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More Than 150 Cute Date Ideas To Make Your Day Special

More Than 150 Cute Date Ideas To Make Your Day Special

Updated on Nov 02, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

More Than 150 Cute Date Ideas To Make Your Day Special

If you want to really like someone from your heart you will definitely look for some cute date ideas to spend some fun time with him/ her. Sometimes a cure romantic date is all you need to feel the connection between you two.

I can understand that you are feeling butterflies in your stomach and you are worried and nervous as well as excited and enthusiastic about your date.

You want everything to be memorable and enjoyable for your partner.

Here we are going to discuss some cute date ideas for you all which will help you to ease your nerves and plan something amazing and enjoyable for your partner. 

Cute Date Ideas Infographic

150+ Cute Date Ideas To Make Your Day Special -
150+ Cute Date Ideas To Make Your Day Special –

Cute first date ideas 

First dates always can make you nervous. Try not to take risks while planning your first date with someone. Start with something basic but adorable which can be enjoyable for both of you.

1. Play some fun game

Playing some fun games together with your partner can be really fun for your first date. It can help you to understand the competitive nature of each other. Playing together can be really fun for both of you.

You can also increase the fun by giving some reward to the winner like the loser will take the winner to a fancy date or will do something special for their partner. 

2. Try a new candy shop

Candies always help us to uplift our mood. If you both have a sweet tooth and love candies you can explore some new candy stores in your town.

Try some new candies and find out which one you like the most.

This will help you to understand each other’s tastes and you will be able to have a lot of fun together. 

3. Visit photo booths

You can visit some good photo booths of your town and click some crazy photos together. This will be a different experience for both of you.

These pictures will preserve your memories forever and also will help you to enjoy the fullest.

4. Walk your dogs together

You can take your dogs for a walk together in some park or some garden. In this way, your pets can bond too.

This can be super fun for both of you. Playing with your pets can increase your happiness but make sure that your pets are well behaved otherwise your date can be ruined. 

5. Learn something new together 

Learning something new is always great fun. You can learn something together on your date, which you both have a huge interest in.

This will also help you to develop your skills together. This can also be competitive sometimes in a fun way.

Learning something together on your date can give you something in common which you can talk about comfortably at any time. 

6. Go for a classic movie

Watching a classic movie together in some nearby theater is always a perfect thing to do on your first date with the person you like.

This can give you enough time to hang out and understand each other’s preferences. 

Watching a movie in a theater can also give you a similar topic to discuss later and can help you to understand each other’s insight and perception about so many things. 

7. Visit a video game club

Video games are always huge fun for anyone of any age group. Playing some games at a video game club can help you have fun and eliminate any awkwardness. Sometimes a healthy and fun competition can break the ice. 

Remember not to be over-competitive while playing. If your partner is new to this do not forget to be a little easy on him/ her it will make your time more enjoyable.

8. Buy surprise gifts for each other

Everyone loves gifts especially when it is a surprise gift. The choice of gifts can always reveal a lot about your perception, your thoughts, and your creativity.

You can include this on your first date to experience something new. 

Gifting something to your partner will need you both to make an effort to understand each other’s preferences and needs.

Buying some gifts for each other can add some more excitement and fun to your date. 

9. Have lunch at someplace new

You can plan a lunch together at some new place together. With a delicious meal, you can enjoy each other’s company and talk about different things.

Having lunch together can give more time to talk about yourself and help you to know more about each other. 

10. Go for a live stand up comedy show 

You both can go on a stand-up comedy show. Laughing together will help you to boost your mood and have some amazing fun time together.

You both will be able to share your sense of humor with each other and you can make a great memory of laughing together. 

Live shows will not allow you to talk comfortably so you can spend some extra time after the show.

You can discuss something about your thoughts on the show or about anything you both want to. 

11. Go on a picnic

You can plan a picnic somewhere close to nature. The beauty of nature can create a romantic environment for both of you and you can enjoy each other’s company.

You can plan different games or activities with your partner.

Planning a picnic can give you a whole day to spend together.

This will be the perfect opportunity for both of you to understand each other’s thoughts, your views, and your perception of different things. 

Cute picnic date ideas

12. Go boat riding 

You can plan a boat ride on a bright sunny day somewhere and this will give you a romantic environment to spend time together without any interference.

You can experience something amazing and always preserve those memories. 

13. Ride bicycles 

If you both can ride bicycles then you can go for a long ride and arrange a small picnic for your destination.

If you are stressed and nervous about your date a ride can help you both to be more comfortable with each other and release the tension. 

14. Plan a one day outing somewhere 

You can plan a whole day outing somewhere nearby. This can give you more time to spend with your partner and enjoy each other’s company.

You can select someplace where you both will be able to enjoy the fullest. 

You can include some side scenes or some activities which can help you to bond with your partner.

15. Go to a beautiful park

You can plan your picnic in a beautiful park and spend some time with each other. Explore the park and include some fun games.

