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Is Love at First Sight Real or a Fad?

Is Love at First Sight Real or a Fad?

Updated on Aug 30, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

Love at First Sight - Definition, Reasons, Myths, Signs & More

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Have you ever seen someone and stopped right there?

Your legs stopped moving, your eyes stopped blinking, and you found yourself drooling head over heels for that person. You feel an almost gravitational pull toward this person.

Well, this may or may not be exactly “love”.

Some say it can only be lust at first sight – one simply cannot fall in love at first sight.

While some even claim that their healthy and happy relationship was manifested with love at first sight. But is it really the case?

Can two people who have not even known the existence of one another instantly connect with each other and fall in love for the rest of their lives?

Let’s find out!

Love at First Sight Infographic

Love at First Sight - Definition, Reasons, Myths, Signs & More
Love at First Sight – Definition, Reasons, Myths, Signs & More

What is Love at First Sight?

Though debatable and hard to define, Love at first sight is the act of falling in love with someone as soon as you see them.

Love, at first sight, is said to be that act of falling in love with someone as soon as you see them for the first time. Humans have debated it for years, and it still seems pretty hard to define.

But some people really do end up finding a keeper.

This has long been quite a bone of contention in society and is difficult to explain. Some people even believe it to be mere lust at first sight in the name of love.

One of the most logical questions that are bound to keep lurking in your mind is that how can we fall so deep in love with someone at a quick first glance? How can you think about spending your whole life with a stranger?

It is alright if you are facing a dilemma while answering this question. This question always has mixed opinions with many people for and against this concept of love at first sight.

Love, at first sight, can be intense and sincere but, most times, it is initiated by the attractiveness quotient of the person. This is why you would not imagine stargazing at a hike with a person you don’t find attractive.

But you might actually end up doing that with someone who was not alluring to you at first glance but was a real catch after you got to know them.

Falling in love at very first sight is purely a game of chance. The person is attractive, for sure, but they might not have the personality you want.

Tbh, it is pretty dicey. I mean, is this even real?

Come on. Let us find out.

Is love at first sight real?

It is real, but it depends from person to person. You might fall in love with someone’s visual appearance, but you don’t decide about spending your life with someone based on that alone.

You need to stay in touch with reality and get to know the person before falling in love with them. So, your love at first sight story can be a hit if you also like the personality of that person. Otherwise, keep some tissues handy.

Yes, It is absolutely possible to fall in love at first sight, but there is a caveat here. Love requires understanding the traits and thoughts of a person before committing to them.

So, to know a person, you need more than just a “glimpse”.

Love can happen at first sight. But if you want to spend your life with that person, you need to know if they are a good match or not. 

Do you want to find out if they are really meant for you? For that, you need to dig deep into them as a person and look beyond immediate physical attraction.

There are many more facets to love than visual appearance. You need to know how that person smells, how they make you feel, and if the sex is good or not.

You can swoon over them, but what if they do not like watching anime. Many romantic movies glorify love at first sight and meet-cutes. They make you believe in the idea of meeting the ONE in a flash moment.

But make sure you are not falling for them because they resemble someone from the past or because they look like your favorite fictional character.

As I said earlier, it is a debatable topic and is primarily based on physical attraction. So, in the end, it is all about how you are as a person.

Sounds dangerous. Right? 

But, is it? Keep reading to know more.

Is Love at First Sight Dangerous?

No. Falling in love by looking at someone for the first time is not lethal, but it definitely has a warning sign attached to it, i.e., physical attraction should not.

Many happy couples who fell in love with each other at first sight have also found themselves happily-ever-after. So, this is certainly not unhealthy or dangerous.

We all know that commitment, care and intimacy are the main attributes of love that last forever.

But, the act of falling in love at first sight is more inclined towards physical attraction and visually appealing traits.

So, do not get your hopes high while chasing love at first sight. Don’t invest emotionally before you are absolutely sure that the person is compatible with you.

