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60 Types of Kisses & Their Meanings [And How To Do Them!]

60 Types of Kisses & Their Meanings [And How To Do Them!]

Updated on Nov 03, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

60 Types of Kisses & Their Meanings [And How To Do Them!]

So you want to know about the different types of kisses… Uhmm… Uhmm…

If you’re in a romantic relationship, I can understand the urge to kiss your partner every few minutes.

But wouldn’t you want to make it a different experience every time you kiss? Yes, I feel you.

So, here I am… with 60+ types of kisses that you can try with your partner. 

Let me tell you, a kiss is one of the most desired expressions of love. A simple ‘I love you’ every time may not be enough. 

So to make it different and special each time you kiss your partner, let’s dive straight in and know about the different types…

Types of Kisses Infographic

60 Types of Kisses & Their Meanings [And How To Do Them!]
60 Types of Kisses & Their Meanings [And How To Do Them!]

60 Types of Kisses and Their Meanings

Kissing is a form of love language. Like each language has many dialects and types, kissing also has its types. 

Each type of kiss holds a different meaning and sends a different message to your partner.

To ensure that you are not sending out any wrong signs, you must know what each kiss means. 

And oh yes, you can always add some spice to your bedroom life with these new types of kisses. 

1. Lip kiss 

A kiss on the lips never goes wrong. It is a way of saying ‘I LOVE YOU’ without actually saying it. 

You must have seen it in the movies where a protagonist expresses their love through lip kisses. Well, fortunately, it holds true for real life too. 

Most happy couples give each other a lip kiss daily. It might seem basic but when you do it in an intimate manner, your partner will always be left wanting more. 

Here’s a secret: Men love women who are good lip kissers.

How to do a lip kiss?

Grab your partner, pull them close and let your lips find way to theirs. You can start nibbling on their lip to add the playful element. 

2. French kiss

Are you in the mood for some passionate love making? Try French kissing or tongue kissing. People love them because most times, it leads to a makeout sesh. 

Oh well, let me warn you, this kiss is a little tricky. Since it involves your tongue, you need a lot of practice to achieve expertise. 

It may seem weird initially, but once you excel at it, you will be addicted to this kiss type. 

How to do a French kiss?

Pull your partner closer to you, close your eyes, tilt your head and kiss your partner’s lips. Insert your tongue in your partner’s mouth gently and feel their tongue, teeth, and lips.

3. Forehead kiss

A kiss on the forehead is a great way to show affection. If you want to convey to your partner that you care for them, go for a forehead kiss without thinking twice. 

It is a very sweet way of saying “You mean a lot to me” or “You are my everything.” 

A forehead kiss when you bid your partner goodbye can reassure them of the love and that you’ll be back soon. 

How to do a forehead kiss?

Keep your hands on your partner’s neck. Place your lips on their forehead and kiss them. After the kiss, you can also wrap them in your arms. It will make them feel more loved.

4. Neck kiss

You wouldn’t believe it but your neck is an extremely underrated erogenous zone. A slight touch on the neck turns you on immediately and most times you both end up in bed. 

These kisses are never a part of the first date. Long-term couples who are comfortable with each other will know how neck kisses stir magic in bed. 

It sparks physical and sexual chemistry between you. Neck kisses also indicate that your partner wants more. It is a sign of wanting to take your relationship to the next level.

How to do a neck kiss?

You can kiss the side of your partner’s neck, near the nape…  with your lips, or suck it. At times, such romantic neck kisses even lead to hickeys.

5. Peck kiss

The French invented the peck kiss as a friendly gesture. These kisses are not considered romantic,  they are instead a sign of peace. 

However, at times, frequent peck kisses may trigger a romantic relationship. 

You can share such pecks among friends, children or with somebody whom you are going out with for the first time. 

Additionally, you don’t need to be a master to give peck kisses since they are the simplest of all.

How to do a peck kiss?

