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How To Text A Girl – Only Guide You Will Ever Need [with examples]

How To Text A Girl – Only Guide You Will Ever Need [with examples]

Updated on May 27, 2022

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

How To Text A Girl - 25 Tips To Start A Conversation with A Girl You Like

How to text a girl?

If you have been asking this question too, you have come to the right place!

But before I go ahead to answer your question, let me tell you, you are not alone in this confusion!

Since the advent of texting and the whole new dating game, boys have been continuously in search of successful tips on how to text girls.

Starting a conversation with a girl is already nerve-wracking, let alone a text conversation when the girl can see you and hear you only with characters on screen.

So now let’s say you meet a girl, really like her, have a nice chat with her and manage to get her phone number…

What next?

Well, after that it’s all about the texting game and your skill to keep her interested…

Yes, texting a girl is a skill, an art.

And who will be better to train you in it than a woman herself! 😉

So, let’s begin!

How to start a conversation with a girl over text - 15 Steps Guide
How to start a conversation with a girl over text – 15 Steps Guide
Tips on How To Text A Girl
Tips on How To Text A Girl

Why is Texting A Girl So Important?

Because girls love men who can start a text conversation.

In today’s century where people meet virtually more than in-person, texting is one of the primary forms of communication.

Whether you are the long-novel-texts kind of a person or a one-word-texts maestro, good texting skills are bound to make a difference.

Good texting can help you land dates.

While bad texting can spoil the already arranged one.

To prevent you from falling into the second pack, let’s dive straight in and tell how to text a woman the right way.


Set. Go!

How To Start A Conversation with A Girl Texting? 

Unlike the popular belief, texting women is not about fancy words or poetic couplets, it instead is about civility and appreciation.


Wait till you read this step-by-step process on ‘how to start a conversation with a girl over text’ divided into three parts.

Part 1: Make a solid start

Step 1: Text her within 24 hours

Call a girl after three days of the meeting. 

If you are a believer of this long-gone stale dating rule, then here’s an eye-opener for you:

Now girls expect you to send a text within 24 hours.


Because communication is far more easy in today’s gen in comparison to when the rule was made.

A short and sweet text message that follows up on your meeting will make her understand that you are interested in her.

What to text a girl?

You: Hi (her name), it was a pleasure meeting you this morning. James here.

She: Hey (your name), Likewise. Looking forward to catching up with you.

Send simple on-point texts that make sure she remembers you after the meeting.

What not to text?

You: Hi (her name), this is James from the club yesterday. How are you doing?

It’s just been 24 hours since you last met her. You don’t want to know what she is up to, not right now. Instead, be subtle and take some time to start a conversation.

Step 2: Find out a great text conversation starter

Crafting great conversation starters is an art.

And If you are here, I am sure, there must be times when you were staring at your phone with a secret wish that the conversation starter just magically appears on your screen.

But well, this is real life!

You need to learn the skill here.

But here’s the good news: It’s not as hard as it seems.

What to text a girl?

You: What is the one thing you can’t live without?

She: Pizza!

You: Oh, wow. I like Pizza too.

She: Yayy! Which flavor?

See how it can steer the conversation. Flirty, interesting, funny, or even intellectual – right conversation starters can trigger any type of discussion and can help you know each other better.

What not to text?

You: What are you doing?

She: Nothing much, you?

The end. You definitely don’t want to end the conversation before even starting it. Thus, it’s always wise to not ask open-ended questions.

Give her something concrete to think about and let her express her thoughts.

Step 3: Send an original text

You are not the only guy sending her texts.

There are a whole lot of ‘Hi, what’s up?’ waiting in her inbox. You are more likely to be lost among them if you do the same.

Make your message stand out with a bit of your flavor.

And make her think there’s something different about this guy.

Make a close observation that shows her you pay attention. Charm her with your sense of humor or just say something she hasn’t heard before.

What to text a girl?

You: (Her name) That new café by the crossroad makes amazing bread rolls. I know it’s your favorite too! 😛

She: (Your name) Oh My God! How do you know that?

A close observation will not only amaze her but also open doors for further conversation. Make her feel good and special with your texts, not just another girl you are texting.

What not to text?

You: Hey, how are you doing?

Well, you certainly can’t expect to attract women from that cliched texts conversation starter.

Step 4: Add her name in the text

A lot of guys send text messages that address the girl as Baby, Sweetheart, or even Love…

Right from the first time.

…and then later wonder why isn’t she replying.

Because hey, it was too soon for pet names.

Pet names surely hint romance but you don’t want to appear desperate by using these pet names early on in your relationship status. 

Instead, use her actual name so that she knows you haven’t forgotten his name yet.

What to text a girl?

You: Hey (her name), how was the movie last night?

She: Hi (your name), it was great! How was the concert you visited?

Simple texts with her name will ensure her that this message is exclusively for her and you know when to use pet names.

What not to text?

You: Hi my baby/sweetheart/darling

She: ….

Just DON’T. It will piss her off. Just in case this is a disguise to ‘I have forgotten her name’ – my advice is that you should just stop texting her and move on.

