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How To Get Your Wife In The Mood – 25 Sneaky Ways To Arouse Her  

How To Get Your Wife In The Mood – 25 Sneaky Ways To Arouse Her  

Updated on Oct 06, 2023

How To Get Your Wife In The Mood - 25 Sneaky Ways To Arouse Her  

Lately, you’re wondering how to get your wife in the mood, as she’s just never up for a sexy time.

You desire this diva of a lady so much, but she just can’t take the hint. You feel frustrated, as you also can’t resist thinking about all the ungodly sinful ways you want to make her feel pleasure. 

Well, your patience-filled days are about to end with this guide. So, dive right into it!

How To Get Your Wife In The Mood? – 25 Ways

Most women think that men only think about sex. So, if you only try to seduce her with flirtatious and naughty moves, it’s normal for your wife to be turned off. 

So, the ultimate tip is to make her feel cherished, loved, and cared for. You must show her that you want her both – body and soul.

If that sounds a little confusing, don’t worry. Try out everything in this list to set the right mood!

1. Make your bedroom romantic 

A comfortable bedroom with a romantic ambiance can help you and your wife relax, making it easier to focus on each other. The right lighting, scents, and decor can stimulate the senses and create a sensual atmosphere.

A messy environment can be distracting and unromantic. So, clean and tidy up everything.

Replace harsh overhead lights with softer, dimmer lighting. Candles or string lights can create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Use scented candles, essential oils, or air fresheners with pleasant, relaxing scents like lavender or vanilla. 

Set the mood with a playlist of romantic or sensual music. Consider adding sensual or romantic decor elements like soft pillows or satin sheets. 

2. Send her naughty messages when you’re not around 

Send sweet and naughty messages throughout the day – especially when at work. Use romantic, affectionate language, compliments, and endearing nicknames to warm her up. 

Slowly delve into lots of dirty talk and sexual innuendos. Arouse her with your texts and tell her all kinds of things you’d like to do with her once you meet later.

3. Surprise her with a sexy outfit

A sexy outfit can set the mood for a romantic evening and show that you’re still sexually attracted to her. It can reignite physical attraction. 

But before purchasing anything, understand your wife’s style and preferences. Consider what colors, materials, and styles she likes.

Ensure you know her correct size for a perfect fit. If you don’t know, discreetly check her other clothing or ask her in a casual way. 

Don’t forget about accompanying accessories like stockings, lingerie, or jewelry that can complement the outfit. 

4. Try new things

Change and variety save your relationship from becoming too predictable or boring. 

Experiment with new things to reignite the excitement and passion in your relationship. Try out new positions, techniques, or props in your intimate life. 

5. Be unpredictable

Spontaneity adds an element of surprise to your relationship. Be unpredictable to make your wife feel more desired and cherished. 

Give her unexpected hugs, kisses, and compliments throughout the day. These small acts of affection can make her anticipate something naughty. 

6. Share your feelings

Open and honest communication fosters trust, which is essential for a healthy, intimate relationship.

So, tell her how much she means to you and how much you want her emotionally and physically. 

Share your thoughts and emotions honestly, even if they make you feel vulnerable. This will help her understand you don’t just want her body. You want her heart as well!

7. Touch her sensually

The power of touch can deepen your emotional connection and convey your love and affection. Sensual touches can be incredibly relaxing, reducing stress and creating a sense of well-being.

Use your hands to caress her skin softly. Focus on her arms, neck, and back. Gradually work your way to more intimate and erogenous areas. 

Engage all the senses. Whisper sweet nothings or talk dirty to her and breathe softly on her skin. Encourage her to ask how she wants to be touched. 

8. Arrange a romantic dinner for her

A romantic dinner is a beautiful way to express your love and affection for your wife. It makes her feel cherished and valued. 

A meal in a romantic setting encourages intimacy and meaningful conversation. It shows you want her to be healthy and happy and not just desire her sexually.

Choose a date and time in advance that works for you both. Decide whether you’ll prepare the meal yourself or make a restaurant reservation. 

Select her favorite dishes or cuisine if you’re cooking. Consider any dietary restrictions or preferences she may have. 

9. Explore sex games

This is another way to ease her into a naughty mood. Before you begin, get rid of all distractions or concerns about privacy. 

Select an enticing couples board game or intimate card game. You can also look things up online to make it even naughtier.

10. Suggest showering together

During the shower, indulge in sensual physical contact as you wash each other’s bodies. The warm water, touch, and shared space can heighten sensuality and stimulate desire.

It can be a relaxing and stress-relieving experience, creating a comfortable atmosphere for intimacy. 

Ask her, “I thought it would be nice for us to shower together tonight. What do you think?”

If she agrees, go all out with scented candles to set the mood. You can also use waterproof toys – just in case! 😉

11. Express her your genuine love

Genuine expressions of love create a strong emotional bond between you and your wife. So help with chores and run errands to show your love. 

It will make her life easier, and she’ll be more open to getting nasty with you tonight! 

12. Cuddle when possible

Cuddling may not always lead to sex, but it’s a comforting way to express love.

Find a comfortable position, whether lying together, sitting on the couch, or simply sitting close to each other. 

