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False Twin Flame: Definition, Signs, Stages, Purpose, and Everything Else

False Twin Flame: Definition, Signs, Stages, Purpose, and Everything Else

Updated on Sep 07, 2022

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

False Twin Flame - 6 Signs & How to Get Rid of It in 5 Ways

Are you wondering what a false twin flame is? Worried if you’re with one? Or, are you anxious because you’re attached to them? 

Well, on the journey to find their twin flame, many come across a false one. But if you think you’re with one now, don’t feel low. It’s really not anyone’s fault, but the universe’s way to help you. 

There’s a lot to know about a false twin flame and in this think-piece, you’ll clear all misconceptions and step forward towards your spiritual growth.

Before you judge your false twin flame, know if they’re at fault or if you truly lost your precious time.

So, if you’re curious, grab my hand and let’s know the secrets behind such awakenings…

False Twin Flame Infographic

False Twin Flame - 6 Signs & How to Get Rid of It in 5 Ways
False Twin Flame – 6 Signs & How to Get Rid of It in 5 Ways

What is a False Twin Flame?

A false twin flame is someone who’s strangely similar to your actual twin flame. You meet them before you attain individual growth. They might even help you in it, but don’t undergo spiritual growth or stay with you till the end. 

In your twin flame journey, you may come across someone that appears to be your twin flame but isn’t in reality… this person is called your false twin flame.

You’ll notice many superficial signs of a twin flame in your false twin which leads to such misunderstandings. You’ll feel they’re connected to your soul, but that isn’t really the case.

They enter your life during a crisis “accidentally” and may help you guide you to the correct path in life. This will make you believe they’re your real twin flame. They’ll act like your soul’s other half, but during the next testing times, they might leave you.

In twin flame connections, there’s a stage of chasing. With your false flames, the chasing stage may never end. You’ll always keep asking for their attention.

Most people identify they’re in false twin flame relationships when they notice they receive nothing but continuously give to the other person.

So, are you confused between the false and real twin flames? Don’t worry, I got your back here…

False Twin Flame vs Real Twin Flame

Initially, you can’t tell apart a false and a real twin flame connection at one glance. It becomes evident as you spend more time and experience life hurdles. The behavior and energy of your false twin flame are extremely similar to your supposed true twin flame.

However, it’s only a matter of time until you notice these…

1. False twin flames change with time, unlike real ones

Twin flames are usually emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually one another’s mirror.

When you meet your twin flame, you’ll feel you knew one another for your entire lives, or even beyond, yet you only met a short while ago. You can understand one another’s feelings and relate to them, hold similar opinions, and even finish one another’s sentences.

However, when a con artist like a narcissist pretends to be your twin flame, they can only continue for a while. They may try to imitate you, but they can’t continue it forever like a real one.

2. False twin flames destroy you. Real ones promote healthy growth.

A false twin flame seems superficially close to you. However, they harm your emotional, psychological, and spiritual growth in unknown ways.

They’ll rather make you feel anxious and doubtful of your choices purposely.

With a real twin flame, you’ll feel a deep connection that helps you both build your foundation and grow side-by-side. They won’t make you feel uncomfortable intentionally.

3. You’ll always chase a false twin. In true twin connections, you might reverse roles.

In one of the stages of twin flames, running-chasing is a classic dynamic. One flame tries to bond intensely while the other wants to escape.

False twin flames like narcissists take advantage of this and make you chase them around like forever. You’ll always seek their validation, love, acceptance, and company.

Whereas, they’ll only use your weaknesses to create a toxic bond. They’ll often breadcrumb you to keep you around and betray you multiple times.

In real twin flames, you might occasionally change your roles of runner and chaser because both flames reflect one another’s shortcomings.

4. You can move forward with your true twin flame, not with the false one

While you’re in a relationship with a false twin flame, you might realize your goals. However, you can’t chase your goals along with them. They’ll always hold you back from any sort of awakening.

Rather, they might isolate and demean you to keep you under control. So, you must eventually part ways with your false flame for real growth

On the contrary, in a relationship with your true twin flame, you’ll start to feel how they constantly push you to achieve your dreams.

5. A false flame’s departure pushes you towards your destiny. A true twin flame leads you to your destiny

A false twin connection doesn’t feel like a loving relationship. They’ll demand unconditional love but only mistreat you. So, when they leave your life, it might hurt but you’ll eventually recognize your destiny.

Though your twin flame might not be a romantic connection, you’ll find true love from them even if it’s platonic. Their unconditional love reminds you you’re worthy and also encourages you to accept and love yourself unconditionally.

So, how to identify the counterfeits even better? Here you go with the secrets of…

False Twin Flame Signs

Even if you know the differences between a true and false twin flame, you can’t always visualize the differences so concisely.

