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90+ Cheating Husband Signs and How to Cope with Them?

90+ Cheating Husband Signs and How to Cope with Them?

Updated on Oct 18, 2023

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

90+ Cheating Husband Signs and How to Cope with Them

Are you looking for cheating husband signs? Did you get a weird feeling about your husband? Feel that he’s no longer into the marriage?

It shatters my heart to know you’re experiencing this. Thank goodness you sought help rather than suffering alone.

If he’s really having an affair, believe me, you deserve far better than this. But this is a serious matter so we can’t depend on assumptions alone.

In this think-piece, you’ll find the basic signs of a cheating husband. If it’s unfortunate, I promise to stay with you till the end of your journey.

So, hang on a little longer, lean on my shoulder, and follow me here…

Cheating Husband Signs Infographic

Cheating husband signs
90+ Cheating Husband Signs and How to Cope with Them?

Physical signs your husband is cheating

If your man is cheating, you will notice definite changes in him. You won’t need to guess around those or think ‘Did he really just do that?’ Yes, he’ll show changes physically like some of these…

1. He does things out of guilt

When a husband starts cheating, he’s aware it’s wrong and feels guilty.

He might keep a distance from you or feel anxious being in the same room as you. Or, he might even try to compensate you with more time or suddenly try to make you happy.

If you notice he acts out of guilt and does things he usually never did… These are signs your husband is cheating.

2. He’s paying attention to his appearance more

Did he get a wardrobe makeover? Perhaps, his dressing style changed completely? You probably help him pick out good outfits, but lately, he’s doing it alone?

Is he grooming himself more frequently? Did he get skincare products that he always hated?

If you answered yes to more than one, his actions are all red flags. A cheating husband wants to impress his mistress with his appearance.

3. He fights without a reason

Does he always fight with you? Perhaps, he walks into the room back from work and he finds something dissatisfying every day? Do you always think ‘Why’s he so frustrated?’

Probably, he doesn’t think anything about you is good anymore. This might be a sign of emotional infidelity. These are also warning signs of a cheating husband.

4. His pampering habits went extreme on either side

If your spouse indulges you with too much pampering or no pampering at all, both are fishy. If your partner is disloyal, he’ll try to make up to you for cheating on you with too many gifts.

On the other hand, some husbands don’t feel any shame at all. They become so engrossed with the new woman, they stop pampering their wife completely. Both of these equally imply a cheating spouse.

5. Sharing financial deets is out of the mix

Perhaps, you guys don’t have joint accounts but keep one another’s financial records in check… so, you can later invest in your relationship milestones together.

Lately, if your partner stopped showing his financial records, he’s probably nervous about explaining major expenses.

This is another early sign of a cheating spouse. He can’t bear to show you his rowdy expenditure on her.

6. Others hint at his disloyalty

Did any loved one say anything about seeing your husband at a weird time and location with someone else? Perhaps you brushed it off thinking he suddenly met a friend or it was a business meeting.

However, don’t shrug your well-wishers’ words so casually. Unless the third party is jealous of your marriage, they won’t spew nonsense. This is a major cheating red flag, so beware.

7. He became a different person in bed

Did he learn different tricks in bed? Does he look more confident than usual? If he suddenly becomes crazier about sex, he wants to learn different ways to please a woman.

He uses you as a practice dummy, so he can later show off to his lover. This is one of the early signs of a cheating husband.

8. There are too many questionable marks on his body

Did you ever find scratches, love bites, lipstick marks, or smudged red tints on his body? If he says those are rashes, he’s trying to make a fool out of you.

He clearly enjoyed a great time with this new person. This is one of the tell-tale signs of cheating spouses. Don’t ignore it any further, otherwise, it’ll encourage him.

9. He is always pointing at your flaws

Does he always criticize you unreasonably? Does he always make you believe you’re inadequate? This is another heartbreaking sign of a cheating husband.

He’s intentionally or unintentionally comparing you with this other woman.

He points out what you lack and what she has, and blames you in a roundabout way to validate his actions. He wants you to be like her so he can stop cheating.

10. He frequently ‘helps’ others

Did he lately tell you he’s doing a giveaway to the needy? Maybe he withdrew lots of money from a joint account and made excuses like volunteering for the poor?

Or was he in deep thought while choosing the items?

All of these don’t sum up. If it was really for the needy, giving food, clothes, and blankets is enough. This signifies it was a gift to someone really special, and not charity.

11. You smelled a different scent on him

If you notice that your partner smells of a different shampoo or an unknown woman’s fragrance lingers on him… that’s a tell-tale sign of a cheater.

He definitely was intimate with someone else… or had something on him that made him wash up before returning home.

If he goes out one day and returns the same with a different smell, there’s nothing left to wonder, right?

12. Physical intimacy went down the drain

In marriage, affectionate contacts aren’t always constant. Due to hormonal changes, midlife crises, work pressure, conflicts, and other reasons, it’s normal to miss out on affectionate moments.