Peck kisses cannot be done with open mouths. So hold your lips tight and pout. Place a kiss on someone’s cheeks or mouth and quickly pull back your face. It’s that simple!

6. Cheek kiss

Cheek kisses are not romantic. They are a sign of friendship and deep affection. 

In many cultures, cheek kisses are also a way of greeting your friends and family members. Also, if you wish to express gratitude towards a person, you can kiss them on their cheeks. 

Apart from this, you can also kiss someone on the cheek if you are not sure whether they’ll be comfortable with a lip kiss.

Such kisses can also be a polite sign of showing your romantic interest in somebody.

How to do a cheek kiss?

All you have to do is place your lips on the person’s cheeks and kiss them. If the person is close to you, kiss them tight. If the person is your partner, you can even suck their cheeks.

7. Hand kiss

Hand kisses are usually practiced by people from elite class. They are a sign of respect and devotion towards a person. 

Alternatively, it is considered as a way of polite greeting. These kisses are not romantic or offensive, instead they are soft little gestures that can be employed for anyone.  

How to do a hand kiss?

Bow down in front of the person and request them to give their hand. Bring their hand closer to your mouth and plant a gentle kiss on the back of the palm.

8. Lizard Kiss (Lizzy Kiss)

Go for the lizard kiss if you couldn’t get enough of the French kisses. 

These are a wilder version of French kisses that often indicates lust and passion for each other. 

How to do a lizard kiss?

Hold your partner tight. Put your tongue in and out of their mouth at a quick pace to enjoy the warmth of this kiss. 

9. Earlobe kiss

Are you ready to jump into physical relationships with your new partner? But you don’t want to be the first one to voice it out. Don’t worry. 

Earlobe kisses will help you set the ground. So, be ready for some passionate sex.

Tip: When your partner replies to your attempts, pick on the cues and take it to the bed? 😉

How to do an earlobe kiss?

Bring your partner close and take your lips to their ears and gently kiss it. Bite their earlobe gently and then move your tongue there for a while.

Let your saliva do the talking. To make it more sensual, you can turn it into a love bite!  

10. Top-of-the-head kiss

Top-of-the-head kiss is an assurance that you will be there with your partner through all the thick and thin. 

This kiss is not limited to your romantic partner alone. You can also give a top-of-the-head kiss to your family members, your siblings or even your friends.

They are a sign of comfort and security.

How to do a top-of-the-head kiss?

Grab your partner and gently lay a kiss on the top of their head. Trust me, they’ll keep smiling for the rest of the day.

11. Body kiss

Body kisses are meant to explore every part of your partner’s body. As the name says, dive into the passion of romance and let the bodies do the love talk.

How to do a body kiss?

Hold your partner and lay them on the bed. Slowly kiss every part of their body from top to bottom. At very sensual places like the neck, lick or suck them to have a wilder experience. 

12. Spiderman kiss

This easy-to-do kissing style will leave your partner with an unmatchable sensual experience.

It is named after Spiderman because it was seen in one of the scenes of the Spiderman movie. Fans loved it and employed it in their real life.

How to do a spiderman kiss?

Your upper lip must kiss the lower lip of your partner. For this, it will be easy if your partner’s face is upside down. It will trigger the adrenaline rush within no time.

13. Single lip kiss

If you want your partner to desire you, befriend the single lip kiss trick. It is very popular among long-term couples.

This kiss doesn’t involve both lips at the same time yet is one of the most passionate ones on the list.

It communicates to your partner how badly you want them in your life.

How to do a single lip kiss?

Grab your partner, suck their lower lip and gently keep biting it. Remember, only one lip at a time. 

14. Shoulder kiss

Often in bed, couples kickstart some “action” with simple moves like kissing their shoulders.

These romantic and affectionate kisses work very well and add spark to your relationship. They tell your partner how much you value them in every moment of your life.

How to do a shoulder kiss?