Further, since you haven’t met your true twin yet, it’s hard to understand them clearly. So, let’s check some clearer and easier ways to find them out…

1. You’ll notice past issues arising with a vengeance

If any issues arise from your past trauma in the relationship, a false twin flame will never stay beside you. They’ll magnify all the issues and make you feel uncomfortable.

However, that’s all they do and they never guide you to work on them. The past issues stay unresolved and rather you suffer even more because of them.

On the flip side, a true twin flame highlights the problem and guides you to solve them like a worthy partner.

2. Challenges aren’t their cup of tea

During stressful periods or when it becomes hard to deal with you, a false twin will flee from the turmoil. They won’t stay even a second to deal with challenges.

They might leave you or find someone with “less emotional baggage”. They’ll even throw it on your face that you’re the problem and you bring them down.

A true twin flame will try to pull you up even if it doesn’t work too soon. They won’t leave you with petty excuses or accusations.

3. They highlight the petty stuff

A false twin will emphasize all the superficial and negative things about yourself. They’ll make you feel your world is small with all your shortcomings. They can’t notice your potential and won’t even try to fake that you can evolve for the better.

With your actual twin flame, you’ll notice your world is much bigger than you imagined. They’ll equally emphasize the problems and the huge scopes you have.

They won’t just blame you for something and leave you hating yourself. They’ll show you’re worth every little effort.

4. The relationship doesn’t feel certain

If your alleged flame makes you feel insecure and unconfident and you only share skin-deep exchanges, you’ve met your false twin.

If you’re constantly scared of them leaving you or being unsure about your future, that’s one of the strongest signs of a false twin connection. In fact, insecurities confuse you and even delay your spiritual enlightenment.

With a true twin flame, you’ll know that they won’t leave you. They can, but they won’t because the bond is equally precious to them.

5. You feel anxious more than you must

In authentic twin flame bonds, it’s normal to feel uncomfortable. After all, your twin flame throws your problems right at your face while you’re in denial.

However, you never feel anxious about it. In the end, you’ll still feel they’re your home.

When you feel anxious and uncomfortable during your entire twin flame journey, it’s possible a false twin. Your energy clashes with the false twin and you sense there’s no deep connection.

You’ll notice there’s no understanding or nonverbal connection between you two.

6. They’ll never be your hero

When two people are in a deep relationship like a twin flame one, romantic or platonic, they’ll want to protect one another from potential danger. The hero instincts naturally activate in your brain.

Your genuine twin flame always wants to connect deeply and this is one of the ways. However, if they don’t, know that you’ve met your false twin.

False twins are always busy protecting themselves instead of standing beside you. Your false twin might try to support you if they aren’t a con, but they won’t be able to protect your heart.

7. They entered your life before you attained individual growth

Your energy summons your twin flame’s energy when you attain a certain level of individual growth when you’re both ready to support, nurture, and take responsibility for a twin flame.

A false twin usually enters your life before the individual grows. You might meet them when you’re confused and vulnerable in your life. This is when narcissistic false flames try their luck to enter your life to take advantage later.

But if they have honest intentions, a false twin flame might help you attain individual growth. However, that’s not the flame’s responsibility, so don’t get confused.

8. You’ll sometimes doubt them

Your intuition sends you signals when you’re not in a true twin flame relationship. You’ll doubt whether you’re with the correct partner and something will always feel off.

Your feelings may waver in any relationship, but it doesn’t happen in true twin flame bonds.

In a false twin relationship, you’ll know that this person might at most be a soulmate but not a twin flame. You don’t feel they mirror your soul because your feelings and hopes don’t overlap and the connection isn’t that deep.

9. They’ll escape before the commitment convo

Though twin flames’ separation happens, they commit for the whatsoever time they’re with you. Love relationships with true twin flames never go without a commitment.

Conversely, if you’re dealing with a false twin, you’ll notice they’ll say “It’s not the right time yet”, “I’m not prepared to commit right away”, “I want to enjoy my freedom longer”… the saga goes on.

They might be there for you, but you’ll feel forced to lower your expectations from the bond. Whereas, the real twin flame won’t like to delay committing for too long because they envision a life with you.

In false twin flame relationships, you won’t be special or the only one for them. You might get a hunch that they have other connections aside from you.

If you can’t realize whether they’re real or not, there’s a worse way to find out. When you’ll break up with your false twin, they’ll move on pretty quickly and you may notice similar patterns of love-bombing in their case.

This is a really hurtful sign and it might break your soul. But, this is a definite sign to continue the search and keep evolving.

11. You’ll always feel clueless about the connection

In a false twin relationship, you’ll never know where the relationship is headed. Even if you ask them to be certain, they’ll reassure you about the bond or try to distract you from the conversation.

