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How to Get a Girl’s Attention? – 50 Sureshot Ways

How to Get a Girl’s Attention? – 50 Sureshot Ways

Updated on Aug 29, 2023

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

How to Get a Girl’s Attention – 50 Sureshot Ways

If you’re here, reading this, then I’m sure you want to know how to get a girl’s attention. Maybe she has been your long-time crush, but you don’t know how to impress her.

There might be many ideas running through your mind, but if you need a bit of a push to go ahead and try out those tricks, then this article is here to help!

I have prepared an extensive list of fifty different ways to make a girl notice you and want you back.

How to Get a Girl’s Attention? – 50 ways

As I’ve already told you, there are innumerable ways to get a girl’s attention.

But you don’t want to end up doing something embarrassing or even offensive because that will simply make you undesirable in her eyes. No, you want to take time and go through things carefully.

So come on, let’s see what all you can do to make her fall for you!

1. Make up your mind before approaching her

Before you actually go ahead and approach her, you need to have a game plan. Don’t think of weird ways to talk to her, and make sure your ideas aren’t creepy or embarrassing.

For example, don’t bump into her purposely and then pretend it was an “accident” because come on, that only happens in movies!

If you do it in real life, she will think of you as a creep who follows her around. Plus, this is also a pretty corny way to flirt with someone. So, drop the act and first think of a proper plan that will impress her and draw her eyes to you.

2. Give genuine compliments

Sure, girls love receiving compliments! But you don’t want to exaggerate to the point where your compliments seem cheesy or downright fake. Keep them genuine and heartfelt.

If she’s wearing a pretty dress or has done her hair differently, give her a cute compliment and tell her how lovely she looks. Don’t fawn over her or make inappropriate remarks because that will be a huge turn-off.

Make your compliments sound harmless so that she doesn’t get the impression that your only aim is to get physical with her. One great way to do this is to pick one of her features (and not her breasts!) and praise it.

3. Start a conversation with her

Unfortunately, only some people have what it takes to start a conversation. But if you have no problem talking to others, then this can be a huge plus for you.

For example, if she’s your classmate, simply go to her and talk casually about how the lectures went or about the upcoming group project that you need to work on.

If you’re feeling extra bold, you can even ask her to be your lab or project partner! But even if you are talking about something else, make sure the conversation is mostly about her, not you.

4. Let her notice you

If you really want an attractive woman to notice you, you have to dress up and behave properly.

Usually, ladies get attracted to a guy who knows how to dress well, smell good, and show off their clothing tastefully. For starters, you can wear a casual shirt with jeans and spray a little bit of fragrance for that extra jazz!

If you like wearing jewelry, you can even put on a ring or a small chain. The most important thing is to not overdo it and end up looking like a beauty pageant participant. Look sexy but casual at the same time.

5. Don’t try too hard

Most guys out there commit this mistake and regret it later. They think that if they constantly flirt or follow their crush, she’ll notice them.

Well, buddy, she may notice you but only in a bad light. Instead, behave like she isn’t a big deal to you.

In other words, play hard-to-get and quit trying after a while. This will make her interested in you, and she will want to know why your behavior changed suddenly.

Flirt a little, keep things fun and light, but don’t give off the impression that you’d do anything for her attention because, trust me, women are brilliant when it comes to understanding body language!

6. Be confident when you talk

Guys, take it from me – Girls can anticipate your confidence almost immediately. If you behave sloppily or say strange things, she’ll walk away without a second thought.

On the other hand, if you keep showing off how smart and cool you are, she’ll understand that you’re just faking it. You need to keep a proper balance between these two, right from the way you walk to your talk.

If you get nervous or jittery easily, then calm yourself before going to her. Have a drink or two if necessary and then walk up to her with style and charm!

7. Stir up jealousy in her mind

If the girl you’re trying to woo is constantly turning you down., it might be time to pull off a few tricks! Try to make her jealous by acting uninterested in her. Tell her that you’re interested in one of her friends and see her reaction.

