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How to Start a Conversation With a Girl (and How to Keep it Going + 100 Conversation Starters)

How to Start a Conversation With a Girl (and How to Keep it Going + 100 Conversation Starters)

Updated on Nov 02, 2022

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

How to Start a Conversation With a Girl [100 Conversation Starters]

Curious about how to start a conversation with a girl? Getting jitters while talking to her? Feel confused whenever she stands in front of you?

Firstly, I’m so glad you experienced this amazing feeling. Falling for her slowly, slipping in this bittersweet feeling… all of these are always worth it. 

Possibly, you looked her up on Facebook or Instagram after knowing her name? Thought so! Are you even more nervous?

If yes, you reached the best place to begin your conversation with a bang. This think-piece will guide you through every step… whether it’s in real life or texts.

Can’t wait anymore? Hop in to begin this journey…

…and I hope you have a wonderful time ahead!

How to start a conversation with a girl in real life?

It’s hard to strike a conversation with girls in general. They’re always wary of creeps and I respect that quality.

However, if you fall for a girl, even if you have pure intentions… you can’t always keep your calm. It takes a toll on your confidence… and in the end, someone else sweeps her off her feet. Wanna change the scenes? Follow me here…

1. Notice her surroundings

Pay attention to the girl and her surroundings, but don’t stare at her too long. Notice if she has a ring or a male companion. If she does, abort the plan… look for someone else.

If not, sneak a look at her. You want her to catch you… and the moment she does, look down shyly.

After a few moments, look at her again. Maintain eye contact and smile confidently when she notices you. She will want to figure you out and be more open to talking.

During this step, notice everything about her… her clothes, accessories, hair, makeup, surroundings… Everything is a conversation starter.

2. Introduce yourself with confidence

Walk up to her with a confident smile and notice her body language.

If she looks pissed, disturbed, or shows defensive body language… crack a joke, apologize, look her in the eye and say “Hi, I’m <your-name>. May I get yours?”

Depending on your environment, you may also offer her some refreshments. For instance, if you’re in the cafeteria or a club, offer them any available drinks.

If she has open body language, break the ice with subtle pick-up lines… but not too romantic ones. Women lose interest when men rush the wooing.

3. Show interest in her day

If you know her even the slightest, inquire about her day. Ask “How was your day so long?”

But if you get a single-word answer, follow up with “What happened today? What made you so happy/sad?”

Make fun of your day to cheer her up. Show her that you really care.

However, an unfamiliar girl won’t respond to such questions. She’ll rather think you’re nosy and hitting on her thoughtlessly.

So, for unfamiliar faces, keep it light-hearted like “The weather is rather nice today… I hope your day was nice too.” Use a flattering tone to warm her up.

4. Ask genuine questions

Never ask “Tell me more” or “What’s up?” Forget about conversation flowing, these kill the mood before starting a conversation.

Moreover in face-to-face ones, you’ll notice it all on her face… Her expressions may also break your confidence. Rather, stick to real and open-ended questions.

For instance, you’re in high school… A great way to start a conversation is “Hey, did you get Mr. Patterson’s lecture today? Help me with a quick review.”

Girls put their guard down when you ask them for help. She’ll feel appreciated and empowered.

5. Compliment to make her blush

When you notice a cute girl, sometimes it’s best to be honest. Nowadays women are wary of pick-up lines because that’s common.

However, how many women hear a genuine “May I get this beautiful woman’s name?”? It’s always a good idea to compliment women’s looks when you start the conversation.

But to make good conversation topics, avoid comments on their body parts like breasts, legs, jawline… you know what I’m talking about?

Compliment her accomplishments, when a color suits her better than others, or when she shows a kind gesture to others.

Sometimes, women only need recognition for their efforts… notice her soul rather than her body.

6. Speak fondly of friends

If you guys have mutual friends, then that friend is your conversation topic.

Confidently approach her and say “Hey, I heard you’re <mutual-friend>’s friend… (s)he’s my friend too. How do you know him/her?”

Speak a bit about your friendship with the mutual friend “Our friendship dates back to high school.” This will help her feel a sense of familiarity and will easily respond.

