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60+ Signs a Man Loves You Deeply (+10 signs he loves but not so deeply)

60+ Signs a Man Loves You Deeply (+10 signs he loves but not so deeply)

Updated on Nov 03, 2023

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

60+ Signs a Man Loves You Deeply [+10 signs he loves but not so deeply]

Are you looking for signs a man loves you deeply? Wondering how much he loves you? Still can’t believe if he loves you from all his heart?

If yes, you reached just the right place to seek answers. 

Sometimes you may feel doubtful if your partner is into you or not. But this think-piece will solve all your queries related to your partner’s love for you.

Always observe your man’s actions to know about his love… because men aren’t often verbal about their feelings. He may instead just listen patiently or cook for you to express his love for you.

Wondering what else he might do in deep love? Well, let’s plunge deeper with these…

60 Signs a man loves you deeply

Relationships are tough and you can’t always ask your man “Babe, how much do you love me?” Even if you ask, he will never have a straight answer because let’s admit it: love has no measures.

So, why don’t you use your wits and understand the depth of his love…

1. He spares time for you

Even if your man has a hectic schedule, he will make time for you if he loves you deeply. But don’t expect him to compromise his work for you.

No matter how busy he is, he will still adjust his schedule to spare some time for you, even if it’s only a few minutes. 

He may cancel friends’ outings or multi-task to save some time. If you see your man doing this for you, he definitely loves you deeply.

2. You are at the top on his priority list!

A man deeply in love with you will always try to protect you. He’ll always be looking over your shoulders so that nobody has evil eyes on you. Every guy wants to be the hero for his girl, and your man is no different.

Protecting you doesn’t only mean he will get into a fight with whoever looks at you or break his bones. It also means that he will always be there to support you through difficult times.

3. Your opinions matter to him

Your man will understand that you may have a different opinion than him. So, he won’t try to dominate you or force you to accept his opinions. 

He will try to understand your individual perspective. He may not agree with your opinions, but he will respect them because he doesn’t want to disappoint you.

4. In his dictionary, promises aren’t meant to be broken

Observe the words of a man who loves you. If he loves you deeply, he will never promise you something he cannot fulfill. And if he promises, he will ensure that he keeps them at all costs.  

He will know how to match his words with his actions. Certainly, he may not remember every small detail of your relationship, but he will not forget the big promises like marrying you.

So, if he keeps his promises, he definitely loves you deeply.

5. The family introduction was his dream come true

You don’t want to share about your casual flings with your family and get a “player” label. So, if your man is interested in introducing you to his family, he is certainly serious about you.  

Introducing you to his family will be like a dream come true for him because it indicates that he has found someone special.

You mean a lot to him, and he wants his world to know that he has found his better half.

6. Intimate moments with you makes him feel special

A man who truly loves you will always want to share intimate moments with you. By intimate, it doesn’t only imply sexual intimacy. He will like to be around you even otherwise.  

He will love to play with your hair or poke you. He will not lose a single chance to hug you or hold your hand.

He will try to remain as close to you as possible, even in public places. He will try to do everything because being around you makes him feel like the happiest person in the universe. 

7. You let out the crazy around him.

If you can be crazy around him, and he doesn’t judge you for that, feel lucky. It is a sign that he loves you deeply.

Women are crazy deep inside but always try to suppress it and display their sophisticated selves. So, if he makes you comfortable enough to bring out your crazy side, he is meant for you.

Moreover, a man who loves you deeply will not judge you for your craziness or stop you from being lame in public. He will let you enjoy the way you want, not the way society wants.

8. He supports your dreams like it’s his own

When a man supports your dreams, it is a sign of his deep love for you. Boys often don’t waste their energy if they don’t see a future in the relationship.

So, if he supports your dreams with all his heart, it is because he wants to see you happy. He will also try to keep you focused on your goals and make sure he doesn’t cause you any trouble.

If you are incessantly chasing your goals, he will understand why you don’t have time for him and may even offer a helping hand. 

