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20 Obvious And Cute Signs A Guy Is Jealous And Likes You A Lot 

20 Obvious And Cute Signs A Guy Is Jealous And Likes You A Lot 

Updated on Dec 15, 2023

20 Obvious And Cute Signs A Guy Is Jealous And Likes You A Lot 

If you’re curious about the signs a guy is jealous and likes you, you need to first notice his day-to-day behavior. 

Especially if he’s close to you and wants you desperately, his actions will let you know about his feelings… even if he doesn’t want to!

So, if you’re ready to know what those indicators are, let’s keep reading…

20 Signs A Guy Is Jealous And Likes You

It’s normal for male friends to fall for female friends – even before they notice it. A man’s romantic feelings often come off as jealousy and leave you questioning his motives. 

He acts clingy, angry, and moody. But there are so many other ways to understand this better. So, let’s dive in to know those…

1. He competes with other men

Notice whether he tries to isolate you from your male friends, discourages you from spending time with them, or keeps you to himself. 

If yes, he feels insecure about his position and fears that your male friends threaten his chances with you. This insecurity can lead to rude behavior.

If he frequently gets into arguments or disagreements with your male friends, it’s a sign of jealousy and discomfort.

2. He gets angry when you talk about another man

When you discuss your male friends, notice if he displays visible signs of discomfort, annoyance, or even anger. Or he might quickly try to change the topic.

All that shows he’s afraid that your close friendships with other men may diminish your focus on him. Thus, it triggers jealousy.

3. He tries to be in physical contact with you

Another telltale sign is that you’ll find him always looking for ways to touch you. It might be a gentle pat on the back, a hand on your shoulder, or even more intimate forms of contact like holding your hand or hugging.

He might engage in more physical contact if he sees you interacting with others and wants to assert his presence and affection.

4. He responds to your texts immediately

Observe if he responds promptly to your text, often within seconds or minutes. It shows he wants to keep your attention and ensure you don’t get interested in someone else. 

5. He often finds excuses to hang out together 

Perhaps he finds reasons to come over, even without a specific purpose or errand. He takes the initiative to visit you without waiting for you to invite him.

Or he offers you help with tasks or errands, such as chores or fixing something. He suggests spending time together, whether it’s for a movie night, a meal, or just hanging out.

If yes, he has a strong emotional connection with you. It makes him want to be around you as much as possible.

Moreover, he’s jealous and concerned about your interactions with others and wants to ensure you don’t have time to interact with others.

6. He sneaks a lot of private moments with you 

Does he attempt to create personal moments with you in a group setting?

This signifies romantic interest and jealousy towards other men getting your attention. 

When you’re together, he may steer the conversation towards more personal or intimate topics, creating a sense of closeness.

7. He gives you the silent treatment now and then

Sometimes, people resort to the silent treatment to make others miss them.

If he’s jealous about something and likes you, he may use the silent treatment as a passive-aggressive way to express his emotions. 

8. He consults your friends

Recall if he often asks your friends about your routine. Or whether he drops subtle hints to your friends to let him know your relationship status or interests. 

If yes, he wants you to react and think about him when your friends tell you about this. He wants to be on your mind!

9. He tries to make you jealous

Another sign is that he actively flirts with other women when he knows you are watching him. He frequently talks about or mentions other women in a way that might make you uncomfortable or jealous.

It’s because he feels jealous or insecure about your interactions with other men. So he tries to provoke a similar reaction from you.

10. He acts possessive with you around other guys

He tries to control your actions or decisions, especially when you’re with other guys. For example, he might insist on being present or limit your contact with them. 

If this sounds familiar, he has romantic feelings for you and is afraid of losing you to someone else.

11. He cannot stop staring at you

You notice that he seems to pay more attention to you than others in the group. His gaze is accompanied by smiles, blushing, or other signs of affection. 

It shows he’s genuinely fascinated by you and finds you intriguing, which leads to his constant attention.

12. He steps back when the group is having fun

In group settings, when everyone is enjoying themselves, does he become quieter or more withdrawn?

If yes, he aims to get your attention by stepping back. He’s jealous that you’re not focused on him.

13. He’s too sweet

If he knows other men competing for your attention, he might intensify his sweet and charming behavior. This is so you feel more drawn to him and less interested in others. 

He’ll frequently compliment you, making you feel appreciated and special. He’ll go out of his way to make thoughtful gestures and give you princess treatment, making your life easier or more enjoyable.

14. He suddenly stops texting

Is there a noticeable change in his texting behavior?

Notice if he goes from being very responsive to suddenly becoming distant and ignoring your texts or taking longer to respond. 

If the depth of your conversations decreases, and he seems less interested in you, he’s sulking and wants your attention.

15. He follows closely on social media

If he’s jealous and likes you, he’ll stalk your social media to confirm you’re not interacting with others romantically. He might also use social media to learn more about your interests, hobbies, and life.

16. He acts like he’s already your boyfriend

He shows concern for your well-being and may become protective of you in various situations. Though you both aren’t in a relationship, still he’ll act like he holds a very important position in your life. 

He wants to know every detail in your life, and if he gets to know anything from anywhere, he gets upset.

All of that shows he’s so in love and also a bit jealous!

17. He wants to leave the party like RIGHT now!

If a guy expresses a strong desire to leave a party or social event immediately, it could be a sign that he is jealous of your interaction with other guys. He potentially has romantic feelings for you.

18. He hangs out with his friends every other night

Everyone has friends, and they hang out with them. So, what’s the biggie?

Well, if he usually prioritizes you but suddenly starts prioritizing his friends, that’s the sign. He’s probably so blinded by jealousy that he wants to move on emotionally. 

Probably, you flirted with someone, and he doesn’t want to get hurt by your actions.

19. When you ask him what is wrong, he says, “Nothing.”

Sharing one’s emotions and problems can make someone feel vulnerable. And if he’s crushing on you and feels jealous, he may hesitate to expose his vulnerabilities.

He’ll struggle to express his feelings or concerns openly and prefers to keep them to himself. 

20. When you have other plans, he acts hurt

He becomes visibly upset or frustrated when he knows you’ve made plans without including him.  He feels jealous about you spending time with others and not giving him as much attention. 

It’s because he strongly wants to be the only one for you. He feels like he’s missing out on something special when he’s not included in your plans.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you notice a lot of these signs and suspect a guy is jealous and likes you, consider communicating openly. This will help you know his true feelings, clarify your own, and figure out how you want to go about things. 

Don’t wait until he confesses his feelings… because he’s probably not aware of those! So, take the lead instead of going around in circles!

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