Just because you are feeling intense love for someone does not mean that both of you are a good match. So, hold your horses and get to know them before jumping on the bandwagon.

Now, if you are already riding the wagon, then let us find out whether this ride will reach the altar or not.

Can love at First Sight lead to a Successful Marriage?

Your love at first sight can turn into a long-lasting marriage if you take time to know the person in-and-out before making the commitment.

If you find compatibility in this relationship even when the honeymoon phase is over, then, you both are definitely meant for big things.

Though not impossible, it is definitely a difficult task. A long-lasting marriage goes through many changes in the physical and sexual arena during its lifetime.

This muddling in the relationship can happen due to innumerable reasons like health problems, job commitments, and having children.

These dry spells of little to no sex when you and your partner are not on the same page are a huge bummer.

We all know that the honeymoon phase is filled with passion that does not last long. But the couple who fall in love at first sight is often steered by physical attraction.

The honeymoon phase lasts roughly around six months. After the phase ends, you finally take off the rose-colored glasses and look at things from a more grounded view.

So if you decide on marriage before knowing the likes and dislikes, ambitions and fears, and everything about a person, it might be unsuccessful.

You should gather every piece of information about each other, like the strengths, weaknesses, eccentricities, and red flags.

As long as you do not get carried away in the spell of this quick love and take time to know each other in and out, you can have a long-lasting marriage.

Well, you might not believe in falling in love at first sight, but your brain can still trick you into it. Wanna know how? Read on, Rockstar.

Can you fall in love at first sight even if you do not believe in it?

Yes, your brain can make you feel intense love if you see someone who resembles your past. They might look like someone you loved or admired or someone who had a significant impact on your life. In such cases, you can fall in love at first sight even if you denied it in the past.

One day while walking down the road, you see someone who resembles your high school best friend. You had strong feelings for this high school best friend of yours, but you never told them.

Later, they moved miles away, and you regretted not telling them. And now you feel intensely for this person you have seen for the first time just because they resemble your best friend.

The psychological term for this behavior is Impression Formation.

Impression Formation is a characteristic of the subconscious mind to interpret facial features of people who have uncanny similarities from the people in our past.

People often fall in love with someone who resembles someone they have loved before or someone who has had a significant impact on their life.

You might be thinking that your brain is the devil here, and your feelings are the advocate of the devil. But, the truth is that this brain of yours is as innocent as you.

It just cannot help it. This is why some people experience love at first sight, irrespective of their denial about it in the past.

It might sound dreamy, but it is not easy to face heartbreak when such a relationship does not work. You feel lost after losing a relationship you thought was meant to be.

If you do not find a soulmate, especially after such a fairytale-like meet-cute, it can leave you disheartened. So, take note of these things before you tip-toe to the land of love after that dreamy first sight.

Moving ahead of the psychological explanations, stay put while we look at the scientific reasons behind falling in love at first sight.

The science behind Love at First Sight

Most people tend to fall in love at first sight with someone they find attractive and it can be addictive. The reactions in our brain while seeking our loved ones are similar to that of a drug addict seeking drugs. 

According to research, people can decide if a person is romantically suitable for them or not within seconds. This decision primarily depends on the physical appearance of that person. And also the psychological preferences of the viewer.

A 2017 study gives you better insights into the science behind falling in love with someone at first sight.

In the study, the researchers decided to make some 400 men and women meet each other for the first time. The research subjects have to narrate the feelings they experience during their first meetup.

After the activity was completed, a few people said they felt “in love” after seeing someone so attractive.

However, their feelings regarding love did not include gratification, commitment, or care which are considered the main attributes of love.

So, what exactly were those people feeling while falling in love with those strangers? You must have already guessed the answer by now. Yes, it is nothing but physical attraction.

It was concluded that for most people, a one rating increase on the scale of attractiveness that the researchers used raised the probability of someone else falling in love with them by nine times.