9. Your phone dings a lot with his notifications

When he is truly into you, he will always want to be by your side. However, that is practically impossible because you both have other commitments.

But whenever he gets some free time, he will try to contact you. He’ll try to stay connected with you through texts or calls.  

Suddenly, he will contact you more often because he sees you as an important part of his life now. So, you will observe that the frequency of his messages has substantially increased. 

10. Compromises aren’t a big deal for him.

Everyone wants things to be according to their likings. And men usually behave this way as they want to dominate their women and feel powerful.

But a healthy relationship has no place for dominance. You both compromise with each other without hesitation. 

So if he compromises for you willingly, it is an undeniable sign that he loves you deeply.

Otherwise, no matter how many times you ask him to do things for you, he will only do what suits him and ignore your pleas. 

11. Your words are precious to his ears.

A man who is into you will not ignore what you say. He will keep in mind even the unimportant things you mentioned because he feels that’s important to keep you happy.  

He will pay you undivided attention and will always lend an ear whenever you need to rant.

You will feel comfortable venting in front of him because he cares for you and doesn’t make you feel any less because of your problems. 

12. Each of your favorites is known to him.

Most times, it’s the girl in the relationship who remembers all of their partner’s favorites and surprises their man on special occasions.

But if your man is totally into you, he will also care to know about your favorite things. 

He will try to know your favorite food, vacation place, person, and everything related to you because he wants to make you feel special.

So, he will always search for a chance to surprise you with your favorites. 

13. Making you smile is on his checklist.

As the man of your dreams, he doesn’t want to disappoint you EVER! He loves to see you smiling and wants to capture your smiling face in his mind. So, he will leave no stone unturned for that. 

Even if you are stressed, he will try his best to solve the problem and return your smile.

And if you are in a jolly mood, he will still attempt to keep you smiling because he wants to be the reason behind it. 

14. You hardly walk on the traffic side of the road.

Obviously, if he loves you, he never wants anything in the world to harm you. He will protect you like his most precious thing.

Infact, whenever you two walk together, he will not let you walk on the traffic side of the road. 

Gradually, he will push you towards a safer side and be on the traffic side himself. This is because he values you, and he wants to take away all possible sufferings from you. 

15. Your comfort is his priority.

A man who cares for you will not only try to protect you but also comfort you. He will ensure that he takes you to comfortable places where you can be yourself.

He will note that your seat is comfortable and if it’s not, he will exchange it with you. 

Further, he will also make sure that you don’t feel too cold. He may bring you blankets or lend you his own coat.

He’ll hold you tight in public or give you sufficient space for yourself, depending on your comfort level. 

16. There are constant efforts to please you

If he is the one, he will never get tired of making efforts for you. Unlike most men, he will make efforts for you throughout the relationship, and not only in the dating phase.  

He will listen to all your choices attentively and use them to please you time and again. He’ll pick your favorite restaurant and table for your next date.

He’ll surprise you with your favorite dessert or may let you sit on the window seat the next time you take a flight.  

All these may look like petty things but matter a lot in a relationship. And if he does it for you, he is certainly in love with you. 

17. The common interests keep increasing.

As two different individuals, your choices will certainly vary. Moreover, because of gender differences, you two may not land on the same page.

But, if he still tries to cope with your preferred activities, it is a huge sign that he loves you. 

Suppose you like theater, and he enjoys sports. But if he doesn’t mind accompanying you to the theater, he only wants to make you happy. So, appreciate his efforts and love for you. 

18. Staring into your eyes makes him feel heavenly.

Recall all the romantic movies that you watched so far. Do you recall the actor looking into the eyes of the actress, and suddenly they feel a different kind of adrenaline rush?

You will go through a similar experience if you keep looking in your partner’s eyes.

Your man will stare deep down into your eyes to read your soul. He won’t be afraid to do this even in public places. He loves you so much that he doesn’t want to hide it from the world.  

19. All dressed up to make your heart mess up.

Do you remember the time when he came out of the room, and your jaw dropped seeing him?

