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Twin Flame: Definition, Signs, Stages, Test, Frequency & Everything Else

Twin Flame: Definition, Signs, Stages, Test, Frequency & Everything Else

Updated on Jun 15, 2022

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

Twin Flame - Definition, Signs, Stages, Test, Frequency & Everything Else

So, you want to know all about a twin flame? Did you hear the term from MGK and Megan Fox’s story? Perhaps, you want an equally sensational bond in your life? 

Well, the concept of the twin flame isn’t all about being sensual. Further, it’s not bound to romantic relationships either. So, if you’re waiting to get married to your twin flame, you’re in for a shocker.

If you’re anxious about finding your twin flame, then you reached the perfect place to find the truth. This think-piece will tell you how to recognize them, the purpose, their connection with soulmates and so much more.

So, let’s kindle the fire in our hearts and get started…

Twin Flame Infographic

Twin Flame Stages – Eternal Love and Beyond
Twin Flame Stages – Eternal Love and Beyond

Twin Flame Meaning

Two people with a deep soul connection who believe they’re the same soul in two bodies or they’re the two halves of the same soul are called twin flames. They have similar interests and desires in life.

The term “twin flame” or “twin soul” defines the intense soul connection between two people. They feel connected so deeply that they believe in one another as they have two bodies and one soul.

They’re more compatible emotionally than physically. So, your twin flame might be a lover, a friend, or even a mentor.

Twin flames are like mirrors to one another’s souls, so they’re also called “mirror souls”. This concept origins from the idea that, sometimes, souls split into two bodies.

So, your twin flame will bare their deepest fears, insecurities, trauma, and strengths and help you overcome yours and vice versa because of this mirroring behavior. Ultimately, this leads to successful psychological, emotional, and spiritual growth in both.

So, you’re curious where this idea developed from? Well, let’s quickly spill the secrets here…

Twin Flame Origin

The Twin Flame concept mainly originated from Plato’s “The Symposium” about the war between Greek gods and then humans. But many others also added to the concept of being predestined and reincarnating together.

The concept of twin flame originated from Plato’s philosophical dialogue in “The Symposium”. There, he mentioned that originally the human body comprised two faces and two pairs of arms and legs each.

Gods felt threatened by their powers and split them into halves which led to the current form of humans. Accordingly, it’s believed that each person has only one twin soul.

Many others stated that twin flames are your Soul Family Members. They explain that you’ll resonate with them deeply and are predestined to cross paths with them.

Some even say that twin flames are the incarnation of your singular soul and they’re your other half. But, the current culture defines it as two souls that agreed to reincarnate together throughout their lifetime.

Think twin flame is a fancy name for your soulmate? That’s quite the common misunderstanding, so let’s clear it once and for all here…

Twin Flame vs Soulmate

Both your twin flame and your soul mate can have any type of relationship with you. But twin flames have shared experiences, help you grow spiritually, and people may disrespect boundaries in it. Soulmates complement you, make you feel comfortable with support, and there’s a low chance of boundary violation.

Both your twin flame and your soulmate can be a romantic partner, friend, or even family member. So, many confuse between the two or think they’re the same. However, there’s a significant difference that makes them far too distinct.

Twin flames are when one soul splits into two and their meeting feels predestined. They have mirroring or shared experiences in life. Soulmates, however, complement one another and are similar to kindred spirits. You may feel familiar and that you’re made out of the same foundation… yet you’re not the same.

Twin flame relationships highlight your weaknesses, traumas, and fears. So, you’ll feel connected yet upset with feeling exposed. But it may lead to personal awakening or spiritual enlightenment.

On the contrary, soulmate relationships are supportive and feel comfortable.

However, since twin flames are supposed to help you grow, heal, and learn, people sustain the bond even if it isn’t a healthy relationship. People may become codependent and cross boundaries in it, which doesn’t happen for soulmate relationships.