I am not sure about love at first sight, but this definitely points towards lust at first sight.

Interestingly, love and lust activate the same neural pathways in our brain. They both are focused on attaining-the-goal behavior of leading us to happiness, reward, and eventually addiction.

Feelings of passion and other intense emotions are common in love. They trigger a series of chemical reactions in our brain fueled by dopamine.

These feelings motivate us to seek passion and closeness in life, similar to a drug addict seeking drugs.

Research says that there is a difference in the brain activities of people who have been in love for a long time to people who have recently fallen in love.

The dopamine hits or rewards were present in both of these kinds. But, those who have fallen in love recently also showed brain activity in the fear and anxiety regions.

Now that we have been privy to the science behind love at first sight. Let us look at why people fall in love at first sight.

Why do people fall in Love at First Sight?

Many men and women think that love at first sight is real. It is difficult to compare this love with the love they feel in a long-lasting relationship.

Being able to “feel” a connection as soon as you lay your eyes on them definitely has its own charm. 

But if all that bookish stuff is not your thing and you are still thinking about a forever with someone you just saw down the street. Here are a few simple theories that might explain your feelings.

1. The neurotransmitters in your brain are acting up.

Did you feel that rush as soon as you saw them for the first time? This is none other than your brain releasing dopamine and serotonin. These hormones make you feel flushed and fuzzy.

You might be feeling instant attachment to that person. All thanks to the neurotransmitters in your brain triggering those chemical reactions.

Okay okay. I know. Too much science. We will tone it down in the upcoming points.

2. It is an illusion you and your partner have created for yourself.

Humans’ memories often tend to fade with time. We change our perceptions based on our current feelings.

So, you and your partner might think that it was love at first sight because of the intense feelings you have for them now.

You might even remember your first meeting with different details to make yourself believe that you were in love with them from the first time you saw them.

A study reveals that love at first sight, is a skewed memory and not a category of love, unlike what many people think.

This study also concludes that talking about the meet-cute with your partner can make them fall deeper in your love while feeling connected to you.

3. It might be the pheromones.

Research says that people can decide whether someone is attractive or not within seconds of meeting them. Love at first sight is deemed impossible without visual attraction. 

Your brain communicates to you almost immediately if it is interested in what you are currently looking at or not. These feelings play a vital role in lasting marriages or relationships. 

You might misinterpret attraction as love but don’t worry, it’s not as hollow as it sounds.

This attraction might be the reason you would want to know more about this person. But, who knows? They might turn out to be your soulmate!

4. You are addicted to this drug called love.

We know how falling in love feels in the brain. The series of neurochemical reactions make you go head over heels for a person. 

But, these reactions release so many happy hormones that one might even get addicted to them. Someone might get used to the thrill of falling in love.

The sad part about this addiction is the lack of serious relationships

As soon as that warm and fuzzy feeling starts depleting, these people are on the lookout for a new relationship.

5. Ever heard about the attractiveness halo or the halo effect?

The attractiveness halo is a term that depicts the angel-like halo that one might start seeing behind a person they find attractive.

This means that when a person is visually appealing, people already assume that they must have all the desired personality traits they’ve dreamt of.

This halo effect falls under cognitive bias and is a part of it. This means that people tend to build an image of the person in their head before getting to know them in reality.

This fictional character is who they think they are in love with.

This further leads to a confirmation bias. Confirmation bias is when the mind gathers information that reinforces its beliefs and discards the ones that do not. Rose-colored glasses, you see. 

6. The fascinating first impression must have done the trick.

We know that it only takes seven seconds to form a first impression about someone. This is enough to understand whether you find someone attractive or not.

If you get intensely attracted to someone after that first impression, it can be regarded as love at first sight. This so-called love may eventually be discovered as lust.

7. The eyes, Chico. They never lie.

Intense eye contact can heavily contribute to falling in love at first sight.

A study conducted by The University of Chicago focused on eye movements. And also, if eye movements are different during love than during lust.

