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Seeing Someone vs Dating – What’s The Difference Between The Romantic Labels?

Seeing Someone vs Dating – What’s The Difference Between The Romantic Labels?

Updated on Sep 25, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

Seeing Someone vs Dating – What’s The Difference Between The Romantic Labels

Seeing someone vs dating compares the elements that exist in these two concepts before getting into a relationship, and the subtle differences they possess, which set them apart from one another.

The mannerisms of dating are evolving and they make things difficult for someone to say what is seeing and what is dating.

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Seeing Someone vs Dating – Key Differences

The subtle characteristics of seeing someone and dating make things difficult for individuals to categorize their relationship.

Hence, understanding the differences can turn out to be extremely important for ensuring that both of you are on the same page. Without further delay, let us check out the differences in seeing someone vs dating below –

Basis of DifferentiationSeeing SomeoneDating

Seeing someone is the next step after dating. It denotes that two individuals have already made up their minds to have a romantic relationshipDating marks the beginning of an association where two individuals try to assess their personalities before getting into an official relationship.

It is a lengthy process that makes individuals get to this stage after going through several dates.It takes less time to go on dates.
FrequencyA set pattern is followedNo need to follow a fixed schedule

Depth of Solemnity in Relationships
Bother to know about the whereabouts of your partnerYou will not worry a lot even if the other person does not give you a call or text you for some time

Physical Intimacy
When you are seeing someone, it is natural to commit yourself to deep physical intimacyWhen you are dating, no serious commitment is needed

Nature of Communication
You talk about things that are intimate and seriousYou only raise those topics of discussion, which you want the other person to know about your personality

Expect to have a special place in your partner’s heartNeither of you would treat each other in an exclusive manner

No need to put extra effort while undertaking responsibilitiesMake sure to act in such a manner that will attract your partner’s attention

Definition of both the terms

Dating refers to a stage when two individuals are assessing themselves and their compatibility with one another, thereby trying to have an understanding of how it feels to be together. 

It is just the beginning of a relationship filled with uncomfortable first dates and taking feedback from friends about what they think about their partner’s social media handles.

On the other hand, seeing someone means that you are through the phase of dating and you are more serious with one another than you were in the dating phase. 

You might discuss your plans for the future, exclusivity, or about starting a new relationship. Moreover, you are spending quite a lot of time with one another and have much more involvement in each other’s lives.

Dating Does Not Require Much Time While Seeing Someone Needs Investment of Time and Effort

Getting familiar with someone and going out on a date does not take much time. Everything can happen in a week. Once you start going on dates and things go well, you can confirm that you are dating one another.

On the other hand, when it comes to seeing someone, the scenario is a little different. You can easily assume that you have been to far more dates than you can remember and a fair amount of time has gone by since the two of you met each other for the first time.

No Set Pattern is Needed in Dating While Seeing Someone Requires Following a Fixed Routine

When dating, people do not follow any fixed schedule for meetups or indulge in some activities. They happen at irregular intervals. 

While seeing someone, you can go out on a consistent basis without having to worry about anything else. They need not think twice before planning to watch a movie or for having lunch at a restaurant.

Dating Allows You to Remain Casual While Seeing Someone Makes You Adopt a Serious Approach

When dating, you will not bother whether they reply to your text after the first date, but there is bound to be some semblance of nervousness by thinking about getting ghosted by the other person.

During the stage of seeing someone, you would not hesitate to call your partner and check about their whereabouts, especially if you do not get their reply even for half a day. You are far more serious about one another than you were while dating.

Physical Intimacy in Dating Is Not a Serious One While It Brings Two People Closer at The Time of Seeing Someone

People who are into dating can have a physical relationship without having any demands for making serious commitments. 

It is quite natural for individuals who are seeing each other to get involved physically every now and then. They develop a deep physical connection that allows them to get closer and lets them make extra commitments found in a serious relationship.

You Only Talk about Necessary Things While Dating Whereas You Can Discuss Serious Matters When Seeing Someone

In the dating phase, you would only talk about those things you want the other person to know about their personality. Even though your partner might try their best to ask you some superficial questions like the one related to hobbies.

When you are in the phase of seeing someone, you would have conversations about far more intimate and serious things. There is a great amount of vulnerability with one another, and you would be talking about things that are tough to share. 

You might have already discussed your plans and the prospect you have about being together for a long-term relationship.

No Question of Exclusivity in Dating Whereas In Seeing Someone Exclusivity Plays an Integral Part 

If you have just begun dating, exclusivity is not something that you can consider to be given. This is because, if you have been on a date with someone, it is quite obvious that both of you will also be out with other individuals if you wish to.

In situations when you establish that you have been seeing someone, then you can expect some kind of exclusivity from your partner in the relationship. 

However, don’t just assume but have a clear interaction with your partner about the same. You both must put forth your expectations clearly.   

Dating Does Not Make You Focus on Being Perfect Whereas You Seek Perfection While Seeing Someone

While going on dates with someone, you are filled with a lot of energy. You take time to wear the best outfit, look smart, and take them to those places which only you are aware of in the city. 

There is always an intention toward making things seem perfect to your partner.

When you are seeing someone, you would not seek perfection in any of your activities or conduct. You would be comfortable feeling lazy in front of them, casually having coffee and snacks at your place, and not even bothering much about cleanliness.

Is Seeing Someone and Dating the Same?

There is a great level of ambiguity involved with these two terms. People may link seeing someone vs dating with different meanings. The most important aspect is that both individuals in the relationship have a good understanding of their expectations from one another. 

This allows them to decide the frequency of their meetings, and their interactions over call and text apart from exclusivity and several other aspects. 

Therefore, communication plays a crucial role in determining them, while the lack of it results in an array of misunderstandings.

Final Words

We have discussed in detail various aspects of seeing someone vs dating, apart from explaining the differences that set them apart from each other. The kind of relationship you currently see yourselves in helps determine where you stand.