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How to Attract a Girl? 40 Sureshot Ways

How to Attract a Girl? 40 Sureshot Ways

Updated on Sep 13, 2023

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

How to Attract a Girl 40 Sureshot Ways ThePleasantRelationship

The looming question in every single man’s mind is – how to attract a girl?

What are the qualities that seem irresistible to women? Your physical appearance, body language, emotional quotient, intellectual quotient, or sexual appeal?

Well, honestly, the answer is – the right combination of ALL!

There are thousands of books and resources that provide lots of advice on the subject. Even you must have read and followed a few yourself.

But those tricks really did not give you the desired outcome, did they? No? Well, the reason for that is simple. Those books provide just a vague idea for you to interpret as per your own understanding. That my friend, leads to only confusion and a lot of frustration.

In this article, we will give you a (no, not a sneak peek) detailed idea of what attracts a woman towards a man! Sounds interesting? Read on…

How to Attract a Girl? – 40 Ways

It takes time to master the art of attraction. But to make things easier for you, here is a list of 40 proven ways in which you can become irresistible to your dream girl….

1. Maintain personal hygiene

This is the most BASIC yet MOST VALUED quality that women find attractive in men. Plus, it’s a very simple task.

Personal hygiene includes showering every day to keep your body clean and fresh, clipping your nails at regular intervals, maintaining good oral hygiene, and so on. You get the idea, right?

2. Look sharp

Always wear well-fitted clothes. It makes you look confident and put-together. Your clothes need not be from a high-end brand. They just need to fit you well.

Ill-fitted clothes make you look shabby and unattractive. Studies show that women are more attracted and likely to marry men who dress well.

3. Don’t follow a trend blindly

Some men look good with a beard, while others don’t. Some can sport long hair and still look smart while others may actually end up looking like a shabby goofball!

It’s not always a good idea to follow a trend. So, always stick to the look that defines your personality.

4. Smell good always

The scent of a man acts like a communicating chemical to attract the opposite sex. The most popular scent notes that women prefer on men are- Vetiver, Citrus, aquatic and woody notes.

So, if you still do not have a good perfume on your dresser, you MUST add it to your shopping list now!

5. Hit the gym, buddy!

You do not need to be a macho man to attract your woman. But you absolutely need to maintain a good physique. Women like (read: love) men who have chiseled bodies.

So, you need to follow a workout routine to tighten-up all the hanging muscles! So, if not Mr Schwarzenegger, at least try to be his distant cousin!

6. Look after your health

As much as it is important that you look after your overall physique, it is equally important to have an eye on your health. Nobody would like to date a sickly man!

You should go for regular health check-ups, eat healthy and take nutritional supplements to boost your energy and immunity.

7. Make your lips your wing-man

Lips can do much more than just kissing or talking. You can use them as a lethal flirting weapon. Just simply brush your lips with your finger or lick them once in a while during your conversation.

Now, do not go on licking your lips like a pervert though. Keep it subtle and this trick will make your girl weak in her knees in no time.

8. Show off your scars

Some women find scars very attractive, especially facial ones. They view it as a symbol of masculinity – like you are dare-devil or maybe got into a harmless brawl with someone!

Studies say that women who like scars are more into a short term or an open relationship. So, if you are a man who is out there for some casual dating, flaunt your scars proudly.

9. Be a little sporty

Women like men who are into sports. It gives them the idea that you are actually fit and healthy. Also, most women find it fun to watch her man compete with others and win. It is exciting and an immense turn on for her.

10. Be her good friend

The easiest way to attract the girl you like is to be her friend first. Do not be just a friend though or else you might get friend-zoned. Keep dropping tiny-little hints on the way so that she knows you’re looking to date her… not be “just friends”.  

She will get confused and at the same time be curious. When she wants a clarification, confess your feelings. She will not see it coming and that will make you very attractive!

11. Be approachable

Most men send out the signals that they like the girl but as soon as she starts to reciprocate, they run! Women don’t like that.

You must be open enough to let your crush make advances, you do not shut her out. You need to be friendly, welcoming, and easy to talk to. This trick works best for men who do not like to make the first move or are shy and introverted.  

12. Make her laugh

No girl can deny that there’s a different charm about funny guys. The easiest trick in the book to make a woman fall for you is to make her laugh often.

Women find men with a tasteful sense of humor, entertaining, creative, and confident. Funny men make women feel safe around them.

If you can tickle your girl’s funny bone in the right way, it will be easier to break the ice in the initial phase of your dating.

13. Be ambitious

Research says that ambition attracts women like honey attracts bees. Well, it also makes sense… Being ambitious speaks volumes about your determination, desire, and passion for what you do.

It gives women the feeling that you can be a strong partner, economically. Economic stability is something every woman wants in their partners while looking for a long-term relationship.