The study found out that eye contacts are symbolic of love. People in love are more likely to focus on their facial features.

But, if it is lust that might evolve into feelings of love, then the bodily attributes of that person may seem more attractive.

8. It can be a mere physical attraction.

It is a fact that people are more likely to fall for someone who they find physically attractive. This is why most times, people confuse physical attraction with love. 

They jump on the bandwagon of love without knowing the person. This risky move leads to heartbreak.

So, before categorizing your first interaction with someone as love, make sure you process your feelings with all your heart.

9. They might be confusing love with infatuation.

Infatuation is the intense feeling of attraction towards someone without knowing them enough. This is a lot similar to physical attraction.

Maybe you saw the person for the first time, and they did something cute that made you fall in love with them. 

Like, you might be a football fan, and you saw a girl playing football. This might have made you fall in love with her instantly without even knowing her. This does not involve physical attraction, but this is still a type of attraction.

When you experience infatuation, you keep fixating on your feelings for someone without knowing them. You constantly ignore the red flags to cater to your fantasy.

10. There is an intense desire for love.

Your willingness to engage in love can lead you into love at first sight. It is possible to feel a need for companionship after staying single for a long time.

This might make you want to fall in love earlier than you actually should.

My advice is to not jump into the love wagon just because everyone around you is doing so or because you feel lonely. 

Good things take time. 

The right person is out there and slowly making its way to you. Do not get busy with someone who does not deserve your emotional investment.

These are some reasons behind people falling in love at first sight.

But there are so many myths around this almost-fairytale-like concept, that it almost breaks my heart… So let’s bust them all together!

Myths about Love at First Sight

In today’s gen, most people are fancied by love… they don’t really understand the gravity of this emotion in one life.

Honestly, true love has the power to change your world around. But, people have so many versions of love (in their minds) that the real essence is almost lost.

Love at first sight is often interpreted wrongly and is tainted with a list of misconceptions. People tend to bloom or fall apart in their relationships because of these incorrect philosophies.

So, let’s take this type to find the truth and bust these myths.

1. If you fell in love at the first interaction, it must be written in the cards.

The concept of love is idealized and romanticized but not practically phrased in stories, novels, and movies. It is supposed to make people understand their real emotions.

Only then will they be able to interpret the changes happening in their mind and body. 

Understanding these changes will help them navigate their decision. It will help them know if this is a love that will last longer than those movie hours or end before the intermission.

You do not know if this love will be hardcore like the hardcover of novels or as fragile as the torn pages of the stories that are hard to find if misplaced.

So, do not label this as destiny, and think before you jump.

2. Both of you will feel it

We meet new people and fall in love at first glance. We discover that our emotions are all over the place. But, in reality, we are too focused on our excitement rather than focusing on the situation clearly. 

Later, when the water is still, reality hits us. You are finally able to see things with clarity. You realize that they don’t feel the same about you.

In such cases, people go for therapy.

But if you would have been cautious and made realistic expectations from your partner, then you wouldn’t have been facing this setback at all.  

3. If your feelings are intense, then this love will last.

It is just one of the things like others that have been romanticized and sold without giving a touch of practicality. A relationship is made of a lot of things other than love.

The commitment, the priorities, and ambitions should be discussed before calling it, love. You need to be on the same page before you call it love. 

There are so many factors involved in this one emotion. How can it not be complicated? 

As you grow, your priorities are bound to change. These changes might deflect you from being on the same page. 

But even after these changes, you can have the willingness to hold someone in the same position in your heart.

When you stick by that person no matter what, love will last always and forever…. Not because you fell for them… at first sight!

4. Love, at first sight, means love at second sight too.

Before becoming the victim of love at first sight, sit down, take a deep breath, and think about that person when you first met them. What was the thing you liked the most? 

I know most of you will come up with visual attributes with an answer like her eyes, her lip, his smile, his laugh, her waist…Okay! Hold on right there. Physical attraction is prevalent but cannot be your ultimate reason to call it love.

