finds it difficult to enjoy himself. There are hints that he feels bad about what you have lost.

9. He continues showing up wherever you go

If he hears about some little party or friend hanging out, you can guarantee that he’ll be there. He often takes a more active interest in your friends and will try to put himself in your plans whenever possible.

It’s not uncommon to have more people to spend quality time with after a breakup, but if he shows up at places that he didn’t before then it could mean that there might still be feelings there.

He may show up at your workplace, cafeteria, or supermarket occasionally. Maybe he’ll follow you home, too.

It may seem like an odd coincidence, but he seems to know where you’ll be at certain times and where you’re going. 

Is it adorable or a bit of a stalker ex thing? For some people, it might be the cutest thing ever, while others would find this more creepy than anything else.

10. He is too happy these days without any obvious reason

He’s going to give everyone a huge showing of how much he loves his single life. He’ll post about the rewards of his new single life on social media and share posts. 

He will be friendly and pretend nothing went wrong.

He’s such a fake. All his friends know that he’s always been this negative person. He won’t stop talking about how unfulfilled he is and how unhappy he is.

This happiness is going to be so intense that seeing through and understanding how fake it is will be easier for you. 

He has only talked about it a few times, and when anyone asks him about the breakup, he gives excuses & changes the subject. He doesn’t seem to show any remorse or regret at all.

It’s good that he realizes what he did & regrets it, but it’s not enough. Not talking about it is proving how much you don’t mean to him. 

You know when you’re no longer with someone and they avoid talking about the breakup, it can cause him/her an immense amount of pain

11. He is going to change himself for you

He might not be upfront about this, but his romantic grand gestures will make it pretty clear that he is still into you.

You might have told him to stop smoking or you might have encouraged him not to wear those shoes.

If you were in a relationship with him, you would probably tell him that for the sake of your relationship. 

You argued over this and their behavior remained the same. But later on, after realizing the importance he may start to change himself to be with you. 

However,  things that go wrong in a relationship can’t always be corrected. This is evidence that he may feel guilty for hurting you and wants to reconcile with you. 

12. He apologizes for what he did

“I should have guessed you were upset. I’m sorry for letting you down and hurting you. My intentions were never to break your heart, but sometimes I’m too scared to open up.”

Men are often sorry for the mistakes they have made & will earnestly apologize.

You’ll be able to tell that he means it because he will be emotional, and may even shed a tear.

After a breakup, he’ll talk about his feelings and ask for your forgiveness. Whatever you decide to do next will be up to you.

He may have felt like the breakup was a mistake, giving him another chance with you.

It must be hard to say goodbye to someone close as you walk away.

He probably could tell you that he knows his life is empty without you. Still, are you moving on? You can do what you want to continue with it.

13. He is trying to get your attention

Your ex-boyfriend could be feeling a lot of guilt right now. He wants to see you but knows it’s not a good idea and he ends up calling or texting you a lot.

He probably thinks that it will help ease the pain of talking to you, and this, in fact, makes him feel good. You will find that on his computer he’s quite busy, talking long with you.

He can’t stop thinking about you and the pain that he feels. Even after breaking up with him, he’s still quick to respond to your texts. 

For little stuff, he is calling and texting you and asking for your advice. Whether it’s ordering food for dinner or how to spend the day vegging out – these decisions are better left in your hands.

14. He is trying to make you laugh

Even though the two of you are no longer romantically linked, it does not mean that he stopped caring about your well-being.

He knows that you’re really hurting because of the breakup and all he wants is to get your old joy back. His goal in life is to make you happy again.

He’s going to make sure you can smile again, by cracking jokes, making you laugh, and even by trying to make your favorite snack. 

To cheer you up and help you re-focus on being joyful, he will go all out. You may think your ex left you for good, but there are signs that they are feeling regret for hurting.

One day, you’ll find yourself happy again because of the new person in your life.