But does it have any similarity with other relationships? Let’s disclose it all here…

Twin Flame vs Other types of relationships

No other relationship is the same as twin flame relationships due to the mirrored experiences and helps you identify your issues and grow. Even if a relationship is deep, it won’t be as intense as a twin flame.

Twin flame relationships are much different from other relationships because it’s a bond shared between souls in two bodies. You can’t share a similar bond or life experiences with others in the entire world, i.e., you can have only one twin flame connection.

You can become the perfect romantic partner in other relationships, but that’ll never reach the levels of twin flames.

For instance, every soul has its own tune or frequency. A twin flame holds the same frequency or tune as yours, but other romantic relationships may only have a close frequency.

Wondering if you already met your twin flame? Let’s quickly skim through your life with these…

Twin Flame Signs and Symptoms

Many times, people come across their twin flame but can’t recognize them. It might be because you’re too busy with your life or you didn’t attain a certain level of individual growth.

Due to varied reasons, you may not identify your twin flame. So, whether you already found them and wish to recognize them or want heads up for your future encounter, let’s explore…

1. You’ll feel instantly attracted

On your first encounter with your twin flame, they’ll stand out in your sight and you’ll feel a strange attraction or longing for them.

You feel this déjà vu when you meet them and everything about them feels like home. Or, when you’re around them, your life seems more organized.

2. There’s an uncanny similarity

In your twin flame, you might see yourself. You may notice that your history, trauma, and insecurities are all so similar.

You feel that you lived through the same lives due to too many coincidental experiences, i.e., a twin flame journey might mirror one another.

3. You also have a yin and yang bond

You may still have certain differences with them, but also find their strengths coping up with your weaknesses.

Your shadow complements their light and vice versa. They’re the sun to your moon and fire to your water. You feel complete with them.

4. Your doubts and insecurities become intense

Often a twin flame connection highlights your weaknesses when they show their strengths. Or, you two might have common weaknesses and you’ll notice how it hurts your life.

You feel more aware and uncomfortable about those but you’ll also desire to work on yourself and become a better version of yourself.

5. You feel an unnatural pull

Twin flames experience the law of attraction intensely. They say twin flames are meant to be because even in a crowd of people, you’ll eventually reach them… and that may happen even without your notice.

You subconsciously feel a need to stay close to them and your body works in accordance.

6. The bond is sometimes disturbing

If you meet your twin flame and spend lots of time with them, you’ll hardly ever feel comfortable around them. You won’t feel they’re your safe space all the time.

Because their presence constantly emphasized your shortcomings and you won’t like that. You’ll feel extremely disturbed, but if you can stay together for the long run, you might grow together.

7. It’s also too intense

The relationship with your true twin flame will always develop too fast. You feel an exciting emotional bond between your souls.

You become passionate about one another too soon as if you’re in the honeymoon phase even without a relationship. You’ll fall in love much sooner with a twin flame than normal.

8. You can’t stop patching up

If you met your twin flame, you know that twin flame reunion is a real thing. Since the relationship points out your insecurities, you’ll obviously have some spats with them.

Sometimes, the fights become so intense that you’ll split your ways but eventually forgive and accept them back and this is a common twin flame sign. 

Your relationship becomes a cycle of on and off. Even if it takes years, you’ll find your way back to them.

9. You feel you were predestined

Another sign of a twin flame love is the feeling you get that it’s a call of your destiny. You believe that meeting your twin flame was the universe’s or divine powers’ game. This further strengthens your relationship even more.

10. You always know what’s on their mind

If you can guess someone’s thoughts and emotions in your life and vice versa, they might be your twin flame.

You might feel a psychic connection with them and try to comfort one another even when they don’t mention anything.

11. They push your boundaries for the better

Since a twin flame is like a mirror in your life, they constantly rub your issues in your face. If you’re an optimistic person, you’ll accept them as challenges.

You’ll try to push yourself and reach the pinnacle of your life. You will face a significant growth in twin flame relationships.

