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60 Signs She is Developing Feelings in IRL, Texts and Online

60 Signs She is Developing Feelings in IRL, Texts and Online

Updated on Aug 29, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

60 Signs She is Developing Feelings in IRL, Texts and Online

So, you want to know some signs she is developing feelings. Then I am guessing you’re all set to say “I love you” but feel unsure about her reaction.

If you want to know where you stand in her heart, this think-piece will be the end of your search, buddy!

C’mon, let’s dive in!

Signs she is developing feelings

If you know her in person and meet her regularly, it’s easiest to tell if she really likes you. From her eyes to her actions, everything will express her feelings, including…

1. She’s always ready to be your cheerleader

Whenever you feel low, if she always has a way to make you feel good or annoys you with her cute acts to see that smile on your face… that’s a sign that she’s developing romantic feelings for you.

She just can’t feel comfortable with the thought that you’re not fine. As if the motto of her life is to make you happy. She always says something positive about you and brings back your confidence.

2. She bares her heart to you

A woman in love will naturally talk about her deepest wounds to her biggest aspirations. If she’s ready to show it all, it’s one of the telltale signs she loves you and trusts you immensely.

Unless she feels comfortable and has strong feelings for you, she won’t share her vulnerabilities. Women don’t overshare with just anyone, so if you know a lot about her, you’re special.

3. She’s a mama bear for you

When the entire world is against you and you feel you’ll get crushed by the weight you’re carrying in your heart, she jumps in to safeguard you.

She’ll stand up for you through thick and thin when she falls in love. She knows you deserve everything in the world and can’t tolerate it when you get mistreated.

If she doesn’t let you take others’ crap, there’s a good chance that woman loves you.

4. She melts you with her puppy eyes

Pay attention to how she reacts around you. Some women feel there’s no point in hiding their feelings from their important person. If she shows you cute little puppy eyes only in front of you, she’s head over heels for you.

If this is a regular habit and she behaves the same with everyone, it doesn’t mean anything deep. But if she has a collected demeanor when others are around, she wants you bad.

5. She can’t take her eyes off you

Another surefire sign that a girl is falling for you is that she can’t look away when you dress up. She’ll lose interest in everything else in the world and you’ll find her gaze on you all the time.

This shows her true feelings for you are undeniable. But sometimes, you won’t even dress up as much and if she still finds you attractive, then it’s an absolute green flag!

6. She doesn’t mind being physically close to you

Physical contact with random people makes any girl feel uncomfortable. So, it’s worth paying attention to how much she touches you.

If she randomly fixes your tie or the crumples of your shirt, plays with your hair, or even gets in a playful fight where she touches your legs and arms, all these screams that she has romantic feelings for you.

7. She hugs you longer than others

Again, girls don’t feel comfortable with long hugs… especially if it’s the opposite gender. So, if she starts falling in love with you, she’ll hug you longer and tighter than before.

It’s a great sign of affection as it shows that she doesn’t want to let you go. In fact, it’s high time you ask her out… because she’s hiding her feelings and failing miserably.

8. She makes you feel special with gifts

Another sweet sign that she’s head over heels for you is when she gets you gifts frequently. She cherishes you a lot and wants to convey that you mean a lot to her.

But don’t assume that these gifts will always be something huge. It might be very small yet filled with emotions.

She might get you a new pair of socks because you didn’t replace your old torn ones… or even a key chain for your car keys.

9. She doesn’t mind saying sorry

Let’s accept it, women don’t apologize very easily. So, when she does something wrong and readily apologizes to you, it’s because you mean the world to her. She doesn’t want you to feel low because of her.

10. She wants to know “how do I look?”

Women know that men have limited ideas about women’s fashion. Even then if she asks you about which outfit looks better on her, there’s a catch, buddy.

You might feel puzzled about the clothes and tell her she looks good in all of them, yet she asks you every time. If you tell her a particular color looks better on her, she might hoard clothes of that color… that is because she’s in love! 😉

11. She tries to cook for you

Not every girl can master the kitchen… but if she knows she’s bad at it and still tries to make your favorite dish, she wants you to notice her.

She might even take cooking lessons from her mom and learn one dish only for you. A girl in love feels the urge to make you feel special in all ways possible

12. Her bestie knows everything about you

If you ever meet her friends and they say something like, “I’ve heard about you” or “she talks about you a lot”… your girl is gaga over you. She probably praised you so much to them that they remember you just by the look.

