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30 Prominent Signs Your Boss Likes You But Is Hiding It

30 Prominent Signs Your Boss Likes You But Is Hiding It

Updated on Sep 18, 2023

30 Prominent Signs Your Boss Likes You But Is Hiding It

Check out some signs your boss likes you but is hiding it, especially if you feel they treat you differently from the rest. 

Perhaps they go easy on you for your mistakes compared to others. Or they often try to spend more time with you within and outside the office. 

But these signs aren’t enough to judge your boss’ intentions. 

So, keep reading to make sure!

30 Signs Your Boss Likes You But Is Hiding It

Romantic relationships between bosses and subordinates have always been a big NO-NO in almost all companies. 

But when two people work together and spend long hours with the same agenda in mind, their hearts often get intertwined. 

So, if you think your boss also has feelings for you but they haven’t said anything, let’s check these signs…

1. You top the preferential list

If your boss gives you preference over all other employees, it may be due to your hardworking and smart nature. 

But if you find it way beyond your capabilities, they have grown fond of you romantically.

2. They are optimistic about your future in the company

Perhaps your boss often refers to you as a valuable asset to the company or groups you with top authorities. 

Does it seem a lot more than you thought you deserved? Well, then, your boss might have caught the feels for you.

3. You receive compliments more often

If your boss showers you with compliments now and then, they might have a crush on you. Bosses compliment employees for their good work. But, remember, it is rare.

4. You are their confiding partner

Notice if they have started sharing secrets with you. It might be about the company details, a coworker, or even their personal life. 

If yes, they confide in you more than any employee – a sign they like you secretly. 

5. You make them laugh easily

Another sign is when your boss genuinely finds your humor amusing and frequently engages in lighthearted banter with you. It indicates that they enjoy your company on a personal level. 

They might find comfort in your presence and use humor to connect with you beyond work-related matters.

6. They keep you updated with inside information

If your boss regularly provides insights into company plans, changes, or decisions you should not know, they trust you with sensitive information. This trust can only originate if your boss likes you.

7. They ALWAYS seek your opinion

When your boss frequently seeks your input on decisions, even those that might not directly involve your role, they value your judgment. 

It might be that you have great ideas. But if it happens all the time, your boss romantically likes you and cares about your thoughts.

8. You are their venting zone regarding other colleagues

If your boss confides in you about their frustrations with coworkers, it indicates a level of comfort and trust. They might feel safe sharing their thoughts with you, which could signify an emotional bond beyond a typical work relationship.

9. They boast about their position in the company

If your boss frequently discusses their accomplishments and position within the company in your presence, they want your admiration and respect. This might be because they are attracted to you and want to impress you with their success.

10. They try to be appealing around you

If your boss puts extra effort into their appearance or behavior when you are around them, it’s a sign they want to make a positive impression. They desire to be noticed by you.

11. You two often have deep eye contacts

Meaningful and extended eye contact can convey a sense of intimacy and emotional connection. 

Frequent and prolonged eye contact with your boss suggests a deeper connection between you that goes beyond typical professional interactions.

12. They meet you beyond office hours

If your boss initiates meetings or interactions outside of regular office hours, it shows a desire to spend more personal time with you. This shows how much they enjoy your company and want to foster a deeper connection.

13. They are mean to you or avoid you

Sometimes, when people struggle with their romantic feelings, they act distant or even mean. This is all to hide their emotions. 

So, notice if your boss’s behavior toward you suddenly becomes more negative without an obvious reason. If yes, they’re facing an internal conflict regarding their feelings.

14. You often get invites for drinks

Does your boss frequently invite you to join them for after-work drinks?

Perhaps they say there’s some serious work discussion. But by the time they have a drink, all conversations turn personal. 

They don’t just want to spend more time with you outside the office. They actually know that they can’t speak up until liquor enters their system. So, they try to act more brave and drop hints this way!

