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How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back – 50 Foolproof Tips!

How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back – 50 Foolproof Tips!

Updated on Aug 02, 2023

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back – 50 Foolproof Tips!

Do you want to know how to get your ex boyfriend back? Wondering if he already moved on from the relationship? Or, are you scared he already had a backup plan?

Whoa there! If you recently broke up, I know your head is spinning with bizarre thoughts. However, if you were in a long-term or serious relationship, such thoughts are too extreme. 

Maybe the poor guy is also thinking about getting you back… don’t just assume the worst about him.

However, I understand your anxiety so let me share my secret plan to get him back in this think-piece.

So, let’s not waste a wink and get down to work…

How to get your ex boyfriend back – 50 Tips

Before you begin your journey, remember that your ex might be equally hurt unless he was unfaithful to you. So, before you take any action about your relationship, think from his point of view.

You were in a relationship for so long, so you possibly know how he’s suffering. So, make sure you don’t make him suffer anymore.

Don’t do anything in the heat of the moment, as it might ruin everything you had and might have. 

So, for some wise motivation to reunite, hop onto my ride…

1. Indulge in grief and self-love

If the breakup is fresh, focus on letting out the emotions now. Any bottled-up emotion can spoil your plan to win him back. Right now, you’re hurt, so take time to cope with your emotions.

Write down your feelings in a journal or indulge in your most-loved activities. Do you like to swim? Go ahead and take a dip.

However, don’t try to drown your sorrows with alcohol. Love your body, don’t destroy it. If you want a loving relationship with your ex-boyfriend, begin with loving yourself.

Keep anything that reminds you about him away from your eyes to heal faster.

2. Don’t yap to that friend

During the early phases, you’ll need someone to confide in. It might be a friend or a family member that will morally support you. However, be very picky about this person.

You don’t want just any ear to share your thoughts. Make sure the person is understanding and open-minded.

They mustn’t pass your words to your ex-boyfriend or demotivate you in your journey.

Broken-hearted people can’t think straight during such emotional crises and I don’t blame you for that.

But too many people want to take advantage of your vulnerabilities somehow so beware.

3. Seek answers for the breakup within yourself

So, what exactly led to this situation? You may have multiple reasons for it, but what was the main issue that resulted in this? Where did all the problems arise from?

Was it because one of you cheated or did you just grow apart?

Did he fall in love with someone else or did you hardly spend time with one another? Is it because of the long-distance relationship or was the relationship toxic?

Figure out the reasons because they’re the roots of your heartbreak. If you wanna know how to get your ex-boyfriend back fast, be very honest about the reasons.

4. Keep off the blame games

At the whim of the moment, you may find more faults in him as reasons for your breakup.

It’s normal to not notice your own flaws, but it’s unacceptable if you deliberately won’t admit them and still want them back.

A relationship is a two-way street and you’re both by far responsible for the breakup. One person got on another’s nerves and this happened.

You can’t shrug off your responsibilities and expect a romantic relationship with him once again.

Suppose he doesn’t admit his mistakes but still wants you, can you accept that? Exactly, you can’t and it’s the same for him.

5. Don’t miss a beat to apologize

If you hurt him during the relationship with your words or actions, that man deserves an apology. Don’t wait for a long time before you share the good news: You understood your faults.

Sometimes a heartfelt apology is all a man needs to heal. Make sure you don’t just say “I’m sorry”.

Explain yourself, exactly where you went wrong and what hurt him. Admit the hurtful things you did.

However, make sure you put it all in one text, and don’t expect things will get better from this. It’ll take a long time, so control your emotions in this text.

6. Give them what they desire: break

Your ex-boyfriend is exhausted and can’t handle this relationship anymore. As cruel as it sounds, that’s the truth so don’t make a fuss about it.

If you allow him undisturbed time and space all to himself, he can assess the relationship on his own. Let him think over where he or you went wrong.

If you guys were in a serious and/or long-term relationship, he won’t like staying away from you either. If you stop contacting him, he’ll eventually miss you.

Contrarily, if you ask him to return or pester him with texts and calls, he won’t get the moment to think straight.

7. Understand and apply the no-contract (NC) rule honestly

Follow a four weeks no-contact period. During this, you won’t text or call him or his folks and won’t frequent his neighborhood or his regular outing areas, i.e., no intentional meetings.

