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How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back – 50 Foolproof Tips

How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back – 50 Foolproof Tips

Updated on Oct 04, 2023

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back – 50 Foolproof Tips

Wondering how to get your ex-girlfriend back? Did she leave after you hurt her? Or, do you regret leaving her unreasonably? Or, did she misunderstand and leave you?

Whatever may be the reason, I’ll support you through your journey. Getting back an ex might not be easy, but with a pure heart and a clear mind, you may reconcile.

Wondering how you’ll change the grumpy girl’s mind? Well, I have a secret to getting back the love of your life.

However, don’t expect any miracle out of it. Good things need time and effort.

So, grab my hand, trust me, and begin this journey…

I hope you get together soon!

How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back – 50 Tips 

If you thought there’s no way to get back your girl, you’re wrong. However, it might turn real if you give up too easily or hold grudges against her.

After all, building relationships is no easy feat. You gotta be true to yourself and be truly in love to make everything work.

So, are you ready to commit? Then c’mon, let’s plunge into the sea to bring back your princess…

1. Identify solid reasons to get back together

If you broke up recently, you’re shocked and will undergo the stages of grief. During this, you’ll want to get her back at any cost. Your journey to get her back can’t begin unless you complete the cycle.

Because if the truth doesn’t sink in, you won’t be able to do your best completely.

Further, if you miss the warmth under the sheets, that’s another red flag. Don’t work on your lust either. Get her back because you love her, not for sex. If you need sex, anyone will suffice.

So, don’t patch up because you’re bored, horny, or think it’s impossible. Differentiate between love and lust.

2. Follow the no-contact rule to reflect on life

Bet on at least a month of the no-contact period from your breakup. You may increase the period to 45 days but don’t decrease that.

Don’t start talking about the relationship or to hang out before this time passes.

During this, you’ll both get space and time to understand yourself and reflect on yourself. Understand what went wrong, work on yourself, and prepare to be a better person for yourself and for your ex to want back.

If you haven’t started this yet, stop contacting them anymore and begin your journey.

Meanwhile, give your ex time to understand what it feels like to be without you. She might miss you or understand she can’t live without you.

3. Know what led you to break up

First of all, don’t start with “She’s responsible”, because in relationships you’re both responsible. Nothing can go wrong one-sidedly.

If she started acting distant, hung out with potential dates, or stopped replying to your text messages, why did that happen?

Some possibilities are:

You didn’t make her feel secure, so she didn’t see a future

You’re in a long-distance relationship and she found it hard to continue

You behaved more like a lap dog than a partner and she got bored

Your demands, clinginess, and excess dependence stressed her

You have nothing in common and it bored her

Wondering why I’m so nosy? Well, if you know the breakup reasons, you must work on it.

4. Alcohol and texting are a naïve combo

Many people don’t take breakups well and make a huge mistake: drunken texting and calling. You’re torn apart and depending on alcohol to soothe your pain.

Around 3 am you get this fantastic idea: Let’s call or text her drunk and crying to get back without any consideration that she’s sleeping or tired.

She’ll instantly know you’re drunk from the shower of excess texts or your voice and the time. This is an instant turn-off for many women and you might get blocked from all platforms.

It’ll hideously ruin your chances of winning her back, mate. So, stop with such ideas and bear with me, okay?

5. Get a clear idea of their attraction to you

Think about why your ex liked you in the first place? The relationship didn’t start just because of your feelings.

What did your ex like about you? Are you a good mentor? Do you make her bad days into bearable ones? Did you have the same interests? Did she love your knowledge about vast things?

Did she love how you listened to her ramble about everything? Maybe she liked how you always showed her the rational side of everything?

Preserve the traits that unite you because you’ll use them as bait later. You can even try improving these traits if there’s any room.

6. Don’t delay the apologies for too long

Sometimes, relationships don’t work out because partners grow apart with time. They work on different goals and it’s better to stop because it’s mutual.

However, it’s mostly someone’s fault. If you cheated on her, didn’t spend time or spare attention on her, ignored her intentionally, or hurt her even slightly, it’s time to apologize.

Be honest with yourself and judge your actions in the relationship fairly. Nobody identifies the problem within them easily. So, this will be hard for you and you’ll need time for it.

However, the moment you understand where you went wrong, apologize through a text or call.