You may always feel confused about your purpose and goals in the relationship. You’ll constantly feel low because you assumed something or the way they meant something made you misunderstand.

Clear communication might be an issue here. Alternatively, you might recognize that there are no united feelings about your goals. You’ll constantly get the wrong signals, which isn’t the case in true twins.

12. They’ll dread your growth

Another false twin flame symptom is their jealousy of your success. They’ll hate your success for various reasons and pretend that it hurt your relationship.

The moment you must rejoice about your victories, you’ll spend them feeling guilty. They’ll discourage you from further achievements. You’ll always feel you won something you don’t deserve.

Your actual twin flame will inspire you to grow more in life because that’s the purpose of this bond. If someone obstructs your growth, you’re not just mistaken about them being your twin flame. You’re with a toxic person and must get away soon.

13. Your hopes for the future don’t align

Usually, twin flames have hope for a similar future. They feel they’re twin or mirror souls because of their strangely excess similar opinions, thoughts, desires, lifestyle, vision, and so on. 

You’ll both have alike perceptions about life and your future goals. This will further help you both grow together side by side.

Such similarities are only possible with a real twin flame. However, with a false flame, you’ll never align your mind completely. At most, you might have one or two similar aspects, but mostly you won’t match.

14. You awaken alone with them

Another false twin characteristic is that you’ll awaken all alone. This is in case the false twin doesn’t envy or fear your success.

They’ll support you through your journey, bring changes in your life, and walk you through the awakening.

However, they won’t grow alongside you, so you might feel lonely or incomplete. Further, you won’t feel bonded through the incidents.

With authentic twin flames, you’ll evolve together and become more intimate with the mutual struggles and growth.

15. They pour negativity into your life

Due to the lack of commitment, their disinterest or deterrence in your success, or the lack of sync in your lives, you may feel a surge of negative emotions.

They may even intentionally spread negativity in your life. With a false flame, you’ll naturally feel frustrated, unappreciated, disappointed, and undervalued.

Every time they disappoint you, the negativity intensifies. You’ll constantly feel unhappy with your life and relationship.

However, with a true twin flame, you’ll feel the radiant support and love to improve emotionally and spiritually.

16. You won’t feel comfy around them

Twin flames are like one another’s mirrors and the supernatural similarities make you feel at home. The warmth and comfort of this person make you believe they’ll accept you wholeheartedly.

You feel they won’t judge you, so there’s no need to pretend or act to keep them around. However, the same feelings won’t arise for a false twin flame.

They’ll often point at your personality issues and even if you work on them, they’ll be dissatisfied with something else. You’ll think twice before baring your heart to them.

17. They always make you chase

The push and pull or chasing and running stage is quite popular in twin flame bonds. One of the major eye-opening false twin characteristics is that you’ll always be the chaser.

In twin flame connections, both partners pull away at one point or the other. Each person chases at least once and there’s an end to this chase. And that’s when you truly feel secure about the relationship.

However, a false twin will never allow you to achieve security. They won’t chase you when you run from your demons. They’ll probably tell you to take care of your issues yourself or grow up.

18. They’ll make you hope in vain

If you’re with a toxic false twin, they’ll make it a point to hurt and disappoint you repeatedly. You’ll desire them to be serious about the relationship and they’ll simply promise you while looking you in the eye.

But they’ll never ever keep their words. Instead, they give you false hopes so you stay and don’t move on. They’ll do everything possible to keep you beside them because you boost their ego.

They’ll make excuses every time you confront them about anything. Sadly, you won’t realize they’re leading you on without any honest reasons.

19. Your bond is purposeless

Twin flames work for a common goal together. Beyond that point, they may split their path or stay longer. However, what if you never step towards the goals?

If you’re lucky enough with a sharp intuition, you’ll soon notice that your relationship is only about living in the moment. You’ll probably have lots of fun together and initially stay back because who doesn’t like fun?

However, as time passes by, you’ll notice the superficiality of the relationship. You’ll see that there’s no twin flame growth.

20. You get conditional love

A usual sign of false twin flames is that you’ll never receive unconditional love. They’ll be moody and only be affectionate when you please them. They might push you away after conflicts and wait around until you reach out.

You might think that they only need more love to soften up, but that’s not the case. They’ll consume your emotions like a guzzler but will never spare you unconditional and true love.

A real twin flame relationship is full of unconditional love even when someone is angry or moody.

21. They’re extremely possessive and sexual

In romantic and passionate love, obsessions, possession, and sexual urges are pretty common. But that’s unlikely in twin flames.

So, a false twin flame might obsess over you and want to control or possess you completely. Their emotions might be so intense, that they might even bring such dynamics into the bedroom.

Sexual dominance might sound hot, but that just shows how your energy levels differ even in such intimate areas. You might stay back with the wrong flame just because of the sexual attraction and get diverted from your real goals.