If you don’t know this mutual friend well, investigate a bit. Don’t make a fool out of yourself with wrong facts. Never badmouth the mutual friend… unless it’s a mutual enemy 😂.

7. Strike up a common experience

If you guys have a slight history, that’s a great conversation starter. Talking to girls isn’t hard when you have something in common. It builds a personal connection instantly.

You both might like the same music band, belong to the same community, be the alumni of the same school, work on similar projects, have a similar lifestyle… literally any string can become your red thread of fate.

Strike up the conversation like, “You’re working on this project? Cool… mine’s about XYZ… What’s your topic?”

If it’s a past experience, say “I remember Mrs. Johnson screaming in the hallways… yet she was the sweetest. Who was your fave?”

8. Spice it up with interesting questions

When you’re a little bit familiar, ask her random questions like “If we all were to become animals… what do you think I’ll be?” Make her think you’re cute and funny while you jog her mind.

Ask “So, I always wanted to be a farmer, what was your childhood dream?”

But before asking questions, think if you’re fine answering them?

Women are sentimental and reserved about bad life experiences. So, don’t ask about her secrets, fears, hurts, regrets. Store them away for later. 

Don’t talk about controversial stuff either… else you might never see them again.

Rather ask, “How many siblings do you have?” or a more direct one “Do you like anyone romantically?”

9. Build up your confidence

If she’s talking, don’t interrupt her… but don’t cower to state your mind respectfully. If she has a different opinion, don’t try to prove her wrong. Express your perspective calmly.

Don’t forget to show off confident body language. For instance,

Talk your usual way… no need to change your lingo unless you curse a lot.

Maintain a good posture but don’t be stiff, you’re not a robot

In between your conversation, look her in the eyes and smile

Don’t frown, cross your arms, or look dejected

Look friendly and avoid controversial topics.

10. Be careful about the touch barrier

If you feel confident, brush her hand or arm lightly. Test the waters to know if she’s okay. If she flinches or walks away from you, don’t force it.

Don’t touch her sexually, else you’ll spoil all the efforts. Rather, be more subtle and sneaky. Sit closer to her and let your outer thighs brush. While walking, inch closer and bump shoulders. 

If you’re not comfortable touching her… or you feel it’s too soon, then don’t do it. Listen to your guts… if you’re uncomfortable about it, she won’t either.

If your friend tells you to touch her more because it worked for him… ignore that.

Still can’t picture yourself starting a conversation? Let’s get a little help here…

50 Conversation starters for girls (in real life)

For any conversation starter, focus on a few things. If she’s a stranger, observe what she’s wearing. For familiar faces, use what you know about her.

Anything around you is a good conversation topic. If you know her for a while, delve deeper. Curious about how to start a conversation with a stranger or a familiar girl? Let’s check these…

1. I like your shoes… Where did you get them?

2. Recommend me a drink of your choice.

3. What’s your favorite subject? If given a chance, will you teach the subject?

4. Who do you trust the most?

5. When did you last go traveling with your family? Where was it?

6. What was your school principal like?

7. Did you ever have food during class?

8. Do you want to turn any passion into your living?

9. If you run out of money, how will you get food?

10. I’m a huge fan of this singer. Since when did you become one?  

11. How many shows do you watch on Netflix? How many are on your watchlist?

12. Is there anything harmless you’ll hate someone for?

13. What was the worst struggle that you defeated?

14. Suggest three ways to make this world safer for women.

15. I saw you giving alms to the poor ones… thanks for lighting up their world.

16. What was your wildest dream? It’s okay… you may skip your wet dreams.

17. If we were to sketch one another, who do you think will win and why?

18. Do you believe in parallel worlds? Think there’s a world where we haven’t met yet?

19. If there was a zombie apocalypse, what’s your survival plan?

20. What do you watch for entertainment? Anything crazy?

21. What do you like more? Reading or audiobooks?

22. What does your family call you?

23. Define success in your way.

24. How frequently do you cook and what is it?

25. This movie will be released soon. What do you think about it?

26. What do you miss about childhood?

27. As per you, what’s the loveliest job?

28. If you build your own music band, what will you name it?

29. When was the last time you laughed to tears?

30. How’s your work going? Need any help?

31. What’s one wild food combo you love?

32. How do you start your day?

33. What time do you usually go to bed?

34. What’s your ideal life?

35. What do you do for mind detox? I go on long drives.

36. What do you want the most in life other than happiness or money?

37. Did you ever bunk school? What did you do?

38. Define the worst possible weekend plan.

39. What do you hope you knew as a child?

40. I saw a picture of a pet in your profile… is that yours? Send me their video! I had a pet too (Only if you really had one, share)

