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40+ Sure-shot Signs Your Ex is Waiting for You

40+ Sure-shot Signs Your Ex is Waiting for You

Updated on Oct 04, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

40+ Sure-shot Signs Your Ex is Waiting for You

If you’re here looking for “signs your ex is waiting for you”, I really hope they are!

Breakups are hard. They crush your soul and suck the happiness out of your body.

But there’s one thing that hurts more than a breakup, and that is losing the person you love… it creates a void in your heart that is hard to fill and impossible to bear.

When love is intense, the thoughts of getting back together naturally spring onto the mind.

You see, whenever a healthy relationship ends, there is one person between the two who wishes things to be as good as before.

But to be honest, things don’t always work out. Heartbreaks are inevitable and that’s the truth.

But sometimes, there is a ray of hope to make things right. So, if you are the one looking for that ray of hope and want to know if the love that you built over the years is still there or not…

Here are 40 clear signs that will help you understand if your ex is waiting for you.

40+ Sure-shot Signs Your Ex is Waiting for You
40+ Sure-shot Signs Your Ex is Waiting for You

40 Signs your Ex is waiting for you

There are some signs that can indicate your ex wants you back. Make sure you stay until the end because if you’re lucky, your ex may be waiting too.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

1. They are stalking your social media

If you and your ex still follow each other on social media, there is a good chance that they still miss you.

If they are commenting on your new posts or following up on your stories then chances are they still care about your whereabouts.

They’re waiting for some signs from you to know if you are missing them as well…. And then make a move.

For some more validation, try this trick, post a picture of a lovely time you had with them. If they like or comment on it, it’s a sign for you to follow up.

But if you want to play safer, then put up a story with a new person. If they are jealous, they surely wouldn’t be able to stop themselves from responding.

And that’s when you know, it’s not over yet!

2. They are in a new relationship

I know what you are thinking, “how is that a good sign, they have moved on in their life!” but hey, wait until I spill the beans.

If your ex has quickly jumped onto a new partner, it means it’s either a rebound relationship to get over your memories or it is just a temporary trick to make you feel jealous.

And obviously, that’s a great sign because it shows they are still not over the love you shared.

So, don’t be surprised if your ex-partner soon realizes that their new partner is not for keeps and comes back to you!

3. Your breakup was on good terms

If your breakup didn’t involve accusations, cheating, or emotional distress then it’s only a matter of time before your partner realizes what a big mistake it was to leave you.

You will still be able to see it in their actions, for example, they still find excuses to talk to you or ask for your support.

Be patient and help them. Soon you’ll both realize that there isn’t anything damaged beyond repair in your relationship.

It can be fixed if given another chance, and you can still make things work.

4. You keep meeting each other

It’s one thing to bump into your ex once in a mall or the gym, but regularly? Now that’s a cue to take!

No one meets their ex so often, but if you do, it’s because it’s not accidental… your ex is finding reasons to see you.

They are obviously finding it awkward (since the breakup), that’s why they’re hanging out at your favorite shopping place or cafes and the parties you’d go to, in hopes of getting a moment with you.

So, if you see your ex next time and they say “what a coincidence”, smile because now you know the truth.

5. They haven’t changed things that you liked

You might be familiar with the post-breakup glow because of social media. But if your ex doesn’t have it, it’s a clear sign they want you back. How?

After a breakup, partners who want to forget everything about their past relationships and their ex, tend to undergo a major physical and emotional change.

But if your ex isn’t doing that, it means they don’t want to get rid of their old self, which you loved.

So, if you see them keeping the same beard because you liked it, act subtle and compliment, rest they will take care of.

6. They don’t ignore your call or text

If your ex picks up your calls instantly or answers your text messages immediately, then it’s a clear-cut message for you to believe that they want to come back to your life.

They want to show that they’re still interested in your life… and if there is anything you want help with, and so on.

Also, don’t be surprised if they slide in text messages that make you nostalgic about your relationship together. It’s all a trick to re-establish that bond with you.

7. They don’t say any bad things about you

Partners who’ve broken up have a tendency to speak ill about their exes to their mutual friends and family members.

So, if your ex is doing that, take my advice and move on. But if you get to hear whispers about your ex appreciating how great you are as a person and as a partner, then it can mean two things.

They want you. Or they are just mature enough to never speak ill about you.

That is the reason they are saying such things in your mutual circle because they know it will come to you.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and text them, “thank you for______, I appreciate it.” They would simply love it.

