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25 Relationship Milestones that Call for a Celebration (+20 Most People Ignore!)

25 Relationship Milestones that Call for a Celebration (+20 Most People Ignore!)

Updated on Sep 28, 2023

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

25 Relationship Milestones that Call for a Celebration

Couples across the globe celebrate different relationship milestones… the ones that are very close to their heart, the ones that brought a good change in their relationship or even the ones that changed their life forever.

However, if you think a relationship milestone is an anniversary that you celebrate every year… I can’t blame you at all. After all, that’s what we’ve heard or seen since time immemorial.

But since you’re here, I am guessing you’re willing to know more. It’s okay if you don’t know a lot… because my think-piece will fill you in about everything else.

C’mon, let’s make your love life one in a million here…

What are relationship milestones?

Relationship milestones are the remarkable moments that help you grow closer to your partner and bring a significant change to your relationship.

The entire journey of your relationship is full of special events of knowing each other and falling deeper in love.

In this journey, the special and memorable moments that help you both grow closer and support your relationship to grow stronger are called relationship milestones.

A milestone in a relationship leads you both toward a new direction in your life and takes your bond to the next level. However, different couples have different definitions of relationship milestones.

It might be the first kiss that left you both breathless… or the first time you held hands and felt a spark down your spine. For some, it might be anniversaries… It all depends on your personal preferences.

Wondering why relationship milestones themselves or knowing them is a big deal? Well, here’s your answer…

Why is it important to know the relationship milestones?

Relationship milestones show how deeply you know each other and can improve your bond with it. Whereas knowing about relationship milestones help you take things slow according to the relationship timeline and avoid overwhelming your partner.

Relationship milestones are important because it shows how well you know each other. It helps in improving your connection and deepens your bond. When you celebrate these moments, you show how dedicated you are to your relationship.

Moreover, people must follow a proper relationship milestone timeline to keep progressing in the right direction. This way, you’ll know the things that can make your partner feel special.

Suppose you’re in the honeymoon phase of your relationship, popping the big question or moving in may harm your relationship more than benefitting it. You can’t skip to the big relationship steps so early.

You must also focus on your partner’s level of comfort. Or else you’ll regret it later on. Moreover, taking things slow is a beautiful experience and allows you to process your emotions as you go.

Now that you know how important relationship milestones are… Here’s a list of some of them that call for a celebration.

25 Relationship Milestones that you must celebrate

Whether a relationship milestone is important or not totally depends on the couple… but there are a few that are celebrated worldwide, including…

1. The first date

After matching on the dating app, the first date is a remarkable moment in a relationship. The way you dress, groom, talk, and act… all of it shows how serious you are about the other person and a potential relationship.

People often notice each other’s habits and try to understand if they are truly compatible with each other.

Your every move becomes an important factor for your future… and if you guys click, you remember the little gestures for the rest of your life.

2. Falling in love

This is one of the most important relationship milestones… it’s the first time you realize you’re in love…

You feel so excited to see their face… your heart beats faster when you listen to their voice… and you can’t stop blushing when you see their goodnight text.

You feel a strong connection with them even before you confessed your feelings or touched them romantically or sexually.

Every moment feels like you’re on cloud nine… and you just can’t wait to confess!

3. The first mutual “I love you”

While you fall in love, you anxiously wonder whether the feeling is mutual. You want to confess your feelings… but you also want to be sure about their feelings. After all, who wants a half-baked answer to their confession?

You’re afraid of hearing “Oh, I still need some time” as it can break your heart into a million pieces… and so decide to wait for a “good time”.

So, the first time you guys say “I love you” to each other, you’re definitely over the moon.

4. The first kiss

Guess what couples do after confessing their feelings?

Well, in the movies, they always lean in for the kiss. But in reality, that’s hardly ever the case! Unless the couple is extremely forward about it, the kiss comes after a long time.

After all, you can’t just invade someone’s personal space like that out of nowhere… you gotta make sure you’re both into it.

The first kiss is always the most anticipated one… and it leaves you breathless with a spark down your spine.

I bet none of the kisses going forward feels as unique as the first one… so, it’s worth being one of the important milestones.

5. The first stay-over date

The first time you stay over at each other’s house, you get to know about your date’s lifestyle and daily routine. You get to know how hospitable and understanding they are or how well you can integrate your own life with them.

