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70+ Symbols of Love & Their Meanings

70+ Symbols of Love & Their Meanings

Updated on May 27, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

70+ Symbols of Love & Their Meanings

Isn’t it exciting to know that there are so many Symbols of Love around the world?

While we all struggle to define the feeling of love and often fall short of words, these symbols can communicate it in just one sight.

No two people love the same… and that is why we don’t have a universal definition for this powerful feeling.

In fact, love is as difficult to identify… as it is to describe.

Most often you go by the “When you know… you know”

When an emotion is so difficult and varied, people often turn to symbolism for help…. And that’s why we have so many love symbols all around the globe.

So, before we dig into the symbols, let’s first understand…

Symbols of Love Infographic

70+ Symbols of Love & Their Meanings
70+ Symbols of Love & Their Meanings

What are Love Symbols?

Symbols of love represent various emotions associated with the feeling of love. Different symbols of love have different aspects to reveal the most powerful emotion in the world, love!

Love symbols are objects, signs, or actions that represent the feeling of love.

Right from the East to the West and the North to the South, various cultures from all over the world represent love with their native symbols.

Symbols can communicate feelings quicker than written words or spoken languages. Most importantly, symbols can be understood by all people, even if they do not read or speak the same language.

Different symbols of love have different feelings associated with them.

This is why “You have won my love” is expressed by saying: “you have won my heart”! Because ‘heart’ represents ‘love’.

I will walk you through many more symbols of love in this think-piece. But before that, let’s know the practical significance of these symbols.

How to use Love Symbols?

Symbols of love help us express our love to our beloved.

Why stick to the old conventional method of verbal expression, when you have got fantastic traditional symbols to express this beautiful feeling?

For example, when you want to propose to someone, you give them a red rose or a red heart. However, these are just two symbols that are most commonly used.

What about trying something new? For example, a pair of doves, a Claddagh ring or a pair of flying butterflies? That will be so pretty and unique!

This is why it is important to look at the different symbols and their meanings so that you can express your love in everyday life in the most exclusive way.

The symbols of love have been graced the test of time. Let’s assume that a person wants to be in love, then they can manifest it by tying a love symbol around them. The symbol is going to direct their energy to attract love.

Similarly, people can meditate upon a certain love symbol if they want to attract a particular aspect of love or the feeling of love as a whole.

Love symbols are a fun-packed medium to express such deep emotions that otherwise create a rather serious and emotional atmosphere around us.

Now that you know how you can use these symbols, let’s quickly dive into the most-awaited section of the piece…

70 Symbols of Love & their Meanings

It’s time to explore all the unique symbols and the innovative meanings attached to these symbols.

So, without any further ado, let’s simply dive into the list!

Universal Symbols of love

What’s better than beginning our list of love symbols with the universal symbols of love?

Let’s take a look at some of the most famous symbols that represent the feeling of love in a way that is universally appealing.

1. Roses

Roses have been an age-old representation of love and romance.

They were actually carried from China to Europe in the 1800s. In some Christian traditions, it is believed that roses bloomed from the drops of blood of Lord Jesus.

Shakespeare mentions the romantic symbolism of roses in one of his most popular books Romeo and Juliet.

The Arthurian legend of Tristan and Isolde mentions roses blossomed from the graves of the lovers.

Roses come in different colors and they express different meanings of love as well. Here’s a brief look.

  • Red – fondness to one’s beloved, romance
  • Pink – gentle love or admiration
  • Yellow – friendship
  • Orange – passion, and enthusiasm
  • White – respect and memory
  • Purple – fascination
  • Lavender – love at first sight

2. Heart

The heart is the most widely used universal symbol of love. The heart symbolizes life, love, unity, attraction, attachment, purity, and femininity.

All the feelings that we experience in Love are associated with the heart.

In ancient times, magicians used to draw the symbol of the heart to work upon romance and love.

The circulation of blood in the human heart regulates life. Thus, the symbol of the heart reflects the importance of love in human life.

Just like the heart is the center of the body, for a lover their beloved is the center of their affection.

The heart can be also categorized as a religious symbol of love. Christian iconography is often seen picturizing Jesus holding his heart or revealing his heart.

This becomes a symbol for the gospels to describe how Jesus sacrificed his life for the well-being of mankind.

3. The Cupid Symbol

So, for the love birds out there, this is the most famous love symbol to depict intense love! God of love, ‘Cupid’ is a very popular valentine symbol, depicting a winged child having a bag of arrows and a bow.

Mythologies say that the arrows in the hands of the baby boy spike the hearts of two people, and it eventually leads them to fall in love with each other. This symbol of the boy carrying arrows is significant for romantic love.

The cupid is often found to be blindfolded, indicating that love is something that is far from the reach of the eyes, and it can only be felt by true lovers. That’s why it is said that Love is Blind.

