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Respect in Relationship – Definition, Importance, How to Show Respect, How to Gain Respect & Everything Else 

Respect in Relationship – Definition, Importance, How to Show Respect, How to Gain Respect & Everything Else 

Updated on Aug 02, 2023

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

Respect in Relationship – Definition, Importance, How to Show & How to Gain Respect

There are various skills that you need to master if you’re dating someone. And respect in relationship is probably the most important of them.

If you don’t respect your partner and their wishes, your relationship is going to crumble and lead to a messy breakup.

So, if you’re struggling with understanding the concept of respect in a relationship and how to show it, then don’t fear… this think-piece is loaded with all sorts of tidbits and advice to make sure that you end up being the best partner ever!

So come on, let’s get started!

What is respect in a relationship?

Respect is a feeling of admiration and appreciation for someone you love. When you respect someone, you let them be their best and worst selves around you without any judgements. You take their feelings into consideration and aim to make them happy.

In a relationship, respect is the key to happiness and harmony between you and your partner. To respect your partner is to love them for who they are and give them the space to say their thoughts and feelings out loud without any inhibitions.

There are three basic ways to show respect toward your partner:

1. Respect how they feel

Here, you need to take care of your partner’s emotions and mental well-being. Both partners need to try their best to not hurt each other or insult each other’s feelings. Work together and find a middle ground where you both can respect and acknowledge each other’s feelings.

2. Respect their individuality

If you want your partner to respect you, you have to show them equal love and respect. For this, you need to view them as an individual with thoughts and feelings.

Someone who thinks of their partner as simply a pushover will never be able to show    respect, which will lead to future problems.

3. Respect who they are

Every human is unique and lovable. When you first start dating your significant other, you loved them because of who they were.

But if you try to change them now and make them your clone, they will lose all respect for you. Understand that your partner can have different opinions and thoughts about something.

Love vs Respect

While love is deep, respect is deeper. Love is mostly related to affection, whereas respect is all about admiration. When you love someone, you look at them with rose-colored glasses. But when you respect someone, you see them for who they truly are.

We all have a fair enough idea about what love is, especially the romantic sort of love. It’s a deep sense of longing and desire for someone. You want to create a physical and emotional connection with that person and shower them with affection.

But is love the same as respect? Well, even though these terms are interchangeable, they aren’t exactly the same.

Respect is a more profound feeling that is related to admiration. When you respect your partner, you admire their qualities, achievements, and behavior.

The main difference between love and respect is that love is a feeling of affection toward someone, while respect is admiration for someone’s personality.

In a proper healthy, both love and respect coexist where you can love your partner and respect them for being a wonderful human being. Respect allows both partners to feel loved, encouraged, and heard.

Even if you don’t always agree on things, you don’t make a big issue out of it because you both know that it’s always best to understand each other’s views first.

Why is respect important in a relationship?

So, now that you know loving someone unconditionally is not equal to respect, you may ask why is respect then important at all? Here’s the answer.

1. Respect shows genuine love

Let me tell you, love cannot exist without respect. Anyone who disrespects their significant other and justifies it by labeling it as “true love” is surely kidding themselves.

Showing respect signifies that you appreciate your partner and want only the best for them. And if this isn’t love, then what is?

Respecting your partner is probably the highest form of love and intimacy that’s possible. Every other aspect of love can be altered or compromised but not respected. A relationship where two people don’t invest in each other and call it love is bound to end horribly someday.

2. It gives you both independence

Some couples heels-down in love may think spending some time away from each other is not ideal. Well, it’s not just ideal but also healthy.

Infact, if you respect each other, you both will understand that it’s good to go your own ways and pursue your individual interests every once in a while.

After all, two people in love can do so many fun activities together but if they can’t imagine a single moment spent apart, then that’s a red flag!

Respect allows you and your partner to embrace each other’s privacy and personal space.

3. It helps improves communication

As I’ve already told you, when there’s respect, you will acknowledge your partner’s wishes, hobbies, and opinions. Thus, in a conversation, you will naturally listen to your partner’s thoughts which naturally improves your communication skills.