22. You never get THE dreams

From the spiritual viewpoint, after you meet your twin flame, you’ll receive many spiritual messages about being on track in the form of dreams. So, both flames get pleasant dreams or even see one another in them.

However, if you’re with a mistaken flame, you’ll hardly have such dreams. Even if you get them, they won’t be pleasant ones. These are negative premonitions about your bond.

These are major warnings from the spiritual realm to be cautious and reassess your bond.

23. The honeymoon phase gets over fast

With your twin flame, as the time passes, you feel that this is THE relationship you need. You have a long honeymoon period because of the similarities and shared pain and support.

However, this won’t obviously be the case with a false twin flame. Your honeymoon phase is much shorter and the extreme affections only last for a short period.

With time, the mutual enthusiasm in the false twin flame relationship dies. You feel that you hardly get along and fall out of love. You might force yourself to continue loving them, but eventually understand something is off.

24. Their values are distorted and superficial

False flames initially show you they have the same values as you. They lure you into believing that you have that deep connection and everything matches.

They might verbally express that they love and respect you. But during fights they always belittle you. They don’t care if you feel disrespected and become extremely bitter towards you.

They might pledge their loyalty but also flirt with someone behind your back. They might promise to stay beside you during tough times, but brush you off when you reach out.

Real twin flames, however, stay true to their overlapping morals and values.

25. They play with you as they like

One sign you must never overlook in false twin flames: Manipulation. True twin flame pairs never use toxic dynamics in their relationships, so that’s clear.

A false twin flame might magnify the issues when you’re at fault but become defensive when it’s them. They’ll make you believe that they’re always innocent, but you always commit unforgivable mistakes.

They might even gaslight you i.e., deny they ever promised something to you and make you question your own memory and mental health.

26. The relationship only drains you

You give a lot more in the relationship than you receive in false twin bonds. You might pour out all of your energy, resources, and affections, only to receive nothing.

False twins never feel the need to reciprocate enough. The relationship foundation completely depends on how much effort you provide. You’re never an equal partner with a false flame that slowly drains you out.

For instance, you might be ready to accompany them at their important events, but vice versa doesn’t happen.

27. You’ll notice many unhealthy dynamics in the relationship

Another usual sign of being with a false twin flame is the constant mistreatment in the relationship. You have high expectations from your twin flame, so it’s natural to behave a bit clingy with them. 

Your emotions might become too intense for a false one to handle. Eventually, the false one might ghost you to get away from the overwhelming emotions.

They might even stonewall you unless you behave as if nothing happened.  They won’t pay attention to your worries and even compare your issues with other major international-level issues.

28. They’ll urge you to cater to yourself

While you stay bonded with your false twin flame, you may mistake them to be the real one for different reasons. One such reason is you’ll do the need all by yourself.

You’ll learn to love yourself, indulge in healthy habits, and partake in spiritual practices. Since these are positive changes, you might mistake that this is the popular twin flame bond.

Probably you also believe yours is a bit unique than others because you only focus on your own growth but don’t or can’t urge a mutual growth. Your false flame might show you the path of spiritual awakening but never accompany you.

29. They block your spiritual awakening

Another situation is that a false flame will completely block your spiritual transformations. Perhaps you already have some plans up your sleeve and share them with them.

However, they’ll discourage you from that path. They might make you second guess and hit your confidence too hard. They might say it’s unnecessary or ask you to figure out a different path.

They won’t be satisfied easily with any idea you propose and leave you feeling worthless.

30. They resemble your true twin flame

You won’t know this until you find your true twin flame, but people get tricked into false flames so frequently because they’re quite similar to the real one.

So, this is a lesson to know a few of your weaknesses and overcome them in the process. Moreover, this is also a clue about your actual twin flame.

If you feel bad about mistaking someone else as a twin flame, know that this is also the universe’s way to test you for your flaws and understand how much you need another person to build a beautiful life.

31. You have incompatible zodiac signs

Particularly, zodiac signs don’t tell if someone is your twin flame. However, birth or synastry chart readings help with these.

But if you only need to know whether you’re with the wrong twin flame, you can check your zodiacs easily. If your alleged twin flame’s zodiac doesn’t match with yours, something is fishy about it.

For instance, Aries matches well with Leo and Sagittarius. Gemini gets drawn to Libra and Aquarius. If your zodiacs are conflicting, it’s time to rethink. However, it’s only a small clue, not definitive evidence.

32. You feel you found another twin flame

While you believe you found your twin flame, if you feel attracted to another person and feel they’re quite similar, then you’re definitely with the wrong person. Your alleged twin flame is false.

Twin flame connections are unique and you won’t find a similar bond, even if you have someone else as your spouse or someone you stay committed to till the end of time.

Twin flames may not always be romantic bonds, but they’re unique and nothing compares to them.