12. You have too many common interests

With a twin flame, you’ll notice that you have the most shared interests if not all. Your hobbies align perfectly and you hope for similar things in life.

Perhaps, you both are insanely excited about a new movie release or a book sequel. You’ll even have similar values and ethics and click with them perfectly.

13. You might see the same recurring dreams

This one isn’t that popular or regular, but rare twin flames see one another in their dreams. This later helps in instant recognition and attraction.

Some even dream of things that symbolize one another. These dreams always convey important messages about your union.

14. You can communicate to each-other without words

You may mention any topic and your twin flame is onboard. If you can’t verbally express something publicly, you’ll make a gesture and instantly relate to one another’s nonverbal cues.

You have personal sign language even when you don’t know one another for that long.

15. You’re unapologetically authentic to one another

Nobody likes to share their insecurities with others for the fear of being judged and rejected. However, with your twin flame, you won’t feel the need to restrain your dark emotions.

In fact, you’ll be more yourself and feel confident about each other. Unlike with others, you won’t force yourself to act a certain way.

16. Growth takes priority over being a couple

If your twin flame relationship is authentic, you’ll be interested in both of your emotional, mental, and spiritual growth. You bond with them to make the best out of your life.

However, many misinterpret twin flames as a form of romantic relationship. They feel a strong desire to bind their twin flame in romance, even if one or both have other partners, which often leads to mutual destruction.

17. Your life begins to change rapidly

The world makes you believe what it wants you to. A lot of people bury their desires as they don’t want to let down their loved ones.

However, after finding your twin flame, you’ll realize your worth. You might take a total-180 view and work for an entirely different goal. People might feel astonished at your unexpected change.

18. You lose your sense of time around them

When you’re around your twin flame, you’ll feel absorbed in a conversation with them or even just with their presence.

You might feel that time flies too fast around them or that you want to stay with them longer.

19. You have multiple positions in one another’s life

Even if you’re a lover of your twin flame, your relationship won’t end at that. You might feel you’re also best friends or one another’s best mentor.

You might even be so protective of one another that you consider them your guardian.

20. You learn various values together

Throughout your romantic or platonic relationship with your twin flame, you learn and grow as an individual.

This is a selfish world and unless parents make a point to teach you empathy and compassion, you won’t generally have these qualities.

But, with your twin flame, you’ll learn unconditional love, forgiveness, and a lot more.

21. You sense their importance in your life

When you meet your twin flame, you just have a hunch that they’ll have an important place in your heart and it’ll probably help you grow in some way.

22. You feel you’ll grow with them

Around your twin flame, you feel you’ve really grown as an individual. You feel proud of yourself and notice the small-little changes in you.

You understand that you’re not just someone’s child, sibling, lover, parent, or employee. You understand you’re a lot more than what people define you as.

23. When you’re together, you feel a contradicting bond

Together, you both feel connected yet free, or attached yet unattached. Your twin flame is everything to you because of the precious bond.

You might be in a relationship with them but still, have complete freedom to lead your life your way.

24. You both had polar-opposite childhood

Another sign is when you both didn’t have the same kind of upbringing. Though you both have similar pasts, this will prove to be a major difference.

If you’re insecurely attached due to your childhood, they might be avoidantly or securely attached.  The different childhoods and difference in wounds further allow you two to heal one another.

25. You won’t try to change one another

Even though sometimes your twin flame might emphasize your flaws more than you desire, they won’t ask you to change.

You, too, won’t ask them to be a certain way so the differences don’t stand out. However, when it’s for the correct reasons, you both desire to change all by yourself.

Are you curious about how you meet and what happens in your twin flame relationships? Let’s quench your thirst over here…

Twin Flame Stages

Even before you meet your twin flame, a process begins from deep inside you. The cosmos makes you feel something will happen.

However, if you’re unaware of it, you might feel confused. In such situations, you might even miss your twin flame. So, make sure you know the stages of a twin flame and don’t miss this encounter…

Stage 1: The seeking

Before you meet your twin flame, you’ll feel an abrupt longing for your other half. You’ll suffer from a yearning to find them.