You’ll follow NC on social media too. Don’t stalk him or his friends, don’t comment or react to his posts. Everyone’s online post-breakup scenario has lots of breakup quotes… that’s a nope!

Don’t share anything that shows you’re suffering or still stuck in the past. Don’t post pictures where you’re wearing the gown he got you. Don’t check his stories even if you’re dying out of curiosity.

We’ll shortly show you how to get your ex-boyfriend back after no contact, so don’t worry about that.

8. Don’t take drastic steps in the NC period

No contact doesn’t mean cutting them off from your life. It’s about taking space respectfully and ignoring him to build yourself.

If you started no-contact, don’t go out of your way to delete him from social media, you’ll later use the platform to lure him in.

You can’t send him a connection request just to show off – that’s awkward!

Don’t delete his number because your friends will follow suit. After that, where will you get his number from? Don’t try to sleep around, you won’t feel good.

Don’t move out of the country, he’ll think you’re gone for good and try to move on.

If he reaches out, ask a friend or family to respond. Don’t ignore him completely, otherwise, he’ll get the wrong signs.

9. Be positive about the accidental meeting during NC

Firstly, I hope you don’t try to meet him intentionally. If you show up, you’ll trigger his negative emotions towards you and he’ll never miss you. Don’t be that crazy ex that stalks his neighborhood.

However, if a genuine accidental meeting happens, don’t show any sign of sorrow. Be optimistic, don’t avoid him or approach him first, and treat him like any other male friend.

Don’t drag the conversation, ask him on a date, or accept his coffee offer. Don’t give away “I deserve better” vibes. Focus on “I deserve to be happy” thoughts.

In short: treat him respectfully at an arm’s length… like an acquaintance.

10. Don’t shed a tear around his friends

Whether it’s a common friend, his sister, a mutual close buddy, or his aunt that loves you, don’t show your emotions to them. Hold your feelings in whenever you’re around anyone from his circle.

The other person might try to gossip about you to him behind your back. Your ex will know everything about your plan and ideas… the recipe for a big failure.

You might think taking their family or relative’s help is a good idea because that person really likes you. However, imagine your ex’s reaction when they know you contacted their family.

Even if they force him to reconcile with you, it won’t make your relationship long-lasting. It’ll crumble down because of the unresolved issues.

11. Reassess why it must be him

Now that you stopped contacting him, identify why you’re so hooked on him. Why can’t it be anyone else? What’s your motive to bring him back into your life?

Is it because you feel sad and lonely without him? Do you feel guilty for hurting him and want him back to fix everything? Is it because of sexual compatibility?

If it’s not because of love and care, you might lose him even after getting him. Did you ever think of a future together?

Not the “happy family forever” future, but one where you’ll fight and make up responsibly… If yes, you have a reason to reunite.

12. Accept that “together forever” isn’t real

Many factors play in making a relationship work. Your individual feelings towards one another, the reasons behind breaking up, your dedication to staying together, and a lot more.

So, even if you fall in love and start dating once again, nothing promises you an everlasting relationship.

This guide might help you catch his attention and get back together. However, your future is always uncertain, so only if you’re ready to take a heartbreak from the same man for a second time, go for it.

If you think you’ll emotionally collapse if he breaks up with you again, that’s an unhealthy dependency on your partner. Work on your emotional stability before getting back to him.

13. Never return to a toxic/abusive man

Read up on healthy and unhealthy relationships to grasp better knowledge about them. Compare your relationship dynamics with both healthy and unhealthy ones.

You gotta start the comparison with an honest mind, so you may invite a trusted aide who knows about your relationship. Note down whatever similarities you find with them.

Assess whether yours was a healthy relationship. If you find it was toxic, manipulative, or abusive, don’t be tempted to return. You might feel lonely, but with time you’ll understand your worth.

14. Work on your self-esteem

Did you experience any post-breakup mental health issues? Then seek a mental health professional for serious help.

Your self-esteem may drastically improve and you’ll feel more optimistic about life.

Be your own cheerleader and celebrate your small achievements even when nobody does. If you can’t recognize your good qualities, seek loved ones for support about this matter.