However, if there’s no such reason and he avoids showing affection completely… you might have legit reasons to be suspicious.

He probably gets affectionate contact elsewhere and doesn’t crave it from you anymore.

13. He stays out longer than he needs

Perhaps he says he goes to the gym, to walk the dog, to the convenience store, the supermarket, and other places… from where he must return within hours.

However, nowadays, is he gone for longer? Perhaps, he isn’t supposed to take as long?

And it never happened in the past either? He’s definitely onto something if he doesn’t ever tell you what took him so long.

14. He forgets to mention outings

Perhaps a family member told you they met your husband in an unusual location. You confront him and he says he forgot about telling you about a boys’ outing.

You may allow him the benefit of the doubt once… however, if this happens repeatedly, know that they didn’t forget it.

They hid it because they had ulterior motives. This is another red flag of a cheating husband.

15. The credit cards have stories to tell

If you notice that your husband hardly ever spends much, always used to seek discounts and coupons… but now, their credit card bills have reached the sky, something is definitely off.

Confront your partner about what’s up on the bills. If he doesn’t take the confrontation well, you have reasons to doubt his loyalty.

16. He hangs out with unfamiliar faces

If your partner changed his social circle, you can’t easily mix up with them or take their help to check on him. You can’t believe whether this new friend will be truthful to you.

Perhaps he made up this social circle to camouflage his whereabouts. He tells you he’s out with Joe, asks him to cover, and meanwhile has fun with Jenny.

17. He mentions someone too frequently

Cheaters aren’t always alert about their actions. If your husband mentions a woman too often whether it’s a friend, co-worker, or neighbor, he’s probably infatuated.

You never know when this infatuation may turn into something even more. If he always mentions a woman around you, that’s a good sign he might have cheating fantasies about her.

18. He uses his friends as an excuse to go out

Does he often say he’s going out with his friends to watch a match? Ever asked him which team won when he returned? If he didn’t have the answer, he wasn’t prepared with a proper story to cover up.

This might not be a direct sign of a cheating spouse. However, you have enough reasons to suspect him so look around for more signs.

19. He cheated before

If your husband cheated on you in the past, you have every reason to doubt his actions. He invited trust issues in the marriage. You gotta stay alert because cheaters hardly change.

Since they got caught the first time, they know exactly how to cheat the second time. If you constantly feel suspicious, it’s time to file for a divorce.

20. You’ll go on separate vacations

Space from one another is a healthy option to revive your marriage. However, if you want to go on vacations together, but they always refuse you and go separate, they might have a secret lover.

Spouses desire to spend more time together, that’s natural. If he won’t, he only wants to take his mistress away from prying eyes to enjoy.

21. You found out about his secret bank account

If you found out about his secret bank account, that’s really tear-jerking… more so, if you worked hard to make ends meet and suffice for your family. He broke your trust big time with this.

Since he kept it a secret from you, it’s not just a sign of a cheating husband… he lives a completely different life from you.

22. You got an STI

If neither of you had an STI and you’re faithful to your husband… but you still get an STI… guess who was unfaithful?

Well, some STIs like syphilis, genital warts, and gonorrhea might happen even without infidelity. Other than these, you can’t get STI out of thin air, so something’s cooking behind your back.

Speak with your ob-gyn to get more info.

23. Sex life or sexual intimacy is absent

During sex, do you feel connected with your partner emotionally? Do you show small affections like kisses and caresses? Or, do you just do it and get over it?

Did your sex life suddenly vanish in thin air? Can’t remember the last time you had sex? Does he have trouble reaching orgasms?

Sudden sexual abstinence and lack of intimacy during sex, both imply a lack of interest in sex. This might also be a cheating husband sign… he’s already satisfied elsewhere.

24. He’s no longer a religious follower

For married couples of the same religion, couples usually take oaths in the name of God to stay responsible for one another forever.

But, if your partner abandons religious faith… that also makes your vows somewhat hazy. There’s no guarantee he’ll hold his side of the vows. This is a subtle sign your husband is cheating on you.

25. His car shines even more

Lately, did he also get into making his accessories shine? Men are naturally passionate about their cars, laptops, and other accessories. However, it’s an issue if it wasn’t a thing in the past and he newly got into it.

He probably wants to impress someone… which is definitely not you. Otherwise, he’ll clean his car only when he takes you out or it’s too dirty.

However, it doesn’t stop at physical signs. Your man may also behave differently. Let’s have a look here…

Behavioral signs of cheating husband

Next up, he will behave quite differently if he’s cheating. You’ll notice he might focus less on you, become absentminded, defensive, act distant… all of these will make you doubt the entire situation. His behavior will hurt you, to say the least, like these…

26. He shares others’ cheating stories

When your husband tells you others’ infidelity tales, he wants to know your feelings. He’s actually preparing himself for what he might face when you rat him out.

