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The Grass is Greener Where You Water It. Practice It.

The Grass is Greener Where You Water It. Practice It.

Updated on Oct 18, 2022

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

The Grass is Greener Where You Water It - It's Meaning

Have you ever wondered how your parents could stay together and celebrate their 30+ years of togetherness? For them, every moment is a celebration. Are you worried that your colleague is getting in more clients to the firm, and you have not been so successful with it?

Has trust been a concern in your relationship with your partner or friends? If such thoughts are bothering you, it’s time, you practice what Neil Barringham says: The grass is greener where you water it.

In simple words, a person would require time and effort to build and maintain a relationship. The relationship could be husband-wife, boyfriend-girlfriend, client-attorney, between friends.

That patch of relationship which is nurtured with care will be greener, as you have watered it. Remember the grass is not always greener, one has to spend time curating and watering it. Relationships are just like that, greener where you have watered. 

The Grass is Greener Where You Water It. Practice It.
The Grass is Greener Where You Water It. Practice It.

Meaning of ‘The Grass is Greener Where You Water It’

The phrase “the grass is greener where you water” means that one can work on their relationships, both personal and professional, and make it work. Just one has to prioritize where to invest and how.

If one’s relationship is not working, one can make conscious and sustained efforts to keep the grass greener.

Trust us, those efforts count and can make a huge difference in your life. There are time-tested ways to keep the grass greener by watering. 

6 Ways to Water the Grass and Keep it Lush Green

A lot of effort should be made at laying the foundation of a relationship to keep the relationship alive and kicking. The outer layer will look beautiful and shiny only when the roots are healthy. 

The grass can be greener by watering and there is more than one way to build and maintain warm relationships.

Without effort, time, and thought, the other side of the fence will always appear greener. We are sharing ways on how to water the grass and keep it lush green. 

1. Building Trust

Be it among parent-child, partners, client-attorney, or friends, the key to a long and sustainable relationship is building trust with each other.

Remember, trust is not built in a day, and even the slightest of the wrong move can trample it.

To understand how you can make a person comfortable in your company, and help him to open up to you.

They need not have to explain their acts all the time. Such steps will ensure that the grass is always greener, as you have watered it. 

2. Share Small Little Things and Thoughts

One can develop a long-lasting relationship only when there is enough space to share things with each other. Share small little things.

Also, make an effort to share your uncomfortable past or what bothers you about the present. If the future is making you anxious, share it with your partner.

Create a comfort zone. A cozy corner of your room or the couch could be the place where partners open up about each other. Such small gestures and action can help you to keep the grass always greener.  

3. Empathize

When nurturing a bond, not everything is explained. The partner should try to understand. Without much-spoken words, you know what is in his mind and circumstances.

To keep your side of grass green, make an effort to empathize with others.   

4. Couple Goals

Returns in a relationship depend on how you have nurtured it. Once you are comfortable with your partner after the initial hiccups, work towards a list of couple goals.

Commitment to these goals should not be conditional. Listen, care, trust, understanding should be on the top of that list.

5. Listen

Many can don the hat of a boss, but not many can be a leader. A leader must listen, listen to those who are not just above him but also those reporting to him.

Finding a solution gets easier when you spend time hearing your client, colleague, or someone in the family. People will learn that they can come to you.

Follow this and you will be the boss of a greener grass patch.

Want to nurture your relationship with those who matter, make it a habit to listen, trust, and care for them.

6. Bridge the gap

To maintain your side of the grass green, try to bridge the gap with your partner, friend, and client.

Differences of opinion, discontent, rejection, are there and will always be there between individuals, but to minimize them takes effort. Read the signs about why there is a gap.

Communication is vital to bridge a gap. No harm in explaining yourself again and again. Identifying a difference and dealing with it at the soonest can also offer a rewarding professional opportunity. 

Do not allow differences to multiply; if they are not resolved, they are capable of wrecking a relationship.

Can Watering The Grass Change Your Life?

If you think others are living the dream you saw every day, then make changes the right away. Water the grass on your side of the fence. Greener grass is not just an optic illusion; it can be yours too. The grass can be greener forever. 

Yes, watering the grass can make changes possible. If you have been thinking about your colleagues, friends have “it” in them to maintain sustaining relations.

Then note, all they do is water their side of the fence. If you practice watering the grass, you might see the following changes, sooner than ever –

Strong relation with a partner

Behind the scene act of trying to keep things together has its advantage. By spending time to work your relationship, you extend the expiry date of the relationship and enjoy the bond of togetherness.

Your client sticks to you

By going that extra mile to resolve your client’s concerns, you ensure your client retains you, year after year, over others.

And it does not stop at that; your servicing abilities can also get you, new clients. You bet, such performance will not be ignored by the firm! Watering the grass can be professionally very rewarding.

Your social life gets a thumbs up

Many of us desire to be popular. Popularity comes with a tag – the tag of being caring, loving, and trustworthy towards others.

Your social circle will expand if you consciously keep your side of the fence watered and nurtured. 

Closing Thoughts

The grass is greener where you water it. The above paragraphs explain why and how the grass can be kept greener in your relationships.

Personal and professional relationships are about minding the gap. By identifying the difference and narrowing it down, can bring opportunities and rewards.

By watering the grass, you keep people close who matter in life. Also, equally vital to note that when you compare your life with others, try to make changes constructively.

So, be generous in sharing that “Thank You” note to your partner, friends, and professional relations.   

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