Yes, I am talking about exactly that feeling. You feel more attracted to him when he dresses up for you. 

Some of you may say that partners only dress up for one another in the initial days of dating. Later, you only want to chill together in sweatpants.

Well, yes, but occasionally, if your man makes an effort to dress up to impress you, he is surely in deep love with you. 

20. A happy You makes him happy.

If he doesn’t share his interest and keeps talking about yours, he is madly in love with you.

You will observe that he will keenly observe you doing your favorite activities… not because he wants to impress you but because he is happy to see you happy. 

He may not like the same things as you, but he will still want to do it for you. He wants to see you get excited about it like a puppy.

And don’t you blush when he keeps staring at you while you watch that dramatic daily soap? 

21. His eyes lit up during the first friends’ introduction

He won’t wait to introduce you to his friends if he truly loves you.

He wants you to meet all his friends and family members and gel with them well. It indicates that he visualizes his future with you. Why else will he make you meet them otherwise? 

So, if he makes you meet his friends, he is absolutely in love with you. The cherry on the cake will be when you bond with them like your own.   

22. You sense someone stealing glances at you

You will always check your favorite things multiple times to ensure they are perfect. Similarly, your man may also steal glances at you to make sure you are fine.

Even during a conversation with someone else, he will constantly look your way to know you’re comfortable. He will observe your behavior and expressions. 

At times, the body can express what words cannot. And if he steals glances at you frequently, it is because he admires you to an extent he cannot express. So, he is unable to keep his eyes off you. 

23. There’s an uncertified medic beside you, every time you’re sick.

Ever observed traditional marriages? The couple vows to be with each other “in sickness and in health.”

Anyone will love to be around a healthy person who manages by themselves. But the partnership is beyond that. Your man cannot quit on you when you are sick. 

So, observe if he is ready to get you timely medicines, hold you in the washroom, or give you a head massage.  

If you do not get sick frequently, notice how he treats you during your menstrual days. If he helps you out on these days, he definitely loves you. 

24. Your achievements make him proud.

Every man wants his woman to be proud of him. But if your man is instead proud of your achievements and takes pride in being your boyfriend or husband, it is a sign of his deep love.

He wants to celebrate your success and congratulate you on it. Moreover, he wants the world to know about your achievement, so he will mention it to all his folks.

25. He never refuses to try something new with you

No person wants to move out of their comfort zone. But have you heard of the phrase “Love can make you do everything?”

So if he is ready to move out of his comfort levels to try new things for you, why will you even doubt his love? 

Trying new things may give you an adrenaline rush, but isn’t love all about it? It makes you do things you were never ready for, all because it makes your partner happy.

26. He doesn’t mind losing to you

No one wants to lose. No one.

Except when you’re in love. When you see the joy of winning on your partner’s face, it gives you inner happiness. 

Similarly, if your man loves you deeply, he won’t hesitate to lose to you. In fact, in some instances, he might intentionally lose the game only to make you happy. 

27. There’s an entire playlist for you.

You probably watched movies where an actor sings a song for the actress to woo her.

Well, you cannot expect him to make a song for you! But hey, he can come up with his playlist to express his love for you.

If he shares his playlist with you, it indirectly implies his feelings for you. All the songs in the playlist may not compulsorily be love songs.

But it indicates that he thinks about you whenever he listens to these songs. 

28. You’ll always find him whenever you are stuck

To stick to someone during their hardships, you need to be bold and courageous.

Although men want to do everything to impress you, they generally leave you during tough times and return when it’s solved. 

But if your man is different and is with you throughout the hardships to support and comfort you, he’ll stick with you forever. 

29. You always get the last pizza slice

You may think of it as a polite gesture, but when he leaves the last bite of your shared food for you, it only means he loves you a lot.

Such a gesture indicates that he cares for your happiness more than his own, which is a sign that he loves you deeply.

So, the next time you are on a date night, check if he left the last bite of the food for you.