Even if there’s a disagreement, you must respond kindly and figure out why your partner is upset and don’t shy away, feeling scared or humiliated.

Any problem in your relationship can be solved easily if you and your partner sit and talk openly about it. And this can only happen if there’s respect and admiration between you both.

4. You both understand self-care

Caring for your partner is important but what about caring for yourself? Trust me, that’s even more important! Mutual respect between you both encourages you to make time for yourself where you both can indulge in a bit of self-care.

For example, if you’re feeling mentally or emotionally exhausted and you know that your partner respects you, they will let you be on your own so that you can recharge and feel better soon.

Doing a bit of self-care now and then helps both of you to become better partners, and most importantly, better humans.

5. It helps you to be more empathetic

Empathy is perhaps one of the rarest and most important qualities today and one of the best ways to cultivate it is to respect people around you. If you truly wish to be empathetic and start understanding others, you have to first do it with your partner.

Remember, there is no room for ego in a healthy relationship. If you want to build a long lasting relationship, you need to be respectful towards their needs and wants as well.

6. Gives you the motivation to work things out

Look, no matter how great your relationship is going, you’re bound to fight and have disagreements on the way. But only an intelligent and respectful partner knows that rough patches are just temporary.

If you respect each other’s opinions, you’ll reach a solution to your arguments in no time and things will be back to normal!

When things get tough, you shouldn’t think of dumping your partner because that’s just another form of disrespect. Instead, think about how you can navigate through the problems and stick with each other.

You have to understand that your disagreements don’t define your relationship, the love between you both does.

7. You both feel emotionally and physically safe

Security is extremely important in a relationship, especially for women. When you understand that your partner shows you respect, you feel safe with them, both physically and emotionally.

You know that even if you do not see eye to eye, you can fearlessly voice your opinions. Any intelligent partner will understand that abuse (in any form) can never be an excuse for love and make sure that they are not forcing anything on you.

8. You can be your true self around each other

At the beginning of your relationship, you and your significant other only saw the good traits. Your partner was always dressed impeccably and was on their best behavior.

You saw how impressive and flawless your partner is, but after a few months of dating, you understood that your partner isn’t perfect and neither are you. And that’s completely okay!

Love is all about seeing each other’s true selves, even if they’re a little sloppy and messy. But if you respect each other, you embrace each other’s flaws and learn to love them wholeheartedly, still!

9. Your sex life improves

You may not believe this but it’s true!

When you respect your partner or receive respect from them, both of you change into mature and confident human beings. And there’s nothing more fun than having sex and becoming physically intimate with someone who knows exactly what they want in bed.

Moreover, respect between partners allows them both to experiment with new sex positions fearlessly because there is no embarrassment or shame in admitting that one of them wants to try something new!

The overall quality of sex improves, and so does the frequency.

10. The relationship becomes long-lasting

If you have already found someone who you love truly and deeply, I’m sure there’s a part of you that really likes “who” they are. This liking is called respect and the right combination of love and respect paves the way for a healthy long-lasting relationship.

Since respect improves communication and allows both partners to be honest and vulnerable, you both will not have any reason to house angst inside your hearts.

Further, when you know you’re with someone so precious, you will try all your might to overcome obstacles on your way to forever. Similarly, even your partner will put in equal effort to make things work between you both.

How to show respect in a relationship?

Yes, you love your partner but do you respect them? If yes, how do you show it? If you don’t have an answer, let me show you the way. Just, keep reading!

1. Hold yourself accountable

Respect and trust work both ways. If you want your partner to respect you but you never seem to acknowledge your mistakes or be accountable, then it is a sign that you don’t respect them. If you make a mistake, apologize and make sure that your apology is genuine.

2. Understand how communication works

Understanding how communication works is far more difficult than it seems. Don’t expect your mate to read your mind.

If you’re upset, talk about it; if you’re angry, tell them that. Encourage them to communicate no matter the problem. If you sit and simply sulk, it won’t solve anything.

