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25 Signs Your Affair Is Turning Into Love and Getting Serious Too Sooner

25 Signs Your Affair Is Turning Into Love and Getting Serious Too Sooner

Updated on Sep 26, 2023

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

25 Signs Your Affair Is Turning Into Love and Getting Serious Too Sooner

Are you on Cloud nine right now because of the affair you are in? Are you getting some positive vibes that the affair is getting really serious? Do you really wish to know the signs your affair is turning into love? If yes, then you’re in the right place.

In this think piece, we will highlight all those subtle details that tell you that your affair is growing in small steps and turning towards a serious partnership and intimacy. You are moving on to something more than what started as casual dating.

25 Signs your affair is turning into love

Your affair can turn into pure love if you and your partner have a deep emotional connection. When the thinking style and feeling patterns of both partners match, it appears to be a compatible match. This is the time when you may keep on thinking about the special person in your life.

If you are single and your dating days are really getting serious, it’s a good sign; however, if you’re already in a relationship and dating some other person, the flirting and physical attractions shouldn’t become a serious thing for you. 

It may cause serious harm to your present relationships. Rather, it may feel like you’re cheating upon the person who is already a part of your life. You may not know when you‘ve crossed the thin line and how to mend it later on.

It might be troublesome to manage your present partner with someone who is also becoming emotionally attached to you. At times, your new partner and the new affair can actually feel the love gaps that your present partner failed to give you.

In this way, it’s important that you gauge the chief signs that hint at love and intimacy much more than just a casual affair. How to know it? Here we go with the typical signs:

1. You are thinking too much about your partner

One of the primary signs that your affair is taking a serious turn is when you think about your partner a lot more than before. They are always in your mind and as if you’re mentally stuck in their love and intimacy feelings.

If you are feeling that you are unable to take them off your mind, then it means your affair is moving toward true love. You are always happy to think about their love offerings and style of communication. You will fantasize about new things about being with them, maybe holding their hands, or hugging them tightly.

Anytime you think about your affair, a feel-good factor feels up your heart. You are too happy and blissful deep inside. Your mind is never without them and life is just in the air around you.

2. You will start comparing them with your partner

When your affairs feel like true love, you may tend to compare your present partner/spouse with the new relationship you are in. Probably, you will get to see some more faults in your present partner than you would see at some other time. 

Your mind is constantly comparing the good and bad points of your partner with the new affair. All these subtle feelings point to more hatred and irritation toward your partner. Your new affair has taken the place no matter how much guilt you are harboring right now.

3. Wanting to spend more time together

When affairs are turning towards true love, you will find that you want to spend more time with them. Maybe, you will call them many times just to know about your next meet-up venue, or you wish to see them again over the weekend because you’re surely missing them deeply. 

There is excitement and tons of energy to spare for your affair that was missing in the previous interactions. The sudden increase in interest and energy levels hints towards a more serious affair between the two of you.

4. Becoming conscious about your looks and attire

Are you putting a lot of effort into understanding how you look now, what should be your best-fit clothes and shoes? Are you interested to know whether your affair partner likes your dressing sense? These small things are sure signs that your affair is turning towards real love. 

You are always busy putting up the best show before them as if trying hard to impress them whenever you meet them in person. 

At times, looking good is becoming a priority for you because in no way can you deliver yourself in the wrong ways before them. You are just obsessed with the way you look and carry yourself in front of your new partner.

5. You are sharing a lot of personal details with your affair partner

Are you oversharing a lot more details in your affair these days? Do you think you are feeling comfortable talking to them about your personal life stories, your daily issues, work-life balance, and much more? 

Then, this is a clear indication that your relationship is actually not in the casual dating stage. You have already crossed the line of control and it has turned into an emotional connection with the other person unknowingly. You feel relieved when you have shared your fears and worries, likes and dislikes with the affair partner. 

6. You are slowly moving away from your current partner

Are you spending less time with your spouse or current partner now? Do you feel irritated if the need to spend time with them comes in? Spending less time with your partner and thinking more about the other person in your life is a sure sign that your relationship is turning towards love. 