41. Which do you like more – kids or pets?

42. If you have access to clothes of all eras, what would you choose?

43. Which chore do you hate the most?

44. When you hear the word chocolate… What do you feel?

45. No offense, but when do you plan to get hitched?

46. Which is your favorite weather? Why?

47. If you live on your talents, what will it be?

48. If I were a time traveler, would you go on a quest with me?

49. What was your first crush like?

50. What do you like about me?

You hold a conversation better when she reacts positively. However, what if she doesn’t react much? Let’s find out here…

How to keep the conversation going with a girl in real life?

When she doesn’t react much, the conversation fades away. However, will you admit defeat so easily? To keep the conversation moving, put effort into it.

Your surroundings, your past, pop culture, use everything possible to get the upper hand. Always focus on making her talk more. Anxious about your next moves? Let’s gain the lost confidence here…

1. Offer her help

In an office setting, if you see her holding too many files or working late, ask…

“I don’t mean to intrude, but do you need a hand with that? Are you sure you can carry so many files or complete the work and reach home on time?

In school or college if she’s working too hard for a test or an upcoming event, ask…

“Hey, are you having trouble preparing for the test or event? I’m free… need some help?”

Stand out of the crowd and help her during the worst hours. If she’s in a pinch, she’ll grab this opportunity.

2. Spill interesting facts

Depending on your situation and setting, dig up about the history of that place.

It might be about your academic institution if you both go to the same one… your workplace, if you’re coworkers… or simply your city.

Learn something interesting yourself and teach her. She’ll think you’re interested and look forward to the next catch-up. Don’t share more than five facts in one day… she can search things up too.

Read up more about those facts and get your conversation moving. Build a deeper connection with a sense of familiarity.

3. Get updates from her

Whether she’s your co-worker, classmate, or a fellow regular passenger like you… ask her something.

“Did you do Mrs. Matte’s homework? Did you find any difficulties?”

“About the ABC deal changes… Are you doing alright?”

“Are you okay? This train is crowded… wanna take this corner?”

Again, try to ask more open-ended questions, show your kindness, and give them air to breathe. When women feel comfortable around someone, they befriend them faster.

If you show kind gestures regularly, she’ll secretly miss you. Someday, she might strike a convo herself if she feels comfortable with you.

4. Talk about the environment

Your surroundings always make good conversation extenders. For instance, if you’re in a café, say “What do you think about the chandelier? I always wanted a small one for my home…”

“The weather’s so breezy… I love the breeze hitting my face. What about you?”

If you’re in college, “Look at our history teacher… she’s carrying so many papers… think she’ll return the tests?”

Look around you and find one genuine topic. Don’t demean anything unless you feel the same towards something.

Don’t change your perception about anything after she says something contradicting. If you feel you were wrong, accept defeat.

It won’t hurt your pride… rather, she’ll think you’re mature and you can hold healthy conversations.

5. Show interest in her history

If someone asks me “What’s your story?”… I’ll be at a loss for words. My whole life will flash in front of my eyes and I won’t know where to begin. Bottom line: You may get awkward laughs but no answers.

Ask more specific questions like “Where are you from?” “What do you miss about school?” Precision might seem boring… but it’ll make her comfortable.

When she shares a part of her history, you must too. Or, if she hesitates, go ahead and say “I’m from A city, what about you?” Women don’t spill private info easily, so make sure she’s comfortable.

6. Pull out the commons

If you find something common about them, focus on that. You both like reading books? Ask for a suggestion… “Suggest me your last good read.”

Or, if there are no commons yet… then find it. For instance, you both might join a study/business trip, or you both will participate in a future event. Ask them…

“You’ll join that trip, right? What are you taking with you?”

