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30 Foolproof Tips on How to Deal with Rejection from a Girl

30 Foolproof Tips on How to Deal with Rejection from a Girl

Updated on Aug 04, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

How to Deal with Rejection from a Girl - 30+ Tips for Overcoming It

If you’re here reading “how to deal with rejection from a girl”, I am sorry it happened to you.

When you put a lot of effort into someone, you obviously expect the same in return and when you don’t, it just takes you by surprise.

It makes you feel angry, hurt, sad, and even afraid of emotions. In fact, you don’t feel capable of giving that kind of love again.

But that isn’t true.

Yes, getting rejected can take a huge toll on your mental well-being but it also makes you learn new things, and none of them are bad, I promise you that.

How to Deal with Rejection from a Girl - 30 Tips for Overcoming It
How to Deal with Rejection from a Girl – 30 Tips for Overcoming It

How to deal with rejection from a girl – 30 Tips

Rejection stings. It’s just as simple as that. Dealing with rejection is a painful test of life.

And I know you aren’t ready for that kind of test, which is why here is a complete list of tips that will help you to learn how to deal with rejection.

These tips will not make the pain go away but I promise you, it will help you bear through it and come out of it stronger than before. So, without further ado, let’s go:

1. Respect and accept their decisions

Yes, rejection hurts but you know what? The woman you have fallen for does not owe you an explanation. Understand that no matter how grand your proposal may be, she still can reject you.

So instead of forcing her to change her decision, respect it and move forward. It is indeed difficult to hold back tears at that moment or move on without an explanation.

But again, she does not owe you that. Walk away like a gentleman and let her be.

2. Wallow

Give yourself some time to process your emotions and lick your wounds.

While doing this, understand that rejection is a part of life and no matter what sphere you are in, there will always be rejection.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel bad. In fact, wallowing about your feelings is healthy and protects you from sabotaging your future relationships in the long run.

So, get in your blanket with a tub of big ice cream and let it all out. Trust me, it’s worth it.

3. Think about why she said no

Think about why she rejected you. Maybe you just weren’t her type or maybe she wants different things in life.

Or maybe the reason has nothing to do with you. She might have a crush on another guy or maybe she just enjoys being single.

Taking time out and reflecting on these questions will help you get a clear understanding of what went wrong and how to move ahead, without feeling guilty.

4. Do something you enjoy

Dealing with rejection is like sewing our whole self together once again. No matter what you do, it still hurts.

No, it’s not possible to take away this pain but it is damn well possible to move on from it.

And the best way to do that is to indulge among your favorite hobbies. It can be painting, dancing, swimming or even a sport.

Take time out and spend your hours doing things you’ve always wanted to do. I assure you would feel better in the end.

5. Talk to your mates

I am sure you must have told your friends before proposing to your girl, so get ready to answer their questions once you meet them.

To tell you the truth, it’s not going to be easy at all. But maybe that’s what you need.

Sharing your pain with your close buddies will at least make your heart lose the heavyweight it’s been around carrying for days.

But make sure to avoid saying anything to your mutual friends as it would only complicate things.

6. Don’t spread rumors about her

If you have never experienced rejection before, there’s a high possibility that this one will urge you to do negative things, like spreading false rumors about the girl.

But remember to fight it off. You’re better than this.

You’re not a schoolboy, rather a gentleman who respects the girl’s decision. Spreading fake rumors about her, just because you got rejected not only indicates how fragile your ego is, it will also ruin your future chances with her.

So, just stay away from this one!

7. Don’t be desperate

Dealing with rejection is bound to incline you towards making wrong decisions which will affect your relationships in the long term.

So, it’s my advice that you train your conscious mind properly and avoid doing anything out of desperation.

Don’t go out just to see her, don’t date another girl just to make her jealous.

These methods are not going to get her to you, instead, you might hurt your friendship along the way, and under no circumstance, you would want to do that.

8. Be kind

No matter how alone and hurt you feel right now, always be kind.

Remember the girl isn’t enjoying this either, more so, she might be even worried about what you are going through. So, while wallowing about your feelings don’t make her feel bad about her answer.

Think of it this way, this relationship wouldn’t even last with just your love, so it’s better she said “no” at the very beginning, isn’t it?

Be kind to yourself and to her. Who knows? Maybe you have another shot at this, with that very girl in the future.

9. Practice self-care

Experiencing rejection can drive men into a phase where their mental health takes a toll.

You start indulging in negative self-talk, or worse, you isolate yourself. But this approach to the pain of rejection isn’t healthy.