She probably told everything about you to her friends because you’re all she thinks about. I mean, what are you waiting for now? Go get her!

13. Her body language says it all

Even if she doesn’t talk much, her body will do all the talking. If she makes frequent eye contact with you, smiles at you a lot, faces you with her whole body when you talk, listens to you even when the group doesn’t, or has no touch barrier with you, she definitely has something brewing for you.

Some other body language signs are if she’s relaxed even when you’re physically close and doesn’t cross her arms while talking to you.

14. She gets your jokes

Everyone doesn’t find the same kinds of jokes funny. But if your crush laughs heartily at all the jokes you say… even when the rest of the crowd has a poker face, she definitely likes you!

No, she doesn’t feel pity for you… girls can’t fake their laughs well. So, if she continuously laughs with you, she genuinely finds you interesting and loves spending time with you.

15. She prioritizes you over everything else

One of the most obvious signs that she’s feeling for you is when she prioritizes you. She’s always just one-call-away for you.

She won’t hesitate to miss her friend’s gathering if you’re sick. You’re her top priority because of her strong feelings for you. She might even forget her sleep just because you need a shoulder to lean on.

16. You guys meet coincidentally too much

If she happens to be around places where you visit regularly like your favorite coffee shop and the gaming arcade… you might get a feeling that she is stalking you.

Most times, such things don’t happen just because your stars want you to meet. Rather, she puts the extra effort to be around you longer. It’s just her heart taking over her rational self… so, just ask her out on a date already!

17. She acts all shy and cute with you

When you meet someone face-to-face, a girl that has feelings for you will get a little fidgety. She’ll play with her hair, fix her clothes, seem a little breathless and reddish near her ears, or she’ll bow her head a lot while smiling.

It’s all because she feels shy and nervous in front of her crush… probably she’s also planning dates in her mind while you talk to her.

18. She’s always tryna impress you

When a woman falls in love and wants to be acknowledged by her crush, she’ll always desire your validation. One of the most common signs of this is when she puts in a lot of effort to impress you.

She’ll dress up the way you like and even show her intriguing and challenging sides. She’ll leave no stone unturned to show you that she’s a good catch.

19. She never badmouths you

Even when you’re not around, if she only praises you, she’s head over heels for you. However, you can’t know about this sign unless you walk in on her having such a conversation about you.

Or, if you have mutual friends, try to know how she talks about you behind your back. If they say she talks a lot about you, that’s your sign served on a silver platter.

20. She wants to spend time just with you

A woman in love will always make excuses to spend time with you all alone and avoid the crowd of friends/colleagues. For instance, she might ask you to accompany her to watch a movie because “her friends are busy” or she might ask you to drop her home.

If she always plans these date-like moments with you, you already have your answer. Her feelings make her want to know you better.

Wondering how to know if she has feelings for you when you’re text buddies? Well, we have all the answers here…

Signs she is developing feelings over text

If you have her number, that alone sets you apart from the crowd. But when you lose your heart to someone, common sense doesn’t work that well. That’s why we’re here to help you out with everything here…

21. You get lots of cute texts from her

Notice the pattern of her text messages if you wanna know her feelings. For instance, if she sends a lot of caring texts like “Did you reach on time?” or “Don’t forget to eat because of work” show that you’re someone special to her.

Moreover, if she adds some kiss or heart emojis in the mix, that’s a sure shot sign that she’s developing feelings for you.

22. She sends you dedicated songs

If she sends a classy romantic song that’s available on YouTube or Spotify, she dedicates the lyrics of the song. No woman randomly asks anyone “Hey listen to this song” without a motive.

She probably wants a love life just as expressed in the lyrics and hopes you’ll also cultivate some feelings for her. She hopes you’ll get her feelings and also reciprocate them.

23. You’re her ONLY drunk-text buddy

A girl in love will spend time thinking about you all day long. Even when the booze hits, her mind will be full of you and she’ll hit up your chat the first thing she touches her phone.

If she only thinks of you whenever she gets drunk… relationship experts say you don’t need any other signs to know a girl likes you over text. She’ll bombard you with texts full of typos and fall asleep like that.