33. Even if they support your improvement, they won’t let others

Twin flames have a greater purpose in the mortal realm. In the twin flame journey, they also help others awaken and it’s not just about selfish desires.

So, even if the false twin connection works out well and you both walk on the path to spirituality, it won’t be for the greater good. You’ll leave behind others’ awakening. Rather, they’ll teach you to be self-centered, which will apparently lead you far away from your spiritual journey.

34. They don’t challenge your shortcomings

Real twin flames, since they are like mirrors, they’ll reflect your negatives back at you. They challenge one another’s views, thoughts, habits, and opinions.

This isn’t the same as a false twin flame’s dissatisfaction with you despite how much you improve.

A true twin flame will gently mark your issues and will never ask you to change. Instead, you’ll feel an urge to improve yourself. If you don’t feel challenged (mind you, it’s not the same as someone picking your flaws), then you’re with a false one.

35. Your contrasting upbringing causes issues

One of the signs of a true twin flame is contrasting upbringings. This helps you figure out your past trauma or attachment issues together.

However, many people believe their twin flame MUST have a completely opposite childhood or tastes. They get attracted to the opposites or romanticize such differences.

If you do the same, you’re prone to mistake someone else as your twin flame. Further, if you fight over your upbringing or about something regarding it like your taste in food… that’s another red flag. 

Wondering what happens in your journey with a false twin flame? Let’s explain it all here…

False Twin Flame Stages

Just like your true twin flame, you experience the encounter with a fake one systematically. That’s why you feel even more confused and mistake them easily for the real ones.

However, there’s a reason behind why you don’t recognize them or push them away sooner. But just to be aware and save you from heartache, look out for these stages…

Stage 1: The Bonding or Attachment Phase

The first time you meet with this person, you feel they’re amazing and unnaturally feel drawn to them. They make you feel you’re the most deserving person with attention, affection, and gifts.

You feel unsure how you can fall in love so fast, but you don’t resist it. You both feel you’re one another’s chosen one and believe you’ll stay together for eternity.

Stage 2: The Turbulence Phase

In the next phase, you notice that something isn’t right with your twin flame’s behavior. They might manipulate or cheat you, but you feel unconditional love will show them you’re the one.

They might try to control your choices and convince you it’s for your betterment. When you don’t give in to their demands, they threaten to sabotage the relationship.

They might even leave you and then return with the clause that you’ll become their puppet. Since you’re desperate and so in love, you let them have it their way.

Stage 3: The Separation Phase

You compromise every way your alleged twin flame demands and at some point, you feel you’re no more the same person. You can’t recognize yourself anymore.

Yet you continue to behave the way your false twin asks to stop them from leaving.

However, they’re on the lookout for your “inexcusable” faults. They leave you the moment they find something worth making a scene. They leave you all alone and devastated.

Sometimes, you might separate from them because you can’t handle the toxicity and controlling nature.

Stage 4: The Trauma Phase

Though they’re your false twin, you’ll feel devastated and experience grief stages because you invested deep feelings in the bond.

You regret not staying under their control. You wish to turn back time and make things right. You look for reasons behind the separation and bargain if you can sacrifice something to bring them back.

Slowly, you notice the important question like why you were attracted to them, whether it was because of your attachment issues or childhood.

You finally focus on the important parts which you must work on towards the end of this phase. You enter a Dark Night of the Soul as you dive deep into your core.

Stage 5: The Healing Phase

When you recognize your wounds and work on them, you ignite the healing process. Though heartbroken, you still try to accept everything and understand the reasons behind your actions.

Since you’re almost ready to reach out to your twin, you wonder whether they experienced similar feelings, healed, or worked on themselves.

When you recover completely, you feel ready to reach out and share your lessons with them. However, you feel unsure or they shrug off your attempts because they’re already in another relationship or don’t want you back.

Stage 6: The Confusion Phase

After completely healing, you feel confident about yourself and believe that your twin will eventually return when they notice your changes. You may see other people but can’t make any similar connection.

You feel that it has to be them and yearn for them all over. You reach out and if they want to return, you begin from stage 1 all over.

If you’re not physically together, you believe you’ll eventually be. You believe that you’ll telepathically be in contact and they’ll soon return. But the longer they take, your resolve weakens and you doubt the connection.

Stage 7: The Release Phase

In the last stage, you see yourself fully awakened with plenty of life lessons. But your twin didn’t and then you recognize they’re actually a narcissist. You eventually accept that they’ll never change and they only faked the shared values.

In this situation, you love yourself enough to protect and decide for the better, i.e., to let go. You’ll have no bitter feelings for them, appreciate them for teaching you a lot, and release them from this cycle.

So, are you curious about the reason I mentioned just a while ago? Let’s reveal it all here…

What is the purpose of false twin flames?

