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50 Different Types of Couples You Must Know About

50 Different Types of Couples You Must Know About

Updated on Nov 28, 2022

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

50 Different Types of Couples You Must Know About

So, you’re looking for different types of couples… and wondering which type are you and your partner….


Well, every couple is unique but certain traits of your relationship categorize you under different types. Remember, the needs, likes, dislikes, preferences, and everything else is different in each relationship.

So, you must never measure the amount of love between any couple (even you) based on the name. 

Every person has a unique relationship with their partner, depending on their transparency and comfort zone.

And in this think-piece, you’ll know exactly how relationships can be so different yet so strong with the power of love and compassion.

So, if you’re ready to identify yours and also know about others, let’s head right into it…

Types of Couples Infographic

Types of Couples
Types of Couples

50 Types of Couples You Must Know About

When two unique individuals unite, they form a couple. But how they live as a couple depends on their type.

These types are based on unique characteristics of their relationship or their personal preferences in their partner.

1. The power couple

The power couple has a positive influence on everybody. The individuals in the couple put in all their blood and sweat to emerge as a strong couple. They constantly strive to build a better future for themselves.

These power couples stand like rock-like support to each other. They prioritize each other’s dreams and help their partner move forward.

They become their partner’s loudest cheerleaders and care for each other like no one else.

Whenever you see them, you’ll naturally feel “how perfectly they’re made for each other” and trigger a secret desire in you to have the same bond with your partner.

2. The best-friends couple

This couple has been best friends since their childhood. They know everything about each other – the likes, dislikes, habits, flaws, and everything else.

They have transformed their friendship into a partnership but when you see them, you still get those best-friend vibes because they are very comfortable with each other.

Even in a room full of people, they portray themselves as best friends rather than partners. You’ll see them cracking jokes or teasing each other instead of romancing when you are around them.

The best-friend couple has a lot of issues because you can argue with your best friend, right?

But they also know how to find a common ground right after and never require a third-party interference to solve their issues.

3. The always-fighting couple

You’ll find this couple always fighting and ruining others’ moods around them as well. When they are around, you can sense the tension in the room whether or not they talk to you.  

These couples are always grumpy and hardly smile at each other. They make you wonder why they are even together.

You get confused about how you should react around them and how you must even strike a conversation with them.

These couples should realize that every couple fights but one must maintain public decorum.

A couple must know how to resolve their conflicts in the room and behave normally in the public eye, no matter what happens within the curtains.

4. The total-opposites couple

We’ve often heard the maxim “opposites attract” and the total-opposite couple is proof that it is true.

You can easily identify a total-opposite couple by noticing their habits. One of them will be outspoken and the other will be reserved.

One may not like cleanliness, and the other may be obsessed with cleaning. One partner may be spontaneous, whereas the other may be rigid.

It is a wonder to see how this couple keeps up with each other. But isn’t it cute to see two opposite poles doing everything to be with each other?

5. The very-alike couple

The very-alike couple shares a lot in common with each other. You see them sharing the same activities, interests, friends, and colleagues.

They are even passionate about the same adventures or travel destinations. Moreover, they are often serving in a similar profession. You can also find similarities in their attitude and personality.

While looking at such couples, you think that they might be a match made in heaven and hardly have anything to argue about.

But, that’s not the truth. When they fight, it is like a war because they are too similar to handle each other’s flaws.

6. The long-distance couple

It is called a long-distance relationship (LDR) because the partners live in different cities or countries. Hence, this relationship has a geographical barrier that often comes in the way of a healthy future.

They don’t get to see their partner every day which may also lead to trust issues.

Hence, people say that it is extremely difficult to manage LDRs but in my opinion, it all depends on your commitment to the relationship.

7. The party-going couple

When you lay your eyes on them, you might bet they met at a party because they are such party-loving people.

However, initially, when they started dating, others thought it was a casual date since nobody could expect a serious relationship from them.

But these people proved everyone wrong and decided to stay together for the rest of their lives. They proved the popular perception of “party-goers can never be into a stable relationship” wrong.

You’ll find this couple attending most of the parties and, at times, hosting parties too. Everyone enjoys their company because they are super chill to hang out with.