Chances are, she’ll instantly feel jealous and want you back all to herself. The good thing is that when you make a woman jealous, the ball is in her court, but you can control the game. You can easily plan your next moves to make her want you.

8. Let her know about her flaws

Now, this might sound really weird but a woman will seriously give you a lot of attention if you’re honest with her, especially about her behavior or personality. You don’t have to be rude or demeaning but point out a few of your weaknesses.

For example, if she’s outspoken, you can advise her to be a little considerate of others’ feelings. Even if she broods over your comments, she will eventually realize that you’re interested in her heart, not her body. Any girl prefers a guy who is raw and honest with her without backing down.

9. Ignore her intentionally

If you’re thinking of how to get a woman to be interested in you, you should make her feel a little left out!

Be nice to everyone around her (including her), but when it comes to talking or laughing, don’t keep her in the loop. Share a private joke with one of her girlfriends or take one of them for a dance. Trust me, your lady love will feel really jealous and annoyed!

She’ll do anything to get back your attention and might even strike up a conversation just to talk to you. You can leverage this trick to approach her without making yourself look like a fool.

10. Maintain eye contact with her

Honestly, nothing can beat the old-school trick of intense eye contact, buddy. If you do this a few times, she’ll get confused and think of coming over to you to talk in person.

However, don’t stare at her constantly because that will make you look really creepy. Simply look at her, smile naughtily, and look away.

She will understand that you’re trying to send her a message but that she has to make the first move. This trick is especially useful for guys who don’t want to make the first move themselves.

11. Be unpredictable

People hate routines, so a woman will naturally be disinterested in you if you keep pulling off the same old tricks or try the overly-used pickup lines on her. You need to think outside the box to grab her attention and woo her.

But for this, you must take some time and get to know her well. See her likes, dislikes, and hobbies. Her behavior will tell you a fun way to flirt with her without having to say or do anything predictable. An unpredictable man is like a breath of fresh air, so naturally, she will give you her attention.

12. Be funny

You don’t have to behave like a sloppy clown who trips on banana peels to make people laugh, but if you can make her laugh, nothing better!

Start your conversation with a funny and witty joke and take it from there. Not only will she laugh at your sense of humor but she will also realize that you’re intelligent. Keep the jokes tasteful (don’t start saying dirty jokes right the first time you meet her) and go along with playful banter.

When you include humor in your conversation, the entire atmosphere changes, and the woman is genuinely interested in whatever you have to say.

13. Give her impressive remarks

I’ve already told you that it’s a good idea to be raw and honest with your crush by pointing out her flaws. But making this a frequent habit will eventually push her away.

Of course, you can flatter her whenever you want, but if you really want her attention, you’ll have to do a bit more than that. For example, buy her a bouquet of flowers or take her out for a drink and then tell her how beautiful she looks.

Since she has already received criticism from you, she’ll understand that your compliments are also genuine.

14. Be goal-driven

No human being, let alone a woman, will settle for someone who has no goals or ambitions in life. It’s fine to not want to become a rocket scientist but make sure you don’t come off as aimless.

Tell her what you wish to pursue in the future and what your dreams and aspirations are. If your goals align with hers, then kudos! You can form a deep and meaningful connection based on that.

But even if they are different, let her know how focused you are because passionate men are always more attractive than the erratic ones.

15. Ask her about her hobbies

Communication is important when it comes to impressing someone. And one effective way to do this is by showing genuine interest in her hobbies or personal goals.

You can start by asking her about casual things like her favorite genre of music or her first pet. From there, take things on a more serious level by asking about her job, hobbies, or deepest secrets.

If you’re an extrovert, you can even ask her what she looks for in a guy or what turns her on and whether you match her wants and needs.

16. Show interest in her friends

If you wish to earn her respect along with her attention, then you have to be friends with her social circle. Usually, a girl’s friends have a really important role to play when it comes to choosing the perfect man for her. One wrong move, and you might be rejected by her clique forever!