30. There’s unlimited encouragement coming your way.

When a partner loves you, they also have to be your source of motivation. Things may not be right in your life in every phase, but one thing never changes, that is, his words of encouragement for you.

Moreover, if he encourages you to do something you always wanted to do and live your life, it means he wants you to live your dream life and be happy.

Such a thought can only be in the mind of a person who loves you deeply. 

31. Rain or shine? He’s your chauffeur.

Oh, this is a great way to determine if he loves you! Sometimes, you might be out chilling or for work, and it starts raining.

During such times, does he care to drive you back home? If yes, it is an undeniable sign of true love

It’s not just about picking and dropping you. Perhaps, you’re moving out of the house in bad weather. He might book a cab or arrange something for you to send you home safely? 

32. Everyone on his friend list knows you.

When he loves you, he will mention every single person on his list about you. Even if you haven’t met your friends or family members, he’ll still mention everything about you to them.

Don’t we always talk about the person we love the most? Yes, and he does too. 😉

You may think men do not talk about their love. But they do. And c’mon, he is taking the risk of being roasted by his friends on your name; what else do you want? 

33. The coffee at his place is fantastic

Well, you both are partners, and it is not only your duty to know how he likes his meals and beverages.

As your man, he must also know your food preferences without you specifying them. He must have this urge to do things for you.

So, if your man knows how much milk or sugar you prefer in your coffee and doesn’t mind making it for you, he certainly has a deep love for you.

34. There are random texts from him.

You don’t need to talk every time of the day. But if he randomly pushes in a ‘Hi’ message, it means he misses you and wants attention.

If he texts you out of the blue, it’s a sign that your man cares for you and wants to check if you are doing fine. 

Some men may be less confident and may not directly send a ‘Hi.’ Instead, they may send you a meme, video, or something funny to get your attention. 

35. You know he’d make a great chef.

Remember the first time you cooked for him? How romantic did it seem to him?

He wants you to have similar feelings for him and hence, won’t mind cooking for you.

He will do every possible thing to impress you, even if it asks him to learn cooking from YouTube for you. 

He will show his culinary skills to surprise you and gain your appreciation because your words matter to him.

And post-dinner follows a romantic night. As the age-old maxim goes, “good in the kitchen, good in the bedroom.” 

36. Help is just a call away!

Your man will always be the first one to turn up when you need help… if he loves you too much. Whether your pet is sick or you need to shift your house, he will always be a call away.

It is because he loves you so much that he cannot leave you in trouble alone. 

Such gestures are a huge sign of his deep love for you. Moreover, for all this help, he wouldn’t even expect anything from you. It will be a totally selfless service.

37. You got a private jester

We all love to hear our loved one’s laughter. And your man will also do anything to hear the sound of your laugh.

So, he may crack jokes or playfully annoy you, pull your hair, or roast you in front of others. He may also make fun of himself and be lame only to make you laugh.

Every man has a different way of doing this, but if your man loves you, he will make an effort to do this every day.

38. Your sad days are always numbered.

Do you not feel upset when he’s sad? In the same way, your man also feels miserable to see you down. He’ll cross all boundaries to make that smile appear on your face again. 

He may cook for you or dress up as a joker. He may take you out for a movie, a drive, or your favorite dining place.

Basically, he will be restless until you cheer up again, and that is a beautiful sign of deep love. 

39. You get compliments on your inner beauty

True that most men fall for visual beauty. But that is true for ladies too. As humans’ we all tend to first notice the outer beauty until we get to know a person’s inner version.

But once he gets to know you and loves you, your physical beauty may not blow him away… because he will consider it superficial in comparison to your inner beauty. 

Instead, he will compliment your personality and your kind heart. It is because he has deep feelings of love for you. 

40. You never feel affected when he’s frustrated

We all can be friendly and in high spirits. But what matters is how we deal with things when we feel frustrated or grumpy.

Usually, we take out our frustration on our partners. But if your man doesn’t do that and behaves nicely with you even when he is stressed, it is because he is deeply in love with you.

