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Signs He is Fighting his Feelings for You

Signs He is Fighting his Feelings for You

Updated on May 27, 2022

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

15 Signs He is Fighting His Feelings for You

Are you searching for signs he is fighting his feelings for you?

Shy guys are literally at war with themselves when it comes to confessing their true feelings. Have you come across a certain guy who you think has strong feelings for you, but is hesitant to confess? Well, it’s not uncommon.

Falling in love is a lot easier than accepting and confessing to it.

He could be as eager as you…

Maybe he wants to pour his heart out to you, but circumstances don’t allow him to do so. Or maybe, he is under constant denial of his feelings. Or, he is still doubtful about your feelings towards him.

All these things combined are stopping him to confess. It is going to take him real courage to accept his feelings and reveal them to you. And guess what, you can help him in the process, only if you know that the guy is actually fighting his feelings for you. But how would you know that?

If a man is fighting his feelings, you are certainly going to notice inconsistent behavior from his end. You have to spend time with this person, and pay attention to his body language to unveil the truth.

And there is absolutely nothing to worry about when you have got 40 common signs to be assured that he’s fighting his feelings for you!

So, now let’s dig in!

40 Signs He is Fighting His Feelings for You
40 Signs He is Fighting His Feelings for You

40 signs he is fighting his feelings for you

Men can be really tricky to understand… especially when they like a girl. They behave absurdly and leave you in a confused state.

But don’t worry… this list of signs will help you steer clear of all the confusion and help you take a calculative step ahead.

1. He is hot and cold about you

Is he talking to you one day and avoiding you the very next? Well, this is a tricky situation! Someone who is playing with your emotions can also do that. But if he is genuinely interested in you, he won’t be able to look you in your eyes when you demand an explanation!

A player will be unapologetic about the whole affair or apologize just for the sake of it. But if he is suppressing his feelings, he would be truly sorry and ashamed of himself.

2. He pays attention to you

The guy listens to you without any interruption. If the man is really interested, he would be paying attention to you. He would little remember details of your conversations and bring them up later.

Even when he is busy fighting his feelings for you, he has all his focus and attention on you! And because he is a good listener, you tend to discuss a lot with him. He never loses his patience when you keep on blabbering, no matter how mundane the subject is! 

3. He knows personal details about you

This man has developed a personal bond with you. He knows all about your likes and dislikes, ambitions and fears.

Maybe you two are friends but he cares to know the tiniest details about you. You feel comfortable while talking to him. He knows the hook and crook of your family, the names of all your friends and what’s going on in your life!

Most importantly, he even asks questions to show his interest. Besides that, he will try to offer suggestions and advice. And it’s never just small talk with him, but deep and meaningful conversations.

4. He cares about your opinion of him

Even when the guy is fighting to hide his feelings, he would try to know your opinion about him before deciding anything for himself. Your opinion matters to him. Therefore, he always makes an effort to please you.

A simple way to test this would be to go shopping with him. If he is your secret admirer, he would most certainly buy clothes of your choice.

Mention that you don’t like something he has chosen to wear. And he would reject that outfit immediately because he doesn’t want to look unattractive in your eyes!

5. He is not involved with any other woman

This guy, of course, will not have a girlfriend. Most importantly, he would make it clear to you that all the women in his life are ONLY friends!

Also, when you ask him about his relationship or marriage plans, he would either reject the idea flatly or shy away from the discussion.

6. He often stares at you from a distance

An obvious sign that he admires you is when you catch him looking at you!

He often does this from a distance to escape your eyes noticing him. If you sense this guy secretly watching you, it surely means he desires you.

7. He loves to help you

This man will always be willing to be your assistant. Whether it’s doing some daily chore, or helping with a project, attending an event, or going out for fun, he will never refuse!

He will be eager to help you in all ways possible to make you happy. And also, in the process, he also gets to spend more time with you.

8. He gets jealous if he sees you with other men

Even though he’s chosen to hide his feelings, he can’t bear the sight of you with some other guy. To test this, go out with some other guy and gauge his reaction.

He might not say anything directly but chances are he might speak ill about that guy. He might also avoid you for some time, so be prepared!

9. He tries to make you jealous

This guy can, on the other hand, want to test your feelings for him. He might talk highly about a particular woman in front of you or flirt with a woman to tease you.

The best response would be to express your jealousy openly so that he can also sense his equally responsive feelings towards you.

10. He texts you randomly and tags you on social media

As much as he wants to avoid, he just can’t. He is completely lost in dreams about you. This is why he sends you random texts out of the blue!

If he is active on social media, he will tag you in most of his posts. He does that because he misses you and wants your attention.

11. He gives compliments and is appreciative about you

This guy loves you from his heart… and so, he always sees the good in you. Especially in tough times when you lose motivation, he will shower you with appreciation and compliments.

He does all of that because you are special to him. And he will continuously remind you that you are important and praiseworthy.

12. He likes to gift you

This guy will search for reasons to gift you something. Yes, men tend to buy presents for women they admire.

If this guy really likes you, he will always bring you something even if it is your favorite flower. It may be something small, but it would definitely mean something!