4. Claddagh ring

Claddagh is one of the symbols of love that emerge from an Irish legend. This story was about a fisherman who was abducted by pirates and got separated from his lady love.

The pirates sold him as a slave and later worked for a goldsmith. While doing his work, he made sure to save a fleck of gold every day without anyone’s knowledge.

After years of collecting small amounts of gold, he was finally able to make a ring with it. He made the ring for his lady love and wanted to give it to her whenever he returned to his village.

The ring was in the shape of a heart with a crown, held by two hands gently. The ring was named after the fisherman’s village, ‘Claddagh.’

The Claddagh ring is a symbol of never-ending love and unshakeable loyalty. To this day it is used as an engagement and wedding ring.

It shows that people want to have a love like a fisherman had by defeating time itself.

So, these were the most widely accepted symbols of love… another Universal way of expressing love is by giving flowers to your beloved.

So why not take a look at the list of flowers that are true symbols of love!

Flower Symbols of love

Flowers link the idea of love to renewal, birth, beauty, and spring. Some of these flowers represent the feeling of love and romance.

While we have already spoken on Roses, let’s see what else the list names:

5. Carnations

I’m sure many of you must have come across this flower name for the very first time.

According to Renaissance painters Botticelli and historian Miranda Bruce-Mitford, Carnations were used in art as a symbol for engagement and marriage.

Different colors of carnations represent different emotions: a pink carnation symbolizes ‘Crush’ while a red carnation symbolizes ‘Love’.

6. Myrtle Flower

The Myrtle flower is related to Venus and is also a symbol to represent Marriage in Britain.

7. Honeysuckle

In France, Honeysuckle is used to represent Love. The history of this symbol lies in the story of Tristan and Isolde. It was identified in a poem from the Twelfth-Century titled ‘as Honeysuckle’ by Marie de France.

In the poem, Tristan arranges a secret meeting with Isolde and engraved his name on a Hazel tree to let his beloved know about his nearby presence.

Probably, this is how the fashion of young lovers carving their beloved names on barks of trees came into practice.

8. Jasmine

You simply cannot deny how this flower can rejuvenate your mood with its fragrance. Jasmine is a powerful symbol to represent love.

The flower also holds sacred and pious value in the Hindu religion. It is said to have originated from the foothills of the Himalayas.

The Hindu Goddesses and Gods are seen wearing Jasmine garlands around their neck and even as other flower jewelry.

9. Tulips

If you didn’t know that Red Tulip translates to perfect love, you are probably unaware of an extremely beautiful love story.

The story narrates the love life of Prince Farhad who fell in love with Shirin, a common girl. Shirin was killed and separated from the prince. The prince unable to tolerate the separation and pain, committed suicide.

A Scarlet Tulip bloomed from each of the droplets of his blood. The story leads to a tragic end, one cannot deny the depth of love that it speaks about. Hence, Tulips are one of the most beautiful symbols of love.

10. Padme Lotus Ashtamangala Symbol

Padme or Lotus is a strong representative of human enlightenment, potential, passion, transcendence, and love.

White lotus is for Spiritual Fulfillment, Red stands for love and passion, Blue is for intellect and conversation and Pink is for transcendence. In this manner, different colored lotus symbolize different meanings.

Even if it grows in the swamps, it is believed to be the symbol of purity, love, growth, and transformation. Eight-petal Lotus signifies harmony whereas a thousand-petal Lotus signifies enlightenment.

The seed or bud of the lotus represents the potential for enlightenment. The Buddhist mantra “Om mane padme, “tells ‘the jewel in the lotus’. A lotus symbol helps us understand that each individual is filled with potential.

Flowers are definitely the most beautiful part of plants. But that does not imply we cannot symbolize love with the other parts of plants.

In fact, leaves, trees, and fruits can also be love symbols. Want to see how? Here you go.

Tree, fruit, and leaf symbols of love

The list consists of a tree, a fruit, and a leaf. Instead of wondering what they represent about love, why don’t you find it out yourself?

11. Willow Tree

In Chinese culture, the Willow Tree is a powerful symbol of love. The symbol originates from a story of star-crossed lovers, who eloped to meet under a willow tree secretly.

However, the story does not end on a happy note. The lovers die in a fire and their souls leave the blaze as doves – another love symbol.

12. Maple Leaf

Maple leaves are used to make sweet syrup, and in ancient China and Japan, people believed it to be a representation of love.

It depicts that the sweetness in love comes with the beauty of the heart, just like the sweet sap of Maples.

North American people placed Maple leaves at the foot of their bed to attract sexual pleasure and protect themselves from demons.

13. Apples

The feeling of love is deeply connected with apples and it also has several meanings attached to it. As we move from one part of the world to another, it reflects different meanings and forms of love.

In China, apples represent peace and when they blossom, they represent deep love and respect.

