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300 Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl – A One-Stop Guide

300 Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl – A One-Stop Guide

Updated on Nov 03, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

300 Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl – A One-Stop Guide

Do you want to stand out from the other dudes and make your conversation wildly interesting? Knowing what questions to ask on a date helps you make the right impression. To make your date special and memorable, here is a list of flirty questions to ask a girl so that you can talk with her on different topics and make your connection stronger. 

When you want your conversation to be uniquely interesting, this guide will serve as a great aid and help you ask questions according to different situations. 

You can navigate through and get through each category easily, as we have split the questions into different categories to make it easier for you to use. 

300 Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl - A One-Stop Guide
300 Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl – A One-Stop Guide

Flirty questions to ask a girl

There are a lot of flirty questions you can ask a girl, but you need to decide which is right for your girl. Pick the right questions based on what she may like and create a memorable experience. 

  1. Can I kiss you right now? What would you say if I did? 
  2. Is there anything about me that initially drew your attention?
  3. What makes a guy turn on to you the most?
  4. In your opinion, what are the biggest deal breakers?
  5. Who would you choose, living or dead, if you could have dinner with anyone in the world?
  6. Did you ever fall in love with anyone?
  7. How has a guy impressed you most romantically with a gesture?
  8. Was there anything you ever did for a guy that was crazy?
  9. According to you, what three things do you believe make up a good relationship?
  10. The wildest fantasy you have?
  11. Which place in the world would you most like to be at the moment? Or why would you choose it?
  12. How would you describe yourself in one word?
  13. Have you ever been single for an extended period of time?
  14. How would an entire day with me look if you had the chance?
  15. In your opinion, what makes a perfect date? Have you been on one recently?
  16. How would you describe the biggest regret you’ve ever had in your love life?
  17. Are you aware of any times when you did something in public that you shouldn’t have done?
  18. Are you planning anything exciting for the next 24 hours?
  19. What would you say if I told you I liked you?
  20. After the first date, would you rather receive a kiss on the cheek or on the mouth?
  21. What is your preferred method of communication? Phone calls or texts?
  22. What superpower would you choose if you could have one?
  23. How many of the items on your bucket list are on the top of your priority list?

Flirty questions to ask a girl over text

There are many flirty questions that can be asked via text as well as in person. Nevertheless, this list is geared towards letting you initiate a text conversation or initiate a chat over social media.

  1. What are your plans for the weekend?
  2. Which meme do you like the most at the moment?
  3. How would you spend one wish, if you were given it now?
  4. Are there any tattoos on your body? Is it possible to see them?
  5. Do you have a favorite dirty joke?
  6. Have you smiled when you read the text I sent to you?
  7. When you know the answer is “yes”, what would you ask me?
  8. Would you like to see me again?
  9. What do you think about video chatting with me?
  10. How about showing me your favorite photo on your phone?
  11. Could you share some of your favorite playlists?
  12. When was the last time you had a great night out?
  13. Which moment stood out the most to you today?
  14. Who would you like to meet if you could meet any celebrity?
  15. How about sending me an animated GIF of your choice?
  16. How would you describe your “spirit animal”?
  17. Do you consider yourself a night owl?
  18. What are you doing up until this hour?
  19. When you’re in the shower, do you sing?
  20. Is there an instrument you can play?
  21. Which 3 items can’t you live without?
  22. Are you interested in finding out which musical artist is playing near you?
  23. When you have nothing to do, what do you do?
  24. What song has been playing the most on your phone?
  25. Is there a joke you have ever heard that is as bad as it gets?
  26. How would you describe what you are wearing right now?
  27. Can you tell me when you are free next?

Deep flirty questions to ask a girl

You’re looking to build a deep connection with a hint of flirting in your conversation. Then this is the perfect pack of questions that includes the deep flirty questions to ask your girl to get to know her better in a much more fun way. 