You need to spend some time with that person to understand where they fit into your unique & personalized criteria of LOVE. It is simple.

There are 4 meals a day. Make it 5 and try to plan out 5 dates. Make it a rule and tag along with each other for an activity. This will help you get a better understanding of that person.

5. There will not be any heartbreaks.

No one can make a guarantee about your heart apart from you. If you want to protect your heart, think before you get really attached to the person.

No one in this world can tell you about the amount of pain heartbreak brings if you have not experienced one yourself.

You feel reborn each time you fall in love with a new person. It brings new experiences like a full bloom of delicate flowers with thorns. Life is too short to harbor regrets, especially when true love can be involved.

Love needs courage as it comes with a pinch of uncertainty. But a person with long-lasting effort-making skills can make it taste well. If you choose the right one for yourself and lay back a little.

You can find the right balance between money, sex, mental peace, emotional stability, and all of it. Then, LOVE for you will last Always & Forever.

Now that we have busted the myths, do you want to look at the signs that will tell you if it is love at first sight? If yes then, hop on while we go on a crazy ride of emotional and psychological cues.

Love at first sight signs

Falling in love with someone at the first meet requires running through a few psychological pathways. These pathways are different for different people.

Some research shows that men tend to fall in love during the meet more often than women. Many poems glorify the love happening at the first meeting.

The fairytale-esque attribute of the concept makes it hard to believe, thereby making it a worldwide phenomenon.

This happens more than you think.

So, here are a few signs to explain the prevalence of the concept.

1. You get a nauseating feeling upon seeing them for the first time.

When you feel queasy in the stomach upon meeting someone who seems attractive to you – It is love at first sight, my friend. It is said that our feelings can impact our digestive system. 

The butterflies are, exactly, what we feel upon meeting someone we are attracted to for the first time. The reason behind this is a strong connection between your brain and gut.

Your stomach and brain work in cooperation. The feelings of happiness, anger, sadness, and anxiety are all teamwork… and when all of them mix together, the nausea is bound to happen.

So the feeling of nausea that indicates butterflies in your stomach can be a result of the excitement and nervousness you feel from meeting someone you really like

2. You want to leave no stone unturned in knowing them.

You know it is all in the details, and you want to know every single thing about them. It is a good sign. This curiosity is a clear indication that you are falling for them.

This does not mean that they will turn out to be a good match. But, getting to know someone is the first step to finding out if you are compatible with that person.

The more the curiosity, the deeper the connection. People cultivate an intimate space when they are curious about each other.

Asking more questions leads to intimate conversations. Less curious people do not make it past the small talk phase, forget love.

3. You can’t move your eyes away from them

They are all you see. When there is a strong connection, the eye contact is intense and unflinching. Such eye contact also signifies mutual feelings.

You forget the world around you when you are with them. You lose the ability to listen to anyone or see anyone else when you are around them. 

It is said that when you are attracted to someone, you find excuses to look at them all the time. Call it love or fascination, but eye contact is a perfect technique to flirt.

So, next time you want to express your feelings without saying a word, eye contact is the ultimate weapon for you.

4. You feel comfortable around them.

It is common to feel that destiny brought you together while experiencing love at first sight. None of it feels forced, and you both feel naturally comfortable with each other.

This powerful connection is enough to draw you towards that person in the first meeting itself.

You can be nervous around the people you are attracted to and this nervousness can prevent you from building a connection with them.

But, if your nerves feel at ease around that person, then it means you are genuinely interested in them and do not fear being judged. 

When you experience instant comfort with someone, it is one of the absolute signs for a long-lasting relationship. This is not like other “phases”… this is meant to last.

5. The first meeting does not feel like the first.

When you see them for the first time, there is a rush of adrenaline in your veins. Your heartbeat increases. The flutters in your stomach give you all the cues about how your heart can’t wait to hug them. 

