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150+ Best and Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Ideas to Surprise Your One-and-Only!

150+ Best and Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Ideas to Surprise Your One-and-Only!

Updated on Aug 24, 2022

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

Valentine's Day Date Ideas - Romantic Ideas to Surprise Your Loved One

So, you are looking for some Valentine’s Day date ideas for your beloved.

…and why not, it’s a special day for all the lovers.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone in the race.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, every person in love looks for unique ideas to make their one-and-only feel special. Restaurant reservations start piling up, while movie tickets sold out.

However, many lovebirds can’t decide a single romantic thing to do… let alone the perfect Valentine’s Day date.

If you’re one of them, don’t fret… because this think-piece has got all you want.

Whether you wanna melt their heart with a classic date or entangle them in your fiery passion… I’ve compiled it all. So, let’s head right in to find your perfect fit…

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas Infographic

150+ Best and Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Ideas to Surprise Your One-and-Only!
150+ Best and Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Ideas to Surprise Your One-and-Only!

Cute Valentine’s day date ideas

Valentine’s Day is knocking at your door… and you want to impress your crush with a surprise. The pressure and nervousness must be at its peak… after all, it’s the ONLY “love” holiday of the year! 😉

So, I am sure you’re looking for some alternatives to the same age-old date ideas? Look no further as I’ve compiled some cute yet out-of-the-box date ideas that will make your beloved go “aww” in love!

1. Book a Couples’ Massage

Life is pretty hectic and fast-paced nowadays. So, go the extra mile to relax your loved one.

Visit a spa together or learn how to give each other the best at-home massages from online tutorials. Warm up your towels and light some scented candles, for a romantic experience!

2. Make a Charcuterie board

Cheese and wine are the perfect combination for a romantic date night.

Pamper your loved one with some delicious wine, talk about the fun times spent with each other and sneak in some compliments. Can you think of a cuter date than this?

3. Cook Together

Cooking together is a great way to bond with each other. Coordinate together in the kitchen to make your signature cuisine.  

While you whip up something delicious in the oven, share a glass of wine or champagne … or eat each other in the process. 😉

4. Enjoy rich desserts together

Valentine’s Day is a great time to savor the sweeter side of life with your sweetheart.

Whether it’s death by chocolate, strawberries and champagne, swanky hot chocolate, or your favorite Ben and Jerry’s pints… feed one another with your hands or mouth 😉.

5. Take Dance classes together

Check out the nearest dance studios. Try to learn couple dances like salsa or samba and groove your bodies in sync.

Spend the evening making cute and adorable TikTok videos together with your favorite take-outs at the end of the day!

6. Take a trip down the memory lane

To freshen up your memories, revisit where you first met your soulmate.

Take a walk down the memory lane, spend a day as you did back in the day, share an ice cream maybe and thank the universe for the love that you both share.

7. Go on a long drive

Imagine going on a cute romantic date with the love of your life: a car, roads, music, and good food… isn’t the thought already making you giddy?

Plus, who knows… you might find something unexpected on the way!

8. Plan a movie marathon

If you can’t go out or aren’t outdoorsy, have an indoor movie night to celebrate this special day. Watch your favorite movies and TV shows with popcorn and Chinese food on the side!

Bond while reminiscing about when you started dating. Cuddle together and immerse in cuteness.

9. Recreate your first date

Your first date will always have a special corner in your heart. It might be cheap and awkward, but it was the cutest.

Dine in the same restaurant and order the same food while you enjoy and laugh out loud… and don’t forget to recreate your first kiss… with an experienced touch, ofcourse! 😉

10. Go to a drive-in movie theater

Drive-in movie dates are best for cuddling under the starry night. Visit one with blankets and snuggle up with your partner.

Enjoy the romantic and sappy movies in each other’s embrace. Don’t forget to binge on popcorn and cola while you’re at it!

11. Camp in the wild

Pack your belongings and go camping with your loved one!

Drive into the woods, set up your own tent, toast marshmallows, and snuggle up together. To increase the fun, check out hiking spots for later!

12. Skate on the ice

Put on your ice skates and take your significant other out for a classic unforgettable ice-skating date night.

If they’re new to skating, teach them while they cling to you and strengthen your bond. Enjoy the activity with falls, sneaky hugs, and laughter.

13. Organize a picnic date

Envision yourselves in the middle of a forest, light breeze blowing, and a lavish picnic date – fun right?

Now, find the ideal spot around a fire pit, on the beach, at your favorite park, or even in your own backyard. Arrange a basket, blanket, sandwiches, and a bottle of wine and you’re all set.

14. Volunteer together

Every day is special with your partner. So why not make this day special for the less fortunate?

Volunteer at a soup kitchen, a community service organization, or even at an animal shelter. Bond with each other while you shower others with love!

15. Bring out the board games

Prepare to see your partner from a different perspective: Board games bring out everyone’s competitive side.

Make a cute penalty for each time you lose… like a kiss, perhaps? The juicy bits depend on you, so let’s compete!

Spending Valentine’s Day with your beloved partner is a must. But, what if you have a stipulated budget? No need to panic, my friend!

We’ll soon know about some amazing date ideas… that are super cheap yet super romantic.

Cheap date ideas for valentines day

Celebrating Valentine’s Day is a quite overwhelming task especially when social media has blinded you with over-the-top date nights.

Don’t worry, the budget won’t ruin your date, rather they’ll become extra special. So, let’s take a quick glance…

16. Take a bubble bath

Imagine yourself with your partner, a bathtub, candles, flower petals, and bubbles… isn’t that romantic? If you have a spacious bathtub, you’re on!

Use a bath bomb for colorful bubbles, add petals of two flowers, set the aromatic candles, and get cozy. Enjoy a glass of wine, while reminiscing about your beautiful memories!