It’ll send her clear signs that you’re working on yourself and emotional maturity.

7. Induce a small fear of loss in her

Though you’ll contact her to apologize during this period of time, don’t stretch the conversation any further. The apology text doesn’t invalidate your no-contact rule.

If you show her a sign of emotional maturity, she’ll think “Wow, I didn’t expect that so soon”.

Even if she’s angry, this will confuse her emotions. Further, if you don’t nag her beyond that apology text, she’ll become curious or even worried that you’ll move on.

While you build yourself and hold back from contact, she’ll worry if you’ll fall in love with someone else.

This may not happen in one day, so the no-contact comes really handy if she’s angry, hurt, or can’t notice the bigger picture.

8. Don’t enter the rebound road

Many try to get over bad breakups with rebound relationships or casual one-night stands. I don’t blame them for it, but it’s a bad choice. If word goes out to your ex, they’ll never want you back.

For instance, she might think “Oh, so I was only there for the sex I suppose”. Casual flings and rebounds will only reduce your chances and won’t make her feel good.

She might think “Thank goodness we broke up! They just want to sleep around… they don’t care who they’re with”.

Moreover, make sure none of your friends tries to spread rumors about you dating or getting lots of dates to make her jealous.

9. Be in others’ company to spike jealousy

I asked you to not start dating yet, but meeting new people is still a good idea. This will boost your confidence and communication skills.

Spend some time with other women and let your ex know. Wondering how she’ll know about it? Bravely send a text like “It was a good idea to separate and see others. I hope we can be friends soon”.

Send this in one text, avoid multiple texting, and wait. You showed a small glimpse that other girls still demand you, you’re happy with the breakup, and you’re over it.

If she’s not over you, she’ll be afraid of losing you and try to get you back out of jealousy.

10. Become whole to make her want you

If you mope around in the breakup pain, she’ll know you have nobody around you.

She’ll know she’s doing better than you in life and no woman wants a cry-baby in their life. So, tell me why she will return?

It’s time to work on yourself and lead a good life. Carve out a plan to be more successful in life. To be more successful, focus on your life. Search which part of your life lacks.

Of course, don’t stalk her social media, otherwise, you’ll demotivate yourself.

If she does better without you, you can’t dedicate yourself to surpassing her and showing you’re better. So, take time to focus just on yourself.

11. Boost the attraction without being obvious

If your partner is still hung up on you (because there’s always some chance), she’s probably stalking your social media while munching on snacks.

Especially, if you stay true to your no-contact and follow the steps well, she’ll feel curious about your life.

Share pictures and updates on social media about your success.

It might be a promotion, a fitness goal, making new friends, hanging out, leading a better life, or even pictures where you look like a genuinely confident and happier person.

But, make sure you don’t post pictures with other girls clinging to you. Women don’t feel attraction towards a player, they’ll chase someone strong and available to commit and be exclusive.

12. Definitely flaunt the “new” you

Suppose, you improved yourself and are not the same person that hurt her… that’s cool. However, saying that won’t change her ideas about you.

Say, you never paid attention to her and didn’t take her on dates because you were too busy. She felt left out, you seemed emotionally unavailable and someone who’s simply boring.

In this scenario, go out to have fun with friends and family or visit a pet shelter. Have a friend shoot candid shots of you genuinely having fun.

Post it on your social media and let her know you changed for the better. This will work much better than “I changed and won’t hurt you again so let’s get back once more” texts.

13. Being a pushover isn’t an option

I understand you want her back and wondering “how to get your ex-girlfriend back after begging”. In my opinion, begging is the worst thing you can do.

If you promise your partner anything to reconcile, you’ll allow them to walk all over you.

Being a doormat won’t win your ex-girlfriend back. But no woman wants that. You’ll just prove you’re desperate and she’ll notice you have zero self-respect.

If you don’t respect yourself, she won’t either and that’s your recipe for an unhealthy relationship.

Mutual respect is important in happy and healthy relationships, so don’t agree to do something uncomfortable for her or expect her to accept all your demands.

14. Don’t check up on her friends or family

Sometimes, people feel so hopeless about getting back with an ex, they hit up their ex’s allies to mope.

Suppose you want to know how she’s doing, but she doesn’t reply. If you ask her folks about her, they’ll ask why you can’t get through. When they know you guys broke up, they won’t entertain you.

