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20 Tell-Tale Signs Your Ex Is Manifesting You

20 Tell-Tale Signs Your Ex Is Manifesting You

Updated on Sep 26, 2023

20 Tell-Tale Signs Your Ex Is Manifesting You

If you suddenly feel attracted to the thoughts of your ex, you must check for signs your ex is manifesting you.

It doesn’t matter whether you broke up months back or completely moved on from them. This can happen anytime if their desire to have you and vibrational energies are strong.

So, if you feel he still wants you, you must check this out!

Signs your ex is manifesting you- 20 Signs

You broke up long ago, and even if they want you back, you won’t entertain them. However, you suddenly feel they’re around you. Or, everyone else is talking about them, and you just can’t get them off your mind… even though they aren’t physically with you!

Well, chances are that they’ve resorted to the phenomenon of manifestation. But if you want to be sure, let’s keep reading!  

1. They keep emerging in your thoughts

When someone is manifesting you, their mind is often completely focused on you. Due to this, you will also think about them. 


Because a person can sometimes use their thoughts to get what they want or need.

If you are having spontaneous and unintentional thoughts about your ex, it is a clear sign that they are manifesting you. There is a chance that these thoughts won’t go away unless you confront your ex. 

2. You have recurrent dreams about them

One of the biggest signs that your ex is manifesting you is when you have frequent dreams about them. Your dreams don’t have to be romantic, erotic, or anything like that. 

Dreaming about your ex actually means that they are sending you some kind of affirmation or loving thought. They are manipulating your dreams by focusing all their energy on that thought. 

3. They reach out randomly and without an apparent reason

Notice if your ex has been reaching out to you for no apparent reason. They may ask about your well-being or whether you have read the latest best-selling book. It is not abnormal for ex-partners to reach out after the relationship is over. 

But if they do it a lot, they are probably manifesting you. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to give them a second chance.  

4. You have awful mood swings

Do you find yourself feeling angry one minute and nostalgic the next? Is this happening without any kind of trigger? 

People can often manipulate someone else’s emotions when they try to manifest them. So, drastic mood swings without any apparent reason are not just a coincidence. 

Even if your feelings are totally unrelated to your ex, they are definitely trying to make you miss them. 

5. You feel like contacting them

Notice if you miss your ex all of a sudden. Or, you have this intense desire to contact them even after you have moved on. 

If yes, they are definitely manifesting your energy towards them. Their thought waves are actually making you long for them. They definitely want you back in their life. Make sure that you contact them for the right reasons and not just because you feel the need to. 

6. Your body quivers and trembles for no apparent reason

If your body shivers for no apparent reason, your ex is definitely manifesting you. 

The reason? 

When someone manifests you, your body reacts to their thoughts. If this feeling comes up when you think about them, they are actually thinking about you.

7. You have a gut feeling you are not being able to ignore

Ask yourself why you are here. Probably, your intuition is telling you something. You feel your ex trying to contact you in the pit of your stomach. 

Remember that your gut is never wrong. If your instinctual alarm is setting off, the chances of your ex manifesting you are high. 

8. You keep on seeing happy couples

Another sign of your ex manifesting you is that you see happy couples everywhere. 

This way, you’re reminded of all the happy times you spent with them. Even if you have actually moved on, seeing all those couples is bound to make you sad. 

9. Your new relationship is failing

Lately, if you have been getting into a lot of fights with your new partner and your ex has not moved on either, that’s another glaring sign!

They definitely don’t want you to move on. Their manifestation brings a clash of energy into your new relationship, making it fall apart. 

10. There may be paranormal signs that your ex is manifesting you

Don’t get spooked, but when your ex channels high vibrational energies into manifesting you, you may notice supernatural signs. 

You may hear voices and whispers or feel someone’s presence even when you are alone. Well, there is nothing to be scared of since this is just your ex trying to get you back. 

11. People can’t stop mentioning them in conversations

If your loved ones suddenly bring up your ex in conversations, it is clear that your ex is manifesting you. 

This is especially true if they are bringing up the topic for the first time in a long while. So, it’s just your ex sending you the message that they are thinking about you.

12. Your life has become chaotic

If your life turns upside down suddenly, your ex is manifesting you. 

How does that work?

It is their way of making you believe that you might be able to fix your life by getting back together with them.

13. You feel the need to go to certain places

One of the biggest signs that your ex is manifesting you is when you feel the intense urge to go to certain places. 

You might question whether someone’s thoughts can actually be so powerful. But when someone channels vibrational energies as high as love, they can actually draw you closer to them. 

This might also force you to go to places where your ex visits, so you often bump into each other. 

14. You’re hit by feelings of déjà vu every now and then

Interestingly, déjà vu is related to your ex manifesting you. Your ex envisioned or imagined the moment you had the déjà vu feeling. And that’s why you felt that you did it before.

15. You get random reminders of them in the form of coincidences

You might hear your ex’s favorite song frequently playing on the radio. Or you may start seeing or hearing things that remind you of your ex. 

These are clear signs that they are manifesting you. They are giving you the message that they are just one call away. 

16. You feel nostalgic about the days you spent with them

This does not necessarily mean that you miss them. But, if you feel nostalgic about all the happy moments you spent with your ex, chances are that they are manifesting you. 

They are reminding you about the good times you spent together, they are actually trying to get you back. 

17. You often see the same repetitive number

Another indicator that your ex is manifesting you is when you see angel numbers. These are numbers with repetitive digits that the universe sends us in order to guide us or tell us something important. 

For example, if you see the number 222, it means that you will be successful in your love life. Make a note of the number you see and decode its meaning.

18. You think you see them everywhere you go

An obvious sign that your ex is manifesting you is when you feel their presence even when they are not there. 

You might see their face in a crowd or feel watched by them. It might seem weird, but this is actually your ex’s way of reaching out to you. 

19. You suddenly feel like they are ‘the one’

Another sign that your ex is manifesting you is when you suddenly feel that they are your soulmate

This will only happen if they are successful in their manifestation. It means that their desire to be with you is so strong that you feel it in their bones that you are destined to be with them. 

20. Their name pops up everywhere

Does your ex’s name keep popping up everywhere: on the internet, on television, or even when you are shopping? 

If yes, this is not merely a coincidence. Your ex is definitely trying to manifest you, and they are being successful at it.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

There is a high chance that your suspicion is true if most of these signs align with your current situation. However, that doesn’t imply you must return to that relationship.

If you still have feelings for them, you may reach out. Or, you can just play along to know how far this goes.

But if you have a bad history, it’s better to avoid it or seek spiritual healers to overcome their pesky energy!

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