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The Best Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend!

The Best Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend!

Updated on Jun 26, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

15 Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend & 5 Tips for How to Tell Them

Bedtime stories for girlfriend might seem like a new trend to you but there are many couples who use it as a hobby to keep up with their romance. Thus, it is recommended to learn a bit about what it really is about.

Most couples these days are in a live-in relationship, if not married. However, this habit of storytelling works like a charm on anyone, including children and pets.

In this article, we will focus completely on style and ways of telling stories to your girlfriend before she falls asleep.

There are also suggestions of a few stories that are categorized to help you pick some of the best for your girlfriend according to her genre.

The Best Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend!
The Best Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend!

Importance of a Good Bedtime Story

A good bedtime story is important in itself. Since her childhood, your girlfriend has been dreaming about that perfect fairy tale that she deserves.

Now that she has found her prince charming, it is your unsaid responsibility to bring her fantasy to life.

One of the many ways to connect with each other more deeply is to tell bedtime stories for girlfriend. Chances are that she is going to love you for your efforts.

This would be something completely new and refreshing for her and your relationship will flourish even more with time. After an exhausting day, she would surely appreciate and enjoy the idea of listening to your voice. It is like a lullaby for her. 

For couples who are in long-distance relationships, it is one of the most soothing ways to spend the night on call. You cannot tuck her in, you cannot kiss her goodnight, or sleep with her. Thus, you can spend the night together without missing each other.

This will also let her know that she is one lucky girl to have someone who cares about her so much and wants to spend the rest of her life with you.

This is one absolute way that will definitely work in strengthening your bond with your girl no matter what stage your relationship in the time being.

So, now that you are convinced that by telling some short bedtime stories can become your thing, then keep reading this article.

How to Tell a Good Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend?

You do not have to be a professional storyteller to impress your girlfriend with your skills. All you have to be is a caring boyfriend who wants their girlfriend to sleep peacefully at night.

So, before you look out for bedtime stories for girlfriend, you need to understand how to tell a good story to your girlfriend must be your question, especially if you aren’t a regular storyteller.

Do not worry and follow the below tricks and tips to make your story-telling experience completely worth it for your girlfriend. 

1. Include things that she likes

When you have a girlfriend, it mostly means that the two of you are good friends as well (even better if you are high school sweethearts!) The reason behind this is that then you will know about her liking and disliking.

This would also include her favorite genres in films, TV shows, and movies. Thus, it will be easier for you to include things that she likes or would like in a perfect bedtime story.

2. Be creative and let your imagination flow

As mentioned above, even if you are not a skilled storyteller, it is still possible for you to become at least a good one.

All you have to do is let your imagination flow and keep creating it as you keep going with it. If you will not only improve your skills with time but your girlfriend will also brag to her friends about why she fell in love with you!

3. Keep it simple

Don’t complicate your story, especially when you are telling the story for the first time. Choose the genre that your beautiful woman would appreciate and go ahead with it in a simple way.

Pick the bedtime stories for girlfriend that she would like, and have fun with it.

4. Change in the tone of voice

Change the mood and tone of the story in-between the session and notice what gets her excited-whether it’s a romantic story, horror, adventure, fairy tales, mystery, etc.

Once that’s decided, change the tone of your voice depending on the moments in the story and it will completely leave your lady in awe.

5. Maintain eye contact

If you live together for a long time, then the best thing to do to improve the story for your girlfriend is to maintain eye contact for a long time with her.

This will not only improve your experience of story-telling but also make her fall for you more!

15 Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend

Now that you know all and everything about telling a good bedtime story to your girlfriend, it’s time to learn some of the best genres and stories for all types of couples.

Please know that your girlfriend would appreciate nothing more than a story that was especially created and developed for her. So, while there are many story-telling options for you available on the internet, movies, and books for you, it would be great if you could come up with one or two by yourself.

Romantic Bedtime Stories for girlfriend

1. Love Against All Odds

This is an anonymous story which is believed to have been told by a nun to one of her students. The student asked her why she became a religious sister. She gave her answer in this story.

When she was a young girl, she madly fell in love with a boy who equally loved her as well. The two started spending time together and developed a deep connection. After a few months, they decided to get married.

Now, the problem was that the girl’s family was not in favor of a love story turning into marriage.