8. The chill couple

The chill couple is super flexible, and they don’t mind if their partners do not accompany them in doing their favorite activities.

One of them may watch Netflix while the other one lies on the couch and reads their favorite novel. It may seem awkward to you, but it is completely fine with the chill couple.

They don’t pressure their partners to do something they don’t like. When they feel tired of cooking, they go out for dinner. If they feel exhausted from the everyday hustle, they may postpone the plan without any complaints and order in.

The chill couple gives their partners total freedom to be in their comfort zone. Even if one partner leaves the toilet seat open, there’s no fight.

The couple is relaxed, and they don’t even make an effort to dress up to impress each other because they know the partner will accept them the way they are.

9. The she’s-too-good-for-him couple

In this type of couple, the girl values her partner so much that she thinks the world resides in her partner and prioritizes nothing else. 

However, she doesn’t receive the same love, and it hurts her to see that someone she loves so dearly doesn’t pay enough attention to her.

But let me give you a little insight: often things are not how it appears from the outside. Remember, no relationship is perfect. There will be struggles that nobody except the couple will know.

So, don’t judge them based on just what you see, make sure to dig a little deep before you make any conclusion.

10. The he’s-too-good-for-her couple

The he’s-too-good-for-her couple is the same as the she’s-too-good-for-him couple – the only difference is that the sufferer here is a guy.

If you are a girl, you may have these thoughts because you are maybe interested in the guy. You cannot stand him being used by his girlfriend. You feel pity for him and want to make his life better.

As a third person, you feel that his girlfriend caught his heart with evil magic, and that’s why he is probably so crazy about her. You totally feel that he deserves a lot better than the girl he is with at present.

11. The annoying PDA couple

We all know a couple who can’t do without holding hands in public and post more pictures on Instagram than the time they spend in real-life. This couple is called the annoying PDA couple.

They think that they look cute and perfect in the world’s eyes with public display of affection. But, after a point of time, people start to get annoyed by their constant babbling about each other.

Oh, not only in the virtual world, they do the same in real life too. They try to act so mushy-mushy that you feel they have no control over their hormones.

At times it becomes embarrassing in public, and you are like, ‘Ugh… get a room, you morons!”

12. The adorably affectionate couple

You’ll get cute vibes whenever you are around the adorably affectionate couple. Everyone feels happy in their presence and enjoys their company.

They don’t ever make others uncomfortable with any excess PDA. This couple can show love without making you cringe.

13. The on-and-off couple

There’s this type of couple who’s dating one day, and broken up the next. They break up and patch up so quickly that the people around them feel confused about whether to call them a couple or not.

Eventually, you leave them in their own zone whenever a problem pops up because you know they’ll be back together soon.

And, you’ll only waste your time and efforts. At times, it becomes so frustrating that you want them to separate for good. 

14. The high-school sweethearts’ couple

While most of us are unlucky in finding the right person even after years of hunting, some people find the love of their lives in high school itself.

You believe they are meant to be with each other. Moreover, they leave you thinking about why they aren’t bored with each other or do they ever think of going out with someone else.

How can someone be with their partner so loyal for all these years? 

But, on the flip side, their relationship is highly stable and both of them are really happy with each other, so you are excited to see them marry.

15. The open-relationship couple

Oh, you’ll be amazed to know this couple type. The open-relationship couple is certainly dating each other. They love their partner with all their hearts and so believe in maintaining transparency.

These couples are so open-minded that they share everything with each other because they know their partner will understand.

They trust each other to the extent that they won’t mind even if their partner hooks with anybody (with all parties’ consent). Shocking, isn’t it? But, yes, such couples exist.

Don’t you wish to have such an understanding partner too? 

16. The age-gap couple

There is no age to fall in love; the age-gap couple totally lives by this quote in real life. They don’t let their age come in between their love and relationship. The age gap couple fights against all odds just to be together.

Most communities have opinions against this couple because of their wide age gap (the age gap can be of 10-15 years).

But they never feel ashamed to talk about their age difference publicly because they don’t make it a taboo and are proud of their relationships.

This couple ignores all the unnecessary opinions, focuses on their relationship, and works on establishing common interests. They are extremely aware of their age-gap concerns but they are ready to protect their love relationship by hook or by crook.  