If the park you are choosing has some rides you both can enjoy them too.

16. Go bird watching

If you love birds you can plan your picnic somewhere you can watch different birds with your partner.

This will give you some time to enjoy each other’s company as well as enjoy nature. Every time you see a new bird you can share your excitement with your partner.  

17. Play outdoor games

Playing outdoor games is always the perfect thing to do on a picnic. You can select some games that you both enjoy playing.

This can give you a friendly competition and have fun. Try not to become over-competitive and enjoy the game. 

18. Cook something together 

If any of you have any interest in cooking you can plan a picnic and cook something delicious together.

You can even mix your tastes invent some new dishes and experiment with your food. This can be huge fun for food lovers and for the people who really enjoy cooking. 

19. Plan a photoshoot together

If you are planning an outdoor picnic you can do a photoshoot together.

This will help you to spend some romantic time together and also capture some of your amazing moments which you can cherish with the photographs for the rest of your journey. 

20. Play twister games

Twister games and always fun and end up with a huge laugh. You can play some twister games with your partner at your picnic.

This will give you some amazing memories of laughing together and enjoying your moments together. 

21. Explore the city 

You can explore some unknown corners of your city with your partner and experience something new.

No one knows you can share some amazing moment with your partner somewhere and you can make that part of the city your favorite spot. 

22. Play ping-pong game

You can challenge each other in a friendly ping pong game and have a lot of fun. This will help you to bond and share some amazing times.

You both can also share some ping pong stories from your past which can always help you both to know more about each other. 

Cute date ideas for teens

23. Do some gardening together

If you love plants you can spend the whole day in your garden, plant some new trees and plan a small picnic there.

Gardening can relieve your stress and nervousness and can also help you to avoid any awkwardness. 

24. Set up a tent

You can set up a tent in a nearby forest or a nearby mountain and spend the whole day together. You can light a campfire and share a romantic night. You can cook something in the fire and enjoy your dinner.

You can look at the stars in each other’s arms, listen to some good music and talk whatever you want for the whole night. 

25. Swap your hobbies

You can swap your hobbies on your date and try something new. In this way, you both will be able to experience something that the other person loves to do.

This can help you to understand the other person in a better way and you can find out more about them. 

26. Watch the sunset together

You can plan a picnic at someplace close to nature and where you can experience a beautiful sunset. You can enjoy the sunset together in each other’s arms and make some amazing memories. 

Nature can always boost up our mood and can help us to create some good memories.

27. Explore the nature 

You can explore some new places and enjoy the natural beauty. You can just sit with your partner and talk about yourself.

This will help you to get to know each other in a better way and create some new memories. 

 28. Create something together 

You can create or make something with your partner on your first date. You can explore each other’s creative minds and execute some of them.

Making something new is always fun and you both can have some fun as well as productive time this way.

29. Plan a romantic dinner at some restaurant 

You can plan a romantic dinner at your partner’s favorite restaurant. This will need you to know more about your partner and his/ her preferences and likes.

A romantic dinner can always boost the love and romance in the air and you can enjoy a great time together. 

If you both have some interest in any art or creativity you can visit an art gallery nearby. You can explore each other’s imagination and creative thoughts and spend a beautiful time together. 

This can be a good opportunity to bond and to enjoy some calm and pleasant time with each other. 

31. Play video games

You can arrange a playdate with your partner and play video games all day long. Video games can always be fun for everyone.

This can help you to know your partner in a better way and you both can learn to handle defeat.

If you are nervous about your date and worried that something may go wrong, this can be a perfect date for you as this will need both of your participation and this can never get boring.

32. Attend a concert 

If you both love to experience live concerts then you can attend a live concert nearby of something you both like.

You can enjoy the show and spend so much time together. If you are experiencing any live show that you really like, it can never be boring. 

Live concerts will not give you enough time to talk among yourselves so if you are planning to attend a concert then you spend some time together after the concert and talk about yourselves. 

33. Go horse riding 

You can go horse riding on your date with your partner and have a lot of fun. Horse Riding can be thrilling as well as romantic and can give you a royal feeling.

If one of you can not ride a horse you both can ride in one, it will make your date more romantic and thrilling. 

Cute romantic date ideas

34. Watch a live sport 

If you both share your love for some specific sport you can watch a live sport together. This will help you to see through each other and understand your preferences.

Watching a game can be thrilling and exciting. This date can also boost the excitement between you two. 

35. Go to a bookstore

If you really love reading books and you are dating someone who shares the same interest you can plan a date in a bookstore.

You can have a long discussion about your favorite books, your favorite characters, and your thoughts and views about certain books. 

This will help you to understand each other’s thoughts and ideas and help you to explore each other’s minds.

36. Go to a planetarium 

You can visit a planetarium with your date and enjoy the universe together. Learn more about the stars and the galaxy together.

The dark ambiance can also give you some time to share a romantic moment with each other. 

