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200+ Amazing First Date Ideas to Secure Your Second!

200+ Amazing First Date Ideas to Secure Your Second!

Updated on Jul 05, 2022

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

200+ Amazing First Date Ideas to Secure Your Second!

If you’re here, looking for first date ideas.

Well, my friend, firstly congratulations… on your first date.

I know how you’re feeling… bubbles and butterflies… nervous and excited… jitters and joy. I’ve been there too.

And I understand your confusion too… that led you here. You want to make it memorable and fun and romantic…. And everything else possible.

That’s why I’ve compiled this list for you – with 200+ first date ideas divided into various subheads.

Make a wise pick mate, because your choice can either turn this date into a yawn-worthy outing or a whirlwind of romance.

…and also multiply your chances of securing your second date.

Pro Tip: A well-suited spot and engaging activity is the key to a perfect first date.

Now without further ado, let’s straight dive in!

First Date Ideas Infographic

200+ Amazing First Date Ideas | Fun First Date Ideas To Inspire Romance
200+ Amazing First Date Ideas | Fun First Date Ideas To Inspire Romance

Good first date ideas

Do not take the risk when it comes to the first date. All your firsts are precious. So, look at these ideas that we have customized for you and rock your date.

1. Walk your dog together

It may sound basic… but it’s super super fun! Take your adorable pet out for a walk with your date to a nearby park or lawn. This way, your cute pet might also find a date. 😉

But, make sure that your dog is well behaved or that you know how to handle your pet’s tantrums. Because some shenanigans might spoil the mood on your first date.

2. Solve a murder mystery

Who do you think killed the victim? Find out with your date.

Solve that murder mystery together. Trust me, it will be a thrilling experience. It will add adrenaline to your already-rushing hearts… and who knows., they might just be impressed with your detective skills!

3. Learn to decorate a cake

Decorating cake is an extremely underrated skill. Apart from that, most people don’t know how much fun it is.

Take my word and enroll in a cake decoration class with your partner on the first date. You can decorate the cake depending on the favorite theme of your partner – they are going to LOVE IT!

4. Buy gifts for each other

Let’s admit it: No matter how old we are, we all love gifts. So, why not make it your first date stint? The kind of gifts you give to someone also says a lot about you as a person… and vice versa.

So, make efforts to know what they like and buy a thoughtful gift. Don’t forget to take a cue from what they have got for her. Your gift will only tell you whether or not you’re going on a second date.

5. Make portraits for each other

If you both have a knack for art, you can draw each other on your first date. This way, you both will get enough time to observe each other intensely… and what else do you want on a first date?

It will be so beautiful to look at yourself from their eyes. Get that canvas ready, fellow artists.

6. Play bingo

Playing Bingo is fun, especially on your first date. You will know how competitive they can get.

To level it up, you can also bet that the loser would buy you dinner. This way, you have already secured a dinner date with your partner.

Bingo! Right?

7. Go for ziplining

Leap through those lush green mountains by ziplines.

Ziplining is a beautiful adventure. There is nothing like being suspended on a cable and sliding through those beautiful trees and jungles.

It fills you with excitement while nurturing your love for nature. This first-date idea should definitely be on your starred list.

8. Enroll for trapeze lesson

This may seem like a weird idea but works really well. Enroll in trapeze lessons with your date and see how stretching makes you feel relaxed while also burning those calories.

It is a great idea to escape small talk and ease your nerves on the first date. You might also get a chance to flaunt your skills in front of your date.

9. Crash a silent disco

Silent discos are perfect events for people who want to listen to their own music while still being a part of the crowd. You can groove to the songs of your choice while your date groove to theirs.

This way, you both can have fun and avoid differences in opinions.

10. Play a game of ping-pong.

A game of ping pong is good enough to test your rapport with your partner on the first date.

Bring back those high school memories with your partner. Strut down the lane of nostalgia and talk about other things from your childhood too. This way, you can get to know your partner better on the first date.

Have you not found the perfect date idea for yourself? Sit tight while we pour more date ideas.

Great first date ideas

Most date ideas are sweet and fun. But they do not create the desired impression. So here are a few greatest of all time first-date ideas.

11. Do a photoshoot together

Explore each other’s photography skills on the first date. No, don’t worry, you don’t have to be professional to do a photoshoot together.

Those goofy pictures of your partner are cuter than those picture-perfect poses. Have a fun photoshoot at various places in the city.

12. Visit Chuck-E-Cheese

Walk down memory lane by revisiting your favorite place during childhood.

Share your Chuck-E-Cheese stories with each other, even the most embarrassing ones. Hit up the entertainment center and then grab a bite of pizza while bonding with your date.

13. Watch birds together

Bird watching is one of the most peaceful date ideas. It will not only let you showcase your love for nature but also give you a soothing environment to talk.

However, make sure you do some prior research to not appear clueless when they ask you about birds. Check out the beautiful habits of certain birds. Impress them by telling details about the mysteries of nature.

14. Try Spelunking

If you and your partner both love adventures, then spelunking is the thing for you. Go and explore those hideous caves with your partner by your side.

This date may be exhausting, as exploring caves is not an easy job but it sure as hell will be fun. So, get those helmets and covers and be ready to get dirty.

15. Play a game of Twister.

Check your compatibility with a game of Twister. Test the reasoning skills of your partner.

A game of Twister is efficient in assessing the patience of your partner and you will also know how flexible your partner is.

16. Play some of your old records for them

Grab that Indie record album you like and play it for your partner on the first date. Your taste in music tells a lot about you as a person.

Show your partner your favorite music albums while you are asking them for theirs. Relive that 90s pop era.

17. Rent a car and roam around the city.

If you want to have an outdoor date, then rent a car and drive around the famous spots in the city. Renting a car will allow you to move at your own pace.

You do not have to spend your time waiting for the bus or going through the hassle of hiring a taxi. If you want to spice up the mood, you can rent a luxury car. Go in style, honey.

18. Try to break a Guinness book record.

Take that Guinness record Book and spend hours surfing through records. Your goal is to find a Guinness record that you and your partner might be able to break.

Trust me, this crazy date idea will be fun. And, who knows, you both might end up in the book later.

19. Take one of those compatibility tests online.

There are lots of compatibility tests online to check whether you are compatible with your partner or not. The first date is probably the best date to check your compatibility.

Either you can find your soulmate or save yourself from getting invested in someone not meant for you. It is good either way. Try it.

20. Slow dance in your dorm room.

Slow dancing in your dorm room is the most romantic idea for a first date. Play that Frank Sinatra song and groove with your partner while looking in their eyes. Hold each other close and sway to those beats.

Caution: Things might proceed faster than you think. So, avoid it if you want to keep it casual for now.

As they say, there is always room for finesse. So let us groom ourselves a bit and find you a perfect date idea.

Perfect first date ideas

Some of us want everything to be just perfect. We are ready to go through hell and high waters to make our first date unique.

So, here are a few date ideas for our perfectionist audience.

21. Swap Hobbies.

This is a perfect way to break the ice. Get to experience what makes your date happy by stepping in their shoes. Witness what makes their face glisten and beam with contentment.