Slowly you are at crossroads with your current partner or drifting away from them in small ways. There is a lack of love, intimacy, and emotional connection with your spouse and current partner. In your heart, you know that you no longer wish to be with them. 

7. You think that your new partner understands you more

If you are getting a positive feeling that the new partner understands you better than your spouse or present partner, it means you’re leaning on them for some kind of emotional support all the time. 

You are happy that they are a part of your life now because they can think about you; feel deeply about your needs and problems. Your new partner is filling the gaps in the relationship that you had for a long time in your present connection. 

You will be drawn towards the new intimacy as you may feel that you have lots in common with the new person.

8. You discuss your partner with them

Are you discussing your present relationships, problems, and drawbacks of your present partner with them? Do you think that they are giving patient ears to all these complaints that you are making? 

If you are falling in love, then you will frequently pinpoint the flaws and inadequacies of your present partner with the special person in your life. 

You will blame your present partner/spouse openly. This shows that you are drawn to the other person and there is a finer emotional connection that you have not realized before.

9. You wish to communicate much more than before

When your relationship is moving towards real love, you’ll find yourself communicating with the person more often. You will miss them and can send endless messages to them just to know about their whereabouts. 

Maybe you are already emotionally attached to them and want to know all the finer details about him/her. All this hints towards a relationship that is obviously turning towards a real love affair.

10. You will have difficulty in focus and productivity

Sometimes, if you are having a feeling that you’re getting serious about your affair, then you may realize that your focus and attention have reduced a lot. You may have trouble putting your mind to the work you are doing. 

At times, you may suffer from unnecessary distractions and become unmindful of what you are doing currently. Your productivity and work efficiency may also suffer. These all-consuming thoughts about your new partner signals that your affair is turning into love.

11. You may begin to visualize a bright future with them

If your affair is turning into love, you may think about creating a bright future together with your new partner. You are pretty serious about the relationship and want to carry it forward. You have already planned much ahead of your present time.

12. You and your partner have more fights than usual

Are you suffering from a lot of fights and arguments these days? Do you think that the bright sides of your current relationship are all gone? If this is the case, it indicates that your affair is moving towards a serious note. You are no longer feeling emotionally connected with your present partner. There are tons of fights and unresolved arguments that are getting bitter day by day.

13. You are feeling happy with your affair partner

If you are too happy in the company of your new partner, it’s an obvious sign that your relationship is turning towards a serious love affair. You are not thrilled and excited in the company of your present partner and seek out opportunities to meet the new person in your life quite often. 

14. You are hiding stuff from your partner

If you are hiding what’s going on in your life from your partner, it means there is another person in your life with whom you have already developed an emotional connection. If you are reluctant to share your life details with your partner and think that they don’t even deserve this knowing, then it indicates that your affair is turning into a love affair that is quite serious.

15. Your intimacy and sex life with your partner or spouse are declining every moment

When your affair is turning into love, you will show a lack of intimacy and bonding with your present partner. There will be no or minimal physical sex, cuddling, or intimacy. Possibly, you will deny them a possible approach towards you. Moreover, you will try to ignore the subtle sexual cues of your partner as well so that no intimacy can flourish in the next few moments. You may escape from the situation also.

There could be tons of photos and videos of your new partner in your phone gallery. You will also find yourself seeing these pictures many times in a day as if you’re missing them deeply. 

Sometimes, you may check these media files in your partner’s absence, so that they do not come to know the truth. You don’t want them to feel cheated in the relationship. Maybe, you want to do everything secretly.

17. You stalk them on social media quite regularly

If you are monitoring them online all the time or stalking them on digital platforms very frequently, it means you are interested to know each and every small detail about your partner. 

You will also reply back, comment, and engage with their social media posts. Your online friendship will be quite active and it suggests a deeper emotional connection, much more than just an affair.

