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30 Unmistakable Signs A Younger Man Likes An Older Woman

30 Unmistakable Signs A Younger Man Likes An Older Woman

Updated on Sep 18, 2023

30 Unmistakable Signs A Younger Man Likes An Older Woman

You need to check some signs a younger man likes an older woman if you’re involved in a similar setting.

You might be the older lady feeling self-conscious because the world might point fingers at you. Or, the younger guy who’s confused about his feelings for her. 

This unusual age difference in romance often attracts lots of frowns and objections. But before you run to conclusions, let’s verify whether your guess is right…

30 Signs A Younger Man Likes An Older Woman 

Everybody’s used to hearing the cliche that an older man ends up with a younger woman. But whenever the opposite happens, the woman is always labeled a cougar. This makes both people hesitate in deepening the bond. 

But let’s ignore all the controversy and look for these signs. 

1. He constantly displays his affection for her

Whether a good friend or a coworker, he would persistently show his affection for her. He might send cute texts, check in on her health, or lend a shoulder to cry on after a rough day. Even if his gestures are small, they are going to be significant. 

2. He always finds excuses to talk about her

If he likes her, she’ll always be on his mind. And despite who he talks to, he will find the occasion to talk about her. He might randomly refer to how she inspires him or a funny anecdote that involves her. 

3. He touches her a lot 

If he’s interested in her, he might gently put his hands on her shoulders, upper back, or shoulders. Or he’ll brush his fingers through her hair. But he will also ensure that she is not uncomfortable with it. 

4. He tries to impress her kids

If the older woman has kids, this younger man will try to make an impression on her kids if he likes her. He’ll show that he’s serious enough to blend into her family. He’ll try to prove that he can be a good father. 

5. He always finds excuses to spend time with her

If he always finds excuses to spend time with her, he’s more than interested. He might invite her over to meet his dog. If he is a coworker, he might find a way to work on a joint assignment. Despite her schedule, he will find a way to fit into it. 

6. He shows a lot of interest in her hobbies

If he listens to her when she talks about her hobbies and tries them out, he has a soft spot for her. This shows he wants to understand what interests her. Moreover, by showing that he is good at the things she likes, he wants to impress her.

7. He contacts her almost regularly

If he’s into her, he’ll talk to her regularly. Whether he feels shy or doesn’t have much to say, he will still make one call every day. He might even text her in the middle of the night to ask her what she is doing. 

8. He often flirts with her

Young men are carefree and don’t have many inhibitions. So, if he’s laid his eyes on her, he will flirt with her relentlessly. 

He’ll up his game to really impress her and ditch the cheesy pick-up lines. Instead, he’ll be thoughtful about it. For example, he might remember small details about her, like how she likes her coffee.

9. He often asks her out

If he asks her out on a date, there’s no doubt that he likes her. He would ask her out often and never fall short of fun date ideas

It might be a lunch date, a candlelight dinner in his house, brunch, a movie date, a trip to the zoo, or literally anything in the world. 

10. He ditches his loved ones to be with her

If a younger guy ditches an outing with his friends to spend more time with an older woman, he definitely has a crush on her. Otherwise, he won’t try to prioritize her. 

11. He stares at her

If he does this, he’s obviously smitten by her. In fact, he will stare so much that it will be obvious to her and others around her. 

Rather than just making eye contact, he will move his eyes all over her, from her lips to her hips. 

12. He keeps complimenting her

Younger men who like older women will often give them compliments. 

But since he’s not a seasoned player,  compliments will depend on what type of a guy he is. For example, if he’s the introspective kind, he might say how much he likes her empathy. 

13. He tries to get to know everything about her

Whether her preference for tea or memorable childhood memories, he will try to know everything about the older woman he loves. 

His questions may sometimes unintentionally make her feel old. But it shows that he respects her life experience. He might even stalk her on social media to know more about her. 

14. He shows up every time

When a younger man likes an older woman, he will show up for her almost every time. He wants to show her that he can be mature, dependable, and responsible for a relationship. So, as long as it’s not an emergency, he will never cancel plans. 