False twin flames guide you through a phase of your awakening and help you attain your power. They also help you work on some wounds.

Many people assume that false twin flames appear to break your heart into pieces. However, they enter your life when you need them. They help you through an awakening phase when you get a hold of your power.

By the time you realize they aren’t your real twin flame, you’re already done with the spiritual awakening and growth. Their purpose in your life is to help you deal with your past wounds, indulge in self-love all by yourself, and clear your karma.

So, are you confused now? Wondering what to do if you recognize them? Well, find the probable pathways here…

What to do if you meet your false twin flame?

If you’re satisfied with the relationship, you may stay. If you break up, stay respectful. Just don’t blame them for deceiving you and consider both of your feelings properly.

If you meet your false twin flame and recognize them too, your next steps depend on your feelings about your relationship.

If you’re content with the bond, don’t break it. Perhaps, the cosmos made you meet them because they’re essential for your current growth.

However, if you wanna break up, whether they hurt you or not throughout the relationship, do it respectfully. Remember that they’re not at fault for not being a true twin flame. They possibly didn’t try to deceive you at all.

Whichever path you choose, don’t forget that everything happened because the cosmos wanted it and you needed it. Don’t blame anyone for being a false flame twin, they might really be in love with you.

So, decided to break free from them? That’s okay, let me show you how to conduct an amicable breakup here…

How to get rid of a false twin flame?

Whether you’re on good or bad terms with your false twin flame, you can’t easily initiate a breakup. In fact, your emotions will almost always make things worse.

However, what’s the point of hurting others during your last time together? Make the breakup less hurtful to get over it together like this…

1. Detach yourself emotionally

Clear up any lingering feelings for your false twin. If you don’t, they might easily return to your life and repeat the same cycles.

Stop thinking about cherishing memories if you’re serious about the breakup. Focus on why you want a break-up to stay strong.

2. Figure out your living conditions

If you share the same house, figure out who will move out. If you must move out, choose a place to crash. Don’t mention the breakup until you’re ready to leave with your luggage.

Make sure you don’t leave anything behind if you leave. Or, if they must leave, check that they pack everything before they’re gone for good. Don’t allow them a chance to revisit.

3. Choose a good spot

Depending on your false twin flame’s nature, make sure you choose an appropriate location.

If they’re abusive, you feel threatened, or you were long-distance, do it over a call. If they were kind to you during the relationship, do it in person.

If they might break down, don’t choose a private space or somewhere around their house. If you feel a little concerned about your safety, do it in a public place.

4. Stay calm, respectful, and strict

During the breakup conversation, you must try to not hurt or aggravate them in any way. That might put you in danger or you may hurt them unreasonably.

If you end things amicably, it’s the best because you don’t want anyone’s ill wishes on yourself.

5. Build healthy boundaries

If you have children, how will either of you spend time with them? If you accidentally meet, how will you react? If they need time to find a new place, will you allow them to stay? If yes, what are your rules? If they need time to pick up their luggage slowly from your place, when do you want it? Will you stay friends or want space?

Figure out all the important boundaries together during the breakup convo.

6. Seek friends for support

Breakups aren’t easy, so if you feel broken, always seek your friends and family. Explain what happened and ask them for suitable forms of support. If you need, ask them to stay with you.

If you can’t handle the pain, consider seeking a mental health expert.

7. Accept the new feelings

Though you believe you’ll be happier after the breakup, you might not. You may feel low because you spent so much time with them. If they move on quickly, you might feel worse.

If they try to get back at you, this might also hurt your feelings. You might even feel ashamed to allow such a person in. It all depends on how things end and you feel about the loss. 

8. Express yourself clearly

You believed that this relationship was special and it’ll be there for life. But now it’ll be soon gone and you obviously feel upset.

Just because you initiated the breakup, doesn’t imply you can’t feel hurt. So, express your emotions freely without any regret.

9. Resolve to stay strong till the end

Even if you cry, don’t be weak to your ex’s advances. They might promise to change, be more respectful, and love and cherish you. You may believe that things may change in the next shot.

Don’t get them back even if you miss them. This will also prevent you from meeting potential healthy connections or even your real twin.

10. Study up on real twin flames

When you’re ready to begin this journey once again, read about the signs of meeting your true twin flame. Compare what you found similar to your false twin. Your real twin might have some traits in common so keep an eye out.

But that’s not all, they might react in all sorts of ways. Anxious about your next step? Let’s work things out this way…

How to handle the reaction of a false twin flame?

Your false twin flame will rarely notice your distress in the relationship and try to suppress or control you.

However, you mustn’t fall prey to their manipulative acts. Instead, prepare yourself with the possible reactions and ways to deal with them here…

1. They may beg you to take them back

Till the breakup, did they ever consider begging you the same? If not, they never cared about you. They only realize your worth once you’re out of reach.