However, if anybody isn’t aware of the twin flame concept, they might feel confused by their sudden change in behavior.

You might suddenly seek therapy to work on your trauma or get closure from an ex to let go of emotional baggage.

Stage 2: The connection

When you finally meet your twin flame, you’ll instantly feel a pull toward them. You might feel déjà vu and feel you know them for ages… exactly like how they show in movies.

You can’t help invading one another’s personal space and spend time together.

Stage 3: The Honeymoon phase

Even if your twin flame is in a platonic relationship, you can have a honeymoon phase. You might feel you’re addicted to their presence and everything about them will feel utterly wonderful.

The duration of the phase, however, depends on the twin flames.

Stage 4: The differences and pains

Soon after the honeymoon phase ends, you notice the differences in your bond and your hidden wounds. This realization is like a message from the universe to work on yourself.

Many think this step only helps to strengthen the bond, but it’s actually a pathway to improve yourself. However, it always makes the bond more meaningful.

Stage 5: The Trials

Much after you confront your differences and pain, you might face a crisis stage. Your insecurities will disturb your mental peace. You’ll begin questioning yourself whenever you’re around them.

You might feel so uncomfortable around them or vice versa that one of you will ignore the other. Eventually, you’ll understand if you have attachment issues and work on them.

Stage 6: The Twin flame separation phase

During the trials, someone will push the other away and walk out. The other one feels left out and chases them despite how long it takes. To make them comfortable, you rapidly change to be a better person.

You might be either of the two… so you might feel defensive and resist the others’ attempts or chase the bond. This phase ends when the one twin stops pulling away.

Stage 7: The final decision: Surrendering

Though the chase may continue for years, you’ll eventually meet your twin flame reunion.

You see the bigger picture where you both can coexist with all your flaws and imperfections. You accept one another and focus on the important stuff.

Stage 8: The continued growth

When you both accept your destiny and understand that your reunion is a divine happening, you’ll begin your twin flame journey.

You restore balance and learn to be empathetic, open-minded, and share unconditional love. This is the beginning of your spiritual growth.

Think you experienced something similar? Are you sure someone is your twin flame? Let’s know your answer with a short quiz here… 

Twin Flame Test

Sometimes, you may mistake some other form of relationship as a twin flame. You might discount toxic behaviors in your relationship thinking you’ll address your issues.

Later on, if you identify it was a mistake, you’ll only hate yourself for being so vulnerable. So, let’s not let others take advantage of you and find answers to these questions first…

1. Why do you feel attracted or feel a sense of familiarity?

A. Positive reasons

B. Negative reasons

2. What do you feel about yourself when you’re around them?

A. Confident & Optimistic

B. Fun-filled & Happy

3. What do you think about your connection?

A. A divine bond

B. A bond due to activated trauma.

4. When you’re around them, what do you feel?

A. Thrilled

B. Panicked

5. If they were to leave you for good, how do you feel about it?

A. You want them back or you’ll feel better as they highlight your issues

B. It won’t matter to you.

If you answered A at least thrice: Congratulations! You found your twin flame, so focus on your growth.

If you answered B at least thrice: Beware… You’re highly mistaken about your relationship.

Wondering if you can be eternal lovers with your twin flame? Before you consider that, check this…

Twin Flame Relationship & Love

You can fall in love with your twin flame, but being twin flames doesn’t promise a long-lasting relationship. Further, people sometimes call a pair of narcissists and codependent people as twin flames… which is obviously toxic and damaging.

With a twin flame, you’ll experience give and take of unconditional love, but this hardly makes sense. You believe they won’t ever hurt you or make you unlove them. It’s possibly because you know you’ll never build a similar bond with anyone else.

However, understand that being your twin flame doesn’t warrant you’ll have a long-lasting or healthy relationship. You might not be meant to be together if the person is toxic or abusive.