3. Do everything to rebuild trust

Truth and loyalty are two primary pillars of any healthy relationship. One of the biggest signs of disrespect is when you constantly lie to your partner, even when there’s no need to.

If you have made a mistake, try your best to regain your partner’s trust. Work hard, be honest, and make sure you never repeat it.

4. Support your partner’s passion

One great way of demonstrating respect is to support your partner’s hobbies and passions.

If they want to pursue something that you might not personally like or know, don’t discourage them. Tell them that you’ll cheer the loudest and pick them up whenever they fail.

5. Talk to your partner directly instead of gossiping

Never, I repeat, NEVER gossip or complain about your partner to others. Gossiping is not only a form of disrespect but it also shows that you lack the courage needed to confront your partner.

So, instead walk up to your partner, sit down and talk it out.

6. Let them know that their opinions are valid

Since you both are different people, you will have different opinions and wishes. One way of showing respect is to validate your partner’s views and tell them things like, “Honey, I know we don’t agree on this but I also know that you have a reason to say or behave differently”.

7. Acknowledge their contribution and hard work

A loving partner can go to any length to make their significant other feel happy and loved. If your partner also works hard and tries their best, make sure you show your respect by valuing their actions.

Acknowledge their contribution (in whichever aspect that may be) and tell them how much you love them.

8. Adjust to your partner’s style

Look, there’s a thin line between compromising and being controlled by your partner.

At times, you will have to bend to the other person’s rules or viewpoints because yours might not be as practical or correct. Don’t let your ego get in the way of your relationship and listen to your partner’s advice.

9. Encourage taking time apart

If you both have just started to date, you’ll know that things are pretty exciting and you can’t keep your hands off each other!

But if you’re constantly around one another, the relationship will get boring. Instead, respect your partner’s private space by encouraging them to spend some time away from you.

10. Know yourself and your partner

Before showing respect to your partner, you have to first respect yourself. And for this, it’s important to know yourself.

See what values you believe in and how they differ from your partner’s. Take some time and ask yourself honest (and burning) questions and then do the same exercise with your partner to know them better.

11. Appreciate your differences

It’s easy to show respect when both of you agree on something. But if you lose your calm and start insulting your significant other the moment you both fight, it will eventually show your lack of love.

Even if you both are together, you’ll have different values, beliefs, and methods of living. So you must respect and appreciate each other’s differences.

12. Forgive them

To err is human but if you hold it against your partner, you will eventually become disrespectful. So, learn to forgive and forget and keep moving ahead. Don’t bring this up in every conversation and make them feel worse about it.

13. Tell others how much you respect your partner

No, you don’t have to be fake or keep boasting about your partner all the time. But whenever the opportunity comes up, tell your partner’s friends or family members how talented and amazing they are.

Tell your friends and family how proud you’re of your partner because that there is true respect!

14. Don’t be disloyal

This is the most important piece of advice. If you wish to show your mate you respect them, don’t cheat on them. It’s normal to be attracted to someone you like but make sure you never act on your instincts.

Loyalty is a rare quality and only someone who respects their loved ones can maintain it.

15. Never violate their privacy

A partner who cannot trust their spouse or significant other will inevitably snoop around and constantly invade their privacy. Being suspicious about your partner’s every move is nothing but disrespect to your partner’s love.

So, stop doing that and instead, trust your partner with all your might and I promise, it will pay you back!

16. Encourage them to take risks

Another great way to show respect is to constantly encourage your partner. Many times, they might feel demotivated or underconfident to perform a task.

But it’s your job to bring back that confidence and tell them how great they will be! Motivate your partner to never give up on their dreams and assure them that it’s alright to fail.

17. Don’t compare them to your exes

Have you ever said things like, “I wish you would wear dresses more often like my ex did” or “Why don’t you cut your hair the way my ex-boyfriend used to?”? If you have, then it’s time to mend your ways. You can provide advice by taking notes on your ex’s traits but make sure to never compare.