This will not only talk pages about how you are as a person, but it will also show how much the date means to you.

22. Attend a stand-up comedy.

Laugh it out on your first date, mate. After all, like it’s said, laughter is the best therapy…

It’s the best way to know if your date matches your sense of humor, and even if not, it will lead you to think if you are willing to capture that smile in your heart forever.

23. Shop at a thrift store.

The best way to dissuade any awkward silence is to go thrift shopping. This will help both of you to acknowledge each other’s fashion sense and bring out the hidden fashionista.

Nevertheless, both of you will end up with beautiful additions in the closet. Win-win, right?

24. Go window shopping.

The safest option is to grab some bites and spend the day shopping. This will help both of you to get to know traits about each other that otherwise wouldn’t have been discussed openly and directly.

25. Play video games together.

Video games can be revealing. These games will help you look through your date. They will also show you how they deal with defeats.

Whether they are more passive than aggressive or just in love with their goofy selves. It needs active participation, so the best part is – it won’t be boring!

26. Try partner yoga.

Yoga will kill time, not literally. Go on and show off your flexibility. This will help build trust and initiate communication. It will also reduce any nervousness or stress that might have arisen because of the date.

27. Volunteer at a charity event together.

Find each other in the most natural state by volunteering for a charity event on your first date. This will allow you both to show your real selves and escape all the small talk.

It also speaks volumes about the values that you both share. So, say yes to being your true self, and love will come to find you.

28. Attend a cabaret show.

Let yourself loose, drink up and enjoy each other’s presence. What’s more happening than being able to appreciate the good things in your life with someone who matches your vibe?

29. Walk around that bookstore near your place.

If you are lucky enough to find a date who is into reading just as much as you are, it’s a blessing. I mean it. Go around the nearby bookstore or library, discussing the books and characters you both love… and the ones who taught you how to love.

Explore their scars, their mind, and their soul. Let yourself into their vulnerable hearts and find yourself falling in love amidst poetry and prose.

30. Animal rescue homes are the place to go.

You can know how affectionate and caring one person is by their reaction towards animals. This is also a way to steal a glance inside their compassionate heart.  

Overseeing their interaction with animals will give you a fair idea about it. If the animals respond positively, boom! You are with the right person.

Perfect dates are always mind-blowing but, some of us don’t want those grand gestures. We want a date best suited for us. So, let us rain on you some best date ideas.

Best first date ideas

If you want to make your first date a memorable one. Touch that sensitive spot. Spend time to know them. Take them to a date that will leave them swooned. Check out these best date ideas that might bring you close to your date.

31. Do some bartending together.

It’s an eventful way to start off a conversation as it will help you both connect on various levels, emotionally or socially. Go on, try different things and get to know each other’s tastes. Be comfortable!

32. Hit the casino.

What if your date has never been to a casino? This can be new to them, and they might look forward to it.

Take the upper hand, show off your playing skills, and give them a chance to get to know you better.

33. Add a little jazz.

If you are aware of places that play jazz, don’t miss out!

Jazz is calming and romantic yet subtle and expressive. The ambiance will soothe you both down and will propel you both into talking about your lives. Music is always magical, isn’t it?

34. Play laser tag.

It’s one of the best ways to entertain each other and enjoy your time to its fullest. After all, sometimes the fun is in the silly! Don’t you agree?

Either team up with or against each other and giggle your hearts aloud. You will know if their presence makes you feel butterflies in your stomach, and you wouldn’t want to let go of that smile anytime soon.

35. Ride a bike together.

Bike to each other’s favorite places and get to know each other well.

Go watch the sunrise or the sunset together, let the cool breeze softly touch you, and spark conversations on the way.

36. Say yes to bar trivia night.

Lookup for local trivia nights and challenge each other. This will help you both bond and learn new things about each other.

It will either have you both rolling on the floor at each other’s weirdness or stir up some new emotions. Well, what if it’s both?

37. Have that poolside brunch.

Strike off the cliched evening dates and go for day dates. Set up a private table by the pool and initiate a conversation without the fear of having been heard by someone else.

38. Ride a hot air balloon.

You are miles above the ground, slowly drifting away in peace along the orange sky that’s blushing crimson for you. You and your date are somewhere near the clouds drowning in each other’s presence while the silence engulfs you both in an embrace.

When you take the initiative to go on adventures with your date, it also reflects on the fact that you prioritize spending time with them.

39. Go boating together.

“Row row row your boat gently down the stream.” and if you suddenly meet their eyes, let your heart scream. Somewhere in the middle of the lake, on a small boat, only two of you with a beautiful backdrop and a comfortable silence. Hell yes!

40. Cook together.

What’s more romantic and testing than having two people in the same kitchen cooking the most desirable dish on a cozy winter evening? Probably nothing.

This will help you both understand how comfortable you both feel around each other and even if not, well, there’s pizza?! *nervously laughs*

Now we are showcasing date ideas for the goofy and crazy couple. Hold your horses while we pull out those fun ideas from the box.

Fun first date ideas

Have fun with your partner, and you will never have to worry about anything else ever again. These ideas are what we suggest for getting into the goofy zone.

41. Make a time capsule together.

If you end up together, you might want to cherish your first date. So, to never forget your first date, make a time capsule together.

You can write a letter telling your future selves about each other. Include a potential cute keepsake for the future.

Decide a day when you would want to open it. And remember, if it does not work out with this person, you can always look back and cherish the experience.

42. Make a scavenger hunt of your own.

You can make a list of some objects and decide to spot them on the way. Whoever spots the most number of items will win the game. This type of fun scavenger hunt can lead to a perfect first date.

43. Do sky-diving together

Sky-diving is hands down the most dope activity out there. Take that leap and jump on the train of love.

However, if skydiving is not available at your location, you can exchange it with some other activity involving great heights, like paragliding or bungee jumping.

44. Host a mini party for your date.

You can throw a party exclusively for you two or make it a double date. Go crazy with the theme and do not compromise on the pomp and fair. Try something like a retro theme.

45. Try ice skating.

Learn ice skating together. You can even teach your partner if you are a pro at it. Doing an activity together brings people close.

 So, get ready for a chilly ambiance and a warm conversation. You can also talk about your progress while grabbing some hot chocolate.

46. Hit that trampoline.

Hit the nearest trampoline park and jump your hearts out. Well, who doesn’t enjoy jumping around without having to fear hitting a rock?

It will be thrilling and exciting for a first date. You will also get to know your date better and unleash the fun side.

47. Work at escaping the escape room.

Escape rooms have been pretty famous recently. They are not that expensive and help you understand your partner well. Your experience at the escape room will tell you if you should really count on your partner or not.

48. Play arcade games.

Rock the arcade games by bringing out the adventurous side of yours. You can join forces with another couple and play against each other.

Just like me, if you are a disaster at playing arcade games, then play a few rounds before moving on to cheer your date.

49. Go ax throwing.

Relieve your stress by throwing an ax at a target, probably wooden. Forget your worries and smash that wood. You can also compete with your partner and whoever targets more wood, wins.