17. Bake something

Here’s your chance to skip straight to dessert. Beginner bakers can stick to premade cookie dough or brownie mixes, but if you’ve got a little more experience, why not make a whole cake together?

Plus, it’s a great way to bond and laugh over the silly things that you guys I’m sure will do!

18. Get artsy!

Spend a few dollars on your preferred art supplies. Let loose your inner artists… draw scenery or each other’s anime characters.  

No one expects you to be the next Picasso, so relax. Enjoy this crazy and romantic date and bond with your significant other!

19. Discover new hobbies

Everyone has that one hobby they wanna try but never did. This Valentine’s Day, try it out… whether it’s knitting, playing the guitar, or drawing.

If your hobby needs lessons, I’m sure as hell you’ll find some free ones online!

20. Create your own customized playlists

Most streaming services let you create your own playlists. So, make Valentine’s Day mixes for each other and host a small listening party.

It’s a sweet (and inexpensive) way of saying “I love you.” Bonus points: Dance along with romantic songs to make cherished memories.

21. Pet some furry friends

Warning! You’ll want to bring back all the furry creatures you meet. But, seriously, if you both love pets, this might be your best bet to spend Valentine’s Day.

Shower your love on the cats and dogs. Give them the love they always desired.

22. Dance your heart out

A little music is all you really need for a romantic Valentine’s Day. Choose your favorite dance song together. If you don’t already have one, that’s an added activity.

Put it on loop and dance the night away if you like it. Like Sia, love the cheap thrills!

23. Stay in bed

No need to leave the house to set the mood for romance. In fact, why even get out of bed? If your partner doesn’t live with you, call them over on the 13th night.

Spend the day cuddling and start the day with your very own customized breakfast in bed!

24. Play an interesting game

Two truths and a lie is an entertaining way to learn more about your life partner. The rules are simple, but if you’re not sure: Tell two truths and one lie about yourself.

The other person tries to figure out which of the facts is incorrect.

25. Read your favorite books together

Valentine’s Day isn’t a “go big or go home” kinda event. Just lie on the couch with a good book with soft background music. Read aloud to one another your favorite passages.

If you want, compete at memorizing and playing out your favorite dialogues.

26. Solve puzzles!

Work on a puzzle with your significant other and keep yourselves occupied for hours. It won’t even drain your energy, rather it’s an interesting activity.

Also, don’t starve while working on it… share a pizza to make it more special!

27. Take a walk

Walk down the empty streets hand-in-hand in the peaceful evening. Share your perspectives on life, the scenery around you, and your hopes for the future.

Sometimes, you only need a heart-to-heart with the right person to make everything special!

28. Sweat on the basketball court

Are you both athletic? Can you handle the sweat like a boss? If yes, then try out a basketball date… While it may sound mundane, it’s a great way to make things exciting.

Spice things up with a penalty: The loser takes the winner out for dinner!

29. Discover something new

Drive around until you find something new and interesting (and don’t stop). Go on a different route around your neighborhood. Look for new views or hideouts.

Even if the new location is a complete disaster, at least you’ll have a good laugh.

30. Sit and cuddle by a fire

Is it winter during Valentine’s in your area? Nothing is better than snuggling together near the fireplace during the cold.

Wrap around a thick blanket and enjoy hot chocolate with extra whipped cream and marshmallows!

A hard-core lover and a sucker for home dates? Then you are at the right place, my reader.

Wanna stay indoors and enjoy lover’s time? Well, outdoor fancy dinner dates aren’t mandatory at all. Get cozy, comfortable, and prepare yourself to be amazed with these…

Valentine’s day home date ideas

Fancy dinner dates are sparkly and mesmerizing… but ever imagined cuddling and enjoying each other’s company in your safe haven?

An at-home date night is as dreamy as fancy outdoor ones. Still not convinced? Then check out these absolutely adorable and romantic home date ideas!

31. Watch a typical Valentine’s Day movie

Prepare popcorn and cheesy appetizers, light your favorite aromatic candle, crack open a bottle of wine, and snuggle under a blanket.

Scan through Netflix for your favorite rom-com to match Valentine’s mood. Enjoy it together in your cozy home.

32. Make Chocolate Fondue

Whip up your very own customized chocolate-covered strawberries. Rather, compete against one another to make the tastiest desserts this V-day…

And, doesn’t chocolate get you naughty ideas? Ahem-ahem… plan out the juicy bits yourself.

33. Imagine you’re in Paris

Even if the city of love is beyond your reach this year, enjoy their food, drink, and culture from the comfort of your home.

Recreate your favorite French dinner, pour yourself a glass of fine wine, and watch your favorite Parisian film.

34. Set up your own Treasure Hunt!

Send your significant other on a house-wide scavenger hunt. Leave them hints in the form of love notes and petals.

Leave champagne and strawberries in your final hiding spot to complement the romance. And maybe a trail of rose petals to your bed! 😉

35. Sing together

Take a trip to the supermarket and buy a duo-karaoke set. Sing your hearts out this valentine’s day! This V-day, know each other with your (not-so) lyrical voice.

Laugh out loud when you sing the high notes terribly!  

36. Try making some cocktails

Homemade cocktails aren’t as delish as in the bar… but that is about to change. Fill your refrigerator with cocktail ingredients and try each other’s favorites.

Have your own personal bar at home. Give each other the benefit of doubt and create something surprising!

37. Get drunk together

Get drunk at the comfort of your home. It’s much better than the crazy crowded bars. Bring in any preferable liquor and get drunk with your significant other.

Click drunk pictures and let out your sorrows and joys… make one of the most beautiful memories to look back at!

