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25 Deep and Meaningful Signs Of A Shy Guy In Love

25 Deep and Meaningful Signs Of A Shy Guy In Love

Updated on Oct 11, 2023

25 Deep and Meaningful Signs Of A Shy Guy In Love

You must check out signs of a shy guy in love if he always makes you feel special or treats you differently.

Of course, since he’s shy, sometimes you second-guess yourself. You even feel that you’re getting ahead of yourself. But if your guts say something’s on, just dive in!

25 Signs Of A Shy Guy In Love

When a shy guy loves you, it can often feel like he gives you mixed signals. His quietness may seem like a sign of a lack of interest. But when he talks, it feels like he is forcing it just for courtesy. 

So, let’s not guess anymore and find the truth for good here!

1. He becomes quite nervous around you

Shy men are too embarrassed to talk to someone they love, let alone confess their love for them. 

So, when a shy man is in love with you, you’ll notice visible signs of nervousness in him, like fidgeting or struggling to talk to you with a straight face. 

2. He always tries to stay close to you

Shy guys rarely express their feelings with flirty or romantic gestures. But if a shy guy is in love with you, he will always try to stay close to you. He’ll take the same shift at work or take the same route home. 

3. He tries to be a good listener

Another sign that a shy guy is in love is when he actively listens to you, regardless of the topic or time. Since he is not a big talker, he will show affection by letting you know he is always willing to listen.

4. He steals a lot of glances

Another sign that a shy guy is in love with you is when he secretly steals a lot of glances. You may find him averting his gaze every time you catch him staring. 

5. He frequently makes eye contact

When a shy guy looks into your eyes while talking to you, he’s in love with you. Shy people only make eye contact with people who are important to them. This way, he also shows interest in you and tries connecting with you.

6. He always smiles when you are around

If a guy who is usually shy lights up when you are around, it’s a sign that he has feelings for you. He may not grin from ear to ear, but you will find him beaming whenever you talk to him.

7. He always tries to talk to you

Shy guys are usually quiet around people. But if he keeps finding excuses to talk to you, he definitely has feelings for you. You may find him texting you in the wee hours of the night just to ask for a movie recommendation.

8. He blushes a lot when you are around

When you are attracted to someone, their presence will make your blood pump more… making you blush!

So notice if his cheeks always turn crimson when he is around you. You may think that it’s only blushing because he’s shy, but the truth is that he is in love.  

9. He is always ready to lend a helping hand

Another sign that a shy guy loves you is when he goes out of his way to help you. Whether the problem is big or small, you can always depend on him. He will bend backward for you to show that you are important to him. 

10. He is always stalking you on social media

In today’s age, when people fall in love, they stalk the other person on social media. So, if he is all over your social media accounts, that’s a green flag

Since he can’t talk about his feelings to you in person, he likes or comments on all of your posts to show his interest. 

11. He gets jealous when you’re with other men

He might be shy, but he is still human and a MAN! 

So, if he is in love with you, he will obviously get jealous if you flirt or even talk to other men. After all, he views all the other men in your life as his competitors. 

12. He tries to charm you with his actions

A shy guy might not be so good at wordplay, so he will try to woo you with his actions. For instance, he might bring you your morning coffee or make you a playlist. He will try to put a smile on your face at every opportunity he gets. 

13. He notices the little things

One of the subtler signs that a shy guy is in love with you is when he notices the little things. He will pay attention to small changes in your appearance, makeup, or haircut. He might even perceive changes in your behavior and slight shifts in your tone. 

14. His friends act strange when you are around

Just like women, men also turn to their friends for advice when they are in love. So, if a shy guy has feelings for you, his close friends are obviously going to know about it. You may find them subtly pulling his leg or exchanging knowing glances. 

15. He’s eager to learn everything about you

Notice if a shy guy always bombards you with infinite questions. If yes, he is interested in you. 

He is eager to learn everything about you. He wants to understand what makes you tick to what makes you happy and leave nothing unknown! 

16. He tries to spend all his time with you

When a shy guy is in love with you, he’ll rather spend his time at home than anything else. He only needs a few people to satisfy his social needs. But, if he tries to spend all his time with you, it is obvious that he has feelings for you.

17. He does not flinch at your touch

Shy people are usually uncomfortable with others touching them. So, another sign that he loves you is when he doesn’t even flinch at your touch. You may even find that he leans in every time you touch him. 

18. He always keeps his promises

People usually keep their promises when someone is important to them. So, if this shy dude always keeps his word, he has feelings for you. It’s his way of showing his dedication towards you. 

19. You can perceive it in his writing

Does this guy send you long and often beautifully crafted messages? Does he write you letters and even poems? 

If a shy guy is in love with you, he will be more comfortable writing down his feelings than expressing them face to face. So, he may write you poems, letters, and haikus!

20. He lets his guard down in front of you

One of the biggest signs that a shy guy loves you is when he opens up to you. He may share his innermost thoughts, doubts, feelings, aspirations, and desires with you. It indicates that he trusts you enough to be vulnerable with you. 

21. He directly says so

A shy guy would never confess his feelings for someone if those feelings were not genuine. So, if he directly tells you he loves you, there’s no more doubt! After all, he had to muster up a lot of courage. 

22. He tries to make friends with your friends

Depending on how much of a wallflower this guy is, even saying ‘hi’ to your friends might feel like a big deal to him. If he is willing to go out of his comfort zone to become friends with your friends, it means that he loves you.  

23. He gives you meaningful gifts

A shy guy in love will never get you flashy and flamboyant things. Rather, they’ll be intimate and thoughtful. 

So, if he often surprises you with a box of cupcakes with your favorite icing or even something he has made all by himself, get the hint!

24. He touches you but does so lightly

In love, a shy guy may not be able to hold your hand. But, he’ll try to ALMOST touch you by picking lints of your hair or touching your arm in the middle of a conversation. 

25. He rarely disagrees with you

No, it’s not because he’s too shy to state his opinions. Rather, a shy guy that loves you will do this to win your favor. He will not do or even say anything that may end in an argument. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If most of the signs matched, he clearly has feelings for you. Now, it’s your choice how you want to approach the situation.

However, if he takes too long and you can’t wait, directly ask him about his feelings. He may be too shy to accept it, but he’ll be glad you approached him!

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