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How to Make Your Boyfriend Jealous? – 20 Ways To Make Him Want Your Attention

How to Make Your Boyfriend Jealous? – 20 Ways To Make Him Want Your Attention

Updated on Sep 21, 2023

How to Make Your Boyfriend Jealous - 20 Ways To Make Him Want Your Attention

You need to know how to make your boyfriend jealous if you are tired of being taken for granted. 

Jealousy can bring in a hint of drama in your relationship and make him understand your value. However, it’s quite tricky, and you gotta play it safely and avoid bad consequences!

So, if you can’t wait to regain your position in his life, keep reading!

How to Make Your Boyfriend Jealous? – 20 Ways

Whether your man is always going out with his guys or just doesn’t appreciate you like before… a healthy bit of jealousy can always help you out. 

However, the key here is “limit”… you must neither cross the line nor be too mellow. Since most people struggle with that, let’s show you some real good ways here!

1. Ignore his calls and texts once in a while

A great way to stir up his jealousy is to be unavailable now and then. Make him realize that you have a life and that your world does not revolve around him. 

Ignore his texts and calls and avoid instant replies. Make him long for you, but do it moderately. You don’t want to make him feel that you are taking him for granted. 

2. Reminisce about your previous partner in front of him

Share your memories about your ex with him. He will wonder whether your ex is still there in the picture and, as a result, will try harder.

No need to share intimate stories. Rather, just talk about a nice day at a coffee shop. Make sure that you don’t go overboard with your comparisons, or he might get too insecure

3. Flirt with another man in front of him

With a little bit of harmless flirting, you’ll skyrocket your chances of making your man jealous. 

So, make advances to a coworker or a stranger. Gently flirt with someone when he is watching. To make his heart burn in jealousy, laugh at another man’s joke and lean on to them. 

When he sees that you have other options available, he will try to make you realize that he’s the one for you.

4. Enjoy life even when he’s not around

Show him that you can enjoy your life without him. Attend parties and make plans when he’s busy. Try to make every moment count. 

The human heart often wants things it can’t have. So, when he realizes that he is not on your mind at all times, he will want more attention.

5. Post photos with other guys

Another surefire way to make him jealous is to post photos with other men on social media. So, whenever you hang out with other men, make sure that you click a photo with them. 

As harmless your relationship with this man is, it will make him wonder if you’re still his girl. But don’t post too many pictures with the same guy. Otherwise, he might start questioning your faithfulness.

6. Let him know that other men are interested

The basic human instinct is to desire what other people desire. So, your worth to him is going to increase if he sees that you have many suitors. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are interested in others or not. At least, it will keep him jealous enough to try harder. 

7. Rave about a celebrity crush

This is one of the safest ways to make him jealous, with the least chance of backfiring. Even if you go on and on about a celebrity crush, he can never question your loyalty. 

So, use this trick as often as you can. Let him know that you do find other men attractive. 

8. Don’t ask for his help

Independence is attractive and unnerving at the same time. When he sees that you can support yourself, he will realize that you don’t need a knight in shining armor. On top of that, his respect for you will surely increase. 

However, too much of this can make him feel that he is indispensable. So make sure that you don’t overdo it. 

For instance, seek his help, but not too often. Show that you may want him, but you don’t need him.

9. Don’t respond when he flirts with you

Another way to make him jealous and crave you more is to not respond to his flirtations. When he tries to seduce you, leave him hanging. Let him realize he can’t get his way with you whenever he pleases. 

Even if your body asks you to, don’t give in. Make him wait before you give him what he wants. 

10. Don’t tell him everything

If you want to unleash his possessiveness, then don’t share every detail about who you’ll meet or what you’re doing. 

Always have an air of mystery, and make him think that he has more to know about you. The curiosity and jealousy are going to make him mad. 

11. Be friends with your ex

Men often get jealous when you are friends with other men. But when the other man is your ex-boyfriend, they lose their minds. 

So, if possible, have a good platonic relationship with your ex. Go out with them as often as you can. Make your boyfriend believe that your ex is still in the picture. 

This will not only activate his jealousy but also make him a better boyfriend, as he won’t want to lose you. He’ll make sure that you’re satisfied so you don’t seek anyone else. 

12. Initiate conversations less often

The lesser you make yourself available to him, the more he will want you. So, to make him jealous and talk to you more, you need to talk less. 

When he realizes that you have other people to talk to, he will pay more attention. 

13. Laugh at another man’s jokes

Men believe that they can make women fall for them by being funny. They desire to be the only man to make their girlfriend laugh.  

So, if you laugh at another guy’s jokes, your boyfriend won’t be able to stand it. He’ll get anxious if another man has the same effect on you. That anxiety will turn into jealousy, and he will try to earn his place back. 

14. Make friends with his enemies

One of the risky ways to make your man jealous is to become friends with people he hates. He won’t be able to accept that you can get close to his enemies, and he will become exasperated.

Initially, he might question your loyalty, but then he will realize that you can choose your friends. Eventually, he’ll work hard to show you he’s better than them.

15. Go out with your girlfriends

Another way to make him jealous is to go out with your girlfriends. Dress up to the nines and go to a nightclub. Let him know that you do not really need a man to be happy. Make him want to steal you from your girls!

16. Go out on a solo trip

If you go on a solo trip, it will make him realize that you do not need anyone to live your best life, not even him. He will understand that you are comfortable with being alone. 

Not only will he become jealous, but he will also start respecting you more. He will know that you are with him not because you need him but because you want him.  

17. Be distracted when he is talking

The lesser attention you give him, the more he will crave it. If he sees that you are preoccupied when he’s talking to you, he will realize that you have more important things to attend to. 

He’ll wonder what’s more important than him and get jealous. He’ll also learn to value your time more.

18. Talk to him about a male childhood friend

Men always get jealous of their girl’s male best friend or childhood friend. So, to make your boyfriend jealous without doing any damage, bring up the topic of a male friend. 

Make him lose his mind by telling him how inseparable the two of you were. Tell him that you will reconnect with them if you get the chance. 

19. Tell him about some flirty DMs 

If any of your guy friends or coworkers sent you flirtatious texts or comments, use those. Be oblivious and say, “Hey, Drake said he wants to watch the new movie with me. Is it good?” While you act all innocent, he’ll burn in his rage!

Or, look up your Facebook or Instagram DMs, and you’ll find tons of men trying to slide in. So, show one or more of those to him. Show him that people still want you.

20. Get close to his friends

Men often fear their friends are going to take their girlfriends away. So, if you want to make him burn with jealousy, you should spend more time with his friends. 

But don’t get extra friendly, or you might become the cause of a lot of drama. After all, you don’t want him to have a fallout with his friends for your sake. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Remember, to make him jealous, you need to sneakily remind him of your worth. These ways will definitely help you reach your goal and show your worth… but never violate his boundaries. Never do anything disrespectful to him or your relationship.

However, if he still doesn’t respond, communicate openly about your feelings. And decide accordingly to make things work!