15. He surprises you with your favorite things

When a guy does something to hurt you, then suddenly starts buying you gifts, that is a sign he’s feeling guilty. 

Yes, he may just be a nice guy, but if this is out of the ordinary and you’ve been getting a weird vibe, don’t overlook it. If he isn’t the type of guy who buys you gifts generally, then this is an obvious one.

Do not jump to conclusions by thinking that a man has done something wrong just because he has bought you a gift. Other signs are needed to confirm his guilt.

If your significant other has never been romantic with you and they start showing up that way, it’s a good time to start wondering why.

If they suddenly start showing up that way, there could be a number of reasons why.

16. He thinks he deserves to be scolded by you 

You might feel like he starts fights on purpose because of what he did to you but that’s just your own interpretation of the situation. 

Here’s the thing, nobody wants trouble. Most guys and girls would always prefer to avoid fighting.

If he is acting in unreasonable ways and has a habit of fighting over the most trivial topics, then this could be a sign that he might be guilty. Punishment is a place where control and guilt go hand in hand. 

Sometimes, someone will try to punish themselves so that their inner guilt doesn’t bother them as much. 

If they’re getting away with what they’re doing, then their conscience will punish them because it can’t stand the thought of doing the wrong thing without being punished for it.

Signs He Knows He Messed Up

Does he ever regret his decision?

It seems so trivial to change your ‘babe’ to your ‘ex’ now that you’ve been through that heartache. You start questioning how he could be so spiteful & cold-hearted.

When a relationship ends, it may not be realistic to expect the other person to want you back. Getting on with your life is the best course.

He’s going to be processing those feelings and realize that he did wrong to you. And he will want to come back.

But what signs does he give you to indicate that he regrets hurting you? I’ve listed them for you.

17. He makes genuine promises

The empty promise is an issue women have faced for a long time now. He may tell you that he loves you and will never leave when he’s really trying to convince himself of something. 

Words that come from someone who has betrayed your trust are easy to say and make up for with reassuring words and promises. So just like him, you shouldn’t hold on to his words.

He’s promising things he doesn’t intend to keep as a ploy to make you feel better. He may even take you on a vacation or other forms of trips, but it’s only temporary and doesn’t alleviate the internal guilt he feels.

18. He tells he doesn’t deserve you

Ahhh yes, the classic line! 

And one of the biggest signs he feels really guilty for hurting you. “I don’t deserve you” never gets old. 

So why do cheaters or people who hurt you say something like this? Because guys feel that they don’t deserve things in life.

He knows what he’s doing is wrong.

So instead of telling the truth, he says manipulative things like this to make you think he likes and respects you. When in reality he’s hurting you behind your back.

Hear me out, the only reason why you would be in this situation is that he either has already hurt you before making a lot of effort to fix it, or it’s too late and he realized his mistakes.

19. He is super honest now

One way to avoid the topic that is being avoided is by talking about something else for a time. However, this tactic won’t work forever, and the person may become frustrated or annoyed. 

Another thing you could do is be dishonest and indirect; while he feels guilty for lying about one thing, he will be honest about everything else.

He will be very detailed about his day and lavish praise for your honesty and open communication in the love life. 

He must think that being honest about everything else but your betrayal justifies what he did. It is also a way of convincing you that he is a good boyfriend and would never ever hurt you!

20. He might avoid you to make contact

As they say, the eyes are the windows to the soul. If he cannot look you in the eyes, it is likely that there is a reason for this. 

If your partner is unable to look you in the eye, has a hard time getting close to you, or spends more time with you than before, he may be hiding something from you.

If your boyfriend is turning up the cold shoulder, there’s a chance he’s not being upfront about his feelings. Why else would he keep his eyes averted from yours? He may be hiding something.

21. He thinks he is a victim

He is playing the victim and is fully aware of what he’s doing. Remember what we said about the signs of manipulation? 

It can be so difficult to be in an innocent position when you know that you are being manipulated.

