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Manifesting Love Using the Law of Attraction

Manifesting Love Using the Law of Attraction

Updated on May 27, 2022

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

How To Manifest Love - 10 Steps to Manifesting Love of Your Life

Are you someone who is manifesting love? Do you want to have that fairytale romance but not sure how to go about it?

Maybe you have had several bad relationships and you have given up on the idea of love!

Whatever be your situation, it can be improved. You can have the love you want! Why? Because everyone is worth it!

Manifesting Love Infographic

10 Steps to Manifesting Love Using the Law of attraction
10 Steps to Manifesting Love Using the Law of attraction

What is ‘Manifesting Love’?

According to the Law of attraction, if you focus on something eventually you bring or create that in your life. This is called manifestation.

As simple as it sounds, it takes discipline and practice to keep your attention on the thing you want rather than what you don’t want! For manifesting love in your life, you must be willing to use the law of attraction in your favor as well as take the necessary actions.

Read this article to learn how to manifest the relationship of your dreams.

You will get to know why you haven’t yet manifested your true love, how the law of attraction can be applied to your advantage, and the exact steps needed to manifest the love of your life!

How the Law of attraction can help in manifesting love in your life?

According to the Law of Attraction, if you focus on something consistently, you will manifest that! Simply put, your thoughts create your world.

So, if you continue to think about something it will eventually materialize. The Law of Attraction states that – like attracts like. Or to create things that you want, you have to resonate on a similar frequency!

Love can be manifested using the Law of Attraction. If you focus your thoughts on having an amazing relationship you can create that in your reality.

Even you can manifest love with a specific person if you so desire! There are steps to manifest true love which you will find out later in this article. But first, you have to work on your mindset.

If you truly want to have a wonderful Soulmate relationship, you must be willing to let go of those negative thoughts and feelings that are acting as hurdles in your love life!

For the Law of Attraction to work you have to first release the old thought patterns that are not serving you. You have to become what you want to attract!

Or, in other words, to attract love in your life, you have to become a perfect vibrational match for it!

What is Stopping You from Manifesting Love?

Are you searching for love but always getting into toxic relationships?

Or maybe you are just single for a long period of time! If you are unable to find the love of your life, it obviously means you have some internal resistances that are holding you back.

Here are 5 factors that can stop you from manifesting love in your life.

1. Limiting beliefs

Each one of us has some set of limiting beliefs that were unknowingly passed to us by our parents, family, and others while we were too young!

Our Subconscious mind had accepted those ideas as real and ingrained in it. These limiting beliefs can develop because of what you have heard as a child from others or it could be that some bad experience had triggered you to form wrong conclusions.

When you have limiting beliefs around love and relationships, you will be unable to manifest true love.

If you have been conditioned with wrong impressions in your childhood about love, you will either be not able to find a partner or you will attract those who are not a perfect match for you!

For instance, as a child, if you have watched your parents fight often, you might have drawn a conclusion subconsciously that marriage is painful.

Or if one of your parents had cheated on the other, as a child you had believed that you can’t have a loyal partner!

Children who grow up in dysfunctional families and have observed constant fights, dramas, divorces, and infidelity most often manifest toxic relationships as an adult!

It could be that as a child you have been conditioned with limiting beliefs about love, which are now preventing you from a good relationship.

2. Resentment towards previous partners

When you have grudges about your Exes you will never vibrate on the frequency of love! As a result, it will be difficult for you to manifest love in your life.

You can’t attract love when your heart is full of anger and hatred. There is a saying that, ‘holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.’

Even if someone has really hurt you, it’s better to forgive them if you really want to have a new relationship.

To have the man or woman of your life, be prepared to let go of anger and any bitter feelings about past lovers.

Only when you are free of such negativities you will be able to raise your vibration to the level of your soulmate!

3. Feeling of unworthiness

Do you have a deep-down feeling that you don’t deserve true love because you are fat/thin/old/ugly/unsuccessful etc.?

To find your romantic partner you have to first believe that you deserve a wonderful relationship! If you feel that you are unworthy then you will sabotage the manifestation of love.