38. Have a picnic… at home!

The best part of having a home picnic date? There’s no worry about the weather! Bring out your favorite dishes, some strawberries, and champagne.

Have a sprawled picnic in your living room or your backyard!

39. Give a makeover to your room together

Get down and dirty to redecorate your room from scratch. It’s romantic, fun, and you both learn more about one another’s taste while spending the day.

To add a little pizazz to your home or to brighten up any rainy day, go colorful and bold.

40. Have a flirty photoshoot together

Have a flirty photoshoot session in your house, lawn, or neighborhood by setting a timer. Spend an hour or so in your home, then save the best for last with some fantastic candid photographs outside.

Trust me, they’ll turn out great and also capture some beautiful moments of the evening!

41. Learn to make chocolate at home

Why buy your soulmate factory-made chocolate boxes? Rather, learn to make the best chocolate yourself.

Search online tutorials on the internet and choose the most delish-looking ones. Spend the day making chocolates for one another!

42. Give each other a romantic massage

While you can book an at-home couple spa date… it’s not always budget-friendly. So, buy aromatic oils and pamper your loved one with a sensual and romantic massage.

Take turns to relax one another. Have a bottle of champagne and sliced fruit on the side!

43. Spoil each other all day

Spend the day treating your soulmate… whether it’s making their favorite delicacies or doing their share of chores.

Take turns treating each other just because you both deserve to be loved and cherished.

44. Learn to play their favorite video game

Do either of you love video games? Spend your day playing your partner’s favorite video games. Unleash your inner child to appreciate and adore your partner.

Spend your special day flourishing your passion for games.

45. Have an ice-cream tasting spree

Bring home an assortment of ice-creams from your favorite store. Have a dual ice-cream tasting spree!

You may also add it to coffee to prepare flavored cold coffee… it’ll also save you from the sugar rush.

Didn’t find anything eye-catching yet? Wanna stand out more? Everyone wants to spend Valentine’s Day in unique ways… want something fun, quirky, and a whole lot of lovey-dovey? Sit back and relax as we’re not done yet…

Unique Valentine’s day date ideas

Who doesn’t want an out-of-the-box idea for Valentine’s Day? After all, your unique partner deserves it all.

So, pick your favorite and get going…

46. A wine bar crawl

Dress up to visit some of the famous wineries and vineyards of your city. Trust me, it’s far more interesting than the monotonous dinner dates. If something catches your eye, stash away some for home!

Also, various wineries take online orders and deliver wines to your doorstep. Prepare ham and you’re good to go for an at-home one.

47. Take a tour of your favorite places

Pick out your favorite couple destinations and take a trip!

Choose the destination based on your mutual likes. To visit all the romantic spots, pick them out individually. Don’t forget to take pictures!

48. Visit a Candy store

Valentine’s Day is all about sweetness… if you both have a sweet tooth, visit a candy store and get loads of ‘em.

Find your favorite childhood candies and make one another try them. Or maybe, try all the interesting new flavors!

49. Spend a night in a museum

Museums remain open even after visiting hours, especially on occasions like Valentine’s Day. So, stay back and enjoy a secret after-hours party.

Make a wonderful treasured memory amidst the history of your choice.

50. Splurge on shopping

Shop together for a cute and romantic Valentine’s Day date. Go to a mall and buy each other stuff… don’t impose any budget though.

If your partner hates shopping, compete to find the most ridiculous and stupidest clothes faster!

51. Watch a stand-up comedy show

Stand-up Comedy show dates are quite trendy nowadays.

Reserve a table for a comedy show and share some laughs throughout Valentine’s eve. Relish the evening with good food and wine!

52. Ride bikes together

A fun, romantic, and must-try for all couples. Don’t wanna make a big deal of the celebration? Take a bike ride throughout your entire locality together.

Ride together slowly, while talking about random things. Take pictures on the way as souvenirs!

53. Visit an unknown town or location

Plan Valentine’s weekend getaway to an unexplored area… It might be a new restaurant that’s too far away for a regular lazy weekend or an up-state trip to a state park or museum.

Experience new romantic firsts together.

54. Watch a sunset or a sunrise

You both might be busy during the day… especially if V-Day is on a weekday. So, get off work earlier and enjoy the red sunset or sunrise.

This is a must for hopeless romantics who absolutely adore the idea of love. Head to a nearby elevated spot, a tower, or a riverside. Enjoy the best views together!

55. Go glamping

Take a break from your normal routine and spend the night in the woods. Choose a spot with all the necessities or cozy up in a tent with your favorite go-to snacks and maybe a bottle of champagne!

56. Listen to your favorite band together

Listen to live music from the comfort of your own home with your significant other. Get those last-minute online concert tickets for a fun night.

Make your living room your concert grounds, dance, and sing your heart out loud!

57. Take a couple’s cooking class

Sign up for a last-minute virtual cooking class. Learn to make each other’s favorite meals even if cooking isn’t your strong suit… but restaurant reservations are at a premium.

Things always get heated up in the kitchen, if you know what I mean 😉.

58. Go to a Tarot Card Reading

Don’t have any big plans locked in for Valentine’s Day? Visit a tarot card reading session with your special person.

If that’s not available, study Tarot card reading and about your auras to ensure that you both send out positive energy.

59. Write love letters to each other

In the mood for something extra romantic and cutesy? Spend Valentine’s Day communicating your emotions and feelings on paper.

Add champagne or take-out while you’re at it with romantic music in the background. Agree on a time limit and read it aloud to each other!

60. Watch some sports

Do you both like sports? Wanna watch your favorite sports together? Munch over popcorn while you cheer over the players.

Also, if you’re on the kiss-cam, lean in! So go ahead and pre-book those tickets, because you don’t wanna miss them right?