He doesn’t want to stress you and so won’t let even a minor thing ruin your mood.

41. He treats you with small-little surprises everyday

A boyfriend might often surprise you and gift you expensive things. But that does not really prove his true feelings. Perhaps, it’s just to impress you. Expensive gifts do not always count as little things do. 

A man deeply into you will surprise you with little things even if it means buying you a book when he has never been to a bookshop.

He’ll take care of little things and surprise you often, even if it was not something like throwing a grand party. A cupcake with a little candle would also work fine.

42. Your family matters are also important to him.

Not all men will pay attention to your family matters… despite how much they like you. But a man deeply into you will make efforts to treat your family well and do everything possible for them.

Even if it is as simple as taking your parents for a morning walk or for a regular check-up, he will take care of your siblings and parents like his own. It explains that he sees a future with you and your family. 

43. From basic needs to extremes, he knows it all.

Many men don’t understand their girl’s needs even in long-term relationships. However, a man deeply in love with you will understand your needs starting from the basics to extremities.  

He’ll make efforts to fulfill them no matter what it takes. He’ll know when you need space, a snack, or a cheerful moment without a word. Such a man will understand you in every situation.

44. He gets things done even before you ask.

You think about something and it is right there in front of you. It means he is ready to help you and go to lengths for you even if you do not ask him to do that.

As mentioned earlier, he understands your needs and knows what you want.  

So, you don’t have to remind him again and again about a weekend plan or ask him to get ice cream on the way back home. He already has it for you.

45. He calls you just to talk.

People are too busy in their lives to even see thousands of missed calls on their phones.

In such a world, if a man calls you just to say ‘Hi’ and say silly things, he has deep feelings for you. He’ll make calls just to hear your voice or watch you sleep. 

Even if you have no topic to discuss, he will keep you entertained. These small gestures tell you how deeply he admires you.

46. Your personal space is ONLY yours.

Some men want to know everything about your whereabouts all the time and dig their nose into everything happening with you. They invade your personal space.

However, a man with true feelings for you will let you enjoy and feel safe in your personal space without interfering. 

It explains that he is not insecure about you and understands when you want to keep some boundaries.

So, if your man does not question you about every phone call or decision you make, he is the one for you.

47. He tweaks his own schedule according to your routine

Not every man will do this. Some might just follow the course of their own life.

However, if a man deeply loves you, he’ll make efforts to mold himself according to your ways.

He adapts to your habits and follows your routine even if his routine is far different from yours. It means he looks forward to living a life with you and admires you to the depth of the oceans.

48. His love for you = Universal truth

Most men try to hide their relationship from the world for God knows what reason. But when a man deeply loves you, his love for you is a universal truth, and everybody knows about it. 

He is so sure of you that he does not doubt his feelings for you. So, whether it is his friends, family, or a mere pet, everybody knows he is in love with you.

It clearly means he talks about you wherever he goes and whoever he meets. Who would let such a man go?

49. You’re his personal advisor.

Not all men ask for or consider their girl’s advice. But if in such a world, your man seeks your advice in every small matter, it means he wants to involve you in his life and respects your opinions. 

Does not matter if he is a newbie or an expert on something… he always reaches out to you for your opinion and advice on things related to his life.

So, if your man sees an advisor in you, he loves you a lot more than you can imagine.

50. Chivalry never dies in your relationship

He opens the car door for you and pulls the chair for you at the restaurant. Sounds old-fashioned? But dear, it is just a way for your man to treat you like a lady, which is rare.  

A man deeply in love with you will make you feel like his queen. He’ll often refer to you as ‘ma’am.’ He’ll act childish when you scold him. He’ll make every effort to let you stay on top all the time.

So, if your man treats you like a queen, it’s because you are his ‘the one.’

51. You know he dreams of a forever-and-after

Not all men are future-oriented especially when it’s about a relationship. If your man avoids future planning, it’s because he is not into you.