24. She doesn’t mind texting first

No woman likes to start the conversation because she’ll seem needy. They just can’t afford to be labeled a chaser. They’ll wait for hours or go without a text for weeks if the other person doesn’t text.

However, if most of the text conversations are usually initiated by her, she literally dumped her pride for you. For her, you’re much more important… if that doesn’t express her feelings, IDK what will!

25. She makes you laugh

If she pulls off a lot of pranks on you and cracks jokes about you while texting, she wants to warm you up to her texts. She doesn’t just want to be friendly with you… she’s literally interested in you and wants to take up a lot of space in your mind.

Next time she sends a “teasing” text, return the favor and things will escalate real soon in the right direction. 😉

26. Some texts seem flirty

While texting, if she texts you something with a hint of naughtiness, she’s down for you. No woman texts like that unless she wants to attract you. She might even send you pictures of her biting her lip, pouting, or finger-curling her hair.

If she frequently sends flirty texts, she wants you to pick the hint quickly and confess if the feelings are mutual. She likes you for sure, so don’t delay anymore.

27. You also got a pet name

When she texts you, does she use cute pet names like sweetie, hottie, honey, and others, it’s all because she likes and cares for you.

Women have endearment terms only for their closest ones or those they don’t know well but want to get close to. No woman casually calls anyone with pet names because they don’t want anyone to misunderstand their intentions.

But if she often calls you something like that, she wants you to notice her feelings.

28. You never get the reply to “who’s your crush?”

If she never answers such personal questions, there’s a good chance you’re the one. Because if not, she can easily tell you about her crush and even ask for advice.

She can’t answer because she hopes you’ll figure it out. She might even act a bit distant and angry because you are not picking on the hints. All of these show that you’re her romantic interest.

29. But she’s on an interview marathon on texts

Even though she won’t tell you about her crush, she’ll always ask you about your personal life. She’ll be curious about your circle, family, friends, favorite experiences, goals, hobbies, dreams, and everything important about you.

It’s completely like a text interview but she makes it so much more engaging because she’s interested in you and wants to know you better. Even if you guys don’t have much in common, she’ll still ask away.

30. She shares a lot about her life

While texting, if she talks about literally everything in her life to you, she wants you so badly. She’ll let you know about what’s cooking in her personal life, ask you out on her friends’ outings, share her favorite memes, and actively include you in her life.

If she starts talking or texting you whenever anything major – good or bad – happens, she trusts you and knows you’re her only confidante in the entire world.

31. Random things remind her of you

If she randomly forwards you memes, songs, or videos with the caption “this reminded me of you”… or texts you about the coffee shop she visited that had all of your favorites… that’s a great sign.

It shows that you’re always on her mind, otherwise who even remembers small things. She holds the smallest incidents close to her heart and cherishes you a lot. Perhaps, even she’s not aware of her own feelings yet.

32. She didn’t judge you even after the dark-past texts

While texting late at night, people feel more vulnerable and share more of their dark sides. If you ever texted her about your past, how did she reply?

If she ignored your text because it was too heavy, she doesn’t have any feelings for you.

But, if she highlighted the good in you despite your past actions, that’s a sign that she believes in you because of her feelings.

33. Good morning and good night texting is her ritual

If she texts you first thing in the morning and falls asleep while texting you, you have a special place in her life… and no, you’re not just a best friend. She has a huge crush on you and desires to monopolize you through texts.

Girls don’t do such things for random people… they don’t even talk too early or late with their friends and family without an emergency.

34. She’s excited about your family

Another interesting sign of her falling for you is when she shows interest in your family. She’ll ask you about your family members and friends, what kind of people they are, and even want to be included in your close circle.

The reason? She wants to be close to you and wants your loved ones’ to approve of her. After all, your friends and family can notice if you’re a good match and even ask you to date her.

35. With time, she started texting like a kid

Women always carry a calm and collected demeanor even in their texts as an image is everything. However, if the tone of her texts is relaxed lately and she texts more childishly and comfortably, you’re someone special.

She wants you to know the real her with the stupid jokes and emojis and accept all sides of her personality.

36. There are some sides to her that no one knows except you

If you know her in person and see her act with filters around others but while texting you see a different side of her, she only puts down her guard around you.