37. Learn ice skating 

You can learn ice skating together and enjoy your date. Learning something new can always be exciting and can also increase your bond.

You can help each other to grow your skills and have a lot of fun as well.  

38. Play your favorite board game

Board games are always perfect for spending your time with someone and can never be boring.

There are so many options available and you can choose something which you both can enjoy playing. You can also plan a perfect playdate with multiple board games.

Playing games with your date can always be insightful and can help you to learn about your partner’s skills and capabilities to handle different situations. 

39. Go bungee jumping 

If you both love the excitement and want to experience some thrill together you can go bungee jumping.

This will need both of your participation and can give you a lifetime of excitement and memories with your partner. 

40. Roam around your city

You can hold hands and roam around your favorite places in the city. You can also book a mode of transport for the day and visit your favorite spots in your city.

This date will help you to know more about each other’s preferences and tastes. 

Maybe you can spend some romantic time together and make some new memories. 

41. Take part in a play

You both perform a play together somewhere. You can choose some romantic play and this will help both of you to express your creative side4 and spend some romantic moments together. 

42. Go to a museum

You can visit some museums in your town and share your thoughts about the things you like and learn something new together.

This can lead you to some long discussion or a healthy debate about the things you know and about your learning.

43. Go rock climbing 

If you both love different activities then you can go rock climbing and spend your day there. If you are new to this then you can learn something new or improve your skills and enjoy your day with your partner. 

44. Make something creative together

You can plan something creative on your date. Apply your creative mind and create something together that you can cherish forever.

This will help you to explore each other’s creative sides and thought processes.

Cute summer date ideas

45. Visit an aquarium 

If you have an aquarium nearby you can visit with your partner and enjoy colorful and exotic fish.

You can share some intimate moments with your partner in the dark ambiance of the aquarium while appreciating the beauty of the fishes.

46. Go swimming

Swimming can be relaxing and enjoyable in summer. You can go swimming with your partner on a sunny day.

This can be really fun for both of you. If you really enjoy the water you can also visit some water parks and enjoy different water rides during summer. 

47. Plan a dinner at a beach

A candle night dinner at a beach is always very romantic and classy. During summer this date can be relaxing too.

You can plan a one-day tour at some beach and a romantic dinner. You will be able to talk heart to heart and understand each other in this romantic environment.

48. Plan a scavenger hunt 

If you both love to solve mysteries and you are attracted to thrill then you can plan a scavenger hunt for each other.

You can also take part in some scavenger hunt organized by someone together. 

This can be exciting and thrilling for both of you and your ability to solve something together will grow and this will make your bond stronger. 

49. Go for a carnival 

You can take your partner to a carnival and relive your childhood memories together. Try some rides play some games and win something for your partner.

You can share your childhood memories of carnivals with each other. This will help you to know more about your partner. 

50. Spa date

You can plan a spa date on a summer weekend with your partner. You can try any couple massage parlor and release all your stress from the busy week.

You can talk about several things in a calm and relaxed mind and enjoy your day. 

51. Go for a bike ride

You can go for a romantic ride with your partner and enjoy the cool breeze on a summer afternoon or evening.

This can be a thrilling experience for both of you. You can end your date with a romantic dinner and talk about different things. 

52. Host a private rooftop party

You can host an exclusive private party at your roof for your partner. You can decorate your roof and play some good music.

This can show your effort for your partner and boost your bond. You can arrange some activities to spend your time on and a romantic dinner for him/ her.

53. Plan a weekend tour nearby

You can research some offbeat places that are worth visiting and plan a small weekend trip with your partner.

This will give you a new experience and a relief from your regular life. You can spend your day cuddling your partner and spice up your romance

54. Cook something for each other

You can make some surprise dishes for each other on your date. Prepare something unique and show them your skill.

You can set up a table and you both can enjoy the surprise meal. This will satisfy your taste buds as well as your heart. 

55. Water gun fight

Water games are always the perfect thing to do on a hot summer day. You can arrange a water gun fight and wet each other without any limit.

You can relive your childhood days with your partner and enjoy your perfect summer date. 

Affordable cute date ideas 

56. Watch a horror movie

Horror movies are always fun to watch, especially when you are watching them with the person you like. Watching a horror movie together can lead you to some romantic moments.

57. Enjoy a meal at a pet friendly restaurant

You can plan a lunch date at a pet-friendly restaurant and have some good food with your partner while appreciating the cute pets.

You can also cuddle with exotic pets with your partner and spend a cozy day.

58. Talk about your bucket lists

You both can write down a bucket list and share it with each other. This will help you both to know about your desires and wishes that you really want to fulfill in your life. 

You can plan to fulfill all your wishes one by one together and cherish every moment of your time together. 

59. Play memorizing game

Memorizing games can always be fun and exciting. You can play certain friendly games with your partner and challenge each other’s memory.

You can make some rules for your game and set some prizes for the winner.

60. Ride a Ferris wheel

You can ride a Ferris wheel together and share some private moments with your partner in public. This can be really romantic and intimate.