Nobody discusses gloomy cheating stories unreasonably. This is a fair sign he’s considering cheating on you. He only wants to know the aftermath beforehand.

27. He became indifferent towards you

When someone else hits on you, does he show any hint of jealousy? When you ask them to do chores, does he ever do it?

When you speak about yourself, and your professional goals… Does he listen to you? When you two go out together, does he never check out others and notice you?

If it’s a no to more than one question, that’s another warning sign of a cheating husband.

28. He disrespects you publicly

Public embarrassment is a toxic trait and none of us wanna deal with that. However, if your husband suddenly becomes a toxic a$$hole, he’s definitely planning something.

He shows your friends and family that you guys don’t match. He wants them to request you for a divorce. This shows he won’t do it himself, to avoid exposing the reality… that he’s cheating.

29. He lies about the small stuff

If your husband isn’t honest about the smallest things, it’s a huge blow to the marriage. You can’t trust him with your feelings at this point.

If he says he did the laundry, when he clearly didn’t… then he might even say he was out with the boys, when he was with his mistress. They aren’t the same, but it might be an early sign of cheating later on.

30. His best friend acts weird with you

When you meet his closest friends, how do they behave toward you? If they’re as close, they might know about your husband’s new fling.

These friends feel equally guilty about the situation. They might act extra cautious while talking to you, avoid eye contact, tiptoe around stories, or even behave friendlier because they feel sorry.

If any of these are true, those are your spouse’s signs of infidelity.

31. He always zones out

Perhaps, you two spend time together. However, is he always absent-minded during your conversations? Is he deep in some other thoughts? Or, does he fall asleep during conversations?

You might think that he’s stressed and let him off the hook all the time. But does he ever try to make up later? If you notice he’s distracted only around you, those are tell-tale signs of a cheating husband.

32. He’s always defending himself

Whenever he returns after being with his mistress, he’ll be on guard. If you ask him where he was, what he was doing, or try to ask him roundabout questions… Does he get defensive?

Does his behavior make it impossible for you both to communicate anymore? If he blames you for acting crazy during such confrontations, girl, you’re dealing with a cheating spouse!

33. He developed new interests apart from you

Trying out new things is great, however, if your husband specifically shows interest in hobbies and music you dislike, those are suspicious behaviors of a cheater.

He knows pretty well you’ll decline to partake in his interests. He’ll then make excuses about going alone or with his friends. You and I both know how such scenarios play out.

34. He prioritizes privacy more than ever

During family time, does he always maintain a distance from everyone?

Does he always ask you to spend time with the children? If he can’t give a bit of time to you or the kids, or says that family time drains his energy, he needs more privacy… Those are your warning bells.

He wants to get away from guilt or fantasize about his mistress.

35. He labels you the cheater

Perhaps, you confronted him about a cheating sign. Did he ever try turning the tables on you?

If you’re loyal to him, a cheating accusation will shake you down to your core. You might lose your mind and stay away from him.

This is another alarming sign of a cheating husband because he wants you to retreat and never ask about it again.

36. He hates social gatherings

At some point, if your husband was a social butterfly, but now he hates social events, what’s his reason? Probably, he wants you to attend the events alone while he stays back at home.

When you’re busy with the events, he can spend time with the other one behind your back. He’s probably cheating, so try to catch him red-handed during one such event day.

37. You no longer catch his attention

Lately, does he not notice when you get a haircut, get your nails done, or wear a new outfit? If he was initially attentive towards you but it changed recently, that’s a not-so-obvious sign of a cheating spouse.

You may think he’s busy and can’t spare you a glance. However, at this point, you’re just denying the truth. He’s clearly preoccupied with his mistress.

38. You don’t feel comfortable with him

Women have a hypersensitive sixth sense so if your husband cheats, I swear you can’t feel at ease. You’ll feel uncomfortable if he tries to get intimate.

Since you doubt his actions, you can’t communicate with him freely. You’ll always hesitate to share your feelings because you feel distant from him.

If you can’t feel comfortable with him but don’t know what’s up, that’s another major sign.

39. Emotionally, you’re not on the same page anymore

Did you guys become emotionally distant? Or, is your partner less interested in what you gotta say? Hormonal fluctuations and aging have some impact on emotional disengagement.

However, if other aspects of your partner’s life are perfectly stable and they still behave like that… It’s probably because they’re emotionally invested elsewhere. They’re too busy with the other one to satisfy your emotional needs.

40. You find yourself saying ‘He changed’

Do you notice a drastic change in your partner and you feel lonely being with the new him? Probably, they hated socializing but are quite into it. Or, they were a serious person but now smile a lot.

You feel jealous and unsettled because you’re not the reason behind his change. If the changed ‘him’ feels unfamiliar to you, then there might be someone else behind it.