If something in your lifestyle genuinely interests you, that’s also helpful. For instance, they’re into kayaking… you always wanted to try it, but never got an opportunity.

Express your interest, know more about their experience, and take tips about it.

7. Use pickup lines like jokes

You’ll find many cool pickup lines out there, but let’s twist it before throwing it. She may not take pickup lines sportingly… or misunderstand your intentions towards her. 

So, use it jokingly to test the waters. Does she laugh at it? Does she appreciate your witty nature? Or, does it make her cringe?

If she responds positively, that’s a great sign. Later on, shuffle 1-2 pickup lines in your conversation every day. Don’t overdo it otherwise you’ll look desperate.

Always notice her mood before delivering jokes. If she looks stressed, she needs your support more than jokes.

8. Talk about TV shows

Netflix and chill is universal but, it’s not just the couples… right? Ask her about her recent watch, which TV show got her hooked, who’s her favorite musician/band. Make it more interesting like…

“I love this book, recommend me some more. Wait, I have some interesting ones too.”

Once you bond well, suggest binge-watching a fave series together. You don’t need to visit their place. Share your screen online and have a virtual date.

Another way to keep the conversation moving is…

“Who do you relate most to in your favorite series?”  “What do you like about that character?”

9.  Gossip about the latest events

What’s buzzing in both of your lives right now? Did you both attend any events? Talk about what caught your eye like…

“Did you notice the groom’s father? He was crying… that was so touching…”

“Last night’s concert was crazy. My other friends sneaked in with alcohol… they almost got caught.”

While you gossip, notice her reactions. It’s a green signal if it amuses her. If she enjoys your story, she might tell you about her experience.

Listen properly when she shares the info. Don’t disrespect anyone while gossiping… she’ll judge your character and think you’re generally mean. 

10. Try getting her phone number

When you know her for a long time, feel she’s the one, and want to take it to the next level, consider swapping contacts. Ask her…

“We have known one another for a while, do you wanna exchange contacts? I really love talking to you, but I never get enough of you.”

Never force her into it… if it’s an option, she’ll feel comfortable and respected. And if you add a flattering tone about your reasons, she’ll love it.

If she refuses you, don’t be mean to her. Or, if she suggests connecting online, take the opportunity. In a good time, everything will work out.

Once you get her number, another struggle will begin. Let’s solve that situation here…

How to start a conversation with a girl texting?

You might meet a great girl online and feel the urge to send a text. But how frequently do women check their social media messages? Mostly, they don’t even open the chat boxes. It’s kinda heartbreaking… but they have a reason.

Sometimes, even if you get her number they might not reply. So, let’s know how to start a conversation whether it’s on Facebook, Tinder, or just on texts…

1. Never delay the first text

If you swapped numbers with that girl, start texting ASAP. Otherwise, you know… Out of sight, out of mind. So, don’t wait until another guy hits the jackpot before you.

Some people suggest waiting for a while. It’s usually to show you have a life. However, women online have too many suitors. You can’t lose your chance over such thoughts.

If you think she’s hot/cute/beautiful… Many others will too.

Don’t text her instantly after swapping numbers. Wait until you’re done with your responsibilities for the day. That way, you prioritize your work/school, your pride, and her.

Text her within 2 days of getting her contact or matching with her.

2. Don’t forget a quirky intro

If you’re texting on a dating app, skip “I’m <your-name>”… your name is already there on the chat window. Say, “Hey, I’m from <your-city>… where are you from?”

For text messages, you don’t know if she saved your number. Text “Hey, <your-name> here, from <venue>/<dating site>. I’m the guy with <add something remarkable about you>”

In this age of online dating, she might meet someone else with the same name. So, always add something to grab her attention.

3. Plan your first text properly

If it’s for matches on Tinder, stick to generic Tinder openers. Send her a message like “Hey, how many did you kill with your looks?”

Take a good look at her profile picture and add a thoughtful question.

For your first text message, other than an intro add a funny question. If the first text is all about you, she’ll not pay much heed. She may save your number and reply with a short “Oh” or “okay!”

Her response rate will naturally lag if she doesn’t find you interesting. So, read her profile to make a cool pass.

