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How To Know If Your Crush Likes You Without Talking? 15 Absolute Signs

How To Know If Your Crush Likes You Without Talking? 15 Absolute Signs

Updated on Aug 24, 2023

How To Know If Your Crush Likes You Without Talking 15 Absolute Signs

If you have a crush on someone, your heart might just beat 10X faster just at their thought, so how to know if your crush likes you without talking to them? Well, there are many signs and hints that they’ll drop for you to decipher… if they feel just the same.  

So, are you ready to discover those subtle hints? If yes, then let’s start reading!

How to know if your crush likes you without talking? – 15 Signs

If you pay attention to your crush’s behavior and words, especially when you both are alone somewhere, you’ll quickly be able to find out whether they like you back or not!

These hints, coupled with your own understanding, will let you know which steps to take next. So, let’s get started!

1. You catch them staring at you

And no, they’re not judging you for acting weird around them. This stare is soft, filled with affection, and also quite sexy!

If you often catch them staring at you and then they look away, feeling embarrassed, it’s a big hint that they do like you back.

2. They like to tell you they are single

If they keep reminding you of your “single-ship” status every now and then, it’s a hint from them. They are definitely interested in you and want you to make the first move.

Your crush is declaring their relationship status loud and clear so that you don’t fall under the impression that they might be dating someone. This makes them available for you!

3. They joke about liking you

They probably know you like them, so when they joke, they also get those strange butterflies in their stomach, just like you!

Men especially love to play around in flirty banter with the women they like. They might use phrases like, “Could you imagine what would happen if we went out together?” or “Here’s a thought, what if we both start dating?”.

4. They keep talking to you

Whenever you talk to your crush, you may go through so many different emotions together, right from nervousness to excitement. Well, if your crush keeps talking to you throughout the day, it’s a big sign that they might like you back!

They’re probably not confident enough to ask you out yet, so they’re forming the foundation now. Regular friends don’t really chat all day, so if they make extra efforts to talk to you, you know it’s more than just friendship.

5. They play hard to get

Of course, if your crush plays hard to get, you won’t like it. However, take it as a good sign because they’re simply testing you.

Sometimes, your crush will stop talking to you for a few hours or might disappear from your life to show you that they like you back.

They probably think that by maintaining distance, they will become more desirable. Therefore, if you notice them being absent for some time but then reentering your life with full enthusiasm, it’s something to look out for!

6. They never talk about people of the opposite gender

Imagine a situation where you have a huge crush on the cutest guy/girl in school. So many others may be interested in them, but somehow, you notice that your crush never really talks about others.

They do that so that you know they don’t have eyes for anyone else. Since your crush also likes you as much as you like them, this is a hint for you to take!

7. They try to be around you

Someone who likes you will love being around you. Your mere presence makes them smile, and they would do anything to spend just a few more minutes more.

Therefore, if you suspect that your crush also likes you back but isn’t telling that directly, look for situations where they find excuses to be with you.

For example, if you both are at a party and you leave the group to get a drink, your crush might suddenly appear next to you out of nowhere, even if they didn’t have a reason to.

8. They respect your friends

Since your crush likes you, they want to make a good impression on your friends and family members. This is why they’ll behave nicely in front of them.

Of course, it can also indicate that your crush is simply a friendly person. but if they go out of their way to impress your close ones, it can mean something entirely different!

Moreover, they might even try to receive tips on how to finally ask you out!

9. They mention your name in conversations

Have you ever had a situation where you got to know your crush has mentioned your name quite a few times to their friends? Well, it’s a big sign that you’re almost always on their mind!

Perhaps they’re trying to find out more about you, or it’s just an involuntary thing because they really can’t seem to stop thinking about you!

Since they have feelings for you, they’re probably not confident enough to say it out loud, and mentioning your name is an indirect attempt to make you realize that.

10. They become jealous when you hang out with others

Jealousy can actually tell you a lot about what that person feels for you.

For example, if you’ve recently started to hang out with someone of the opposite gender and you see your crush becoming visibly uncomfortable, it can point toward their feelings for you.

If your crush is a particularly shy person, they won’t be able to tell you that they like you back. However, their body language will betray them anyway, and they might become sarcastic or rude when that person is around.

11. They playfully touch you

Physical touches are really cute if they’re consensual and within boundaries. Therefore, if your crush keeps playfully slapping you or holding your hand, it can be a hint to them to pay closer attention to their feelings.

They wish to get closer to you, both physically and emotionally but aren’t able to tell you that yet. So, these little touches and quirks are their unique way of showing their love for you!

12. They support you no matter what

Yes, friends do support each other in both the good and bad times. But does your crush go out of the way to support you? Are they your biggest cheerleader, even when they don’t really have any reason to do so? Well, it can mean that they like you much more than you had initially thought!

They might not openly show their feelings for you, but they’ll never shy away from showing their admiration and support.

13. They ask you questions about yourself

A person who is truly interested in you will always want to know more and more about you. This can be absolutely any fact about you, right from your favorite childhood candy to the time you flunked a subject in middle school.

If your crush constantly keeps asking questions about you, it shows that they’re interested in you and your life. They wish to be a part of your world and would do anything to relate more with you.

14. They behave strangely around you

So, you might have thought that your crush behaves weirdly around you because you may have done something to embarrass them with your lovey-dovey stare.

But think again. Does your crush suddenly start blushing or wringing their hands when you’re around them? It can be a sign of nervousness and excitement.

 They don’t know how to woo you, so all their excitement becomes visible in the form of nervousness. Some other common signs, especially for women, can be flipping their hair, raising their pitch, and biting their lips.

15. They interact with you on social media

In general, crushes barely read texts, let alone respond to them. So if your crush keeps replying to all your texts and tags on Instagram and Snapchat, that can surely mean something special!

For example, they frequently like your pictures, comment cute things on your posts, and even share them without you asking them to. Once they’re really engaged with your content, it becomes a safe space for them to interact more with you!

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

These are some of the many signs and hints that point toward something romantic brewing between you and your crush. If you feel that they really do reciprocate your feelings, it’s time to take a bold step and ask them out!

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