Step 5: Check your grammar and spelling

Oh, there’s nothing more upsetting than bad grammar, misspelled words, and useless abbreviations.

‘2’ instead of ‘to’.

‘Y’ instead of ‘why’.

Plus, it makes the girl think that you are too lazy or disinterested to type full words so NEVER, I repeat, NEVER use wrong grammar in your texts

Plus, it will cost you less than a minute to type full words and skim your message for any grammatical errors.

What to text a girl?

You: Hey (her name), you danced so well yesterday night. Glad to meet you.

She: Hi (your name), Thank you. Nice to meet you too.

Your text should be free of all the grammatical and spelling errors. This does not mean you need to complicate it with dictionary words.

What not to text?

You: Heyyy (her name), u dancd very well yesterday ni8, gladdd 2 meet u.

She: …

Trust me she is never going to reply to that kind of text.

Step 6: Don’t push it

Because girls can tell right away when you are trying too hard.

Text messaging is not a race where you need to keep running and in the lieu of keeping up with the pace, sending texts that doesn’t make any sense.

Relax and let her relax too.

Don’t bombard her cell phone with long texts and don’t expect her to reply every minute. Take a breath and calm down.

You don’t have to be funny just because you want to make her laugh. Only if it comes naturally to you, it will make sense or else you are better without it.

What to text a girl?

You: Hey, do you want to join me today on lunch?

You: Get back to me whenever possible.

If you respect her work and time, it will show in your texts. Let her take her own sweet time to reply to your texts and she will be more interested to reply to you.

What not to text?

You: What a stunning Display Picture. How are you doing?

You: I was thinking if you could join me for lunch tonight?

You: Or maybe not. No pressure that way.

You: But I would love it if you can.

WAIT! Do you really want to appear so desperate? No right? So, take a step back and let her come back to you at her convenience.

Part 2: Continue the conversation with a girl over text

Step 7: Keep up the engagement

You have successfully done the most dreaded part of texting: Sent the first message.

…got a reply.

…started a conversation.

But it doesn’t end there.

You need to show it to her that you are capable of keeping up a fun conversation on texts. You need to show her the silver of your personality so that she wants to follow-up on a date.

How can you do it?

Well, just make sure the conversation is engaging all throughout.

You can talk about a common interest, tell her something you are really passionate about, or maybe just show off your wit with your wise replies.

What to text a girl?

You: So, what do you think about last night’s episode of Friends?

She: Oh, it was one of a kind. I loved what Joey said yesterday.

You: Really, what a punch! Like I was on the floor laughing!

Take interest in what she is saying and don’t just end it there, try to add something to it that keeps the conversation going and engaging.

What not to text?

You: Yesterday’s Friends episode was so funny.

She: Hahaha. Yes.

See how just a twist in your statement puts a full stop to a fun conversation. Thus, always try to seek her opinion instead of just making your own.

Step 8: Now is the time to flirt

You might have a question in your mind – ‘how to flirt with a girl over text‘ and here is the step to start with flirting. Flirting on text is a lot different than flirting face to face.

When you are in person, it’s more about body language and physical touch but on texts, it is about your texts.

Don’t fear to drop a few flirty texts here and there.  

However, be very mindful of the thin line that is drawn between healthy flirting and cheap flirting. You don’t want to discuss your sex life in the first few texts and scare her away.

Tease her, be playful, and back off when you think it’s getting too much.

How to text a girl?

You: I was watching Scarlett Johansson’s movie today. It reminded me of you. Your eyes are just the same.

You: You should sleep. That beautiful face needs some rest.

You: Every time my phone flashes, I hope it’s you.

Witty texts with the perfect blend of flirt and gentleness will not only make her smile but also hint her that you are interested.

How not to text?

You: I would love to see how sexy you are looking at this moment.

You: You were looking hot yesterday at the party. I couldn’t take my eyes off your cleavage.

Hey, let’s be honest… this isn’t just flirting. Flirting will make her smile and if you are lucky enough, she will flirt back. These texts are more likely to make her feel awkward.

Step 9: Show her that you care

We all know how girls like to be felt special and wanted.

Infact, why just girls, everyone likes it when their absence is felt or when someone cares about them.

Your girl will like it too.

And it’s not so hard to do it either.

You just need to be more mindful about what she says, text her at the right time and value her opinion.

While discussing things, pay attention to what she has to say. If she has a big test in class or a big presentation in office, wish her good luck. If she is not doing well, check up on her.

What to text a girl?

You: Hey (her name), didn’t see you in office today. Are you doing fine?

She: Hi (your name), I was feeling a bit feverish. Thanks for checking on me. How was the office today?

These messages will show her that she’s important for you, you keep an eye on her in office and her absence is felt.

What not to text?

You: Hey, I heard your mother is suffering from breast cancer. How is she doing now?

She: Ummm. She is doing fine. Thank you.

Well, she might have replied to you but you have blown the chance of getting her out on a date. Why? Because you just crossed the personal boundary of ‘care’.

Step 10: Drop hints of a date


When you see that she is responding to your flirt attempts, you can now push for more.

No, don’t ask her right away.

Instead, drop subtle hints that will make her understand that you like spending time with her and would want to know her more.