You may wonder who proposed who as such couples invite a lot of questions in our society.

17. The sexy couple

When you look at them, this couple gives you the feeling that they have a wonderful sex life. They don’t hesitate to display their sex appeal in public.

You cannot help but get aroused with this high sex appeal and desire to have the same with your partner. Both of them are protective and have each other’s back and are often found flirting in the open.

18. The very serious couple

You might also call them the boring couple. The partners in the very serious couple are more focused on their other commitments in life than on their love life and relationship. They are also very calm and poised.

At the first glance, you cannot tell if they are having any fun, but they also don’t appear like they hate each other’s company.

Actually, they have their own definition of a happy relationship that is not understandable by many.

19. The destined-to-be-together couple

The quote by a Brazilian novelist, “And when you want something, the entire universe conspires to help you achieve it.” The destined-to-be-together couple is a living example of it.

Destiny brought them together, and now nothing can drive them apart. They share similar interests in many things from adventures to food and lifestyle but don’t always love everything in the same manner.

They have utmost faith and belief in each other. They are so in love that they cannot keep their hands off each other. However, they also respect each other’s personal spaces.

20. The true-love-exists couple

The best of all and the dream of every couple. This couple, even with their grey hair, love to hold each other’s hands, and their eyes sparkle with happiness when they look at each other.

They probably fell in love when they were young and experienced ‘love at first sight,’ and from all those times, they lived together strong and steady ever since.

Despite all odds, this couple married young and raised wonderful children. You can witness this couple’s relationship in your neighborhood or at your own home in the love your grandparents share with each other.

21. The denial couple

This couple has been in love for ages. If it was possible, they were in love throughout their past lives. The entire world knows about their feelings, but they’re still oblivious. They flat out reject the idea to be together even though they’re so attached to one another.

You keep wondering if they’re fools or if they take you for one. Everyone knows they’re madly in love with one another… and hope that they don’t recognize their feelings too late.

Of course, none of you can wait to enjoy the moment they realize their feelings… Just as parents feel proud when their kids take their first steps or say their first words, you’ll feel no less proud because you’re rooting that hard.

22. The fence-sitters

The fence-sitter’s couple might look like a confusing couple, but they are not.

It is possible that because of their past relationships or experiences, both of them are scared of being in a serious and committed relationship. So, they decide to go with the flow.

They do everything like a normal couple but they also pull back when they are apart from each other.

Their relationship is more likely to be an open one where you are free to engage with other people.

23. The conflict-avoider couple

You and your companion are a conflict-avoider couple if you both try to avoid conflicts at all costs. You hold back from expressing your true emotions just to avoid a fight or disagreement.

These individuals have different interests and desires, but they never talk about this to each other.

The conflict avoiders depend on each other in many ways, but at the same time, they recognize and respect one another’s boundaries. They care for each other in every aspect and are never ashamed to show it.

24. The volatile couple

The volatile couple is the polar opposite of the conflict-avoider couple. These individuals openly talk about their emotions and feelings with each other.  

Whenever a disagreement happens, they address it and resolve it. Their conversations are full of teasing and taunting, disagreements and conflicts, and love and laughter.

This pair believes in facing things heads-on and will never leave a problem unresolved.

These individuals seem to love logical critique. But on the other hand, they also respect each other’s opinions and perspectives.

25. The inseparable couple

The inseparable couple are inseparable in literal terms – you’ll find them together everywhere. Whether they go shopping, to visit their friend’s birthday, to get the car repaired, or to even take a stroll for air… you’ll never see them alone.

They’re always together and might even work great as the material for super glue… why? Of course, because they can never leave one another alone.

If you see one of them in a social gathering, you know their other half is also there. They may fight sometimes but they also make through tough times.

26. The validating couple

This type of couple might come in the middle of conflict avoiders and volatile couples.

The strongest pillar of their relationship is healthy communication. These individuals don’t make a fuss but often try to discuss their issues and concerns.

The partners are extremely understanding who try to listen and perceive why someone did something before they react or talk about it.

They are always supportive yet, power struggle can be an issue in their relationship. This couple is very competitive individually and always tries to do things their own way, but they often uncover ways to compromise.