Listen, buddy, her friends, and family are on her side. They’ll convey that you’re desperate for your ex-girlfriend.

A lot of time this creates unnecessary drama. Eventually, her folks will convince her against reuniting with you. Don’t involve her loved ones in it just yet.

15. Go for a makeover

Physical attraction is super important for long-term relationships. Figure out if that died in between you two. How frequently did you groom yourself for her?

In the early phases of relationships, lovers try a lot to attract one another’s attention. Did you do the same before the breakup? If not, you must work on this.

Get a fresh haircut (especially if you’re a woman) and ask your stylist for more than one flattering beard style (for men). Though your relationship is more than just physical appearance, this is a vital part.

Exercise to shape up and elevate your mood and help you flatter that heart-melting smile on your profile picture.

16. But, change within your comfort zone

A physical makeover doesn’t imply getting botox, fillers, surgeries, or body shaming yourself. Don’t do something to yourself that you don’t truly desire or that hurts your self-esteem.

The makeover must be your honest decision from the bottom of your heart. If you’re plus size and feel happy with it and don’t want anything else, don’t change.

If you’re short, you don’t need any bone surgery. If you’re too thin, you don’t need to binge eat to gain weight.

Change in a way that makes you happy and healthy. If you’re unhappy with your physical changes or force yourself to undergo procedures, you can’t love yourself or her.

17. Meditate and heal mentally

A breakup is a huge loss, so try to heal yourself all alone. If you don’t have anyone to lean on during this, don’t force yourself to be strong.

Spend more time meditating and calming yourself.

If you don’t know how to or can’t focus, look up YouTube tutorials or enroll in a meditation class.

Try to do things that make you feel good. Do you like practicing the piano? Or, is painting your favorite pastime?

Pacify your heart to get over the pain. If you still feel pain, you can’t truly love your ex. Deep inside you’ll hate them for leaving and hurting you.

18. Spend more time with genuine friends

If you have friends and family close to you, visit them. Don’t always burden them with your relationship troubles, but ask if you’re really in need.

Hang out with them to create good memories and amp up your self-esteem. During this time, you don’t want anyone that tells you to make things worse.

If anyone advises you to work up your courage after vodka shots, steer clear from such people. They either don’t know how things work or want to sabotage your chances.

If someone is here only for the juicy bits about your life, stay away. Go to the people you can trust your life with.

19. Avoid hanging out with mutual friends in the healing period

While you heal, your confidence is low and you might whine about your ex leaving you. You don’t want your ex to know about this.

So, you mustn’t hang out with her friends or any mutual friend… you never know who’ll snitch on you. Or, just control your emotions if you can’t avoid them.

If you’re close with mutual friends, consider if they’re on your side or her. If they don’t support either of you but still encourage you, neither trust them blindly nor ignore them.

Discuss their advice with other trusted friends to make sure it’s right.

20. Learn about healthy relationships

Many of us define romantic relationships as the bond we shared with our parents. For the same reason, our childhood attachment styles impact our adulthood relationships.

So, read up through online sources or books about healthy relationships and boundaries. You’ll get a rough idea of where you or she went wrong in the relationship.

Since there’s a lot to learn about in relationships, you’ll need more time than just 45 days. So, don’t be surprised to extend your no-contact or contact them while you’re still learning.

But, I’ll recommend learning the basics before you reach out. You have a high chance of messing up if you’re not entirely ready.

21. Understand if she’s really worth it

While you study healthy and dysfunctional relationships, be critical about yourself and her. Honestly compare your and her behavior in the relationship.

If you usually blame your ex or yourself for everything, depend on someone else for the judgment. Contact someone who can impartially observe the situation.

Reconsider this plan, if you and another person find that she showed red flags or deal breakers in the relationship.

Even if you love her a lot, don’t try to get back a toxic or abusive girlfriend.

It’s your life, but I think your friend will also try to stop you if they find something off about it. If everything is alright, continue.

22. Avoid impulsive messes

Some people delete their girlfriend’s number or block them on social media to get over them. If you’re not connected on social media, how will she know about you?

You’ll work on yourself and post that on social media. But how will she know it?

Perhaps you have a mutual friend in your contacts and think they’ll send your ex screenshots about you.