In Greek mythology, there are stories and tales related to apples.

One of the stories talks about Hera, the goddess of marriage, who was presented with apples by Gaia to communicate the feeling of love and union, and also the Greek God of wine Dionysus presented apples to Aphrodites to win his Heart.

Apple is the symbol for feminine love, fertility, and beauty as when an apple splits apart, it resembles the female sex organ Vulva. Apple symbolizes the feeling of abundance and beauty of love.

When it comes to taking a fun dive into the list of love symbols, it’s not all about Flora but Fauna as well. Yes, we have insects that represent beautiful aspects of love. Take a look!

Insects to represent love

This might be surprising for you but once you read along… you’ll be surprised with the discovery. After all, who knew insects can be symbolism of love.

So, let’s dive in!

14. Ladybug on leaf

Have you seen a Ladybird recently? Congratulations, your lover might be on the way to you.

Ladybugs symbolize good luck and love. The number of dots that you see behind them on their back indicates the time, basically the number of months, that you need to wait, in order to meet your soulmate.

In Asian countries, it is believed that if you release a captured ladybird it will make its way to your love. The ladybird will whisper your name in your beloved’s ears and they’ll come to you.

So, if you spot the insect, you’re surely going to attract an abundance of love in your life.

15. Pair of flying butterflies

Butterflies are not just mesmerizing creations of God. Yes, they can absolutely enchant you with their beauty, but their significance is much more.

In China, butterflies represent a long life. A pair of butterflies flying together can represent an ideal and long-lasting love, thus making it a romantic symbol of love.

The list of fauna does not end with these cute little insects, we have got birds that represent love! Let’s see if you already know some of these.

Birds that represent love

Beautiful birds are absolutely a treat to watch. And it’s even better when you know that they represent feelings as special as Love. Let’s not delay this and read what they say.

16. The Symbol of Flying Doves

Generally, doves are known to be a symbol of peace. During the Middle Ages, people used to think that doves choose their mates on Valentine’s day, the day of love. And, they are believed to be monogamous!

In Ancient Greek, the dove is thought of as a symbol of love. Doves are shown resting on the hands or flying around Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love.

Doves are used in wedding ceremonies, as they are always seen in a pair and believed to be committed to each other. Bride and Groom release doves in the air on their wedding day.

It shows that they want to spend their whole life with each other with lots of love.

These white-feathered birds reflect the devotion that the couple wants to manifest for the rest of their life.

17. Swan

When it comes to birds, swans are another universally known symbol associated with love and loyalty. The bond between two swans is said to be eternal.

If, surprisingly, you spot a swan, take that as a major indication of love that you may find in the near future, or something romance-related that you’re currently into.

Also, swans represent mothering love as they are extremely protective of their offspring, and go to any lengths to make sure of their safety.

“You’re stone-hearted” – That’s how we talk to an emotionless person. While the entire world thinks of stone to be just a hard and emotionless piece of rock, no one really talks about the other side of the story.

We have stones that can represent some really strong aspects of love. Here it is.

Stones as symbols of love

There are stones that are used for some wonderful purposes in the world. That’s why they are termed “Gemstones”. On that note, hitting someone with these stones can be a really expensive affair! 😂

Jokes apart, you must have come across astrologers who recommend you to wear a specific type of gemstone to solve an issue in your existing life.

While believing in their advice is a completely personal choice, here I have something more fascinating to tell.

Stones are robust and that is why they symbolize rock-solid aspects of love and relationships. Don’t believe it? See it for yourself!

18. Diamonds

Diamonds symbolize the longevity of one’s love life. The strong and unbreakable diamonds simply represent the strength and unbreakable bond between a couple.

This is why a diamond engagement ring is worth all the hype.

19. Rose quartz

Rose quartz is a very elegant pink stone. The significance of this precious pink stone as a love symbol dates back to 1600 BC.

Rose Quartz was found in legendary places from Egypt, China, and Greece. Back then, and even now, it is believed that the stone is able to stir feelings of self-love and also to attract a romantic relationship towards the owner.

While these objects and symbols are absolutely enthralling associations of love, did you know there are some physical gestures that can express love without you talking about it? Here’s the list.

Physical Symbols of love

If you can express love by your actions, nothing like it! You must be using these action-packed symbols of love in everyday life without realizing it.

So, let’s quickly see what are the physical actions that convey love.

20. Hugging

When words fall short, and we are overwhelmed with love, what do we do? We hug our beloved, right?

You keep showering love to your loved ones by hugging them at frequent intervals. Exactly! That’s a physical way of expressing love.

Whenever we hug someone, our bodies release Oxytocin – ‘a cuddle chemical’ or ‘a messenger molecule’.

The release of this hormone invokes a sense of calmness which makes us feel calm and content.