Love is always in the air… however, it becomes more obvious during Valentine’s Day!

Wanna indulge in something really romantic with your partner? Wanna make your partner swoon with love? If so, then enjoy the wonderful evening with these…

Romantic Valentine’s day date ideas

Valentine’s Day is all about romance and showing love and appreciation to the apple of your eye. Wanna make your partner fall for you deeper? Then start your planning for this V-day right now.

Check out adorable and super romantic date ideas here…

61. Take a romantic getaway to the hills

Imagine being in your lover’s arms… the serene scenery of the beautiful hills… cuddling, kissing, and holding hands… romantic right?

So, pack your bags, and book a romantic getaway to a nearby hill station. Spend this Valentine’s Day in an exotic place. And if it’s a snowy one, it’ll become more exciting.

62. Make a bonfire

Whether it’s a faraway forest or in your backyard… gather some wood and light it up. Enjoy the pleasant warmth of the fire, cuddle with your beau under the blanket, and watch the beautiful night sky.

Strike some deep, lovable conversations while you enjoy each other’s company and maybe a glass of your favorite liquor too!

63. Go scuba diving

Ever seen colorful fishes kissing each other’s lips under the sea? Indulge in a scuba diving date with your loved one. Enjoy the beauty of the deep blue waters while you swim and explore hand in hand!

64. Plan an unplanned candid date

Didn’t yet plan for Valentine’s Day? Or, are you just bad with plans? Don’t panic, ‘cause I have this terrific idea to make your special day into a wonderful date!

Set out, with your beau, turn on the stereo, and see where it leads you. After all, at the end of the day, all you need is each other.

65. Try paragliding

Just the two of you, flying lovebirds in the air, fresh air on your face, and birds flying nearby, vying for your attention — romantic, right?

Book your spot right now and go paragliding with your significant other. Trust me on this, this will be an awesome couple activity!

66. Go on a disco night

Enjoy dancing, music, and drinks, but rarely get the chance to indulge? If this describes you, go there and have a good time with your beau!

Step out to visit your favorite nightclub and dance the night away.

67. Do-it-yourself candle light dinner

How about a candlelight dinner at home, with your own preferences… super comfortable and memorable, right?

Prepare dinner together… spend the day cutting, chopping, and cooking. Some champagne, romantic aromatic candles, and slow music…

68. What about a Bar-Be-Que night?

Prefer charcoal-grilled meals? This is the best time to enjoy a wine and Bar-be-Que night.

If you want you can also invite some friends over with their partners. Make this Valentine’s eve even more exciting with group dates.

69. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Try out an adventure date like Hot Air Balloon trips. Everyone knows about them, yet only 5-10% tried them.

Soar through the clouds while sipping on wine together. Romantic, thrilling, and exotic… So, try not to miss out, lovebirds!

70. Spend the day watching funny videos

Go without the glitz and glam this Valentine’s Day. Compile a list of the funniest YouTube videos and spend quality time laughing together. Though simple, it’s a lot of fun!

When you don’t want to laze on Valentine’s, this is a fantastic option to make some memories together!

71. Ride on a Helicopter

If you can splurge more money for this special day, hire a private jet or try a helicopter ride and experience love in the skies. If you didn’t pop the big question yet, this is your golden opportunity.

72. Go to the amusement park

Amusement park dates are my go-to if there’s nothing big on the schedule. Have the best time of your life while riding the rollercoaster!

Enjoy fast-food and when on the Ferris Wheel, don’t forget to kiss when you reach the top.

73. Host a couples’ poker night

When social distancing is no longer an issue, a couples poker night may be a lot of fun! Invite other couples to play a nice game of poker with you.

Prepare extra tasty treats and make sure everyone’s favorite beverages are available.

74. Build a fort

Wasn’t building a fort fun in your childhood? Why not relive the excitement with your significant other?

When you’re finished, hang fairy lights on the interior and relax with a bottle of wine or an ice-cream bowl. Watch your favorite movies or talk about random things.

75. Experience an in-town hotel stay

When traveling isn’t possible, spend your Valentine’s Day at a hotel in your own city. Play tourist in your own town. Shuffle your routine without leaving the city.

Valentine’s Day deals and activities are frequently available at these locations. Or, binge on chocolate-covered strawberries and bathe in a large tub in your room.

Is it just me, or is the temperature rising? Come on, it’s Valentine’s day, why not have some fun in the bedroom? I have compiled some absolutely flaming ideas, so don’t miss out on these…

Sexy Valentine’s day Bedroom date ideas

To show your partner how much you care, add a hint of sensuality. All you need is a little wit and imagination, so get ready to flaunt your passionate side.

After all, it is the most romantic (and sensuous) day of the year. In fact, having wild, sensual, passionate Valentine’s Day sex is always a good idea.

Come on, let’s turn the heat on with these…

76. Indulge in some sex toys

While sex toys are obviously fantastic for some alone time, they’re also great for couple activities.

Because only around 18% of cis women experience orgasm during penetrative intercourse alone, a toy that provides additional clitoral stimulation is necessary.

77. Watch something racy together

If you’re a low-key pair… like lazing on the sofa rather than night-outs… why not amp up the sexiness of your typical pastimes? Choose from the plethora of sensual shows and films to get the blood pumping.

Watch anything sexy like Bridgerton or American Horror Story… if the mood strikes, recreate your favorite moment.

78. Try some light BDSM

No need to go full-on Fifty Shades, but if you’re both interested, try it. Grab a pair of handcuffs or a blindfold and play around with some BDSM power dynamics.  

Create a safe word, get their consent, and go slow. Talk and check-in along the way.