You can share a kiss when you reach the top and this will be really exciting. 

61. Dance together

Play some nice music and share a dance together. You can create the mood with some scented candles and some lights.

You can start with some slow romantic songs and end your night dancing like crazy together. 

62. Ride a hot air balloon 

If you have the budget you can ride a hot air balloon with your partner and enjoy the view. You can share a romantic moment with your partner while enjoying the beauty.

You can follow up with a romantic dinner to increase the fun of your date. 

63. Arrange a bonfire

You can arrange a small bonfire on your roof or in your garden for your partner. Prepare some snacks in the fire if possible and spend an amazing winter evening in each other’s arms. 

64. Row a boat with your partner

Take a boat and row it in the river with your partner on a sunny winter day. You can look into each other’s eyes in the middle of the river with your pounding hearts and let the magic happen. 

65. Exchange family album

You can exchange your family albums and look into each other’s memories. You can also share your childhood stories or some stories about your family members while watching the album.  

This will help you to know more about your family and your partner will also feel more connected to you.

66. Experiment with your home interior 

You can experiment with your home decor and interior.

Do some research on different interior designs and plan your dream home and you can also apply your ideas in real life and make some affordable changes in your home.

Cute winter date ideas

67. Kite flying 

If one of you knows how to fly a kite you can plan a kite-flying event. The person who is new to this can learn from their partner. This can be a unique date and you both can have a lot of fun together.

If you both know how to fly a kite then you can arrange a friendly competition and set some fun punishment for the loser. 

68. Experience some flower exhibition 

Flowers can always clear your mood and make you smile. You can take your partner to a flower exhibition and enjoy the beauty of different exotic and colorful flowers. 

69. Watch fireworks 

You can watch fireworks with your partner and spend a romantic evening and enjoy the beauty.

This can create some special moments for you and you can lean into your partner for a kiss and share a romantic moment. 

70. Visit the zoo

If your partner really loves animals then spend a day in a zoo. Winter is the perfect time to visit a zoo. Appreciate the beauty of wild animals and spend an exotic day with your partner.  

71. Go to a flea market

If you have a flea market nearby then you can take your partner there and discover something new. You can hold hands roam around and enjoy the vibe of the market.

Flea markets can be a source of good and tasty food, lots of fun and excitement for everyone.

You can plan your date before and select some good restaurants, talk about different things in life and spend some quality time together.

72. Play golf

Golf is a very passionate and classy game. You can visit a golf course with your partner and experience something new. If you both know how to play golf then you can have a healthy competition with each other. 

If you don’t know how to play the game then you can learn together and develop a new skill and enjoy the evening. 

73. Share your childhood stories 

You can plan a cozy indoor date and share your stories. You can share your best and worst memories or you can talk about your childhood.

This will help you both to open up and grow your bond. This date will help you to know your partner and their needs in life. 

74. Go hiking 

Hiking is always exciting and can be really enjoyable. You can go hiking with your partner and enjoy the free spirit of nature.

If both of you really like to explore nature and want thrill in your life you can plan a date like this. 

75. Arrange a picnic on your roof

Winter is the perfect season for picnics. You can arrange a small picnic on your roof and cook some food together.

You can also arrange a bonfire, play some good music and create a romantic vibe to enjoy the mood and have a great time with your partner. 

76. Plan a poolside lunch

A bright day in winter is always perfect for a poolside lunch with your partner. Enjoy the view of the pool have a relaxing time and talk about whatever you want. 

You can also dip your legs into the pool and relax in each other’s arms while talking about your favorite memory together.

77. Set up a fireplace and plan a cozy evening 

If you have a fireplace at your home you can plan a cozy warm date for your partner.

Light up the fireplace, share a blanket with your partner and watch a romantic movie or a Christmas movie under a blanket while cuddling. 

If you both love to read then you can plan this date with some books and a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. 

Cute at home date ideas

78. Jamming 

If you both love music then you can jam the whole night. If any of you can play any instrument then it can be more exciting and cozy.

Otherwise, you can arrange a karaoke night and sing some duet songs as well as some chorus. 

79. Face painting 

Arrange somebody paints and paint each other’s faces. As this involves physical contact it can boost your intimacy and romance. This can be silly but fun and enjoyable for both of you.

80. Solve a puzzle 

You can find some big puzzles and try to solve them together with your partner. This will help you to understand your problem-solving ability together and grow your bond.

You can also share some of your childhood memories with your partner while solving the puzzle. 

81. Paint your home together 

If you are planning for an indoor date with your partner you can paint your home together. Doing something productive together can help your bond to get stronger and can be fun too. 

The colors on the wall can also spice up your romance sometimes and lead you to intimacy. 

82. Learn baking

If you both love eating dessert you can try baking at home. Baking can be really fun and creative and you both can implicate your ideas into this.

Choose your favorite flavors and make something new. You can also give it a name and make it your signature dish. 