41. He wants more space

When you ask him to take you or the family out, is he always tired? Does he always want space or wants to stay back at home? When you talk to him about your day, does he excuse himself with his migraine?

If he always needs space, he actively avoids you in his life and wants to stay away from you… another heart-breaking sign of a cheating partner.

42. There’s hesitation in big commitments

Couples buy property and assets together when they’re ready to be there for a long time. Does he feel reluctant to make huge joint investments?

If it’s not because they’re broke, they definitely wanna avoid financial entanglement with you. He’s already planned to leave you and wants no complications while filing for divorce. He probably has someone else he wants.

43. Rocking back and forth is a must during conversations

During serious conversations, honest people stay still. It shows they’re focused on the conversation. However, when someone is nervous during a chat, they’ll subconsciously fidget a lot.

Some people rock back and forth when they’re extremely troubled, nervous, or feel threatened. This is one of the unusual body language of cheaters.

44. He hunches a lot

When a person feels ashamed of their actions, they’ll naturally cower a lot. It’s not conscious body language, so a pro cheater won’t exhibit it.

Moreover, if your partner suddenly started hunching but usually had a straight posture… there’s more to doubt him. This is a sign of their guilt, shame, and fear… possibly because they cheated on you.

45. He overshares like a liar

Pro-cheaters know how people usually identify cheaters. A cheating husband gives away himself when he hides things from his spouse. A professional in this case explains everything in detail.

For instance, if you ask him who he hung out with, he’ll explain every detail from the beginning to the end. If they share too much info, that’s your warning bell.

46. He stopped sharing altogether

Normally, cheating spouses don’t think so far into the future. Since they feel satisfied physically, emotionally, and/or sexually with their affair partner, they forget their responsibilities towards their wives.

If your husband stopped communicating with you, that’s a major alarming sign of a cheating husband. He’s so invested in his new lover that he can’t share his feelings about his life with you anymore.

47. Your guts are saying it

You genuinely don’t feel jealous of your partner’s female friends. You don’t feel this just out of a whim. If you feel that you have the right reasons to doubt your partner, that’s it.

You possibly pick up on non-verbal cues well. So, your instincts say that there’s someone else besides you. If you have a strong gut feeling, then it’s probably true. 

48. He can’t take your good intentions

When you do favors for your husband, does he ask you to stop? Married couples do all sorts of nice things for one another. These sweet feelings make the marriage livelier.

However, if your spouse doesn’t feel grateful and instead wants you to stop… he’s definitely guilty about his feelings. It’s a sign he’s cheating or planning to cheat.

49. He likes things he never did

Perhaps, you see him trying out new things that he always hated. When you ask him more about it, he says a friend likes it and he also got hooked on it.

This is a probable sign he’s tryna gain someone’s favor. Friends have their own likes, but who tries to like something they initially disliked? He’s definitely trying to cheat on you.

50. He no longer tries to monopolize the TV

Does he no longer bicker about TV channels and shows? Did you guys watch shows on different devices? Well, that implies lesser time together and diminished intimacy.

Moreover, he probably takes his entertainment to a different room. This isn’t a direct sign, but he obviously has many chances to invest in someone else with similar tastes.

51. You hardly have fights

All healthy relationships have fights. Happy couples have lively debates because they care about the marriage.

However, if you stopped fighting completely, he clearly doesn’t care anymore. If he’s indifferent towards you, you know the spark isn’t alive anymore.

It’s a sign he’s no longer invested in the marriage… or a sign that he found happiness elsewhere.

52. Even when you aren’t sexually active, he carries condoms

So, you guys stopped having sex years ago… and boom! You found condoms in his wallet. I understand how pitiful you felt during this revelation.

He might say he got it for a friend… but let’s say we aren’t in elementary anymore! It’s time to talk about the serious stuff.

53. He forgets everything about you

Whether it’s your birthday or anniversary… he used to remember everything and was the most attentive person ever. However, recently did he become forgetful about you?

Perhaps his thoughtful and well-planned surprises turned into days late apology gifts? If this rings a bell, there’s a high chance your husband is cheating on you.

54. Your in-laws aren’t in contact anymore

If his family used to call you lots initially, but no longer does… then they probably know about his affair.

When you sense that his family withdrew from your life unnaturally, it might be a sign of infidelity.

They probably know that you won’t stay for the long run… they know what their boy is up to.

55. Thoughts about kids bore him

If you didn’t have kids yet and you speak about having them, how does he react? Does he act difficult, say he’s disinterested, or even walk out of the room?

Lately, does he say he doesn’t want kids… even when he loves his nephews and nieces or other younger relatives?

Then your husband probably doesn’t want them with you but is okay with someone else.

56. He never answers your confrontations well

When you confront your husband about anything, does he avoid your questions? Or, does he simply answer in single words?

Perhaps, when you try to communicate about your doubts, he becomes angry? Does he lack confidence or behave confused about his feelings?