27. The hostile couple

The hostile couple is very much similar to the validating couple. The only dissimilarity is this pair needs more time to cool down and find a common ground on an issue.

According to Dr. John Gottman’s research, the female partner is usually the conflict avoider and the male partner is the validator.

You probably met a couple in which the woman always avoids heated arguments, but the man likes to discuss and clear everything. This is the combination of a hostile couple.

The hostile couple is not very supportive or understanding because they criticize and belittle each other. Sooner or later, their relationship becomes toxic and unhealthy.

28. The office couple

The relationship between this couple is very complicated. These people hide their office relationships because they fear hurting their professional life.

They like spending time with their co-worker and feel butterflies whenever he/she is around. They constantly struggle maintaining a balance between work and romance.

All their office colleagues and members know about their relationships and often lend support to them. But sometimes, ending the relationship can be a major problem for office couples.

29. The travelers

Adventure and wanderlust seem to be the common interests of this couple. They don’t like to think about the past and worry about the future but to live the present to the fullest.

It makes sense if their first meeting was on one of the trips. This couple is usually very explicit and communicates well with each other. They don’t struggle with their feelings or emotions inside them.

Despite their hectic work life, the traveler couple makes time to travel and explore places together.

Traveling and adventure help you unwind from work, family, and a chaotic everyday life – and this couple takes this relaxation time very seriously.

30. The friends with benefits couple

The relationship between the friends with benefits couple is only sexual and nothing serious. People might cringe at the individuals who want it, but such a relationship benefits the couple personally.

This pair might not engage in usual things like dates, movie nights, or romantic outings like a normal couple.

But sex stays constant whenever it’s called for. The individuals in this relationship believe in the maxim, “No emotion, no commitment.”

31. The life partner couple

Life partner couples are meant to be together until their last breath. Most people believed that they wouldn’t make it till the end but they did and stood together against all odds.

There are high chances life partner couples were high school sweethearts who wanted to live every aspect of life together.

Not everything is perfect with such couples, but they know how to deal with all the odds in and about their relationship and come out stronger together.

32. The happy couple

The happy couple is the inspiration for many couples out there. Anyone can sense the happiness in their relationship from the gestures and smiles they shower at each other.

They are proud and happy about their relationship and stay unaffected by everything happening around them.

The happy couple often makes people jealous of them as they make an effort to relish the tiny-little moments of their lives.

People love being around them as they have a great sense of humor. The happy couple also makes a great fit for double dates.

33. The crazy-in-love couple

Love exists between almost all types of couples. However, it may or may not be visible to the world.

But then there comes the crazy-in-love couple who cannot hide their immensely overflowing love for each other. They are the ones who set up relationship goals for couples.

They’re the love-dovey couple who keep showering kisses, hugs, and sweet gestures on each other. They cannot see the world around them when they are together.

Their cell phone screens are a river of romantic messages when they are not together.

Their madness for each other is the same as it was at first sight when they fell in love. They believe each other to be their soulmates and also act like that.

34. The possessive couple

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean one must ignore the world and stay committed to their partner all the time.

But then there is the possessive couple who believe the complete opposite. They are way too possessive about their partner and cannot bear them hanging out alone or with their friends in their absence.

The possessive couple is too concerned and conscious of their relationship and thinks it might fall apart at any time.

Jealousy is so common that they hardly allow any boundaries for each other which is often stemmed from insecurity.

However, it can prove to be a breaking point of the relationship if the possessiveness continues the same way.

35. The competitive couple

Some people make their relationship a competition rather than something based on love and commitment. They fall into the competitive couple group. All they want is to be better than each other in every aspect.

They are so serious about their goals, dreams, and ambitions that they hardly devote any time to their relationship.

Too much intelligence and hard work for self-gains make them so competitive that they want to exceed their partner in every way. 

If both partners are competitive, then the relationship soon becomes a race ground where only competition exists.

36. The hostile-detached couple

Hostile-detached couples are totally opposite to hostile couples. They are in a highly messed up relationship as if it’s a war zone. Hostile-detached couples show no emotions towards each other.

They often fight and argue with each other with no conclusion. The hostile-detached couples are most frustrated with each other and stuck in a cycle of criticism and cold detachment with no sign of honesty.