83. Learn some new language

Learning something new together as a couple can always be beneficial for your relationship.

You can learn some new language together and you can communicate with each other using this language. This can be really fun and can help you to make your bond stronger. 

84. Reorganize your home

Reorganizing your home is always great fun and can give you a fresh start. A little change in the environment can be really motivating sometimes. You can plan it with your partner and enjoy it while executing your ideas. 

85. Write a story together

You can use your creativity and write your own store together. This can reflect your thoughts and perception and combine them.

You will surely enjoy every minute of this and you and this can also help you to improve your relationship. 

86. Plan an indoor photoshoot

You can groom yourself and plan an indoor photoshoot with your favorite outfits.

Create a beautiful background with the things you already have at home set the mood with some lights and click some good pictures together. 

You can also frame your best-clicked couple of pictures after the session. 

87. Invent your own game

Everyone loves to play new games and it will be amazing if you can plan your own. Use your creativity and make a new game of your own. 

Try to make this game more entertaining and exclusive. This game can represent your relationship and your love. 

You can also invent a game that can be intimate and exciting to spice up your romance. 

88. Make a video together 

If you love watching a couple’s videos on Youtube you can try shooting one together. You can make any challenge video or any prank video or anything you think can be entertaining.

You will definitely have great fun while shooting it. Later you can post it on your social media handles if you want. 

Cute date night ideas

89. Netflix and chill

Netflix and chill is a very popular date idea for the youth. You can cuddle in a blanket in each other’s arms and watch a movie or series of your favorite genre.

This can be cozy, relaxing as well as romantic. Grab a bucket of popcorn and some drinks and enjoy your nights in your Pjs. 

90. Pamper each other

You can arrange an indoor spa. Give each other a full body massage or skincare and release all the tension from the week. Pampering each other can reflect your love and care for your partner and increase your bond. 

91. Reserve a table at a rooftop restaurant

You can reserve a table at your favorite rooftop restaurant in your city and plan a romantic diner. You can watch the stars while having your food and enjoy the mood and talk about different things. 

92. Walk in the moonlight

If you really like long walks then hold your partner’s hand and take a walk on a less crowded road and a full moon and enjoy the moonlight.

This can be really a magical, relaxing and peaceful experience for both of you and spice up your romance. 

93. Go to a karaoke bar

If you both love music then you can hit the karaoke bar and sing whatever you want. You can sing different couple songs and make videos of them. 

94. Walk by the beach at night

You can take a long walk on the beach with your partner and enjoy the breeze of the sea. The sound of the sea at night can be magical and set a romantic and calm mood.

You can enjoy the moonlight and watch the stars and create some amazing memories. 

95. Make some pizza

If you are planning an indoor date then try making your own pizza at home. You can choose some fun toppings for your pizza and make it a food challenge.

You can also try some different flavors with your pizza. This can be really enjoyable and give you a unique experience. 

96. Watch the worst rated movie and troll it

Find out the worst-rated movie on an online streaming platform and watch it together. Watch the movie just for fun and enjoyment.

You can also troll or mimic the characters or some scenes from the movie and enjoy your time together.

97. Go to a cafe with live music

Visit a nearby cafe with live music and have dinner with your partner. You can order your favorite food and enjoy the music as well as the ambiance.

You can also request a song from the performer dedicating it to your partner. It can make him/ her feel special and happy.

98. Make a parody of your favorite song

Choose your favorite song of the night and together make a parody of that song. You can choose multiple songs or multiple tunes to show your creativity.

This will be really fun and you can burst into laughter with your partner while making those parodies. 

99. Attend an open mic show

You can attend an open mic show and showcase your talent. There are several genres of open mic shows and you can choose your favorite genre and find an event nearby. 

Try to express your creativity and thoughts through your performance. You can dedicate something to your partner and make it more special for him/ her. 

Best cute date ideas

100. Play your favorite childhood game

If you love playing games you can spend the night playing your favorite childhood games one by one. Make a list of the game that you both used to enjoy the most.

Cherish your memories together and make some new while playing these games and have a lot of fun. 

101. Set up a tent on your roof and spend the night 

You both can set up a tent on your roof and spend the night there. You can watch the stars, watch horror movies, plan a bonfire, or share your memories and enjoy the night.

Play some good music and arrange some good food to make it more special. 

102. Download some new games on your phone 

If you want to do something different yet fun on your date night you can download different games on your mobiles and play them together. 

There are so many free games available in the market. Choose the game you find interesting and try them out.    

103. Write each other a love letter

Love letters can be old school but they are always very romantic and exciting. You both can write a letter to each other and exchange them at the end.

A love letter from your partner can always make you feel special and spice up your relationship. 

104. Prepare a performance for each other

Prepare a performance for your partner for your date night. You can select your favorite genre and plan something that can express your feelings for them. 

This performance can make your partner feel their importance to you. Give your performance one by one and do not forget to share your feedback and thoughts. 