Well, they might not be that interested in your breakup or don’t have time to stalk you so don’t raise your stakes so high.

Further, if your ex notices you blocked her, she’ll try to move on for real. If you delete her number, getting her number from her friends after the no-contact will be embarrassing.

23. Work on your body language

Attractive women also notice their man’s body language. They desire a man with confidence oozing from their body.

If you’re a heterosexual couple, look for men’s confident body language in relationships through online sources or books. If you’re a homosexual couple, search it for women’s.

Eye contact is important despite your gender. Don’t hunch or lean whether you sit or stand.

Chest puffs might work better for men only. If you’re a man, sit with your body more spread out and relaxed, but women don’t need this.

Working on your body language is tough, so don’t waste your time and get to work right now. By the time you’re done, you’ll be ready to end the no-contact period.

24. Don’t bomb her with texts after the no-contact

If you followed all the steps until now and successfully upgraded yourself, you’re ready to end the no-contact rule. Think about how to get your ex-girlfriend back without looking desperate.

Don’t send multiple texts after a long break. Don’t show up begging and pleading after this long struggle. It’ll ruin the entire point of your long perseverance.

Send her one text like “Hey, it’s been a long time, how are you doing?” Don’t be impatient for a reply and wait for 24 hours.

If you can’t control your urges, she won’t feel attracted to you.

After 24 hours, you may call her once to check up or politely text “Let me know if you’re okay.”

25. Respect her boundaries in this situation

If she still doesn’t reply to your texts and calls or asks you to stop, stop contact right away. She’s equally hurt in this situation, so don’t force it.

Text or convey over the call “I wish to be friends again, but it’s okay if you’re not ready.”

If she’s still as much hurt, you have two possibilities, she still loves you but is too hurt to get in touch. Or, she’s ready to move on which isn’t good news for you.

But whatever be the scenario, be respectful to attract her.

26. Don’t overreact if your ex-girlfriend is dating

There are nice guys everywhere and your ex might hit it off with someone. If she starts dating, focus on how to get your ex-girlfriend back from another guy, rather than getting jealous.

From years of experience, I can vouch that a person is a rebound if she dates someone else within 2 months of your breakup. She’s living the dreams she carved with you with that person.

If you work hard, you can get her back because deep inside she’s searching for you in that person. If you react to this relationship, she’ll show off more to force out your reactions.

27. Don’t insult her whatsoever

Sometimes people aren’t in their right mind. Your ex might react negatively when you reach out. She might push your buttons because she found someone better or for you to leave her.

If things didn’t end on good terms or she didn’t get closure, be prepared for a bad thrashing. Honestly, this will be a test of your patience.

If you still want her back after her exploding reaction, don’t insult her to get back at her. If she tells you off, don’t insult her.

Either stop the conversation or handle it without any name-calling. Hopefully, this was a given, never disrespect her.

28. Smoothen out the rough edges with friendship

If she agrees to be friends with you, don’t expect to continue where you left off. After over a month of no contact, you can’t expect things to be the same. You’re like strangers with bittersweet memories.

If you want to know how to get your ex-girlfriend back and keep her, work on being friends and starting from scratch. This will require more effort but this promises to save the relationship.

Be a true friend to win back her trust. Listen to her when she talks and show her you changed, don’t tell.

Prove yourself while you’re in the friendzone over texts. Don’t try to meet just yet.

29. Warm her up to you

If you text her too frequently, she’ll hate that. So, how frequent is proper? Well, for the first 10 days, leave two days gap in between every contact day.

For instance, day 1: hit up with a funny meme and shortly end the conversation. Day 3: Casually text for a bit longer but leave at the good part. Day 5: Continue from the good part.

Day 8: Inquire about her day or week. Day 9: Begin the day with a motivational text if day 8 or the entire week was bad for her.

By now she got used to texting you so day 10: Let her text first. For the next three days (days 11-13), initiate a convo and end it before it gets boring.

Slowly take the conversation to calls.

30. Make her laugh from time to time

Wondering what you’ll text her?

A surefire secret to befriending her: Make her laugh over texts. You may want to meet face to face but just not yet. She’s not yet comfortable. So, share funny memes or inner jokes.

Reminisce about an old memory that won’t remind them about the breakup. Share a funny scene from her favorite comedy. Or, tell a joke to make her smile.