Go behind your partner and start kissing softly on the shoulder. Gradually you can move towards their lips or down there. Keep kissing for a longer time to arouse your partner.

15. American kiss

Do you want to kiss your partner in a public place? Go for an American kiss. They are not awkward and still super romantic.

They show your deep interest in the other person and are certain to give your partner an erotic rush.

How to do an American kiss?

Grab your partner by their waist and pull them closer to your body. Give them long kisses while you support their back with your other hand.

Make sure you don’t involve your tongue here.

16. Eskimo kiss

Have you heard of Eskimo kisses? They are basically known by the name of nose rubs or friendship kisses. In many cultures, the Eskimo kisses are a way of greeting one another.

You might have seen these kisses in a few movies as well, they are an act of friendly gesture.

How to do an Eskimo kiss?

Get closer to the person and press their nose tip with yours in a friendly, casual manner.

17. Ice kiss

Do you want to add a new edge to your intimate moments? Ice kisses will add the desired spark to your regular romance routine. 

Ice Kiss is exactly what the name says – kiss with a block of ice! 

How to do an ice kiss?

Bring an ice cube. Place it between your lips. After which, you and your partner must keep kissing each other until the ice melts completely.

18. Nibble kiss

If you want to turn on your partner without doing anything extra, this one’s for you, my dear friend! Nibble kisses work always.

They seem cute but are very sexy. After this kiss, you must be ready to have a thrilling night.

How to do a nibbling kiss?

Hold your partner. Move closer to them. Grab their lower lip and bite it. Ensure that you are not too wild here as it can hurt them.

19. Lip Trace kiss

These are the most subtle and sweetest kisses on the list. They don’t give up everything and also keep your partner longing.

Lip trace kisses are very tricky and can spice things up instantly.

How to do a lip trace kiss?

Kiss your partner on their lips in a manner that your tongue slightly touches their lips in between. Wait for them to respond, and slowly take the fun to the bed!

 20. Lip Gloss Kiss

The lipgloss kiss is used playfully to tell your partner you want them. Take permission from your partner before moving forward with this kiss.

How to do a lip gloss kiss?

Put sufficient lip gloss on your lips first. Go to your partner and kiss tightly on their lips until their lips are coated with your lip gloss.

Ask them to identify the flavor. If needed, go for a tinted lip gloss to leave them confused.

21. Underwater kiss

This is again another romantic kiss that will give you a lifelong memory to cherish. But you must know how to swim for this kiss. If you do, you are on a super fun sexual adventure ride.

How to do an underwater kiss?

Go underwater with your partner and ask them to hold their breath. Blow into their mouth to give them some air and kiss them.

22. Drink kiss

If you want to add some fun to your night, a drunk kiss is the most recommended one. It is an interesting form of kiss which I will leave for you to discover! 😉

How to do a drunk kiss?

You have to take a sip of your favorite drink. Then try to kiss your partner and pour this drink from your mouth to their mouth.

Try with smaller sips first and be prepared for some drink spills.

23. Vacuum kiss

This kiss may sound weird but it is a sign of deep love. You must certainly try this with your partner.

How to do a vacuum kiss?

Give your partner an open-mouthed kiss and suck the air from their mouth. It creates a vacuum and thus, the name of the kiss. 

24. Candy kiss

The romantic and love category of kisses is always fun to experiment with. These candy kisses are one such type.

These kisses are usually between the partners in a playful manner. They symbolize that you are happy in your relationship.

How to do a candy kiss?

This kiss involves candy or a rock in between the mouths of you and your partner. Ask your partner to suck the juice of the candy while kissing your mouth.

25. Vampire kiss

Vampire kisses are to show your partner your wilder side. It is only meant to take the love-making session to the bed and spend a memorable night.

How to do a vampire kiss?

Deeply kiss their neck and then bite it. Keep sucking that area until they turn wild. You can also give a love bite there.

