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How To Get A Girl To Kiss You? 20 Different Sneaky Ways To Make Her Initiate Things

How To Get A Girl To Kiss You? 20 Different Sneaky Ways To Make Her Initiate Things

Updated on Oct 25, 2023

How To Get A Girl To Kiss You 20 Different Sneaky Ways To Make Her Initiate Things

If you’re tired of initiating things, then you need to learn how to get a girl to kiss you.  

Probably, you feel that she just goes along with the pace… but doesn’t really want to kiss you. So, you want her to make a move and show whether she’s seriously into you.

But obviously, you just don’t know how to show her what you want, and here you are!

Well, don’t worry, this guide will help you reach your goal in no time. So, keep scrolling!

How To Get A Girl To Kiss You? – 20 Ways

Every man wants his woman to kiss him. But usually, women can muster the courage to kiss first until the relationship gets REALLY comfortable. 

However, if you want to awaken her bold and daring side earlier and earn a kiss from her, follow these ways…

1. Make sure you look good

Physical appearance is important in initial attraction. So present yourself well to make yourself more appealing. Wear occasion-appropriate fitting clothes that suit your style.

A pleasant, subtle fragrance can be appealing, but don’t overdo it. Select tasteful accessories that complement your outfit and style. 

2. Look for a private place

Alone time in a private setting helps you relax and be yourself. It increases the chance of getting intimate.

Plan an activity or choose a comfortable and enjoyable place that has plenty of privacy. Options include a quiet park, a cozy coffee shop, or a quiet corner at a social gathering. 

3. Don’t beg for a kiss

Since communication is important, some men believe they can just ask for a kiss. But that may creep her out pretty badly if she’s not ready. And even if she wants to kiss, you’ll seem needy and impatient. 

That will turn her off, so avoid it!

4. Be flirty

Flirting shows your interest and attraction and creates a romantic atmosphere. It sets the stage for a more intimate interaction and makes it natural to lean in for a kiss.

So flirt with her and engage in light and friendly conversation. Show genuine interest in her thoughts and feelings. 

5. Make sensual touch

A playful touch, like a light tap on the arm during a joke, works great and creates a romantic atmosphere.

As the conversation becomes more intimate, sincere, and heartfelt, you sense a connection. It’s the best moment to touch her arm or shoulder. 

6. Mind her comfort

Always be aware of her personal space and physical boundaries. Allow her to set the pace for physical contact.

It’s a good practice to check in with her verbally. Say something like, “Are you comfortable?” or “Is this okay with you?” This shows that you care about her feelings. 

7. Avoid spoiling moments with funny jokes

Laughter and humor can be great in many situations, but they can also disrupt intimate or romantic moods. 

If you naturally have a humorous personality, use humor in moderation and choose your moments carefully. Ensure that the humor doesn’t undermine the romantic vibe.

Don’t be afraid of awkward silence. Silence can be powerful and can build anticipation and intimacy.  

8.  Build anticipation with a small cheek kiss

If the moment feels right, a small peck on the cheeks can set the stage for a more passionate kiss. 

Look for a moment when you both feel comfortable and have a sense of connection or intimacy. Position yourself so that you’re at her side or facing her such that you can reach her cheek comfortably.

9. Notice her reactions

Observe her reactions and body language to gauge whether she’s interested and comfortable. 

Is she leaning in closer to you, facing you directly, or mirroring your movements? These are positive signals. 

Pay attention to her eye contact. It might be a sign of interest if she’s making prolonged eye contact or gazing at your lips.

10. Fill your conversations with happy and positive things 

Positive conversations uplift both of your moods and create a cheerful atmosphere. Discuss topics that typically bring joy. 

It might be shared hobbies, favorite travel destinations, memorable experiences, or exciting future plans. Encourage her to share hers.

When she talks about things she loves, it makes her happy and more likely to kiss you.  

11. Be confident

Confident individuals create a positive and relaxed atmosphere, making the other person feel more at ease.

Practice social interactions with friends or in low-pressure situations to build social confidence. Be prepared for the situation. If you’re planning a date or an outing, preplan to boost your confidence. 

Visualize successful interactions and think about -how to progress in your mind to prepare. 

12. Build an emotional relationship

Pay close attention to her words, show empathy, and ask follow-up questions. Listen actively to seem genuinely interested.

Be empathetic and supportive when she shares her concerns. Show consistency in your interactions and that you’re committed to building a connection over time.

Emotions allow you to understand each other on a deeper level. It can enhance the quality of your interactions. This can awaken a desire in her to kiss you.  

13. Arrange something adventurous

Adventurous activities spike your adrenaline, which leads to heightened emotions. So, plan an adventurous outing. 

Mention the plan beforehand to create anticipation and excitement. Talk about the thrill and the fun you’ll have together.

During the adventure, share the experience closely. Hold hands and encourage each other throughout the activity. This creates a sense of connection, which may urge her to kiss you.

14. Make her blush with compliments

Compliment her appearance, personality, intelligence, sense of humor, or other qualities to convey your interest and build her confidence.

Say things you genuinely appreciate about her. 

Instead of generic compliments, be specific about what you admire. 

For example, say, “I love how you always make people laugh with your sense of humor.” 

Strike a balance and avoid overwhelming her with too many praises.

15. Comfort her with hugs

Physical affection like hugs can help build a deeper emotional connection with your girl. 

Offer a hug when it feels natural and appropriate. It can be when saying goodbye, after a meaningful conversation, or in moments of emotional connection. 

A warm, comforting embrace may push her to lean in towards your lips! 

16. Play teasing game

Playful teasing can lighten the mood and make the interaction more enjoyable. When done right, it not only breaks the touch barrier but also makes her feel more comfortable and connected. 

Make sure to not come off as harmful or offensive. Maintain a light and friendly tone when teasing. The goal is to make her smile or laugh, not upset her. 

Use your sense of humor and creativity to create playful and witty remarks. Avoid sensitive topics or anything that could be considered offensive. 

17. Gaze into her eyes

Extended eye contact can convey your interest and emotional connection, making the moment feel more intimate. 

Avoid staring or making it feel forced. Let the eye contact flow naturally within the context of your conversation and connection.

Avert your gaze and break eye contact occasionally to avoid making it too intense. You can return to eye contact when it feels appropriate.

Show that you’re engaged in the conversation and the moment. A warm smile accompanied by prolonged eye contact makes it more inviting. 

18. Don’t talk a lot when you get close 

Some people prefer a romantic moment to unfold naturally without verbal interruption. They find it more spontaneous and exciting. 

Non-verbal cues like eye contact, leaning in, and lingering touches can convey your interest and invite a kiss without words. 

19. Initiate a gentle kiss first 

She may be seriously nervous and may not know how to approach kissing even if she wants it. So, relax and encourage her with a light kiss first. 

Approach slowly with a calm demeanor. Allow your lips to meet hers gently and briefly. Avoid using too much pressure or intensity. 

20. Touch her face with your knuckles

After the last step, pull back. Look deep into her eyes with a soft smile, and gently brush your knuckles against her cheeks. 

This electrifying feeling will make the moment more mesmerizing. She won’t be able to resist you and lean in!

A word from ThePleasantRelationship 

While these steps can help you get that first kiss from her side, remember that a lot depends on her comfort level. 

If she’s extremely shy, she may not respond. But don’t assume that she doesn’t want you. In this case, be a gentleman and slowly deviate from the topic to make her feel comfortable. 

On the other hand, if she refuses, respect her boundaries and don’t force her.

Lastly, if she kisses you, be grateful and reciprocate it with all your passion!

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