50. Visit a rage room.

The world is a mess, and so are we. Who doesn’t need a loud scream to let things off the chest?

Hit the rage room and smash things together; you never know if you end up clashing your hearts into each other.

If you want to do something cute to win your partner’s heart, then move on to reading the cute date ideas.

Cute first date idea

Cute first-date ideas are pretty tricky.

It is that soft spot between romantic date ideas and fun date ideas. You have to hit the bull’s eye for this one. But, do not worry. We got you.

Giving you a sneak peek into our best-kept secrets. Here are some cute ideas for your first date.

51. Plan a full menu and make a romantic dinner together.

Nothing can be more engaging than cooking together. You would see your partner in a whole different light…. Alongside living some cute moments like in the movies.

52. Paint your home sweet home with them.

Buy some buckets of paint and get to work.

Go around and make some graffiti, play around making silly things with paint, and maybe color each other a bit as well. Run to escape from getting painted and fall into their arms while gazing into their eyes. Come on, it will be fun. Believe me!

53. Play all your childhood games. Relive the best days!

Relive your childhood days with your partner. And hey, no cheating – Well, that was a hint on what to do to make it even more fun! 😉

54. Go fly a kite

Fly a kite with your loved one. As it rises high in the beautiful sky, let go of the nervousness and embrace the love.

Feel the thrill and excitement when someone tries to cut your kite or just sit holding your loved one in your arms and enjoy flying it together peacefully.

55. Go cycling

Go cycling with your loved one. On one cycle or two, your choice. Enjoyment is waiting for you in both options.

Ride along the river. Take pictures. Halt at a local shop to have some food. Go to a park and chatter away.

56. Revisit your old schools together

If you both went to the same school, good for you. You already have so much to look forward to. If not, it’s still good!

All those memories will flash right back to you, and you can share them with your loved one too. Or you can recreate those old moments and possibly create new ones too!

57. Have a dance session at home

Dance with your partner on your favorite songs. Oh, so you don’t know how to dance? Well, that’s even more fun. Ask your partner to teach you to dance or show them your best moves. It’ll be fun! 

58. Try new outfits.

Clothe your partner in the craziest of outfits at a second-hand clothing store. Make weird expressions, and yes, don’t forget to click photos.

 59. Hit an open mic

Don’t hesitate. Get on the stage and sing a song for your date in front of the world. Or take your date with you and go crazy on the mic!

60. Explore the unvisited streets.

Take your bicycle or choose walking. Go to a neighborhood that you haven’t been to. Look at the houses and make up tales about who might be living inside. Or pick your favorite mansion you might want to live in.

A plethora of go-to first-date ideas does not see the light of the day. Our hopelessly romantic audience wants everything spick and span. So, we are dividing deep into our magic pocket for some ideal date ideas.

Ideal first date ideas

Well, our ideal couples want everything fantasy-like. They want their first date to be as neat as a new pin. So, pouring a few ideal first date ideas below.

61. Learn to make pasta together.

Buying ready-to-make pasta might seem like a good idea, but making gluten-free pasta for your partner will make them fall for you like no one else.

They will appreciate the effort you have invested on the first date. It will also give you ample time to bond with each other.

62. How about aura reading?

You might not be into aura reading, but it is still an effective way to make your date memorable. One can lie about being into horoscopes and get their partner’s aura read.

This way, they can find out if that person is the perfect fit for them or not.

63. Visit a brewery.

A brewery tour can never go wrong for first dates. It will help you understand how beer and other alcoholic drinks are brewed.

Sip a glass of fresh-made beer while getting to know each other. Breweries are known for having a kick-ass interior.

64. Take responsibility for planting a garden together.

Plant a tree and nurture it together. This is a great way to secure future dates. You will also learn how caring and responsible your partner is.

So, if you want to get them hooked, there is nothing better than this date idea.

65. Visit that Tango Club.

It takes two to Tango. So, be mutually involved in your first date and take them to watch the Tango.

Restaurants with tango performances are usually loud and boisterous. You will feel excited and joyous watching those fabulous dancers perform Tango. Voila!

66. Whiskey tasting is a thing too.

Just like wine tasting, you can go and sip whiskey. It is all about what you prefer. Whiskey drinking is a pretty fun date idea if your partner loves whisky.

67. Get culture-rich and attend an Opera.

Opera is incredible, and so should be your date. Take your partner to attend an Opera on the first date. Dress lavishly and revise your etiquettes. La traviata, here we come.

68. Dine in the dark.

Go to one of those cafes where you can experience dining in the dark. The mystical ambiance adds thrill to your first date. There is a lot of hand-holding potential at such restaurants.

69. Go to a speakeasy.

Speakeasy is a theme for pubs and bars that portray these retro-styled bars that used to operate illegally during the era of prohibition. It is fun to relive those historical aspects and experience the thrill of being in an illegal bar.

70. Sip wine on a beach.

Beaches are never too extreme. They are soft and sober, outdoorsy and fun. It’s not too exhausting but romantic enough to have you gasp, “Oh, how the tables turn!”.

The anxiety and stress of a first date are mitigated by the sounds of the waves crashing the land. You experience a beautiful sunset with a person you like standing beside you hand in hand. Aww.

Not all of us are ideal couples here. Some of us are still figuring things out. Till then, we want to keep it casual. Right? So, stay a little longer while we spill the beans.

Casual first date ideas

Keeping it chill is a skill. *lol, that rhymes

Well, clarify your intentions with these super chill first date ideas to avoid your relationship from hitting the hay.

71. Attend a concert by a dope band.

Take your partner to a One direction concert and go crazy. If both of you are One Direction fans, then God bless you both.

Have the time of your life while screaming your lungs out at a One Direction Concert. I’m already excited for you two.

72. Grab a McDonald’s meal.

McDonald’s meals are the real deal. Nothing, I repeat, nothing is better than having burgers and fries on your first date. Go grab that happy meal.

73. Roam the aisles of the library aimlessly.

Go to your college library and roam those aisles, searching for a book your partner might like. You both can sit on the floor and go through your favorite lines from your favorite books. Such a dreamy date. Ooofff!

74. Meet for a run.

Meet your partner for a run on the first date. This way, you can start the day on a lovely note and stay fit together.

75. Jump on that sand mountain.

Do not hold back the child in you. Get crazy with your partner and jump on those sand mountains at the beach. Make sandcastles with them and relive your childhood.

76. Solve that newspaper crossword.

A pretty simple date idea can be solving a New York Times crossword together. Test your partner’s knowledge and pat them when they get it right. Or you may also give them a kiss instead.

77. Make memes together and post them on Reddit.

Upgrade your meme game. Find out the trending topics and check if your partner is keeping up with the trend or not. Design some witty memes together and post them on Reddit. Who knows, you might trend too.

78. Do a free activity at your college.

Every college has a bunch of free activities for students to enroll in. Find out what your college is sponsoring this year. Is it a throwback night or a fireless cooking competition?

