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How To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Better When She’s Sad? – 25 Sneaky Ways To Bring Back The Pretty Smile

How To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Better When She’s Sad? – 25 Sneaky Ways To Bring Back The Pretty Smile

Updated on Oct 11, 2023

How To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Better When She’s Sad - 25 Sneaky Ways To Bring Back The Pretty Smile

You must be so worried if you want to know how to make your girlfriend feel better when she’s sad.

Probably, your sweet girlfriend is not quite herself these days. You miss her smile so much and feel useless because nothing you try works out.

But don’t worry, because you’ll get all the help you need here…

How To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Better When She’s Sad? – 25 Ways

Everyone feels sad from time to time due to many reasons. For girls, it can even be family, friends, PMS, or something you did unintentionally.

Whatever the reason behind her sadness, a sweet, attentive partner like you can cheer her up in no time. 

So read on to find out a few ways you can help… 

1. Validate her feelings

When she’s feeling down in the dumps, acknowledge and validate her feelings. This will make her feel heard by you. 

Your girlfriend might be on her period or sad for no reason. So do not make her feel like she’s being dramatic, or you will leave her feeling even worse.

2. Offer a hug

Some people like physical touch while others do not, so be a little careful with this one.

Ask her, “Can I hug you?” and do it only if she seems okay with it.

3. Tell her you’re there no matter what

Let her know that you will be by her side through thick and thin. She will feel less alone and hopeless if you say, “I am here for you.”

Your support will mean the world to her in every situation.

4. Give her a thoughtful gift

To make her feel better, gift her something that only she will be able to appreciate the most, like a handmade cake. It will not show her how you feel for her. 

Don’t get her common greetings card from the store shelves. 

5. Lend a listening ear

Offer your beloved girl a listening ear, and don’t judge as she speaks. She might need to take some things off her chest.

6. Put on her favorite movie

Put on her favorite movie and create a cozy watch party on your sofa. Do not go overboard because she is not in the mood for celebration. Instead, offer some easy comfort with some food and your company.

7. Try to crack jokes

Do you know some knock-knock jokes?

These unexpectedly funny dad jokes will lighten her mood, so try to crack some. Keep an eye on her expressions. If you see a hint of a smile, you should know that you are successful!

8. Pamper her with a spa

A relaxing day in the spa will help your girlfriend deal with chronic problems that dampen her mood.

If it is exam week or she has had a hard day at work, treat her on the weekend with a spa visit. Take all that stress off her shoulders with a good massage.

9. Cook her a warm meal

Can you cook? If you cannot, find easy recipes online to make something warm and delicious for your girlfriend. Remember, nothing beats sadness more than good food.

But be careful! Do not burn the kitchen down otherwise, you will have a mad girlfriend on your hands. 

10. Offer to give advice

Some people do not want any advice when they are dealing with problems. They probably have gone through everything possible and think it is hopeless.

But you might be able to offer a solution if she tells you her problems in detail. So, ask her, “Hey! Do you think I can give advice on this?”.

11. Remind her that she is capable 

When your girlfriend feels sad, she loses confidence in her problem-solving abilities. So, remind her that she can do this.

12. Let her rant

This is a test of your patience and love for her because you need to keep your cool. Allow her to rant and scream about the things that are disturbing her. If it’s something about you, keep quiet for a while and let her get it out.

13. Take her out on a chill date

Take her out on a date, but do not go somewhere expensive. Instead, a chilled-out vibe is what you should go for.

Like an arcade or an amusement park, you can have some fun together in such places. And that will make her feel a bit better.

14. Go on a weekend trip

Is your girlfriend sad about something she can’t help?

If yes, go all out and take her to some relaxing place for the weekend. Do your best to make her forget that thing. The change of scenery will make her mind fresh.

15. Take her on a long drive to nowhere

You do not have to fix a certain destination. Just take out your car and keep driving with some calm music on until she starts to open up to you.

16. Sit together in silence

Sometimes, you just need some quiet company to feel less anxious and sad. So, if this is one of those days for her, just be with her.

Your silent presence and physical closeness will make her feel less alone.

17. Give her a surprise

Plan a good surprise for her that will make her a little bit excited and happy. 

If you want to take her mind off something, get her anything she wants. You can get her a gadget or invite a person she misses right now.

18. Take her to run errands together

Is she feeling so depressed that she does not want to go out of the house?

Then, you should force her to at least go grocery shopping with you.

The physical movement will itself do wonders, and you can add some chocolates to the shopping cart as well.

19. Order her favorite take-out

Does she have a favorite place for food?

Delicious food will change her mood. So, if you cannot cook at all, place an order at one of these joints and watch her face light up.

20. Point out the positives

Some situations are so difficult that we just cannot see the positives in them. So, point out the silver linings of her current cause of sadness.

When you show her that all is not lost, she will gain some hope from it and feel a lot better.

21. Go out on a run together

Exercise releases the feel-good chemicals in the brain, and there is a feeling of accomplishment. So go on a run together. Her mood will change when she completes a lap successfully.

22. Take her to play with puppies or kittens

If she’s not allergic to animal fur, this is a great idea!

Many pet cafes offer customers to pet and play with cats and dogs. So take her to one of these to spend some time.

The adorable fluff balls will make her feel joy in no time with their antics and playfulness.

23. Call her best friend over

Some situations call for reinforcements, so get her best friend to come over and help you out.

A girl’s best friend is the most precious being for her lows. She can share things with her that she hides even from you. So if your attempts have failed, call her best friend.

24. Take her to see her family

Does she live far from her family and never get the chance to see them?

If she has not seen her parents or siblings for a while, surprise her with a visit to her family house. After all, sometimes a girl just needs her father to tell her, “It’s going to be okay.” 

25. Be a calm presence for her

When your girlfriend is sad, she is also worried that you are going to get tired of it. She thinks that you don’t want to hang out anymore.

So, this is the best gift that you can give your girlfriend. Show her that you are reliable and will not lose your temper. This will reassure her that she has someone to fall back on.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Whether your girlfriend is sad due to something serious or no reason at all, the above steps will definitely help her out.

Do not let her see that you are worried for her. Otherwise, it will make her feel worse, so stay calm and do your part.

Lastly, be understanding even if she doesn’t share her reasons. Remember, all she needs is you by her side. And she’ll be her cheerful self in no time!

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