You also get to see their faces without makeup or their usual at-home outfit… which might not be as dashing. You see each other’s groggy faces in the morning… and if you’re not grossed out by each other, it’s a success.

You can even learn about their housekeeping or cooking skills!

6. The first-time love-making

In a healthy relationship, sex will always be an important part. But of course, sex on the first date is one of the major red flags… so, my list preserves it in this list of relationship milestones.

A lot of time, couples don’t believe in waiting for having sex and jump into it ASAP… and I have nothing to say against them.

However, when people wait for the right time when they trust each other with their entire being, the experience becomes even more pleasurable and worth remembering.

7. Going official on social media

The current world is extremely fixated on social media platforms… and that’s actually great. You can find a lot about each other’s backgrounds online.

Moreover, when you want to tell everyone about your relationship, you can do it just by changing your FB relationship status. Unless your partner does that, you doubt whether they’re seeing anyone else behind your back.

But the moment they change their relationship status, you feel validated… and so many of your loved ones congratulate you. Don’t lie to me… I know it feels great!

8. The six-month completion

Some people even celebrate the 1-week or 1-month completion of their relationship… but there’s nothing special about it if you celebrate it so frequently.

On the other hand, when you celebrate your 6-month completion… realization dawns that you made half a year… and have another half to step into a year.

At this moment, you revel in all the crises you both fought together and thank each other for not giving up. The first six months are the most delicate phase of your relationship.

9. The first fight and reconciliation

Fights are always a part of a healthy relationship when both of you know good conflict resolution. It’s ugly when you start fighting… and you feel this is the end of the relationship (I know because I did).

You feel devastated and don’t know how to handle the situation… but once you sort it out, you let out the greatest sigh of your life. You feel that you can face anything in life if you guys are together.

However, this doesn’t stand true for physical fights… get help ASAP for violence.

10. Committing to exclusivity

You say “I love you” every day, you kissed, hugged, held hands, had sex, and labeled each other your boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner… but you guys are still dating!

Probably you’re seriously dating and only have each other on your mind. But that doesn’t mean much until it turns into a “relationship” or you start dating exclusively.

The conversation of exclusively dating or being in a serious relationship is a must-have relationship milestone… because modern dating is pretty confusing.

Of course, it feels wonderful to know you guys mutually want something deeper.

11. Meeting the parents for the first time

Once you go exclusive, it’s time to meet each other’s friends and family members. Even though everyone knows about you guys being a couple from your relationship status… it never feels real unless you meet their loved ones face-to-face.

This moment is worth celebrating because your partner feels that you’re worth being introduced to their inner circle. It shows that they want you for a long time… not just a good time.

You both feel nervous but when they say “This is the love of my life…” you feel love overflowing inside you.

12. The first event together

When your partner asks you to be their plus one on a family celebration like Christmas or New Year or an office event, this shows that they wish to share these important moments with you. They believe these moments become even more meaningful with you around.

In the event, they show you off like a piece of jewelry and ensure that you feel comfortable. I mean, if this doesn’t call for a celebration… I don’t know what to do.

13. The first vacation

On your first vacation, you enjoy many activities together, which obviously helps you bond better. A new ambiance is an added benefit as it helps you both feel positive about your life in each other’s presence.

Your mind registers the presence of your partner along with the feeling of de-stressed and enjoyment. This sends signals like “I want to experience everything special with you” and “you make me feel so relaxed”. All of that is worth being cherished.

14. Opening about your past relationships

Nobody truly wants to talk about their past because they don’t want to hurt their partners unknowingly. Some relationship experts even advise against bringing up exes to protect a new relationship.

However, there are moments when your partner asks you about your past, and ignoring the conversation is simply rude and fishy.

On the other hand, if your partner shares with you their past relationship experience, it shows that they’re ready to show their vulnerabilities. It’s a great sign of trust and loyalty.

15. Exchanging duplicate keys to your apartments

Your safe haven is your personal space… and once you start living on your own, you don’t give anyone permission to intrude.

However, if either of you gives away the key to their apartment to the other, it shows you trust them with your life. It also shows that one accepts the other as an inseparable part of their life.