79. Attend a sporting event at your college.

Cheer for your mates at the college event while also talking about them to your partner. Hurrah!

80. Go through a record store for new albums.

You and your partner can visit the nearest record album and choose records for each other on the first date. This way, you can record albums as your keepsakes.

Are you skeptical about showing your loving side this early? Well, if you want to act cool, we are glad to present you with some cool date ideas.

Cool first date ideas

If you want to act like your intense feelings are still up in the air for now. Here are a few secrets to having a COOL first date.

81. Go to that open-air gym.

Open-air gyms are so relaxing. Working out in the fresh air is bliss. You and your partner can meet at an open-air gym for your first date. Work out hard and get that heart pumping faster. Sweat off that awkwardness.

82. Attend an improv show.

Improv shows are a great way to know how your partner thinks. Let them pass suggestions for the improv and see how it turns out. Are they the creative wizard you have always dreamt of?

83. Recycle that junk.

Find ways to recycle those mason jars and turn them into something creative. Spend your first date decorating the junk around your house. Later, you can use them to lift up the aesthetic feeling of your home.

84. Test each other’s trivia knowledge

Let’s see how much your partner knows about random things. You can buy those cute trivia card games. Challenge each other to a trivia night. The winner gets access to the loser’s favorite food. You better win!

85. Attend that Pilates class together.

Recently, pilates has been a renowned method of working out. Attend a Pilates class with your partner on your first date and your flexible body!

86. Grab a ball and play catch with each other.

Only utmost boredom can lead you to play catch with your partner. If you are stuck somewhere and have no idea how to spend your time. Then, this is that date idea for you. Spend time playing catch while waiting for your food to be delivered.

87. Switch off your phones and get lost together.

Turn off the maps and GPS on your phone and explore the city like a boomer. You can ask people for directions. Try to explore some underrated streets and lonely alleys. Get lost together.

88. Challenge them for rock skips.

Did you do this in childhood? Go to the beach and assess how many skips your rock takes when you throw it in water. The person whose rock skips the most wins. Test their rock-skipping capabilities. It is a rare talent, I tell you.

89. Visit a public garden.

Public gardens are beautiful spots for a first date. Sit on a bench and watch people taking their dogs for a walk. Observe that cute elderly couple on the seat near you. Do you want to end up like them?

90. Nurture plants together.

Go to a park and water that tree. Nurture some plants in the garden near your house.

If you are a sucker for romance. You must be wanting a romantic date like one of those 90s rom-com. Read on for your perfect romantic date.

Romantic first date ideas

Get your suit and hold that rose. Open the limo door and let those sparks fly. Here are a few romantic date ideas for that perfect romantic date.

91. Have a romantic candlelight dinner.

A candlelight dinner is a classic. All your romantic gestures will be incomplete if you never had a candlelight dinner with your bae. Romantic dinners are the essence of romance.

92. Read novels to each other.

Imagine having the chance to read out your favorite, personal, and oh-so-endearing poems to your date while they do the same for you? Congratulations, you have hit a jackpot!

93. Watch the sunset near the lake.

A spellbinding sunset near a lake is all you need for a memorable first date. Put your head on their shoulder and soak in the last rays of the sun. Mesmerizing! Right?

94. Go camping.

Go camping in the vicinity and make a campfire for yourself. Cozy up under a comfy blanket around the campfire and talk about life. Cherish that starry night while listening to your favorite music. Oh my god! This date is everything.

95. Watch a chick flick under the stars in a cozy tent.

Movie watching has to be the most intimate moment of all. Imagine lying under the sky engulfed with stars while watching your favorite romantic movie. The moonlight envelopes you both into a warm embrace while you are looking into the eyes of each other. What would you rather see? The stars or the moon beside you?

96. Spend a mini-vacation in Paris.

If you have got the budget and the time, why not spend one of the most precious moments of your life in the most romantic place in the world?

It has been a long time since you have felt those butterflies. Come on, you deserve that!

97. Ride on a Ferris wheel.

Go take a stroll and end up in an amusement park. Tick off your fear of heights and get on the Ferris wheel.

Intertwine your hands and rub your thumb over their palms, don’t wait and tell them how much you like their company. The weather will take care of the rest.

98. Dine on a rooftop restaurant.

How about a space for only the two of you under the sky? It will be fifteen floors above the ground, with some red wine and a few mutual savories. Isn’t that the most perfect first date?

99. Attend a ball.

Nothing is too old to give it a try. Ask your partner out for a dance, wear their favorite color, and calm your excited nerves down. Do not lose your shoe tonight.

100. Go for a hike.

The best way to not let the silence creep up is to go on a hike. Take your first date on a short hike and tell them how adventurous you are. It’s time for you to break off the walls now.

If grand gestures are not your thing and you like to keep it low-key. We got you. A little subtlety goes a long way. We have listed a few date ideas to help you go slow and subtle.

Low key first date ideas

Meeting your crush in a casual setting eases your nerves. Some people might not want to make meeting their crush a big deal. So, they keep it chill. Here are a few first-date ideas to keep it low-key.

101. Play Mario kart.

Get your gaming console and start playing Mario Kart with your partner. It will be a fun date, and you also get to relive the nostalgia.

Indulge in a friendly competition and test your skills. Let us see if Mario can actually rescue the princess.

102.  Go watch a game of local sports.

Yes, watching the Knicks game is fun, but have you ever visited your local sports team before, like badminton or frisbee competitions?

Supporting your local sports team can be a perfect idea for the first date. Sit and talk about yourselves while simultaneously cheering for the team. You might also explain game rules to each other.

103.  Study together.

Well, if you cannot get out of the stack of college assignments, then studying together will be the perfect first date for you.

You can do your work while also spending time with your partner. Working together might increase your productivity because of the desire to look efficient in front of your partner.

104. Share your favorite playlists.

Tell them everything that you like about music. Talk about your favorite artist and their specialty that lured you towards them. Ask them about the music they love from the 90s era.

Discuss the Taylor Swift Easter eggs and try predicting those upcoming albums. Ship your favorite artist together and talk about the kind of couple they might be. Seems like a fun session.

105. Make your own pizza together.

Pepperoni and a loved one? That’s a thumbs-up from me. Ordering a large pizza may seem way more convenient than roughing that dough.

But who knows that watching your partner flip that dough can be such a turn-on. I do not know about you, but it worked for me.

106. Share YouTube videos with each other.

Share YouTube links and tell them how big a crush you have on David Dobrik. Tell them about all the funny videos that throw you into a fit of laughter.

Listen to their interests and the things they like. You can also dive deep into severe matters and share links to YouTube videos about political correctness or racism.

107.  Go to Starbucks.

The aroma of coffee at Starbucks can make you swoon. Order your favorite spice pumpkin latte or a caramel mocha.

Sit in the quiet and calm atmosphere and talk about things you want to know about each other.

108.  Watch a roast.

Nowadays, there are plenty of roasts on Netflix. Your favorite celebrities might be a part of it.

Laugh your heart out with your partner while you watch your favorite celebs burning silently. Prepare some snacks and popcorn and enjoy the show.