Since these marks are visible, ask your partner first if they are comfortable.

26. Jawline kiss

This simple kissing style can make your partner weak on their knees. It expresses your passion for them.

If things go as expected, you can take it to another level by kissing their earlobes and forehead too. Jawline kisses are a part of the love and romance category.

How to do a jawline kiss?

Start by kissing the region where the neck meets the face. When a partner gently kisses this area, it is a big turn-on.

Your partner will love it too. Gently tickle them to add to the moment.

27. Wet kiss

Before placing a wet kiss, learn about your partner’s preferences. If they don’t like saliva, this is not what you would like to experiment with.

You can choose to do it with or without the involvement of your tongue. 

Wetness to an extent can be a big turn-on but if you don’t handle it well, you will only make it messy. It expresses your desire for sex towards your partner.

How to do a wet kiss?

Start with a close-mouth, then go for single-lip kisses. Slowly bite them on their lips and place your tongue inside their mouth. Lick their lips and let your saliva turn them on.

28. Stomach kiss

Stomach kisses are a part of the romantic and affection category. These beautiful stomach kisses can trigger sensual desires in your partner.

They indicate that you love your partner and desire to have something more. 

Often, they are also taken as a sign of care and gratitude. Stomach kisses, also known as belly kisses, can also be given at the time of pregnancy.

How to do a stomach kiss?

Lift the top or shirt of your partner and bring your mouth closer to their belly. With your lips, kiss their belly button.

To add some fun, you can also use your tongue and do some licking. 

29. Closed-mouth kiss

A closed-mouth kiss in the early stages of a relationship or marriage is a sign of affection. It depicts that you are really interested in them and respect them.

It conveys that you will follow their lead and will not move forward until they are comfortable taking a step with you. 

However, if you are only into closed-mouth kisses in a long-term relationship, then you must speak to your partner. 

How to do a closed-mouth kiss?

Put your arms around your partner’s neck or waist. Slowly open your mouth and give them gentle kisses without involving the tongue.

Do it for a longer period if you want it to turn into a make-out session.

30. Back kiss

Back kisses are a part of the romance and passion category. Choose back kisses when you want to make some bold and wild moves.

It subtly indicates your sexual desires and often leads to a passionate foreplay. You can take it to another level if your partner responds well.

How to do a back kiss?

Pull down their shirt or top. Start with the upper area of the back, place your lips slowly and kiss them.

Play with the back region and try to feel their skin by kissing them. Trust me, it will make your partner giddy and they’ll want more!

31. Lingering kiss

As the name says, the kiss lingers or stays for a long period. It means that there is a lot of lip to lip kissing for as long as you want.

These kisses are meant to express your passionate emotions for your partner. Generally, new couples enjoy lingering kisses.

How to do a lingering kiss?

Hold your partner by their waist. Get closer to them and start with gentle kisses on their lips.

Gradually, as they kiss back, seize the moment and level-up the intensity so much so that they gasp for air!

32. “Leave a mark’ kiss (Lipstick Kiss)

You can call it a lipstick kiss too. This kiss is what a female partner does playfully to “mark” their presence in your life.

It can sometimes also be an invitation to the bedroom for some naughty time.

How to do a ‘leave a mark’ kiss?

Put on lipstick. Go to your partner, grab them by their waist and kiss them tight on their cheek, neck, or lips.

33. Seductive kiss

If you want to flirt with someone and get them to your bed, a seductive kiss will never fail you.

You will see them lose control over themselves in a matter of seconds. Soon, you will be in bed with them having passionate sex. 

How to do a seductive kiss?

A seductive kiss is similar to a French kiss but in a subtle form. It means that the tongue is less involved here.

You bite them with an open mouth and move away so that they’re left wanting for more. 

34. The Big Tease kiss

The Big Tease kiss is what most women want. This one can last for some minutes and you can also continue it for hours.

This kiss tells your partner about your interest in them. It makes them feel passionate about your love. You can also use this during the foreplay.