14. Earn a few brownie-points

Women like security and assurance. They do not wish to be your secret lover. So, if you are really into someone – it might be a good idea to introduce a little bit of PDA while you are out on a date.

Little kisses, cuddling, holding hands, and even exchanging tight touches will make your girl feel more confident about the relationship. You may even upload a few cute pictures on social media to give the relationship public validation. Your girl will love you for this!

15. Be confident

Nothing is more attractive than a man who knows who he is and what he wants. They want a partner who they can depend on.

Confident men don’t feel a need to try too hard. They aren’t out to prove anything – to themselves or anyone else. They are secure in who they are, and that is exactly what women want.

So, keep up with that “I can handle this” attitude!

16. Don’t be a bore

The best way to keep your girl attracted to you is to never let her guess your next move. Try introducing new things every time you see her.

Like, if you buy her flowers on your first date, take her to a place with an amazing roof-top view on your next date. Keep her curiosity alive. Talk to her about things that interest her.

For example, if your girl is creative and artsy, speaking about world politics and economic recession will not interest her much. She might not enjoy the conversation and eventually find someone else.

17. Hit and retreat

This works as a charm. The idea is to make her believe that you are enchanted by her and then subtly shifting your focus to your friends or something to read.

This will keep her hanging and make her want to grab your attention even more. But you must do it very tactfully, or you might come across as a crazy person.

18. Wear red more

Women find men in red more attractive. The color red has a psychological effect and makes the wearer appear to be powerful, attractive, and sexually desirable.

So, start dressing up more in red – not like a clown, covered from head to toe with everything in red – like maybe wear a nice red t-shirt or maybe add a red tie to your attire, or even bright red cufflinks.

19. Be a Benjamin Franklin

Research says, if you ask someone to do something for you, they feel important. They feel that they are now an indispensable part of your life.

This is called the Benjamin Franklin Effect and it works wonders to make your girl want you even more!

20. Invest in a hobby

Men who have hobbies tend to succeed at dating more than men who do not. The reason is simple. Hobbies make you look smart and interesting. It makes it easier for you to start a conversation if you both share the same interests.

Men who travel are more attractive to women than those who play videogames at home. If you like cooking, it will definitely be an add on as women are usually attracted to men who cook.

Photography, playing an instrument and dancing are considered to be very sexy hobbies for men. So, where does your heart lie, buddy?

21. Be a good listener

Everyone likes to talk about themselves and open up. But if only you do all the talking, the woman will feel neglected and eventually get bored of you. You must let the other person speak too. A good listener is always more attractive to a woman.

Do not ask too many personal questions, though, and let her speak her mind instead. Be her shoulder to cry on when she’s feeling down or needs to vent.

22. Give genuine compliments

Women love compliments but can easily identify fake ones from real ones too. So be a nice guy and shower her with nice compliments.

Compliments like – “your smile makes my day”, or “the dress is looking beautiful on you” are safe for when you first start dating.

When you both are a lot into each other, you can get a little naughty with your compliments – like, “your lips are looking very kissable today”, “the dress is emphasizing your best features”.

23. Show your weaknesses

Do not be afraid to show that you are vulnerable. If you reveal your shortcomings or share your fears, it will not make you vulnerable. It will make you look stronger in her eyes.

Your girl will feel more connected emotionally and will feel the need to be there for you. This may seem odd but that’s how women’s psychology works. 

24. Be her support

Most women need a sense of validation from their partners. That’s how they perceive that they are living up to their partner’s expectations.

Always give your inputs if they ask for it. Support her decisions if you feel they are good for her/ both of you.

Further, let her know if something you feel is not right. Be present for her. Always make her feel that even if the world falls apart, even if everyone turns against her, she will still have you… all the time!

25. Be a nice guy

Let me tell you a secret. No matter how independent a woman is, or how bold and strong she is, a little chivalry is something she will always crave for.

Take the cue guys, you need to be gentleman- be polite, honest and kind in your approach.

Try not to curse or use a lot of swear words in front of her. Also be kind to others in general. Women love men who treat others with respect.

26. Do not beat around the bush

Try to be as honest with her as possible. If you like something about her, say it. Always share your genuine thoughts and views on something. Most importantly do not lead on the girl if you do not see things working out well with her.

Instead, be open and explain what is not going down well with you or what you want or do not want. Contrary to what most people think, straightforwardness is a very attractive quality that women like in men.

27. Spend quality time

Try to spend as much quality time with her as possible. Women like spending more time with the person they are attracted to, to understand them better.

If you fail to meet this criterion, your girl will simply feel neglected. Attractive men make time from their busy schedules to be with their girl.

28. Take charge

Women often like their men to take charge of certain situations. That doesn’t mean you should brush aside their feelings and point of views and dominate her.

But once in a while, it will be nice if you take charge and say, plan a nice vacation for the two of you, or make a sudden dinner plan, or insist on getting the best place at the restaurant.