18. Don’t bring up traumatic incidents during a conflict

Using your partner’s past trauma against them in a conflict is a big, big mistake. Almost all of us have had quite a few incidents that we want to forget about.

If you know that your partner has also suffered deeply in the past, don’t bring that up to make them feel worse.

19. Keep your body language respectful during a fight

How you behave with your body during a fight is as important as how you speak. For example, rolling your eyes or being sarcastic are considered to be forms of disrespect.

Instead, you can keep yourself composed and show minimal gestures so that your partner doesn’t feel invalidated.

20. Try to mend things after a fight

After a fight, both of you might wish to reconcile but your ego is stopping you from doing so. Well, it’s time to shed that ego and apologize to your partner!

Mending things and working out possible solutions will let your partner know that you respect them and want to make things work.

How to gain respect in a relationship?

First and foremost, to gain respect is directly proportional to giving respect. If you don’t show them respect, they won’t show you any either and vice versa.

However, if you’ve been very respectful to your partner but your partner never cares to reciprocate, here are a few things you can do.

1. Maintain a healthy balance

When I say balance, I mean drawing the line between receiving love and tolerating abuse.

If you’re constantly putting up with your partner’s unpleasant behavior and illogical demands, then they’ll take you for granted. You will receive no respect and there are chances that the relationship will quickly turn into a one-sided affair.

2. Never control your partner

On the other hand, it’s also important to give your partner the freedom to do as they please. Remember, love is very powerful but power is not equal to love.

If you keep controlling them and monitoring everything they do, they’ll simply stop respecting you. So, let them free and respect them for what they chose to do.

3. Respect and appreciate yourself

One of the best ways to earn your partner’s respect is to first respect and understand yourself. A person who acknowledges her own choices and opinions will definitely be respected by others.

For example, stick to your beliefs, never give up your self-worth, and make yourself irreplaceable in your partner’s eyes.

4. Don’t stay quiet if someone insults you

If you are ever treated badly by anyone (including your partner), speak up. If you stay quiet and accept all the blows that they throw at you, you will automatically lose respect.

But if you stand up and show them that you’re not going to tolerate ill behavior, your partner will understand that you’re not someone to mess with!

5. Go to therapy

Sometimes, it can help to talk to a therapist or licensed counselor. Past relationships and traumatic incidents can erode your self-confidence and make you feel that you don’t deserve love or respect. But if you attend therapy, you’ll understand effective ways of gaining respect from your partner.

6. Talk to someone you trust

Again, talking to a trusted friend or family member can change how you perceive yourself. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just been dating for a few weeks or many years; if you feel that your partner is disrespecting you, you can always ask your social circle for advice.

7. Accept your partner the way they are

You can’t expect your partner to respect you for who you are if you don’t respect who they are. Understand that every individual is unique and your partner is too. So accept their flaws and strengths alike… and so will they.

8. Set healthy boundaries

Both partners need to build healthy boundaries within their relationship, irrespective of how much they love each other.

For example, if your partner wants to be left alone, then you must respect their wish and not bother them. Similarly, if you want to spend some time outdoors, make sure your partner understands and accepts that.

Consent is very important, whether inside the bedroom or outside. If you understand consent, your partner will inevitably respect you ten times more.

For example, if there’s something you wish to try in bed but you’re uncomfortable with it, drop that topic and assure them that they are safe with you.

10. Be polite to your partner’s friends and family

Being polite with your boyfriend or girlfriend’s friends and family can go a long way. If you’re rude and disrespectful to them, your partner will see your true self and not want to be with you.

Quite naturally, everyone wants to stay with someone who knows how to love and respect their social circle.

Benefits of respect in a relationship

When you prioritize respect, you don’t just ensure a healthy relationship. Respect also makes the other aspects of your life much better and even transforms you into a positive person. Here are some of the benefits of showing and earning respect in a relationship.

1. You get motivated to excel

One major benefit of having a partner who respects you is that they constantly motivate you to excel and be better at whatever you do.