This date can be really romantic and lead you to intimacy.  

105. Spend the night at a treehouse

You can rent a treehouse for the night and enjoy a night in the lap of nature. Enjoy the breeze and the view and spend the night in each other’s arms. 

106. Listen to your favorite podcast together

You can tune into your partner’s favorite podcast channel listen to something together and chat at the same time. You can discuss the show and about anything you want.

This will make you feel that you are listening side by side and help you to enjoy the moment together. 

107. Have online workout sessions

You can join some online exercise sessions and work out at the same time together. You can video call each other while working out so that you can see each other virtually and talk at the same time. 

This can decrease your distance and help you to have fun at the same time. 

108. Play games online together

You can select some online games and play them together as a team. Connect with each other via call and enjoy the game at the same time.

You can also discuss the game or about your strategies while playing the game and enjoy each other’s company.

109. Order same food and have a virtual dinner

You can order the same food from your favorite restaurant and set up a table at your place. Start a video call on any online platform and set the camera in so you can see each other face to face.

Eat your lunch together while talking about different things, try to enjoy your meal and each other’s company.

Though it will not make you feel like a face-to-face dinner date it will help you to miss your partner a little less. 

110. Watch a movie together on a online streaming platform

Nowadays so many good movies are released on several online streaming platforms. You can choose any of these movies and start watching them together. You can join a watch party together and enjoy the movie. 

Connect with your partner via call and you can discuss the movie while watching it. This will make you feel connected and you can watch the movie together even if you are away from each other. 

Cute date ideas during covid

111. Take some online classes together

Sign up for some online class together with your partner and learn something new. You can sign up for something interesting that you both share an interest in. 

Learning something together always helps you to grow your relationship with your partner. 

112. Visit a museum virtually

There are so many museums that offer virtual tours. You both can connect with each other via call and take the virtual tour together.

You can talk about different things that you are watching and it will make you feel more connected and closer. 

113. Watch a travel vlog together online

If you both love to travel then you can steam into a travel vlog together. You can talk among yourself while watching the vlog and discuss what you like the most about that place.

This may not satisfy your desire to travel together but it can give you some comfort in this covid situation. 

114. Watch an online concert together 

You can book tickets for an online concert of your favorite artist and join the concert together. Enjoy together and you can discuss different things while watching the concert.

After the concert, you can have a long phone call and talk about different things. 

115. Have a virtual karaoke night

If you both love music then you can connect through a video call and try jamming virtually. You can sing each other different songs and you can also try singing together. 

116. Play Pictionaryanchallenges online

Pictionary is a very popular game and you can try playing this game online. Draw some pictures and try to make the other person understand the word or the name.

This game can be fun and give you a good laugh together. 

117. Chat till you sleep

Talking to each other can never be boring. Call your partner and talk endlessly.

You can discuss different things, you can have a healthy debate about some topic that you both like. Share about your day or your week and you can end up with a laugh. 

You can tuck yourself into the bed and talk with your partner. This will make you feel cozy and you can talk till you sleep. 

118. Have a healthy online competition 

Try to have a healthy competition online with your partner. You can do some food challenges or some time challenges.

This can never be boring and you can have huge fun together. You can have a healthy debate on some topic that you both are interested in. 

Do not get over competitive. Have fun and enjoy your time together. 

119. Play truth or dare online

Truth or dare games can never get old. You can play this game online too.

Ask some interesting yet fun truth questions select your dares and ask your partner to make a video of them performing the dare of clicking a picture of them. 

Playing this game online can be equally fun and enjoyable and can make you laugh. 

120. Listen to an audio story together 

You can tune in to your partner’s favorite genre of an audio story together and enjoy the flavor of it.

You can have a light discussion about the story, what you liked or disliked about the story. You can also plan your next date together. 

121. The play never have I ever 

Never have I ever is always a fun game to play through a video conference. If you are an adult you can include several drinks in the game.

This game can reveal several fun facts about you all and some silly embarrassing moments of your past. 

Do not attract anyone personally or hurt someone, enjoy the game and have fun together.

Cute double date ideas

122. Play poker 

Poker is a very popular card game especially if you are playing in teams. You can team up with your partner or you can team up against your partner whatever you think will be more fun. 

123. Go on a beach

You can plan a casual dinner date on the beachside and enjoy the breeze and the moos.

You can talk or discuss different things. Plan some activities or some fun game. You can team up with someone and this will increase the fun of the night. 

124. Organize an outdoor picnic

Arrange an outdoor picnic together somewhere close to nature. You can cook together and have a lot of fun.

Introduce some outdoor games or some board games and team up against your partner to increase the fun. 

You can also go sightseeing if you are planning your picnic somewhere away from your city. 

125. Roast marshmallow 

Arrange a bonfire and have some barbecue. You can enjoy the weather with some good music and do not forget to roast some marshmallows.

If you love music, jamming together can really change the mood of the night. 