If she likes small animals, visit a friend with a pet, take pictures and send it to her with a funny story about it. Melt her slowly with cute and funny ideas.

31. Bet on time if she’s still uncomfortable

If she doesn’t laugh or initiate texts herself, then this isn’t in your control. You can’t get angry at her for not replying or not behaving a particular way. Even if it takes a lot of effort, don’t lose your mind.

Don’t expect her to laugh heartily or randomly text you. In the back of her mind, she still replays the bad memories of the relationship. It’s already a good sign that she doesn’t mind your texts.

Bear with her for now and it’ll soon improve. She knows you pretty well, so time to show how much better you got.

32. Have meaningful text conversations

Don’t depend excessively on “hey, hello, how are you” and… you know… simply starters which are always boring. Be more spontaneous with your thoughts.

It’s okay to not have deep poetic conversations. You don’t need to compare the glitter in her eyes with the stars. Originality and meaningful convo matter more.

For instance, if she has a pet, ask her about them. If anyone in her family is sick, inquire about them. If the weather was bad on a weekday, ask if she reached home safely at night.

The little things always matter and count in relationships.

33. Mimic her texting game

If she sends you two-liner replies, sending paragraphs won’t speed up the process. Make your follow-up texts shorter than two lines and light-hearted.

If she takes hours before replying to your texts, don’t be a fast texter but send a fun comeback.

You undoubtedly want to woo her all over again. But, wait right there in your tracks! Does she want to be wooed yet? Maybe she still wants some space, so imitate the texting game.

If she wants you back fast, she’ll text more frequently when she knows you don’t NEED her.

She’ll understand that you’re not desperate for her. Trust me, you need this score badly to get her interested.

34. Share something emotional or from your childhood

Our childhood impacts our adulthood psyche. Share your past and let her understand what experiences built “the you” she sees now. Similarly, ask about her childhood to understand her as a person.

If she shares anything emotional, compliment and encourage her. Let her know that you appreciate her strength.

She’ll depend more on you for moral support and you’ll become an inseparable part of her life.

Further, if you create an impactful memory surrounding a devastating one, she’ll subconsciously seek you during bad days. Listen to her and share helpful advice to deal with her situation.

While you’re at it, slowly transition to calls.

35. Ask her out casually

After a month of breaking no-contact, ask her out on a friendly date. If your texting game was strong and you started talking more on calls, you have a high chance of getting a “yes”.

If you didn’t reach the calling phase, this might be a bummer for her. Make sure you ask her out on a date over a call.

During a lighthearted chat when she cheerfully laughs, say “Hey, what do you think of catching up this weekend?”

Ask her out for brunch, a coffee date, or something you’ll do with a friend. She’ll be more willing to accept friendly outings than romantic dates from you.

36. Add spontaneous plans to dates

Once you guys meet at your date venue, strike a playful conversation. If she seems comfortable with the first venue, ask her if she’d like to check another amazing place.

Suppose you had brunch, extend the date to an amusement park or zoo. Keep the date idea fun and non-romantic. Do something she likes so it might be a pet shelter or rock climbing.

When she notices you remembered small details, it’ll remind her of the good times. Add at most two follow-up date activities so that she doesn’t get tired but still has fun.

37. Work to win a second date without asking

On the first date, start working for the second date. When you enter a place, hold the door for her. Keep your body language relaxed, maintain eye contact, and don’t cross your arms.

Use all the positive body language you researched on. Next, if you’re sitting sideways, let your outer thighs touch. If you’re sitting face to face, mistakenly touch the same condiments.

If she shares some sad story, put your hand on her to encourage her. But don’t touch her for too long. If she moves her hand away, don’t push it and respect her thoughts.

At the end of the day, drop her off at her place. She’ll remember the date and crave more.

38. Reminisce about the good times

During the first date, bring back a positive memory about you guys. Suppose you guys always went on shooting dates and you never did well even when she taught you. If this is a funny memory, use it.

Keep shooting as one of the follow-up dates and play along.

If you hit the mark you can say “I improved, won’t you acknowledge me for that?”

If you don’t hit it, say “I was always bad at it. Please help me out!”

Work up her good feelings and see how she reacts. If her mood doesn’t turn dark or she continues the date with the same vibe, that’s good.