So, if you don’t want to make this mistake, go and introduce yourself to her friend circle. Get to know them and ask them about her. Not only will you form a great impression, but they will also give you pointers on how to woo her!

17. Respect her personal space

Everyone’s personal space is crucial to their well-being. If you constantly snoop around her or ask her uncomfortable questions, she’ll reject you instantly.

Don’t be overly interested in her personal life before knowing her well. Give her a bit of space and maintain your distance to show her that you respect her.

For example, if you’re talking about a certain topic from her childhood and she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore, understand that you might be crossing her personal boundaries. Drop the topic right there and make her feel comfortable and safe.

18. Be dominant

Believe it or not, women like men who are assertive and bold! Many men make the mistake of submitting to their crush because they think this will impress her. In reality, it only turns her off and makes you appear weak.

While you don’t have to boss over her or be fake, it’s nice to show a bit of dominance. When you both talk, tell her things like, “I prefer to be single rather than dating someone who wants to dominate me.”

This will show her that you’re not someone who is looking for casual dating… and in today’s hook-up culture, that’s already a big turn-on!

19. Remind her of things she has mentioned earlier

If you want to appear caring, mention things that she has already said to you in the past. Of course, for this, you’ll have to remember these tiny details when she tells them to you but even if you haven’t started this yet, try it out now!

Take mental notes of things that interest her or stuff that she likes and dislikes. Then in a separate conversation, tell her that you remember what she had said.

She’ll instantly start giving you all her attention because she knows that you will take care of her this way.

20. Tell her you’re not interested in dating her

If the old-school methods aren’t working out well, try out this hack! Since your crush already knows that you’ll try to approach her or flirt with her, she’ll become uninterested.

So, walk up to her and say that you’re not looking to date anyone right now. You would rather be friends and first form a foundation. Or tell her that she’s probably out of your league, so you’ll take you to know her first.

This will surprise her and make her drawn to your personality and charm. Change the tides and do something unexpected so that she’s caught by surprise!

21. Own the space around you

To own your girl’s attention, you have to first own the space around you. Show your charm and wit to everyone in the room, even if you don’t know them.

For example, if you’ve met this pretty young lady in a bar, first strike up a fun conversation with the bartender or another patron. Show off how amazing you are by being social.

Even if you don’t actually walk up to the girl and talk to her, she’ll understand that you’re someone special in the bar. And who knows, she might approach you herself!

22. Show her that you have emotional depth

If a sad topic is brought up during your conversation, you don’t need to weep uncontrollably or scream out loud. But showing that you are emotional and empathetic will make you a star in the girl’s eyes.

Show her that you can relate to others and understand when someone is going through a rough day. Use phrases like, “Gosh, I might not have been in your place, but I understand how tough things must be for you right now.”

If you behave like an emotionless robot, she won’t be impressed by you even a bit. And don’t worry, it’s fine for men to be emotional at times!

23. Be polite and courteous

Exhibiting good manners goes a long way. While it’s great to be yourself, don’t try and be super-cool by constantly swearing or making racist or sexist jokes. You might think your crush will be impressed, but she won’t give you any attention after that.

Things that look great in front of your guy friend can actually come off as really offensive for women. Demonstrate that you respect women and you always treat your girlfriends with care and attention.

Forming a good impression with your manners is a huge bonus, and if you do it well, you’ll grab all her attention!

24. Be adventurous

Yes, you can work in a 9-to-5 job and still have a “thing” for new adventures!

When you’ve approached your crush, don’t keep talking about boring things like jobs, money, or your house. Tell her interesting stories about camping trips or hiking adventures and watch her eyes light up!

Even if you haven’t been on too many trips, you can always plan one soon and invite her to accompany you. If something interesting pops up in the conversation, simply go with the flow!

25. Respect all women, not just your crush

When you see a good-looking woman, you’ll want to approach her and tell her how much you like her. But a woman will only give you her attention when she sees that you respect all women equally and not just the ones you’re attracted to.