Ask them to send you voice notes about your good traits. Play them when you feel low.

Meditate and keep yourself busy to keep the negative thoughts out. Practice gratitude for everything you got in this world.

Building your self-esteem helps you create a happier and everlasting relationship.

15. Have patience: Don’t mess up the process

Through the steps, you may feel like texting and calling him. You might think that you have a good chance because it’s almost 2 weeks.

Or, you might feel angry out of the blue and want to shout at him.

NO, resist your urges to contact him. With years of experience and research, relationship coaches found out that the bare minimal contact about your breakup may ruin your chances.

Of course, if you guys have kids or live in the same neighborhood, you might see one another and talk about only the basics. But stop yourself from anything more.

16. Fix everything that pushed him away

Did you find what exactly pushed him away? By any chance, is it because you’re over-friendly with your male friends? Or is it your pessimism? Perhaps it’s how you react during arguments?

Were you too focused on work and family that you forgot to take a break? Was he frustrated because you don’t listen?

Make pointers about the red flags in your personality and work on them.

It’s even better if a friend can help you make the list. Afterward, persistently work on the negatives and get rid of them.

17. Work on what you lacked

While you fix the negatives, check the qualities you don’t own. Does he wish you to be emotionally available? Did you lack empathy? Did you never give him space after a bad day?

Maybe he wants you to be tolerant towards his family? Or, does he want you to split the chores equally?

Remember everything that led to small arguments. Try to become someone you never were.

Accept the traits that won’t hurt you. Push your boundaries a little and perhaps you’ll become a better human being.

Compromises are important in relationships, so stop getting hurt when your boyfriend asks you for something specific.

He didn’t mean to hurt you but wanted to know if you’re willing to do something

18. Make sure getting him back isn’t your only focus

Here you’re learning to work on yourself slowly, but did you ever think why? Why must you read this article and change yourself? Is it just to get him back?

Of course, not! There’s no surety that he’ll stay for life. However, with this journey, you’ll improve as a person.

In the end, whether you win over your ex-boyfriend or find someone even better, the small changes in you will help you build healthy relationships.

It’ll even show you what you deserve and choose better for yourself. So, don’t focus on the tips just for him… do it for yourself!

19. Be the one he fell for

In the honeymoon phase of your relationship, what did he love about you the most? Was it your mischief or compassion?

What attracted him to you? Was it your helpful side or your sporty and feisty side?

Brainstorm about why he fell in love with you. Maybe you were witty, funny, interesting, playful, or just much more optimistic. After finding them, think if you still have the qualities.

Human beings change and we lose small parts of ourselves with time and situation. So, don’t feel astonished if it’s the same with you. Retrieve the lost parts to attract your ex.

20. Contacting his folks to check on him is a nope

While you prepare yourself during the NC, you may feel anxious about his feelings. You may want to reach out to his friends and family to check on him.

However, that’s a disastrous idea because they’ll convey your questions to your ex and they’ll catch on to your plan.

During this period of time, you can’t reach out to his friends and family even through text messages.

Wait until you start talking to him after the NC period. Create suspense about yourself and don’t give away anything unless you become confident and he can’t resist you.

21. Learn to be respectfully expressive

Possibly the relationship didn’t work because of communication issues… universally that’s the most common cause.

Grab yourself some self-help books on honest, open, and clear communications.

Even if you feel your communication skills are up-to-date, it never hurts to try out a few exercises and be sure. This will even help you in your professional life, so be willing to learn more.

With effective communication, you’ll have far fewer misunderstandings with your loved ones.

Try out the new skills with a friend and let them rate you. The score will help you understand how much you improved and can further improve.

22. Groom yourself from outside too

If you feel attractive, it’ll naturally boost your confidence. Compare your current appearance with when you started dating. Do you still look the same?

Leave out the unchangeable differences which you got through any disease or even pregnancy. Focus on the rest, do you look as happy and confident?

Go get a fresh haircut and makeover. If your budget doesn’t permit it, go to a thrift store and get a nice deal.

Exercise every day to feel good and refreshed. Wake up in the morning to stretch out.

Treat yourself to nutritious food and follow a healthy sleep schedule. All of these will help you glow and attract him back.