109. Watch the worst movie you can find on Netflix.

Want to have some insider jokes with your partner? Then this idea is perfect for the first date. Go crazy and watch the worst movie you can find on Netflix.

Talk about the stupidity depicted in the film, and crack jokes on it. Laugh at how bad the movie is. This hilarious process will be pretty fun and unique. It will be a memorable experience for a first date.

110. Have a self-prepared lavish lunch.

Prepare lunch for your partner yourself. Impress them with your cooking skills. I mean, who does not like a partner who can cook fabulously. Right? Set a table and put them in awe of your excellent presentation skills. In the end, they might give you a chef’s kiss for it. Or maybe more.

Well, many date ideas do not make it to your list because of the expense they carry. But, if you do not have a big budget, that does not mean you cannot have a big romance. Read ahead for some inexpensive date ideas.

Cheap first date ideas

Do not cancel that date anymore because of the budget. The right company is enjoyable irrespective of your budget. So, have a great time with your date with these inexpensive ideas.

111. Go to a pub where you can play some indoor games.

Pubs are always a great place to get rid of your nervousness. The large crowd deviates intense attention from you, and the alcohol settles your nerves.

The presence of some board games or a pool table will make you feel even more at ease.

112. Picnic at a nearby park.

Picnics are the best inexpensive outings. You can bask in the sunshine while showing off your sandwich-making skills.

You should carry some snacks and ready-to-eat meals with you. Your effort to make the picnic fun will make it more romantic than any other date.

113. Dawdle around the romantic spots in the city.

Nothing is better than a romantic stroll. A slow walk in the park is your golden chance at getting to know your partner better.

You can talk about each other and ask questions. You can even stop for lemonade or a takeaway hot dog along the way.

114. Google free events in your area.

Look out for free events in your local area. Keep checking the notice boards and your local newspapers for updates on local events.

You can find free local events and spend the day beautifully. Food festivals are the key to winning the heart of a foodie.

115. Go to an exhibition.

Most countries charge a low admission fee or provide free entry to renowned museums and galleries. You can arrange student passes or discount vouchers to avoid pricey tickets.

Further, many museums and galleries offer great discounts to young people.

116. A movie date at the cinema.

If you want to avoid awkward small talk, watching a film together is the best way to bond with your partner. You will not feel pressured to be engaging in your conversations.

After the movie, you will also have something to talk about. Later, you can also go for a drink and talk about it with your partner.

117. Spend a night watching your favorite movie.

One of the cheapest date night ideas is to stay in. And watch your favorite movie while cozying up on the couch.

You can cook a nice meal together rather than dining in one of those pricey places. This will also give you a chance to flaunt your skills in the kitchen.

118. Attend an Open mic show.

Open mic nights are a good source of free entertainment. There are a variety of genres in the open mic. Be it comedy, poetry, or some musical band you’re into. There is an open mic for almost everything.

However, the risk is about the quality of the open mic. But, if it is not that great, you can always laugh it out and bond over the experience.

119. Teach each-other a new skill

Learn about the interests of your potential partner. This will also tell you how skilled they are.

It is one of the cheapest date ideas and super fun too, as long as you and your partner have humble interests. You can teach them how to play guitar and they, in turn, can teach you a new language.

120. Prepare discount coupons and vouchers for that dinner.

There are so many good restaurant deals waiting to be grabbed. Checking out offers and money-saving meals and saving a lot of your money.

Some prior research can make you clever at dining opulently. Trust me, nothing is more attractive than a money-savvy partner.

Okay! Some of you prefer keeping it out of the box. Your one in million aura influences every activity of yours, including your date. Keep scrolling for those out-of-the-box ideas.

Unique first date ideas

We have squeezed out a few ideas that are not the talk of the town yet. So, impress your date with your one-in-a-million attitude. Here are a few first-date ideas to hit it out of the stadium.

121. Go stargazing.

You and your significant other? Under the stars? Perfect! Stargazing is the most romantic date ever. So, gazing at stars on your first date is nothing but a win-win. Carry a comfy blanket and soothing playlist to set the mood on that starry night.

122. Visit IKEA.

Seems weird. Right? Who goes to a furniture store on a first date? But this is not just any other furniture store. This is IKEA.

It has magnificent interior setups. It also has a food court with delicious food. You can have a gala time here.

123. Cowork at a cozy space.

If you and your partner have too many commitments, then coworking is the solution for you. Take your work to the date and work in those cozy cubicles.

You are not required to constantly talk to each other just because you are on a date. Work quietly and schedule fun breaks to grab coffee together. End your work with a dinner date, if time permits.

124. Get interested in the history of your town.

Learn about the lesser-known facts of your town. Visit some underrated places and explore the unique aspects of your city. Get familiar with the history of the street just outside your door.

125. Go touring on that duck boat.

Enjoy the waves while the sea breeze grazes through your face… while you’re touring on that duck boat with your significant other.

126. Revive that 70s fashion with tie-dyes.

Create tie-dyed tees for each other. This can be a cute keepsake from your first date. You can get tie-dye materials for any craft store near you. Set up the working studio in your backyard and revive the 70s fashion.

127. Ditch dusk and watch the sunrise.

Though beautiful, sunsets are now a cliché. Instead, stay up all night with your partner to watch the sunrise. It will be a memorable first date.

128. Attend a burlesque.

Watch the bold queens and enjoy your dinner. It is fun to enjoy that loud and fiery sequence with your date.

129. Visit a planetarium.

Spend an evening learning about the ethereal cosmos above you. The darkroom has a lot of potential for a short make-out session. Trust me, you will be fascinated by the stars and the universe.

130. Go to a place with an Instagram-worthy view.

Do I even need to explain this? It is all about those hashtags. Go and search for places with #beautifulnature, or maybe #firstdatekiss! 😉

If creativity is what you are looking for, we will serve you some. Put in some creativity yourself or take inspiration from the ideas listed below.

Creative first date ideas

Hey, we need some thoughtful ideas, right folks? Here are some date ideas that your Da Vinci-like friends use to impress their dates. Pick one of these and enjoy the compliments that follow.

131. Play with fluffy retrievers at the animal shelter.

If you and your partner are dog people. Spending a day at the animal shelter can help you bond over your love for animals.

Find an animal shelter near you and plan a date, Amigo. Who knows, you might even adopt one, together, in the future.

132. Sing Beyonce’s song, together, on karaoke night.

So cheesy! Right? This might sound silly, but then again, what is life without some goofiness. Finding a partner who is as weird as you, is a blessing.

You might also end up singing romantic songs for each other. It is a win-win either way.

133. Pick a psychic’s brain.

Let us see what a psychic opine on you two being together. The psychic might tell you how compatible you are with each other on the first date.

You might disagree with what the psychic says, but you can still have a fun experience.

134. Race go-karts with them.

Driving a superspeed go-kart on the track is exciting. It fills you with adrenaline. You can assess how thrilling your partner is and bond over this fun activity.

But, do not get too competitive, and remember to have fun with your partner.