  1. Do you believe there is a purpose to life? Or is it all a meaningless, endless loop?
  2. If you could deliver a message to everyone on this planet, what would you say?
  3. What is your relationship with your parents like?
  4. You consider yourself a sensitive individual, don’t you?
  5. People fall in love either because the ideal person arrives or because the moment is right? What do you think about this? 
  6. What are your thoughts on people finding love online?
  7. Is it important to make a good first impression?
  8. Is it possible to find love more than once in a lifetime or only once?
  9. Would you consider yourself to be living life to the fullest?
  10. What do you think about how beautiful your eyes are?
  11. Are you more comfortable with small, intimate gatherings or large parties? 
  12. How about getting to know you a little better?
  13. How do you feel about trying new experiences, or sticking to the familiar?
  14. I would like to know what questions you would like to ask without the fear of being judged?
  15. Who is more appealing to you, a “nice guy” or a “bad boy”?
  16. What would you like your ideal man to be like?
  17. What is your preferred form of entertainment, an evening at home or out? 
  18. What would you do if tonight was your last night on earth?
  19. Which activity would you choose if we were to spend a whole day together?
  20. Where do you place your focus? The past or the future?
  21. Are there any topics in life that you are most passionate about? 
  22. Would you be open to going on a date with me? 

Crush flirty questions to ask a girl

Are you attracted to that girl you see daily in the subway station? Do you want to strike up a friendly flirty conversation with her? This is a list of flirty questions you can ask a girl.

You can ask these questions to any girl, whether it’s the girl at the subway or the girl who lives next door. 

  1. Those eyes look familiar to me. How often do you come here?
  2. Do you think there is a song that best reflects your personality?
  3. What movie would you watch if you could only watch one for the rest of your life?
  4. What is your favorite social media app?
  5. Has anyone ever caught your eye?
  6. Is it OK if a guy shows you romantic gestures, or do you cringe when they do it?
  7. When you first encountered me, what did you think?
  8. You look fantastic. Can you tell me where you got that outfit?
  9. Can you share your most unreasonable pet peeve with us?
  10. Is there a season of the year you enjoy the most?
  11. What type of leader are you? Would you describe yourself as someone who leads or follows?
  12. How do you feel about compliments, do you find them to be flattering, or do they make you uncomfortable?
  13. Are there any hidden talents you possess?
  14. If you were on Death Row, what would be your final meal?
  15. Are there any animals you particularly like?
  16. Are there any characteristics that you find appealing in a person that are unusual?
  17. Do you think that your first impression of a person is usually correct?
  18. What animal would you be if you could be anyone?
  19. What differences do you perceive between now and when you were a child?
  20. How long has it been since you last went on a date?
  21. How would you describe the “perfect date”?”
  22. Did you ever have a crush on anyone
  23. What would you call me if you had to pick a nickname for me?
  24. Your favorite feature about yourself?

Flirty questions to ask a girl you just met

Are you dating a girl you met a few days ago? Don’t worry, these questions will help you to make the right impression in front of your girl and you will be able to flirt effortlessly. Additionally, use the tips below to look more confident and date-ready! 

  1. What do you think about men making the first move in a relationship?
  2. Would you like me to buy you a drink? What is your favorite?
  3. Would you mind telling me more about yourself?
  4. How would you describe your first impression of me?
  5. Are you embarrassed to receive compliments or are you used to it?
  6. Which celebrity do you have a crush on?
  7. Do you have an odd attraction to anything?
  8. What is your favorite playlist? Could you share it with me?
  9. I would like to know what song you would sing for me if you had to sing for me?
  10. What is the sexiest accent a man can have?
  11. Which drink do you think I like the most?
  12. Is there any quality in a relationship that you consider most important?
  13. When you meet someone for the first time, do you kiss?
  14. What would you say about your adventurous nature?
  15. How would you describe yourself to your friends?
  16. What are some of your guilty pleasures?
  17. Are you more likely to follow your heart or mind?
  18. What has been the most regrettable part of your life?
  19. What would your ideal Valentine’s Day look like?
  20. Are you more interested in going to a strip club with me or teasing me?
  21. Is an open relationship more appealing to you or being single?
  22. When was the last time you had a crush on a girl?
  23. What dating apps do you have on your phone?
  24. Do you have any crushes on teachers?
  25. When you wake up in the morning, how much time does it take for you to dress?
  26. What would be your grade on a scale of 1-10 for your appearance?

Very funny flirty questions to ask a girl

Humorous questions are typically the ones you should ask a girl if you want to flirt. The following questions are always a good choice if you’d like to know anything wacky and interesting about her.