If you love thrillers then you can share some horror stories or listen to some horror audio stories while enjoying the bonfire to enjoy the thrill. 

126. Play different games

When you are on a double date you can easily pair up with someone and play several games.

You can play some video games or some indoor games like Pictionary or truth or dare. If it is daytime you can also play some outdoor games like badminton or volleyball. 

There are so many board games available to increase your fun twice for a perfect indoor date night. 

127. Visit a game bar

If you love games you can hit a game bar. Have some snacks while enjoying several games.

You can challenge each other and set some reward or some punishment for the winner or the loser. You can also continue this date with some good food.

128. Hit the casino

Hit a casino nearby with your group and enjoy the fullest. When you are in a group the fun will automatically increase.

Have a couple of drinks and play different games. Do not make this a regular habit, just enjoy the moment together. 

129. Share your stories

You can share your love stories and your journeys one by one and let others appreciate both of you. It will help you to boost your confidence level and increase your confidence.

You can ask your friends about their journey too. You can learn a lot of things from each other and improve your relationship and have fun as well. 

130. Play truth or dare

Truth or dare games are always trendy especially when you are in a group. 

Ask some fun and interesting questions to each other but do not hurt anyone’s feelings. Select some funny and respectful dares and burst out in laughter. 

131. Arrange a fashion show

Arrange a small fashion show at your place. Try different outfits and rate each other’s outfits. Add all the points and set some fun reward or punishment just to increase the enjoyment of the game. 

132. Visit some new places 

You can visit some new places and plan a small trip together. If you love thrill and excitement, you can go hiking or go camping in some forest or a mountain nearby.

You can go on a relaxing weekend trip to a beach or a resort and spend some quality time. 

Cute valentines date ideas

133. Swing chair date

Arrange two swing chairs and decorate them with flowers, balloons, and lights. Take them out in your yard or on your roof and plan a romantic candlelight dinner with some good food under the stars. 

134. Go to a yard sell

If there is a yard sale somewhere near your house you can take your partner there and have a unique experience. If you like something you can buy it for your partner and make the date more special.  

135. Take your partner to a valentine party 

Valentine’s parties are very popular nowadays. If you are confused about all your plans and you don’t know what to do, take your partner to a valentine’s party and enjoy your time together.

136. Propose your partner  

If you are thinking about taking the next step in your relationship, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to propose to your partner. Plan a cute romantic date and do something special for them. 

You can find a unique yet special way to propose your love and enjoy the rest of the date with the excitement and thrill of a new beginning. 

137. Make a video 

You can make a video for your partner and surprise them. You can collage some of your pictures or add all your small fun videos and make a new one.

Add some romantic music to it and a customized message for your partner. 

You can talk about your partner or about your first meeting or you can talk about all your memories together in your video.

This video will definitely make your partner’s day and will be the best surprise ever. 

138. Make hot chocolate 

Hot chocolate is always perfect for a cozy indoor date. If you are not up for an outdoor date you can decorate your room with some lights, some flowers, and some candles. 

Arrange a small cozy place and play a romantic movie on the screen. Add some good food and make hot chocolate for your partner.

You can cuddle under a blanket while watching a good movie and spend the night in your partner’s arms. 

139. Recite a lovely poem

A romantic poem is always the best option to set a romantic mood for your date.

If your partner loves poetry or art you can write a romantic poem for your partner and recite it to them. If you are unable to write one then you can read one from your best collection too. 

140. Plan several activities for the day

If you are planning for a long date you can plan several activities that will keep both of you occupied throughout the whole day.

You can go to an amusement park or a water park and enjoy some rides. You can also explore nature together. 

Follow up your date with a classy candlelight dinner or a cozy indoor movie night and cuddle the whole night. 

414. Rent a luxurious hotel room for a day

You can rent a luxurious room in your favorite hotel for a change. You can have a couple’s spa day and enjoy all the amenities available.

A certain change in the environment will give you relaxation and help you to motivate yourself. This change is very good for your relationship too.

142. Custom some gifts for your partner

You can make some gifts for your partner with your own hand. If you are a creative person and love arts then try to express your feelings and emotions through your creativity. A handwritten card will also do the magic. 

143. Prepare their favorite meal  

Try to prepare their favorite meal for them and surprise them with it.

You can do all the arrangements beforehand and get to work. If you do not know how to cook, try watching some youtube tutorials. 

Don’t be nervous no matter how the taste is, this will make your partner feel special. Your partner is going to love your efforts and your dish too. 

Creative cute date ideas 

144. Write a song 

You can write a song about your partner and sing it to them on your date.

Music is always good to set the mood especially if this music is only created for you then it will boost the romance in the air. 

145. Breakfast in bed 

Breakfast in bed is always classy and the most romantic thing to do for your partner.

Make his/ her favorite food and garnish them in a romantic way. Trust me this will make them feel overwhelmed and he/ she is going to love it. 