For example, don’t say anything disgraceful or dismissive about other women because then she will immediately understand that you’re putting up this act to attract her.

26. Don’t talk about your ex or past flings

If it’s your first conversation with her, it’s best to steer clear of this zone. Talking about your ex will most probably bring bad memories, and you’ll inevitably start to say insulting things about her. Also, if you keep pining over your past relationships, the girl in your present won’t stick with you for long.

Even if you do end up talking about your ex-girlfriend, keep the conversation to a bare minimum and maintain a respectful tone about your ex. The same goes for your past flings- don’t give off the impression that you’re a playboy who only attracts girls for sex.

27. Don’t talk about other women who liked you

Similarly, don’t try to show off and talk about the list of women who have been after you because that makes you look shallow and weird.

You want to look attractive but not to the point where you end up looking like a man desperate to hookup with any woman he sees.

When you strike up a conversation with a girl you’re attracted to, spare her those details and focus on her. She will obviously not want to be compared with others in your past, so make her feel like she’s the only one that matters.

28. Be attentive when she speaks

When she talks about something she loves or something that is important to her, don’t get distracted. Give her your complete attention if you want her to give you hers.

Things like fiddling on your phone or interrupting her can create a bad impression, so you might want to stay away from doing all that. Listening to her attentively will give you a VIP pass to her world and you’ll know about all her likes & dislikes without much effort.

This will only make your job of impressing her even easier! So, when she starts talking, maintain eye contact and show her that you truly want to hear all her stories.

29. Ask her questions

Yes, interrupting your girl when she’s talking is rude but you can always ask her questions to show that you want to know more about the story she’s telling.

However, don’t keep asking her baseless things after every sentence because it will prove that you’re trying too hard to get her attention. Ask about a handful of questions that have depth to them.

For example, if she’s talking about the first time she crashed her car while learning to drive, ask her where it happened, how scared she felt, and what happened after that.

30. Do gentlemanly things

In 2022, everyone wants an equal world where men and women are treated alike. But here too, women want to be treated like a lady by the guy who is pursuing her. No matter what you might think, chivalry is still very much alive!

Small things like opening the door for her when you walk into a room or pulling up the chair for her when she sits will all impress her.

You don’t have to overdo it by behaving like a medieval knight, but a small act of chivalry here and there can really make a big difference!

31. Talk positively about your social circle

Women strongly believe that a man who insults his family or friends is a man who can insult anybody around him. You might have had issues with your social circle, and that’s completely okay, but don’t badmouth them the moment you start talking about this topic.

For example, if you were treated badly in your household, don’t curse and abuse your family right away. Instead, tell the woman you’re seeing, “Yes, I was treated harshly by my closest people back in my childhood, but now I’ve overcome that trauma, and I’m focusing only on the life ahead of me”.

32. Calm your nerves before approaching her

Even if there are bombs exploding inside your head, don’t make it too obvious when you approach the girl you like. Women like to go out with guys who are confident and easy to hang out with.

If you’re tense or nervous, you might make mistakes or behave in a way that will give the woman a poor impression of you. Moreover, you’ll constantly be on your guard, and she won’t be able to see how wonderful you really are!

Staying calm allows you to have a good time and enjoy the girl’s company without over-analyzing anything.

33. Smile and be genuine about it

A smile is the key to any woman’s heart, no matter how hard-to-get she plays. Of course, you don’t want to keep grinning like a creepy joker but don’t act all robotic and weird too. Smile when she says something funny and make sure your face looks genuinely sweet.

If you’re a happy guy who is positive about things around him, she will want to give you all her attention right away. You don’t need to fake a smile or put too much strain on your face. Simply pretend like someone’s taking a casual picture of yours, if it helps.

34. Be humble

If you’re ever unsure of how to get a girl’s attention, try out this tip- help someone around you. It can be her, her friend, or anyone else you see.

Look, it’s great to have degrees and earn a lot of money but at the end of the day, it’s your nature and character that will define you, not your qualifications.