Hostile-detached couples do not just fight but also deny making up and repairing the damage to their relationship.

Hence, things just worsen. Unlike the hostile couples, they eventually divorce because the cycle of anger and frustration never ends in this type of relationship.

37. The intellectual couple

Intelligence also forms the base of some relationships which makes the intellectual couples. Intellect decides the strength and commitment in their relationship.

They love exploring the world together and often travel to new places to enhance their knowledge about new regions.

They are also called smart couples. They often participate in events together, visit museums and art exhibitions, and learn all about what they see or travel to, including a detailed history and documentation.

They love collecting facts and interesting stories about places and trying every food recipe out there.

38. The host couple

The host couples are the soul of all parties and functions. People can find them at almost every party and especially as hosts. It is because they are too good at organizing things together and hence plan events often.

The host couples are too good at hospitality and pampering their guests with warm gestures and sweet words. Hence, no party lacks a host when they are around.

They love presenting their relationship before society and showing their commitment level. So they make sure all pre-drinking and after-parties revolve around them.

39. The playful couple

Aka, the Teasers.

Cheesy couples are super sweet as far as their talks are concerned. Then there exist the playful couples, who are the total opposites of the cheesy couples. They are fun-loving and absolutely carefree.

They are playful and easy-going. People can always find them teasing each other, which seems sweet and entertaining at the same time.

They express their love and commitment with fun, and they cannot go a day without teasing each other without any offense. These fun elements make their relationship strong and long-lasting.

40. The early-to-bed couple

The early-to-bed couples are the ones totally opposite to the party animals. They vanish from all places as soon as the clock strikes twelve.

People do not find them at late-night parties as they leave quite early. Hence, they are called the early-to-bed couples. They hardly hang out till late and rush out as early as possible.

These couples spend time with each other at home rather than in social settings. They are the real-life Cinderella, as people call them, for vanishing early at night.

41. The secret couple

Not every relationship is known to people, some thrive in “secret”. Almost every group has a secret couple, and no one knows they are dating.

They do not let anyone know of their relationship and make people believe there is nothing between them.

They think their relationship is a secret, and no one notices their eye contact and secret communications. However, that may not be the case. 

The secret couples are often conscious of others’ opinions about their relationship and hence decide to keep it a secret and commit to each other instead.

42. The partner-focused couple

Long-term relationships hardly exist these days. But then there comes the partner-focused couple group that is the key to long-term relationships. They show a great degree of commitment toward each other.

They love spending time with each other rather than socializing with friends and hence have a strong bond.

Such couples can commit to a long-term relationship because they are highly satisfied with their relationship and partner.

They are greatly involved with each other and take no decisions regarding their relationship in haste. It is what they call the happily-ever-after couple.

43. The perfect couple

After going through a long list of types of couples, one might wonder if the perfect couple exists. Perfection in relationships hardly exists, but yes, some couples are just perfect. These couples are perfect for each other in every sense.

They are selfless and only look forward to each other’s growth in life. It is not that the perfect couples do not face a setback in their relationship or never fight at all.

But all said and done, they overcome them and love each other with purity and serenity. Love never fades in the relationship of a perfect couple.

44. The socially involved couple

Some couples belong to the same friend circle. They have many mutual friends who know about their relationship in and out. These couples are what we call the socially involved couple.

They are involved in a strong social network that they look up to. The mutual friend’s network strengthens their relationship and makes them more committed to each other.

The socially involved couples feel high satisfaction and stability in their relationship. The social involvement also makes them closer to each other.

45. The new-found couple

These two recently met and the relationship is too new to say anything about them. They’re enjoying their brand-new merry love and obviously are still in their honeymoon phase.

They probably have rose-tinted glasses on and it’s too early to determine how their relationship might turn out. For now, they can’t keep their hands to themselves… but don’t confuse them with the annoying PDA couples… not yet.

In the long run, you’ll find out which category they’ll settle with. It’s only a matter of time until the pink glasses are off.

46. The love bird couple

This couple and the inseparable couple have a lot in common. The only difference is that the lovebird couples go about their lives individually.

The love bird couple, above everything, has the ideal love that many young couples aspire to have.

The individuals never stop showing their love for each other. They look after and nurture each other. The commitment, loyalty, and faith that they share is unmatchable.