Discuss the new trends of your common interest and how you can’t wait to meet her in person. But make sure in the rush to lock a date, you don’t overdo it.

What to text a girl?

You: You know there’s a Taylor Swift in our college next week?

She: Whaaatttt? Let’s go!

If you hit the right chord, she is most likely to ask you out. But even if you don’t, you will at least know whether she is interested in going out with you.

What not to text?

You: Taylor Swift concert will be so much more melodious if you accompany me.

She: Hahaha. Let me check my calendar and then confirm you by tomorrow?

While it might sound sweet when you read it, it often comes off as needy and cringy. So if you really want to take her out, be subtle.

Step 11: Draw a line

If at any point of the second phase you feel that you are pushing it too much, STOP.

A conversation makes sense when it is two ways.

So, if at any point you feel she is losing interest, back off.

You don’t want to be perceived as a needy guy who is just waiting for her single text. Don’t text her five times in a row or reply the minute after she texts.

Give her space and allow yourself some space too

What to text a girl?

You: Hey, didn’t hear from you since yesterday? Everything is fine?

Even if this message follows up, it still shows that you care for her. However, this is only valid once. The next time if she still doesn’t text you in a while, it clearly means that she is not interested.

What not to text?

You: You didn’t get my last text? Why are you not responding?

You: Hey? Are you still there?

Don’t do it. Instead of casting an impression, it will destroy the very little that you have built.

Part 3: Go out with a bang – Flirt with a Girl over Text

Step 12: Stop at the right time

One of the golden rules of successful texting is that you must know when is the right time to stop.

If the girl is answering your texts in one-word or doesn’t seem interested, you should know it’s time to end the conversation.

If she is too busy and her replies are coming too late, saying a let’s talk later, when you are free would be a better choice.

Since the last few times, If she has been ending the conversation, allow her to come back to you.

You don’t always have to be the one who starts the conversation.

What to text a girl?

You: Hey, let me know if my messages are bothering you. We can catch up again when you are free.

You: I hope my messages are not bothering you.

This will tell her that you respect her time and if she will be comfortable to tell you if she has other commitments to cater to.

In fact, she will be willing to come back the next day and start a conversation.

What not to text?

You: It seems like I am disturbing you. Will message you later.

You: Hey, what’s taking you so long to reply?

Understand that she has a life of her own that demands her attention too. Don’t be compelling.

Step 13: Leave the conversation open

So that she can come back.

Tell her that you are looking forward to meeting her and are excited about the evening text session.

Find ways to tell her that you will think about her (subtly) and wish her good night when it’s late and you are off to sleep.

If you are going somewhere, you might want to mention it sometimes – she might take it as a hint and show up there.

What to text a girl?

You: Off for an evening walk, already excited to meet you at work tomorrow.

She: Oh. Same here (your name). It was really nice talking to you.

Ending the conversation on a good note is always a good idea. She will be left wanting for more and will soon get back to you.

What not to text?

You: Okay. Bye. Got to go.

She: Bye.

Let’s admit it: This is rude. There’s no other way to look at it. Or even if it’s there, your girl wouldn’t know that and you will end up closing all doors of future conversation.

Step 14: Know if she likes you


Before you take the final step, it’s important to first understand if at all she likes you.

Keep a close watch at what she texts, how she texts. Chances are that she is already dropping many signs for you to see and make the move.

There’s no secret code to it.

You will just know when a girl likes you by her texts.

What to text a girl?

She: Hey (your name), today was really fun with you. Looking forward to more such days with you.

You: Oh, Thank God. I thought I bored you. So, what about next weekend?

No girl will ever admit to having fun with you unless she really had fun. Seize the moment and ask her out on a date.

What not to text?

She: You look really cool in a white shirt.

You: Okay, so here on I am going to wear only white shirts.

Hey, no. Don’t do that. You don’t have to overdo everything. Pause, take a moment, and then reply.

Step 15: Ask her out

It’s finally THE time.

If you have carefully been through all the other steps cited above… Go on… ask her for a date.

But let it come naturally. Don’t push it. You will know when is the right time.

She might even say no, but you wouldn’t know until you ASK.

Plus, it’s not the end of the world, right?

And what if she says yes?


What to text a girl?

You: Hey (her name), it will be great to catch up with you in person. What are you doing this weekend?

She: I am glad you asked. However, my weekend is a bit busy. How about a coffee post work on Monday?

Okay, maybe that wasn’t an outright yes. But it’s a start.

What not to text?

You: Can I take you out on a date this Saturday?

She: Okay. Can I confirm this to you by tomorrow EOD?

While there’s nothing wrong with it, it might not work because of its raw nature. So instead you could just hit it as a normal question in the middle of a conversation.

If this isn’t enough, we have an article that will guide you further. You can find it here.

After this comprehensive guide, here are some more tips to help you sharpen your texting skills and ensure your all-round success with women.

12 Master Tips on How To Text A Girl

1.  Mirror her

You want to find the right way to text girls?

Just pay close attention to her texts. The code is right there.

Girls have certain expectations from your texts which they try to follow in their own texting style.

So, check how long she takes to respond to your text, what kind of emoticons she uses while texting you, or how much teasing is not too much for her.