However, if the opposite is true and your man dreams of a future with you, he is the one. He’ll often fantasize about his future plans around you. Don’t let him go if that’s the case.

52. There’s a sweet symphony between his words and actions.

Men often brag about things. You’ll rarely find a man whose words match his actions.

But if your man does what he says, he is sure about you and definitely into you. He’ll make every effort to stand true to all the promises he has ever made.

If he tells you he will spend time with you on weekends and never fails, he is the man for you.

53. He plans vacations with you

Planning is a part of the future, and vacations are necessary to steal time out of your busy lives to enjoy and know each other better.

If your man often plans vacations with you, it simply means he loves spending time with you and will do anything to involve you in his future plans. 

A man deeply in love with you will never let go of any opportunity to go on vacations and explore new places together. Well, instead of a road trip with his buddies, he chose you.

But if he involves you specifically, know it is something more special.

54. You don’t meet for sex only

Now, this is where you get to test your man. You might often wonder if your man is with you just for a physical relationship. Well, if it is true, it’s dangerous… and your relationship might not last long.  

However, if he is truly into you, he won’t treat you just like a sleeping opportunity. He will be content and patient about initiating the physical relationship.

He’ll be there for you even without physical pleasure and love spending time with you, even if it means you guys are just talking. It is a clear sign your man loves you deeply.

55. You + Him + Silence = Never uncomfortable.

Talking to someone is easy. However, sharing silence with someone is the real deal. Men often get impatient and anxious if you don’t talk to them. They might be unable to tolerate silence for long. 

However, some men can understand your silence and give you time to open up. So even if you guys are together and not talking, it still works fine for them.

If your man falls into that category, he has real feelings for you.

56. Rick Astley’s “Never gonna give you up” is his jam.

Many boyfriends often leave during difficult periods when you need someone. They give up on the relationship if something goes off and leave you to your chaotic circumstances. 

However, if your man never gives up on you, no matter the situation, and he is the strongest pillar you can hold on to, he is deeply into you.

He won’t leave you when the boat goes the wrong way, and you are struggling with something.

57. Everyone around him loves you

Your man loves you but how would you know if he is deeply into you?

Well, it is simple, you’ll notice that everyone around him, including his friends, family, and relatives, love you even if you never met them personally.

It is because your man shares his feelings about you with people around him and introduces you as ‘the one.’

It means he is sure about you and his friends and family know it very well. Probably, they also noticed how happy you make him.

58. He’s an eager apprentice in your hobbies

Not every man will be interested in you and your hobbies simultaneously. Some might just ignore it, saying that it is not for them.  

However, if your man deeply loves you, he will make an effort to learn everything you are interested in, especially your hobbies.  

It simply means he wants to spend a lifetime with you. That definitely includes you and your hobbies. Even if it means climbing a cliff for a person who fears heights, he will try to get over it for you.

59. ‘U’ and ‘I’ are out. ‘We’ is in.

As mentioned earlier, a man who is deeply into you will make every effort to include you in his plans, future, and definitely his life.

He might even use ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ and involve you in almost everything about his life.  

He’ll often refer to you and him as the same person in private and public. He’ll never leave you out of anything. He definitely drowned in your love if he refers to the two of you as ‘we.’

60. You’re his secret keeper

If he is truly into you, he’ll tell you all secrets about him. He’ll often rush to you with every news, whether good or bad.  

In simple words, you’re his secret keeper. Some phases in his life are better off a secret. However, if he cannot keep any secrets from you and eventually blurts it out, your man loves you madly and wants you to know everything about him.

Didn’t match with too many signs? Think it’s not deep love? Let’s make sure with these…

10 Signs a man loves you but not so deeply

Love isn’t always so deep, especially in the early stages of your relationship when you two still know each other.

He may still need more time to put his 100% faith on you. So, let’s find out your situation here…

1. You feel tracked

Your man may love you, but he may still be insecure about you talking to other boys or hanging out with them. He will want you to be with him, all the time.