This is definitely love at first sight for you. It might feel like you have met this person before. That there is an unsaid connection. If such things are happening, then you are already in love.

6. You get shy around them.

When you are around that person, you get nervous and you get a little shy.

The red-cherry cheeks are a tell-tale sign of your love at first sight. You should realize that soon. The sooner, the better.

7. You are intensely attracted to them.

Sometimes you are so captivated by their charm, you forget everything. You forget that this person is poles apart from the type of person you want in your life.

Later, you may also find yourself getting annoyed by their reactions.

But, HELLO! Falling in love during the first interaction is meant to be like this.

8. You want to have a conversation.

You do not understand the driving force that compels you to have a conversation with them. All of your attention is dedicated to them.

Sometimes, you get annoyed seeing yourself in such situations. 

The urge to speak to them keeps increasing despite you being nervous. That is love at first sight, for sure.

9. They are all over your mind.

Once a person gets stuck in your head, it is difficult to get them out. Slowly they might capture your heart too…. they might remain in your thoughts permanently…. get etched forever and will never leave your mind.

Trust me, it is definitely love at first sight. But, don’t worry, you will enjoy this journey of love through and through.

10. The feelings are mutual between you both.

Love at first sight even gets better when the feelings are mutual because you get equal attention from that person…. And well, that’s all you wanted right?

If this brewing connection is love and not just mere infatuation, then you both are definitely in it for the long haul.

Look at how they react when your eyes lock with each other… I’m sure the smile will melt your heart. These signs are enough to take things forward.

11. You are constantly smiling because of them.

You can’t help but smile when you’re thinking about them. A mere thought about that person is enough to spring a smile on your face. If you can relate to this, then love has hit you hard, my friend. 

There is also a sense of excitement and fulfillment in your life because of that person. Right? If the answer is yes, then the key to your happiness lies with them. Go and unlock your door to happiness.

12. You feel like you know them already.

It feels like you already know this person even though you both are meeting for the first time. There is no sense of discomfort between the two of you despite being strangers. 

This sense of familiarity you get from the other person on the first meeting helps you connect with them.

Share your opinions freely without any discomfort. Let them know your secrets while you uncover theirs.

13. Your body shows symptoms of love.

Not just emotional connect, your body also behaves differently when in love. When you fall in love at first sight, your heart skips a beat every time you see them 

You experience butterflies in your stomach along with a racing heart. Your mind is brimming with so many thoughts that you just can’t focus. All these symptoms are an indication of love at first sight. 

14. You travel to your own fantasy land.

You tend to lose track of time thinking about them. Sometimes you spend hours thinking about them and don’t even realize.  

If these things are happening with you, it is love at first sight. Do not forget to snap out of your fantasy land, my friend.

15. You desperately desire to meet them.

There is always an urge to meet that person. You want to meet them at every chance you get. This is also a sign of love at first sight.  

The person does not leave your thoughts, and the urge to meet them keeps increasing. You try to find weird and lame excuses to meet them every time. I mean, why are you even looking for more signs?

16. They appear flawless to you.

You find the person extremely charming and appreciate their beauty and personality like a devotee. You don’t get disheartened even if your friends have a different opinion about that person.

To your eyes, this person is beyond perfect.

17. You constantly think about the future with them.

You envision yourself with them for a lifetime of togetherness. In fact, you don’t just find the person attractive; you also dream about spending your life together and starting a family with them. 

If such thoughts are lurking in your mind and you have already created a happy picture with them, then congratulations mate, you’re in love! 

18. You just want to be with them.

You tend to care less about that person being perfect in every aspect.

Compatibility with each other is also not a prerequisite for you. You are not stressed about any other emotional aspect. It’s because you feel like you can manage everything as long as you both end up together.

You do not care about anything and just want to be with that person for a lifetime. You have planned your future with them already. Now, you are just searching for ways to express your feelings.

Sounds quite immature! But it is definitely love at first sight.