Let her set the tone and then follow that.

What to text a girl?

You: Hey, (her name), how was your presentation yesterday?

You: You mentioned an Italian place off-street, where was that?

Send basic and interesting texts like these will serve the purpose until you know her tone.

What not to text?

You: Heyyyy, grrlll! Saw you on the staaggge, you were fiiireee! 😉 😉

You: thnkn about you…. what are u dng?

This is a very formal tone which she might not appreciate unless her own texting style matches this.

2.  Make her wait

Of course, the excitement is at its peak when you see her text pop on your phone.

But hey, don’t succumb to it.

Girls don’t like men who have nothing to do except texting her back.

This is not because they want you to play hard but because they want you to have a job, a hobby, a family and other commitments that do not involve her.

So, make her wait… for at least 15 minutes before you reply to her text.

What to text a girl?

She: Hey (your name), how was last night’s concert?

(Instead of replying send her a picture of what you are doing, and later catch up when you are considerably free)

You: Sorry, couldn’t get back to you earlier. Crazy day!

Girls love men who are dedicated to their work responsibility and once in a while put their phone down.

What not to text?

Don’t text back as soon as she texts you.

Show her that you have a life of your own and that you love it.

3.  Make her laugh

If you can make her laugh, you can make her do anything!

To all the boys, take note.

Light-hearted and funny texts are always a turn on. You can never go wrong with some sense of humor in your texts.

However, there’s a fine line between being funny and being cheap – you which is very easy to cross over.

Once you are on the other side – you are gone!

What to text a girl?

You: I was just wondering if you were still alive? 😛

She: Hahahaha! I very well am.

You can also mix it up with different emotions like flirting or teasing. Till the time there’s no offense involved; you are good.

What not to text?

You: Do you know men vacuum in the same way they have sex. 😆

She: ???

There. That’s when you cross the line.

4.  Remember what she says

Nice guys LISTEN.

…and remember.

Guys who just hear what she has to say are plenty, but guys who really listen are very few.

And if you remember instances from your conversations and make references from time to time, you will prove to her that you pay attention and that will keep the girl interested for a long time.

She will also start taking you more seriously.

What to text a girl?

You: Hey (her name) I was just crossing your favorite café in town. Do you want me to pick anything for you?

She: You remember? I am craving for the croissants that they serve. Can you please get a pick for me?

The fact that you remember the details from the conversations will surprise her and she will be more interested in talking to you.

What not to text?

You: Hey (her name), you liked some café downtown right?

She: Umm… yeah. Why made you ask that?

Don’t If you don’t’ remember something with utmost clarity, just don’t bring it up.

Texts like these might make her feel that you don’t listen to her or even worse, what she says is not worth remembering for you. 

5.  Leave SEX out

Even if you are flirting, you don’t really have to bring up sex.

This is one of the biggest mistakes most guys commit while texting.

There’s a reason why we are discussing ‘texting’ and not ‘sexting’. Just keep sex out of it. Act like a gentleman and know your boundaries.

Don’t make her feel like a sexual object. Instead, make her feel beautiful and respected and she will be yours.  

What to text a girl?

You: You looked beautiful in that red dress yesterday.

She: Thank you. You looked amazing too!

Tell her that she’s attractive without objectifying her. Mention tiny details that most guys fail to notice.

What not to text?

You: Hey sexy, can you send me a picture of you?

She: …

This is just one example. There are hundreds of texts that may seem inappropriate. In that case, just believe your guts and anything that sounds shady, don’t send.

6.  Be the best of yourself

There’s nothing more charming than you yourself.

You don’t have to be anyone else to woo her. Just the best version of you can do wonders.

However, the fun of dating life is in mystery. So, don’t reveal all your secrets right away, let her find them out in time.

But this doesn’t mean you need to hide. No. Don’t. Let her receive the texts from the real you.

What to text a girl?

You: Was in the middle of a movie marathon with buddies… Star wars never get old.

She: Hahaha. All of us have that one TV series we can watch so many times… I can binge-watch Friends an infinite number of times.

Be subtle when you reveal your dorky secrets and if you hit the spot, even she will tell you some of hers.

What not to text?

You: Loving someone became very difficult since my ex left me.

She: That happens. But what was the reason for the breakup?

Hey, you don’t want to say that. At least not now. This might be true but let the right time to unravel this side of you come up naturally.

7.  Use emoticons wisely

Emoticons can prove to be your ultimate savior.

You will be surprised with the kind of meaning it can add to your text. The right kind of emoticon can change the entire context and can save you from really troubling situations.

…and vice versa also. So please, be really careful.

You must also know whether or not she approves of it, for that it’s best to look at the texts she sends you.

What to text a girl?

You: Hey, (her name). You could kill anyone with how you look today! 😉

She: Hehehe! Did I kill you? 😛

Now imagine this without the emoticon – it will be way too serious. Sometimes to the point that the receiver might not even understand the humor behind it.

What not to text?

You: You were looking gorgeousssss todayyyy! 😍😚🔥💘😘

She: Lol. Thanks.

Like I explained, you need to know how much is too much. Use it wisely and emoticons can prove to be your wingman.