For example, if she’s carrying a heavy box, offer to help her and start talking to her nicely. Or if someone else is struggling with an easy task, ask them if they need any help.

35. Don’t help people only when she’s around

If you’re trying to grab the attention of a colleague or college friend, go out of your way and help people even when she isn’t around. Teach a junior, volunteer to work in a charity, or do anything that makes you feel happy.

The only thing you should remember is to be genuine. If you pull off tricks where you’re only helpful around her, she will get to know about it, and so will everyone else she’s in touch with.

36. Include other women in your activity

Don’t be afraid to invite girls to your party or group project! If you’re only involving guys in whatever you do, your crush might get intimidated or feel uncomfortable being only around men.

Even if you’re having a fun game night at your place, ask a few girls (including the woman you’re trying to impress) to join you. And don’t get embarrassed if your guy friends call you out; it simply means they’re jealous of your confidence!

After all, there’s absolutely no reason why other girls can’t be a part of your group activities, right?

37. Establish non-sexual physical intimacy

Don’t do this if you’ve just met the woman! But if you have known her for a while and you finally want her to notice you, you can go for non-sexual physical forms of intimacy.

Of course, you need to respect her personal boundaries and not behave like a sexual predator. But doing small things like touching her arm respectfully or giving her a warm hug when she comes to you can make a big difference.

And if you both have known each other for a long time, you can even lean in, touch her face, and remove an eyelash or a strand of hair!

38. Flirt a little to spice things up

Trust me, there’s nothing wrong with flirting a little, provided you know where to stop. In fact, it’s okay to drop one or two cheesy pickup lines and make her laugh!

Say you both had a fun time at a bar and then you exchanged numbers. After returning home, tell her how much fun you had and put in a couple of flirty emojis (red hearts, kisses, etc.) and see how she responds.

If she finds them cute and funny, she’ll respond in the same way, and you can keep the playfulness going. But if she seems to find your advances a little uncomfortable, respect her wishes.

39. Text her and maintain contact

So you both went out bar hopping and had a great night together. You even ended up getting a little handsy but right after that, you don’t know how to proceed with the entire thing. Well, instead of blowing her off, do everything to get her attention.

Text or call her after you reach home and don’t let the conversation die. Don’t text her one or two words like “Good night” or “Yep okay” because they scream disinterest! Send her a funny meme the next day or a video about something that you both had talked about earlier.

40. Buy her cute gifts

This rule should only be followed if you know the girl well enough. Buying a woman gifts when you’ve barely talked to her might scare her away. But if you have a bit of money to spare and your crush hasn’t been much responsive till now, then go ahead and do this!

You don’t need to buy anything unnecessarily expensive or fancy, just something that’s meaningful to her.

For example, if she’s a dog lover, then buy her a cute plushie of her favorite dog breed. Or take her out to dinner at her favorite restaurant. Basically, make sure that whatever you give her has a personal meaning attached to it.

41. Maintain hygiene

Other than dressing well, there are things that need your immediate attention, such as hygiene. No matter how expensive your suit is or how great your perfume smells, if you don’t maintain your nails, beard, or body, your girl won’t notice you.

Make it a point to take a bath every day, trim your nails regularly and invest in good beard products if you wish to maintain one.

Other than this, moisturizing your face and arms goes a long way, even though many people regard this as unmanly. After all, you don’t want your ladylove to scrunch her nose and move away from you every time you get closer!

42. Notice her body language

A girl’s body language can tell you a lot about whether she’s giving you her attention or not. If she’s constantly shifting her weight or breaking eye contact, it means she’s uncomfortable. But don’t immediately think that you’re hopeless and she’ll never like you back.

It might just be the topic of the conversation or how close you’re standing. To be on the safer side, take a few steps back, or change the topic to something fun and light-hearted. She will immediately be thankful to you for noticing her discomfort and let her walls down.

