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Friend Vs Girlfriend – 15 Striking Differences Between Your Most Important People 

Friend Vs Girlfriend – 15 Striking Differences Between Your Most Important People 

Updated on Nov 17, 2023

Friend Vs Girlfriend - 15 Striking Differences Between Your Most Important People 

In today’s world, there are so many new forms of relationship dynamics that it’s easy to become confused with the simplest terminologies like friend vs girlfriend!

However, there are some significant differences between a woman who’s just a friend and someone who you’re romantically connected with. 

Want to know what these differences are? Come, then, let’s get started!

15 Differences Between Friend Vs Girlfriend

When someone is truly your friend, you’ll share a deep bond with them. However, you will also share a profound relationship with a girlfriend. But many strong differences mark a boundary between these two bonds. 

So, if you don’t have much time, quickly look at the chart below

Point of DifferenceFriendGirlfriend
1. Romantic feelingsThere’s none for a friendThey exist for a girlfriend
2. ExclusivityYou can have multiple friends simultaneouslyYou can have one girlfriend at once
3. Physical contactThere’s casual contact with a friendThere’s romantic or sexual contact with a girlfriend
4. Future plansYou don’t make future plans with a friendYou plan for the future with a girlfriend
5. Sexual intensityThere’s none with a friendThere’s a lot of it with a girlfriend
6. Sharing thoughtsYou may not share too much with friendsYou share the darkest secrets with a girlfriend
7. Going outIt includes other people, tooIt mostly includes you both
8. Discussing crushesYou can discussed it with friendsYou can’t discussed this with a girlfriend
9. Taking note of appearanceYou can even wear casuals around a friendYou must take note of your appearance around girlfriend
10. Jealousy There’s no jealousy for a friendYou often have strong jealousy with her
11. Drama in the relationshipAlmost no drama among friendsThere can be lots of drama with a girlfriend 
12. Verbal commitmentThere’s no verbal commitmentThere’s verbal commitment
13. Listening with judgmentThey listen to you without judgmentShe might judge you
14. Daily communicationIt’s not required with a friendIt’s required with a girlfriend
15. Trust issuesIt doesn’t come up with a friend It happens with a girlfriend

However, to avoid misunderstanding any difference, keep scrolling below to read the differences in detail.

1. There’s no romantic feeling for a friend, but there is for a girlfriend

Probably the most important point of difference between a female friend and a girlfriend is that you don’t have any kind of romantic or sexual feelings for the former. 

Even though you both are very close, you know that you’ll only remain friends. For a girlfriend, however, you will have strong romantic and sexual feelings.

2. You can have multiple friends simultaneously but not multiple girlfriends

Another major difference between having a friend and a girlfriend is exclusivity. You can have multiple friends of the same or different gender simultaneously. There is no restriction on exclusivity. 

But in a monogamous romantic relationship, you have only one girlfriend at once.

3. Physical contact with a friend is casual, but it’s romantic or sexual with a girlfriend 

When you engage in physical contact with a female friend, it’s just a casual hug or maybe even a peck on the cheek. 

But with your girlfriend, you’ll obviously engage in much more physical activity. Even if you’re not having sex, you will touch her in a romantic way or kiss her on her lips.

4. Unlike with a friend, you can plan your future with a girlfriend 

With a friend, you don’t have any future plans because you won’t be building a life together.

If you are in a long-term relationship, you and your girlfriend will inevitably end up making plans for the future. These plans can be anything, right from engagement to having children together. 

5. Unlike with a friend, things get heated between you and your girlfriend 

There’s no passion in a platonic relationship between you and your friend. So you both won’t have any sexual heat between yourselves.

Since there will be a lot of passion in a romantic relationship, it’s expected that you and your girlfriend will end up in the bedroom quite a number of times! 

6. Compared to a friend, you can share your deepest thoughts with a girlfriend 

In a friendship, you might not feel that comfortable sharing everything with your friends, especially if you haven’t known them for long.

With a girlfriend, you feel like you can tell them almost anything! In fact, sharing your deepest thoughts and secrets will only strengthen the bond. 

7. Going out with a friend can include other people. The same with a girlfriend mostly includes only you both

When you plan on going out with a friend, it often includes other people in your close circle. 

But the same might not always be true when you plan on going out with your girlfriend. In most cases, it will be a romantic date with only you both enjoying each other’s company!

8. You can discuss your crush with a friend but not with a girlfriend

So, you have a big crush on someone cute. You can always tell your friend about people you like! They might even give you a little push to impress your crush. 

But if you’re already committed to your girlfriend, you can’t tell her about your crushes!

9. Unlike around a friend, you pay attention to your looks when with a girlfriend 

When you’re with a friend, you can feel great in just a baggy T-shirt and pajamas!

It’s quite obvious that when you’re out with your girlfriend, you wish to impress her more and more! And this can only be done when you look good. Therefore, most men wish to look and feel great when they’re with their special one. 

10. There is no jealousy with a friend, but there can be strong jealousy with a girlfriend

Since friendship isn’t exclusive, there is hardly any time when you’ll be jealous of your friend or be irritated if they hang out with someone. 

But in a romantic relationship, jealousy can often be a huge problem, especially if you see your girlfriend going out with another guy.

11. There is little drama with a friend, but there can be a lot of drama with a girlfriend

One of the best parts about friendship is that it comes with little to no drama. When you’re with your friend, you can get away from all kinds of drama and just live in the moment. 

But in a romantic relationship, a lot of complications tend to arise, which give way to unnecessary drama and fights.

12. There is no verbal commitment with a friend, but there is one with a girlfriend

No matter how long you have been friends, there was probably no verbal commitment to sticking together through the years. 

But with a girlfriend, you often promise to be by her side forever. In a romantic relationship, verbal commitments form an important part as they help the couple to bond.

13. A friend will listen to you without judgment, but a girlfriend might judge you

If you have a best friend, consider yourself the luckiest because this person will always listen to you without any judgments! A friend will hold your hand and be by your side. 

But a girlfriend might not always understand your point of view. She might judge you too quickly or start an argument.

14. You can go without talking to a friend for days, but daily communication is required with a girlfriend

Another great thing about friends is that you don’t have to call or text them every day to know that they still love you. Even if you go for days without talking, you can pick up the conversation from where you left off. 

But in a romantic relationship, it’s necessary to talk to each other every day.

15. Trust issues don’t come up with a friend but can come up with a girlfriend

It’s much easier to build your trust around a friendship than a romantic relationship, especially if your friendship has lasted significantly longer than your love life. 

You can trust your gang with all your heart, and you know they would do anything for you. But a girlfriend might make you lose faith.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

With these major differences between a friend and a girlfriend, you can now set a clear boundary between the two. Learn to respect both of them appropriately to have an amicable relationship with both!

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