8.  Stick to your purpose

What was in your mind when you started texting her?

To get a date, right?

So, what is the whole point of sending texts that don’t serve the purpose? She will not only lose interest but you will also soon run out of topics to talk about.

So, make sure every text that you send is either to follow the above-mentioned steps or to ask her out on a date.

Compliment her, entertain her or start playing games – but everything must have a single endpoint – to ask her out.

What to text a girl?

Everything that is sent to either make her feel good, make her feel special, entertain her, meet her in person, or plan a date (maybe!).

What not to text?

You: How are you doing?

You: How was your day?

Such vague conversation starters that don’t serve any real purpose is a complete no-no.

9.  Mix up your reply timings

Changes in your reply timings will make you unpredictable.

When she is expecting a text in the next 5 minutes, sometimes surprise her with a text in the next 2 minutes.

And the other times, make her wait for more than 20. 😉

This will keep her on her toes. She will keep checking her phone and stay hooked to you. Some people say the general rule must be twice the time.

So say suppose she texts you back in 15 minutes of your text, you must respond after the next 30.

What to text a girl?

You: Hey (her name), sorry. Got on a client call. Work can make you crazy.

She: Hey, no problem. How was the office today?

This message not only allows you to deter your reply but also tells her that you are dedicated to your work and know how to prioritize.

What not to text?

You: Gotta go. Getting back to you in an hour.

She: Sure!

No. Don’t make an announcement. Disappear and let her wonder why you didn’t reply.

10.   Keep it short

Long text sessions can friendzone you.

So, if you don’t wish to be in this excruciating despair… 😛

Don’t make the mistake of stretching conversations.

Remember, the longer the text session will be, the higher are your chances to mess everything. It’s best if you keep it within 10 texts every day.

Try to build a connection in these few texts and hit the final block – ask her out on a date.

What to text a girl?

You: What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

She: Maybe a black dress! 😉 What about you?

You: Maybe you. 😉 Why don’t you wear it when we go out on drinks?

She: Hahaha! Ofcourse.

You: So, this Saturday works?

She: Sure, at Chunky’s?

You: Can’t wait for it!

See… no beating around the bush… no bull shit… focus on your goals and you are sure to have a date with you.

What not to text?

Any session that jumps beyond 10 texts is not recommended. If you think she is not connecting with you at the moment, wrap it up there and come back stronger tomorrow!

11. Be Positive

Oh, pretty much!

You want to be her cheerleader, not an antagonist. 

Make sure all your texts are positive at all times. Even if your day was boring, try to fork out that one positive thing that happened to you during the day and start a conversation with that. 

Always smile while texting her and positivity will naturally come to you. Remember, she has enough of negativity in her life already.  

What to text a girl?

You: Just saw a girl dancing like she nobody’s watching.. Made me think of you. 

She: Oh, that’s so sweet. Does that mean I don’t dance well? 😛 

See how she is flirting back. On days when you don’t have anything positive, put your phone down and come back to her later with a better mood. 

What not to text?

You: I had a terrible day at office today. My boss fired back at me!

She: Oh, poor you. Take care!

Instead of playing the victim, be the one who comforts her on her bad days not vice versa. 

12. Send and forget

This is one of the best tips I have gotten for successful texting. 

Just send and forget – trust me, it prevents all the extra drama that happens if you keep that text in mind. 

You send a message and if she fails to reply, you re-read it, overthink it and by the end you are convinced that you have ruined it all.

Then you text her asking why she didn’t reply and then another saying sorry… that ruins it. So instead, forget and let her come back at her own leisure. 

What to text a girl?

Whatever you have sent, just forget about it now. Even if it’s awful, let it go and believe that nothing is ever THAT bad. 

What not to text?

You: You didn’t reply after the last text.. What’s wrong? DId I say something wrong?

You: So sorry if I did. 

What’s done is done. So don’t ruin it more, instead wait for at least 48 hours – if she still doesn’t reply, start afresh!

Now that you know the recipe to get her to say a “yes” on text, you must be wondering.

What To Text A Girl?

So, here’s your answer.

13.  Ask questions

Questions can contribute a great deal to start a healthy long-lasting conversation.

Depending on your purpose, you can ask her any kind of questions like flirtatious questions, personal questions, or funny questions.

But the key to a good conversation is that you must equally participate and respond – so make sure you are ready for that.

What to text?

You: What is one thing that you regret?

You: What is the weirdest thing that you have done in a while?

If you wish to continue this conversation in person – and if you need a guide for that. Here’s something for you: questions to ask a girl.

What not to text?

You: Do you like hanging out?

You: Do you miss being in school?

These questions are not entirely wrong but the yes and no answer can be a huge bummer to a long-lasting conversation.

14.  Wish her good morning

I don’t mean the usual, Good morning, (her name).

She has loads of that in her inbox already.

If you really wish to be heard, wish her a good morning in style. Apart from thought and originality, a good morning text also shows that she was the first thing you thought of that day.

What to text?

You: Good luck for your performance tonight. I am sure you will be great!

She: Hey, you remember? Thank you, I really need it!

