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How To Make Eye Contact With Your Crush Without Talking? 15 Ways For An Unforgettable Connection

How To Make Eye Contact With Your Crush Without Talking? 15 Ways For An Unforgettable Connection

Published on Sep 14, 2023

How To Make Eye Contact With Your Crush Without Talking 15 Ways For An Unforgettable Connection

So you are wondering how to make eye contact with your crush without talking?

You are too shy to strike up a conversation with them. But you also want to lock your gaze with them. However, the thought of looking into their eyes probably makes you too excited. And you worry that they’ll find you creepy. 

Well, don’t worry because you’ll learn the art of eye contact seduction in no time here!

How To Make Eye Contact With Your Crush Without Talking? – 15 Ways 

Maintaining eye contact is an age-old technique to melt and woo anyone you desire. But remember, you do not have to dig holes in your crush while doing it. Neither do you need seductive-looking eyes to enchant them. 

Rather, a few well-timed moments of intense eye contact can do the trick. So, if you’re ready to gaze into their eyes, grab the following tips here…

1. Practice By Yourself 

If you are shying away from making eye contact with your crush, start by practicing in front of a mirror. 

This can help you perfect the technique and also boost your comfort level while trying it out with your crush.

Start by looking into your eyes and holding your gaze for a few seconds before looking away. Repeat this process as many times as required.  

2.  Start By Glancing Briefly

If you cannot maintain your eye contact for a longer period, start with brief glances. Catch your crush’s eye for a split second and then look away.

Gradually increase the duration and frequency until you are comfortable. Try to hold your gaze at least for a few seconds to build a good connection. 

3. Target Those Eyebrows

Initially, it is quite normal to not be able to look straight into your crush’s eyes. At such times, focus on their eyebrows instead. 

While talking to them, look at their eyebrows. It will give the illusion that you are making eye contact. 

Shift your gaze to their eye when you have established enough control over your feelings. 

4. Focus On The Bridge Of Their Nose

If you don’t want to go near their eyes, focus on their nose. Look at the bridge of their nose while talking. This can also appear as if you are making eye contact.

This will shed off any discomfort that you might have looking at them. It will also make you feel more confident during your little flirtatious game. 

5. Smile With Your Eyes

The best technique that works every time is a smile. It can be a nervous chuckle, a giggle, or a smile that can brighten everyone’s day.

When you smile, it makes you appear more confident, warm, and approachable. Thus, even if you are shy, try to wear a smile at all times to appear friendly without feeling awkward. 

6. Take It Slow

If you are not used to maintaining and holding eye contact for long, take it slow. You do not have to rush yourself to appear interested. 

Start slowly by looking into their eyes for a few seconds and then shift your stare somewhere else.  Once you feel comfortable, increase the duration gradually while appearing more confident.

7. Take Refuge In The Triangle Technique

Another great technique to help you maintain eye contact is by using the triangle method.

Start by looking at one eye for some time, then shift your gaze to the other eye. Finally, look at their mouth for a few seconds before looking back at their eyes.

This will help you avoid the feeling of a piercing glance. It will make eye contact more natural and comfortable.

8. Correct Your Posture

Your body language reflects a lot about your feelings and emotions. Hence, if you do not want to make it obvious that you are drooling over your crush, check your posture.

Ensure that you are standing or sitting straight while keeping your shoulders relaxed. Void crossing your arms or legs. This will make you appear more confident. 

9. Steer Clear From Distractions

Distractions can make it difficult for you to make eye contact. Try to be in a quiet environment where there is no chance of being interrupted.

Keep your phone or any other thing in your hands away so that you don’t start fidgeting. Stay focused on your goal while trying to fix your stare for a longer period. 

10. Take Control Of Your Breath

When your crush is in front of you, you may start breathing heavily as your heart beats fast. To curb the anxiety and nervousness, take control of your breath.

Focus on your breaths one at a time to help you calm your nerves. Take slow, deep breaths to shake off the anxious feeling. 

Concentrate on holding eye contact once the nervousness fades. 

11. Develop A Good Bond

Good eye contact requires mutuality. You do not want to make the other person uncomfortable or get creepy vibes from you.

This is not a part of making eye contact itself. But you must build a good bond with your crush first. 

With this, they will be able to feel the warmth behind your gaze. You will both be able to connect on an emotional level and your crush won’t ignore your gaze. 

12. Switch Your Stare

Once your crush notices that you are looking at them, switch your gaze. Scan the room or your perimeters before meeting their eye again. 

Next, when you meet their eyes, you can keep your stare casual while smiling a little. Remember to blink normally throughout this to appear more natural. 

13. Use The Five Second Rule

Of course, you want to show your interest in them. But, too much eye contact for a prolonged period can feel awkward or intense. 

Thus, apply the five seconds rule. Look at their eyes for five seconds and then look away. After wandering your gaze around, you fix it back to them.

Try to count time in your head to not take too much or too little time to look back again. 

14. Establish Good Proximity

When you meet your crush, you will not stand too close unless you are childhood friends. So maintain a good distance in between so neither of you feels uncomfortable.

Keep the intimacy level moderate, lean back, and tilt your head to the side to add a bit of space between the two of you.

Look into their eyes to give your undivided attention. Don’t try to get too close, or they’ll get uncomfortable and might even get away from you.

15. Be Genuine

Your eyes can speak a thousand different words. Hence, if you are trying to fake your feelings, your crush will know.

Make sure you are genuine and authentic to build that unbreakable connection with your crush. Introspect and understand whether you’re truly into them. Try this out only if you want to genuinely connect with them. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Eye contact is a sign of strong chemistry. So, use the above-mentioned tips to appear more confident in front of your crush. 

Remember to keep your gaze subtle enough to bring out the butterflies in them. You do not want them to run away from you. 

Lastly, notice whether they feel comfortable with your gaze. Respect your crush’s comfort, and they’ll feel more valued. Thus you’ll have a higher chance of being noticed by your crush!