15. They remember minute details about you

When your boss recalls small details about your life, preferences, or past conversations, they pay close attention to you. They genuinely care about your well-being because they want you.

Remember, no matter how important and valuable an employee might be, bosses can’t remember such details for everyone!

16. They talk differently around you

If your boss’s communication style shifts when they interact with you, they feel comfortable around you. Of course, they view you as more than just a colleague. 

They might become more relaxed, use inside jokes, or share personal anecdotes when you are around.

17. They fool around with you

Playful teasing, jokes, or light physical contact from your boss are not something to ignore. It shows they are trying to establish a unique connection with you. One that’s way past the normal bond between boss and subordinates.

18. They want to see you in the cabin frequently

Recall if your boss frequently invites you into their office for discussions. Especially notice if the topics can be addressed through other means. 

If yes, they enjoy your presence and value more personal interactions with you.

19. They are a flirt, but only around you

Does your boss flirt with you? 

Suppose your boss displays flirtatious behavior – such as compliments, jokes, or subtle touches, specifically when you are around. 

In that case, they are attracted to you and show interest through these actions.

20. They ask questions about you to your coworkers

If your boss inquires about your personal life, hobbies, and interests through your coworkers, they are trying to learn more about you. They want a deeper connection with you but don’t want to show it by directly asking you.

An obvious sign is when your conversations with your boss consistently go beyond work topics. It may involve personal matters, hobbies, or shared interests. This is a strong indicator that your relationship has evolved into a more personal one.

22. They find every chance to work with you

If your boss actively seeks opportunities to collaborate with you on tasks, even if it is not strictly necessary, they enjoy your company. They want to spend more time with you because they secretly like you.

23. Their body language changes around you

Notice your boss’s body language when they are around you vs. around others.

Are they more open, leaning in, and more relaxed around you? 

These cues can indicate that they feel a strong emotional connection or attraction towards you.

24. They randomly shoot your inbox

A telltale sign is when your boss frequently sends casual non-work emails or messages. 

In that case, they might try to establish ongoing communication and connect with you on a personal level.

25. Your coworkers also noticed a few things

Do your colleagues often say that your boss favors you?

Well, even if your boss tries to hide it, your colleagues are also pretty perceptive. They know this boss pretty well. So, they can easily tell when the boss is treating a subordinate nicely… and when they’re swayed by deeper emotions!

26. You see it in their eyes

The eyes often reveal true emotions. Check if your boss’s eyes light up when they see you. Or if there’s a certain softness in their gaze during interactions. These are clear signs that their feelings for you go beyond professional admiration.

27. They gave you lots of responsibilities

If you’re not passionate about your job, this one can be a real pain. Especially if your boss likes you and cares about your professional development, they’ll push more tasks on you. 

They want to give you the world by helping you achieve your professional goals. They don’t want to use underhanded means. Instead, they offer enough opportunities!

28. They ask about your personal life

A clear sign is that your boss constantly asks about your life outside of work, including your hobbies, interests, experiences, and love life.

They genuinely want to get to know you personally and romantically.

29. You have the gut feeling 

Does your instinct say that your boss truly likes you, but they never told you? 

Well, intuition can be a powerful tool. If you strongly believe that your boss has romantic feelings for you, you probably picked subtle cues and signals. Those signs are not immediately obvious, so your conscious mind didn’t notice it.

30. They have confessed their feelings 

If your boss has expressed their romantic feelings for you directly and honestly, there is no ambiguity. 

A confession of feelings is the most straightforward sign of their deep affection for you. Things are already beyond the professional context. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you noticed most of these signs in your boss or office environment, well… they definitely have a thing for you!

If a relationship with them seems impossible to you, choose the hard way. Communicate your guess to your boss when they ask you out next. Be respectful and tell them how you don’t want to get involved romantically.

But if you want it, communicate to figure out if things are mutual and whether your boss is single. 

Remember, it won’t be easy to balance romance and work. Take any necessary formal steps required with HR and give your hearts a shot!

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