All of these are signs of a change of heart. It might not be too late until he considers cheating.

57. His body language is fishy

When you ask him for favors, does he roll his eyes? Does he close his eyes as if your voice gives him headaches?

Does he hide his palms behind himself? All of this body language acts are signs of hiding the truth.

Some people even blush when they feel they’re caught… however, it might be out of embarrassment and not guilt.

58. All questions boomerang back to you

When you confront your husband about something, instead of answering, he says ‘You also did so-and-so but did I call out on you?’, calls out names, tries to put you down in some way, or makes you feel miserable somehow.

If he shows contempt or gets angry every time you try communicating, those are the signs. He’s desperate to cover his deeds.

59. Insecurity is a new trait in him

An affair never counts as a secure relationship form. Men know their mistresses can always leave them for another rich married guy. This instills insecurity in them and he’ll feel self-conscious.

If he asks your or his friends’ opinions about his looks… or, considers earning more even when you’re financially stable… This might be a sign he’s cheating.

60. He shares how some women are unattractive

If your husband tells you how fake or made-up supermodels look… whereas he likes your natural beauty much more, this sounds off.

Moreover, if he never discusses such topics but can’t stop blabbering about your beauty, he’s overcompensating. This is another sure-fire sign your spouse is cheating.

He brought you into an insecure position and tries to make you feel secure.

61. You guys don’t communicate anymore

If he stops talking entirely when you guys always talked back in time… that makes you feel anxious. You question where you went wrong that he doesn’t talk to you anymore.

However, if you’re not at fault, it’s probably because he’s playing safe about his adultery. He doesn’t want to slip out secret info to you and get caught in the act.

62. He stalls going to bed together

Did his sleep time change suddenly? Does he stay out late and give excuses for work? Or, maybe he stays up to game with his bros? This might be another sign of a cheating husband.

He avoids being intimate with you. He has a proper excuse to either text his mistress late when he’s at home, or spend a marvelous night outside when he’s allegedly working.

63. Something is wrong with eye contact

Usually, cheating husbands feel guilty and can’t hold eye contact. If adultery is onboard, he’ll look at every other object in the room other than your eyes.

Cheating husbands who know the meaning of avoiding eye contact will try looking into your eyes. Even if he looks into your eyes, he‘ll blink repeatedly. They can’t honestly look in your eyes.

64. He suddenly becomes a fitness enthusiast

If he was always a couch potato and suddenly becomes health-conscious, hits the gym at hours you’re not available, or his fitness tracker shows exercise at odd hours… Yes, that’s a tell-tale sign your partner is cheating.

He’s trying to look more attractive to someone else. Perhaps, he intentionally chose the gym hours so you can’t go… probably because he wants time with his mistress. Late-night exercises clearly show what’s up.

65. Your home is their hotel

Is he always out of work or busy? Always taking work out of the station? Was he always against business trips but lately happily takes them?

Perhaps, he stays back at home so little, you feel your home is only a hotel… he comes to eat, sleep, shower, and change.

These are all signs of infidelity in marriage. He probably spends more time with the other woman.

66. He suddenly spends more time with someone

Out of the blue, is your partner spending lots of time with others?

Sometimes it’s their friends, colleagues, a business partner, or even a distant and sick relative? Moreover, is this person someone from the opposite gender?

This is another way men try to make excuses about their affairs. You better check on this person they spend more time on. You might catch them red-handed in something bad.

Wondering about how he stays connected with her? Well, of course it’s his cell phone. So, you’ll notice more clues if you loiter around his cell like these…

Signs of a cheating husband cell phone

If your husband is cheating with a known person, he’ll probably have his affair partner’s contact with him.

Unfaithful men can hardly resist the excitement of staying connected with them all day long.

Of course, if the other woman is also clingy, they’ll eventually contact your spouse lots. So, here are a few ways to look out for yourself…

67. He always leaves the room during phone calls

Whenever his phone rings, does he always retreat to another room? Yes, privacy during calls is important… but every spouse can talk with their friends and family in their partner’s presence.

If he can’t receive a single call from you or your family members, that’s another warning sign your partner is cheating. He’s definitely up to something, especially if this is a new behavior.

68. His text history is always clear

When you check his texts and call records, what do you find? When people cheat, they’re quite cautious to not leave behind single evidence.

If you always find a clear call or text history, he’s guilty and trying to hide his phone records. Nobody clears their call or text history at this age unless the memory is full.

He definitely clears the call and text log immediately after contact.

69. The phone follows him everywhere

Whether he goes to the washroom, to take a shower, to clean the car, to groom the lawn, does he always take his cell phone along? If it’s a long-term habit, you have nothing to worry about.

However, if it’s a new habit, they’re definitely worried about unknown numbers flashing on their screen. These are your husband’s cheating on cell phone signs.