How to do the big tease kiss?

Explore your partner’s body from the forehead to the bottom with your lips and keep them longing for more. You will see them getting erotic by the time you reach the neck.

35. Surprise or ‘stolen’ kiss

The meaning of surprise or stolen kiss is clear from their name. It means kissing your partner when they least expect it.

It communicates your love and passion for them. On gloomy days, it also makes them feel special and valued. 

How to do a surprise kiss?

In between a dinner course, you can just grab them while talking and leave a kiss on their lips. It will make them awestruck for a while and red with shyness

36. Open-mouth kiss

These kisses do not receive the same amount of importance as the French kisses. But they are an excellent way of starting the makeout session. 

According to kissing expert, Katia Losel, these open mouth kisses are the best medium to say “I am so attracted to you and dying to kiss you!” Thus, if you also want to convey your admiration towards your partner, why don’t you try an open-mouth kiss?

How to do an open-mouth kiss?

Pull your partner extremely close to you and put your lips on theirs. Kiss them on their lips and then slowly insert only the tip of your tongue in their mouth.

Ensure that you are not inserting the entire tongue because most people don’t like enough saliva exchange. Now play with your partner’s tongue for as long as you like it. 

37. Collarbone kiss

Neck and collarbone kisses are different. Both are a symbol of intimacy and bring forward your vulnerable side yet differently practiced. 

While neck kisses are more intimate and bring out your sensual side, the collarbone kisses define your seductive gesture but don’t long for an immediate response.

You can give these kisses to a person you want to have physical relationships with.

How to do a collarbone kiss?

Rest your lips on your partner’s curved groove or the collarbone. Give them a closed-mouth kiss or lick their collarbone to raise their sexual desire.

38. Quick kiss (Tap Kiss)

Quick kisses are also known as tap kisses and are usually shared between people with long-term relationships.

They do not symbolize anything seductive. Instead, it shows that a person is fond of you and doesn’t want anything more at the moment. 

How to do a quick kiss?

You only need to give a peck on your partner’s lips. It means that you place your lips near them, blow a pout and kiss them.

These kisses are of shorter duration and are usually of less than 4 seconds.

39. Stop and go kiss

If you want to try some adventure with romance, opt for the stop-and-go kiss. Usually, people give away these kisses on long drives. They symbolize your passion for your partner.

How to do a stop-and-go kiss?

At a traffic point, when you halt, grab your partner and give them a passionate, quick kiss on their lips. Make maximum use of the moment to make them feel special.

40. Blowing a kiss (Air Kiss)

Blowing a kiss is a very friendly gesture that you can use for your friends, siblings, relatives, kids, or even your partner.

It may also seem flirty depending on the person you are blowing a kiss for. Such kisses are an iconic way of saying goodbye to somebody.

How to blow a kiss?

Bring your fingertips near your mouth. Touch them on your lips and then blow them to somebody.

41. Text kiss

Your partner may not be around always and yet you want to send a kiss to them… what then? 

If you are talking to them over messages, you can level up your romance game by sending them kissing emojis.

They signify your interest and love towards them. Different kissing emojis have different meanings varying from a gentle kiss to a naughty one.

How to do a text kiss?

Send them kissing emojis or the kissing symbols by combining a few special characters like “:*” or “O”. These symbols are widely recognized as a kiss on most social media platforms.

42. Finger kiss

Finger kisses are erotic. You may kiss your partner’s fingers to let them know that you love everything about them.

If you want to have sex but not mention it, start with finger kisses as they can arouse your partner too. They will help you slide into the bed faster than you imagined. 

How to do a finger kiss?

Grab their finger and place it in your mouth. Lick, suck or keep kissing them to turn on your partner.

43. Eyelash kiss (Butterfly Kiss)

The eyelash kisses or also known as butterfly kisses are very tricky. They communicate your feelings loud and clear without voicing them.

