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How To Get The Spark Back In A Broken Relationship? – 12 Unbeatable Ways

How To Get The Spark Back In A Broken Relationship? – 12 Unbeatable Ways

Updated on Aug 24, 2023

How To Get The Spark Back In A Broken Relationship - 12 Unbeatable Ways

If you want to get back the spark in a broken relationship, the first step is to evaluate how both of you feel about it. If you’re both open to making things work, you can make it happen. So, talk it out to know if you are ready to give each other a chance.

If yes, then keep reading! 

How to get the spark back in a broken relationship? – 12 Ways 

Whether your relationship broke because of either of your mistakes or due to burdensome circumstances… when two hearts are still connected, you can rekindle the old spark in no time.

Deep down, the fire of love is still burning. You only need to give it some fuel to become visible. So, keep reading to know how! 

1. Start going to dates again

People often take date nights off the table as a relationship grows older. But dates boost intimacy and let you spend some quality time together. 

Not only are date nights fun, but they are also a way to take joy in each other’s company. They set flames to your long-forgotten desires for each other. You can patch things up eventually with small surprises during dates. 

Your dates can be as simple as taking a stroll in the park or going on a hike. So, no matter how busy or exhausted you are, take some time out and go on a date.  

2. Communicate openly and honestly with each other

Communication plays a vital role in relationships. They can either make or break them. So, to bring back that lost spark, you need to be honest with your thoughts. 

Make it a habit to share all your feelings and your concerns with your partner. In this way, you can resolve conflict more easily, and make sure that there are no misunderstandings. 

Speak from your heart, and give your partner the chance to open up. Create a safe space so that you can be your truest selves with each other. 

3. Forgive each other for past mistakes

No matter how much you love each other, it is inevitable for you and your partner to hurt each other eventually. After all, you guys are two different individuals. 

However, if you don’t address these mistakes, it can lead to grudges and resentment, resulting in a bitter relationship. So, talk to them about it and get closure. 

If your partner resents you for something, find out what it is, and apologize if you have to. Make a habit of not brushing anything under the carpet. In the end, remember that we all make mistakes, so let bygones be bygones.  

4. Take responsibility for your mistakes

It is no secret that trust plays a vital role in relationships. If you broke your partner’s trust in some way, then come clean to them and take accountability.

If you have betrayed your partner in the past or hurt them in some way, then show them that you fully acknowledge what you have done. The only way for them to trust you again is to get closure. 

Otherwise, your partner can’t forgive you, and, of course, they cannot possibly trust you all over. 

5. Be transparent with each other

In order to return the spark in your broken relationship, you both need to be completely transparent with each other. 

This will help you be comfortable with sharing your innermost thoughts with them without the fear of judgment. Further, you also throw negative feelings like doubt and uncertainty out of the equation. 

To be completely vulnerable or transparent with your partner, you must have a lot of faith in them. But to establish a secure and happy relationship, you have to take the chance.

6. Seek professional help

Even the happiest relationships can get hard with time. Daily struggles can lead to conflicts that can seem impossible to resolve. That’s where couples therapy helps out.

And if your relationship is broken, you definitely need some expert advice to patch things up.

However, there is a lot of taboo around seeking relationship experts. So, most people avoid it. 

But couples therapy can help you identify the root of your problems, improve communication, and resolve conflict.  

Even if you feel uncomfortable talking to a third person about your relationship, keep the benefits in mind and try it out! 

7. Don’t expect too much from each other

The media portrays love as a walk in the garden with rose-tinted glasses. So, people often have unrealistic expectations from relationships and their partners. 

For instance, some expect their partners to be there for them at all times. They believe that their partners should put their needs first rather than their own. 

Well, when you expect more than what your partner can give, you lay the groundwork for future disappointments. 

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to expect things from your loved ones, but be realistic about it. 

8. Learn how to make compromises

When you make compromises for someone, it inevitably makes them feel special. It shows that you prioritize them. 

So, make space for your partner’s preferences and needs without sacrificing your own.  Remember that it is not fair if one person has to make all the compromises. So, balance things out so that neither of you are left unhappy. 

Lastly, make sure that you don’t always get the shorter side of the stick, or else you will start resenting your partner after a point.

9. Make physical contact frequently

It is scientifically proven that touch releases the love hormone. Physical contact, both sexual and non-sexual, can increase the closeness and intimacy between two people. 

Surprisingly, touch can also improve your communication with your partner, especially when it comes to expressing emotions. 

So, the next time you are together, hug your partner and hold their hand. Keep the desire alive by having sex more than once a week. 

Give them a foot rub or simply scratch their scalp while you binge-watch shows. The options to boost intimacy are endless!

10. Remember how special you are to each other

As a relationship grows older, passion dies down. So, people tend to forget the reason behind why they started dating in the first place. 

Moreover, if it’s a broken relationship, partners can’t even remember such things because of their egos. 

As the initial high subsides, people often fail to remember how crazy they were for their partners at one point. 

So, to mend a broken relationship and instill spark all over, remember how special they made you feel at one point. 

Recollect why you fell in love with them, and look back on your fond memories together. You might once again experience the butterflies in your stomach.

11. Be grateful for each other’s presence

In long-term relationships, partners expect the relationship to last forever without appreciating each other. They start taking each other for granted. Check if this is also your case.

Notice if you worked much harder for your partner in the initial phases and stopped that eventually. If yes, that was the reason behind the disastrous result of your relationship. 

In this case, to rekindle the spark in your broken relationship, you need to go back to the basics. 

Start appreciating their presence in your life. Show them how much they mean to you with both your words and your actions. You can try renewing your vows and remember the promises you once made to each other. 

12. Try to have fun together

If you wanna stay together through the ups and downs of life, you gotta add some spice.  That’s possible only by having fun! Otherwise, you can’t change a thing if your relationship falls into a rut. 

So, even if you two have different ideas for having fun, find out your common interests. The next time you’re together, try out new exciting things. 

While you laugh and make memories with each other, the spark will reignite with time!

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Even if you believe that your relationship has reached the breaking point, remember that bridges can always be mended. You just need to be creative and let your love for each other overcome these negative thoughts. 

You may not have the exact old relationship. However, once you both will begin on a fresh page, you’ll take extra care to make things work!

However, if nothing works out, the call is yours to take!