Taking charge does not mean controlling; it means you need to man-up when a crisis knocks at your door.

29. Show competence

It is always a good idea to display your skills and “profound” knowledge. But do it subtly. If you display yourself as a larger-than-life person, it will make you look braggy and overconfident. Both are equal turnoffs for women.

She might feel she’s inferior to you, or you are trying to belittle her. So, very tactfully display your skills and give her a mild taste of what you excel at. It will keep her curious and wanting for more.

30. Have a life

Women do not like pushy men. If you like someone, let her breathe too- give her some space. Do not always show up at her door or nag her incessantly to go out with you even if she says she already has other plans.

You will come across as a person without any social life, who doesn’t have any friends. That is a red flag for any girl. Women feel that men without any social life or friends must be a creep or a pervert.

Instead of overindulging in your crush, go out with your friends too, or spend time with yourself and your family. This will make you look like a dependable and a reliable person.

31. Show assertiveness

Women love men who are assertive. Your body language speaks a lot about how you think and what you feel. Do not slump or slouch while speaking to her. That makes you look doubtful or ashamed of yourself.

Always stand/sit upright and strong. Spread yourself on the couch or chair like you are claiming your territory. This will make you look more attractive.   

32. Make eye contact

Look into her eyes with a slight grin and hold the gaze. It will drive her crazy, curious to know what is so fascinating on her face. The trick is not to overdo it, or you’ll look like a creep.

 The best way is to first look at her left eye and then to her right eye and then finally settle your gaze onto her lips. You can also focus on the area between her eyes – it will give her the idea that you can read her mind and soul!

33. Keep an open body language

Always make sure to not cross your arms while speaking to your girl. Body language experts say that a crossed arm is a sign that you are not interested in the conversation or that the conversation is over from your side.

Instead, keep your arms rested on the table or on the armrest of the chair. This displays that you are open for a healthy conversation and wouldn’t dismiss her ideas.

34. Use your hands while speaking

According to experts, use of hands while speaking helps us to express ourselves better. It makes us come across as warm, agreeable and energetic.

While this favors your girl to read your body language, you can also use your hands to touch her while speaking.

For example, playing with her fingers while speaking, or gently brushing or even giving light back rub – all these will indicate that you are genuinely interested in her and will attract her to you even more.

35. Be at ease

Biting your nails or constantly fidgeting with anything in sight is bound to make her just as restless as you feel. You may also come across as a very nervous and unsure person.

If something genuinely bothers you, speak to her instead of acting like your mind is elsewhere. That might be a good conversation starter, and also make her feel important. A very win-win situation.

But other times, always try to remain calm and focused on your woman.

36. Keep an eye on the watch

This may seem weird but works like magic. While you are with your girl, try to have a tab on the time. Do not overdo this or else she will think you just want this date to be over as soon as possible.

Very tactfully, take a look at the time. It will give her the impression that you have something important lined up but instead you are willingly spending your time with her. She will automatically feel more attracted to you.

37. Be clear while speaking

Use your voice to attract your woman. Try not to mumble and speak clearly. Use voice modulations to mean what you are trying to say.

For example, she should be able to differentiate when you are saying something serious and something funny. Try to entice your girl by whispering something naughty into her ears.

The basic idea is to not speak in a flat muffled voice. If she doesn’t understand what you’re trying to say, she will lose interest almost immediately.

38. Be comfortable

This is a very important body language that can either make or break the deal. You must be comfortable in your own skin. Always!

If the girl you like approaches you, shows interest or even tries to get close, you need to be comfortable enough with yourself to let her do that. If you are not comfortable with yourself, you will surely pull away from her. That is a complete turnoff.

The girl will see this as an insult and will definitely be repelled by your body language. You must be very comfortable with the signals you send out to her and be receptive to hers too.

39. Fix your clothes

Believe it or not, this body language depicts that you are not faking your personality in front of her. On the other hand, this will make her feel more comfortable around you and not very conscious about her image too.

Again, do this in an unobvious manner or it may seem that you are uncomfortable in your clothes. Just a slight nudge on your shirt collars or stretching out your sleeves should do the trick.

40. Mirror her

Try to subtly mimic her body language and movements. So, if you see her sitting cross- legged, you do the same, or if she fixes her hair, fix your clothes.

This organic mirroring technique leaves an amazing impression on her. She will feel more comfortable and subconsciously build familiarity in her mind which is definitely attractive!!

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Success with women is not about looks, money, or “pickup” lines. While there are many tricks in the bag for how to make a girl fall for you, the key idea still remains to be yourself and a good person. Always flaunt your best traits subtly and tactfully.

Never make anything seem too obvious and overbearing. Most charismatic men have mastered the “just right” blend of care and confidence to keep women hooked on them.

Always remember, everything takes time. You have to be patient and keep at it.

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