23. Get a new flame, at least from his friends’ POV

Until now, if you followed everything, you recovered a lot and are ready to hit the battlefield.

Since you don’t want your ex-boyfriend to think you’re desperate and still moping for him, get a date.

Talk to this person beforehand that you’ll date casually or that you have a plan to get your ex back and need his help.

So, if any person asks if you’re dating, just nod and don’t give away too many details, or you’ll blow your cover.

Introduce this person as your date even to your friends to keep the story aligned.

24. Meet new people for perspectives

Go on casual dates with multiple people. Not asking you to really date them or get physically involved. Meet them to know the world better.

What you find unbearable in your ex-boyfriend, you might find that wasn’t a huge issue. Or, you might learn that there are other ways to handle conflicts.

Ask your dates about how they honestly react to certain situations. Mentally compare their answers with your ex-boyfriend’s behavior.

You might learn that your ex-boyfriend’s behavior was actually not that bad. Possibly he was under work pressure and handled it better than others do.

25. Genuinely spend time with some dates

Among your dates, you might find some wonderful people. Befriend these gems if they’re open to it. If you think it’s like keeping your options open, I’ll answer not really.

However, you can use some new faces on your social media to catch your ex’s attention.

Though for now, focus on truly spending some time with them. New company will help you feel attractive and confident.

Without underlying motives, you’ll truly shine and you’ll look good in the pictures.

Contrarily, if you have a motive in mind, you won’t look happy at all. It will defeat the meaning of putting in so much effort.

26. Spend time with people that care

Go out on vacations with friends and family. If your partner complained about you not liking adventurous things, then take part in a thrilling activity. Spend more time with people that motivate you.

Don’t settle for those who constantly criticize your life. This is the peak of your improvement so don’t let others’ mean words impact you or your dedication.

Pick out the weeds from your life and keep them away from good.

If you can’t remove all the weeds, then ignore them. Filter out the bad advice from your life. Even if a relative is being mean, don’t pay attention to them.

27. Highlight your life for now

Are you a student or employed? You have many responsibilities in life and I hope you didn’t forget about those. Work hard to realize your dreams. Work to graduate with brilliant grades.

If you’re in the workforce, work hard to grab your dream career opportunity or promotion. Focus on your life to stabilize and secure your future.

Whether your ex-boyfriend returns or not, your achievements won’t ever leave you. So, prioritize your academic and professional goals over everything else.

Don’t revolve your entire life around your relationship. Men don’t like their partners clinging onto them for every single joy. They break up when you don’t have your own life.

28. Show you’re happy without him

If you spent time with friends, family, and your dates and enjoyed vacations, hopefully, you clicked enough pictures.

While you went low profile online, your ex probably thought you were still hung up on him.

Post the pictures of the great time you experienced. This will engrain fear of losing you. Don’t post all the pictures from dates to vacations all on the same day, else it’ll lose the impact.

He’ll notice that you can be happy without him with family vacations. Further, he’ll notice that you have other options – the casual dates. He’ll try to get you back somehow.

29. Don’t force him to notice you

Since you didn’t post much for a month, your social media visibility decreased. Don’t try any random tricks like accidentally tagging him in your pictures or liking their posts to grab his attention.

Further, don’t upload a picture where you’re excessively close to a man. You wanna threaten your ex, not make them feel hopeless. If he assumes you already have a steady man, he might give up.

Give “dating only” vibes in the body language and captions. Don’t post pictures of sensually contacting another male. Be subtle or he’ll understand you’re desperate for his attention.

30. Use social media to convince his folks

Social media is pretty handy when it comes to changing views on someone. If he blocked you on social media, convince his folks that you’re over him and leading your life well.

Whether you exercise regularly, share your exercise goals, or the new hobbies you took up online. Put up a picture of your new masterpiece whether it’s a yoga posture, a painting, or even getting a dog.

If his folks notice you changed for the better, they’ll share the word with him. You might even receive texts from him or his loved ones like “Where’s this place?”

Add a few pictures to your story to know if they’re checking your pictures.

31. Text him about anything but the past

By the end of 4 weeks, if your ex didn’t reach out yet, do it yourself. But send him only one text message to avoid the needy label. Pick a neutral tone and topic to text him.

If his last post was about exotic food, vacation, or activity, go for it. Text “Hey, been so long. Where’s this place in your story?”