Surprise her with little details that you remember about her from that day. This will show that you care about her and 90 out of 100 times she will come back to you at the end of the day

What not to text?

You: Good morning. May the sun shine on you the brightest. ☀

She: Good morning. 😊

Frankly speaking its way too cringy. None of the girls would like to wake up to that text. Be more personal and engaging to gauge her interest.

15.  Wish her good night

Good night texts have a credible history of fostering deeper feelings.

So, craft a thoughtful good night text in a way that she sleeps with you in her mind. Make sure the time to text is not too late or else you can be perceived as creepy.

What to text?

You: I can’t stop thinking about you. Good night.

She: Let’s talk on call in the morning. Good night. 😊

This message can be the perfect ending for a girl. It shows that she is important to you which can draw you both closer. 

What not to text?

You: Good night. Sweet dreams. May the stars shine on you.

Like seriously? Guys texting cliché phrases are usually mistaken as thoughtless or lazy. If you think you have been doing it too, you really need to rethink it.

16.  Remind her of something that happened when you met

This is for people who have met in person.

You have an edge over the guys who sourced the number via a mutual contact or something else.

Use it to your benefit. Take her back to the time you met because, make her laugh and in disguise of it, set up the date… once again! 😉

What to text?

You: You remember Kenny from the party we met… I bumped into him today. He was talking about another one… what do you think about it?

She: Oh, Kenny! He was stunning. And ofcourse, why not!

There, you seized the deal. Now make sure you arrange for a party and if that doesn’t happen, just ask her out.

What not to text?

You: Hey (her name), I bumped into Kenny from the party night. He just got a promotion. Great guy!

She: Umm… yeah!

While there’s nothing wrong with this text except that it lacks purpose. Like why will you talk about a third person who will not help you land dates?

17.  Send her pictures

Just to add a bit of uniqueness to your otherwise only-text conversations.

With social media messaging apps, you have so many other options in the chat boxes – make the best use of them.

Add thought to your conversation and send her exciting pictures of what you have been upto. It will intrigue her and she will perceive you as a fun person to be.

What to text?

You: <Add a picture of you bungee jumping or doing any other sport activity> and say ‘Guess how I spent my weekend!’

She: Wow! That looks so cool. 😍

You can also send a picture of a new dish that you tried in a restaurant or an activity that you recently did.  

What not to text?

You: <Adding a picture of your bed> with ‘Just got up, what are you doing?’

She: Good morning!

That will piss her off. Don’t do that. This text doesn’t show that you are thoughtful, because well she has at least seen an unmade bed.

Unless you have something really creative to share, it’s better not to opt for pictures.

18.  Say sweet things

A thoughtful kind message can never go wrong.

By sweet things, I don’t just mean shower her with compliments and she has changed your life – it also means narrating a short cute story or saying a meaningful quote that you know she will appreciate.

What to text?

You: You know when I first saw you, I had no clue you will become so important in my life.

She: That’s so sweet. You have also become special to me in a very short span of time.

This will brighter up her day instantly and you will be in her mind for a longer time. Some sugar in your budding relationship is bound to make it sweet! 😉

What not to text?

You: My friends tell me I am really lucky to be talking to you.

She: Hahaha, Okay. Do you?

These texts can rather put her off Why on earth will she be interested to know about what your friends think about the both of you?

19.  Compliment her

If you want to be successful with women, you need to learn the art of complimenting her in the right way.

There’s a lot of ruckus about complimenting girls. You drop a sexy bitch and expect her to go mad about you.

Compliments don’t mean you can say anything and everything. If you really wish to secure a place in her heart, make her feel unique with your thoughtful compliments.

What to text?

You: I love how you can be creative about everything in the world. Like you never fail to blow my mind.

She: That is so nice of you. Thank you. Also, your twist in the presentation today was also amazing. It really made a point.

Messages that appreciate a specific quality or personality trait show that you don’t just value her exterior beauty but also admire her interior beauty.  

What not to text?

You: You were looking hot at the party yesterday.

She: Thank you, (your name). 😊

It’s not a sin to say her that she is hot but compliments like these lack thoughts and are usually considered casual.

Before you finally go ahead to type THE text, be mindful of the following:

What Not To Do While Texting A Girl?

In order to be the best, guys often forget that texting is supposed to be a TOOL for dating… not the whole date.

If you don’t want to repeat the same mistake, here are a few things you must never do while texting a girl.

20.  Don’t tell her about your good traits

Instead, show her.

Of course, you want to show her that you are the brightest, wittiest, and the most eligible bachelor she has ever met.

But do you really think bragging about yourself will work?

No, it won’t. So instead, show her in person. Start texting to lock a date and then show her how awesome you are!

What to text?

You: I love cats. On weekends, I try to volunteer for cat shelters.

She: That’s so great to hear. We can do this together on some weekends.

The above message shows how you support societal causes without even looking like a puff.

Similarly, you can say how you love to read or that never stop learning without directly pointing it out.

What not to text?

You: Last week I was chasing a multi-dollar deal, got the confirmation today!

She: Great. Congratulations.

Texts like these can often be misinterpreted as arrogance and attention-seeking.