Embrace your wife in a way that feels natural for both of you. Hold hands, hug, or spoon.

Enjoy the closeness and silence as you both relax and unwind. If your woman isn’t tired, it’ll certainly make her consider doing the deed! 

13. Give her a passionate kiss

Regular kisses show your love and affection. But a passionate kiss stimulates pleasure centers in the brain, releasing feel-good hormones that make you feel more connected and relaxed.

To get your woman in the mood, begin with gentle and tender kisses on her lips. Start slowly and gradually increase the intensity. 

Experiment with different types of kisses. Mix it from slow, deep kisses to playful, teasing ones to keep the passion alive. 

14. Have a sex talk session

Indulge in open and honest sex talk with your wife to set the mood for more passionate moments. And no, this is not about dirty talking!

Sex talks are conversations that help you figure out each other’s sexual needs.

Ask open-ended questions about her desires. Express your needs and thoughts in a respectful and non-pressure manner. 

15. Get dirty with dessert 

Prepare high-quality chocolate syrup to chocolate fondue and fresh whipped cream. 

Use these to draw designs or dirty messages on each other’s bodies. Playfully and slowly lick it off your wife’s body to make her beg for the main course!

Let your imagination run wild, as you can do a lot.

Be prepared for the mess. Lay down towels or sheets that are easy to clean, as things may get messy. 

16. Don’t rush the foreplay

Extended foreplay is one of the best ways to make your wife eager for you. Take your time to explore each other’s bodies and sensations. Don’t rush the process. Savor each moment.

Focus on her pleasure and satisfaction. Pay attention to her reactions and listen to her cues.

Incorporate props or accessories like feathers or blindfolds to add excitement to foreplay. 

17. Offer her a relaxing massage

Massages can heighten her senses, leading to increased desire. 

So, lay out a soft surface like a bed or massage table. Prepare clean towels and massage oil or lotion. 

Take your time to explore her body and push fatigue out of her muscles. 

After the enjoyable experience, if she falls asleep, don’t wake her. Once she’s well-rested, she’ll have more energy to pay back your favor! 

18. Treat her gently

Men believe that hard and rough sex is more fun. But that only causes discomfort or pain. It may make your woman less eager for sex.

So, start with a slow and soft. Take your time with kissing, touching, and caressing, allowing the arousal to build gradually. Use a water-based lubricant to ensure comfort and reduce friction during sex.

Pay attention to her rhythm and pace. Adapt your movements to match hers, ensuring she feels in control of the experience.

19. Try role-play

Explore your fantasies with roleplay. You can try boss-assistant or doctor-nurse roleplay. 

Establish clear boundaries and consent guidelines. Make sure you both feel comfortable and safe throughout the role-play.

Prepare appropriate costumes and props. Decide what scene you want to recreate. Get into character and use dialogue and actions that fit the scenario you’ve chosen. 

20. Explore sexual content together

Watch or read sexual content – like erotic literature, romantic movies, or even porn – together to understand what turns on each of you. Select sexual content that aligns with your shared interests. This can include 

If your wife feels uncomfortable, crack jokes about something in the content. If she’s comfortable, ask her what she liked, share what you found interesting, and decide if you want to try those. 

21. Work on your overall look

Improve your physical appearance to boost your self-confidence. As you feel and look more attractive and desirable, your wife will be attracted more toward you.

Better health also improves physical endurance and performance. This will help you last longer in bed, making your woman desire you more. 

Adopt a healthier lifestyle to better long-term health, ensuring you can enjoy intimacy as you age. 

22. Keep flirting and teasing

Flirting keeps the romance alive in your relationship. Pay your wife sincere compliments about her appearance, personality, or something she has done. Make her feel attractive and desired.

Light and playful teasing can create a fun and flirtatious atmosphere. Just be sure your teasing is affectionate and never hurtful. 

23. Plan a date 

Take her out to watch movies or go stargazing. Book a room in a classy hotel. Order food to your room. 

Make sure you carry all the things you need to get naughty. Some suggestions are protection, lube, sexy lingerie, toys, and scented candles!

Once you’re done eating, send her to take a shower while you prepare the room. She won’t refuse you after being treated right!

24. Use sex toys

Introduce sex toys into your intimate life to enhance pleasure. Explore new sensations and create a more exciting and fulfilling sexual connection with your wife. 

Buy new toys together to choose the best. In the bedroom, take consent and indulge in an amazing time! 

25. Get a sex furniture

Sex furniture is designed to provide comfort and support, allowing for greater pleasure and exploration. It can help you explore new sexual positions and activities that may not be achievable with conventional furniture.

Explore different types of sex furniture and their functions. Various options are available, from positioning pillows to sex swings, depending on your preferences. 

Let her choose the furniture to prioritize her comfort. Once home, ask her to explain how to use it to set the right scene. 😉

A word from ThePleasantRelationship 

Remember, don’t make your wife feel that you just want her for sex. In fact, sometimes, she won’t reciprocate properly, even if you do a lot for her.

On those days, try to put yourself in her shoes, show empathy, and create a safe space for her. Keep trying and follow a no-pressure way. She’ll definitely respond eventually. 

But if you notice a massive difference in your drive, seek a sex therapist. Expert help may make your marital life even more blissful!