If he frequently asks you about your location or the people you’re with… it is a sign that he loves you and doesn’t want to lose you.

But this way, he is hampering your freedom as an individual. Remember, love doesn’t restrict you, but it sets you free. 

So, if he is insecure, it may be because he doesn’t trust you much or is unsure that your relationship may move forward. 

2. Your calls go unnoticed at times

You may call him multiple times a day, and he may not receive them. When you ask him about it, he always has excuses ready. He may say “I didn’t notice your call”, or “I was with my friends”, or any other excuse. 

But if he loves you deeply, even if he is in a meeting, he will call you back later… as you might be in an emergency and need his help. So, he will never skip your calls. 

3. His friends are his priority

If you made plans with him and he cancels them only because the boys’ outing falls on the same day… I think you have your answer.

Well, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you or hates spending time with you. But the answer is clear: he loves being with his friends more than you. 

So, you still have a long way to go before you make it to the top of his priority list. To bring you two closer, you need more love. 

4. Whenever you need to go out, he can’t accompany you

A man who deeply loves you will not want you to be alone anywhere. Either he will finish the tasks for you or accompany you to finish them.

But if you ask him and he still doesn’t accompany you, because he wants to sleep, it means he is still not deeply in love with you. 

Yes, he can be busy with office work and may not be able to escape it, then it’s fair. But if he is free and still can’t make time, you still have to go a long way. 

5. You never get the “Babe, did you reach home?” text.

A man who cares for you will always want to make sure you reach home safely after work or hanging out with friends. He will stay restless until the time you are home. 

So, the next time you are out, don’t drop him a message saying that you are home. Wait for him to check on you. See if he calls to know whether you are home or still out.

If he has been worried for you, he may even scold you for not informing him that you are home. If he makes these gestures, he is deeply in love with you. 

6. You meet the green-eyed monster frequently

A man who loves you but not deeply won’t want you to be more successful than him. He will always want you to achieve less than him… so that he can have the upper hand in the relationship.

He will be jealous of your achievements and won’t encourage you to move towards your dreams. He will always fear what if you become more successful than him? 

On the contrary, a man who loves you deeply will help you achieve your dreams because he only wants good things for you. 

7. There are imbalanced power dynamics in the relationship.

Men usually like to dominate other people. But a man who loves you will allow you your space.

So, if your man wants you to do things only his way, it indicates that he is still not in deep love with you. 

He loves his arrogance more than you, but maybe with time, things may change, and he can give you your space.

8. You had to stand his folks’ insults.

Suppose, his folks don’t like you that much. But that’s okay because they’ll soon understand and accept you… we all hope everything turns out for the best.

However, out of spite did his folks ever insult you? What did your man say?

If he asked you to bear with it probably because “stay quiet now, it’ll be over sooner” or “my mom doesn’t like talking back, so just listen.”

He’s not that into you if he can’t protect your dignity.

9. You always get the shorter side of the stick

Say, you’re both working adults and reach home late after work. Who makes dinner and washes dishes? If it’s always you… they don’t really care that you’re equally exhausted and need help.

You may defend your partner by saying you never asked for help… but he can decide for himself. If he’s dog-tired after a hard day, how does he expect you to complete the chores all the time?

10. Most outings are your plans

Whenever you guys go out on dates or vacations, who plans it?

For dates, choosing a venue and activities is your job. For vacations, you have to choose the destination, book a room, plan sightseeing and do everything else. 

If all the dates and vacations are your solo initiative, he really isn’t that invested in the relationship. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

A relationship goes through various ups and downs, so understand your partner well.

He may not be able to qualify all the signs since no human is perfect, but you will be able to judge the intensity of his love through these signs.

Moreover, if you matched a lot with the signs that he doesn’t love you so deeply… Think about how old your relationship is.

If it’s less than a year, it’s pretty normal as you need more time to bond better. However, if it’s over years… communicate the issues with your partner. 

Share your feelings and expectations about it. But don’t force him to change… otherwise, he might feel pressured.