If her online dating profile has anything about volleyball, text “How badly did you beat your opponent today?”

4. Steer clear from inconsistent styles

We all have our online personas… each of us are cooler in some way on dating apps. Nobody knows us completely through the phone… so, we behave much more confidently.

When a girl gives you green signals, you’ll feel more confident. With confidence, your tone may change slightly… and that’s not even remotely wrong.

However, did you text like “I had a fabulous day today… I can’t wait to share it with you” for Tinder conversation starters?

Then don’t change that even when she swaps contacts. It boosts your confidence, but don’t say “Hey babe~ wanna get steamy?”

Avoid these red flags while texting a girl.

5. Ask open-ended questions

Start a text conversation with open-ended questions. Text a girl like “What’s the best/worst part of your day?” rather than “How was your day?”

Make scope for her to hold a conversation over text. Check out some Tinder conversation starters online. The best ones always have open-ended questions.

Though you want her to text more, don’t ask tough questions. If it’s a lot of work for her, she’ll ignore it. So, don’t try to dive too deep with text messaging.

Talk about daily life topics which spark fun. Put your sense of humor to good use and make her laugh more often.

6. Don’t double text

When you talk to a girl in real life, do you talk even after she ignores you? Nope!

Exactly… the same goes for texting girls online. If it’s a picture, you may add the caption separately. However, keep the texts short but sweet.

A lot of people make this mistake on dating sites. They send multiple Tinder messages, their match feels overwhelmed, they never reply… and after a while they unmatch.

Some people think they’ll start dating quickly if they pay attention more. Well, multiple texts don’t imply attention. Rather, the girl interprets you’re lazy and unambitious.

7. Don’t smother her with compliments

Every girl with a social media account got “You have pretty eyes” and “I like you” texts. If you follow the same way, a girl will either block or ignore you… like she did with the rest.

Random flattery will do the exact opposite of what you imagine. The girl might feel you’re inexperienced with dating. Rather, make more genuine compliments.

Suppose, you guys go to the same cram school… if she performs well, text “I can’t believe you scored an A in that test. You’re one brainy beauty!”

If her performance drops, text “Don’t wanna be nosy but some help might do you good. I know you’re trying your best.”

8. Don’t add anything sexual

No girl likes unsolicited you-know-what pictures. This stands true for anything sexual compliments too. So, even if she looks hot… don’t text her “Oooh nice rack mama!”

That’s disrespectful, objectifying, and women feel uncomfortable. If you want to be someone significant in her life, then make her comfortable.

Just in case nobody knows… don’t try sexting unless a girl gives you good hints. And if you wanna sext, she’s her own boss. Nobody can force her into sexting.

If she wants you in bed, she’ll share raunchy pictures herself. So, don’t ruin your good conversation with nudes.

9.  Ask for recommendations

If she’s your Tinder match and put her area on her Tinder bio… ask her for restaurant recommendations. Text her “Hey, I’m unfamiliar in your area, recommend me a good restaurant.”

She might think you wanna ask her out on a date. If perchance she texts “I’m not ready for a date yet” prove them wrong.

Reply “Actually, I’ll meet a co-worker/business partner/friend there… but a date isn’t a bad idea 😉.”

Make her think that going on a date is her idea. You both know what happened… but this smooth move will slay her heart.

10. Use a knock-knock joke over “Hi”

Knock-knock jokes are kinda cliché but she’ll still reply. After all, it’s her only chance to check your wits. However, if you text her “Hi” alone, she knows this conversation will go nowhere.

So, use pickup lines wisely. For instance,




Umm… Owl, who?”

“Owl soon meet you, right?”

Go out of your way to impress your maiden. Let her open the door to her heart. Make sure you don’t overdo it. Use this only once in a while to start conversations.

Can’t wait to text her now? Let’s have a look here…

50 Conversation Starters for texting

When you talk to a girl face-to-face… she has time to blabber a lot. But when it’s texting, you’ll annoy her if you make her answer in paragraphs.