So, if they can disrespect you or make you feel that the relationship wasn’t worth it for so long, don’t listen to their pretend-begging either.

2. They may get angry and throw a fit

If they become angry, don’t try to argue back or respond back in any way. Stay calm and if things slowly turn dangerous, try to get away ASAP. Don’t in any way react to this situation even if you feel hurt.

3. They may get depressed

They might bawl their eyes out or fall into a deep depression. You might also feel extremely low and mistake that your emotions are in sync. You may want to support them because of your bond, but don’t confuse them with mixed signals. Reaffirm that even if you support them, you’re still over.

4. They may bargain with changes

Now that you’re no longer theirs, they promise to change for the better. Well, why did they take so long to do that?

This means they’ll need your breakup threats every time to make progress. That’s never a sign of a healthy relationship. They never took your words seriously until you were ready to leave for good.

Further, there’s no warranty they’ll really change. They might return to their old habits soon after you return.

5. They may threaten you

If they send you or your loved ones any sort of threatening messages, report them and get a restraining order. Prioritize your safety and don’t take these lightly.

Feeling confused or regretful after the breakup? Here’s a to-do list to prevent you from reconciling with them…

What should you do after breakup with a false twin flame?

After the breakup with a false twin flame, you’ll feel depressed and even hate yourself because your heart fell captive to forfeit.

However, remind yourself of the purpose and understand you didn’t lose time in vain. If you can’t stop thinking about the relationship, follow these…

1. Confide in your loved ones

Spend time with them and nourish yourself with true love from friends and family. Go on a vacation, grab a coffee, or try out something thrilling to promote positive feelings.

2. Strengthen your relationship with yourself

Indulge in self-love practices like yoga, meditation, skin care, dancing, or painting. Anything that makes you happy is the formula of self-love.

3. Focus on your physical health

Don’t forget to eat and sleep well to keep your body fit. Physical fitness is important to heal soon. Lead an active life, step out in the sun, and follow a routine life.

4. Cry behind closed doors

If you’re deeply wounded, cry or scream behind closed doors in someone’s arms. Don’t spread hate speech publicly in person or on social media. Think if you want to remove that person from your social media and avoid common circles.

5. Accept second thoughts, don’t work on them

You’ll obviously have second thoughts. Many what-ifs will pop up in your mind. Don’t try to ignore such thoughts. Give them a fair space in your mind. However, don’t try to reconcile with them.

If your thoughts focus more on returning to them, distract your mind as much as possible.

6. Realize the bigger picture

Accept that your false twin flame had a purpose in your life. They came and supported you through this journey and led you to grow in some way even if they weren’t actively involved in it.

Don’t ignore that they were fake but they also helped you evolve. Understand the cosmos wanted to unite you with them and now it’s their will to part you.

7. Accept that healing takes time

You can’t heal overnight so don’t be impatient. Healing is a procedure and you’ll not notice any visible results. Trust the process and continue to move with it

8. Understand that dragging it wasn’t the best choice

Don’t entertain negative thoughts or hate yourself because you hurt them. If you didn’t want the relationship, you can’t drag the relationship wholeheartedly.

Even if you do, you’ll only deceive yourself and them. Be happy to take the correct stance.

9. Clean your karma

People usually get in a false twin flame relationship due to their karmic cycles. It’s a way the cosmos helps you to clean your karma or your past actions. This eventually leads you to your real twin flame, so work on that.

10. Don’t lose your heart easily

The process is harder to act out. Still, don’t give up just yet because your actions bring you closer to your real twin flame and help you attain spiritual awakening.

Understand that feeling heartbroken and stuck `is normal. But, don’t dwell on them and push through till the end.

Still unsure if you’re with your true or false twin? Well, answer this quiz to get the right answer…

False Twin Flame Test

Modern life is fast and you don’t even have time to breathe or focus on different matters. So, if you feel lazy to check the signs in depth or you just feel confused, don’t worry.

I’m here to help you understand in a short and quick way through simple questions. So, shoot your answers here…

1. Did the common interests, morals, values, and opinions stay uniform throughout the relationship?

A. Pretty much, yes.

B. It declined over time

2. Did you awaken in any form together?

A. We worked out small issues together

B. I did it alone. But they supported me somehow

3. Did you include others in the spiritual journey?

A. Yes, we shared the knowledge with our loved ones

B. It was quite private just between us two

4. Did they commit to you if you’re romantically involved?

A. We committed to one another/ we’re platonically committed

B. They refused for now

5. Were they with you during tough times?

A. Yes, they guided me

B. No, they abandoned me to fetch on my own

6. Did they let your wounds heal?

A. Yes, they supported me throughout with past issue resolution

B. They point it out to make me feel worse

7. Do they keep their promises?

A. They try to. I never faced major disappointments

B. They never follow through

8. Do you chase them alone?

A. We change the chaser runner dynamics depending on the situations

B. I chase alone

9. Did you change any bad habits with their help?

A. Yes, they reflected my issues and helped me understand what’s better

B. They give me anxiety and made my bad habits worsen

10. How do they feel about your achievements?

A. They rejoice with me, even when they’re low

B. They feel jealous and never encourage me about my goals.

If you answered mostly A’s: You probably found your Twin flame, Congratulations!