Oxytocin is also responsible for establishing a feeling of trust. All this makes hugging a physical symbol to express love.

21. Kissing

One of the most significant physical expressions of love is a kiss.

Kissing allows the partners to face each other and look into each other’s eyes that are often referred to as the ‘windows to the soul’.

Also, our lips contain a lot of nerve endings which makes them a very sensitive part of our body.

The density of nerve endings in the lips helps an infant to sense and understand the external world by putting things in their mouth.

That’s surprisingly the fascinating part!

22. Touching nose

A human’s nose inhales and exhales breath to keep the body alive. So, touching your nose to your partner’s nose gives you a peek into the partner’s eyes – making it a very intimate act.  

Since the nose is also a catalyst of life, it also associates love with life.

23. Clasped or Holding Hands Symbol

Clasped hands are symbolic of holding someone’s hand. It is a symbol of love but it symbolizes a very unusual kind of love, i.e., Love for the dead.

In the Victorian era, clasped hands were engraved on the tombstones of dead people. It represents eternal love, a type of love that even death can not separate.

This symbol shows a connection between living and dead. They were connected by a powerful soul, in front of which even death had to bow its head.

It’s like a vow between a married couple. Even if they are separated by death, one day they will be united and till then their love will remain untainted.

While holding someone’s hand is a universal love language, the symbolism of clasped hands is associated with a very different kind of love.

Who said that there is no place for love in religion?

It’s not that religious studies are devoid of love. The difference in religion is limited only to rituals and customs. Love is a universal feeling, a part of all religions.

Let’s see how different religions come up with exclusive symbols to represent love.

Religious Symbols of love

The feeling of love is beyond all kinds of religion and caste. Love is the most incredible and independent feeling. Nothing can challenge the devotion and purity of this feeling.

Various religions from all around the world have accepted the feeling of love wholeheartedly and tried to express it with some gripping representative symbols. Have a look.

24. Flora – the Roman Goddess of flowers and spring

Flora wasn’t always a Goddess of flowers and spring always. She was made a Goddess by the wind God Zephyr.

Zephyr did this to repent for his mistake of compelling Flora and taking her by a strong passionate force. This can be seen in the Renaissance Painting of Primavera Sandro Botticelli.

Not just different flowers, but Goddess Flora herself is a Roman Goddess of love.

25. The Greek goddess Aphrodite or the Greek Venus

Aphrodite or the Greek Venus was the Goddess of beauty. Some ancient philosophers relate this goddess to the feeling of love.

Venus did not take birth from parents; it appeared from a cloud of seafoam. Greek Venus came to be known as a symbol of love because of her son Eros to the Greeks also known as Cupid to the Romans.

It is said that just like love, Eros did not have a particular gender. In fact, the ancient sources refer to Eros as an interchangeable female or a male. This proves the fact that love cannot be divided based upon gender, caste, creed, and race.

26. The Ankh symbol

Though the Ankh symbol originated from Egypt, it has been embraced by various other civilizations. This symbol is often mistaken as a symbol signifying Christian culture, as it resembles Christ’s cross.

The only difference is that it has a circle on top which makes it rare and helps one to identify the two.

Certain Egyptian era arts illustrate this ankh symbol in a distinct manner. The ankh is carried by the gods to the nose of the Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, offering him immortality.

This symbol has been given names such as the key to life, ‘cross with a handle,’ or the cross of life. The main reason for the popularity of this symbol among all cultures is because it signifies love, which ultimately reflects the key to life. It also symbolizes the connection between a man and a woman.

27. Urania Greek Mythology Symbol

In Roman Mythology, Zeus’ daughter Urania was a fortune-teller who possessed the beauty of her mother and the majesty of her father.

The Urania symbol was named after her which is said to be the path leading to universal love and the Holy Spirit.

28. Eros Cupid Greek Mythology Symbol

Eros or Roman mythology Cupid is a very famous love symbol. The symbol is found in Greek Mythology, but the origin of Eros is still unknown. He is believed to be a self-born or son of Venus.

With a bow and arrow in hand or a flaming torch, Eros can ignite the flame of love in humans as well as God. He is shown as Aphrodite’s companion and is believed to be extremely mischievous.  

29. Menat: Egyptian Africa

Menat is the name for Goddess Hathor, a deity of the sky. The Goddess is a patron of music, love, dance, joy, and motherly care.

In ancient Egypt, Menat was known as the symbol of feminism. It is believed that Menat acts as a helper and guide of the souls in the afterlife.

30. Zhiva Slavic Symbol

In the Slavic Mythology, Zhiva is the Goddess of life standing in opposition to the Goddess of death, Mara. Zhiva stands for ‘She who lives’ and symbolizes marriage, love, and fertility.

Along with the Religious symbols, we have some Historical symbols of love that belong to specific continents and human races.