8. They confess to being unhappy

It’s not at all normal for an ex to admit they are unhappy after a relationship ends, it’s actually quite the opposite.

But if your ex has recently confessed to a mutual friend about how difficult it has been to stay happy after you parted ways, take it as a message that they still feel a strong attachment towards you.

There’s a void inside them since your relationship ended that they haven’t been able to fill. So, if you are looking for a reason to hit up your partner, this is a great opportunity!

9. They improve themselves

I am no relationship expert, but if you can see that an ex is improving himself in all the areas which were the reasons for your breakup, then it’s a clear sign that they want to be back together with you.

But again, it can mean they are doing this for a new possible love interest.

But why would they improve only upon the things that annoyed you? It’s because they want this relationship to work and leave behind all the reasons that got you two to part ways.

So, if you see them, getting more focused and disciplined because that’s what you wanted, get back together already.

10. They haven’t returned your things

You might be aware of the no contact rule couples tend to follow after they break up. They return each other’s things and take their things back.

But if your ex hasn’t taken their things back and didn’t even mail back your things, understand that they are not in the place to let go of those happy memories yet.

They want to keep those things because it’s all they have left of you.

They are not asking for their things back even after being reminded several times because they don’t want to forget them.

11. They still make you wonder if things had been different

If your ex still keeps in touch with you then pay close attention to the hidden meaning behind their texts.

If they make you wonder how things would’ve been so different if you were with them right now or in the future, then it’s clear they want you to think about giving them another chance.

They could say “what if I hadn’t made that mistake?” Questions like this are signs that your ex is waiting to come back.

12. They drunk dial you 

If your ex-drunk dials you, then you don’t need any other reason to believe that they want you. Because when people are drunk, nothing can suppress their emotions.

It gives them courage and strength to confess and accept whatever is going on in their mind.

Maybe they will call you and pour out their feelings to you. Maybe they will send you a long chain of texts saying I miss you or (God forbid) they go on a live stream and tell everyone they miss you so much.

Now, that is a drunk dialed gesture that needs a response, isn’t it?

13. They take the blame

Never in a million years would an ex take the blame on themselves. I repeat, never. But apparently, your ex is doing that.

They are taking all the blame to themselves? Why? Because they want to show you that they are guilty.

They are done with sending mixed signals and want you to realize that they are ready to change.

They will now work on themselves but not at the expense of losing you. And that is how, they are asking for a second chance, that is, wanting to get back together.

14. Their new partner hates you

If you have ever been in the kind of a relationship where your partner always talked about their ex, then I am sure you would have understood what I am talking about.

If your ex’s new partner changes around you, they become more extra romantic and touchy-feely when you come, then take it as a sign that your ex has been talking about you to them.

Quite passionately of course. That is the reason their new partner is uncomfortable around you.

But don’t worry, they will soon realize that their new partner is not the one and will come back straight to you.

15. They behave friendly with you.  

Take a close look at their body language when you meet them. How are they behaving? Are they flirty, kind, romantic, or funny?

If they are any one of the above, they still care about you and love your presence.

How do I know this? Exes are everything but friendly to their previous partners. So, when yours is good to you, believe that they are still into you.

16. He keeps in touch with your family

The biggest sign of a healthy relationship after a breakup is when your ex-partner still keeps in touch with your friends and family.  Not only does it show how great they are as a person, but it is also a sign that maybe it’s not over yet.

Because when a person moves on seriously, they try to lose each and every contact they have with their partner.

But if yours is calling to check up on your family then they still care about you and want you.

17. They touch you whenever they get a chance

If you run into your ex and they happen to greet you through a hug or a slight kiss on the cheeks, it’s one of the good signs that they are still into you.

Exes, especially men, cannot stop themselves from showing affection physically if they are into you.

Not just when you’re meeting them, but also while having a conversation with them, notice if they’re coming close or trying to slightly touch your hands and back.

These show they still miss you and your touch.

18. They are interested in your love life

If your ex is interested in your love life then take it as a clear sign that they have not stopped loving you. Not yet.

Because it’s their instilled fear that if you find someone else or if you spend time with a new partner, you will forget the love you once shared with them and move on.

So, if you see your ex getting too involved in your dating life, then get happy because there’s still a chance for the both of you.

19. Your ex tries to resolve unresolved issues

The partners who are serious about moving on do not care about resolving issues or taking the blame ever.

But if your ex is trying to go over every unresolved issue between you two, then it’s more than obvious that they are still not over you.