Worst case scenario: she’ll lose interest. Mate, I don’t want that for you. So look up these ideas here…

1. Recommend me your kinda music.

2. What do you hate about modern dating?

3. When was the last time you broke someone’s heart?

4. What do you love doing on weekends?

5. Suppose genies were real and you get three wishes, what will you wish for?

6. Are you inked or wanna get inked? What do you think about it?

7. Ever got caught breaking rules? What happened then? Will you do it with me?

8. Which animal do you want to be? Why?

9. What or who is your obsession?

10. Currently, what’s your life goal?

11. Who did you hug the last time?

12. What are the five things you’ll never do in this life?

13. What sports do you love/hate?

14. Do you sing at home alone or when everyone’s around?

15. What’s your favorite dip with French fries?

16. If you were tied up with someone for half a day, who would you choose?

17. When did you last challenge your fears?

18. Which food will you never grow bored of?

19. If you have an invisible cloak for one day, what will you do?

20. What was the best thing about today?

21. What are your living room must-haves?

22. Who was your most fave teacher and why?

23. Who was your celeb crush? How do you feel about them now?

24. Recommend me your fave app.

25. Ever fell for two people simultaneously?

26. Suppose you gotta kiss a friend of the same gender to protect yourself, who will it be?

27. Which piece of childhood cloth still fits you?

28. Do you have any pet peeves?

29. Say you got a thousand bucks, how will you spend it?

30. Any movie you’ll never refuse to watch?

31. Can you raise your brows alternately and fast?

32. Can you move your ears?

33. Which meme turns you off?

34. What is your phone wallpaper?

35. Suppose you got a ticket to any place you want, what’s your destination?

36. Are you allergic to anything?

37. Send me your favorite YouTube video.

38. What will you do if you become God?

39. Think you can live without your phone for two days?

40. What things put a smile on your face instantly?

41. If you get stranded on an island, name three necessities you’ll need to survive.

42. What’s the most memorable text message you ever got?

43. How do you get rid of boredom?

44. On average, how many selfies do you take every day?

45. Faced any troubles today?

46. When did you last get into trouble?

47. What’s your favorite album from your favorite band?

48. Who is your role model?

49. Out of all the places you visited, which is your favorite?

50. How do you often console yourself?

Got a reply to your text? Cool! Don’t know what comes next? Don’t worry, you’ll know it all here…

How to keep the conversation going with a girl on text?

When your crush replies to your text, your heartbeats pick up the pace. Even the simplest questions become hard… after all, that cute one paid attention to you.

However, while you’re in a daze, she might find another interesting and fast texter. I don’t want that… so, let’s check this deeply…

1. Add a splash of emojis

Social media and smartphones are blessings when it’s about texting. Do you think emojis are childish? Well, women always act grown up, but their childish part never fades.

She won’t send an emoji herself if you don’t send it. She doesn’t want the childish labels and plays it cool. However, that only hides her real self. So, liven up your texts with emojis.

Emojis fill up your texts with emotions. It also reduces the chances of misunderstandings. For instance, if your crush texts you late at night, but you’re sleepy.

When you reply “I’m tired, good night”… she might feel hesitant to text you next time. But, if you add emojis, it’ll look friendlier.

Another tip: don’t use hearts or winks if you’re not close enough.

2. Take note of the mood

Sometimes she might not reply enthusiastically. She might use more single-word texts or use “hmm” and “kay”. Your conversations might not last long for her life situation.

Don’t jump to conclusions during such a phase. Your texting skills are fine and she might not do it intentionally either. Possibly, something went wrong in her life.

So, anytime her texts seem distant or off, question her if she’s okay. Text her “Are you alright? Usually, you’re so jolly, is anything wrong?”

Make her understand that you care for her and will support her during hard times.

3. Add a visual to the texts

Despite what messaging app you use, you have a plethora of gifs, stickers, and pictures. To attract a woman, send her cutesy media.

It might be a picture of puppies, flowers, or a pair of parent and child animals. Send her cute stickers, but don’t overdo it. Too much of anything might overwhelm her.

Send her relatable memes and make her laugh. However, notice if she gets the meme, otherwise explain the reference.

Some girls don’t get memes and feel isolated. It’s alright to explain and have fun together.

4. Ask for her Snapchat ID

If you want to make texting fun, Snapchat a girl. Open Snapchat and play along with the cool filters to spice up boring everyday texts.