To read about these historical symbols is nothing but an absolute pleasure. Try it!

Ancient symbols of love

Some American, some European, some Asian, some Chinese, Greek and what not! This list is full of love symbols from all around the world and various countries.

That’s gonna be an amusing exploration of love symbols.

31. Three-leaf clover

Three-leaf clover is the national symbol of the European country called Ireland, which represents love, aspirations, and faith. It is also worshiped in some areas. Also known as Shamrock, it is a metaphor for the Holy Trinity.

Irish couples wear this on the day of their wedding to get blessed by an abundance of prosperity.

It is believed that this three-leaf clover deepens the affection and strengthens the bond of faith between the husband and wife.

32. Mjölnir – Norse mythology

Mjölnir is referred to as the Norse hammer. It is associated with Thor. Mjölnir is a symbol of strength.

In Norse mythology, Mjölnir represents various human traits and feelings other than strength. The symbol also represents love.

33. Hex signs

If you do not know, Hex signs are the folk-art presentations of Pennsylvania Dutch folk. These signs are made using colors, geometric shapes, and different symbols inside a circle. The symbols represent various meanings.

The hearts in Hex signs represent a loving relationship with God. One of the signs consists of a double-headed eagle and a heart that is laced around with a wavy lace or a fabric.

This particular sign symbolizes strength and courage. It is the lacing that symbolizes everlasting love and bonding in marriage.

34. Kokopelli Hopi Symbol

This symbol picturizes an insect-like spirit or máhu.

Kokopelli symbol, if you look at it, you will find that the structure is the shape of a hunchbacked grasshopper playing a wooden flute. It represents the idea of how music spreads positivity and love all around.

In Hopi traditions, that same flute is played by some man to find his soulmate for life. Then they get married. After marriage, the flute is destroyed so that it is never played by another person again.

35. Eternal lovers – Taino Central America symbols

The eternal lover symbolizes a picture where two birds are projected to be standing face to face with their beaks connected.

Eternal love plays an important role for the Tainos as it was the sign of love, unity, equality, and fertility.

The Tainos did not possess any land of their own, they believed in killing and occupying. So, the eternal love symbol brought unity in between the tribe members.

36. Potiza Taino Symbol

Potiza is a form of container and is also used for the fermentation process. It was also used to store water.

The juice of Guáyiga was preserved and fermented in Potiza. That juice was given by men to their lady love as a love confession.

37. Copper Alchemy Symbol

The copper Alchemy symbol denoted copper. It was linked with Venus and symbolized love and feminism.

It is a symbol of a large X shape that is intersected by three horizontal lines. One at the median spot, one at the upper spot, and one at the lower spot.

The upper and lower lines have small hollow circles and the median horizontal line has shorter unoccupied Diamond shapes.

38. Eban – Adinkra Africa

Just like a fence, the symbol represents a sense of security and safety that we get from our home. Your family protects you and prays for your safety because the family members love you.

Thus, the symbol of Eban – Adinkra Africa is a representation of love, a love that makes you feel secure and protected.

39. Osram ne Nsoromma: Adinkra Africa

The symbol Osram ne Nsoromma means the moon and the stars. The symbol has a ‘half-moon’ as a ‘bowl’ ready to catch a star in it.

The word Nsoromma literally means a ‘star’. Osram ne Nsoromma – Adinkra Africa is used to symbolizing feelings of harmony, fidelity, faithfulness, and above all, love.

The love symbol is also used to remind the common man that God is there to keep a watch on all the activities that humans perform.

This also makes it a symbol of guardianship. Last but not the least, the symbol represents faithfulness, love, and bonding in marriage.

40. Odo Nyera Fie Kwan – Adinkra

The Odo Nyera Fie Kwan symbol directly represents the proverb, ‘those led by love will never lose their way’. Sometimes the proverb is written as ‘love never loses its way home’.

You might have come across these symbols carved on wedding and engagement cards or bands. In fact, love symbols can be used anywhere where two people get united.

According to Akan people, the Odo Nyera Fie Kwan is a strong representation of the union of two people. That just makes it considerably a great love symbol.

41. Triangle

In ancient Egypt, the capacity for love was indicated by the Triangle. Description of love was not just limited to soulmates or lovers.

It can be any form of love: love between parents and their children, love between friends, love between a teacher and a student.

In Buddhist Shri Yantra, Triangle remains a very crucial shape because it emanates the energy of love. An Inverted Triangle represents a container full of love.

Talking about historical symbols and missing Celtic symbols is a sheer crime! Who can deny the creativity of the people who have crafted some world-famous symbols to represent human relationships?

Here are some of the most special Celtic symbols that symbolize love.

Celtic Symbols of love

Celtic knots are famous Historical symbols of love and friendship. The symbols consist of tied knots in various shapes to describe feelings and emotions attached to the human world.