Whether it’s your job or hobby, your partner will see your hard work and tell you how proud they are of you. And this will make you want to work harder and be better.

2. You see everything around you positively

The next benefit of being in a great relationship is that you see things in a positive light. For example, if you’ve failed at a task, you’ll naturally feel hopeless and unmotivated. But a respectful partner will pull you right back up and show you that there’s so much more than you can do!

3. You know how to deal with conflicts properly

A good partner will always show you how to resolve conflicts properly. Instead of hurling insults at each other or being passive-aggressive, you will understand how to talk and reach a solution that caters to both of you.

This quality will not only make your relationship more long-lasting but will also improve your communication skills!

4. You enjoy each other’s company much more

Giving each other respect also ensures that you both can enjoy each other’s company and stick together through both the good and the bad times. After all, two partners who really love and respect each other become best friends! This friendship helps them to grow together and fight all obstacles.

5. You grow as a person

Respect also fosters personal growth. When you have a clear idea about what you want from your partner, it allows you to progress wisely. You become wiser and understand how to work your way through problems without creating a scene.

Signs of lack of respect in relationship

Unfortunately, not all romantic relationships are healthy. Some partners have no idea how to respect their better half, while others abuse them in the name of love.

Are you also stuck in a problematic relationship where you can’t figure out if your partner disrespects you or not? Well, here are twenty signs that your partner is abusing you silently.

1. They don’t ask you for your opinions on important matters

Being in a relationship is essentially being a team. Important matters, such as spending money or buying a new house are all decisions that require both partners to discuss and come to terms mutually.

But if your significant other seems to take these decisions without keeping you in the loop, it’s a clear sign of disrespect.

2. You’ve caught them cheating on you

If you’ve caught your partner cheating on you even once, well, then it’s the ultimate sign of disrespect! Most importantly, how they behave after being caught is important. If you see them dismissing your behavior or dumping the blame on you, then it’s a big red flag.

3. You feel unheard and dismissed whenever you try to talk

It’s one thing if your partner dismisses your nonsense chatter but it’s a completely different issue if you constantly feel undervalued and unheard.

One of the common signs of disrespect is when your partner doesn’t value your thoughts and often tries to shun you off.

4. They use your insecurities against you

In a healthy relationship, you want to feel safe and loved so that you can open up and tell your partner about everything in your mind.

So if your partner takes your deepest secrets and throws them at your face, especially during arguments, you know they aren’t the one.

5. You catch them lying often

Honesty is the best policy. But unfortunately, many fail to practice it in their relationship.

A relationship riddled with lies and deceit can never be a healthy one and it’s a sure sign that your partner has little to no respect for you. Whether the lies are harmless or critical, they should never keep you in the dark.

6. They call you insulting names

Conflicts are a part of a relationship. But when you argue with your partner about something, it’s important for both of you to keep a calm mind and behave like adults. If your partner makes fun of you or insults you by calling names, you have to put a stop to it.

7. They find faults in you

If you’ve been dating for a while, it’s perfectly normal to find some of your partner’s habits annoying or weird, such as snoring loudly or not keeping the bed clean.

But if your significant other purposely finds faults in you and keeps complaining about them, you both definitely need to sit down and talk.

8. They compare themselves with you

Are you tired of hearing insults that sound like, “I can’t believe you can’t do simple things! Look at me, I work so much harder than you!”?

If yes, then this is also a sign of disrespect. Not only are they undervaluing your ability but they also have an inflated sense of themselves, which can be very toxic.

9. You feel your time is not being valued

Yes, it’s important to learn to compromise but you can’t be the only one putting your plans on hold because your significant other wants to pursue their dreams.

If they ask you to change your schedule according to their convenience, then it’s time to put your foot down.

10. They keep comparing you to their ex

Another toxic trait that disrespectful partners have is to draw comparisons between their current partner and their ex.

They can borrow a few good qualities from their ex-partners and highlight them to you but it’s never healthy to keep comparing or belittling what you do just because their ex did things differently.

11. You have no privacy or independence

A toxic partner will never allow their mate to have any personal boundaries and will keep finding ways to invade their privacy.