21. DON’T tease

Most of the guides out there suggest the opposite. Infact, some dating coaches also stand for healthy teasing.

But believe me, it never works. You can definitely try to tease her gently but that’s not the only way to keep her attention.

If you constantly try to tease her, girls can guess that you are trying to hide your feelings. So don’t be afraid to man-up and say what you feel (at least sometimes!)

What to text?

You: You haven’t been to Disney World?! That’s crazy. Let me take the opportunity to show what you’ve been missing.

She: That’s so sweet of you!

See how that text wisely walks the thin line, dodge the unwanted teasing, and alongside propose a date!

What not to text?

You: You are a little too sweet for men like me!

She: Umm…

Never send these texts unless you want to sound rude and turn down all your probable chances.

22.  Don’t JUST text, CALL!


Because girls expect it.

When you are texting each other for a while, girls naturally expect you to call her. But when you fail to do so, they get confused and start to wonder why you are only texting her.

So, if you want to fast-track to a relationship mode, CALL her!

What to text?

You: Hey (her name), let’s pick up this conversation on call?

She: Sounds cool. Let me dial you!

Here’s the thing: If a girl likes you, she will want to talk to you. So, the response will automatically tell you if your efforts are getting answered.

23.  Don’t stop without explanation

Not unless you are calling her.

If you suddenly stop texting her while you both are in a conversation, it will make her aggrieved. How would you like it if you were talking to someone, and she suddenly left without telling you why?

It’s the same, just in front of the phone screens.

It can not only be disrespectful but also rude.

What to text?

You: Leaving for a family dinner. Catch you later!

She: Sure, Bye. Enjoy your dinner!

Be polite and gently tell her why you will not be able to text. It’s a lot better than leaving without notice.

What not to text?


Yes, just don’t leave her midway wondering where did she go wrong. Tell her what got in the middle and ask for a leave like gentlemen.

24.  Don’t write long texts

Sending a girl long poetic texts surely sounds romantic but doesn’t work in real life.

In real life, elaborative texts overwhelm her or in worse cases make you look needy and desperate.

Keep your messages short and don’t overwhelm her with your thoughts. Lengthy texts will make her tired and she will lose interest mid-way.

If her replies are limited to 4-5 words, what makes you think she will want to read your 4-screen long text?

What to text?

You: Hey (her name), did you see last night’s episode of Friends? It was hilarious!

She: Hey (your name), No ya, I missed it. Gonna watch it today.

You: Watch it, it was crazy.

Short messages will make her curious, keep her engaged for a longer period, and make you look wise.

What not to text?

In the above example, if you went ahead to explain the whole episode in texts, she will just log off without any explanation.

25.  Don’t text her when she’s busy

That’s obvious, isn’t it?

Still, it’s one of the most common texting mistakes.

If you know she has other commitments at certain times, never, I repeat NEVER text her at those hours.

This not only says that you don’t respect her time but also shows that you don’t listen to her when she discusses her daily routine.

What to text?

You: Hey, I know you are in class. Just wanted to tell you I have been thinking of you.

Some sweet texts like these for her to check once she is free can make her smile instantly – and of course, we all know what a smile can do! 😉

What not to do?

You: Hey (your name), what’s up?

You: Hey, why are you not replying?


You: What went wrong?

You: Still no reply?

Mate, if at all she was planning to reply to you once she is free, she WON’T – Not after looking at these texts.

Now that it’s time to take off, let me discuss a few common mistakes guys commit while texting so that you don’t repeat the same.

5 Mistakes That Guys Do While Texting A Girl

#1 Chasing her too hard

Most guys are so eager to go out on a date that they chase her like she is the last girl alive on this planet.

This is a disaster.

You need to first trigger emotions in her, build a connection, and make her believe that you are worth her time – and then finally ask her out.

Trust me, there’s no shortcut to this.

#2 Confession

Yes. The most desired confession can turn into a massacre on texts.

Guys who have confessed their feelings on text have either been friend-zoned or were asked to stay away – the percentage of men who succeeded is very low.

So, if your girl isn’t as interested, it’s best to save the confession for a proposal.

Until then, let your texting game make the noise!

#3 Too much flirting

Flirting on texts is definitely fun.

But nothing can replace the joy of flirting face-to-face.

Most guys don’t understand this and keep flirting… until it reaches the peak and the girl is annoyed.

If you don’t wish to be in the same trap, know when you need to stop.

#4 Giving up too early

Guys have this habit of making conclusions very early.

They will make efforts with a girl they like a few times, and if they don’t get anything in reply – then that’s it. They think she is not interested and move on.

That’s where you go wrong.

Don’t do that. Instead, give her time, and then try once again.

#5 Following the same texting pattern

Being predictable is one of the worst mistakes guys commit while texting a girl.

She definitely didn’t expect the same kind of texts over and over again when she first gave you her number.

If you wish to dodge the damage, learn to DIVERSIFY!

Show her the adventurous side of you and mix things up – send her a picture, play games, communicate with the help of emoticons alone, or anything else that brings back some spice.

By now you are already a maestro at texting. But when you first type that text, I want you to put your best foot forward.