47. The pet-namer couple

These couples are similar to the PDA couple. However, you’ll never see them touching one another romantically or sexually in public.

Instead, they’ll call one another with names like cutie pie, give sound effects like koochie koo, my little baby… and you might suffer from a severe case of diabetes.

You wonder if this is how they are 24/7 or if it’s just a show for attention. They might feed one another publicly and you feel “Why don’t you chew their food like a mama bird?” They annoy you but that’s how it is!

48. The blushing couple

This couple never shows off their relationship or engages in PDA in any form… which is a great blessing to others.

People love to socialize with them because they don’t try to grab attention towards their relationship. Instead they’ll do anything to not catch anyone’s attention.

However, when someone compliments them about their bonding, they won’t say a word and blush.

At times, people ask them, what’s the reason behind your strong bond? They’ll only opt to keep quiet and not answer at all… which is kinda rude if the other person wants serious advice.

49. The unequal couple

In this relationship there’s serious unequal power dynamics. One partner is the dictator and the other is an avid follower. This relationship may or may not be unhealthy.

If the follower isn’t good with life decisions, they might be perfectly made for one another. However, if the follower isn’t incapable in any way but the dictator still decides for them, they’re in a toxic relationship and need to break free.

But as an outsider, you can’t judge them that well. Only the couple and the follower’s close ones know if anything is wrong with them.

50. The emotionally wrecked couple

This couple is made up of two people that were hurt in past relationships or have similar sad experiences in their life. It might be about their job circumstances and relationship with their parents.

They’re extremely vulnerable and when they found one another they thought they’re soulmates. They hit it off well because of their shared grief.

They mostly spend their days tending to one another’s hurt soul and try to not break down completely.

As an outsider, you may sometimes feel that they hardly love one another and only feel such a strong bond because of the sorrows.

It’s hard to say what may happen to this couple if one of them heals and gets over their pain… what will be the driving force of this couple, then?

So these were the 50 types of couples you MUST know about. But wait, that’s not it.

I have a small bonus for the readers who made it till this part of the think-piece. So, dive in, readers!

5 Tips to be a Happy Couple

Every relationship has problems, and it takes two people to balance a relationship. Couples become happy only when both partners put in equal efforts and prioritize each other.

But, if you wanna be the happy couple that everyone feels jealous of, follow these tips…

1. Showṣ interest

Your partner shares their entire day with you. But how much attention do you really pay to their words?

Do you ask them questions based on their narration? Do you ask how they plan to deal with a matter? Do you suggest solutions to their problems?

Your partner tells you everything for you to listen to. So, pay attention and show interest in the conversation.

2. Be compassionate

You’ll fight with your partner, obviously. But, how you treat them when you fight speaks volumes about you. Are you always stone-hearted? Do you abuse your partner?

A couple must show compassion even during fights. You can show verbal or physical compassion towards your partner by hugs, kisses, or simply saying ‘I love you’ to them.

3. Make your partner your priority

You may be occupied with your work, but that doesn’t allow you to ignore your partner. The Gottman Institute motto suggests that ‘small things often’ help you have a lasting marriage.

So give unexpected surprises, care for their happiness, and involve your partner in every activity you do. Your partner must be your priority above everything else.

4. Appreciate your partner

Never take your partner for granted because many people don’t receive what you do. Keep appreciating them.

Your love for your partner is true, but you must also show your love to them with your words and actions. Frequent appreciation will help you resolve fights quickly. Moreover, it will minimize the irrational fights.

5. Be mature and apologize

Your partner needs to know that you feel and understand them. So, you must empathize with them and act mature.

Accept your mistakes and apologize for them to let your partner know there’s nothing more important to you than their happiness. With this, even if you had hurt them, they’ll heal faster.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Certain couple types may feel more exciting, alluring, and suitable for you. You might say “I wish we had a relationship like that…”

But you need to remember, every couple has their own way to show love and care. Every couple has their own share of ups and downs and unique ways of solving the issues.

If you try to imitate other couples’ bonds, you might never find eternal happiness in your relationship.

So, instead just stay loyal and true to your partner. And then, no matter which type of couple you are, you’ll surely be satisfied with your partner.