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25 Disheartening Signs He Only Sees You As A Friend And You Need To Move On

25 Disheartening Signs He Only Sees You As A Friend And You Need To Move On

Updated on Oct 05, 2023

25 Disheartening Signs He Only Sees You As A Friend And You Need To Move On

If you’re in love with a guy, but he hardly notices you, it’s high time you check for signs he only sees you as a friend

It’s not always easy to understand whether your crush likes you as well. And men have always been taught to hide their emotions. 

With all that, it’s normal to feel confused and wonder about whether you should give up on a good man. 

So, understand how to navigate through this situation by first knowing the truth here…

25 Signs He Only Sees You As A Friend

You guys started off as friends… but you eventually fell for him pretty hard. You don’t know whether he feels the same way. And you definitely don’t want to make things awkward with an abrupt confession or a direct question. 

In that case, get rid of this confusion with these signs!

1. He treats you like a normal friend

If he treats you just like any other friend without special or romantic attention, it’s a clear sign that he sees you as a friend rather than a romantic partner. 

2. He never does anything romantic

Notice whether he never takes the initiative to make romantic gestures. Perhaps he also consistently shows disinterest or doesn’t reciprocate when you make the first move. If yes, it’s a strong sign that he sees you as just a friend. 

3. You get a brother-sister vibe

The feeling of being like siblings typically indicates a close, non-romantic bond. It’s often challenging to transition from this dynamic to a romantic one.

If this is your situation, it’s a strong sign that he sees you as a friend.  

4. He has never mentioned you in future plans

Did he ever talk about living together, marriage, or any significant life changes involving you? 

If not, it’s a sign that they likely see you as a friend rather than a romantic partner.

5. He tries to set you up with another guy

Did he ever try to set you up with someone else? 

If yes, he’s comfortable with the idea of you being in a romantic relationship with someone other than himself. He’s just a supportive friend, looking for your happiness and well-being.

6. He never shows any sign of affection

Some common nonverbal cues of romantic interest are romantic teasing, public displays of affection, and eye contact

These often signify deeper emotional and intimate connections. It shows a man’s romantic interest in you.

Now notice if there’s no such teasing, he actively refrains from any PDA, he avoids eye contact or has a friendly gaze, or he has never shown any signs of affection. Perhaps he also avoids physical touch beyond typical for a friendship, like hugs or handshakes.  

All of it suggests his lack of romantic intent toward you. 

7. He calls you by weird name

If he calls you weird or playful nicknames, it’s a sign that he sees you as a friend and is comfortable being playful with you. 

This behavior suggests a friendly and light-hearted dynamic rather than a deeply romantic one. Otherwise, he’d have gotten you a sweeter and more intimate name! 

8. You never talk about romance

Notice if your conversations primarily revolve around hobbies or shared interests and never about romance. 

This is a clear sign that they likely see you as a friend rather than a potential romantic partner. 

9. He gives you relationship advice for the future

Recall if he often advises you on things you should do in your potential relationships for romance or to make him happy. 

If yes, it’s an obvious sign that he sees you as a friend and not a romantic partner. He is comfortable discussing your potential romantic interests and is more interested in your happiness and well-being as a friend.

10. He isn’t jealous of boys around you

When a man is interested in you, he’ll be jealous or protective when others show interest in you. 

If he doesn’t act that way in such situations, it’s a sign that he likely sees you as a friend rather than a romantic interest. 

11. He introduces you to others as his friends

If he introduces you to others as “just a friend,” it’s a clear sign that he sees you as nothing but a friend. 

When any guy is interested in you, he’ll introduce you differently, using terms like “special friend” or “girlfriend.” 

If he consistently refers to you as a friend in social situations, that’s what he means!

12. Only you reach out first

When men are romantically interested, men usually try to initiate contact and show interest more. 

If you consistently initiate contact most of the time, it’s one-sided, and he doesn’t think of you as anything more than a friend. 