39. Play hard to get on texts

If the first date went well, she will hope you’ll ask her out on a second one. She’ll text you on time, sometimes even text you first, or receive your phone faster.

After the first date ends, don’t ask her for the second one on that night or later. Rather, notice if she’s paying you more attention.

Does she check your texts faster? Does she send a longer text than usual? Does she find your texts funny? If yes, it’s time to play a bit cold.

For instance, don’t text her as frequently. Wait until she texts first and continues the conversation only until the good part. Sign off before she gets bored.

40. Take time before the third date

She will ask you out on the second date after the last step. After that, you may ask her out on the third date.

However, make sure you take more time. Don’t ask her out immediately or frequently.

If you do, she might understand your plan. Nothing’s wrong with being strategic, but women like suspense. Don’t give away your secret to make her want you.

In case she understands that you want her desperately and wants to catch her attention, that might turn her off.

So don’t ask her out too fast or too regularly. Show her that you have a life.

41. Show indifference about getting back

When you guys hang out from now on, don’t show that you want her. For instance, don’t…

Stare at her with a loving gaze

Take her on romantic outings

Revisit your ideal date spots

Redo your first date

Show her anything you own from the relationship

If you show small signs of missing her or the relationship, consider that game over.

However, show her a good time now and let her fall in love without trying much. Groom yourself properly and flaunt yourself as a good catch to her.

Make her think “Why doesn’t he want to get back?”

42. But let her know about your feelings

Confused, are you? Okay, let me be clear. Don’t beg her to return like “I really miss you, so let’s get back” or any of its variants.

Rather drop a subtle hint about your feelings like “I miss how we used to…<add a romantic activity from the past>”.

Show that even when you miss her, you won’t beg her to return like “Ahh don’t get me wrong… I know I messed up, so I won’t ask you to return”.

If she acts the way she did in the past, say “You’re as cute as the first day we met”.

Throw around compliments to boost her confidence, but don’t beg her to return.   

43. Wait until she asks it

After playing hard to get and admitting your feelings subtly, wait up. She might not react to her emotions immediately. Give her a month to figure out her feelings.

Within this period, stay in contact, don’t act needy, be more expressive, and seem emotionally available.

Be the person she desires to be with. Remember what she complained about during the relationship and act on it.

Be patient and don’t blurt out an “I love you” while subtly flirting. If she can’t resist this change in you, she might ask you out. If not, she’ll definitely ask if you’re interested in her.

44. Or, take the lead if she takes too long

If she tests your feelings in a roundabout way, this might stretch longer than you imagined.

You never know, but maybe she’s waiting for you to ask her out. If you both wait, the chase won’t ever end.

So, after a month or so since you start meeting up and subtly flirting, confess. Say “I think I still have feelings for you. I don’t know how you feel about me and I was wondering about that.”

Don’t text that, but say it face to face because her expressions will say a lot about her desires.

45. However, emphasize taking it slow

Though you confess your feelings, don’t ask her out just yet. You don’t know about her feelings. So, take time to understand her and not hurt either of you. You don’t need to jump into a relationship.

Tell her “I’m not asking for us to get back together. I know you’re a bit skeptical about it. So, I want to take it slow and see if things can work out. How do you feel about it?”

Of course, if she has someone else in mind, this isn’t a good idea.

46. Care for her folks

While you guys hang out together, ask to join in one another’s family celebrations and group hangouts. During these outings, be extra courteous to her loved ones.

If her best friend is around, try to please them and get on their good books. If you convinced her trusted people that you’re worth it, that’s half victory for you.

She’ll notice that you’re respectful towards her folks and later discuss it with them. They’ll also compliment you and she’ll see you in a different light.

Make sure you do it from the bottom of your heart and don’t fake it… nobody’s a fool, they’ll catch on to pretense.

47. Welcome little disagreements

A major flop idea: Avoiding anything that might instigate a disagreement.

In healthy relationships, there will be arguments and clashes of opinions. You can’t change yourself as an individual but compromising is definitely possible.

Don’t be afraid of disagreeing while you’re taking it slow. Let your emotions flow freely and work things out respectfully.

If you’re too careful around your ex, she’ll think you’re scared she’ll leave you.

Women want someone decisive but not stubborn. So, when you have different opinions, explain why you beg to differ. Allow her to explain her side and with an open mind solve issues.