70. He’s always texting

Was your husband always used to texting excessively? If yes, this isn’t a sign in your case, it’s a habit.

However, if your husband wasn’t into text messages, but suddenly got really into it, that might be an alarming infidelity sign.

If he can’t leave his phone alone to reply to your questions, he’s probably busy flirting with someone else… don’t overlook this early sign of cheating.

71. He sometimes doesn’t answer calls

A lot of time we want to know who is calling and don’t answer because we wanna avoid that person. However, does your husband frequently avoid calls? If yes, he doesn’t receive calls because of a lack of privacy.

He’s probably hiding someone from you and avoiding talking in front of you. This is a sure-fire sign something is off in your marriage.

72. He’s unreachable on calls a lot

Around a particular time of the day, do you always find his cell unreachable? That’s concerning because where does he go during that time? Where might he not get network reception and visits every day?

Clearly, your husband is cheating if he can’t tell you where he goes every day. Consider turning to location services apps to find out.

73. He switched off cloud sharing

If he no longer syncs his device files like images, contacts, and other files… he has a reason for it. Unless he has a limited internet connection or always had such habits, that implies he has something hidden in his phone.

He definitely has texts and numbers he wants to hide on his device. He’s very careful so nothing shares onto your device.

74. He never shares who he texts

This one is more noticeable if your husband’s circle is small. If he’s constantly texting and smiling, yet won’t say who it is if you ask… he’s obviously concealing someone.

He’s probably high on the thrill and risk of getting caught in an affair. It might even be a mental health issue that he gets pleasure from cheating.

75. The phone bills are too high

If your husband hardly ever overuses his phone, this is a vital sign of infidelity. Did the phone bills on his sim cards suddenly explode?

Did you not get any answer to the extreme bills? Did he try to avoid or change the topic or get angry?

If yes, all of this sums up to cheating on his cell phone.

76. He smiles while looking at his phone

While texting on our phones, if we find something interesting, funny, or something we like… we subconsciously smile. When your husband is on his cell phone, does a smile spread across his face?

This is even more hurtful and suspicions become intense when he doesn’t hold peaceful or happy conversations with you. Your husband probably found bliss in infidelity land.

77. You often see one name flashing on the phone

Whenever his phone rings for calls or any notification, do you often find one name popping up? If he never told you about the frequent contacts, he’s hiding his adultery 100%.

He might even get social media notifications from the same name so keep an eye out for whether he’s cheating both on his cell phone and online.

Unless your husband changed their name on his phone or switched off pop-up notifications, you’ll spot it pretty quickly.

78. You find everything on his phone password-protected

Is his phone full of passwords? Starting from unlocking it to enter any apps, are there always passwords? Perhaps, he also put a password on his gallery, contacts, and texts?

If yes, he’s definitely hiding something. Privacy is important, but loyal partners don’t go this far. This is an obvious sign he’s cheating on you. He probably wants to hide her calls and texts.

But that’s not the only convenience. The Digital era also joins in the mix. Let’s know it with these…

Signs husband is cheating online

In this age, people don’t only rely on cell phones to cheat. Cheaters also connect with their affair partners online for more convenience and fun. Instant messaging apps are fun so obviously they’ll include them.

Moreover, if he’s cheating on an unknown woman, he possibly found her online. Other than finding unusual apps on his device, here are a few legit signs…

79. He’s always on devices

Is your spouse always glued to his smartphone or laptop, even on weekends? Does he always say he’s busy but you walked on him scrolling through social media multiple times?

Whenever he walked in, did he hide his phone or other devices from your sight? If yes, then it’s clear he’s cheating online. He probably uses work as an excuse to mask his infidelity.

80. He has multiple hidden social media accounts

Did you find your spouse’s hidden social media accounts or email IDs? Couples in committed relationships don’t need to hide such things.

Having multiple accounts is understandable but when he hides it, all the questions begin. It’s like he lives a dual life online.

His multiple hidden online accounts are questionable. Think deeply about your next step soon.

81. His online accounts are private

Did he turn off the last seen on his WhatsApp? Or, turned off the online green button on Facebook? Is it the same for all accounts?

Does he not allow looking at his phone at all when he’s texting? Or, did you guys know one another’s social accounts password, but he changed them all?

If it’s a yes to any of these, he’s surely hiding something… another sorry sign of cheating husbands.

82. He doesn’t use shared devices

Married couples naturally share some devices like laptops and tablets. If your husband suddenly stopped using shared devices, he doesn’t want the hassle of regular login and logouts from his accounts.

He’s definitely cheating online. He’s probably scared that some evidence of his cheating will stay back in the device or he might accidentally save his password there.

83. His social media is less active

Did your husband stop using social media? Perhaps he used to be quite active on Facebook or other social networks? If he suddenly abandons online socializing, then he has something up his sleeve.