He’ll do anything he can to make you feel bad about yourself or like it’s all your fault. 

You might want to take this with a grain of salt, but one of the first signs is that they often do not want to discuss their suspicions or suspicions with you.

We’ve all had that friend who always finds something to criticize about what we do. Maybe they give you advice that you don’t need or talk about how everything you do is wrong. 

Or maybe they try to make you feel like it’s all your fault for everything. The next time someone does this, just remember it’s just because they don’t want to deal with their own problems, and take responsibility!

22. He kept asking you for no reason

It’s normal to ask someone if they’re okay, but if you sense that something is off, it might just be that your ex-significant other has betrayed you.

Nobody wants to be in a relationship that is going downhill. It can be hard to tell when it’s time to end things, but there are some telltale signs that your ex-significant other has betrayed you.

They might be trying to test if you know what they did. Or, they might just want to ask you this question out of curiosity. It doesn’t matter whether you’re sincere when you say this, it’s another sign of guilt and remorse.

23. He is guilty of his actions

It’s one of the worst feelings in the world to hurt someone you love, so it makes sense that men who do know how to feel terrible about what they did.

The emotion they are feeling is a wild mix of regret, panic and horror.

They often look back and wonder how they could have prevented it, wishing they had stopped it from happening at all.

Regret is a feeling that strongly clings to you from the inside.

They end up hating themselves and tense, knowing that there’s a chance their partner can never forgive them, regardless of how they feel. This is an inevitable strain on their relationship

A lot of women have this fear that if they sleep with a guy, he may not call again. Men feel that dating is far too sensitive to share on social media in hopes of picking up someone else.

24. He is sharing sad posts on his social media accounts

All of the sudden, he seems to be interested in poetry – what’s going on?

He will continue to give you inspirational quotes to show he’s doing well. They’ll be uplifting and encourage you.

The reality is, he’s not uplifted at all. The guilt of leaving you has taken over his conscience. He’s just finding refuge in these quotes to feel good again.

His pictures at the bars are just to show the world he is having a great time, but he can’t lie to himself.

It’s the most natural thing in the world. You go to a bar to have a drink, but you also want to take some pictures of yourself at the bar. 

This is natural for those who are going out for their 20th time, but what about those who have never been there before?

25. He speaks well about you to other people 

You are feeling that your friend is no longer a close confidant and is instead sharing personal information about you with others. You have noticed this trend and are now wondering why they have changed.

Did he now realize that he was the one at fault for this breakup and take full responsibility in order to fix it?

If you’re looking for a good indicator that he knows he hurt your feelings, look for when he speaks highly about you to others.

A person who says negative things about you without feeling guilty may not care about you anymore. They’re probably investing their guilt into tearing you down. 

One way to stop this is by telling them how well you’ve treated them– that might help lighten their conscience a bit.

26. His friends reaching out to you in his favor

I think this is one of the biggest signs that the guy regrets hurting you and it’s especially shameless because they’re bringing their friends in to do their dirty work. 

If he’s scared of rejection, he might use your friends as an attempt to please you with his friendship. Either way, you’ll hear that he misses you and feels bad about what happened. 

However, it varies on how those sentiments are relayed to you. Regret is a part of the breakup process

But it’s not like you can change what happened in the past, so it’s important to learn how to live with regret and move on from what has already come to pass.

Signs He Regrets Hurting You

It’s never a good thing when someone hurts another person, be it physically, emotionally, or mentally – and it’s especially not okay when the other person is the person they love.

People often get questions to describe their feelings at a time they feel angry or frustrated. But what do they actually think when they get into that situation?

Contrary to what you may think, how a man feels when he hurts his partner is not always the same. 

Sometimes, it’s because they acted out of character. Other times, he just acts as usual so it might be difficult to make out the difference.

Here are some ways a man might know when they hurt the woman they love.