From checking their phones to banning them from making friends- all these are major signs of disrespect.

So, if you’re facing this – it’s time to walk out of this relationship.

12. You’re always treated coldly or silently after a fight

Yes, you’re entitled to be alone or not talk to your partner after a fight. But if every fight turns into a cold war where your partner constantly sulks and ignores you, then you need to change things.

An ideal partner in a healthy relationship will instead want to communicate and find a common ground.

13. Your achievements go unnoticed

Imagine a situation where you finally got the promotion you wanted. You’re super excited to tell your partner about it but when you start the story, they keep dismissing or interrupting you with unimportant things. Wouldn’t you feel embarrassed or hurt?

Well, a disrespectful partner does just this! They keep diminishing your achievement because it makes them insecure.

14. They don’t care about your mental health

Let me tell you, once and for all, mental health is just as important as physical health. If you’re suffering from a mental health disorder, but your partner doesn’t seem to care about it, it’s time you must open your eyes and see things clearly.

Watch out for phrases like, “It’s all in your head” or “Stop making a big deal”!

15. They make no time for you

If you’re in a relationship, you need to make time for each other no matter your schedule. So, if your partner is all about “I have lots of work, let me call you back later” or “I am occupied this month, let’s meet next month” – then it’s definitely a problem!

16. They flirt with others

In a monogamous relationship, it’s essential for both partners to be loyal. While your partner can find someone else attractive, it’s disrespectful to you if they start acting on their instincts.

Not only will you feel replaceable but it will also prove that your partner might be having an affair behind your back.

17. They keep making fun of your friends and family

Romantic partnerships are a package deal. When you date someone, you get introduced to their friends, family, coworkers, and many other people.

If your partner has lost respect for you, they might openly misbehave with your social circle because they feel there’s no need to keep up with social appearances.

18. They embarrass you in public

A partner who doesn’t respect you will never think twice before gossiping about all your secrets. You had trusted them with all your heart, but they felt it was okay to go ahead and spill the beans to their buddies.

From naughty bedroom secrets to ongoing relationship problems– they won’t hesitate even a bit.

19. Your sex life feels forced

A dry sex life isn’t always a sign that your partner is disrespecting you, but the opposite is always true!

If your partner has no regard for your feelings, they won’t bother asking you about your favorite sex position or whether you want to have sex at all. They will only do whatever makes them happy and satisfied.

20. There is no room for compromise

Another glaring sign of disrespect is when your partner has the “It’s either my way or no way” approach. They have no wish to even listen to you, let alone consider your opinions. Every relationship needs adjustments but if you’re the only one doing them, then it’s time to walk away.

What happens when respect is lost in a relationship?

Disrespect in a relationship can cause it to fall apart and ultimately lead to a breakup. The person who was disrespected in the relationship might start isolating themselves due to insecurities or can even develop mental health problems.

Lack of respect in a romantic relationship can trigger toxicity and eventually kill the entire relationship.

Most importantly, you’ll see the negative effects of being disrespected getting spilled on to other aspects of your life too. It leads to an unhealthy relationship where the dynamics are imbalanced, and both partners have no idea how to mend things.

Prolonged disrespect also causes you to lose your self-worth and self-confidence. Here, it’s very easy for the oppressor to gaslight or trick the victim into thinking that everything is the victim’s fault.

This again, makes the victim feel undervalued and worthless. With time, this person might even start suffering from severe mental or emotional trauma.

A constant lack of respect also creates insecurity and doubts in your mind, where you start to question your decisions. And this insecurity gets highlighted even in your personal and professional lives.

Further, it can also change the way you talk to others and how they respond to you. You might not speak up for yourself and let others walk all over you because that’s what your partner has been doing all this while.

In some cases, the stress of putting up with a toxic partner can cause you to lash out at others and affect your relationship with them. Since your partner most probably doesn’t respect your boundaries, you might feel shut off, embarrassed, or ashamed of your personal life all the time.