  1. What would surprise me about your phone’s pics if I looked at them now?
  2. Would you be shocked if I saw the search history of your web browser?
  3. When you tell your friends you have been arrested, what will they think the reason is?
  4. How would you spend a day if you weren’t visible?
  5. Was there ever anything embarrassing that has happened to you?
  6. When you’ve been drunk, what was the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?
  7. Is there a particularly dirty pick-up line you’ve heard?
  8. Who do you think most resembles you in a fictional character?
  9. Is there a fictional character who reminds you the most of me?
  10. What were your motives for lying about your age?
  11. How about a life drawing class where you pose naked?
  12. Is it possible to eat a hot dog in just one bite?
  13. Have you ever been hit on by a woman?
  14. When was the last time you dreamed about someone sexually?
  15. If the price was right, would you become a sugar baby?
  16. Can you tell me how you would convince me to come home with you tonight?
  17. Which name would you choose if you could change it?
  18. Do you think I’d make an appropriate partner during a zombie apocalypse?
  19. What would you do if I collapsed right now and needed mouth-to-mouth care?
  20. How likely is it that I will appear on the cover of my favorite magazine?
  21. How do you plan on getting me drunk?

Dirty flirty questions to ask a girl

Feels like she’s trying to tell you that she is interested in you. Now it’s time to turn up the heat by asking her some dirty, flirty questions to get closer to her.

Make sure you use them wisely and create the right mood.  Be sure she feels comfortable answering such questions, take it slow, and proceed accordingly. 

  1. In what sex position are you most comfortable?
  2. Would you consider yourself good at keeping secrets?
  3. Can you imagine me naked?
  4. If you could be kissed anywhere, where would it be?
  5. Is there anything I could give you now that you would appreciate the most?
  6. Are you a dirty talker?
  7. Would you like to try anything new in the bedroom you haven’t tried yet?
  8. How do you feel about having your hair pulled?
  9. How do you feel about being spanked?
  10. Is there any part of my body that you like the most?
  11. Are you more comfortable deciding what to do or being told what to do?
  12. How would we act if no one was here?
  13. What is your experience with role-playing?
  14. When it comes to giving and receiving, which is your favorite?
  15. Could you tell me about your fantasies that you’re embarrassed to discuss with anyone?
  16. Have you ever done anything kinkiest?
  17. Has it ever happened to you that I visited you in a dream?
  18. Would you consider experimenting with food in the bedroom?
  19. Is there anything naughty you’d like to watch in my mirror?
  20. Are you keeping a to-do list, and can I be added to it?
  21. Are you a morning person who likes a certain type of breakfast?
  22. Would you stop me from removing my clothes if you noticed me undressing?
  23. Are you trying to hide your true colors?
  24. Do you think you’d let me go straight away if I were handcuffed to a bed, or would you mess with me for a bit first?
  25. Is there somewhere quieter where we can eat and rest?
  26. What would your reaction be if you woke up and found me lying next to you?
  27. Would you like my place or yours?

Flirty questions to make her laugh

Girls like boys who make them laugh with their good humor. The pack of flirty funny questions will help you to make your girl laugh with a pinch of flirt while setting the right impression.

  1. Among all the possible crimes, which would you choose to commit?
  2. Have you ever experienced the strangest urge?
  3. How do you spend your first few minutes in the morning?
  4. Which person would you choose if you had to spend 24 hours in an elevator with them?
  5. How would you spend a day if you were in a man’s body?
  6. Would you be embarrassed if you were able to read my mind right now?
  7. If you had to sing karaoke right now, which song would you choose?
  8. What do you think about horoscopes?
  9. Would you like a guy who has a good sense of fashion but doesn’t talk much?
  10. Is there anything you’re obsessed with right now?
  11. When was the last time you binge-watched TV?
  12. Which is more important to you right now, your career or fun?
  13. When you daydream, what do you most often imagine?
  14. What are your thoughts on love at first sight?
  15. Have we ever been on a date that you liked the most?
  16. Would you like to be a sugar baby?
  17. How crazy has it been to do something for someone you like?
  18. Which aspect of yourself would you change if you had the chance?

Flirty questions to ask online

In an online conversation, you have the flexibility to ask your girl some intriguingly flirty and deep questions. Here’s your go-to list for flirty questions to ask your girl online. 

  1. What is your favorite way to be complimented?
  2. What do you think of my smile?
  3. What do you think of the idea of a romantic candlelit dinner?
  4. What rating from 1 to 5 would you give me?
  5. Do you prefer hugs or kisses?
  6. What is your favorite way to cuddle?
  7. What kind of dancing is your favorite? In what style are you most comfortable?
  8. I’d like to hear about your ideal date night.
  9. Is it something that makes you blush?
  10. Who is your ideal man? What three qualities would he possess?
  11. Would you consider yourself to be a blind date?
  12. Have you ever been on a blind date?
  13. Is there one gift you received that stands out in your mind?
  14. When was the last time you gave someone a memorable gift?
  15. Is it true that love at first sight exists?
  16. Which romantic comedy is your favorite?
  17. How would you describe yourself using a song?
  18. Have you always looked this good or did you have a phase where you looked awkward?