135. Go pick your own blueberries.

You can go to pick fruits and berries at a farm. Talk about your love for fresh fruits and nature. Maybe you can bag a second date for turning the fruits you have picked into jams or pies.

You can also sit under the shade and relish those fruits together.

136. Get into an artsy mess.

Do something artsy together. Painting lessons or craft making is a good idea. You can also bond on pottery lessons while you teach them pottery making.

137. Go Bowling together.

If they are bowling fanatics, you can quote The Big Lebowski for them and make them fall for you.

Plan a bowling date with matching tees and a subway meal. Buy yourself matching bowling shoes and slide your bowl through the alley in style. Let’s go, Bowling!

138. Solve a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle.

The best way to test your compatibility with your partner is by making them solve an intense jigsaw puzzle. This way, you can assess how good or bad you two are as a team.

If you want something less intense, you can solve the Sunday crossword from your daily newspaper.

139. Go for Christmas-light seeing together.

‘Tis the season of love. If the Christmas season is around the corner, the best date idea would be to take your partner and go Christmas light seeing.

The beautiful visuals will be a promising start to making memories. Also, who knows if you stand beneath the mistletoe, you might end up with a kiss on the first date.

140. Explore the flea market with each other.

A flea market date is the best way to find some treasures. You can spend the day looking through the junk and finding treasures for each other. Give them a cute keepsake to win their heart.

If you do not want it over the top. I have some simple date ideas for you. Impress your date with the sober personality you possess.

Simple first date ideas

Ever heard the acronym KISS? It is prevalent in the corporate world. It stands for ‘keep it short and simple’ – I think it is the same when it comes to the first date. Keep it interesting (short) and simple. Let us tell you how to do that.

141. Have a simple dinner at home.

Prepare dinner for you and your partner. Decorate your table and get a bottle of wine. Invite them over to have a taste of your cooking skills and talk about life.

This first-date idea can help you bond with each other on a deeper level.

142. Go grocery shopping.

Even grocery shopping can be romantic with the right person. You can go grocery shopping on your first date and know a lot of things about them.

They will agree if they are with you for the real stuff and not just for perks. You can be goofy and peruse the market together for healthy fruits and vegetables.

143. Walk together aimlessly.

Long walks are the most romantic form of date ideas. Walk around the city aimlessly while talking about things that matter to you. Explore the unfamiliar streets and alleys.

Eat that jumbo hot dog from the street side vendor and walk home with ice-creams. Can anything be perfect than this?

144. Try new desserts.

Make it a sweet outing by getting something sweet to eat with your partner. I do not know about you, but desserts can definitely make your date happy.

Light up your partner’s mood with their favorite desserts. Chocolate cake always does magic.

145. Laugh together at your childhood memories.

Bring out your childhood photos and show it to your partner. Let your partner know about how cute you were as a kid. Tell them stories about your childhood and listen to theirs. Laugh at those dork-like photos.

This is the best idea to connect with your partner on the first date.

146. Read poetry to each other.

Reciting love poetries to a partner is so romantic. Read some Allan Poe and William Wordsworth poems. Tell them how poetry-like it is to be on a date with them.

This first date would seem like nothing less than a fairytale.

147. Frame your Lego project together.

Grab some Lego pieces and go big. You can spend hours together by making something huge with Lego.

This is a great idea to avoid awkward silences on your first date. You will be engrossed in making that Lego project, all while having some chit-chat from time to time.

148. Make playlists for each other.

Share songs with your partner that you want them to listen to. Make a customized playlist for them, including the music that is somehow suitable to their personality type.

This way, you get to know about your partner’s music taste. It is a perfect first-date idea for people who are really into music.

149. Go people-watching.

Going people-watching with your partner is the most simple and sweet activity for a first-date idea.

Exploring the banalities of life is a skill and not everyone has it. You and your partner can roam around the streets with music in your ears and wonder in your eyes. There is nothing more beautiful than this.

150. Spend time at tea rooms.

Tea rooms are just like coffee houses that serve tea instead of coffee. It is the perfect place for tea lovers. You can sit in the calm while being surrounded by the aroma of tea.

The spellbinding aroma of tea soothes your mind and eases your nerves. If you and your partner like quiet places, this is the perfect date spot for you.

The pandemic has ruined dating for most of us. But, do not worry. Every problem has a solution. So take a chill pill while we bombard you with first-date ideas that are efficient during the pandemic.

First date ideas during covid.

Safety should be your priority. Prevention is better than cure. Here are some safe first-date ideas that will help you stay distanced physically while getting you closer emotionally.

151. Watch a movie at the Amazon Prime watch party.

After so many lockdowns, if you still have not tried amazon prime’s watch party, then this is the time.

This Amazon prime feature allows you to watch a movie together in synchronization and even chat alongside. The movie they recommend will say a lot about their personality.

152. Learn together at an online class.

You both can sign up for classes that you are willing to take. From pottery making to dance classes, there are heaps of online workshops.

Find out what your date is passionate about or if you are good at something that your date wants to learn, then why not use the opportunity to impress them?

153. Visit a famous museum virtually.

Many renowned museums like the Louver in Paris have allowed people to take a virtual tour of their museum. You can sign up together for the virtual tour. Show them the exhibit you really liked. Or explore a completely new one.

154. Get similar orders delivered and have a virtual dinner date.

Experience dining at your favorite restaurant together while sitting at your home.

Make a zoom call. Sit in front of each other like it is an in-person date. Order food from the same restaurant and enjoy your date. Lighting some candles may set you in the mood.

155. Have an online mini-game night.

We know you cannot be together because of the pandemic, but you can always enjoy the virtual game night. Game night is a thrilling idea for your first date.

You can play an ample amount of online games and have a gala time with your partner.

156. Have a workout session online.

Nothing is better than a partner who likes to stay fit. There are a lot of workout classes available online because of the pandemic.

Sign up for a class together. Or look at some free YouTube classes. This is the best idea to get your heart pumping fast on your first date.

157. Have a lazy brunch.

Grab your favorite food and settle down to watch a long funny episode at brunch. Laugh comfortably. Lift up your spirits in the morning. Pour some maple syrup over those pancakes while laughing with your date.

Later you can talk about the show and bond over your experience.

158. Have your own virtual karaoke night.

There are lots of karaoke versions of songs available online. Have a karaoke night on your first date. Get your date on zoom call and ask each other to sing songs.

And since you are physically away from your date, you can open your mouth as wide as you like.

159. Listen to your favorite podcasts together.

There are a lot of podcasts available online. You can listen to your partner’s favorite podcast with them online. And talk about things from that podcast.

It is an admirable way to break the ice on that first date. Once you have established the connection, you can talk about other things.

160. Check out animal cams.

Your love for animals can be nurtured through those animal cams available online. Every sanctuary or zoo has some animal cams to offer. There are specific animal cams too. Like, elephant cam, giraffe cam, and so on.

If you do not want to leave your own space and comfort for dates. We can generate first-date ideas that will not require you to leave your house.

Indoor first date ideas

You do not have to go anywhere to have a great first date. There are multiple ways to enjoy each other’s company by staying home together. Listed below are a few of them.