This is an intense sign that she developed feelings for you and trusts you a lot to be as transparent. You’re a special part of her life and she hopes that someday you’ll notice that.

37. You get quick replies

In women’s texting language, immediate replies give away the wrong signs like “she’s desperate”, so most women avoid it. However, if she replies to your texts instantly, it’s because she let go of that pride all for the sake of love.

You’re wrong if you think she was sitting by the phone. She probably has a custom tone for your texts just to reply quickly.

38. You always get a “WhatsUp” text

If she often texts “What’re you doing?”, you might feel exhausted with the monotony. But this is also a sign of her feelings for you. She’s curious about your life and your daily schedule.

She wants to know your location and the people you hang around with. She might even be curious if you’re dating someone… it all shows she likes you.

39. You guys’ text kinda around the same time

Did you ever text her and she texted “Hey, I was just gonna text you… what a coincidence!” If this ever happened it means two things. Either she’s truthful and you have a cosmic connection. Or, she’s lying, but she wants you to feel that you guys have a connection.

So, either she’s your destined one, or she’s fallen so deep for you that she wants to make you believe in this connection and fall for you.

40. You got a glimpse of her feelings from her text

If she’s truly into you, questions like “does she like me?” will naturally pop into your mind when you read her text. You might doubt and brush off this feeling as just another assumption.

But this actually happened because you got some real hints. Perhaps she showed part of her feelings knowingly as she can’t hold back anymore.

However, if you only met her on social media and she got your heart thumping, the signs might be a bit more difficult to notice. So, let’s focus down below!

Signs she is developing feelings online

So, you’re texting this girl online and the banter doesn’t cease to stop. You feel she gets you so well and hopes for a relationship with her… but what if you’re only just a friend? Well, think no more because these signs will help you out…

41. She’s your best social media follower

When a girl develops feelings for you, if she’s connected with you on all social media platforms, she won’t miss any of your updates. She’ll like and compliment you on all of your posts. She’ll always check your stories and reply to them.

If you share a meme on your social page, she’ll always react with lots of LOL and laughing emojis. Your notifications will be full of her.

42. She asks you about other females in your account

If she develops feelings for you, she’ll hope to be the only woman in your life. She doesn’t want other women to threaten her.

If she acts hurt and jealous whenever you compliment another girl or respond to them sweetly or if she bombards you with all sorts of questions about her, that’s a straightforward sign of her feelings.

43. You always get her compliments on your updates

Despite what you upload on social media, does she always say something good? Perhaps, you checked in the bowling arena, and she told you that you have interesting hobbies.

Or, maybe you uploaded a new picture and she complimented on the details of your shirt. If the compliments are far deeper and regular, she’s in love and craves your attention. With her growing feelings, even these compliments will get personal.

44. She makes random excuses to text you

Even if most women are social, they don’t want to talk to anyone under the sun. So, if she randomly shares posts on your wall or in private messages, she wants to grab your attention.

She doesn’t do it because she’s bored and wants to kill time. It’s only because you’re special… otherwise, she can hit up someone else online.

If she’s your friend or colleague and brings up random and not-so-serious topics, she likes you.

45. She goes gaga about both of your future

If she texts you about her plans for Thanksgiving in April and even tells you to keep your schedule free, don’t take that casually. That’s literally the way she said “I wanna be in your life that long and you gotta be my plus one for that occasion”.

Understanding women’s language might seem tough but think about it… which girl invites people online to personal occasions? It’s only because she trusts you enough to include you in her life.

46. She asked about your dating plans

If a girl online innocently asks about what kind of girls you like or when you want to settle down, she’s already hooked. She wants to know whether she has any chance or if you’ll let her down.

She’ll never ask this in person or over-call because she might break down if it’s a negative response. This sign is usually more prominent when she becomes aware of her feelings for the first time.

47. A picture of you hugging your sister hurt her

Suppose, you uploaded a picture of intimately hugging a sister and this girl doesn’t know of her. If she didn’t like or comment on that picture… or she even stopped texting you on social media, that’s a pressing sign.

She isn’t just in love but feels jealous and hurt because of the new girl’s presence in your life. She almost gave up on you because you probably found someone special.

Tip: Talk to her ASAP if you also have feelings.