79. Play a sexy game

If your companion is competitive, this is a terrific option. There are many sexual games available. So, find a card game where each card asks you a question or issues a dare. Respond or strip.😉

80. Read some porno

If watching porn isn’t your thing, there are alternative ways to enjoy it. Pick up a BDSM book or read aloud an erotic novel, focus on the juicy parts.

If you don’t prefer reading, audio porn is a great alternative. Take some time to choose before sharing what you enjoy. Like show-and-tell, but with a sexier twist.

81. Make out somewhere in public

There’s nothing riskier than making out with your beau publicly. The thrill of someone catching you pumps the adrenaline.

Consider making out in public because it’s the hottest yet riskiest thing to do. Do it while you return from your dinner or movie date.

82. Have long-distance sex

Want to make the V-day memorable but your partner lives miles away? No worries… sex-toy websites like We-Vibe and Satisfyer save the day.

The apps help you manage the pressure, speed pulses, and other features of the long-distance vibrator or sex toy, just from your phone.

83. Write down your fantasies

Though disclosing your fantasies is tempting, spelling them out is also nerve-wracking. So, pen down your wildest fantasies and desires in advance, and then swap your letters on Valentine’s Day.

To make things even hotter, read them aloud and if possible, prepare costumes or toys beforehand.

84. Spice it up with role-play

Tell me something more naughty and sexy than role-play sex. Role-play as strangers to spice your valentine’s evening with passionate sex.

Pretend meeting your partner “accidentally” and fire up a conversation. When the tension builds up, take the chit-chat to somewhere else… preferably a hotel bed 😉.

85. Find ways to make your food tastier

Is there a rule about having desserts on the dinner table… or plates? Then, improvise buddy! 😉

To spice things up, bring your dessert to the bedroom. Make your partner a personalized plate, and voila! You have the best-tasting dessert in front of you.

86. Sex before dining

Consider this scenario: You’re enjoying a lovely glass of wine, have dinner, dessert, and soon it’s 12 a.m. Moreover, you have work the next day. Sex isn’t always easy when you’re full, buzzed, and exhausted.

Instead, prioritize sex before the remaining date. Bask in the sexy afterglow for the rest of the meal.

87. Experiment with edging

Edging aka orgasm control involves continuously delaying your partner’s climax. Bring your partner to the verge of orgasm, then let the intensity fade away before repeating the process.

Not only will the climax be more intense, but the sex will last longer as well and make this Valentine’s day sex even more memorable.

88. Try out some new sex positions

Used to the same sex positions? Try a different position on this Valentine’s Day.

Switch positions if you or your spouse is always on top. In the process, you might even discover your new favorite sex position.

89. Indulge in morning sex the next day

Avoid putting too much pressure on yourself and your partner! If you’re already full for an evening, then don’t worry about sex.

Enjoy your V-day evening with food, drinks, and a good-night’s sleep. Spice up the next morning… wake them up with soft, sensual kisses in the morning, and dig in!

90. Spend the day sexting

Sexting is the best way to build up anticipation. Send brief, sexual missives throughout the day about your dirty thoughts… have your own steamy screenplay to act out at night. In the finest conceivable way, the build-up is intolerable.

Most offices remain open on this unclaimed “love” holiday (unfair, I know).

At the end of this tiresome day, you’re either too lazy to plan big, or you might forget all about it. Don’t stress honey, get your ultimate solace with these…

Last-minute Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

It’s absolutely okay if you didn’t plan anything for this Valentine’s day. You don’t need a fancy or an over-the-top date to express your love to your partner. It’s the little things in a relationship that shows how much you really care.

So, sit back and relax because I have these last-minute yet romantic and cutesy date ideas to make you swoon with love…

91. Try body painting

When it comes to private places and intimate times, body painting is a great way to liven things up.

It brings a new dimension to foreplay. Gather enough body paint and brushes to begin, and the rest is up to you. Make tiger stripes, paint a t-shirt on your companion, or do something more abstract.

92. Model for each other

This one goes great with a shopping binge, but a bunch of your old and new clothes would also suffice. Set up a catwalk area, and try on various combinations.

Be fashionable, witty, attractive, or all at once. It’s fantastic after-dinner entertainment and a nice way to spend time in a more private setting.

93. Set up a romantic atmosphere

Turn your whole house into a romantic set-up with mood lighting, balloons, and confetti. Decorate each room differently, keep plenty of snacks to munch on, throw a few blankets and pillows on the floor, and wander from room to room during the day.

Start with a hot, steamy shower, a romantic supper, a movie on the couch, and finally a trip to the bedroom. 😉

94. Re-enact your favorite movie scene

Get some matching costumes from the store and act out your favorite movie scene with your significant other.

If it’s your favorite movie, then you won’t need any trial run. Surprise your partner with something totally different. It might give you a few laughs and some memories worth a lifetime.

95. Go to a random destination

This one is my personal favorite. Drive out to a nearby tourist spot or the beach and spend the night in your own way.

Get food and drinks and talk about all the memorable moments in your relationship while you stargaze at the beautiful night.

96. Go on a double date

Rent a cabin in the woods, visit a mountain resort, attend a couple’s retreat, or simply organize a large date night at someone’s home and socialize with other couples.

If you spent a few Valentine’s Day only with your partner, it’s a fantastic change. Tailor your experience to your specific requirements. Also, if you want some alone time with your lover, take a leave early.

97. Plan a cocktail night

You may invite other couples to this activity. All you’ll need is a variety of drinks, a few extras like fruit and spices, and access to the internet to look up some creative recipes.

Experiment with a variety of entertaining cocktails and create some of your own.

98. Enjoy some live music

Many clubs offer live music and entertainment on Valentine’s day. Get a reservation for you and your partner at the last minute, though this might be a bit tricky.