This moment is worth being marked on the calendar… because they’re confident about your intentions.

16. Crying in front of the other

Though showing vulnerabilities is a sweet way to bond in relationships, people usually feel uncomfortable about it. Nobody likes to show their tear-stained flushed crinkly face to the other… because “They’ll think I’m weak” or “My crying face and snotty voice are disgusting”.

When one of you overcomes all the insecurities and cries it all out, this is a moment to remember for the rest of your life. This shows that you trust them with eyes closed… which is simply a beautiful feeling.

17. Spilling your secrets

You don’t share secrets with just anyone… especially not someone you don’t trust. When someone shares their darkest secrets with you or vice versa, it’s the very proof of their undying faith in you.

Even if the secret is pretty dark, I’d personally feel like the “only chosen one” to know that. Moreover, it takes a lot of guts to let someone into your dark, painful, and embarrassing past. So, respect that faith in you and cherish the moment!

18. Accepting each other’s flaws

Each and every one of us is full of flaws… However, when you fell in love with your partner, either you hardly knew them well, or your mind didn’t allow you to register their flaws.

You only notice them when the honeymoon phase wears off, and you see “Oh… they’re no prince/princess… they’re as flawed as me!”

Some people break up when the rose-tinted glasses come off… while others accept each other completely. So, this is the moment of truth for most couples. If you guys accept each other with their imperfections, that’s definitely celebration-worthy!

19. Moving in together

You love each other so much that you often stay over on the weekends. While that feels great, saying your goodbyes the next morning feels painful.

However, living in a shared space is a big step to consider… because you’ll both lose a part of your freedom and compromise a lot to make things work.

You must share chores, balance your expenses, and be considerate of each other throughout the day. So, moving in is quite a big deal in relationships.

20. Discussing your future

The moment one of you talks about the future… whether it’s a vacation after 6 months or a dream home plan… your heart is bound to skip a beat!

This is one of the most special moments that your partner can give you even without realizing it themselves. They show you that they have big and small plans in their mind with you involved… and that they are pretty sure about staying together in the long run.

21. The Proposal

Now that you guys plan to stick to each other in the future too, it’s time to make things official. The day when you go down on your knee is a special and emotional moment for you both that will obviously enter the calendar.

Planning for this moment must have taken you a lot of days. I can’t ever imagine you guys forgetting this special day.

However, this is obviously a part of long-term relationships, so if you’re dating only for 6 months, don’t expect it too fast. Never question your partner’s intention just because this romantic moment is yet to come.

22. The engagement

The next important moment is when you both get your families’ blessings and seal the deal with a shiny engagement ring. The sparkles of the ring mark your never-ending love and infinite bond.

Whether the engagement is lavish or only includes close friends and family, it’ll always be one of the special days worth celebrating until your last breath.

You’ll take plenty of photos of your first step into officially being together and committing to the world as your witness.

23. The marriage

But you know what’s even better than an engagement? A marriage, duh!

Well, it still takes a lot to let the information sink… that you’d be lawfully wedded to each other. You accept each other on your big day according to your religion, in front of your loved ones, and begin a new journey.

You take vows to stick to each other until all eternity… and of course, marriage anniversaries are the most common celebrations of all time.

24. Buying something together

When you invest in something together… whether a car, house, joint account, or business… This is another treasured moment. This marks another new beginning of your life together where you’ll face many happy and sad moments together.

When you both believe in something and decide to buy it together, you’ll also invest lots of emotions into it. I mean, even signing the document together will make you feel so close to each other.

25. Adding another family member

This can be about having a pet or a baby. When you decide you’re ready for an addition to your small family and add to the joy in your daily life, it is definitely a great milestone in your relationship.

Getting a pet and a baby together is a huge step because it needs commitment and love to sustain life. And that says enough about how ready you are to love each other and still have more love to spare for another life!

But your relationship comes with other sparkling moments of joy too. So, to not miss them, keep reading!

Other Little Relationship Milestones that Are a Big Deal

Amidst the celebration-worthy milestones, most couples overlook the tiny-little moments that add joy to your relationship every day and push you forward with mini-steps.

I am sure you don’t want to miss them. So, let’s dig in!

1. Hanging out together

During the dating phase of your relationship, if you guys often hang out together… be it for dates, study sessions, grocery shopping, or just laze around playing Minecraft… it helps add depth to your relationship.