He’s probably busy texting someone on social media, changed his privacy settings so you can’t see his activity, or created new accounts. All of these are signs of infidelity. 

84. His search history is always clean

On his devices, when you click on the search bar, does nothing ever pop out? Men always search for something or the other about life hacks and technology.

However, if his search history is always clean, he deliberately erases it. He wants to cover his online tracks. This is a major red flag in this situation.  

85. He admires someone’s online posts too much

Does your husband frequently like, comment, or tag someone else on social media? That might be his sign of online cheating. He’s well aware that he’s ethically wrong and feels insecure.

So, to seek validation and show his affair partner his feelings, he might go on a spamming and stalking spree on their social media.

86. He gives away all passwords during confrontations

When confronted about loyalty, some men pull this great trick to earn back their wives’ trust. He’ll give away all the passwords and ask you to check for yourself.

However, don’t let him fool you because he was already prepared. He wanted to prove you wrong once so you won’t suspect them again.

He either used different accounts or cleaned devices beforehand.

87. His social media stats are a bit off

Perhaps, in the morning you notice your husband was online till 3 in the morning… even though they hit the bed with you.

Perhaps on WhatsApp or Facebook, he was online till late hours but he was allegedly too tired the previous night. That’s already fishy.

Or, his friend list grew enormously. This is a cheating sign if he usually only adds known faces.

88. One person’s posts are all over his feed

Spouses check one another’s social media feed consensually for fun. If you noticed too many posts from one account (not a page), that’s where the algorithm gives away his secret.

He’s in frequent contact with that person. That’s why their faces pop up so frequently. This is a probable sign of cheating. Look up that person’s account to ensure your suspicions.

89. You hardly hear his phone’s ding when online

When his phone connects to the Wi-Fi or you see him online from your account, does his phone not make any sound at all?

If you usually hear notification sounds whenever he’s online, but it suddenly changed… then he’s being cautious.

Some people hate notification tones and turn them off. However, if it’s something new, he’s definitely sneaking behind you with another person.

90. You don’t see couple pictures on his account

On his social media, do you see your pictures? When was the last time he posted a picture with you? Go check it if you didn’t notice.

If there’s none within the past month or he removed your pictures from his profile… unfortunately, your husband wants to hide his marriage from his new lover.

Ask him to post a couple’s pictures. If he hesitates, you got your answer.

Devastated and wondering where it began? Curious about the reasons behind his infidelity? Let’s know it from here…

Why do husbands cheat? – 15 Reasons

Though no reason for cheating is acceptable, understanding the roots will help you proceed in the marriage.

Whether you want to forgive and sustain the marriage or want to get rid of them… depends on his reasons. So, let’s take a quick glance over the roots of your misery…

1. It’s his inborn trait

By trait, men are non-monogamous in nature. They can’t stay sexually exclusive for ages. They easily get distracted by ‘younger beauty’ when their wives turn older.

2. He’s too greedy to refuse

Some men just can’t let go of chances to sleep with other women. They see an available and agreeable woman and they say without taking the bait.

3. He can’t handle pregnancy abstinence

During and after pregnancy, women undergo several bodily and hormonal changes. They can’t return to an active sex life easily. Postpartum depression is an added pressure to the mix.

Some men don’t understand what their wives go through. They magnify their sexual dissatisfaction, can’t wait any longer, and commit adultery.

4. It’s a way to blow off steam

For a working adult, life is full of stress. Pressure from parents, spouse, kids, work, and so on. However, some men think sex outside the marriage is a one-stop solution to ease it.

They want to forget reality for a moment and immerse themselves in pleasure.

5. He wants to boost his sexual confidence

Men lose confidence with time. This happens more after marriage. They think nobody desires a married man and suffer from low self-esteem.

So, just to feel wanted and desired or to boost his sexual confidence, your husband might consider infidelity.

6. He’s facing the midlife crises

In midlife crises, men become insecure about their appearance, age, desirability, life goals, etc. They want to feel validated outside of their marriage.

They think their wife appreciates them out of wifely duty. So, these men look outside more for validation. They prioritize other women’s opinions more.

Soon, it becomes an infidelity scenario as they get addicted to the other woman.

7. It was an impulsive decision

Perhaps, his mates told him to one night’s fun won’t hurt his marriage, or that sex without feeling isn’t cheating. Or, he might be drunk and wasn’t in his right mind and got intimate.  

Your man might even cheat impulsively. In these situations, men either feel guilty about their actions or become defensive and demand forgiveness because ‘he isn’t wrong’. But there’s no right and wrong in cheating.

8. He did it for revenge

If you cheated on your husband sexually or emotionally, this might be his revenge. Anyone feels insecure and desperate when their partner cheats on them.

If that’s your case, he probably wants to give you a taste of your medicine with revenge cheating. But it never helps the marriage at all.

9. The marriage frustrates him

If your husband feels unhappy with the marriage, doesn’t feel appreciated, wanted, respected, loved, or cared for… he’s depressed with the current state of his marriage.