To attract the love of your dreams you have to believe in every cell of your existence that you deserve love!

4. You don’t believe in the concept of true love

It will come as a surprise if you hear that you may not actually believe in true love! You might argue that you do believe and which is why you are even reading this article.

But it’s true that many people actually do not believe in love. They are consciously seeking a partner, maybe even dreaming about a Hollywood-style romance but subconsciously they disbelieve that such a thing may even exist!

It could be because of the limiting beliefs discussed already or it could be for any other reason. But when you don’t trust that the universe will bring you the ‘one’, guess what? Most probably, you will never find the one!

5. You are desperate to manifest a partner

Are you searching for a partner for a long time? Do you feel that time is slipping by and your love isn’t coming to you!

If you are desperate then it is impossible for you to find your true match! To attract a compatible life partner, you have to trust the universal timing.

When you go to a restaurant and order some food, you do not rush to the kitchen and check on whether it is being prepared for you!

Instead, you just sit coolly and wait for the food to arrive! Because you know that your order has been taken and you will get the meal on time.

Similarly, you have to be patient with the Universe! Once you place the order you have to wait for the right person to arrive!

If you are constantly looking around for signs or becoming panicky about whether you will find your match, you will not be able to manifest a partner.

Desperation brings negative energy that pushes away your dream relationship.

How to Manifest Love?

Now that you have realized what’s stopping you from manifesting love in your life, start working on them. You have to take action on removing those hurdles from your life! Also, the steps mentioned below will help you to remove those blocks and manifest love in your life.

Here are 10 steps to manifesting love of your life.

1. Practice Self Love

The first step to manifesting love is by practicing self-love. If you are mean towards yourself it would be the only natural for you to attract relationships that will make you feel unloved and unworthy.

Therefore, to manifest your dream lover, fall in love with yourself first!

Self-love is a journey that you must start today. It takes time but ultimately when you are absorbed in a deep love for yourself, you will become a magnet for great people and all the good stuff in the world! It needs consistent practice.

Loving yourself does not mean becoming selfish. It means to accept yourself as you are and understand and respect your priorities.

On this journey, you will automatically remove toxic friends, hurtful relationships, and anything and everything that does not serve you.

Self-love includes self-pampering but it is not enough! You have to become your greatest admirer. Treat yourself with respect and care as you expect someone else to do that for you!

Say nice things to yourself, smile at yourself whenever you see your reflection, take yourself to dinner dates, movies, buy gorgeous outfits just to please yourself! Feel good about yourself, all the time.

2. Focus on your wants

Most of the time we think about things that we do not want, think about people we do not like. Does that sound true to you?

We dwell in the past thinking about how someone mistreated us, or worry about the future on how something can go horribly wrong (although it had not happened yet!).

While manifesting a romantic partner be careful of what you say or think! If you are fearful and continuously stressing on what you don’t want in a partner, chances are you will attract someone with those qualities.

Whatever you focus on grows! Therefore, put your emphasis on the qualities you desire in your partner.

3. Watch your words

Our words create our world. Consciously choose your thoughts and words. Practice speaking positive words. 

If you catch yourself saying something negative out loud or in your mind, immediately change the statement. Instead of saying, ‘I don’t want a couch potato,’ say ‘I want an energetic person as my life partner!

4. Create a “Soulmate list

To manifest the dream relationship, make a list of the qualities you would want in your partner, how he/she is going to treat you, what you are going to do together, and so on.

In a journal, write down all the qualities you desire. This list is called the “Soulmate List“. You can mention physical attributes such as handsome/pretty/tall etc. but it is better if you stress on the character traits.

Write down the qualities you want to have in your partner. You can have a small list or you can have a very long one. Just make sure that it is specific.

I want an understanding husband’ is not specific! Instead, something like this is quite specific and direct – ‘I want a husband who is supportive of my career, helps me in the household chores, takes me out to dinner on weekends and loves to spend time with me!’

Jot down qualities such as – intelligent, kind, happy, helping, loving, supportive, caring, etc. Also, write in detail how that person makes you feel.

Are you safe around him? Does she make you feel at home? Likewise, write down how you spend the time together.