27. He feels insecure about you

When you hurt a woman you love and it’s the first time you’ve done anything like that, it can be difficult to determine what’s morally right or wrong.

You start to worry about what you used to be like and how that was different from who you are now, when it comes to your wife.

Losing trust in someone can be a very difficult thing. No one knows what they are capable of. He wonders if he deserves all the love and kindness his partner has given him by this time.

He might not even know how to properly apologize because he can’t accept that it was his fault.

But he will keep trying again and again until he feels closer to the person he thought he was.

He wants to make things right immediately.

With all these thoughts running through your head, you see one light at the end of the tunnel: making it up to you, as soon as possible.

This is often the case when abuse takes place in a relationship: the partner who hurt you, may in his attempt to make things right ASAP, end up angering or frustrating you even more.

We often focus on what we are going to say instead of listening intently to the person speaking. Pay attention & listen carefully, that way you’ll know how best to respond.

He regrets what he did to you. He knows how much pain he caused and he doesn’t want you to hurt anymore.

28. He starts helping you in doing house chores

Men do not like to use words to solve problems – they’re much more likely to try and fix it themselves. 

When something goes wrong, they have no hesitation when it comes to taking action and dealing with the problem. Has your partner suddenly become more responsible and attentive?

Does he often do household chores without you having to ask? Has he cooked dinner for the two of you or emptied the dishwasher without being prompted? 

If this is the case, he may be trying to give you subtle signs that he feels guilty for hurting you by looking away when he talks to you, or making the minimal effort to chat.

29. He doesn’t want to talk about the problems

If you know in your heart that you have done something wrong, it is hard to make excuses. The easiest way to deal with these feelings is to stop the conversation before they go too far.

If you feel guilty, it can be a messy process. Depending on what you have done, you might go through a range of emotions; from depression and anger to even blaming the victim. 

Every day is a brand new opportunity for you to take control of your time and prioritize what’s most important in your life. Whenever you feel stuck, remember to start again and experiment.

30. He says he will change the way he is

If he has been reflecting on the mistakes that he’s made, it may be time for him to do some soul-searching and see if there are changes that need to be made.

He may want you to know that he understands the consequences of his actions and has come to feel shocked, unhappy, or disappointed in himself. 

He may try to prove to you that he’s all grown up and trying to change, or otherwise states this as a fact.

You said that you have to change from here on out and that’s very mature. So even if he may not be saying much, it’s worth paying attention to what he does in the long run. As they say, “actions speak louder than words.”

31. He wants to know what is going on in your life

It’s a good sign that your ex is still in contact with you because they must regret hurting you. They most likely don’t want to lose touch with you, so it may be worth responding.

For instance, he has been very interested in what you’ve been up to lately and is excited to have the chance to chat with you. 

He misses you, doesn’t care to let you go, and is worried about you. He wants to keep in touch and make sure that You’re doing ok.

He keeps sending you apologizing texts. He’s making an effort to amend things so that he can feel better about what happened in the past.

32. He wants to apologize for what he did and make it better

There are many people who have not been able to make things right in the past. They either don’t have the opportunity, or they have never been able to feel good about what they did. 

He is sorry for his mistakes and strives to improve so that he can be a better person in the future. He doesn’t want to continue feeling this way, though it’s a bit too late for that now.

33. He finds it hard to speak when you meet in person

When you’re with him and he doesn’t really participate in the conversation, it’s highly likely that his introversion may be the reason.

It may feel really hard for you to hear what he has to say, but it’s important for him too. Remember that he wants to make things right. 

He portrays himself as uncomfortable in his own skin, which makes him feel self-conscious.

He wants to apologize for what happened. But he doesn’t know where to start. He wants to explain himself and make things right, but he’s afraid of making you angry or hurt again.

Signs He Is Sorry For Hurting You

“You’ll regret this” is the most common thing every woman says to her exes when ending a relationship.

But then she thinks about it, and asks herself: will he really regret hurting me?