The North European symbols have gained their popularity over the years owing to such a unique power of creation. Here you go.

42. Love Knot

Looking at the name, you must have already figured that it is about a strong ‘knotted’ connection between two lovers.

A love knot symbol stands for unity in a relationship. It was so impactful and deep that it also got its place in the literary world. Be it in Canterbury Tales Or the poem by Alfred Noyce.

This idea of a love knot has got many opinions and assumptions. So, what actually does this love knot signify and how do we use it?

Couples use it to check the compatibility and weight of their relationship. If it is strong, the love knot stays unharmed. But if the relationship is not that strong, it breaks.

43. Celtic Oval Love Knot (aka spiral love knot)

One of the oldest in time, around 2500 BC approximately, this love knot symbolizes eternal and limitless love life. It is a simple yet adorable love symbol.

44. Celtic Motherhood Knot (aka icovellavna)

As the name suggests, this knot symbolizes the pure and infinite love of a mother for her child. This obviously has no bounds.

The fact that Celtic knots are not all about the love between a male and female gender, but also the incredible relationship between a mother and the child is what sets it apart from other symbols.

45. Serch Bythol

Two Celtic knots that are kept alongside each other are Serch Bythol. This symbolizes the limitless love of the couple. The symbol also signifies everlasting bonding between partners.

46. Bowen Knot – Celtic North Europe

The Bowman Knot also known as a True Knot or Heraldic Knot is a true representation of a Lover’s knot. The symbol basically contains a loop of knots in a rope, which is led in an upright square shape.

Each of the corners of the square contains one knot. So altogether there are four corners and four knots. The interesting pattern of the symbol makes it a very rare representation of love.

47. Solomon’s Knot – Celtic North Europe

The Solomon’s knot, a Celtic symbol representing the holy union of man and the divine, is an ancient symbol of love. It dates back to stone-age, as it was used by several other ancient civilizations other than the Celts.

Later, the symbol was attributed to King Solomon. What makes the knot a love symbol is the design of two entwined figures.

But what makes the knot unique and engrossing is that there is no beginning or end in the knot. The feature makes the symbol a representation of eternity or immortality.

48. The Sailor’s Knot – Celtic North Europe

The Sailor’s knot symbolizes eternal love.

A four-pointed Celtic knot is called The Sailor’s Knot. The knot features two looping lines that create the shape.

49. Triskeles Celtic Love Knot

The Triskeles being the oldest Celtic love knot symbol is a set of three interlocked knots. The three knots depict the three components of nature i.e., earth, water, and fire. It represents love, unity, and eternal life.

Though the importance of the three sides is not known, it is believed that it suggests a relationship between motion and energy.

Apart from the historical Celtic symbols, there are astrological symbols of love that hold historical value as well. Hurry up, the symbols are waiting for you!

Astrological symbols of Love

Astrological symbols of love never fail to grab a reader’s attention, because they are not just one of a kind, but the messages attached with them also hold a lot of value. Let’s dig in!

50. The Lovers Tarot symbol

The Lovers Tarot Symbol features a picture of a naked woman and man standing under Angel’s wing beside an apple tree, which has a snake hanging from it. The background is lined by mountains.

The two interlocking circles contain the Sun and the crescent Moon in the picture. They signify two humans, the man and the woman standing there with utmost passion to unite.

In the astrological world, if the position of the card is upright, it establishes love, equilibrium, and harmony in a relationship. However, the reverse position denotes just the opposite.

51. Tarot cards

In Italy, the practice of telling fortune with the help of Tarot cards dates back to the 15th century. Among all the Tarot cards, the Lover’s Tarot Card speaks about the choices in a relationship.

One can tell the meaning of the Lovers Tarot card depending upon its position: upright or reversed.

If the Lovers Tarot appears to be upright then it represents love, equilibrium, harmony, and learning. The reversed position however represents conflict, separation, and trust issues.

52. Juno Astrology Symbol

In Roman Mythology, the daughter of Zeus was named Juno. This symbol got its name from there.

Between Mars and Jupiter, it is one of the largest asteroids. It signifies matrimonial alliance, commitment, and love. It is also said to be connected with femininity and loyalty.

53. Venus Astrology Symbol

Venus, the planet symbolizes love and intimacy for the Europeans. In India, it is regarded to be the propagator of purity, beauty, and fertility.

The Venus symbol features a circle sat atop a cross, which is similar to a female sex symbol. Traditionally speaking, Venus is associated with both love and lust.

Moving on, we have some Spiritual symbols of love that consist of objects and patterns that also have spiritual value to them.

Keep scrolling because this is going to be as good as the astrological list!

Spiritual Symbols of Love

There are so many spiritual symbols coming from various parts of the world.

Each of the symbols has got a unique story to tell about love and its concept. It’s definitely going to be a spellbinding walk down the list.