161. Recreate your favorite order.

Try making that McDonald’s meal you like. It will be fun for you and your partner. You can bond over the activity. At the end of it, you both will have foods you like.

You can also find some YouTube tutorials and go head-on with perfecting your partner’s takeaway while they do the same for you.

162. Self-care sessions at home.

Not the best idea for a first date, but getting comfortable is what we want at the end of the day. So why not start from the first date.

Get some relaxing sheet masks and revitalize your skin while talking to your partner. If things go well, you might give each other a massage in the end.

163. Bake a cake.

Baking is fun with your partner. Baking on the first date can help you ascertain a few things about your partner. You will know how helpful they are and if they have the patience required for baking.

Do not get over the top with your ideas and bake a simple cake. If anything at all, it will be a fun experiment.

164. Get creative while making pizza.

Any date night is incomplete without pizza. So why not make pizza for your first date. What about making a heart-shaped pizza?

Surprise them with that heart-shaped pizza by topping it with their favorite toppings. We hope none of you are pineapple on the pizza type people.

165. Get competitive while making cocktails.

Get your lover to compete with you on your first date. Make those beautiful cocktails and serve them with love.

Little alcohol will help you ease your nerves. Do not forget to garnish your cocktail. There are always bonus points for the garnish.

166. Watch your favorite concert together.

With technology progressing rapidly, every famous concert is available digitally. Find out your favorite one and relive it. Sing those songs to your heart’s content.

Dim the lights and experience that moment to its fullest. Prepare some snacks to munch on while you scream out your lungs for your favorite pop star.

167. Try experimenting with your interior.

You must be bored of looking at the same walls every day. Why not jazz up your interior with some mutual creativity.

Find the creative pursuits of your partner. If you like the creative insights of your partner, you can incorporate them into your house.

168. Play a quiz.

Gather questions you want them to answer and play a quiz. You can ask everything you’ve wanted to know about them.

This way, you both will get to know each other better. You can test each other’s knowledge and see who is more aware among you two.

169. Challenge each other in a game of Scrabble.

Find interesting indoor games and challenge each other on your first date. There are a plethora of board games. My personal favorite is Scrabble.

But, you can play anything from Jenga to Uno. Make it engaging with a dare for the loser.

170. Host a personal wine tasting session.

Indoor wine tasting is the best idea for the first date. Even if you do not know much about wine tasting, you can still get excited about tasting different types of wine.

Cork open your favorite bottles and see where the night goes. It does not have to be strictly wine. You can switch to beer, gin, or any other alcoholic drink as per your taste.

Is it annoying to keep those vagabond feet indoors? Are your feet itching to leave the house and go have fun on your first date? Keep reading to scratch that itch before you finally satisfy yourself.

Outdoor first date ideas

If roaming around from one place to another is something that makes your heart flutter. We have got you. Here are some outdoor activities to satisfy your vagabond-like spirit.

171. Act like tourists in your own city.

Go and experience your city like you are visiting it for the first time. This unique experience will help you both bond on a deeper level.

You will get an idea of how non-residents look at your city. This feeling of discovering new things in your town will be exceptional and fun for both of you.

172. Go for miniature golf.

You might think that miniature golf is not for you, but this easy-peasy game gives you a lot of time to chat and play together. You do not feel the need to be competitive.

If the other person gets crazy competitive, it will help you spot possible red flags.

173. Spend a day at the stables.

Go and live that fairytale romance while riding those horses. You can spend a day basking in the beauty of those meadows while riding trail horses. You can sit under the shade during the afternoon while your horses are tied near the lake.

Quite fairytale-like. Right? Make sure to gain enough equestrian experience before jogging out into the wild.

174. Go on an adventure.

If you and your partner are adventurous, you can go rock climbing. It is exceptionally thrilling to be suspended by a harness at that height. You can evaluate the survival instincts of your partner while clinging to those rocks.

Rock climbing on the first date is the ultimate dating experience. If you wish to stay on the ground, try an escape room.

175. Visit that Carnival

Embrace the child in you by buying tickets for a carnival. This does seem like a rom-com stereotype. But, this is what makes it so much more romantic.

Get on that Ferris wheel, and you might bag a kiss while you’re at the top. Share that cotton candy and try to win them a prize. Share that nostalgia while talking about your childhood memories.

176. Have a beach day.

If the weather allows, a date at the beach is always worth remembering. Get childish and make those sandcastles.

If you’re in the mood, then slay in that beach outfit. Things can get steamy if you ask them to apply sunscreen for you. Watch that beautiful sunset while resting your head on your partner’s shoulder.

177. Get a taste of everything at a food festival.

Annual food festivals are great opportunities to grab some sample bites and know about the taste of your partner.

All the mingling and food tasting might be a great way to examine how social your partner is. Also, who knows, you might have a great dining place for that second date.

178. Get on a ferry ride.

A ferry ride is a perfect way to ascertain if you want to go further with this date or not. You can assess your interest in your partner while enjoying the breeze and those sea waves.

Talk about various things with your partner during that ferry ride. At the end of the ride, you can decide if you want to move further with the drinks or not.

179. Go attend a musical night.

This might not be the ideal first date as you might want to know your partner before getting into this commitment.

But, if you have clicked instantly over a pop star, then attending their concert would be the best first date ever. You both can enjoy some good vibes and get cozy on the lawn.

Take a blanket and get up close underneath.

180. Visit a botanical garden.

The best first date will be exploring a well-maintained picturesque garden. Talk about your love for nature.

You might want to avoid going there during the tourist season because calm and peace are essential for that romance-building. If you’re allowed to take food inside, then it will be a perfect environment for a picnic.

We have not forgotten our younger audience. Teenagers these days date more than adults actually. Listen up, fellow teens, date with all your heart’s content. Read ahead to find out how.

First date ideas for teens

Do not tell me that all the teenagers look how they showed them on Riverdale. I don’t believe you. Here are a few ideas inspired by the few cute teen couples around me.

181. Groom your nails.

If your boyfriend agrees to do this, he is a keeper, girl. This cheap date idea is a go-to for teenagers and an honest test on how much your boyfriend likes you.

So, if you are a teenager feeling butterflies, ask your man to groom your nails and don’t forget to see his face – everything is hidden in it. Boys, take notes.

182. Take a dip in the pool.

Swimming leisurely is one of the best date ideas for teens. If it is summer, take a dip in the ocean and flaunt your summer body. If it is winter, find yourself an indoor pool or a hot jacuzzi.

183. Visit that sushi train.

As a teen, not everyone can afford expensive dining. Local sushi trains are a good option for teens looking for a fun and affordable date.

It is not only an inexpensive idea, but it is also fun because of the theatrical style of the sushi train.

184. Go to a local mall nearby.

Local shopping malls are the best place for teenagers with a low budget. Get in the groove and go ahead with some intense window shopping.

Fast food at the mall is very convenient for teenagers. Take turns rating everyone’s style while you eat some fast food.