They want to work on those issues for a chance to build a future with you!

20. They tell you that they miss you

If your ex continuously reminds you that they miss you, then it’s a telltale sign that they are still not over you.

They are still craving your presence, your voice, and conversations with you. Another thing which you should notice is that they are willing to spend time with you.

They constantly tell you how fortunate they are to have spent the time they did with you. And they always have something or the other to talk about. It’s not over, at least not from their side!

21. They send you gifts

Are you randomly getting a lot of gifts recently? Are your favorite flowers always there at your desk?

Or maybe someone just donated a big amount to the fundraiser you are hosting? And no, you aren’t in a rom-com movie.

Your ex is probably doing these in order to win you back. Because he knows these things will make you happy.

So, if you are receiving any of these, text your ex “Thank you” and see for yourself. After all, nobody spends loads of money without an intention, right?

22. You are in friends with benefits situation

Are you staying friends after your breakup? More like a friends with benefits situation? Did your ex come up with this idea?

Then it’s obvious they still love you. Why? Friends with benefits with a casual friend or hooking up with a stranger is still okay.

But being in a physical relationship with someone with whom you have a past is a sign that they are still seeking that emotional intimacy with you.

Maybe only through sex but at least they would get to touch you, kiss you and feel you. And that’s what matters for them.

23. Their family reaches out to you

Has your ex’s sister told you how upset your partner has been since your breakup? Has their mother been checking on you lately?

Is their family complaining to you about how bad their new partner is?

Then it means your ex’s family probably liked you a lot. It can also mean that your ex is confiding in them about how much they miss you and want to get back together.

Because if they knew the relationship was over for good, they wouldn’t have contacted you at all, isn’t it?

24. They keep paying your bills

Do you still have access to their Netflix account? or a Spotify account? Or maybe your joint account is still receiving deposits?

Are they still paying for your car? If taken lightly, this gesture could just mean that you dated a nice person but chances are they are doing it out of love for you.

The fact that they are still paying your bills means they are still comfortable taking care of you and hoping for you to notice it too.

25. They haven’t deleted your pictures from social media

Go take a look at their social media handles. Do they still keep your picture as their profile picture? Do their Insta handles still have pictures of you two?

Yes, some may agree that nobody deletes all this evidence straight away but if the pictures still exist even after a few weeks then it’s a sign that they haven’t forgotten about you.

Because when people are serious about moving on, they delete all the pictures that remind them of their past life.

They don’t want anyone to know about their previous relationship. But if they are still keeping your photos even though it’s been a long time, they still want you to see them and feel connected.

26. They are still single

Humans have a natural tendency to seek companionship everywhere they go. We are wired to feel connections and love.

So, if your ex is not wanting to indulge in any kind of companionship even after months of you two breaking up, that means they can’t move on.

In fact, maybe they are probably waiting for a message of hope from you.

Either way, they are still hoping that there is a chance for the two of you to reunite again and maybe now is the time you think about that too.

27. They express their concern

You know the thing about the right person is that they stick around even when you guys aren’t together. They patiently wait for you because that is what love is about.

So, if you have been in a new relationship and your ex expresses their concern (without bad-mouthing your partner), it means two things.

Firstly, they are genuinely concerned about you. And secondly, they still love you.

So, no matter how much it breaks their heart to see you with someone else, they won’t try to break you up but would not hesitate to express their worries.

28. They’ll send you nostalgic messages

A clear sign of your ex not being able to move on is when they send you nostalgic messages of your good time together.

They might send you a post of an inside joke between you two or something that reminds you of them.

By sharing these posts, they are hoping you might feel the same warmth associated with the memories and maybe decide to give them another chance.

29. They suddenly want to meet up

If your ex has drunk dialed you – that they want to meet up right now or tomorrow or the day after tomorrow – then it’s clear they want to see you in person.

The point is, a message like this from an ex is something that needs to be taken seriously.

It might be because they want to engage in a meaningful discussion with you which can possibly indicate that they want to forget everything and get back together with you.

30. Both of you don’t remember why you broke up

Maybe you two are staying friends after the relationship. You are amicable to each other and don’t mind spending time with each other.

While talking, both of you can’t figure out the exact reason why the relationship ended.

If that is the case then maybe it’s a sign that you should give this relationship another shot. A fresh start will likely make this relationship stronger since both of you are grown individuals now. 

31. They have moved closer to your place

If you guys broke up while being in a long-distance relationship but now your ex has moved to your city, then it can be a signal that they are willing to work on this relationship again.

