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How To Make A Man Addicted To You? – 20 Enchanting Ways

How To Make A Man Addicted To You? – 20 Enchanting Ways

Updated on Oct 11, 2023

How To Make A Man Addicted To You - 20 Enchanting Ways

Do you feel so obsessed with him that you wonder how to make a man addicted to you

You have started dating this man with real potential. And now, you want him to feel the same way as you.

You want him to go beyond pure love and unleash his fierce and fiery side. But for that you need to become an enchantress!

And if you’re wondering how to be one, we’ve got you covered. Stay tuned!

How To Make A Man Addicted To You? 20 Ways 

If you truly want to entice a man and dance to your tune, the smallest hint of effort will go a long way!

You don’t have to go overboard with gifts, surprises, or rather anything grand. This is because men don’t want a lot to go head over heels!

So, embrace these little tips to win his heart and get them hooked.

1. Don’t Jump Right In

If you want to make a stronger impact on a man and make him addicted to you, build superficial walls. Sure, you like him and want to give it your all but don’t show that!

Since you want him to chase you, don’t be a people pleaser with him. If you are available every time and anytime, he’ll walk all over you and take advantage.

Therefore, be a little selfish and let him learn to respect your needs.

2. Appreciate His Sensual Capabilities

Compliments can boost anyone’s mood and a guy always loves to hear that he can satisfy you physically, emotionally, and sexually. 

So, let him know that he turns you on and you admire his capabilities.

Instead of saying it directly, offer subtle gestures or hints to make him feel good about himself. This way, he’ll give his best effort on your next intimate moment.

3. Play Hard To Get

Now this does not mean that you will have to be as cold as ice towards him. Instead, learn to keep a balance when you are trying to play hard to get.

Boys love the chase so stay slightly out of reach so that he can work towards catching you. Otherwise, he will get bored and start to wander. 

4. Be A Reliable Wingman

Show genuine interest in his stories and he’ll appreciate your attention and create a strong bond. Build a bond of trust to make a man addicted to you. 

Let him know that he can open up to you, depend on you, and trust you during difficult times. And he will end up wanting you more.

5. Show Interest In His Hobbies

Even if you’re not into the same hobbies, ask questions about them. Be open to actively listening and learning about what he enjoys. 

Maintain eye contact so he feels your energy and realizes that you are focused. Make him feel like a rockstar by adding a positive affirmation to every hobby that he mentions. But be authentic and don’t overdo it as he will notice immediately.

6. Show Him Your Cute Side

Men are always head over heels for women’s soft side. So, don’t shy away from being cute, open up to him, and unleash your femininity at the right time. 

Be a damsel in distress once in a while and act womanly around him to make him fall for you even more. 

7. Be Supportive

Men love knowing they have someone in their corner. So, encourage his aspirations, and celebrate his victories, no matter how small. To make him addicted to you,  show that you are fangirling over him. 

Don’t constantly point out his flaws or bring him down for his mistakes. Even during his bad days, have his back, stay beside him, and fight right by his side

8. Let Your Confidence Shine

No one wants to go out with an insecure woman. So, show him that you are a boss lady who can take on the world any day and doesn’t need validation to live your life.

However, there is a thin line between confidence and overconfidence. So make sure to not put your wrong foot forward and strike the right balance. 

9. Dress To Impress

Nothing is sexier than a lady who can carry herself well. For that, you don’t need a wardrobe full of designer clothes. But dress well and feel confident in your outfit to boost your self-esteem and catch his eye.

Pull out that sexy lingerie or your date night dress to make him fall head over heels for you. The more you show self-love and confidence in your skin, the more he will be addicted to you. 

10. Be Mysterious

In the beginning, being cute lets him embrace your immaturity and try to be your protector. But as your connection deepens, show your mysterious side.

Let him feel that he does not know everything about you and must try to learn more. Make him curious and reignite the spark that might have been dead along the way. 

11. Respect His Space

Sometimes, he’ll need some alone time. Then, respect his need for space and do not text or call constantly. Instead, be distant and let him know you are there for him waiting at the end of the road.

Once he is ready to talk he’ll come open himself up. He’ll also appreciate your patience and want you by his side through every walk of life.

12. Focus On Your Goals

While it’s essential to spend time together, don’t lose sight of your own goals and interests. Independence is so attractive, that it can make him admire your dedication and get addicted to you.

Don’t always nag him or stick to him like glue. Show him that you have your personal life and highly value it. Work on yourself rather than being a bother.

13. Portray Your Vulnerable Side

Being vulnerable does not mean you are weak. Rather, it shows that you need someone stronger to handle that situation at that time. 

Don’t let him feel that you can do everything by yourself. Otherwise, he will get too used to it or he will lose his sense of belonging with you. 

So show your weakness once in a while. Communicate that you trust him and want him to hold you tighter when things go wrong. 

14. Let Him Know His Impact On You

Don’t assume that your man knows everything about your feelings. He is most probably unaware of the butterflies you feel with his touches.

So, share how you feel about him every time you get the chance. The more you share these thoughts, the more he will be addicted to you. 

15. Surprise Him With Texts And Gifts

Send him cute and affectionate texts during the day. These can brighten his mood and let him know you’re thinking of him. 

It can be a sex chat, a simple “I love you” or “I miss you” out of the blue, just enough to catch him off guard. 

Furthermore, gift him something he wants once in a while to show that you care for him and he’s valued. To spice things up, be his “prize” which you rightfully are. 

Do everything that attracts his attention and make him crave for you even more. 

16. Be Spontaneous

Surprise him with spontaneous plans or gestures. It can be a surprise date night, a random love note, or a fun weekend getaway. 

Whenever you feel like making him happy, don’t overthink it and just go for it.

Try new things together – whether it’s a new hobby, a spontaneous road trip, or trying exotic cuisine. Shared adventures create lasting memories.

17. Play With Your Intelligence

You want your man to be turned on by your intelligence and not be threatened by it. So, use your smartness to impress him and show him your sassy side. Throw a witty banter at him and let him discover his sexy intellectual side. 

18. Let Your Walls Down

It is essential to maintain your boundaries, but it is also crucial to know when to let your guard down. 

Don’t always be uptight as you don’t wanna frighten him. Instead, stop caring about your insecurities and don’t sweat over petty stuff. Stop begging him to stay and don’t let your panic take over you. Stop reacting and start responding. 

Allow him to know the complete and real you and  he’ll realize what a catch you are. 

19. Stay Positive Even Under Wildest Circumstances

Don’t expect your love life to be smooth-sailing at all times. So embrace the negatives with equal confidence. Eliminate self-talk and build resilience to overcome even the toughest situations.

Handle critical scenarios with maturity. Build a positive aura around him and share happiness. 

20. Be Authentically You

Above all, the most attractive quality to get him addicted is to be authentic to yourself. Don’t hide or pretend to be something you are not.

Put across your thoughts and opinions boldly and be shamelessly you!

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you want a happening romance, try these out diligently and make your man fall harder for you with each passing day. 

Lastly, remember, to magnetize your dream man effortlessly, you must maintain a proper balance. Believe that you’re worth his undivided attention and devotion. But also pay equal attention and respect to him.

Make him feel wanted and he’ll reciprocate in no time!

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