185. Visit a photo booth

A photo booth date is the cutest date ever. Pose like a dork and get all cozy and cuddly together. In this era of social media, it is a sweet gesture to get your photos clicked at a photo booth.

Most photo booths are located in malls. Combine your photo booth date with a mall date.

186. Have a PlayStation Dual.

It is a super fun inexpensive date idea for teens. Get that PlayStation and have a PlayStation contest with each other.

Be a little competitive and cherish that healthy competition. Combine this date idea with some yummy snacks, and you are good to go.

187. Visit an aquarium.

Aquarium tickets are super cheap and easily affordable for teenagers. This is why going to an aquarium is one of the best first date ideas for teenagers.

Even if you are not a teenager, an aquarium date is always cute. There is something mystical about the world inside the sea.

188. Learn origami.

As a teenager, origami can be your ideal first date.

You can pick out something that you like, maybe a 3D heart or a Swan. Follow the steps and create things together. It definitely requires patience but is also super fun.

This way, you can test how calm your partner is. Buy some snacks to munch on while you’re both engrossed in this fun activity.

189. Prepare a song together.

If you and your partner are into music, learning a new song will be fun for you both. You can picture yourself as those pop star couples.

You can groove to the songs you like and get swooned by how adorable your partner is. Tune yourself up like Beyonce and Jay Z.

190. Visiting the library wouldn’t be that bad.

Well, if you both are teenagers, you both must be studying right now. So, meeting at a library for your first date is a pretty good idea.

You can stay as long as you want and have some quiet chats along with your study sessions. It is inexpensive and a great place to start your love life.

There is no way on Earth we would have ignored the college students. Not a chance. College dating is difficult. It is a fast-paced phase of your life. You are suffocated with assignments up to the brim.

So, we don’t want you to waste time thinking about first-date ideas. Here are a few to save your time. 

First date ideas for college students

College students are super busy. To save their precious time, we have listed some first-date ideas that do not create a hodge-podge. Here are a few date ideas exclusively for our college students.

191. Explore your campus.

Every college campus, yours or mine, has something special and unique.

Like if it has beautiful hiking trails, then go hiking. Or, if your college campus is near an ocean, then head to the beach with your partner for your first date.

192. Watch Netflix.

College is the phase where people are busy building skills. They are focused on their career and hardly get time for dating.

So, instead of going out to a cinema, they prefer staying and watching Netflix. This way, they can soon get back to their assignments and commitments right after the date ends.

193. Take them dancing.

Dancing is desirable for most college students because they finally get to dress up amidst a hectic schedule. It also helps you stay close to your partner.

You may also show off some moves to impress them. Do not get nervous and shake your booty, bub! 😉

194. Visit a local coffee shop.

There is always a famous coffee shop near every college campus. It is renowned for the environment it provides to couples on a date.

Such coffee shops are also affordable because of their regular sale. Dine-in a fancy way at the local coffee shop near your college campus.

195. Buy tickets to a play.

If your college campus is in a city like New York, you need to attend a play at a theater. If you don’t have a high budget, let me tell you some theaters provide cheap tickets on the day the play is performed.

These are last moment tickets, and the seats are not always suitable. But you might get lucky.

196. Try Geocaching.

Geocaching is an outdoor dating activity, especially for college students, which involves hunting for treasure. The treasure is facilitated through a device that can detect locations, a GPS device. Those treasures are called geocaches.

If you have a smartphone, you can use the location detecting features of your phone and locate those geocaches.

197. Play Football or some other outdoor games

Go ahead and play those outdoor games with your partner. You can crush your partner in that game of miniature golf on the first date. But you can also play it smart and grab a second date by letting your partner win.

This idea might not be as inexpensive as the above ones. But it will definitely make an exciting date.

198. Watch the sunset from the best spot on your campus.

Every college campus has that one popular spot from where sunset appears more beautiful than anywhere else. Watching your partner smiling while those last rays of sun fall on their face can make your heart flutter.

First dates are not always about spending money. This way, you can also find out if the person is right for you.

199. Have a candlelight dinner in your dorm room.

This can be a very fancy first date if you make it. The best part about having a first date in your dorm room is that you do not have to worry about forgetting anything.

Your arrangements might win the heart of your partner. Your conversations will be very relaxed when you do not have to worry about the expensive bill at the restaurant.

200. Movie Marathon.

There’s nothing better than a movie marathon in your college dorm. You do not have to worry about dressing up for the first date.

Take a break and prepare some quick meals together. You can also share a blanket and talk about your favorite scenes from your favorite movies.

Now that you are well-prepped with some dozens of ideas, I’m sure you want to know if there will be a second date after this?

Well, read ahead, Rockstar!

5 Tips to secure a second date (on your first date!)

Your first date may be extremely fun… but whether or not you can secure a second one after it, totally depends on you.

So, if you’ve made your pick from the list above, then buddy, read these first date tips and it is sure to multiply your chances of securing the second.

1. Prepare for the date.

If you really want to go on a second date, do not go on your first date like a noob.

Make some real-time preparations, research some topics to talk about, and revisit your old conversations to know where you both are at the present.  

Talk about the last movie you both watched in the theater or anything that you both have in common. But be sure not to ask the same questions over and never, I repeat NEVER try to trigger their vulnerable side with sensitive topics.

2. Be in the present moment.

Attentively listen to what your date is talking about and be responsive. Do not just constantly look at the face of your partner, it makes them uncomfortable.

Be confident and humorous, behave decently, and engage actively in the conversation. Respect their choices, their thoughts.

The last thing a person wants from their date is the unwillingness to understand their perspective.

3. Be grateful.

Dates can, most certainly, be expensive. But one thing that does not cost anything and take you a long way is your manners. Greet your date when you meet. Compliment them. Be thankful for the little things.

If you are eating anything, eat properly. Ask to split the bill and thank them for their time before leaving. Trust me, these little things go a long way.

4. Do not overshare.

One common mistake most people are guilty of on their first dates is oversharing. Be mysterious and keep your partner wondering. No, I don’t mean that you need to just sit there and stare.

You just need to create certain boundaries and abide by them. Often, a slight urge to know more about you will make them go for the second date.

On the flip side, you must also be accepting of your fate’s boundaries. Never pester them to answer questions if they are not willing to.

5. Lastly, do not forget to ask.

Before leaving, make sure to ask them if they are willing to meet you again. You definitely don’t want to go back home, text, and keep waiting for the reply forever.

If you think that you and your date enjoyed it, go ahead and ask them NOW. It might be a straight no, but at least it will not keep you wondering.

Over to you…

I know you want your first date to be perfect but spare some leeway. After all, to err is human… and to forgive is divine.

You can only plan things that are under your control but there are so many unforeseen difficulties that may ruin your perfect first date. Don’t blame yourself for that.

But if luck’s on your side… then with these inexplicably categorized first date ideas, you’re sure to make a lasting impression on your date’s mind.

Remember that your first date is not just about your partner… it is as much about you. So, prioritize yourself, be aware of your feelings and then plan your dream date.

In the end, remember that not everything has to be perfect.

It just has to be fun… and who knows, you might just also land your first kiss! 😉