48. She double texts when you’re not online

On days when you’re more busy than usual and don’t have time to check social media notifications, if she sends double texts, it’s a sign of her growing romantic feelings and that she misses you.

Women never send double texts and instead try to reply as late as the other person. If you’re an exception, this is undoubtedly a special case.

49. She takes interest in your interests

If she asked you about your listed hobbies and interests on your profile and actually tried them out, this is no joke. She wants to become your ideal girl so that someday she can accompany you on your favorite activities.

Her intense romantic feelings led her to have more in common even if she must go out of her way for it. She also wants to be able to talk with you about your experiences and relate to them.

50. She remembers the small things

Any girl online can remember things like your birthday, so don’t get excited if it’s only that. However, if she remembers that you had an important meeting and asks you about it later that night, she cares for you.

If you compliment her on her features and she tries to accentuate them in her pictures, she pays extra attention to your words. This is obviously because she’s in love with you.

51. She sent you money when you were broke

The current world is full of fraudsters and scammers, so nobody easily lends money to others… even if it’s an old friend.

However, if a girl you only met online lends you money in your darkest hours, she really is in love with you. She trusts that you’ll repay her more than just her money. You might call her a fool, but isn’t that how love works?

52. You don’t see her flirting with other guys online

If some of these signs matched, then pay attention to her online posts. If she suddenly stopped flirting in her comment section or stopped responding to flirtatious comments, it’s because she found someone to commit to.

So, if you have other signs that show she’s interested in you and also notice this, she’s definitely fallen for you. She doesn’t want to lead others on when she already has someone in her heart.

53. Her friends tease her about crushing on you

You have just one way to know about this – stalk the comments on her online posts. If her friends tease her a lot with your name, your initials, or use your pet name in the comments, there’s a chance she’s already told her girlfriends about you.

This shows how serious she’s about you and that she probably talks about you a lot to them.

54. She sends funny posts when you’re low

Whenever you share a sad update, if she sends all sorts of cute and uplifting posts and tries to cheer you up in her own way, it’s not just a concern for a fellow online friend… nobody does that.

She has her own motives… her feelings are so deep that she can’t bear to know you’re sad. On her selfish whims, she wants to lighten your mood and be happy and calm herself.

55. She sends paragraphs to you

In online chatting, women try to get away with one-liner replies and get done with them so that nobody thinks they’re rude. After all, no woman has the time to elaborately reply to everyone online.

So, if she replies with long paragraphs, she wants to convey her feelings clearly and reduce any scope of misunderstanding… it’s all because you’re her romantic interest.

56. She tags you in lots of flirty posts

If she mentions your name in flirtatious posts publicly instead of DMing you, she’s wooing you out loud. She doesn’t plan to let other women have their way with you.

It’s a declaration that she doesn’t want anyone else to woo you because she already has her eyes on you. It’s high time you must also ask her out… of course, only if you feel the same.

57. She plays hot and cold to get your attention

A girl in love doesn’t always feel confident. Sometimes, she’ll pull away and wait for her crush’s reaction. She doesn’t want to keep dreaming and then get hurt later.

So, if she texts you a lot usually but then suddenly stops, she’s testing your feelings. You better reach out and show her that you feel the same.

58. She sends you lots of selfies

Women send their selfies to friends to pick their next profile picture or even while shopping. But, if she sends you selfies randomly out of these contexts, she’s showing off her feminine charm to attract you.

There’s no other reason why she’ll send you – someone online – a picture of herself in a world full of creeps online who do the unthinkable with women’s pictures.

59. She gets worried when you’re not online the whole day

If you guys talk regularly online and someday you suddenly don’t come online at all, a girl with feelings for you will notice it. If she asks you about what happened and why you weren’t around, … this is one of the sureshot signs she’s falling for you.

60. She told you about her family

People don’t open up about their family issues to online friends. So, if she tells you about hers, she thinks of you as a constant in her life… much closer than just a friend.

She might even think that it’s better to tell you everything beforehand so you don’t feel disappointed later. She already likes you and invested her feelings in you, but she wants to be sure that you’ll accept her as she is.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you have a special woman in your life and her behavior matches with lots of signs here, it’s about time you take a step before someone else sweeps her off her feet.

Don’t immerse in self-doubt because she believes in you and hopes that you’ll return her feelings. So, think of a way to confess and lead your desired fairytale life.

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