It’s devastating to break up with someone you care about, and the end of a relationship usually leads to a lot of second-guessing. 

One question you may end up asking yourself is whether or not your ex-partner is hurting too. 

You might even ponder whether or not he regrets breaking up with you– before answering this question consider what everyone goes through.

When the moment comes and the reality of the situation hits him, here are some big signs he regrets losing you.

34. He doesn’t rush to say sorry immediately

As someone who has a sincere desire, won’t rush to forgive. You’ll know if someone is sincere just by the way they carry themselves without trying to push things.

He apologized and made clear that he understands your wishes, which implies he’s thinking about his own role in the mistake. 

There’s no rush to forgive him: he just wants you to know he understands what you went through, which is why apologizing was important to him.

Whatever he did, he knows that he hurt you and let you down. It may not be able to make up for what’s happened but it would be really nice if he could try to work on improving things.

35. He talks to you nicely 

Men are known for not being too good with words, but if he talks to you about his past mistakes then he might be genuine when it comes to hurting or disappointing you.

If he’s willing to be vulnerable and transparent, even revealing his flaws, then his real apology is more meaningful. We often refrain from expressing our true selves to people.

Sometimes your partner will open up to you if they want to fix things.

He knows that the only way to resolve conflict is by talking about it, even if it makes him uncomfortable.

He talks about his feelings, his mistakes, and what went wrong when he communicated with you. That’s how you know he really means it when he apologizes to you.

36. He wants to meet you in person

When someone is trying to apologize, it’s a sign of their sincerity. Most people won’t even bother with change or compromise in order to make someone else happy.

He’s willing to meet you halfway in the things you want, even if it means going out of his way for you. This is an indication that his intentions are genuine.

It seems that he is apologizing for his actions, though. He probably feels bad and wants to reconcile. 

Talking about how you both feel can go a long way in repairing your relationship with your partner.

He may have said too much here, so to redeem himself he wants to show you that he’s not all talk.

He does thoughtful things for you when you don’t ask, he apologizes to your face instead of passively, and he edits his behaviors when you or others see him doing harmful things.

37. He reassures you

​​Apologies can be reassuring even if you refuse to accept them at face value. It’s still a good feeling to know for sure that you’re understood.

One of the ways to tell if he’s sorry for what he did is when he assures you that he won’t do it again.

Another way to feel more sure of his intentions is if he reassures a woman and backs it up with actions, she can be sure that he is being genuine.

He always reaffirms his apology and never lets you forget that he is sincere by constantly reassuring you.

A man who is always apologizing and never lets you forget that he’s sorry is just as annoying as a man who never apologizes. 

These men are giving the apology too much power when it should not be an excuse to get out of taking responsibility for their actions.

He’ll go out of his comfort zone to apologize to you. This means he cares about you a lot. 

Especially when he isn’t the type of guy who reassures people in typical settings, the fact that he wants to do this for you means a lot.

38. He doesn’t try to change your feelings

These dishonest guys will try to tell you that you shouldn’t be disappointed or hurt because they’ve never been sincere in anything.

It can be difficult having your feelings invalidated by someone you care about, but this doesn’t make these feelings any less valid. 

One of the most important things a person can do is be sorry and apologize for hurting someone instead of trying to convince them that they’re wrong for feeling hurt in the first place.

You have every right to feel angry, and he really shouldn’t be telling you how he feels.

The best way to validate someone’s feelings is to listen – just listen. He knows that trying to dictate how you feel will push you further away from him, so he’s doing his best not to try and control you. 

That shows he cares a lot about you.

39. He takes accountability and responsibility

He’s really sorry for the way he hurt you. He doesn’t want to run away from taking accountability for his mistakes, and he wants you back in his life.

He knows he made a mistake and wants to bring it up. He won’t deny his faults and will not try to play the victim or gaslight you. 

His intentions are always sincere, which is why he doesn’t want to run away from his responsibilities.