Since twin flames are supposed to point out one another’s flaws, many confuse it with unhealthy relationships like that with a narcissist.

Some people confuse the pair with a narcissist and codependent partner with twin flames. Sometimes, a codependent person might trauma bond with their abuser and think that’s a twin flame. This is further possible if the codependent one is insecurely attached.

So, how will you understand if it’s a twin flame? The key difference is that an unhealthy relationship feels terrifying and causes heartache. A twin flame relationship feels safe and exciting.

Curious how it might feel when twin flames have sex? Well, let’s serve you the juicy bits here…

Twin Flame Sex

To have sex with your twin flame actually feels the best because of your compatibility. You might have the best sex and can’t satiate yourself enough. However, other relationship issues might impact this aspect.

If you’re sexually attracted to your twin flame, you’ll know it’s extremely tough to keep your hands to yourself. You’ll feel they’re really good at bed and you’re sexually compatible.

You feel a lot more sexually satisfied than any other partner usually due to your shared needs and your intuition about one another’s choices.

The immeasurable attraction and spiritual bond make you crave them more and have sex more frequently.

If you’re also in a relationship with them, other issues might impact your sexual frequency.

Wondering if everyone has a twin flame? You’ll find the answer right here…

Twin Flame Frequency

Twin flames happen a lot less than people claim. In fact, most of the self-proclaimed twin flames are excessive romanticizing unhealthy relationships.

Genuine twin flame relationships aren’t common at all. Most of the people that claim they found their twin flame actually romanticize their relationships excessively.

However, when it’s a true twin flame, both partners are extremely focused on individual and spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

While the others where people idealize unhealthy relationships focus on being accepted and acknowledged as twin flames.

Like all relationships, twin flames also have breakups. If you’re curious about what happens afterward, let’s get moving…

Twin Flames Separation

Separation between twin flames might cause severe heartache and you may experience grief. Nobody stays for a lifetime so the label twin flame means nothing to the relationship longevity. People may even need expert attention when they can’t get over the pain.

You may be separated from your twin flame if one or both already have their partners, one passes away, or one needs space from the other.

This separation is painful and will lead you through all the stages of grief from denial to acceptance and experience it more than once.

You may feel you lost a part of yourself or that you have nothing else left to live for. You may even try to connect with them, even if that’s wrong. You can’t usually move on from them and need therapy.

Some people believe that twin flames are NOT meant to be, but they help you resolve many underlying issues and understand your worth.

Experts ask to remember nobody is here to stay in your life forever and it doesn’t nullify your experience or bond with them. When you separate from your twin flame, your pain is normal too.

So, cry your heart out and peek deep within yourself. Work on the different issues because usually, that’s the purpose of a twin flame.

All set to find your twin flame? Let’s have a little chat down here…

How to find your Twin Flame?

You can’t meet your twin flame unless the universe thinks you’re ready. Instead, indulge in self-love so that you grow enough individually and your twin flame feels attracted to your personality sooner.

As said, meeting your twin flame is a divine occurrence. The Cosmos already has a plan in store to meet your twin flame. So, possibly you can’t find them before the universe wants you to.

Never try to hunt or find your twin flame because you want to grow spiritually or emotionally. You may retort “Why do you tell us signs if we can’t seek them?”

Well, it’s so that if you find them, you’ll know exactly what’s happening and how to make the best out of your bond.

Don’t think that your twin flame is your romantic partner either. You may neglect yourself from genuine romantic connections if you long for something you’re unsure about.

Further, don’t wait for your twin flame to work on yourself. Because that might make you codependent and find your way into a narcissist. You might even push away your twin flame if you’re full of negativity. Indulge in self-love to attract and invite your twin flame into your life naturally.

If you’re ready to seek your twin flame with love, that’s not all. Let’s know some more…

Things to keep in mind about twin flames

The concept of twin flames isn’t clear to many. Some believe they’ll marry their twin flame and waste away their youth and precious life opportunities.