18. You will not mind your present partner cheating on you

When an affair turns into pure love, it is sure that you will never mind if your spouse or present partner is cheating on you. You will not mind them going out with others; henceforth, you may feel good that you’ll soon get what you want. 

In short, you won’t mind them becoming dishonest in the relationship. You’re enjoying the love, affection, and intimacy that your cheating partner is giving you. 

19. You will talk to them at odd hours

Your phone calls at odd hours indicate that you can’t think of leaving him/her at the back of your mind. Your focus is completely upon them and you are not interested in keeping yourself away from their life even for a minute. 

Once you are making the calls, you are losing track of your time; maybe hours are passing by even without realizing it. All these are sure signs that your affair is turning into something very serious and lovable for you. 

You are unable to control yourself. Doing it behind the back of your real-life partner is not making you feel guilty either. Your relationship has actually grown more intimate than you expected.

20. Your new partner always impacts your mood

Your affair partner will always try to make you feel special. They will show that they understand you well, and will cheer you up if you are feeling down. 

All these are missing in your present relationship and you are feeling attracted toward your new partner. At times, your partner tells you good jokes that can lighten up your mood and relax you instantly. All these indicate that your affair is turning into love.

21. Your new partner is a patient listener under all circumstances

Another sign that your relationship is turning into love is when you find it extremely comfortable in sharing your secrets and complaints with them. It could be anything from complaining about a traffic snarl to parlor time. 

They will never get annoyed and feel irritable because they want to please you in all possible ways. Your cheating partner and the secret affair are becoming serious now. It’s time to rethink your present relationship status.

22. You will love to do little things for them

When you are having a feeling that your affair is turning into love, you will see that you are doing little things to make your cheating partner feel happy. You will pick up nice flowers while you plan to visit them, or you may also buy them nice jewelry, etc. Sometimes, you may love to give them a special treat in their favorite restaurant. You’ll think many times about their choices before buying them a gift. All these indicate that you are in a deep connection with them.

23. You are helping your new partner anytime

Are you helping your cheating partner much more than normal? Do you think that you are always around them for help and assistance? Then, you are actually having an extramarital affair where you have developed feelings of love for your affair partner. You are looking for a long-term relationship. It’s an emotional affair now and your relationship is turning into true love.

24. You are finding many common grounds with them

If there are many common interests between the two of you and you feel that you stick to them emotionally, then it’s a sign your affair partner has become a serious person in your life now. 

Your intimacy with your partner decreases significantly and you are not guilty of this change at all. Maybe your likes and dislikes, family values, hobbies, and interests are all fitting in perfectly with your new partner.

25. Your body language speaks about the newly found affair

Your body language is different now. You are unmindful, having difficulty concentrating on your work and daily life. You are feeling irritated being with your present partner, finding faults when they aren’t really. 

Moreover, you are putting your best foot forward in front of your affair partner so that you can let them know that you have fallen in love with them. These signs are clear indicators that your affair is turning into love.

So, what’s next…?

If you have realized that your affair has turned into real love, then you can either think of breaking up with your present partner or you can put a check on the affair you are having. 

At this juncture, you will have to decide rationally and make a wise choice that fits your purpose of finding true love and living in harmony. If you think that you’re catching true love feelings for your affair partner, then you shouldn’t cheat on your present partner. You should tell them the bitter truth; how hard it may look like. 

But if you feel that your present family commitments are much more pressing and you need to end your affair, you should step into the process of ending this emotional affair immediately, so that your spouse, partner, family, and children are b=not impacted in negative ways because of your affair that has no future after all.

Summing Up from ‘ThePleasantRelationship’

When affairs turn into real love, it simply feels awesome. You are feeling excited by the new beginning of your life that is not connected to what you had wanted in a love bonding. But everything is not as easy as it seems to be. 

If you are having a partner in your life, a new affair can mean varied problems, conflicts, and bad mouth coming in with the intimacy. Thus, you need to be very careful before catching up on new love feelings and think many times before you indulge yourself in the heavenly feeling of being in love all over again.

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