13. He doesn’t try to be perfect around you

In romantic relationships, people often try to present their best selves and are cautious about revealing flaws or vulnerabilities. 

If he is comfortable being genuine and authentic around you right from the beginning, he is never concerned about representing himself perfectly.  

This level of comfort and trust is typical of close friendships rather than romantic relationships. 

14. He always prefers group hangouts

Group hangouts are casual and less intimate. People interested in pursuing a romantic relationship often seek opportunities for more personal and private interactions.

If he consistently prefers group hangouts and never takes you on one-on-one outings like friendly dates, it’s a sign that he likely sees you as a friend.  

15. He ogles other girls

When a man is interested in you romantically, he’ll focus on you and show less interest in others. 

If he frequently checks out other girls while you’re together, it’s a sign that he likely sees you as a friend. His romantic interest is elsewhere. 

16. He doesn’t prioritize you

A man who’s interested in you will prioritize you and try to be emotionally available. He’ll try spending time with you or make an effort to be there for you when you need support. 

But if he consistently places you lower on his list of priorities, your connection is nothing but platonic to him. 

17. You’re never satisfied with his compliments

When there’s a chance of a romantic bond, compliments feel more personal. 

But it’s an alarming sign if his compliments feel generic or don’t align with your expectations of a romantic partner’s praises. 

It indicates his needs from you are simply platonic… not romantic. 

18. You rarely get to know about his success updates

People often share important personal milestones, achievements, and successes with their close ones to deepen their connection. 

When he withholds such information, he doesn’t view your relationship as intimate. You’re simply one of the many friends that can wait for later! 

19. He is not that supportive

In romantic relationships, partners provide emotional support, encouragement, and assistance to each other. 

If he is not consistently supportive of you and your endeavors, he sees you as a friend… or worse, just an acquaintance!

20. He doesn’t respond to your complaints

In romantic relationships, partners often work together to resolve conflicts and make improvements to maintain a healthy connection. 

When he is less responsive to your complaints or doesn’t actively seek to address issues, there’s a lack of emotional investment or commitment. This shows that he has no plans for a romantic relationship with you. 

21. He doesn’t pay any attention to you 

In love, devoted men try to understand their partner’s emotions and meet their needs. 

He sees you as just another friend if he doesn’t pay attention to your needs, feelings, or preferences. He’ll also never show interest in getting to know you better, your interests, or your personal life.

There’s no deeper emotional connection associated like those in romantic ones.

22. He flirts with you – just as he does with his other friends

Flirting is definitely a sign of romantic interest. But some men might flirt with you, even with just friends. 

Though confusing, notice if his flirtatious acts are not just for you. Perhaps he also interacts with other friends like this. 

His flirtatious acts are actually part of his friendly and playful personality. This shows he doesn’t have deeper romantic feelings for you. 

23. He talks about your female friends

Does he frequently talk about your female friend, which shows he’s interested in her? Perhaps he spends more time discussing her than showing interest in you. 

If yes, he definitely sees you as a friend. So, he’s comfortable discussing his attraction or interest in someone else. 

24. You never had long chats or calls

People enjoy extended conversations in romantic relationships to deepen their emotional connection and intimacy

But if your conversations are consistently short or infrequent, it indicates a lack of romantic interest in the bond. 

25. He introduces you to his crush

If he ever considered you as a prospective partner – even for a moment, he wouldn’t let you know about his crush. 

But if he actively introduces you to a girl he likes or encourages you to communicate with her, you’re nothing more than a friend. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you notice a lot of these signs, you can be sure that he thinks of you as a friend for sure. And now, you must get over your desire for a deeper romantic connection. 

You can take some space and work on things on your own. But if he doesn’t respect your space, it’s essential to have an open and honest conversation to clarify your relationship status and expectations. 

Tell him that you need time to sort out your feelings and would prefer to stay away until then!

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