It’s significant that he’s accepting responsibility for his mistakes, which is the first step in him eventually apologizing to you. 

It goes without saying how much of an impact this will have on your overall relationship with him.

40. He listens to you carefully

One of the signs that he’s sorry he hurt you is that he really.

When he isn’t really sorry or really trying to be sorry, they’ll fake-looking sorry but at the same time are not really paying attention. Your words are just passing through them.

You can tell if someone is paying attention by how interested they seem. They’ll look at you, remember the important parts of what you’re saying, and react with enthusiasm.

If he’s leaning towards you or in close proximity, then he wants to hear more from you.

He wants to be better for you and he is trying to accordingly. He wants to act as a better listener and communicator.

41. He stalks on your social media

Your ex seems to contact you at random and sends text messages, even though there is no concrete reason for these messages. 

This could be interpreted as evidence that he still has feelings for you.

I think he’s not over you even after the breakup that took place months ago. The fact that he texted you and called for help could be a sign of this.

Receiving a meme, reading about their personal life, or reading about how he is dealing with his problems are just ways to see if you still hate him or he has been forgiven.

He’s never been one to play hard to get, so he will let you find out if he managed to break down your defenses.

42. He tries to make you miss him

It’s really hard when someone contacts you out of nowhere and then becomes unreachable for days. But in the meantime, they’ve started liking your old photos and commenting on the recent ones.

You are rushing around in the shopping mall and you see him standing out of your office, talking to his friend. 

You wonder who he could be here to see, as it seems like he isn’t aware that this is your office too.

You will often hear from his friends asking you to talk to him, and he may even tag you in a meme that lacks any good humor.

The guy you dated is afraid to let you go and keeps asking for five dates in the hopes that his feelings for you might change.

He has a feeling of deep regret because of the way he’s hurt you and it pains you so much to think that you now have this opinion about him.


Does breakup hurt guys as well?

A logical response to this question would be for a guy to feel hurt after the end of a relationship. After a relationship has ended, the one who broke up will most often try and make contact with the other person to check in on how they are doing.

You just need to be observant enough to notice these attempts.

How do you know if he’s really sorry or just being polite?

He will openly and honestly tell you that he is sorry and show it in his behavior to demonstrate his sincerity. He will try and regain your trust by changing who he is to be.

What makes you feel bad about hurting someone?

After breaking up with someone, it might take a guy some time to realize what he has done.

He’ll eventually know that he made a mistake and will suffer from dumper’s remorse. When he understands what he lost, he’ll regret breaking your heart.

How do you get someone to feel bad about hurting you?

It is never a good idea to be really vengeful. There are ways to make him regret he didn’t choose you but we would rather not and focus on other things instead. Karma finds a way.

How long does it take a man to feel bad about letting you go?

It’s impossible to tell how long it takes for a man that regrets losing you, but one thing is certain – you should always maintain the no-contact rule.

This can be difficult, but if you give him enough time he may eventually realize what he lost.

Do men realize what they have lost?

Most of the time they are. They could call her clingy and demand their own space or their major life back when she is around, but when she’s gone they realize how much they’ve missed out on.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you know him well, you’ll be able to tell from the way he acts. If he suddenly seems to change his behavior because of guilt, it will show.

It is normal to feel regret after your breakup. You’ve probably still got some feelings towards your ex, which is why it’s so difficult. 

He regretted breaking up with you because he wanted more time to figure things out – it was his way of giving himself a deadline.

If your ex contacts you out of the blue to tell you he has been thinking about and misses you, it could mean they are genuinely trying to extend the friendship. 

Else, it could be that they want another chance with you. 

It is important to be able to determine what their intentions might be before talking and giving any more favors. 

If he wants to get back together with you, ask yourself whether it is a good idea & if the problems can be solved. 

You should only allow him back into your life after you have made up your mind about where you want the relationship to be.

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