It can affect your mental peace and social behavior. So, try to divert yourself by practicing self-care. It can be anything starting from taking care of your body, to trying out a new hobby.

This will keep you distracted from diving into negative emotions and would also cheer you up, quite literally.

10. Go on a short trip

I know, it probably sounds vague. But, hear me out. When was the last time you went for a long drive, or a weekend getaway, or chilled at the beach? Cannot remember?

Thought so! Well, isn’t that a good enough reason to pack your bag and leave for a couple of days?

Going on a short trip alone or with a small group of friends helps you get over the pain of rejection and also make some cool memories.

Besides, who would want to miss out on a beautiful and calming sunset on the beach? Not me!

11. Understand yourself more

When a girl rejects you, there’s more to her answer than a simple “no”. Take some time out to understand that (without pitying yourself).

Think about your ambition towards life, your approach to dealing with situations.

Learn from this experience to chisel yourself out. Yes, handling rejection sucks, but you can actually use this into becoming a new version of yourself.

Find your ambition and start focusing on your career and your abilities to respond to emotions in a better way. It will work wonders for you and your personal relationships in the long term.

12. Avoid her for a few days

Well, it’s a whole generational instinct to continuously text the girl after she says no.

The context can be all different, but it’s a 100% percent possibility that it happens. So, it is a big request from my side to fight all your urges and avoid texting her.

Totally avoid replying to her texts as well for a few days. Just this small behavior would save you from falling deep into emotional distress in the initial days.

It will also speed up the getting over process and guys, that’s why we are here, so just listen to me and stop texting her.

13. Come back with dignity

Learning how to deal with rejection with dignity is important. Because more than your emotions, your behavior is exposed bare to the world.

And to be honest with you, once you have processed your emotions in a proper way, coming back stronger isn’t hard.

It actually feels great inside to treat the past as the past. So, take time to process your emotions and come back stronger.

14. Avoid social media

If you are the sensitive type (there’s no harm in being one) then try to avoid social media in the initial days of getting back with your emotions.

There are a lot of reasons for this. If you open social media you might want to check out her pictures or overly obsess over her snaps.

These methods will not help you get over her, instead, you will feel more lonely and depressed.

So, take a break from social media and focus on yourself and your ambitions. Disappear into reality and let time heal you.

15. Talk to a therapist

If talking to friends or family isn’t helping, then a therapist will.

Yes, it may sound absurd “it’s just a rejection why would someone go to a therapist” but let me tell you, it’s a human tendency to respond to rejection by the way they have been treated in the past.

This can cause mental abnormalities which are blocking your way to get over your current situation.

So, if you feel like it’s too much to bear, go for therapy sessions without any second thoughts.

16. Don’t listen to your inner critic

It’s easier to go into self-doubt and criticize yourself for not being good enough rather than understanding the real problem. But tell you what? Always choose the hard part.

Shut your inner critic out when it’s telling you the fault was yours or happiness is not meant for you.

No matter how right it may seem at the moment, kindly understand that those feelings aren’t true.

Don’t let it overshadow your emotions because if they aren’t controlled at the start, it will keep negatively affecting all your relationships.

17. Don’t think this is permanent

It might seem that this hurt is permanent. Like, there’s no end to this and this hollowness will always be there from now on.

But trust me, time will heal you. It will fill the void with good memories and emotions.

All you need to do is not fall into the trap of grief for too long. Once you take control of your emotions after letting it all out, you make it easier for yourself to heal, feel light, and be receptive to new emotions.

18. Focus on the good

On certain days, when you feel like the loneliness is going to drive you back into the self-criticizing mode, take out a piece of pen and paper.

Write all the good things going on in your life. And the “nothing good in my life” attitude won’t work here.

Write good things about your life, about yourself, and the people that love you back.

I surely believe at the end of it, all the lonely feelings are going to tame down and you would feel a lot more positive than before.

19. Don’t see love as something evil

Most men respond to rejection by changing their perception of love, they start seeing love as irrational and the sole reason for putting them into that place.

And, you do have a point. But you are forgetting one thing: You don’t live in a rom-com movie.

People get their hearts broken all the time in real life but only love can put it back together. It is the force that binds people in relationships.

So don’t hate love just because of a bad experience. it won’t do you any good, not now or in the future.

20. Don’t adopt any red flags

Another thing that tends to dominate men’s minds while learning how to deal with rejection is changing their whole personality.

And I don’t mean it in a good way. Some men start adopting personality changes that girls’ normally call “red flags”.