15. He tries to get her to meet his family

Even if she’s not convinced to meet his family, it won’t stop him from trying. He might even plead and beg. He is serious about her and wants his loved ones to approve of his choice. 

16. He tries to be more mature

If he’s interested, he will get his life straight, stop fooling around with numerous women, work on his bad habits, and become more self-aware. 

He knows that if he wants to impress an older woman, he must act maturely!

17. He actively listens to her when she talks

Since she is older than her, he knows that she can share valuable life experiences. So, he will listen to her attentively, whether she’s sharing an opinion or an anecdote. 

18. He acts shy when she is around

Even the thought of impressing an older person can be intimidating, especially if that person is a woman. So, since he will be unsure about the right moves or how to act around her, he will be nervous, jittery, and cute. 

19. He frequently asks for her opinion

Since older women are experienced, anyone may ask them for opinions and wisdom. But if he ALWAYS asks her for advice, he doesn’t just respect her age. He also wants her to be involved in his life choices.

20. He gets close to her when she talks

This is one of the subtler signs of when a younger man likes an older woman. He will lean into her whenever she talks. 

He cannot help it, his mind and body will literally force him to move close to her. Moreover, he wants to gauge all her expressions and emotions. 

21. He subconsciously mirrors her body language

People always subconsciously mirror the movements of the person they admire. And nobody is immune to it. So, if he crosses his legs every time she crosses hers, he is definitely into her.

22. He tries to help her with her house chores

If the guy’s hooked on, he’ll want to show her that he is dependable and will make a good partner. So, he may buy her groceries, cook her dinner, or even do her laundry. He will basically be willing to do everything to impress her. 

23. He calls her more than he texts

If he loves to hear her voice, he won’t be satisfied with just texts. He also knows that conversations with text messages can only go so far. So, to make the conversations turn more lengthy, meaningful, and intimate, he would call her.

Moreover, if she’s not a fast texter, he’ll go with what she’s comfortable with!

24. He introduces her to his friends

He will introduce her to his friends because he wants her and his friends to get along. Moreover, he knows that impressing her will be challenging. Therefore, he wants his friends’ help to win her heart. And for that, he gotta introduce both sides! 

25. He tries to impress her

If a younger man likes an older woman, he will know how much extra effort he has to put in to woo her. 

So, he will do everything in his power: from trying to make her laugh, giving her meaningful gifts to dressing in a way that makes him look desirable. 

26. He wants to meet her friends and family

If he really cares about an older woman, he will know how important her loved ones are to her. 

So, he will want to meet her close ones and impress them anyhow. He desperately wants them to throw a good word on his behalf. 

27. He teases and makes fun of her

He’s young and has a crush on her. Of course, he will tease and make fun of her. He may give her a funny nickname, point out something embarrassing about her, or mimic her movements. 

It’s similar to how a teenage boy might pull at a girl’s pigtails when he likes her. 

28. He respects her boundaries

If he violates her boundaries in any way, it will be his worst nightmare. He knows that that would mean the end of their relationship before it has even started. 

So, he will take the time to understand her boundaries and respect them properly!

29. He’s vulnerable with her

If a younger man likes an older woman, he will practice being vulnerable with her. 

Even though society expects him to be traditionally masculine, he knows that if he wants to impress her, he needs to be himself. 

He will share his thoughts and feelings, no matter how hard it is for him.

30. He watches her when she talks to other men

If he notices her attitude every time she talks to other men, he definitely likes her. It’s so that he can understand her relationship with them and know whether he has a chance. He might also get jealous if she flirts with other men. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you found that your guess was right, it’s now time to understand if your feelings are mutual. 

If yes, even if people ask you offensive questions, you shouldn’t pay them heed. Remember, your age difference is not abnormal. 

Remember what you truly like about each other and focus on yourself. Break the stereotype, and don’t compromise on your own happiness. 

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