The boy and the young girl were so much in love that they decided to run away. However, before they could escape, their family came to know about their plan and decided to house arrest the girl.

Even so, they ran away together and spent the rest of their lives together and in love. The couple became a part of a humanitarian mission via which, she became the nun, even after the love of her life passed on to another life.

2. The Notebook

Based on the popular book by Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook is another love story where a young man and girl fall in love and keep falling for each other through various phases of life, even though the society and their own family raise questions about their ‘illicit affair.’

The film is proof that when you care about someone or something, it lasts.

If your girlfriend hasn’t watched the movie version of The Notebook, then it would make the perfect movie night for the two of you! Do not think twice about watching this great movie starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdam.

3. See Me

Another beautiful tale of love by Nicholas Sparks, See Me tells the story of a bad boy who works hard on himself to keep the woman of his dreams into her life. This woman was Latina and had a successful career of her own.

The push and pull between the two of them is quite interesting and overall the story is heart-warming in nature.

How they survive to live their story throughout the book is engaging as well. So, when you tell your girlfriend about this one, she will fall asleep dreaming about you.

4. The Wedding Date

A book written by author Jasmine Guillory, this one sets quite a mood between two people who are dating or are into a relationship.

If your girlfriend is the lover of romantic bedtime stories, then perhaps this would be the best one for her.

The story revolves around a man who brings a woman he met a while ago to the wedding of his ex. It can be anyone’s guess that the two end up having a great time together and start falling for each other.

However, this fun time soon ends when they realize that they have to face their own reality and that the idea of falling in love instantly looks good in fairy tales but not in real life.

So, what happens next? Do they find a way together or was it over for them the minute they face the real world and life? Find out by reading the book and tell the story to your girlfriend. 

Cute bedtime stories for girlfriend

5. Beauty and the Beast

This is a popular story that was first published in 1740 in French. Since then, it has been created and re-created into films and plays.

The story is about a fearless girl who loves her father way too much to leave him a prison of a castle owned by a beast.

The beast, however, was a handsome king who was cursed to convert into a beast and the only way out for him was when and if he was healed by the kiss of true love.

The love was to come from a pure hearted woman clearly because who would fall in love with the face of the beast?

So, do they fall in love? Does he transform back into a human is the question and if you were anywhere close to reading story books as a child, you would know the answer.

If your girlfriend was into popular fairy tales, then make sure that you tell her this story before she goes to bed. She will fall in love with you more, even if she must have heard and watched and read this brilliant romantic tale more than a bazillion times!

6. Rapunzel

If you have heard of Rapunzel, then this one would be an easy one. Recently, Disney released a similar version of Rapunzel in the hit animated film Tangled.

Many of us have watched it already and fell in love with the story of golden-haired Rapunzel and her boyfriend and later, husband, Flynn Ryder.

The highlight of this fairy tale is the long and luscious hair of Rapunzel that would literally circle around a whole forest.

Despite being raised by an evil and selfish witch, who wanted Rapunzel’s hair to remain in her youths all through her life, she manages to find her original family with the help of her soulmate. It’s like they say, if it’s in your fate, then it will be!

The tale was originally created by Brothers Grimm, who were also known for creating other popular fairy tales, such as Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, and The Frog Prince.

Yes, they are quite popular and successful in their niche.

7. Snow White

There is no way that you haven’t heard of this one. As children, we all have read and heard of this beautiful fairy tale where a beautiful and innocent girl met seven dwarfs and decides to stay with them for a while.

However, a poisoned apple offered to her by an obnoxious queen results in her death and it was only the kiss of true love that would bring her back to life.

When you tell your girlfriend this story, be sure that she will always imagine and accept you as her prince charming as she will think of herself as Snow White.

Be proud of yourself as you tell her the story because she will always be thankful to you for your efforts.

8. The Little Mermaid

A very touching and romantic story, created by Hand Christen Anderson, The Little Mermaid has been a part of our childhood.

The story is about a beautiful and pure-at-heart mermaid, who believes in enjoying life with her friends under the ocean.

However, when she faces certain realities of life, she takes it into her own hands to change all that’s wrong in the world.

The story also revolves around her falling in love with a man and how she transforms into a rebel for a cause to keep the love of her life with her.