Pick a club with live artists (whether it’s jazz, rock, or even a poetry reading) and dress up for the occasion. Enjoy the company of your loved one with good food and romantic music!

99. Go for paintball

War games are a great way to get your body moving. Improve your hand-eye coordination, and engage your brain in coming up with tactical answers in the heat of battle.

It’s also a terrific way to bond with your loved one, while having some adrenaline-fueled fun, and role-play. And if it gets messy, just come back home and end the day with a steamy shower together 😉

100. Fill the whole day with random activities

Don’t plan anything, go out and keep your credit card handy. Maybe start with bowling, a refreshment at a coffee shop, a random-ass movie, and end the day with drive-through food.

Sounds perfect, right? Then drag your partners out and enjoy the day with random yet super fun activities!

101. Learn a dance routine together

Over-crowded restaurants, packed movie theaters, filled-up parks — not your type? Then chill… you have loads of other stuff to do with your significant other.

Maybe spend the evening learning a couple dances. There are plenty available on the internet! Dish out your favorite snacks and drinks on the table and enjoy as the night goes on.

102. Drive around the city

Hop in your car and just take a stroll. Return to some famous tourist location as you re-explore the place.

Visit great coffee shops on the opposite side of town, try out some new eateries, and consider watching a play or having a good time at an open mic night at a comedy club.

103. Reminisce your older memories

Reflecting on images and memories with your partner might be far more romantic than any fancy restaurant or tacky activity. Print some of your favorites and include them in a scrapbook or photo album for your companion.

Surprise your Valentine with the photographs over a bottle of champagne or dessert after dinner on Valentine’s Day.

104. Appreciate each other

Take this day to appreciate the tiny-little things in your relationship and the value it adds in your life.

Write a note to your significant other and include it with a Valentine’s Day gift… or tell them after you both enjoy doing something together, such as hiking, cooking, or exercising.

105. Go stargazing

The night sky is so lovely… Why not get lost in it with your partner? You’ll need a place free from artificial light, pollution, and an elevated area to get the best stargazing experience.

This Valentine’s Day, do you plan to spend it with family? After all, family is the only solace a person can have.

If you want to show some love to your family members too, then I won’t disappoint you. Check out these amazing date ideas and absolutely appropriate…

Valentine’s day date ideas with family

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers; it can also be a day to honor your family. Family date night is a great way to make Valentine’s Day a fun evening for literally everyone!

Make everyone feel special and appreciated on this V-day. Choose from these extremely charming ideas…

106. Plan a family “sundae” night

Combine your favorite ice cream flavors, syrups, nuts, and sprinkles in a bowl. Then have an ice cream sundae night with your family.

Allow everyone to make their own sundae the way they like it and share the family-wide sugar rush!

107. Spend your day at Family Arcade

Surprise your family with a trip to the arcade!

Trust me nothing will be more fun than seeing your mother struggling with the claw machine… or your dad trying to nail the bowling alley.

Spend the day laughing around with your family as this is great for the memories and the laughs that you get on the way.

108. A family Uno night never fails!

Uno! Remember when the advertisement for Uno Cards came on TV? Just like that, sit down on this day and have an Uno marathon with your family.

Throw in some popcorn and cola and let the night roll away with screams and laughs this might bring!

Of course, don’t let your mom enter the kitchen.

109. What about family “Steak” – out?

Rent a big grill machine and have a steak feast with your family. Take help from your family and arrange everything while you grill the juicy meat.

Enjoy the company of your family with a glass of fine wine.

110. Take the family to a local bookstore

Take the kids to a local bookshop for a story hour, a stroll around the aisles, and, of course, you can always pick a few books along the way.

Nothing beats a family reading together, thus this is a delightful hobby that may strengthen families while also allowing them to bond and enjoy themselves.

111. How can you miss a mystery date?

Allow your family to choose what you’ll do for the day. Present them with several things and let them pick.  

A bag of popcorn, for example, might indicate watching a movie at home, while a candle might imply going out to dinner!

112. Organize a family romantic breakfast

Make heart-shaped pancakes, sunny-side up, or sandwiches with heart-shaped cutters to surprise your parents.

If you have small children, accept their assistance in decorating the pancakes with fruits, sprinkles, chocolate chips, and other fun toppings.

This is a great way to bond with and appreciate your parents and the rest of the family.

113. Surprise your parents with a vacation

Our parents nurtured and provided us with life. A little gift for them won’t hurt, right?

So, this Valentine’s day, take the opportunity to gift your parents a romantic weekend away from the daily humdrum.

This is a beautiful way of expressing your love to your parents if you’re not the verbal type.

114. Surprise them with your culinary talents

Tell your mother and wife to take a day off and show off your cooking skills! Get some easy yet tasty food recipes off the internet and spend this Valentine’s day cooking for your family.

Set the table with aromatic candles and antique cutlery, and spend the evening laughing and chatting with your loved ones.

115. Arrange a family S’mores Night

Set up a bonfire in your backyard and enjoy it with your family while y’all roast s’mores. It requires the minimum preparation yet has the maximum fun.

Take this Valentine’s Day and indulge in some savory S’mores while you chat the chilly night away!

116. Rent an expensive car

Sometimes, don’t fear splurging on an expensive living because you deserve it! Rent an expensive car and drive around the city with your family.

If you wanna make it even grand, end your night with a fancy dinner and maybe a romantic dance with your wife!

117. Wine and the Sunset

Choose a romantic setting, such as a camping spot on a hill overlooking the city or a restaurant balcony with a good view, and enjoy it with your family.

Open a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates, and maybe some juice for your kids. Wait for the right moment when the sky turns fiery red to hug and kiss your wife passionately.