You can give such kisses to someone you love very dearly but are not ready to make physical contact with. 

It is a small token of love that you can give to your partner playfully. Such intimate kisses ignite a spark of romance.

How to do an eyelash kiss?

In this kiss, you don’t kiss with your lips. Instead, you do it with your eyelids. Go near to the person, put your cheeks on theirs and simply bat your eyelids quickly.

The movement of your hair will trigger the emotions in them.

44. Eye kiss (Angel Kiss)

You can also call them angel kisses. They are an indication of pure love and affection towards somebody.

Angel kisses or eye kisses define that you are fond of somebody. Usually, you give away eye kisses while waving goodbye to someone. 

Alternatively, you can also give this affectionate kiss to someone while waking them up from sleep.

How to do an eye kiss?

Move closer to the person and kiss their eyelids gently. To emphasize more, stroke your hands over their heads for a few seconds. It will leave them in a calmer space than before. 

45. Elbow kiss

Elbow kisses are a sign of romance. It shows that you are passionately dedicated towards someone. Alternatively, they are also an indication of admiration. 

If women kiss guys on their elbows, it means they love their arms. Do not take these elbow kisses lightly as they can be a stepping stone for a long-term relationship.

How to do an elbow kiss?

Grab your partner’s hand and gently kiss the inner elbow. Advance if you get a positive reaction.

46. First kiss

The first kisses define affection and love. However, everyone is nervous about their first kiss.

You want to do it right but you don’t know how to do it. You may have anxiety and the fear of rejection or being mocked. 

But if your partner is on the same page. Go ahead, it will express your affection and want of sexual desire. 

How to do the first kiss?

Grab your partner and look into their eyes. Observe and wait for them to give you a nod with a smile. If they close their eyes or blush, it implies that your partner is ready for your kiss and will respond.

Move closer until your lips kiss each other. Don’t advance further as it’s your first time and has a high risk of offending your partner

47. Morning kiss

Morning kisses can keep you happy for the rest of the day. You will find your soul smiling and cheerful if you wake up kissing your partner.

These kisses signify pure admiration and affection towards somebody. So, you can also give morning kisses to your parents, friends, kids, or siblings.

How to do a morning kiss?

Hug your partner gently from behind and plant a kiss on their cheeks or forehead. Alternatively, try lying down on them to start your day with passionate make-out sesh. 

48. Night kiss

It is not necessary to give a goodnight kiss after someone has had a rough day. You must give a good night kiss daily to keep your relationship strong. 

The night kisses are a symbol of care and affection towards someone. It makes your partner happy and also reassures them about your love.

Alternatively, night kisses are also a good way to express your desire for sex.

How to do a night kiss?

Lay down on your bed beside your partner. Cover them with a blanket and get closer to them. Plant a sweet, gentle kiss on their forehead and wish them ‘Goodnight! Sweet Dreams!’

49. Sister kiss

Kisses need not necessarily have to be between partners or friends. You can kiss your sisters too to express your respect towards them. 

These kisses known as sister kisses belong to the affection and relationship category.

There is no special meaning to this kiss but it is a sign of gratitude and devotion between you and your sister. 

How to do a sister kiss?

Approach your sister with a smile and place a tight kiss on their cheeks, hands, or forehead. Alternatively, to express your strong feelings, hug them or lift them after a kiss.

 50. Cousin kiss

You’ve spent your whole childhood with your cousins and they mean a lot more to you than your friends… and why not?

You can appreciate such close family bonds through some affectionate cousin kisses.

These kisses show that you value them and will want to spend more time with them. The cousin kisses are a part of the affection and relationship category.

How to do a cousin kiss?

Lip kisses or smooches are not meant for this bond. You can show your affection towards your cousin by kissing them on their cheeks, head, or hands.

51. Baby kiss

Babies are irresistible and make you want to kiss them every minute. Kissing a baby is a sign of pure love and affection as a parent or a guardian.