Since texts and emojis don’t always express feelings, Snapchat is great! If she doesn’t reply, take a sulky picture and caption “Wondering how busy you are.”

During a fun conversation, jokingly take a snap of you deep in thought. Caption it “This app has a ghost icon… but hope you won’t ghost me.”

Or, share simple and serene private snaps of a red sunrise, bees buzzing in the garden, or anything about the nature around you.

5. Use conversation games

Conversation games are plenty of fun and help you understand others.

There are many of them like Two truths and a lie, Never have I ever, Would you rather, Truth or dare, Twenty questions, and so much more.

When your conversations get stuck, but you’re both in a good mood, use them.

However, make sure you respect her and her boundaries. If she mentions you to not ask about family or childhood, follow that.

Never make fun of her answers either. Your perspectives might be different from hers. If you feel it’s strange, ask her the reasons. Don’t push her to open up if she avoids it.

6. Bring up an event

If you’re both into a music band and they’ll host a concert soon… text the girl about it. If you have tickets text, “You won’t believe what tickets I got… make your wildest guess!”

Or, if it’s about a city-wide festival in your area, hit her up like “Do you go out on festivals? I always liked the lights and ornaments… what do you think?”

It’s an indirect hint to know about her tastes. However, don’t change your tastes according to hers. Such moves don’t work in the long run.

If you both attended an event but didn’t know one another back then, text “Possibly, we enjoyed the event side by side… it’s crazy that we were so close but didn’t know one another.”

7. Talk about common grounds

Try to know her hobbies, passion, likes, and dislikes. Find out something common with her. If there’s nothing particularly common, target the interesting parts.

Notice her social media posts… what’s in her pictures other than her? A hobby like books, outdoor activities, or even a pet. Text her ”Do you love dogs/romance books/snorkeling?”

It’s kind of a close-ended question, so follow up like, “When did you first begin?”

Keep the texts peppy, short, and express your excitement about them. When you get the chance, text her, “I also wanna try, recommend something to me.”

8. Share your unique interests

Conversations are both-sided, else it’s an interview. So, spill your interesting side too… otherwise, some other guy will impress her.

When you ask her something, return the favor and share something about yourself. If she finds you interesting, she’ll ask a lot about you.

However, don’t brag like “I always performed well in my class”. Even if you know it’s something worth bragging, be modest like “I don’t want to brag, but I worked hard and performed well.”

If she doesn’t have good memories about a topic but you do, empathize and skip your part of the story. Customize your retorts to keep the conversation flowing.

9. Ask her out on a date

Even if girls like you, she’ll never ask you out on a date. If you think it’s an ego matter, you’re wrong. Rather, she’s unsure because you might see other girls too.

In her mind, if she’s into you she thinks like, “Am I overthinking all alone, or do they really like me?” “What if I ask him out and it breaks the friendship?”

So, take a chance and ask her out to meet in person. Keep the romance at bay and enjoy a friendly face-to-face chat. Choose a neutral setting like a café, library, or gaming arcade.

Don’t choose romantic settings like the movies, amusement parks, or fine dining restaurants.

10. Hang in there

If she doesn’t respond, don’t misunderstand her. She might be busy, so enjoy your time with friends. You can’t force them into responding, so don’t expect too much from it.

Follow up if it’s past 24 hours without a reply like “Did someone already get your heart? If so, let me congratulate you 😉.”

Don’t send any more texts after this. If she is busy or sick, things will turn normal.

If not, you’ll sign off like a boss. Don’t send multiple texts as you’ll look desperate. However, if she specifically asks you to stop texting her, stop immediately.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Hopefully, you’re feeling more confident now. Well, she won’t ignore you because you’re boring or have ulterior motives. After all, you’ll put up your best to grab her attention. 

Even if you want to flirt with her or make her your girlfriend… don’t express these emotions too fast. Let her know and admire you as a friend. Highlight your positives without bragging. 

If she has a good opinion of you, you’ll have a better chance in the future. So, go with the flow, no rushing, and enjoy being just friends for now,

However, if things don’t work out, don’t hold a grudge. Some people are better off friends. So, if you feel like it, stay friends.