118. Book a vacation abroad

If you and your family love traveling, then don’t hesitate to go the extra mile and surprise your family with an abroad vacation.

So, hop on that flight and don’t forget to pack your sunglasses and camera!

119. Have a kids’ day out

Children are the very fruit of your love. To celebrate this special occasion of love, why not do something they love?

Maybe play some family basketball or solve puzzles and end the day with a McDonald’s Happy Meal! This can be the perfect way to spend your Valentine’s Day as a family!

120. Spend some quality family time

This is a rather simpler option than any of the ones given above and yet the most memorable one.

Spend Valentine’s at home, sit around the fireplace with a nice cup of hot chocolate, and chat away with your peeps. Also, reminisce over old photographs and even share a few laughs!

Are you in the mood for some big gestures this Valentine’s day? Want to stick with the classic grand dates? Then look no more, let’s check some ideas that’ll never go out of fashion…

Evergreen Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Let’s face it: coming up with a date idea that’s as entertaining and unique as your relationship is as difficult as finding your fated one.

Here’s a rundown of some of our favorite tried-and-true date ideas to get you off the sofa and into a fun bonding activity.

121. Clean together

Cleaning together might not sound THAT appealing to you, but hear me out, it can be WAY romantic if you want to!

Spend the day tending to your abode with your significant other. Clean together while enjoying each other’s company. It’s a great idea for something wholesome without any outdoor plans.

122. Go berry-picking

Something edible always grows out there depending on the season. Pick whatever you want: apples, berries, pumpkins, etc.

It’s a festive, Instagram-worthy adventure that concludes with delectable treats. After finishing, sit under a shade and enjoy those freshly plucked delicious fruits together.

123. Go horseback riding

Wanna try something new yet old on this Valentine’s Day? Horseback riding is a must-try! Go to your local stable, book a ride, and go galloping with your significant other.

If you don’t know how to, then book instructors. This is also a great chance to learn something new!

124. Try rock climbing

This Valentine’s Day if you want to explore with your significant other, then this might be a perfect opportunity for rock-climbing.

It’s fun-filled, adventurous, and a great way to spend this holiday! So, pack your bags and get climbing!

125. Plan a staycation

Bed and breakfasts are like sneaking into someone else’s house, except it’s completely legal… Whether you go old-school or rent an Airbnb for the night.

Indulge in some passionate Valentine’s Day sex, and the next morning wake your partner up with some delicious waffles and pancakes!

126. Go to a water park

Want to spend your day with endless swimming and water rides? Then pack your swimming costumes, grab a hold of your partner and spend the day at the waterpark!

Trust me, water parks are one of my go-to places as they are so much fun. Enjoy some fast food and drinks while you swim around or bask in the sun.

127. Visit a botanical garden

When the mercury drops, wandering the hothouses with exotic flowers all around you is so much better.

Holding hands, looking at gorgeous plants, basking in the sun… all while you both sneak in some pecks makes a perfect romantic date at any time.

128. Try a cruise

If you’re all for big gestures and spending the dollars, then get a little fancy. How? Have a romantic candlelight dinner on the waters.

Book a table at a cruise and take your significant other out. Treat them to some good food and wine while you shower them with all the love in the universe!

129. Try Fast Food…. with a twist!

Go to a popular fast-food restaurant or a food truck in your city and order everything on the menu!

It will cost you some bucks but who cares when you’ve got the delicious foods in front of you and your favorite person to eat with. This is so much fun, I swear!

130. Visit your hometown

Revisiting your hometown for Valentine’s Day is a surprisingly romantic way to spend the day.

Roam around the place, hand-in-hand with your significant other; visit the house you grew up in, the famous spots in your city and gorge onto some delicious specialties from your hometown!

131. Throw a dinner party

Invite a few other couples and friends over for a soup-to-nuts lunch. Put your cooperation abilities to the test (or ask the caterers).

Place cards and centerpieces aren’t required, but if you must, do it correctly.

132. Visit a thrift store

Visit a thrift store in your locality and dress each other up with funny and funky clothes. This is a really fun date idea, ’cause I’ve tried this out personally, and this works like magic.

Model out your clothes and keep the camera handy for some goofy pictures.

133. Adopt a pet

If you and your partner absolutely love animals, then, this is a great way to spend this Valentine’s Day!

Take a trip to the animal adoption center and return with a furry friend. They’re so fun to play with and their cute little whines and groans will make your day!

134. Host a game night

Gather around your friends and fellow couples. Host a classic Valentine’s Day game night with your loved one.

Set up a table for some beer pong, maybe some kickball, and spice your night with some steamy Truth and Dare or Seven Minutes in Heaven.

Don’t forget to lay out the snacks, though!

135. Invite them for brunch

Looking for a subtle way to spend this year’s Valentine’s Day? Then I have got you covered!

Go out for an afternoon brunch with your beloved beau and enjoy some old-school English breakfast and other typical brunch delights, maybe with some champagne.

Who doesn’t want to be a little creative for their beloved partners on Valentine’s Day? Exactly. Everyone does and I guess you want it too. So, catch a breath to impress your partner with these…

Creative Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Trying to get away from a slew of overdone date suggestions? Have that rare creative bone in you? Wanna impress your darling with something uncommon yet romantic? Well, here goes your special ideas…

136. Order some desserts for dinner

There’s nothing more loving than having mouth-watering desserts as dinner with your beau!

Skip the typical dinner course, and indulge in a world filled with croissants, creams, rolls, tarts, puddings, muffins, pastries and so much more.

And if you’re a sucker for sweet things, then this might be your perfect choice.

137. Visit a rage room

Going to a rage room may sound unusual as a way to celebrate romance, but it’s actually a great way to let off steam!