How to deal with disrespect in a relationship?

As you might have already realized, a lack of respect has far graver consequences than you might imagine. However, it’s never too late to stand up and show your partner that you’re tired of their schemes. Here are some ways to deal with disrespect in your relationship.

1. Keep your eyes and ears open

So many people across the globe stay in abusive relationships for years simply because they don’t know how to figure out if their partner is being disrespectful or not.

Stay alert and make note of signs, such as your partner mocking you “jokingly” or telling you seemingly-harmless lies. These things can later escalate and cause huge problems like verbal or even physical abuse.

This is why it’s important to be aware of patterns of disrespect, no matter how tiny or insignificant they might seem at the moment.

2. Redefine and stick to your boundaries

Next up, you have to define your personal set of boundaries and make them crystal-clear to your partner. Setting healthy relationship boundaries can solve more than half of your problems and ensure that your significant other never crosses a line.

For example, you can make some ground rules, such as always listening to each other and never calling each other with names in an argument.  

If your partner refuses to understand your boundaries, show them that you’re not going to tolerate their disrespect. Give them a final warning or simply end things for good.

3. Talk to them when they’re being disrespectful

Many times, your partner might not even understand that they have been disrespecting you all this while. And if you don’t open up and show them the right way to treat you, they’ll never learn.

In fact, many relationship coaches feel that disrespect stems from communication problems where the victim is unable to speak up boldly.

However, that needs to change if you want your relationship to improve. Tell your partner calmly that their behavior has been upsetting you. Chances are, they’ll understand their mistake and make amends to never cross you again.

4. Understand when to walk away

There’s absolutely no reason for you to put up with disrespect and humiliation, no matter how much your partner says they love you.

If things reach a breaking point, you have every right to walk away and never look back. It’s fine to give them a second chance or even a third one, but that’s about it.

If you keep falling for their manipulation, you will never be able to make a bold decision and part ways with them. Always choose self-preservation over a toxic relationship or partner.

5. Go to therapy

If things between you and your partner are pretty bad, then therapy can be a good way to communicate and understand each other.

For example, your partner might be disrespecting you because they have seen their family members showing “love” through it. Years of childhood trauma or other mental health issues can often make a person behave differently.

Seeking professional counseling can thus mend many problems because you’ll get to know the underlying conditions that made your partner the way they are now.

How to develop mutual respect in a relationship?

In a healthy relationship, respect can never be one-sided. If you want to make your relationship stronger, both of you need to respect each other equally. Here are some ways you can do that.

1. Define the meaning of love

Trust me, every individual on this planet has a different definition of love. And understanding your partner’s definition of love is really important for a happy future. This way, you will not only be able to identify if your partner is the “the one” for you but also build healthy relationship boundaries.

2. Don’t let fear creep into your mind

One common but the lesser-known root cause of disrespect is fear. If both partners don’t acknowledge their fears and open up to one another, disrespect will creep in.

All of us have baggage from the past, which, if not dealt with, impact our present relationships as well.

3. Encourage effective communication

Communication is great but effective communication is even better! This happens when you sit down with your mate and tell them your thoughts and feelings in a way that can benefit them too.

It’s important for both of you to not get triggered or offended. Effective communication can drive away disrespect very quickly.

4. Be kind to each other

In today’s world, everyone has to fight some or the other battle, whether at work, at home, or within themselves.

The least you can do is to be kind to your partner and empathize with them. If they’re feeling especially low, assure them that you will help them to heal and feel better.

5. Don’t take each other for granted

“They’re my partner, so they are supposed to do this for me” is a mindset that can ruin relationships in a second.

The moment you both start taking each other for granted, things start falling apart. Be grateful to have each other every day and celebrate your love.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Respect forms the foundation for a happy and long-lasting relationship. There might be times when you’ll unintentionally disrespect your partner or hurt them, but it’s your job to apologize and make things right.

Remember, it’s never too late to turn over the page and start afresh. However, if you’re confused about how to show respect or even receive it, then simply go through this think-piece to find the right direction.