Cute flirty questions

Something playful, light, fun and entertaining. This might be what you are looking for. Don’t worry, these cute flirty questions are just the perfect mix of all the things you need to keep the conversation going and make your date night memorable. 

  1. Do you prefer to be with one person seriously or date several interesting people without getting involved?
  2. Are you looking forward to a good horror flick or a sweet rom-com on the couch?
  3. Can you perform a striptease for me any time or would you rather take me to a strip club?
  4. Which would you rather have, a month without sex or a month without TV?
  5. Are you more likely to choose my best friend or your best friend to sleep with?
  6. Are you interested in going on a boring date that’s free? Or are you interested in going on an exciting and fun date that’s paid for?
  7. Are you more likely to be hairy everywhere on your body or bald everywhere?
  8. Imagine being invisible for an entire day. What would you do then? 
  9. What would be worse, not being able to orgasm or being unable to do so without screaming?
  10. How would you feel if you were stranded on a desert island alone or with me annoying you?
  11. Are you more interested in being twice rich or twice beautiful?
  12. Do you prefer infinite money or having any superpower you want?
  13. If you could ask permission or forgiveness, which would you choose?
  14. How would you feel about showing your boss and partner all of your old social media messages?
  15. If you could choose to sleep with an 80-year-old man or another girl your age, which would you pick?
  16. What would you prefer: watching a great movie or watching a beautiful sunset?
  17. Could you stand a year of cynicism or a month of not being able to speak?
  18. If you could never have sex in a bed, or only in a bed, which option would you prefer?
  19. Are you more comfortable being naked everywhere or being able to hear everything you say?
  20. Would you like to wear my clothes for a day, or do you want me to wear yours?
  21. Would you rather date an ugly guy who makes you laugh or a handsome guy with no personality?
  22. If you could choose between being alone and single or in a serious relationship, which would you choose?
  23. Do you prefer to never have access to contraception or to never be able to become pregnant?
  24. Would you rather date an ugly rich person or a broke model?
  25. Is someone with no emotions more appealing to you than someone who is overly sensitive?
  26. What would you prefer, playing on a couch or against a wall?

Good flirty questions

If you’re looking for some new and more engaging topics to discuss with your girl, then these flirty good questions are the way to go since they will not only make your conversations interesting but also allow you to get to know each other better. 

  1. Is there anything you’d change about yourself if you could? Why?
  2. Imagine a perfect day spent with me. How would you spend it?
  3. Are you afraid of anything irrational?
  4. Would you like to make a positive impact on the world?
  5. Who would you choose to live with in any part of the world?
  6. Do you prefer receiving a diamond ring or the gift of a dream vacation?
  7. How would you like to spend a romantic date day? A fancy restaurant or a home cooked meal?
  8. Which flower is your favorite?
  9. How do you envision your life in five years?
  10. Can you recall one of the best kisses you ever had?
  11. Is there a home cooking meal you love to eat when you get home?
  12. When you were young, what did you envision your dream wedding looking like?
  13. Is there a couple that has a good relationship that you know in your personal life?
  14. Can you describe what would be the ideal way to propose to you?
  15. Would you rather watch the sunrise or sunset?
  16. If you found the perfect partner, would you consider moving cities or changing careers?
  17. How would you like to spend your ideal Valentine’s Day?
  18. Have you fallen in love more than once?
  19. How do you know when you are in love with someone?
  20. Which fictional couple is an example of a perfect relationship?
  21. What is your favorite way to wake up?
  22. What do you look forward to about growing old?
  23. Are you planning to have children in the future?
  24. If a couple decides to live together, how long should they date?

Flirty dare questions

Are you going on a date with your girl? Do you feel nervous about the conversation? If yes, then here is a list of flirty questions with a pinch of dare to ask your crush and spice up your date night.