If you answered mostly B’s: This is your false twin flame. Think carefully about whether this bond is really important to you and if they help you grow at all.

If false twin flames are still a mystery to you, I get it due to the lack of enough resources. So, let’s clear some more doubts here…

FAQs about False Twin Flame

Some people assume false twin flames are bad news. Some people believe you won’t have a telepathic connection with false flame twins. The term “false” makes many people mistreat and misunderstand them. However, the truth is far from that, so let’s unravel everything here…

1. Are twin flames toxic?

It depends on who you connect with.

Many people preach that your relationship with your twin flame will be unhealthy. If you believe that, you may get involved with a toxic twin flame.
However, false twin flames support your spiritual and individual growth till a point. So, they have an important position in your life.

Further, sometimes, you might find that you clicked perfectly with your false twin flame and had lots of fun together.

2. Do you have multiple false twin flames?

It varies from person to person as it mainly depends on what the cosmos has in store for you.

If you have multiple areas to work on but can’t do it alone, the cosmos might send you multiple false twin flames. Some of you may need only one.
However, never judge your abilities to handle life based on this.

3. Is letting go of a false twin flame easy?

Generally, it’s never easy to let go of a loved one. However, if you seem to be in an on-and-off relationship with your false twin, it implies you still have more healing to do.

Your false twin flame might manipulate you into the relationship when you’re still not emotionally strong and need to learn from the bad experiences. However, you awaken when you realize the patterns, so don’t entertain manipulation any longer.

4. Do you have telepathy with a false twin flame?

Many people claim to transmit and receive info through brain signals or telepathy, especially twin flames. This is due to their souls being connected despite their distance or even before meeting in reality.

But, you can have an equally intense psychic and telepathic connection with a false twin because they’re very similar to your true twin flame.
So, telepathy is never the sign to recognize your true twin.

5. How soon will I meet my real twin?

Meeting a twin flame isn’t that common. If you meet a false twin flame and realize it, it shows that your true twin flame exists and you’re one step closer to meeting them.

Though twin flame meeting is uncommon, false twin meeting is even rarer. So, this is a secret sign from the universe that your real twin meeting will happen soon.

6. How to speed up a real twin reunion?

After you find you’re with a false twin flame, either initiate a breakup or let things take the natural course. Be confident about yourself and express your true self to attract your true twin.

Your true twin will love you as you are, so let others see the real you. You may feel anxious and vulnerable, and even face rejection, but you must face it all.

If you’re attached to any ideas, let go of them, so you don’t appear needy and build a healthy relationship.

7. Can a false twin awaken you?

False twin flames help you awaken a certain part of you. You may call it the first step of a spiritual awakening journey. In fact, there’s a connection between false twins and awakening or individual growth.

8. Do False Twin flames look alike?

Your false and true twin flames may have many similarities starting from behavior to their physical appearances.

Sometimes people feel astonished because of the unnatural resemblance. In fact, many suggest noting your false twin’s characteristics to seek the real deal.

9. Can a false twin flame become a real twin flame?

No, but if you think about this, you’re obsessed with them and can’t accept reality. You’re in denial and still living in a fantasy.

Don’t entertain such thoughts as it’ll only hurt you further emotionally and psychologically. Even if you bond really well, you can’t attain total spiritual awakening with them, so you won’t be at peace.

For now, it might be peaceful because you still have more to learn from this bond.

10. How can I meet my actual twin flame?

Firstly, break free from the counterfeit twin flame. Free yourself to begin the quest of true twin flame again.

Know the difference between fake and real. Know what kind of patterns the fake one had that led to the separation. Make sure to steer clear of anyone with that kind of similarities.

Read up on authentic twin flame signs to understand better.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

At the end of the day, you’ll find that everything happens for a reason. The name “false” twin flame really does no justice to them as they also help you awaken and push you towards the true twin flame.

So, they actually play a major role in your life. However, the label always makes us misunderstand them. 

On the other hand, some people manipulate you into thinking they’re your twin flame. Though they’re no good and you mustn’t romanticize such bonds, they still unknowingly help you solve many issues, even if it’s a bitter and lonely experience.

Learn and move on to find your true twin flame. Work hard to be your best version and when you’re both ready, your path will soon cross.

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