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20 Signs You’re A Rebound Girl And He’s Just Using You To Have His Ex Back

20 Signs You’re A Rebound Girl And He’s Just Using You To Have His Ex Back

Updated on Nov 15, 2023

20 Signs You're A Rebound Girl And He’s Just Using You To Have His Ex Back

Understanding the signs you’re a rebound girl can be tough, especially if you have genuine feelings for this guy. 

After all, your heart won’t let you notice the clear truth – that you don’t have any space in his life!

All his efforts are focused on getting his ex back.

However, enough of being manipulated and used for his selfish desires. You don’t need to be part of a rebound relationship!

It’s high time you figure out the truth and seek your own happiness. 

So, c’mon, let’s get started!

20 Signs You’re A Rebound Girl

Some of the greatest red flags of you being a rebound girl is this guy having a breakup pretty recently. He didn’t take any time to heal at all

He also cannot stop talking about his ex, irrespective of the moment and ambiance. It doesn’t matter if he badmouths her or praises her. 

If you could relate to things so far, it’s time to check the other signs, too.

1. He Wants A Casual Relationship

Has your boyfriend made it very clear that he does not want to go into anything serious? Instead, he wants a casual relationship and to just keep things lighthearted. 

He doesn’t think of a possible serious connection only because you’re a rebound girl for him.

2. Sex Is Always The Most Important Thing

You guys met just recently, and there is no emotional connection. 

However, do all his plans revolve around sex?

He always asks when he can get laid again. Or every time you meet, you guys end up having sex. 

If this is the case, he doesn’t want to get serious and keep things superficial, as you’re just a rebound girl!

3. His Only Motivation Is To Make The Ex Jealous

A telltale sign is when he makes a lot of attempts to make his ex jealous

When you’re around, he makes sure to bump into his ex more often. Or, he particularly takes you to outings with his and his ex’s mutual circle.

It’s all so that he can show that he has moved on with you.

4. He Has High Levels Of Anger Or Jittery Mood

Is he always angry or in a bad mood for no reason? Moreover, he takes that anger out on you. 

It is because he is already bitter and is not over his past relationship till now. Your face reminds him that he still couldn’t make his ex regret the breakup, so he gets angry!

5. He Only Wants Your Support

Recall if he only reaches out to you when he needs support. It’s when he feels low or literally needs some help with errands/chores. 

If he doesn’t call you other than these moments, it is a big sign that you are a rebound girl. After all, he has no plan of deepening your bond!

6. There Are A Lot of Mixed Signals

One moment, he tells you that he doesn’t want anything serious. The next, he behaves like you have been in a relationship for a long time. 

It shows he’s still confused, and you’re nothing but a rebound girl.

7. You Never Get To Meet the Family Or Friends

Even after dating for a few months, he didn’t introduce you to his family members or friends. 

If you bring up the topic, he makes excuses. Even if he plans a meeting, somehow, things get canceled.

He clearly doesn’t want you to connect with his close circle because you won’t stay for long – because you’re a rebound!

8. He Often Communicates With His Ex

Notice if he drunk dials his ex or receives calls from her. Perhaps he still follows his ex on social media and comments on her posts.

If this sounds like your relationship, you should get the hint.

9. He Still Meets With His Ex’s Friends

A very clear indication that you are a rebound and your partner still is hung up on his ex is if he still meets his ex’s friends. 

This way, he finds information about his ex – like whether she’s jealous of him or is dating.  It’s also because he expects mutual friends to put in a good word for him.

10. He Makes Minimal Attempt To Know You 

You have been seeing each other for some time now. But, he never tried to know you properly. 

He does not ask you out for dates or even call or text you to check-in. All of this shows that he’s using you as a rebound. 

11. He Suddenly Seeks Attention

Does he usually not care about you? But once in a blue moon, he seeks your attention excessively.

No matter where you are and what you are doing, he wants you right beside you.

If yes, this attention-seeking behavior shows that he misses his ex and wants you to make him feel less lonely.

12. You Don’t Fulfill Each Other’s Emotional Needs

Another sign is that a significant amount of time has passed, yet you realize you just can’t fulfill each other’s emotional needs. 

You know from within that this relationship will not work. He is not the person you want to be with.

13. He Compares You With His Ex

An obvious sign is that you always feel like you are being compared to his ex. 

He will make it a point to make you feel bad and tell you how much better his ex was and how you can become like her.

14. The Breakup Was Sudden

If his last breakup was extremely sudden, and his ex initiated it, you’re definitely being used as a rebound. Perhaps he made a mistake like cheating, which led to his breakup. He can’t accept the truth, so tries this twisted game of using a rebound to win back his ex.

15. Everything Is Superficial

You both go out and probably click tons of pictures. But there is no sense of togetherness between you two. The relationship does not have a strong base and can break apart in a fraction of a second.

If this rings a bell, you’re definitely his rebound.

16. The Relationship Is Fast And Slow At The Same Time

He declared his love for you within a couple of weeks of meeting you. But he doesn’t want to do anything that makes a relationship stronger. 

Some things go extremely fast. But the basics for a relationship are not evolving at the same pace. The inconsistency tells that you’re not important – and probably just a rebound.

17. He Shares About You Too Much on Social Media

Are your photos all over his social media? Does he post about where you both go or what you are doing?

Then he’s making sure that his ex sees you and is using you as a rebound. 

Sometimes, it might also feel that you are going out or spending time together only because he wants to give an update on social media.

18. Your Sex Life Is Not Happening

You have a sex life, but it misses the expected passion. You feel there’s no connection, rather, it’s a bit forced, like a routine. He seems uninterested or even thinks about something else. 

This is one of the most common signs that you are nothing more than a rebound girl for him.

19. You Feel He Might Accept Her If She Returns

Your instincts say that if his ex contacts him, he will take her back. He has given you enough signals that he is still waiting for her. And the moment she makes a comeback, you will not have any standing in his life.  

This is quite the glaring sign of your situation!

20. You Feel Undervalued

The most common sign that you are a rebound girl for him is that you feel undervalued in the relationship. You can see that the guy is not giving you your worth and constantly mistreating you. 

The relationship is nothing but a burden on your shoulders… because you’re just filling in for his ex!

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you notice most signs in your relationship or your boyfriend, you need to face reality – you are the rebound girl for him.

So, you don’t hold much importance in his life, and he’s only using you to heal himself and regain his previous relationship.

If you stay in this relationship for too long, you’ll be on the losing side. So, slowly step back and get rid of him for good. 

Even if you have strong feelings for him, don’t let him talk you back into taking him back. Know your worth and strive for a better relationship!

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