146. Share a bubble bath together 

Bubble baths are always very relaxing and pleasurable. You can arrange a bubble bath for your partner and help them to eliminate all their stress.

Light some candles with a refreshing smell to set the mood. 

Later you can also step in if you want and share an initiative moment with your partner. 

147. Cooking contest 

Cooking contests are always great fun. Organize a cooking contest at your place and team up with your partner.

Use your favorite ingredients and make something delicious and new. You can ask someone else to taste both the dishes and select the winner.  

148. Team up and make something creative

You can invite your couple of friends to your place and organize a get-together. Team up with your partner and try to express your creativity and imagination and make something new and amazing. 

You can write a song together or you can make a painting and even you can make some crafts if you want to. 

To add more fun you can go to your neighbor and ask them to choose the best creation and select a winner. This will help you to improve your ability to work together and spice up the romance. 

149. Prepare a fairyland

Bring some fairy lights, some flowers, and other crafts and decorate your room as a fairyland to surprise your partner.

This can be a little silly but this will definitely bring a smile to your partner’s face. 

150. Learn pottery 

Pottery is always an exciting and interesting thing to learn. You can take a pottery class with your partner and maybe your day can end with an intimate sweet moment with your partner. 

151. Build a snowman 

If you live in a country where you experience snowfall during the winter you can play with your partner in the snow.

Build a snowman with your partner and give it a cute name. This can be silly but you will enjoy doing it and make some amazing memories in your life. 

152. Role playing 

Role-playing is always fun in a romantic relationship. It can spice up your romance and take it to the next level.

You can choose the characters from your regular life as well as from your favorite novels. 

153. Guess facts about each other

This will be a unique date where you can guess several facts about each other and see how well you know each other.

Write down some random questions about each other and miss them in a bowl. Pick one and see if you can answer it correctly. 

154. Mimic each other 

Mimicking each other on a lazy evening can always be fun and exciting. You can write down some situations and mix them in a bowl.

Puck one paper at a time and try to mimic your partner when he/ she can do it in that given situation.

Cute fun date ideas

155. Go bowling 

Bowling is always a fun thing to do. If you are getting bored inside your home, go out with your partner and try bowling.

If you are new to this there is always a first time. Trust me once you start you will never be able to stop.

156. Go grocery shopping 

If you are bored in your house and you do not know what to do, go grocery shopping with your partner. This can be a casual yet fun date.

You can try different made-up games to have fun while shopping together. 

157. Go sky diving 

If you both love the thrill and want excitement then take your partner skydiving. This can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

158. Prank on each other 

You can pull some pranks on each other and try something new.  Take some ideas from youtube and make your day spicy and funny but remember to choose your pranks carefully.

Your prank should not hurt your partner physically or emotionally. 

159. Play volleyball on the beach 

Volleyball and the beach are always the best combinations. If you know some other couples then you can invite them too, this will increase the fun of your date twice

160. Visit an antique store 

Antique stores are always very interesting and can be exciting too. If you love several antique pieces you can go window shopping at an antique store and spend the day with your partner. 

161. Go surfing 

If you live by the seaside you can take your partner to go surfing and enjoy the thrill and the excitement of the sea. 

162. Go for a ride in the middle of the night 

If you want to see the nightlife of your city then go for a long ride in the middle of the night. You can have some ice cream in your way.

You can roam all night and go somewhere to see the sunrise and have some yummy breakfast before coming back to your house. 

163. Throw a party together 

Throw a party together with your partner as a couple and invite some of your friends to your home. You can decorate your home and plan the food together.

This will help you to grow as a couple and improve your ability to work together. 

164. Race in the pool

You can rent a private pool and compete with your partner in swimming. This can be really fun as well as intimate. You can share some intimate moments in the water and make your date memorable. 

165. Play tourist in your city 

You can book a tourist guide and pretend to be tourists and roam around your city and experience all the flavors of your city.

Who knows, this can give you a lifetime experience and great fun with your partner. 

Things you need to remember 

There are certain things that you need to remember if you want your date to be successful and memorable.

Pay attention to your partner

You need to pay more attention to every detail about your partner. Try to find out the likes and dislikes of your partner and plan your date accordingly.

Try to arrange the things that your partner will enjoy and are passionate about. 

Be creative

Creativity is always the best way to make your partner feel special. Put in your effort and make something for your partner by yourself.

Your efforts and your love for your partner will reflect through your work. 

Do not hurt anyone

If you are planning some prank or playing some fun game like truth or dare remember not to hurt anyone’s feelings and emotions.

Your pranks should not cause any physical or mental damage. Think twice before saying something or doing something stupid on your date. 

Pick your location carefully 

Location can play a very important role in your date and your relationship. Choose the location according to your partner’s taste and preference.

A good location can set the mood and make your date more romantic. 

Wrap up 

Planning a date is very important to grow your relationship and develop your bond. You can use these ideas and plan something wonderful for your loved ones. 

A good date will create some magical memories and help you to take the next step in your relationship.