This shows that you’re both committed to this relationship that you’re building and ready to spare the time that it needs.

2. Giving pet names

Calling each other with pet names or love names is an extremely underrated form of love language.

Oh… and I’m not talking about names like “baby boos”… but ones that actually mean something. On the other hand, when the person being called happily accepts that, it shows how much they care about their partner.

So, that’s another small yet equally special moment of your relationship as it adds to your love language… After this point, calling each other by your given names sounds like you’re angry.

3. Public display of affection

Unless someone is dead serious about you, they won’t show any kind of PDA. They don’t want to be seen being intimate with someone nobody knows about.

So, if your partner hugs your arm, puts their arm over your shoulder, holds your hand, or kisses you in a public place and you still haven’t met their family… I swear everyone in their circle knows you, and they’re madly in love with you.

4. Deep conversations

Deep conversations late in the night about your views, perceptions, beliefs, religion, or other ideals is another sign of commitment.

This shows that they’re comfortable about sharing these things and finding a middle ground with you. They want to feel closer to you emotionally and spiritually.

Most deep conversations turn into booty calls… but if yours is fairly about your relationship and your beliefs, you got a keeper. So, it’s time to pop that bottle right away!

5. Unhygienic flaws

Once you date long enough, often share your spaces, and get comfortable with each other, you’ll face something gross yet worth celebrating. If you never dated, this might be a big shock to you, but…

Couples start peeing with doors open or farting loudly around each other… even under the blanket to annoy each other. You might see your man’s shaved beard all over the sink or your woman’s long hair clogging the drain.

Crazy but everyone experiences this milestone, and soon they accept things despite how gross it is… because we’re human beings!

6. Letting out the crazy

Who doesn’t have a hidden crazy side? Deny it all you want, but I know you have it in you. And when the relationship grows older, partners eventually become unable to hide this side from them.

Instead of being ashamed of the craziness and the weird quirks, you guys feel that your partner accepts you either way, so there’s no point hiding it anymore.

The first time you show them that, it’s definitely a milestone!

7. The first genuine compliment

On the first date, you compliment each other on appearances and outfits. On the following dates, you appreciate their personality… but all of that is only playing safe. No, those compliments aren’t made up… but they aren’t cut out for your lover.

So, the next milestone is when you compliment your lover solely about something on a personal level that makes you feel warm inside.

For instance, “the way you helped that kid really was awesome” or “I wish I could be a free-spirited person like you”. All these show how much you adore them from the bottom of your heart.

8. Building a close bond with each other’s parents

I already mentioned meeting each other’s parents… but you’re still distant on the first meeting. Parents still scrutinize whether the other person is worth their child or if they can adjust to their culture.

You’re always on the edge about being accepted wholeheartedly. So, the moment your partner’s family accepts you, you feel you won the lottery. I’m not even joking because it feels as if a dead weight is off your chest when they treat you like your own child or laugh at your jokes.

9. Taking care of each other during sickness

You might feel it’s no big deal when you nurse your partner back to health, but for the sick person, it’s like being the luckiest in the entire world. During sick days, you feel extremely vulnerable and weak, and even have negative thoughts running through your mind.

So, if your partner takes care of you the entire time, cooks you porridge, feeds you, and takes care of your hygiene… you’ll be over the moon. Period.

You’ll feel that you did some great deed to get someone other than family or hospital staff to nurse you… and the first time is always the most charming milestone.

10. First refusal to sex

Sex is an important part of relationships, especially in the early stages… but it’s never the main highlight. So, sometimes, you or your partner might refuse it when too tired. This moment becomes memorable to both of you in different ways.

If you refuse sex, it’s because you’re comfortable sharing your feelings openly and honestly with your partner. You know your partner won’t hold it against you.

On the other hand, your partner might feel a bit hurt, but they’ll understand that you’re only human and respect you for not hiding your true feelings.

11. Expressing hatred towards their family member

This one isn’t so great, but it’s bound to happen. One of your family members will get on your partner’s nerves… and it’s the same for you toward one of theirs.

Initially, you both try your best to get along and won’t even share these negative thoughts. But after a few years, you won’t be able to hide it from each other… and accept that shitty people exist!