So, let’s have a look over the issues when you believe in twin flames…

1. People confuse codependent-narcissist duos with twin flames

Narcissists easily identify others’ unmet desires and exaggerate them. This helps them feel better about themselves.

They repeat the cycle with adoration and romance which makes you feel you’re in their world. But eventually, a narcissist has enough of one person and they pick a new target and you feel helpless.

That’s when the resisting and chasing begins in such duos and people think it’s the same as twin flames. But this is how ignorant people glamorize unhealthy bonds.

2. You may neglect potential healthier relationships

If you believe in twin flames, that’s alright. But if you think they’re your romantic destiny and wait, you might end up lonely past the age of conception.

The huge risk of not finding your twin flame and losing special bonds always remains.

So, are you curious about the purpose of having twin flames? You don’t need to brainstorm anymore, let’s head right in…

Purpose of Twin Flame Relationships

The purpose of twin flame relationships is to balance your and your twin flame’s lives with harmony, healing, and spiritual awakening. It might also help others around you grow, but it’s never to complete yourself.

Twin flame relationships help you tear down your ego, heal your emotional and psychological wounds, and attain spiritual enlightenment. Such relationships help both parties balance their life with harmony and unconditional love.

Their purpose might even be to bring up aware children, begin an eco-friendly and aware business, become spiritual mentors, and change many people’s lives.

As opposed to Plato’s theory, the purpose of your twin flame isn’t to complete you. Your soul is complete already and you don’t need anyone for that.

However, such relationships catalyze your conscious expansion and spiritual maturity. It raises awareness that YOU are complete all by yourself and need nobody to be happy.

Are you interested in a platonic bond with your twin flame? Well, let’s know how that works here…

Twin Flame Friendship

If you get in a romantic relationship with a twin flame, it may turn into severe toxicity, confusion, and heartbreak.

However, if you keep things platonic and support one another without smothering them with romantic needs, it might just become the ideal bond.

So, if you wanna seek your twin flame for real progress and don’t desire to mess up with romance, skim through these…

  1. Unlike twin flame love or relationship, twin flame friendships are easy to deal with because no messy emotions play in the equation. Nobody will feel jealous or heartbroken if the other has a romantic fling.
  2. Twin flame friends support one another through good and bad times. Your twin flame friend will comfort you during extreme situations. Unlike the relationships, you’ll know your friend will always support you even if they get a partner.
  3. Despite age, gender, race, or religion, twin flame friends have an unspoken yet deep connection. You know one another’s secrets and fears and communicate with words, actions, and even your shared energy.
  4. You’ll have lots of shared interests and make one another’s life even more interesting. So, you can easily spend a lot of time together. Further, you won’t spend as much time with anybody else.
  5. You both will respect one another deeply and never cross your boundaries. You won’t commit anything that might emotionally, mentally, or physically hurt the other.
  6. You’ll never mind helping one another. Even if you feel extremely low, your twin flame friend won’t turn their back on you.
  7. Even when you don’t know one another for that long, you feel you do and for centuries. Due to this, you instantly recognize one another on your first meeting and even feel subconsciously attracted.
  8. You’ll depend on one another and trust they won’t leave you. However, you’ll be aware that you’ll feel devastated if they leave you or vice versa.
  9. You both will be so loyal that you’ll happily put your life on the line to keep the other happy and safe. This is usually because you can’t part as you accept one another as an important part of your lives. But of course, you won’t mind physical separation.
  10. You’ll have a strong bond even though you’ll have differing opinions about certain matters. You’ll accept one another with the differences.

Like all rare and unique things in the world, twin flames also have a special symbol. If you’re curious about it, let’s familiarize ourselves here…

Twin Flame Symbol

Whether you found your twin flame or still waited for them, something signifies your bond and devotes itself all to your unique bond.