These red flags mean your behavior towards relationships around friends or family does not give off healthy vibes.

Consequently, your growth gets delayed and relationships get affected. So, refrain from adopting these negative personality changes.

21. Trust the timing

Understand that everything happens for a reason. If this didn’t work out, there’s a reason for it.

When you start finding out the reason for something, you start getting answers in the form of self-growth.

So, trust the timing, for life has something better planned for you. But for that to happen, you need to bear this phase first.

Only then can you work on becoming a better version of yourselves and find what destiny wants you to.

22. Don’t be afraid of emotions

Just because this one person rejected you doesn’t mean you will put a lock on your emotions. Yes, it becomes difficult to open up again, to like someone again but that’s all that life is about.

If you are stuck at a place, life will still keep passing by and you would lose good people and possible chances of love.

So, keep being you. What’s the worst that can happen? Another rejection? We already saw that, didn’t we?

23. Don’t force yourself a smile

It’s okay if you don’t want to smile at people or even at yourself. Don’t force it at all.

It’s totally fine if you want to just go through the day without any conversations about her or the rejection. But once your grieving period is over, don’t think about it again.

Don’t wake up to just get through the day, wake up to live and be happy. Once you get this in mind, you will be surprised to see how happy life is!

24. Get rid of toxicity

If your group contains her friends too, and you know they are going to switch sides, throw them out of your life.

Trust me, you don’t need people who don’t understand your emotions at this point in your life. it will just make you more miserable.

Besides, it’s better to be alone than to be surrounded by toxic people.

25. Put away her things

If you have her things with you, now is the time to put them away. There’s no sense in keeping them or seeing them or shedding tears on them at this point.

It will only make you drown in the loop of misery again.

So, take all of her things, put them in a box, and shove it in a garbage box (no, you cannot keep them inside your closet).

Keep in mind, that this isn’t a hate move, you are only trying to get rid of things that remind you of the past so that you focus on the future.

Oh, before I forget, delete those WhatsApp chats too. You really shouldn’t scroll and read them now.

26. Write in your journal

If you feel like you are not able to express your feelings to anyone, make your notebook your best friend.

You won’t necessarily have to write what happened, just keep writing what you are feeling. Pen down all your emotions down on that piece of paper.

Do it every day unless you feel relieved. Writing your feelings will make you more accepting of your reality.

You become calmer and thus, better at handling that rejection to the face.

27. Get things organized

When you feel your emotions about getting rejected are taking control, get up and organize something. It can be your wardrobe, your books, or your room.

Organizing and cleaning your room is the best way to get distracted from the unproductive zone rejection puts you in.

It also gives you a feeling of gaining control of your life back again. And I guess, you really need that.

So, leave that dark corner and move up a few things. I am sure you will feel better.

28. Talk to her

If you cannot figure out what went wrong or why things didn’t turn out the way you thought they would, then simply go and have a conversation with her.

Yes, I remember I told you to avoid her for a few days. But this is for cases when you are not able to get the answers yourself.

Call her and ask to meet, and then kindly ask what went wrong. Getting a clear answer for rejections helps a lot while handling emotions and helps in faster recovery than otherwise.

Also, you might be able to look past the situation and become really good friends. So, what’s stopping you from doing that?

29. Date someone who actually wants you

Remember the girl who you ignored because you wanted your crush? Yes, that girl, find her and make efforts to keep her.

Because it’s much better to be with the person who actually wants you instead of chasing someone who doesn’t.

It’s totally okay if you aren’t ready to make efforts for a new relationship at this moment, but once you get over it, don’t lose that girl.

And if I am right, she is probably the one checking up on you every day making sure you are okay. Keep her, she is precious.

30. Process repressed emotions

There is a reason some people take rejection badly than others because they have unprocessed emotions from their childhood.

These traumas come out in unexpected situations like facing rejection at work or by a girl.

So, instead of learning how to handle rejection, try to understand the reason behind your response to it.

Once you get that, go back and process your hidden emotions. Surely it will help you a lot in your life.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Facing any kind of rejection is hard but what’s more important to know is that this is not going to stay forever.

If you can properly cope with it now, it will help you avoid facing any kind of trauma or emotional distress in your present as well as future relationships but if you can’t, even small disagreements or fights will make you end the relationship.

And that is not okay because everyone is special, you shouldn’t lose important people just because you couldn’t get over one.

So, use these approved tips to deal with rejection from a girl and you’ll see how great you will feel.

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