You can’t even blame your partner for it… because, deep down, you know who’s at fault.

12. Your first couple picture on Instagram

You might ask, “isn’t posting your relationship status on Facebook enough?” Well, honey… Instagram is a place for flaunting your perfect shots, even if they’re edited. And not everyone syncs their IG with FB… especially not someone with ill intentions. Moreover, there are too many thirsty people up there!

On the other hand, if you guys post a couple shots on Instagram, that’s a legit “stay away from me buddy, I’m taken!” sign. This is bound to make anyone happy… and you’ll scroll down to their first upload for years in the future.

13. The first time you get jealous

Before I begin, no, I’m not referring to the jealousy that goes out of hand and hurts people physically or emotionally. I don’t believe “jealousy is cute” or anything alike.

Instead, I’m talking about the slight pangs of jealousy that make lovers lose their minds and get territorial.

Suppose you talked with your co-worker of the opposite gender and your partner introduces themselves unannounced as your partner. Or, your partner shows directions to someone of the opposite gender and you get angry with them the entire day.

These little moments remind you of how much you mean to each other… which is just too adorable to forget.

14. Special interaction with pets

If your partner has a pet and they refer to you as their pet’s mommy or daddy, that shows how much they love you. Not gonna lie, even if pets can’t understand human language, nobody tells that to their pet unless they’re serious about you.

On the other hand, if you have a pet and they say “I love you” to your pet or “You know I love your mom/dad”, that’ll make your heart melt.

15. Showing crazy kinky side to each other

We all have our individual crazy sexual desires… to be dominated, to dominate, exhibitionism, voyeurism, bondage, and the list never ends.

But the moment you open up about these desires and your partner accepts this side of you without judging… that’s another moment worth remembering. Moreover, you bond deeply through it and it feels phenomenal, to say the least.

16. Their thoughts on your talents (art/ dance)

Suppose you make artistic things like portraits or cool DIYs. The first time your partner gladly shows off your skills to others makes your heart swell with gratitude, love, and a wash of all emotions that makes you cry.

Or, if you’re a stage performer, they record your show so that everyone else can enjoy it and applaud you… that’s another remarkable moment. If their words are honest, you feel even more motivated from that moment onwards.

17. First joint project collaboration

This project can be a piece of art, music, or creating IKEA furniture right from scratch. When you both undertake a project together, you coordinate a lot… that takes immense patience and alignment of your thoughts. When you guys aren’t in sync, you might even think about breaking up.

But if you’re dedicated, you learn to adjust with time and understand how teamwork is precious. This one also becomes one of the most memorable lessons about your relationship.

18. Feeling comfortable together

If you always have your personal space, you can’t tolerate another person around you 24/7. So, if you move in, you’ll need some time to adjust to your partner’s lifestyle and habits. You’ll feel imprisoned when they don’t leave you alone and are always around you.

So, if you eventually grow comfortable and start enjoying their company, you should appreciate that. It shows that you care enough about them to accept them as a part of yourself.

19. Letting them see your underwear drawer

You have a drawer of good underwear and ones with holes in them. You don’t let anyone know these things exist… not even your roommate or siblings.

Your partner might only see your underwear while taking it off before you guys get down and dirty… but other than that, that’s impossible!

But when you live together, you can’t avoid it. Some day one of you will be sick or dead drunk and barf… the other will change them up and know about the embarrassing underwear.

When that happens, it’ll be shocking, but you’ll soon get used to it… or better, comfortable with it.

20. Compromises without being asked

People don’t compromise unless they’re told that their actions hurt someone in some way. They don’t realize it that easily. So, if your partner compromises for you even before you ask them, I’d say that’s one of the most lovable moments of your relationship.

That just shows that your comfort and happiness is always on their mind. You are their priority and they’ll do everything in their power to make you feel cherished.

This is so memorable because this milestone reeks of love and all the soft emotions.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Whether you’re in a full-fledged relationship or just dating for weeks, you’ll get many precious instances to realize how beautiful your bond is. Every day you’ll get a new opportunity to grow stronger and wiser together.

So, take note of all the relationship milestones… and don’t ignore the unique ones each of you have on your mind. Let your love for each other grow stronger than ever while you appreciate the little moments.