54. Anahata Heart chakra – Asia

The Anahata Heart Chakra is a symbol of love from Asia. To be more precise, the symbol takes its origin from India. ‘Anahata’ is located in the heart of living beings, and it simply means ‘unstruck’. It is known as dharma in esoteric Buddhism.

This symbol of love represents wellbeing, balance, love, and compassion in life. The petals on the circumference of Anahata Chakra are just like Lotus petals.

The petals contain ‘Yantra’ where two triangles intersect; this particularly represents the union of female and male. The color green is also associated with Anahata Chakra.

That’s such a wonderful religious symbol to represent love, isn’t it? Having said that, the symbol is mostly used for meditation and worshiping purposes.

You can also come across pictures of the Anahata Chakra symbol as wall hangings in temples and homes of Buddhists and Hindu people.

Meditating upon the Chakra enriches one’s life with the beauty of love and compassion, positivity, fortune, wisdom, and health.

55. Medicine Wheel Four Huts – Lakota Sioux North America

The next love symbol is the Medicine Wheel Four Huts – Lakota Sioux North America. The medicine wheel consists of seven stars, seven arrows, or seven human traits: fear, courage, love, sorrow.

However, the final three Universal traits are still to be discovered.

Speaking on the whole, the symbol represents true human nature. There are four tents that are evenly distributed around the perimeter of the symbol. They represent predestined paths.

There are four predestined paths represented by these four hearts namely: those who will have far sight, those who will be introspective, those who will be innocent, and those who will be knowledgeable.

Love being one of the most important traits that the symbol describes, the Medicine Wheel is also identified as a symbol of love.

56. Mongkok – Hopi North America

If you have heard of Hopi spiritual law, the Mongkok symbol represents this law. It symbolizes love, respect, and harmony in relationships.

Talking about the features of the symbol, it contains two horns, wood, feathers, and corn. All these individual parts represent the Earth.

Earth is home to all living beings, plants, water – a source of life, and humanity. Ultimately, the symbol gains its recognition as a Love Symbol.

57. Jewish Heart

Speaking about love symbols, the list is absolutely incomplete without a Jewish heart in it.

The symbol features two identical lamed’s (a Hebrew letter). The lamed’s face one another and represent the growth and survival of love.

According to Sarah Esther Crispe, the lamed means ‘to learn’ and ‘to teach’. The two are intertwined and both are essential.

58. Shell: European and Native American Symbol

According to Greek Mythology, Aphrodite, the goddess of intimacy and beauty was born from a shell, hence the shell plays an important role as the symbol of love.

Native Americans and Europeans also admire it, because of the quality it possesses and above all how the outer structure wouldn’t make you realize that a precious stone is hidden inside.

In Hindu mythology, the shell is used in various ways and is known to be a sacred thing. The sound coming out of it purifies the atmosphere around and brings love.

Didn’t get enough? I’ve some more…. some modern and some old, but all these symbols unveil super absorbing ideas of love.

Other symbols of love

Here we have enlisted a couple of random symbols of love. Though they do not belong to the same category, this is going to be the most entertaining list of all!

59. Harp: Symbol of love

Harp is believed to be a symbol of love by the Europeans, and by Ancient Celts and people from Iceland and Norway.

According to Celts, Harps are the ethereal connection between earth and heaven. It forms the bridge of love to connect the ordinary to the extraordinary. And it shows an unusual connection which people are not aware of.

In Norway and Iceland, people have built an image of Harp as strings form a ladder that directs them to a higher status of love. So basically, it depicts the love between the known and the unknown. Though it represents an unusual kind of love, it has its own charm.

60. Ribbons and frills

You must have come across the pictures of Knights who used to ride to their battlefields. Their uniforms consisted of a ribbon or a scarf wrapped around their neck.

The scarf or ribbon was given to them by their lady love or wives.

If you remember watching some of the most romantic dramas, then you will find women dropping their handkerchiefs or a frilly scarf for their lovers to get a signal of their presence.

If the lovers pick it up and return the handkerchief or scarf to the lady, it means that he is interested in her.

61. Broken hearts

While we’re just speaking about the complete symbols of love, a broken heart is also a love symbol, used to represent lost love.

Broken heart symbols are used by people who have had a painful experience in love.

62. The Hot Flames Symbol

Have you heard people saying they had an “old flame” with someone? By that, they don’t only refer to their ex-partners, but they actually refer to one of their ex-lovers who they loved passionately, to an extent that can be termed as ‘devastating.’

A flame simply represents fierce love, which is quite rare these days. Also, it signifies that “desires” are volatile… and as a fire ultimately extinguishes, the intense and fiery romance has a similar destiny.

63. Infinity Symbol of love

The symbol of infinity symbolizes everlasting love. The Infinity symbol looks similar to the Celtic love knot, which has no beginning or end.