If there was another girl in that post and you don’t know her, don’t mention that. He might try to rub that off on your face, so text about another post without other potential dates.

End the text on a positive note soon after knowing about this place.

32. Flaunt your changes, don’t tell

Frequently, exes try to get back with “Babe, I’ve changed so give me another chance”. Show them your changes with the tone of your texts.

Be upbeat and outgoing about the different places he visits. Or, ask him about his pet or a grandparent doing. Remember the good times with subtlety.

Show him that you didn’t forget his important ones. Text, “How’s your grandma?” After his reply, send a follow-up “I remember how she always baked your favorite cookies.”

If he left because you didn’t pay attention to his loved ones, this will show him you changed, instead of telling him so.

33. Be friends if he got a rebound

Your ex might try to forget you with a rebound relationship. A new relationship within 4 weeks isn’t obviously anything serious. However, you mustn’t insult or make fun of her in any way.

Don’t be jealous or talk bad about her. Don’t be the psycho ex that wants to sabotage his new relationship. This will worsen the situation as comparatively, he’ll find the other woman more attractive.

Think again if you want him back because he didn’t even wait a month to move on. Do you really want him? Next time you’ll fight, he may again seek rebound relationships.

34. Don’t show interest in his girlfriend/new partner

If you want to pursue him despite him dating someone else, then be very careful. Don’t ask anything about his date or he’ll know you feel threatened.

If he tries to boast about her, don’t avoid it noticeably. Let him complete his texts, congratulate him on his blissful relationship, and sign off with an excuse.

Even though you won’t act clingy or jealous, you have the right to set your boundaries. Since you want him back, there’s no reason to tolerate his immaturity.

Let him feel that you don’t fight like before and grow up. This will get him hooked further if he’s not serious about the other girl.

35. Courteously take the conversations to phone calls

Slowly transition from texts to calls while you stay connected with your ex. You can’t convey all emotions through texts, it gets inconvenient, and you want to get closer to him.

Talk to him on phone calls but maybe not around when he talks with his girlfriend. He’ll know you respect his private time and give away a mature look.

Further, to get back at him, don’t try to flaunt how many guys want you. That makes you look needy like an attention-seeker. That’ll bring negative impacts, so avoid it at any cost.

36. Avoid acting pitiful – that’s a waste

Some people try to grab attention with sob stories. They’ll convey how badly they coped with the breakup, how they’re suffering from different issues in life, that they can’t sleep, or got a mental illness without them.

This kind of act will catch him off-guard for a moment. He’ll feel guilty for even leaving you and might get back sooner. However, your foundation will be super shaky.

The moment he finds out you just pretended to get him back and ditched honesty… he’ll leave. So, don’t try the pitiful act as it doesn’t get you the right results.

37. Know your worth – begging is out of the question

The worst thing you can do to yourself to get back an ex: Begging, pleading, and bargaining.

If you worked hard through every step to build yourself as a worthy person… don’t do this to yourself whatsoever. Even if you truly love him and feel you’re a perfect match, just DON”T!

If he doesn’t show interest or is serious about his rebound, let him be. Find someone better than him next time.

In case he does accept your begging, he’ll use you like a doormat. You built your self-confidence with a lot of pain so don’t let him ruin that.

38. Sneak in with the right questions

Sometimes, ask him indirect questions that will remind him of the good times. Act the way you were when you first started dating. Of course, especially highlight the things he liked.

Test him with questions over a call like “Remember that time when <insert a mutually fond memory>”. Notice how he reacts to the questions. He might miss the days and become nostalgic.

This might be the perfect push to make him realize your position in your life. However, if you dated for a short period or weren’t serious or exclusive, this might not work.

39. Be straightforward if nothing works

If you can’t force out his reaction to old memories, be more direct. Some men don’t understand unless you explain it word by word to them.

You can’t blame them because they’re wired that way.

Ask him if he really loves the new person or if he moved on. Have an honest conversation with him in person or via call. Be patient with him and ask everything about his feelings at this point.

He may not admit his feelings, so don’t lose your temper. You’re a changed and better person now.

Don’t let it become an argument and if he asks why you asked him so, leave that conversation for another time.