So, for a little more understanding, here are a few more questions about how to text a girl.

How To Text A Girl You Like?

All the tips and the steps mentioned in this article was to help you text a girl you have just met with whom you are still figuring out things.

Once you know that you have started liking her, your text game will need a revamp too.

While texting a girl you like is not entirely different from texting a girl you’ve just met but now that your goals are different – it requires some modification.

Since now you need to also tell her about your feelings (subtly), make your texts a little more about her, and a little less about you.

For instance, compliment her, say sweet things to her or make her laugh but make sure whatever you do has more of her.

How To Ask a Girl Out Over Text?

Most of us start texting a date in mind – a real life date. This means at some point you expect this to go beyond the keyboard, ask her out and meet her in person.  

But that’s not going to happen on its own – you need to work for it.

While the step-by-step process of texting a girl dictated at the top of this think piece is created with this in mind, your texting needs to be more precise and centered if your primary goal is to land a date.  

Subtly flirt with her, drop signs of your liking for her to understand, anticipate her liking  towards you, make efforts to know more about her and make her believe that you are worth a shot.

If all goes well, ask her out and she wouldn’t be able to refuse!

How To Text A Girl After She Didn’t Text Back?

In today’s gen, people stay with their phones 24*7, so if she didn’t text you back it’s because she didn’t want to. There’s no other reason behind it.

So, what do you do to get her to reply? Nothing. Yes, you heard it. Sending texts after texts is of no use, instead you will also lose the earned dignity.

There can be many reasons why she didn’t text you back that has nothing to do with you – she is trying to get over a recent breakup, she wanted time for herself or simply because she is not ready for it.

Some also say that it’s not a complete bye-bye, you can come back a while later and try again. But I personally am against it. Even though it might work, it’s never really the same.

So instead of crying over the lost ball, pick yourself up and get ready to bat another!

How To Make A Girl Smile Over Text?

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight – well, pretty much! In this case it can straighten the steep curve to impress her.

There are several ways with which you can make her smile over text but make sure you do each of them with all your heart. Because girls can say when you are trying and when you are forcing.

Don’t be afraid of being playful with her and add a little spice to your texts – the right kind of teasing can trigger a smile almost immediately. If you have a good sense of humour, you can also try making fun of yourself in a dorky way.

Apart from these, my favourite surefire way to make her smile is the legendary roleplay – try to play funny games where you both can play roles of a couple or a stalker-victim or even a superstar-fan.

These banter techniques if used wisely can take you a long way in making her smile and further attracting her.

How To Make A Girl Feel Special Over Text?

Girls are very emotional and sensitive. It doesn’t take much to make them feel special if you have the right intention… and If you don’t – oh boy, she is going to guess it anyway!

Coming back to the question, to make her feel special once in a while just let her know how she has made a difference in your life and that’s it – her eyes will gleam with joy.

Tell her how she never leaves your mind and how she has created a positive impact in your life and she will dance in delight.

If you are successful in making her feel special… Congratulations, she already likes you!

What To Text A Girl When You Don’t Know What To Say?

There can be times when you are at loss of topics to begin the conversation especially when you both have just started to bond.

In that case, make use of what you already know. Ask her if she did what she was supposed to do last night or whether she met the friends she was supposed to meet.

You can also discuss usual things or pick out a general topic that triggers a lot of giggling and teasing. For instance, travelling or school days or pop culture.

Make sure you mix things up with her interests. So, say suppose she’s a GOT fan, wrap your replies in Jon Snow and watch her giggle in joy! 😉 

Still wondering, where to start?

Here are some pickup lines for you to kick-start your text conversation.

21 Best Text Pickup Lines for Her

1.  There’s nothing that I don’t like about you. Do you think of new ways to make me like you every day?

2.  I have been thinking of you all day long.

3.  Feels like I haven’t seen you in forever. Where have you been?

4.  This distance is killing me.

5.  Love, at first sight, was never my thing, until I saw your profile picture.

6.  Just to tell you, I am not flirting. I just can’t stop being nice to you… because you are so attractive.

7.  My lips automatically curve when I think about you.

8.  Can you please change your profile picture? The present one might kill me.

9.  Did you miss me?

10.   I can’t survive without texting you.

11.   I just bought a new phone and I want you to be the first person on my call logs. Can I call you?

12.   If you like me, text YES. If you like me, text NO.

13.   I am too confused about how to start this conversation – a pick-up line, a compliment or a “hello”, can you help me?

14.   Let’s just skip the small talk and get to How-much-I-like-you

15.   Have you been waiting for my text? Tell me the truth!

16.   If you don’t reply in the next 3 seconds, you’re mine.

17.   Hey you. Can you please get out of my head? I can offer my arms instead.

18.   You might be out of my sight but never out of my mind.

19.   I wanted to ask you out but I thought let’s first start with a text

20.   I thought I should wait for 1/2 days before texting you, but I failed.

21.   Can you send me your picture? I want to show Santa what I want for Christmas.

Hey, texting master, now what’s the wait worth for?

Your girl is waiting…


Charge Your Phone and Get Rolling

…and get ready to land more dates.


Amidst all this,

Don’t forget to…

Have fun!