Show her your responsible side to win her heart for sure.

48. Surprise her with a ring

Did you get positive vibes from her? Does she stick around even after you guys have small fights? Do her friends and family approve of you? Do they frequently invite you over?

If yes, you got a chance. Talk to her best friends or her favorite family member about what she thinks of you. You really need their opinion for the next step.

If they give you the green signal, go all out for a proposal. If you only want a relationship with her, propose to her with a bouquet. If you’re ready to marry her, get a ring ASAP.

49. Promise her a new you

If you’re low on funds, the ring can wait. However, your attitude on the commitment can’t. While proposing to her, promise to be a better person for her.

This is a new journey, not the continuation of the last one. In this guide, this might seem like the end of your challenges, but it’s not. This is the beginning of a long-term relationship.

Stay committed and true to your promises. If you take it for granted and are only words, it won’t take long to break up again. Work and put efforts toward your future together.

50. Giving up won’t land you in success

Let’s say you’re stuck at some step and can’t take it further. You don’t have anything else to do in this situation. Everything good needs time and persistence.

For a good relationship, you need effort, time, energy, and lots of devotion. To prove your dedication and for her to accept you past the issues, she needs time.

If you give up too fast, she’ll think you weren’t serious. Moreover, it might be exceptionally hard because she’s testing you.

Further, women want their suitors to work hard. So, don’t lose patience if you’re serious about her. Assist her while she heals from the past.

5 mistakes you should never do while getting her back

Even if you follow these tips, you still have a huge chance to wreck the patch up. To make a relationship work again, you must stay respectful to her.

Whether it’s at her face or behind her back, there’s no room for disrespect. So, let’s avoid the following for a smooth reconciliation and sailing…

1. Don’t gossip about her

If you gossip behind her, with time word will reach her. Can you imagine how she’ll feel if she still likes you? She’ll be devastated beyond words.

If she doesn’t have any feelings, she’ll only hate you more after knowing that. So, if you want to get your ex back, spreading bad rumors about her won’t help your situation.

She won’t even want to think about you, let alone get a text or call from you.

Suppose she doesn’t get to know it now and learns of your thoughts sometime in the future. She won’t stand it at all.

2. Don’t try to manipulate her

Some people scheme to get back with an ex. By no chance were those tips schemes. Don’t try to manipulate your ex into getting back with you without putting in real work. That’s what you call being manipulative.

If you show her you’re no longer the dirty fighter or that you learned to communicate, make sure it’s the reality.

If you pretend to be someone and manipulate her into getting back, it’ll work. But soon after that relationship will end for good.

3. Don’t show up with other girls

To make your ex miss you, you may post pictures with friends and the new women you meet. However, make sure you don’t particularly share or do anything to taunt her.

Don’t try to hang out with other girls intentionally where your ex frequents. Don’t use quotes like “Didn’t know women like you existed in this world.” 

That’s an indirect insult to your ex. If she sees it, she won’t feel competitive at all. Rather, she’ll feel lucky to get rid of you – who still refers to an ex while they take pictures with another woman.

4. Don’t try to take revenge

So, you want to hurt her because she left you? Abort plan, right away! You can’t hurt a woman and expect her to accept you with open arms. If you want an eye for an eye, then you’ll both turn blind.

Whether you want to take physical, emotional, or any other form of revenge, all of them are equally bad. If you truly love them and want them in your life, you won’t ever think of revenge.

5. Don’t bring up the past

You both made silly mistakes in the past. Probably someone cheated and the other flirted for revenge. Or, you carelessly ignored her and she went out with someone else on a vacation.

Think deep and you’ll find multiple faults from both of your sides. So, why dig your graves anymore?

Bury your past self because you’re working to be someone new and better for one another.

However, if you must, then communicate your concerns respectfully.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

In the end, if you get back with your ex-girlfriend, I’m happy for you. But don’t stop putting in the effort. 

If you don’t get back together, think about what went wrong? Why does your partner not want you back?

However, if you made a major mistake back in the relationship like cheating, search for “how to get back at your ex-girlfriend for cheating”. 

Sometimes, you need specific solutions for particular situations. 

Contrarily, if she didn’t yet react much to your advances, don’t lose your heart. But if she asks you to stop because she has a stable partner, it’s better to back off.

Tread on this path only if you have the chance.

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