Your girlfriend might shed some tears at the end of the story because it is really that emotional. You both will connect with the story at some point during your narration. 

Long-Distance Bedtime Stories

9. Time Traveler’s Wife

This popular book written by Audrey Niffenger is about a man and his wife and how they manage a life that’s quite unusual yet interesting! Yes!

The man had this tendency of traveling in time without any prior knowledge of the same.

This creates a lot of difficulty in living their married life together. Even so, they do their best to pull it together with the power of love.

The book was also adapted into a successful movie. Your girlfriend will love even more for narrating this unusually beautiful tale of love and understanding.

10. Dear John

Another one written by Nicholas Sparks, this one was also adapted into a successful film starring Amanda Seyfried and Channing Tatum.

The story revolves around the life of a soldier after he falls in love with a woman and how they journey together through life via exchanging letters.

It’s a beautiful story that depicts that when love is true and real, the distance between two people hardly matters.

Imagine how loved your girlfriend would be feeling with the moral of this story and how much respect and love she would feel for you for the rest of her life.

11. The Princess and the Pea

The best thing you can do before she falls asleep is make her fall in love with herself, yes even more than you! How? Through this beautiful story!

The bottom line of the story is that it will inspire both of you to not only find ways to continue being in love, but just like the princess in this story, will also give you strength to prove your love for each other to the world.

If you haven’t heard of this incredible story, then it’s about time to learn about it and narrate your girlfriend about the same at night.  

Erotic Bedtime Stories

12. Deep Desires

This incredible bedtime story by Charlotte Stein is everything that you can ask for, really! The story is about a girl who has never experienced or felt love and sympathy around her.

Her past is full of intense and dark experiences and thus, she is scared to fall in love even though, somewhere inside her she seeks true love and care.

She has burning desires and looks out for the perfect man who would treat her the way she deserves as she unveils her deepest desire to him and lets herself be devoured by the emotion of love.

13. Tangled

In this young romance, there is a young, charming and rich man and a beautiful and ambitious who fall for each other and explore life together as well as individually. This was the debut novel of Emma Chase, the best-selling author.

The bottom line of the story is that the man who once used to be rude and arrogant at one point of his life turns into everything, he imagined he wouldn’t be after meeting this woman.

He falls for her and he falls for her hard. Your girlfriend will fall in love with the idea of the story and fall in love with you even more.

Such hardcore story of love and lust create a super cozy environment, even if you live away from your girlfriend. All you have to do is read this story and narrate your own version to her, if not the same.

14. Guarding His Obsession

This best-selling book by Alexa Riley is the epitome of modern-day erotica. There is a security firm owner and there is a nerdy woman.

When their present collides with each other, they discover a relationship that neither of the two could fathom. The security firm was hired by the girl named Zoey Lewis, who is an oddball, to find the details of a man who was stalking her.

While working his job, Drake Hart, the security firm owner crashes hard on her. So, what happens to their story in the future?

Read the book and find out. Also, do not forget the story with your girlfriend as you kiss her to sleep at night.

15. Fifty Shades of Grey

There are high chances that you and your girlfriend must have watched all the three film adaptations of this book.

However, have you ever thought of using the story as a bedtime lullaby for your girlfriend to heat things up? Well, if not then you must do it.

The story revolves around a rich businessman and a girl-next-door who finds herself in the middle of this fairytale-like situation where the rich man, who goes by the name of Mr. Grey invites her for a date and slowly, reveals his dark side to her.

Will she accept him with his demons? Will she not? Is her love strong enough to help the love of his life beat his dark side or will she leave? Too many questions but they all come with answers.

Originally written as a book by E.L James, this one right here is the perfect choice for a bedtime story to tell your girlfriend.

Who knows, things might get steamy between the two of you in the middle of the story-telling session. All the best!

Closing Thoughts

The relationship between you and your girlfriend depends on the amount of time you spend with each other. Many times, meeting and doing the same things gets quite monotonous for a couple.

Thus, it is important to research new ways of getting close to one another.

You are a lucky man that you have the woman of your dreams building your life along with you and she hopes the same from you.

While life seems to be quite busy for both of you often, perhaps doing little things and putting small efforts, like telling her cute stories before she falls asleep at night, is the least you can do to make her feel like the leading lady of your life!