Recently, if life is too hard on you two, a rage room will prove to be the perfect date idea. Vent your frustrations together and return to the battlefield.

138. Have a pizza cook-off!

If you’re spending a night with board games or a movie marathon, make it more interesting with a pizza-cooking competition. You both get your own dough and have complete creative control over the toppings of your choice.

Trust me this can be a great way to bond with your partner, and even keep the competitive side of both of y’all alive!

139. Go vintage

The appropriate vintage thrift shop is like a treasure trove waiting to be found.

Grab your spouse and embark on a scavenger hunt in your neighborhood vintage shop—even if you don’t discover anything to buy, the things may elicit memories of bygone eras.

140. Enjoy a concert

Set a playlist for each other and take your Valentine’s Day evening to a different level. Blast out your home speakers and create your own little concert.

To make it even more real, buy some prop mics and set the lighting aptly, and top it with some snacks and drinks!

141. Take a scenic train journey

Use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to take your significant other on a scenic train journey. Marvel at the natural outdoors if you feel wanderlust from all those lovely travel images on Instagram.

142. Visit a local brewery

Spend the day visiting a nearby brewery drinking a variety of local beers. Alternatively, go to the grocery store’s beer section and make your own flights at home.

143. Exercise together

For Valentine’s Day, while exercising might not seem that attractive or appealing to you guys, it is actually pretty fun.

Work out with your partner and share some laughs and smiles, while you both steam off together!

144. Try an escape room

Escape rooms require trust, support, and teamwork and this can be a great couple exercise. Try out this exciting date idea this valentine’s day.

This is also a fun and adventurous date idea if you’re looking for something out of the box.

145. Build a vision board

Take a few hours to think about what you both want for your relationship’s future. Don’t treat it like a study session; instead, create a collaborative vision board.

You’ll be amazed at how much fun the process is, and you’ll have the opportunity to get to know your spouse better and discuss your common goals.

This may not sound particularly romantic, but it’s a fantastic way to bond with your lover.

146. Visit a trampoline park

Relive your childhood memories and visit a Trampoline Park with your partner… go back to age 5!

Just jumping around with your partner can be really fun and cute. If you and your partner love parks and childhood play rides, then this is the perfect date idea for you!

147. Serenade each other

Have a jam session with your beloved valentine if you’re musically inclined. You might even compose or perform something unique to make it even more memorable!

End the night cuddling in your bed with a beautiful romantic melody playing in the background, dedicating songs to each other and expressing your love for each other through the music.

148. Cuddle on the waters

Whether you hop on the public ferry or a paddleboat, make your Valentine’s Day boat ride even more romantic with more snuggles and cuddles.

Exchange occasional kisses and smooches and enjoy the perfect, chilly atmosphere while sailing over the waters.

149. Visit a dog park

You don’t need a dog to enjoy the pooches’ antics. Just make sure you ask their owners whether it’s okay before interacting with the furballs.

150. Play some hide-n-seek!

Spend this year’s Valentine’s Day in a fun way playing Hide-n-seek with your partner.  You might do it in your own house or in the neighborhood.

Give each other rewards for each quest y’all conquer and end the night with some delicious take-out.

So, now are you ready to celebrate the love? Then grab your partner and spend Valentine’s Day the way you want to.  

Don’t stress, because whatever you and your partner decide on, will be PERFECT! However, if you’re still unsure, check out these…

5 Tips to make sure your partner feels the love on Valentines

Some people find it difficult to say “I love you” to their beloved. However, it is not the only means of expressing affection.

When you’re aiming for a long-term or ‘forever’ relationship, the small things for your special someone are much more romantic than poetry and love letters.

There are a plethora of methods to express your love for your mate and how much you value them in your life, including…

1. Appreciate them

Being insecure about one’s own self is a very common trait nowadays, especially in females. Don’t want your partner to sulk, right?

Then compliment them, show them how much you really appreciate their love and concern. Most importantly, try to express how much you love them and value the relationship.

2. Don’t blame your partner for not being enthusiastic

Your partner might not have the same enthusiasm and feelings regarding Valentine’s Day… but no matter what, you must never judge. Don’t question your partner’s love for you. This makes you sulky and morose.

Try to keep a positive mind, and indulge in your partner’s favorite activities. This will not only show that you care but will also express your love for your partner.

3. Prioritize giving over getting

Studies show that people tend to get more pleasure from giving than from getting. So take this occasion of Valentine’s Day and shower your loved ones with all the love and pampering they need.

Don’t let negative thoughts cloud your mind or take away your peace of mind. Once you start choosing giving over getting, you will also notice how your partner happily reciprocates your feelings!

4. Gift your partner something meaningful

While deciding what to do for your partner, don’t confuse your own desires with theirs.

The key to being generous in our relationships is to be sensitive to our partner’s interests and desires, as well as to what makes them feel appreciated.

5. Break the monotony

There’s one thing that all special occasions, holidays, or vacations teach us all: we must spend more time enjoying each other in our daily lives… not just wait for any holiday to let loose.

It’s really easy to fall into routines. To keep romantic love alive, confront your anti-love defenses, be true to yourself and your partner and bring out your actual real self, and not the facade that you wanna keep in front of them.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Valentine’s day belongs to you and your partner. Do whatever you feel like, visit wherever you want to. Your main motive is celebrating each other, the pure relationship, and love in its purest form.

Customize and plan your very own Valentine’s Day and enjoy to your heart’s content. Remember, it’s not about what you do on Valentine’s Day… it’s about who you spend it with.

Any of these date ideas will be a blast as long as you’re together. It’s the company that matters, not how lavish the date is.

So lovebirds, shower love on your beau and breathe in the love they shower at you… don’t forget to make the most beautiful memories of all time!