40. Confront if he admits missing you

Keep quiet after the honest communication if he didn’t admit to having any feelings. Since you actively texted him for so long, he’s a little addicted to your texts.

If he notices no texts from you and has some feelings, he’ll send the first text. Don’t reply until he mentions something about his feelings.

When he says something like “he’s worried”, reply “It’s okay for you to not worry without feelings”. 

Eventually, he might admit it and you can take the conversation further.

If he doesn’t text you back, know that he still doesn’t value you yet. That’s a moment to reconsider if the relationship really holds any future.

Consider trying one last time or moving on, but never beg them.

41. Go on a casual date

When he admits his feelings, he might ask you out. If he doesn’t, ask him out on a date.

However, choose a casual café instead of picking any romantic spot. However, put in the effort for your look and attitude.

Practice sitting straight with relaxed shoulders. Make eye contact from time to time. Accidentally touch his fingers and take back your hand. Tease him with innocence to make the first move.

Make sure you don’t cross the line if he’s still in a relationship.

Even if he says he doesn’t have feelings for you, meet up casually to make sure.

42. Discuss if you have lingering feelings

If he admitted having feelings:

On the date, while you subtly tease and flirt with him, focus on the real topic. Try to know how he feels about you.

Does he want to get back to you? What is his current partner like to him? What does he feel about her?

Make sure he doesn’t want you back just to take revenge on you. If his intentions are unclear, halt right there. Don’t be prey to his games. It’s safe to chase him if you don’t get negative vibes.

If he doesn’t admit any feelings and says he’s serious about his current relationship, move on.

43. Connect with his friends about chances

Now that you met him in person, it’s safe to reach out to his friends or family. Talk to his most approachable friend. Ask him what he thinks about your chances.

If your ex isn’t in a relationship, know how regularly he misses you or even called your name out absentmindedly. If he’s in a relationship, ask how serious he’s about the new one.

Usually, your friends notice your feelings earlier than you do. They don’t experience the hormonal and emotional baggage, so they easily find out about your feelings.

Ask this person to share their honest opinion only. However, if anything goes wrong, promise you won’t blame them.

44. Clear any issues about the past

If you get the green signal, if your ex leaves the other girl for you, or he admits that you still have a chance in his life, grab the opportunity. Ask him out again to clear up any unresolved issues.

To begin a relationship with good feelings, get rid of the negative thoughts. Give him a heads up that if he has anything to ask, he can. Set this date at a difference of 4-5 days.

Create your list of questions or issues on a paper or save it on your phone. These questions must be strictly about your reasons for breaking up. Be respectful and don’t blame them for anything.

45. Admit your feelings

After the discussion, if you feel satisfied with his answers and think he’s still serious about you, confess once again. Tell them your true feelings and not just “I think I’m still not over you”.

Don’t try anything generic and add in some emotions and originality. What you’ll say completely depends on you.

While you say so, notice his expressions. Is he shell-shocked or happy? If he gives you an answer immediately or takes his time to reply.

If he says he’ll answer another day, he’s doubtful, so reassure them.

46. Promise changing for the better

If you almost won his heart over but he still hesitates, take your time reassuring him. Tell him “I worked upon myself because I regretted the past.” Never say “I changed for you” because it sounds fake.

Ask him if he has any particular complaints. Don’t say “Tell me how I must change to bring you back”.

That sounds like you’re bargaining and putting yourself. No gentleman wants their partner to put themselves below him.

If there are some serious issues, ask him to join a couples counseling routine together. Discuss fixing everything that led to the breakup.

47. Take extra measures if you cheated

Suppose you cheated, he possibly can’t let go of the past easily. Even though it’s a hard topic, be upfront and honestly tell them the reasons. Omit any sexual activity unless your ex asks to know.

Convince him that you’ll not repeat the same mistakes. Come clean whether you cheated because you were bored, mistook, or misinterpreted your feelings for another as real, or for revenge.

Tell him what you learned from your lessons, that you admit your fault, and your steps to avoid similar situations again.

If you have cheating compulsions and don’t know your reasons, ask him to accompany you to mental health experts to prove your loyalty.

48. Adjust if you had LDR issues

If the issues were mainly due to your long-distance relationship, discuss how you’ll correct your new relationship. Show him that you gave it a good thought and came up with ideas.