It signifies that you are happy in their presence. Such baby kisses fall under the category of love and affection and are very friendly.

How to do a baby kiss?

Doctors advise you to refrain from kissing the mouth of any baby. So, you can gently kiss a baby on its head, back, or fingers. If they seem irritated, avoid kissing them again.

52. Dating kiss

Dating kisses are the most romantic kisses since you are already excited about the new beginnings.

If you like somebody on your date and you wish to see them again, you can end the night with a kiss. This will help you communicate your intent to take this relationship forward. 

How to do a dating kiss?

After your date, give your date a lip kiss and end it up with a hug to make it more romantic.

Make sure that it’s gentle and does not communicate anything sexual. Remember, a hard kiss on your first date can ruin your impression.

53. Engagement kiss

Engagement kisses are a part of the relationship category. It is a significant kiss as they mark your official beginning as a couple. 

You can kiss your partner after exchanging the rings to declare your love and admiration for each other. It is a sign of public commitment towards your partner.

How to do an engagement kiss?

Move towards your partner and gently hold them by the waist with one hand. Hold their hand with your other hand.

Place a sweet kiss on the lips for a couple of seconds and end it with a warm hug.

54. Wedding kiss

Wedding kisses are a sign of platonic love. They help you define your relationship and create a lifelong memory. 

You can give your partner a wedding kiss at the end of your wedding ceremony to mark the beginning of your happily-ever-after. People consider it as a lifelong declaration of togetherness.

How to do a wedding kiss?

Move towards your partner with a warm smile. Lift her veil from the face, look into her eyes and give your partner a passionate kiss on the lips.

However, ensure you don’t take the kiss to the next level and make it awkward for the audience. 

55. Ear kiss

Ears are one of the extremely underrated erogenous zones in the human body. Kissing ears can imply deep, intense, and pure love. 

How to do an ear kiss?

Go near to your partner and playfully start kissing them everywhere. Then take your mouth close to their ears, and kiss her gently. Within no time, it will turn her on.

56. Bite and nibble kiss

This kiss is a sign of intimacy and erotica. It starts playfully but ends up in the bed.

How to do a bite and nibble kiss?

Start nibbling every part of your partner’s body and then bite their sensual areas like ears, stomach, neck, and others. Leave wet kisses on their body parts.

57. Sugar kiss

If you and your partner have a sweet tooth, you can also enjoy sweets while being romantic. Sugar kiss is meant for you to enjoy sweets together.

How to do a sugar kiss?

Put any sweet thing in your mouth like candy, chocolate, marshmallow fluff, and kiss your partner until it melts in your mouth.

58. Wrist kiss

Wrists are more intimate than hands since the blood flows faster in these sensitive areas. A kiss on the wrist indicates your sensual feelings towards them.

How to do a wrist kiss?

Hold their hand, and gently place a kiss on their wrist.

59. Chin kiss

A chin simple kiss is the rare combination of romance and erotica.

How to do a chin kiss?

Use your middle finger, index finger, and thumb to hold your partner’s face. Tilt it sideways and kiss them on the chin until it feels right. 

60. Hickey

Hickey stands as a symbol of a wild love-making session. To express your passionate love towards your partner, you can give them a hickey on their neck or any other body part. 

Ask for their permission first because it leaves red marks on the body, and your partner must not get embarrassed by it.

How to do a hickey?

Get closer to your partner and hold them tight. Get closer to their neck and bite it hard. In a few minutes, you will see red marks on your partner’s neck in the form of a hickey.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Kisses are a beautiful way to communicate love. They can prove to be your perfect rescue when you fail to express your emotions for your partner through words. 

However, they are not limited to romantic love… you can play kisses on your mother’s cheek, on your sibling’s forehead, or even on your friend’s hand!

So, now what’s the wait worth for? Go home to your partner, and level up your kissing game, buddy!