Since the ancient civilizations of Greece, India, Rome, or Tibet, the Infinity symbol has always been a Love Metaphor.

It is believed that just like the Infinity symbol, the love between soulmates does not have a beginning or an end. The Infinity symbol is used to represent limitless and never-ending bonds between soulmates.

64. Interlocked Hearts

The symbol of interlocked hearts where two hearts are intertwined together is again a very romantic love symbol to denote that love is never-ending.

The symbol projects an idea of an everlasting bond of love and union. Interlocked hearts also represent unity or completeness between lovers.

Last but not the least, it’s time for another refreshing list of love symbols… but this time, they are a combination of two symbols.

Combined symbols of love

Thanks to modernization and creativity, we have combined two different love symbols to create a new love symbol.

I’m pretty sure you must be accustomed to using these love symbols because they are so popular in the present day. This list has to be a hit!

65. Heart with Wings

By now you already know that the Heart is a Universal symbol of Love. But besides, Dove wings or the Cupid wings are also a symbol of love. These two symbols combine to create the symbol of a heart with wings or a flying heart.

Heart with wings is a symbol to show that love is free and it cannot be caged or restricted. The sign does not necessarily describe the love between lovers, it can also symbolize self-love.

Needless to say, the symbol is one of the most appealing love symbols that have ever been created.

66. Heart pierced by an arrow

A very fashionable and trending love symbol that we often come across.

Heart pierced by an arrow is a symbol to depict lost love or the pain of love. This symbol represents the emotional depth of lovers.

It also refers to Eros/Cupid where it picturizes a heart spiked by the cupid arrow for the lover to fall in love.

67. Half Heart and ECG (zig-zag lines)

This combined symbol of love has completely set a fresh rage in the world of lovers. The latest and one of the most newly launched love symbols combines half a portion of a heart and a horizontal zigzag line denoting heartbeat, just like the ECG screen shows.

The symbol typically depicts how the heart of a lover beats for their beloved.

68. “Love” and Heart

There are many ways in which the symbol of ‘heart’ and the written word ‘love’ can be combined to create a beautiful symbol for love. 

The word love itself and heart are direct symbols of the heavenly feeling. Such a direct and witty combination is simply hard to beat.

69. Infinity and Heart Intertwined

This combination is an exclusive one. It is a super fascinating love symbol where you see the symbol of infinity and heart intertwining together.

The loop of infinity and a heart woven in the loop is so adorable to look at.

The symbol combines the message of infinity and heart together, symbolizing a heart full of everlasting and limitless love.

70. Arrow and Infinity

If you have come across the Infinity loop with its one end shaped like an arrowhead and the other end shade into the tail of an arrow, you must know that it is a love symbol.

The Cupid Arrow and Infinity loop combine together to form this one and only symbolic representation of love.

Voila! That’s great! You have covered the most exclusive and riveting list of symbols of love. Each symbol represented a unique feature associated with the idea of love.

It must feel good to know that there are so many things around you that can symbolize love – the most beautiful feeling of all!

But are you thinking about getting a Tattoo of these Love symbols? Caught You! Don’t worry, let’s think about it together.

Love symbols Tattoos

If you are struck with the quirky idea of tattooing the love symbols, I’m with you in this.

As you see we can mix and match the distinct love symbols to create a completely new and one-of-a-kind symbol of love, tattooing these symbols sounds like a full-on thrilling idea!

You are free to tattoo any symbol of love that relates to the love for your beloved. Flowers, birds, insects, leaves, fruits, trees, and so many ancient historical symbols, the options are vast!

You may want to explore various symbols before you come up with a final choice. Here is what you can do about it:

1. Filter the symbols that look most fascinating to you.

2. Again, filter the love symbols that convey the most perfect idea of love that you want to flaunt forever.

3. After narrowing down your list, you will have to come up with a final symbol that you want to tattoo. Pick a symbol that you like the most: both in looks and their meaning.

4. If there are two or three symbols that you have chosen and you do not want to miss any of them, then you must know what to do! Mix and match these symbols to combine them and create your own version of love.

5. To make it more interesting, you can combine a love symbol with your name or your lover’s name. If not the entire name, you can simply pick the initial of your names. Cool! You’re sorted!

Combining love symbols with your lover’s name is still a better idea than engraving just the name of your beloved. No doubt, your beloved is going to feel heaven on earth! 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

I am sure this discovery must have been worth your precious time and effort!

No matter how hard I try, it’s simply impossible to explain how fortunate are those who get to experience this incredible feeling.

The fact that you have been exploring this list suggests that you are blessed with the special ability to shower love. Trust me, that’s truly an angelic blessing.

What makes this list even more worthy is the fact that you must have got at least one symbol to represent your idea of love. By the way, what was your favorite symbol of love?