For instance, if you guys didn’t spend enough time, figure out when you’ll connect and how frequently. Stress more on open communication instead of bottling up emotions.

Promise to share everything about your daily life with one another despite how basic it seems. Request him to follow the same so the distance doesn’t take a huge toll on you guys.

If anyone feels insecure, they must talk about it ASAP.

49. Accept the changes in your relationship

Your relationship won’t be the same as it was because you both hurt one another and are cautious about experiencing the same again.

You have a bitter history, so don’t hope that your ex-boyfriend will forget about that.

If you’re wondering how to get your ex-boyfriend back permanently, well it depends on your feelings. If you guys stay true to your words and put the promised efforts in the equation, you might fill the crack soon.

However, the scar of the crack might never vanish. You’ll date one another as new people because you learned new lessons from one another. So, never say “You’ve changed”, because that’s natural.

50. Resilience will help you through

If you’re stuck in one step, but it’s not because he got someone else, be persistent.

Of course, don’t do anything in excess or make him uncomfortable. Otherwise, he has no option but to call the cops.

Sounds dramatic, but men too have their limits. So, never patrol around his neighborhood to get a chance to meet or talk to him. If he’s avoiding you, talk to his friends and get some insights.

If he didn’t catch feelings for someone else and still misses you as per his friends, keep going. Perhaps, he’s in denial that he can’t move on. Communicate about your feelings to make sure.

5 mistakes you should never do while getting him back

Though you’re ready with a full-proof plan to get him back, you might mess up in other ways.

I don’t blame you because everyone isn’t aware of the possible consequences of their emotional choices.

Sometimes, you might even do it because a friend gave the idea. So, c’mon let’s know what to avoid and get him back soon… 

1. Never badmouth him

If you spread false rumors about him or label him something like a psycho or abuser when he’s not.

Imagine what he’ll experience in this world. People without a thought assume an innocent man is a sexual assaulter.

He might get bullied for silly accusations or lose precious opportunities and others will wrong him. If you make him suffer through such humiliations, he’ll never take you back.

2. Avoid testing his loyalty

Some women create fake accounts or make their friends contact their men for loyalty tests.

So long you’re in a relationship, loyalty tests are ethical. However, after a breakup don’t assume he’ll stay loyal to you.

After all, you guys are no longer together. So, it’s a given that he might seek new relationships. Further, don’t blame him if he’s willing to have a one-night stand with a new girl too soon.

Steer clear from such tactics because it’ll hurt you and ruin even the slightest chances you had.

3. Skip the dramatics

“I miss you”, “I’ll die without you”, “Return or you’ll be responsible for my death”… any kind of threatening message to him or his folks will only worsen their opinions about you.

Don’t be so dramatic or try to attract their attention unwisely. If you pretend to be sick and ask him to come over, he won’t believe you when you change for real.

4. Don’t bring back the dirty past

Your past was messy and let’s be honest you both were at fault. While you try to look forward, don’t look back.

Even if you do replay the past in your mind, do that to improve yourself as a partner and make the relationship better.

Don’t gossip about what happened in the relationship to others. Only a handful of people care about your peace, so stop sharing juicy content with others.

5. Turn away from social media attacks

Don’t post anything rude on his profile, that’s hopefully a given. Further, don’t share anything demeaning on your wall.

Even if you change your relationship status and your friends ask about it, don’t make the fight public.

He’ll hate the unwanted attention to him from your post. Imagine the random texts he might get when he just wants to think over it. He might give up on wanting you back entirely.

Further, if you share sensitive relationship info online, opportunists will try to attack your vulnerabilities.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Relationships are tricky to work with when two individuals have clashing thoughts. You want more time and he wants to focus on his career… originally, nobody’s choice or inclination was bad. 

However, when you forget to be compassionate and understanding towards one another, that’s when the problems begin.

Remember, that getting him back isn’t the end of this journey. You’ll begin from scratch and need infinite efforts to make it work.

So, if one of you is too busy and can’t show thoughtful gestures, ring the other to know about their day. 

If you don’t cherish your second chance at this relationship, it might not last long without visible efforts.

So, treasure one another and your bond and if you truly love one another, you’ll have your together forever.

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