5. Be the person you want to attract

We attract people in our lives who are our exact vibrational match. Even if you don’t like to hear this, it is a real fact! You will always attract people of your own vibe.

If you want to attract an amazing life partner you have to first resonate on their vibrational level. In other words, if you want to manifest a fit and healthy person, you have to first work on your own fitness level.

Maybe, you can enroll in a gym or take yoga classes! Similarly, if you want to have a partner who is kind, start showering kindness to those around you!

Now that you have made a Soulmate list, the easiest way for you to manifest your dream partner is to start exhibiting those qualities yourself!

Consult your list and take a few points from it. Now start showing those qualities from now on. Eventually, you will attract your soulmate when you become their exact vibrational match!

6. Visualize

In your mind’s eyes see, think, and feel how you will feel if your love was already in your life! Visualization is the technique to dream about your future as if that’s already happening.

For instance, you can visualize a day with your lover, things you are doing, words you are communicating, and how you feel being in that relationship.

Just seeing it won’t help! You have to feel how it feels to be already with your loving partner.

7. Make a Dream board

A dream board is a collage of pictures that represent your future life. Create a dream board by pasting photos of your ideal relationship in your room or set a similar collage on the wallpaper of your phone.

In a board, stick photos of loving couples, honeymoon destinations, romantic quotes, and place it where you can see it often!

This acts as a reminder to you and your Subconscious mind takes the information and works day and night to bring your dream to reality.

8. Affirm daily

Affirmations are assertive sentences written in the present tense. Practice daily affirmations on love and relationship.

Affirmations such as, ‘I am loved by my Soulmate’, or ‘I am blessed to have a loving and caring wife’, can impress your Subconscious to create your words of affirmation into actual reality.

Affirmations can be read, written, or spoken out loud. There are many recorded affirmations on YouTube, you can also read them from a book or the internet.

Affirmations to Attract your Soulmate

9. Surround yourself with positivity

Change your environment to raise your vibe. Communicate with high-vibe people, pay attention to those who have already manifested true love!

The people we interact with, the books we read, the shows we watch influence us continuously. Our physical environment also acts as a vision board for us!

So, interact with positive-minded friends, read articles on manifesting love (such as this one!), watch videos on love and relationships.

Keep fresh flowers in your room, place photos and objects that act as a symbol of love for you, remove clutter from your house, buy some gorgeous linen for your bedroom and create an environment that is inviting to your romantic partner.

10. Act as if

Talk, walk, and behave like you are already in a loving relationship! Yes, this is the best way to impress your Subconscious mind and raise your vibration to the level of your dream lover.

Ask yourself how you will feel, behave, and act when you have your true love. Then start doing that now! This is called as – acting as if!

If you are saving that lovely red dress for your dream date, wear it now. Do you want to travel the world with your soulmate? Start saving money and going to places alone!

Use that bottle of expensive perfume, start your business, cook that special meal. Do all of those things that you had kept in the hold! Start going to places and doing things that you want to do after meeting your soulmate.

When you start doing those things you wanted to do with your romantic partner, you give the signal to the Universe that you are ready for your dream life.

Eventually, that man or woman of your dream finds you and you have already started to enjoy life by then!

Manifesting A Specific Person – Is it possible?

While manifesting-love, many people want to attract a specific person in their lives. Maybe it is someone they have a crush on or it is their ex-lover.

Now we are not here to judge anyone. If you want to manifest a specific person, go ahead and use the ten steps discussed above to get the love you want!

But just a word of caution, we all are powerful beings. You have the mental power to draw people and resources to you.

But so does everybody else! Therefore, use the Law of Attraction in a positive way. You can attract someone specific for sure, but only temporarily, if they have no feelings for you.

It’s always better to be open-minded and write a “Soulmate List” and be ready for the right person to come to you at the perfect timing.

Attract a Specific Person in your Life

Closing Thoughts

It is absolutely possible to manifest love using the Law of Attraction. You can have the relationship you secretly desire. But you must be willing to practice the ideas discussed in this article.

Start removing your mental blocks and apply the techniques. You have to just reach out to love, for love is waiting for you!