19. You are fascinated even by their erratic behavior.

If you love their quirks, you have fallen for them, my friend.

The way they snort while laughing is merry to your ears. Or the way they twitch in sleep is the most beautiful sight in the world… These are tell-tale signs of you falling… falling in love.

Even when they do things that absolutely annoy you when done by someone else, this person is an exception. This is an indication of your intense love for them.

Your body will give enough evidence about your feelings for that person. Your heartbeat will speed up, and that ear-to-ear smile will be fixated on your face.

The excitement resulting from feel-good hormones will make you swoon over that person.

20. You believe in all of it.

We all know that love takes time to grow. But, this does not mean you should ignore the signs of falling in love at first sight. If you believe in it, then be proud of it. 

Prince Harry knew that Meghan Markle was the one for him just by looking at her for the first time. I mean, if it can happen to the Royals. Why not us? Right?

It absolutely gets overwhelming when you know all of the details, but you are still unaware of how to process the situation.

Well, I have got you covered (like all times! 😉). Read ahead to understand how to cope up with love at first sight.

How to cope with Love at First Sight?

Now that you know… you’re in Love… at first sight.

What now?

Let me tell you.

1. Make your feelings your topmost priority.

Love itself has a definition that you simply cannot put into words.

It is common to hear stories of people who admit to having experienced love at first sight.

It is an intriguing subject in the universe of love. Most people have experienced love at the first meeting and ended up in a long-term relationship with that person.

If you fall in love with someone at the first meeting, then trust your feelings and do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

This is what led the researchers to believe that love at first sight, is a memory bias and not its own ordinary type of love, as many people might think.

2. Ensure that you are ready for a relationship.

The reason why many people fall in love during the first interaction is because of nostalgia.

They notice something about that particular person. It triggers a comparison in our subconscious mind to someone from our past who meant a lot to us.

In this case, love during the first interaction can be temporary. But many times, it can also last, if both the partners want the same thing.

So, make sure that you are ready to work on a relationship before getting into one.

Remember, there’s no easy way with effort.

If you want it, you need to make the effort!

No, the concept of fake it til’ you make it doesn’t work… at least not in love.

Neither does it happen like a miracle from heaven. The feeling in your heart will lose its intensity over time, of course. But, that does not mean you cannot use it to create a solid foundation for lasting love.

You either believe in love at first, or you do not. Usually, it depends on the person. The feelings are important, and they should be absolutely candid.

You should not need to fake your feelings to fit in this love at first sight troupe.

4. Regulate your boundaries before falling for someone

I know you are drooling in the excitement of love. But, do not forget the fact that you have met this person only once.

Yes, falling in love at the first interaction is authentic. But, staying in love is a tough challenge.

So, you must have strict boundaries unless you have come to terms with the authenticity of your feelings.

Don’t conclude anything powered by this adrenaline rush. Give it some time and if you still feel the same, who’s to stop you?

5. Lastly, trust your gut

You can be dead sure about this person. Your heart is jumping with a YES.

You trust this person and believe that they are the one for you. But, if your body gives you cues to wait for a while before you take the leap. Listen to it.

Do not give in to the feeling because of your loneliness or anything. There is plenty of fish in the sea, and the one made for you is swimming right there.

It might take some time, but you need to trust the process and let the universe do its job. Do not ignore the signs. Your gut is always right. Trust it and follow it.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

To sum it up, falling in love at the first meeting is real, but it is not all butterflies and perfection.

Your heart might be telling you that they are the one, but it is better to know the person before making the commitment.

Sure, it is a beautiful feeling, and you might want to give it your all, but remember your worth.

Do not try to work it out just because you felt strongly on your first meeting. Remember that breakup is always an option.

Follow your gut – if it says go for it, then go for it, dude. Maybe your happily-ever-after is right in front of you.

Who knows, a few years from today, you will be narrating your love at first sight story to your children with a heart full of gratitude and delight.

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