The twin flame symbol is a constitution of multiple symbols that collectively represent the eternal union. The different symbols that each signify twin flame are…

1. The Infinity

It looks like a sideways 8. Saint German introduced this symbol and it resembles the twin flames’ or souls’ union.

2. The twin flame

The flames inside symbolize you both will unite someday. Both flames stick to one another like they’re magnets.

It also shows that each of you will travel equally to find the other. And the moment you find one another, your energies will attract and uplift one another.

As twin flames are inseparable, the symbol also resembles one another’s missing part.

It might also symbolize that you’re different individuals but also connected in some way, so you two together form a single figure for energy.

It may also imply that you both are made to support one another in your lives in the mortal realm. It also says when you meet your twin flame, you’ll feel the fire spark within you. So, they’re the sign of eternal energy each of you will offer the other.

3. The Triangle

The triangle is over the infinity symbol and it contains the double flame sign. The opposite ends of the triangle edge lying on the infinity symbolize Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

The two lower corners of the triangle prove that each of you is a different individual in a different body.

The apex of the triangle depicts you’ll both overcome your life obstacles, meet one another, and be together.

4. The Circle

The circle encloses all the above signs from the infinity, two flames, and the triangle. It’s a symbolism of the two individuals and the eternal bond of two souls in the current life cycle and the upcoming ones.

If you’re still a bit confused about twin flames, I don’t blame you. In fact, I’m here to clarify all of your possible doubts here…

FAQs about Twin Flame

Many people have different perceptions about twin flames. Sometimes, the misconceptions may lead to severe emotional and mental pain.

So, if you’re waiting for your twin flame or believe you found them, it’s better to clear any doubts to not feel shocked later. C’mon, let’s wrap up the course with these…

1. Are twin flames always romantically involved?

Usually, people assume that twin flames are involved in romantic relationships, but they can also be in platonic ones.

Further, the term twin flame and its bond focus on a spiritual connection and a sense of polarity and familiarity with someone. So, the other person might even be an acquaintance.

However, twin flames commonly entangle with one another as romantic partners.

2. Can you have only one twin flame?

As per the common norms, twin flames are the two halves of one entire soul. By that, you can have only one twin flame in the entire world. However, it’s still unclear and depends on how different people define it.

3. Does everyone have a twin flame?

A twin flame is an extremely rare connection and most people don’t have it. Or, more precisely, everyone doesn’t feel that kind of strong attraction to others. Some say that it’s because their soul is still intact and not split into halves.

4. Can twin flames become toxic?

In your twin flame relationship, if they own the same issues and poor habits, it might be toxic. Further, when you’re away from your twin flame, you may not function well. Your self-worth might depend on your twin flame relationship and eventually, it’ll become a codependent one.

Additionally, the unconditional love aspect in twin flames lets everything slide. You might let go too much just to idealize the concept. If you aren’t aware, don’t love yourself, or are careless about the relationship, it’ll eventually bring you much pain.

5. Are twin flames meant to be together?

Twin flame relationships are vulnerable to toxic dynamics like codependency.

So, sometimes, walking away is the best choice for both partners.
Other times, you meet your twin flame to learn something mutually until you part ways.

So, twin flames are sometimes meant to be for a lifetime, but other times it’s only for a short phase in life.

6. Can a twin flame be a soulmate?

Your twin flame might become your soul mate or vice versa. However, both have pretty different roles in your life as explained before. 

Twin flames are full of challenges and they help your spiritual growth. The bond is like that between two real fire flames reaching the peak with their charismatic energy.

Soulmates only support you and make you feel comfortable about yourself. Such bonds are similar to the peaceful streams flowing and blending in together.

7. Why do twin flames run?

Usually, twin flame connections are brutally overwhelming. They also intensely attack the fragile human ego.

However, the ego obstructs your spiritual awakening and enlightenment. It resists so strongly that you fight with your twin flame to escape them.

This is the common reason behind twin flames running away unless there are other reasons like having a partner or other things.

8. Is there such a thing called a false twin flame?

False twin flames definitely exist but it’s all because of your own intense emotions and false perception out of intense love.