43. Try working out at times

If you’re already a gym freak, then great! But even if you’re not, it doesn’t hurt to hit the gym a few times every week, right? Girls love guys who take care of their bodies and physique. And if you maintain a good body shape and posture, you can be sure that your crush will never look away!

And who knows, you might meet a lovely young lady at the gym too!

If you really want to attract a woman who keeps herself fit and healthy, you have to be at-par with her by showing her that you’re equally attentive to your body.

Okay, so you might not have periods each month or have multiple orgasms every time you have sex. But knowing about these things are important (I mean, we’re living in an era where progress is all around!).

Not only will it enhance your general knowledge, but you will also be able to converse with her comfortably when she brings up these topics.

A man who shies away from a girl when she talks about girly things won’t get her attention for long. If you want to impress her, you’ll have to know how waxing works or what a tampon is!

45. Don’t go on a self-hating spiral

If you’ve started to charm a girl and get her attention, but then you mess things up slightly by making a weird joke, don’t immediately think of the worst possible scenario. We all make mistakes when we’re nervous, so there is no need to worry!

If you keep fumbling or behaving like you committed a terrible crime, she’ll think of you as a weirdo. Instead, apologize to her, mean it, and then continue the conversation smoothly.

Cribbing about how you’re bad at flirting or how you hurt her feelings will only make things worse.

46. Don’t let another man intimidate you

When you go out with your guy friends, do you feel under confident because someone else always makes the decisions or they keep ignoring you? If yes, then stop spending time with such people!

The more you associate yourself with them, the lower will be your confidence. And finally, the girl you’ve always wanted to ask out will be whisked away by some other guy.

Even if your crush has other suitors after her, don’t let that thought scare you. If you give your power to another guy, she’ll notice the other guy immediately and think of you as a sidekick.

47. Don’t take others for granted

Getting a girl’s attention isn’t enough, you also need to earn her respect. When you’re out having a nice meal at a restaurant, treat the waiters or waitresses kindly. Say “thank you” and “please” to them.

People who treat their inferiors rudely are never respected. Similarly, if you both have taken a cab, make sure to pay the cab driver a generous trip and thank them for their services.

Always give people the respect they deserve, irrespective of what jobs they do or how much they earn. When you’re a true gentleman, others will notice your kindness and so will your crush.

48. Don’t take too many substances in front of her

An occasional drink or one cigarette is fine, but many men often get drunk, high, or both because they think drinking and smoking look cool. Don’t make this mistake because you’ll only be harming your body this way.

And while we’re at this, don’t ever give in to peer pressure and start taking addictive substances to impress a girl (in reality, she’ll hate that).

If you’re comfortable with only two drinks but your friends keep drinking more, don’t push your limits just because they are. A true gentleman always knows how many drinks are enough.

49. Make her feel positive

Trust me on this one- girl loves guys who can make them feel she’s ready to take on the world! You don’t have to behave erratically like you’re high on drugs but don’t talk about disturbing things or behave negatively.

Always follow the famous saying “every cloud has a silver lining”. So even if she’s crying on your shoulder and telling her how awful she feels for flunking a test, tell her that it’s an opportunity for her to study harder and fetch better marks.

Offer to help her by giving her tutoring lessons and make her believe that she can aim for the skies!

50. Be yourself

Lastly, don’t try to imitate someone you’ve seen in movies because let’s be honest- those are simply a part of an imaginary world. If you really want her to give you her attention, you have to be yourself. Love yourself, and half the battle is won!

Even if the girl is sitting or standing afar, she’ll always be impressed by a guy who knows how to be himself and not turn into someone else’s clone.

Not only is it repulsive but it will also show that you have no individuality. Don’t let anyone back you down and force you into being someone you’re not.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

So dear reader, this extensive list of all the different ways on how to get a girl’s attention must have boggled your mind!

Don’t worry, the conclusion is a pretty simple one…

At the end of the day, you should always remember to have a good time with her and make her feel good. Be charming, be chivalrous, and most importantly- be yourself!

….and I hope you get the girl!

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