13. He tries to get close to you

He loves you so much that he can’t help but naturally move close to you. Obviously, he won’t do it in an annoying way!

But still, he will want to come close to you whenever possible. He occasionally compliments you on the perfume you’re wearing, or just brushes his skin against you!

14. His body language will tell you that he has feelings for you

No matter how hard he tries, his body language will always betray him around you. Therefore, try to observe his body language minutely.

Does he make a lot of eye contact with you? Have you seen him mirroring your behavior? Does he work on his appearance whenever he meets you? Is he nervous when you look him in the eye? Is he worried when you are ill or going through a difficult phase?

Notice his behavior. His body language will definitely give you a clue on whether he really is into you!

15. You share an intense chemistry

Although you are not a couple, both of you have amazing chemistry. It’s because your vibes match without any effort.

You can understand each other well enough… And you don’t have to even communicate all the time. It’s as if both of you can read each other’s minds. He hides his deepest desires, but is always there when you need him.

16. He gets awkward or uncomfortable

This guy is simply going to feel awkward and uncomfortable whenever you’re around him. You will find him looking here and there but never into your eyes… because he knows that their eyes will spill the beans.

After all, eyes are the windows to one’s heart.

He is going to behave in a very self-conscious and embarrassed way. It is not you, or your presence that makes him feel uncomfortable. It is his feelings for you that makes him so uncomfortable. 

17. He often leaves conversations mid-way

You often find him cutting short his sentences or getting lost in the middle of conversations. You feel that he was about to say something… but suddenly stopped. This may be because he realized it wasn’t appropriate or maybe he thought he’s saying too much.

He is not ready to put words to his feelings… at least not yet, because it will put him in an awkward situation with you.

18. He stalks you on social media

He talks about all your social media posts. This means that he has been digging your profile for hours at stretch.

Well, gal, he is not entirely wrong… he can’t send out signals and look at you in the public. So, he feeds the butterflies when no one is watching him.

19. He is sweet, but not always.

If a guy likes you but is trying to hide his feelings, it will typically show in his behavior.

Sometimes he makes you feel like the most special woman on earth. On other days, he behaves very cold. Maybe because he realized that he has probably paid too much attention to you in the past days… and nothing is going in the right direction.

20. He is protective around you

If a man has feelings for you then it is natural for him to be protective towards you.

For instance, he will always want to keep you secured when you are walking through a crowded street. He wouldn’t want you to face any hardships or struggles. He will warn you about unfair people and incidents.

21. He doesn’t miss a chance to talk to you

He remains quiet most times, but then when the time is right he does not miss a single chance to talk to you.

He comes up with prompt answers to your queries and loves listening to your tittle tattles.

Doesn’t matter if your gossip makes no sense, he will still want to talk to you… well, when you love a person, you naturally tend to love your voice.

22. He remember all your stories by heart

You don’t remember telling him about your favorite food but he remembers. Your stories may not make any sense to him but he still listens to you and allows you to speak without any interruption. Not only that, he also retains everything you said.

He has developed a habit of listening to in-depth details of your conversations. He remembers all the tiny details that you have ever talked about. Probably you don’t remember what you said, but he does.

Don’t believe him if he says that he remembers all this because he has got a good memory. No Sweetie… Men generally don’t have a good memory when it comes to remembering their girlfriend’s or wife’s choices. It only happens when they genuinely have feelings for you.  

23. Good friends are giving you hints

Do your friends often leave you two alone? Well, this is because they see the spark amidst you both and think that you must spend some time alone.

Do your friends often tease you both? Well, there’s no smoke without fire, my friend! 😉

Ahhh… these are nothing but subtle hints of sexual tension that they see between you both.

Who knows if they are helping their friend win over you, because even they know how he is battling his feelings for you?

After all, that’s what good friends do, right?

24. He makes you meet his mom

Did he just invite you to his place to meet his mom? Maybe because he told his mum about his puzzled feelings. And you know how great mothers are when it comes to solving these issues for their kids!

By introducing you to his family, he may also be seeking validation from his parents and family members. Gal, if this is the case, he is not planning to hang out casually, he genuinely sees a future with you.

25. He is frustrated with you, but inly sometimes

Yes, sometimes he snaps at you for no reason or even releases his frustration. If a person has pent up feelings for you, and he’s been trying hard to fight it… it’s natural to come out in the wrong manner.  

He won’t always behave in a cool and composed way. He is constantly trying to deny his feelings which frustrates him… and this frustration shows up in his behavior when he meets you.

Don’t get hurt even if he is a lil harsh with you, it is just the struggle of keeping the feelings locked that is taking the best of him

26. He texts you for random reasons

He texts you but without any particular reasons. Most times, he doesn’t even have anything to talk about… he’ll talk about the obvious and everything you’ve already discussed.

For example, he’ll ask questions like: Did you like the evening? How’s health? Etc… If he saw you at a restaurant, he’d be like: “I saw you there… What were you doing there?”

He just needs a reason to text you.