  1. When it comes to relationships, what do you find most important?
  2. Which drink would you buy for me, if you were to guess it and buy it for me?
  3. At the end of a good date, what is your favorite activity?
  4. In your spare time, what is your favorite activity?
  5. Do you like to be adventurous?
  6. Would you spend the evening differently if you had tomorrow off from work?
  7. In your circle of friends, what do you stand out for?
  8. The biggest deal-breaker for you in a relationship?
  9. If you could recommend something every person should at least try once, what would it be?
  10. What are your favorite activities to relax?
  11. What are some of your guilty pleasures?
  12. What would be the strangest thing about me you wanted to know?
  13. How much would you be willing to pay for any given thing?
  14. What was your most memorable date?

Best flirty questions

If you’re looking for some good all time flirty questions, then you’re at the right place. Here is a list of flirty questions that you can ask your girl to get your conversation going. 

  1. You have a glowing complexion. Could you tell me what your secret is?
  2. Would you mind if I held your hand for a minute? 
  3. When was the last time someone told you how sexy you are?
  4. Do You Have a Favorite Type Of Fun Activity To Do With Your Partner?
  5. What three wishes would you make now if you were a genie?
  6. Can you think of a way you would spend $5,000 if given a check?
  7. What would your life’s title be if it was a movie? Why?
  8. How sexy are you, compared to me?
  9. What makes you ticklish?
  10. Where would you choose to be if you were able to travel anywhere in the world now?
  11. Would you move to the other side of the world with me if I did?
  12. Would our kids look cute if we had them?

Flirty truth or dare questions

When you play truth and dare with a group of people, it’s fun, and it’s even more fun when you play it with your crush or partner. It allows you to ask all sorts of questions and do some crazy things that you wouldn’t normally do.

Let’s get started with some fun and spicy truth and dare questions to ask your girl. 

  1. Do you ever have a crush on a girl?
  2. Do you have any crushes on cartoon characters?
  3. How long have you gone without telling a lie?
  4. What dating apps have you been using lately?
  5. Do you remember how long it took you to get ready today?
  6. Would you be willing to make out with anyone in this room if you had the chance?
  7. Are you wearing any brightly colored underwear at the moment?
  8. What do you think was your last internet search?
  9. Do you watch pornography on a regular basis?
  10. Have you lost your virginity?
  11. Do you ever take naked selfies?
  12. What would you rate your looks on a scale of 1-10?
  13. What is your opinion of my appearance from 1-10?
  14. When was the last time you experienced an orgasm?
  15. What is your favorite sex tape?
  16. What are your thoughts on cheating on a partner?
  17. When you were drunk and didn’t remember what you did, did you ever sleep with someone?
  18. What is the total number of people you slept with? Do you want to add one more to the list?

Tips to remember while asking flirty questions to a girl 

Flirting without overdoing it is a skill but if you don’t know much about it then these five tips will help you level up your flirting game and make things more interesting and spicy.

You should, of course, include your own flavor in accordance with the situation and the flow of conversation. Come on, let’s start! 

1. Confidence 

Confidence plays a crucial role if you feel uncomfortable while talking to the girl then it may seem like you are trying too hard. Instead your conversation should be easy, breezy and exciting. 

You just need to be yourself and start talking whatever you want to say, you can crack a joke, compliment her or dance with her. These little gestures say a lot. 

2. Tease with ease

If you want, you can tease her in a positive manner, such as complimenting her or saying something funny. Like complimenting her sparkling eyes and asking her if she looked like this always. You need to make sure you don’t say anything hurtful that could ruin everything. 

3. Be funny 

The combination of being funny and flirting is great. Funny boys are attractive to girls. Make fun of her with funny stories or remarks that will lighten up the atmosphere. 

4. Body language 

When it comes to conversations, body language plays a crucial role. Similarly, if the girl sitting with you is touching you or playing with her hair, it indicates that she is enjoying the conversation. 

Whenever you are with your girl, you should always face her, be actively engaged, and keep your arms open. Do not smile too much, you can make different expressions if you want to react or simply tease her. 

5. Touch 

The act of touching attracts. However, never do it too much or too little. It’s supposed to be a light and friendly touch that doesn’t send any wrong signals or make the girl uncomfortable.  

It’s as simple as patting her on the shoulder or touching her hands while cracking a joke. Keep it light and playful!

Over to you…

You now have a list of questions that will fit every possible scenario, so it’s up to you to choose how you want to ask those questions. 

Make sure you know your girl well so you can ask her appropriate questions. Each girl is different; one may feel awkward answering some questions, while another may not. Make her feel at ease by setting the tone and mood for your conversation. It’s all about having fun and making memories. Have fun!