Sometimes, however, it might be because the other person pretended to be someone they weren’t.

If you want to know if your false twin flame is worth a shot, then think if you have genuinely shared values, if you can freely be comfortable in your own skin around them, and if you both experienced any mutual spiritual transformation in the relationship.

9. Can twin flames communicate telepathically?

There is no particular research that shows a telepathic connection between twin flames, so there’s no clear answer. However, if twin flames are in a relationship, they may communicate telepathically.

However, if you’re in a relationship with your twin flame, this doesn’t imply you can forgo verbal communication. Twin flame or not, in a relationship or not, nobody must assume the other to read minds.

Some might believe that they have telepathic communication, but in reality, they only project their feelings, desires, thoughts, and sense of right and wrong on others.

10. Can twin flames fall out of love?

Regrettably, twin flames may fall out of love. But the connection between the souls may not fade. In fact, you always have the scope to rekindle your love with your twin flame.

But no divine oracle says that twin flames must fall in love or they must stay in love forever. It only says that they’ll push you towards spiritual growth and awakening. So, when you attain your goals, this bond may fade away and even rekindle years later.

11. Should I be with a soulmate or twin flame?

In the long term, both your twin flame and soulmate might help you grow and succeed in different aspects of your life. So, it’s hard to particularly choose one over the other absolutely.

It depends on how and which aspect of your life you desire to develop and how you grew over the years. Twin flames are really chaotic, yet teach you the essence of life.  

So in your young adulthood (the 20s), you might be ready to be with your twin flame and even deal with heartbreak if it leads to that. You’ll learn how to love yourself and another person through such an experience.

As you grow older, say in your 30s, you’ll possibly seek a soulmate to peacefully enjoy a long-term relationship.

However, you may get out of a long-term relationship and seek an intense whirlwind and life-changing romance. It all depends on your feelings and desires.

On the contrary, if you ask this question from a platonic viewpoint, you might have a toxic twin flame friendship with excess competition or a sibling-like relationship with a deep bond.

Like any other relationship, it depends on what both of you want.

12. What zodiac signs are twin flames?

Sun signs and Venus signs may depict whether you’re compatible with your partner. However, twin flames may not be restricted to zodiac signs alone.

In fact, you can rather use synastry or birth chart reading to compare both of your charts and other aspects to understand if you both have a soul connection.

Your zodiac signs won’t say anything about being twin flames. However, they may express your sexual compatibility.

13. When do twin flames meet?

Since twin flames union aims to help you and your twin flame grow spiritually and emotionally, you’ll meet with them only when the divine powers seem to fit. If they feel you’re both ready to experience the growth and face the challenges, they’ll make you cross one another’s paths.

14. What happens if you don’t meet your twin flames?

Though twin flames are meant to be together, they sometimes can’t recognize one another.

They may even delay the process if each half doesn’t complete their individual growth before the meeting. You might not meet them until you finish the current chapter of your life.

15. Can twin flame relationships be healthy?

True twin flame relationships have infinite and intense love which becomes even more powerful over time.

Powerful or intense love isn’t bad or doesn’t build an unhealthy relationship so long the partners know how to love and project their feelings. It’s unhealthy when people can’t control themselves or share intense love properly.

So, actually, twin flame relationships are healthy as they learn to eliminate unnecessary junk from the relationship and share a deep and fulfilling frequency, provided you control your feelings and be considerate of one another.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Whether you have a twin flame or not, the secret is to love yourself even without their support. Just because of Plato’s philosophy, don’t believe that you’re incomplete. 

You’re whole with all the glory of this world whether you have or don’t have a twin flame, soul mate, or even a lover. 

Even if you feel incomplete, then work on it yourself and develop personally and spiritually all on your own because the quest for twin flames is really hard and rarely meets an end.

In case you find your twin flame, check if the bond is authentic. If they are, focus on the purpose of your bond over anything minute.