27. He thinks he owes you an explanation

Whenever this guy is found doing something that seems to disappoint you, he comes up with an explanation.

For example, if he is late for a meeting, he will explain the entire story behind the delay. The reason is quite obvious… he wants to impress you and is regretful about all the times he disappoints you.   

28. You hang out, but never date

If he gets to spend time with you, it is the best thing that both worlds can bring him… and that’s why he takes you out.

Both of you go to wonderful places, gorge on delicious cuisines, talk about deep matters, life choices in general, and so many good things, but you still don’t call it a “date”.

However, this is again a sign that he is battling his feelings. Neither is he able to embrace the night out with you as a date night, nor can he stop himself from going out with you.

29. He can’t say no to you

You are too dear for him to say a NO. He simply cannot deny your request because he deeply cares about your emotions.  

I know the shy guy is not making a confession at the moment but he also cannot stop pampering you, and fulfilling all your wishes.

30. He doesn’t approve of any guy for you

When you reach out to him for a suggestion, and you ask about another guy like: whether or not he is a good fit for you… this particular guy will simply not agree. He will be critical of all your suitors.

He wouldn’t approve of any guy because he doesn’t think that anyone else is a good fit for you. But at the same time, he cannot claim to be the fittest match for you… It is then that you know he’s fighting his feelings for you.

31. He tries to impress you

If he is fighting his feelings for you, he will most certainly try to impress you in all possible ways.

Maybe you’ll catch him rolling his sleeves up, when he is walking towards you. Or he’ll slyly open the first two buttons of his shirt.

He will brush his hair with his fingers, pop sunglasses, and take you for a drive. All these are signs that this guy cannot express his feelings, but is trying to impress you.

32. His feelings surface when he’s drunk

Drunk people are bold!

Usually, this person manages to keep his feelings hidden, but when he is drunk, you can see everything in his eyes.

His gestures… his manners… his talking patterns and everything he does points towards the fact that he is in love with you. Because he really is…

In fact, just wait and watch until the drunk dials you to confess his love. But the fight wouldn’t end here, the next day he is simply going to deny all this, because he is fighting his feelings for you.

33. He shares intimate details

You don’t find him revealing his personal details to other friends but when both of you are alone, he reveals some deep and intense truths about his life.

He shares things that should be shared with a partner “only”. It shows that he feels secure with you. Though he is not able to confess to his feelings yet, his emotional intimacy with you reveals it all.

34. He forgives and forgets

He won’t tell you directly but he forgives you for your mistakes very easily… he forgets all of your mistakes, even if it caused him pain. He doesn’t want your pretty little heart to bear the load of guilt.

Why would someone let it go so easily? It’s because he loves you and he cannot express his feelings directly. Maybe he is not in the position to make a confession, but he is being as gentle as he can.

35. He mentions you often

If your friends tell you that this guy keeps mentioning your name or talking about you whenever there is a discussion, then this is a cue, my friend!

He doesn’t feel shy to talk about you, even if he has to take your name a thousand times. It’s like his mind revolves around you.

36. He gives you names

Most of us tend to give pet names to people who we love. So, if he gives you names such as sweety, baby, etc. is a sign that the guy is claiming his power on you.

If he nicknames you, it also shows how dear you are to him. These names imply that both of you have now built a safe space in each other’s company, close enough to address each other with these lovely cute pet names.

37. He defends you

No matter what the discussion is, this man is always on your side. He doesn’t like to see you suffer or hurt and he simply cannot let others abuse you, or make fun of you. And in the process, he does not make you feel weak or incapable of standing up for yourself.

So, girl if he is ready to defend you even if the whole world is standing against… it’s a cue that he is trying hard, really hard to fight his feelings for you.

38. He doesn’t take his things back

You may have borrowed a few things from him… but he never asks back for them EVER. He hands over the ownership to you just like he has surrendered his heart and soul to you. Poor boy!

Well, he never returns yours too… This is because a piece of his heart is attached to all your belongings as well.

39. He lets you win every debate

This guy simply can’t see you losing…. he is ready to sacrifice everything for that smile.

He values your happiness and fulfillment more than the victory and that’s why he lets you win every time you both get into a debate or anything else.

So, girl it’s time to change his conflicting thoughts into true love because you just can’t let him go.

40. He is super interested in your love life

He wants to know everything about your love life… everything.

He may not like your partner and may also bad-mouth him behind his back.

The first thing he asks you is about his well-being. Weird, isn’t it? That’s how these complex feelings have tossed his peace of mind.

O sweety, the poor guy is totally trapped in his own dilemma!

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you relate to these signs and you feel the same way, it’s time to take a step forward, girl.  

Remember, the fact that this boy is taking so much time to accept and let out his feelings suggests that he is not here to play around. He wants to be 100% sure before making any move… that’s how wise people make decisions.

But sometimes it gets too late by the time they are able to talk about their true feelings.

Now if you know that he has true feelings for you, and you love him equally, then don’t hesitate from dropping hints that you like him. Just drop hints, and play along.

This will boost his confidence and who knows if he is going to be on his knees with a ring in his hand the very next day! 😉

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