Relocation is one of the biggest sacrifices one can make in today’s times. So, if your ex is doing that and the reason is you, then they definitely deserve a surprise visit and a conversation with you. Trust me on that!

32. They reminisce over good-ol days

If you are looking for the clearest sign of your ex coming back, then this is it. Even if actions speak louder than words, there’s no better indication than your ex revisiting old times spent with you.

So, if that is the case with you, then understand that they haven’t gotten over you and still want to make things work.

33. They initiate the conversation first

Whether it’s texting, calling, or sending a reaction to your WhatsApp and Instagram story, an ex who wants to come back in your life will do all of this.

They will always initiate conversation in the hope of making small talk with you or knowing everything about you.

Compared to an ex who has a big ego, they don’t care about their image or other things when making the first move. Because for them nothing else matters except talking to you.

34. They’re desperate for your attention

If you have noticed your ex trying pretty hard to grab your attention then it’s pretty clear that their life still revolves around you.

They would do literally anything that makes you notice them or talk to them. They might even seem desperate but that is only because they lack the courage to clearly tell you what’s wrong.

You can go ahead and put up a little test to see if it’s really true. Put up a cold-hearted attitude with them and don’t react much.

After a few tries, if they still keep up, you would be well aware of their true intentions.

35. Jealous much?

Does your ex show jealous outbursts when they see you with someone else? Are they not able to control their emotions seeing a stranger with you? Then it’s one of the clear signs that they still love you.

For an ex that doesn’t care about you, it won’t be a problem seeing you flirting with someone else.

They would simply see you as a closed chapter and move on. But your ex is seeming to have difficulty accepting that.

That is because they are not over the fact that you aren’t there in their life anymore. They still have the fear that you might forget the relationship and never look back. Those thoughts are driving them crazy.

36. They wish you on important dates

To be honest, if an ex wishes you on your birthdays, then take it from me, you dated a good person. Exes don’t really wish each other on birthdays. In fact, they would do anything to forget that day and move on.

But if your ex is wishing you a happy birthday even at the end of the day, kindly don’t end the conversation with just a thank you.

A mere emoji would make their day, so please don’t hold back.

37. They subtly invite you to hang out

Is your ex having a party this weekend and did they happen to invite you to it?

Yes, you do have a point that they want to show you how happy they are after your breakup but what if it means something else. It can also mean that they still want you to be there!

This is an excuse to be able to see you, share a couple of drinks, and maybe have small talk.

They are doing this because they might think you won’t meet them alone or go out with them but would definitely come to a party.

So, if you can’t decide whether or not you should go for it? Take my advice and go. Show up and see how the night unfolds between the two of you.

38. They cannot help but kiss you

I don’t mean it literally, or do I? You never know!

But the point is if you still meet up, have conversations with each other and they stare into your lips for a long time, hoping to kiss then my friend, your ex has not stopped loving you at all. 

They still have intense feelings for you. You can say that it’s just physical attraction, but if so, there’s no harm in finding out. Especially when you want to kiss them back.

Moreover, a kiss is an intimate form of affection, something that people who are not in love don’t share. So, what’s stopping you to find out?

39. They date a person exactly like you 

Remember how the whole world went crazy when Justin Bieber was dating a girl who looked exactly like Selena Gomez? It took a second for everyone to say he is still in love with her.

Similarly, if your ex is dating a person exactly like you, looks-wise or personality-wise then there’s no other better example of them still in love with you.

It is a clear sign that they still look for you in people and if given a second chance they would come straight to you.

40. They give mixed signals

This is probably the most real and obvious sign you can notice in your ex. If they miss you and want you back, they will probably play the mixed signals game in the beginning.

They won’t do it on purpose, they would simply be confused and anxious about the whole fiasco.

One day they will feel all connected with you but on other days they don’t make any contact at all.

I know this situation is very overwhelming. That is why it’s my advice to give them some space and time to think these things over before making any kind of decision.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you found a few signs that match your current situation, there is still hope for both of you. But, again, don’t rush for anything.

Giving the relationship a second chance is a tough process so give it the time and space it needs. When the other person realizes it too, the reconciliation is smooth.

And who knows, maybe, this time you come out stronger than before and this ends up with you both at the altar!

And for the people who desperately wanted to look for a sign and couldn’t, here’s a big hug. Don’t you worry!

You might think they were the one for you, but there’s someone better out there who will not give up on you. Hold onto that and keep falling in love!

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