During these moments, men easily step into adultery to feel happy, loved, appreciated, and everything that your marriage lacks.

10. He’s habituated to cheating

Some men just like being out there ‘available’ and having fun. They can’t let go of their play boyish habits and are into serial cheating. This cause is more prominent if your partner cheated on you before.

11. Marital sex was boring for him

When men find sex with their wives boring, adultery fascinates them. It might be due to the monotony in sex life, mismatching drives, sexual frustration, or clashing choices in bedroom fun.

Men might feel that sex outside marriage or sex with a new body is exciting… even though it’s never true. They might do it to fix the bedroom monotony but then it becomes a habit.

12. He’s a selfish person

He’s sexually frustrated in the marriage and only thinks of his desires alone. After marriage, you both become one unit… it’s not ‘you’ and ‘I’, it’s ‘we’. However, if he’s selfish, he won’t get the point.

Instead of working out through communication to make marital sex satisfying, he’s only focused on himself. He doesn’t want to work things out with the long route… and the shortcut is always adultery.

13. His childhood was toxic

If your husband has emotional baggage from childhood like abusive or neglectful parents, dysfunctional family, addicted parents, or even detached parents… he never understood the true essence of family.

He doesn’t understand that extramarital affairs are wrong. Rather, he might deal with conflicts with affairs. Moreover, if one of his parents cheated and the other didn’t care… he might think it’s okay.

14. He’s a narcissistic personality

Some men feel they’re a God-sent precious species that every woman wants. That’s a sign of a cheating narcissistic husband.

They think women may miss out on the best gift of life if they don’t sleep with them. They’ll brazenly flirt and seek other women’s attention.

If your husband can’t stay loyal to you, for this reason, you deserve better.

15. He feels inferior to you

Some men can’t handle it when their wives are more attractive than them. It might also be the same if you’re more successful, intelligent, or richer than him.

He feels he can’t support you in any way which hurts his ego. He seeks other women who might act like the damsel in distress, latch onto him, and need him for everything in life.

When he provides for another woman, he feels more manly and feels proud of himself.

Anxious about your next steps? Let’s figure it out here…

How to cope with a cheating husband?

It’s hard to decide whether you want to end a marriage or work on it to fix the damage. If it’s a long-term marriage, it becomes even harder.

So, it’s better if you figure out certain things on your own. Though your heart bleeds, take proper steps to deal and cope with your cheating husband with these…

1. Seek solid evidence

One or two signs from the list might not suffice to label your husband guilty. Make sure that he has an extramarital affair with proper evidence.

If you falsely accuse him, this might hurt the marriage for good. Leave a copy of the evidence to your lawyer if you want a divorce.

2. Talk to your husband

Confront your partner about the situation. Show him a copy of the evidence of his cheating and be straightforward. Let him know that he’s caught and you want answers.

He might plead guilty and request you to start over. Consider if you want to give this marriage another shot.

He might also try to blame you for the situation. Instead of accepting his fault or seeking mercy, if he attacks you… it’s time to file for a divorce.

3. Seek your loved ones for support

Being cheated on is one of the worst feelings of life. Deep inside you might feel guilty and blame yourself for him getting bored of you.

You might lose your strength and even try to forgive him because you have kids, love him, love his family, need financial support, and so on. You can’t make the best decisions alone during such crises.

So, seek out friends and family who care and aren’t into gossip. You need emotional support after this huge blow.

4. Opt for couples’ therapy

If your husband feels sorry, pleads guilty, and you both want to start over… consider couples’ therapy. If there are communication issues in the relationship, a couples’ therapist can help you communicate better.

They can also help you work on a better future and forgive the past. They might even help you resolve past conflicts and give you unbiased third-party opinions.

This can help you both identify where you lack.

5. Take proper measures to move on

If your partner denies making amends in the marriage, insists on continuing the extramarital affair, or can’t help cheating… consult your divorce lawyer for further steps.

However, divorce alone won’t ease the pain, so consult an individual therapist to ease the pain. Take time to heal, don’t contact your ex-husband, past lovers, or begin a rebound relationship.

Regain your confidence without a relationship and take time to be self-sufficient. Spend time with loved ones and do activities you love. Soon, this pain will fade with time.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Marriage is a holy binding between two people and infidelity isn’t easy to handle. You give your heart away to your spouse and hope he’ll protect it. 

When he walks in with an extramarital affair, you’ll obviously feel devastated. However, don’t lose your calm and attack him just yet. Believe in your instincts, and gather info on him and his affair partner. 

Take your time to figure out the situation and don’t jump to conclusions. 

Though this dreadful news tears apart your heart, don’t let him know you’re alert. Otherwise, he’ll fence up more and prevent you from getting evidence.

If he’s not into you anymore, leave the marriage with untainted self-esteem.

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